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A Charm Against Intoxication Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (10/15/2016)

For this week title, I kind of confused but I decided that I use Kisaragi no Hougyoku as the inspiration for the title. I'll explain the reason for the title in PS here (Or maybe PPS).

This week was quite calm after Mangagamer did crazy update from last week (And they will next week), although this week we also had many small VN releases there. One of those were Kisaragi, which quite mediocre looking from VNDB score and the graphic was not my taste here (Although some people might like that kind of graphic). Another one was Creampie Heaven by Mangagamer, which as you guess it was nukige involving maid with big bust size. As for one more missing progress, it was Catch Canvas which was created by the developer of No One But You and the premise was you as the artist who somehow becoming the art teacher for three girls whose unmotivated to finish their art work. Overall, the releases for this week not that impressive imo.


As for the update here, first of all once again Libra release was pushed back to March 2017 because of the progress was still far from ideal if we expect November release. Although there's another update from them though. Namely Calen's bonus route was finished translated while Aoi's route still 15% translated though. Fruitback Factory also had some update for this week. For the first update, Enigma was finishing both of translation and editing progress, and the coding was already started. The second update here was Miniature Garden was 15% translated.

By the way, this week we also had successful Indie Go Go funding in regard of Corona Blossom Volume 2, which managed to gathered almost 40,000 out of 10,000 as the goal. Once again this crowdfunding goal was to funding the hardcopy, so the goal was very low there. Although the goal was very low, it's still successful compared to Volume 1 albeit a little bit looking from the fund gathered (Around 36,000 for Volume 1 iirc). As for the release, Frontwing will release Steam version this month and they planned to release the hardcopy at December later.

Sekai Project

Once again, if we looking at of how Libra need to delay the release because of the progress here, we could said that Chrono Clock will also suffer delay if we talk about the release at January (It was 40% translated, which is far from ideal if we expect January release). Oh well, not much we could do if it will happen like that in the future. Other than Chrono Clock here, Maitetsu here had nice progress which right now it was at 42.13% translated. Tenshin Rahman, right now it was at 59.99% translated although I could just said 60% translated though if I were Sekai (Well, whatever their choice). Princess Knight Chapter 2 was at 53.04% translated. Oh, almost forgot that Chapter 1 was finally released after delayed several times there. Bokukotsu there finally re ach 10% translated mark there (10.05% translated). And Wagahigh still had some progress, although it was very slow (73.70% translated).

Memory Dogma was finally had Steam Store page, implying that the time for release was near. Once again it was quite interesting if we looking from the opening video and seiyuu alone. Too bad that it's only one chapter though, and I could guess it'll be take very long time for Memory Dogma Volume 2 looking from the seiyuu and the graphic imo. As for Nashville, they finally got the Greenlight for the Steam which mean they'll had release on Steam later.

Finally, this week Sekai also had official site for Japanese School Life. The premise to be honest just like Go Go Nippon there, except they also add Comic Market. For more info the writer for this VN also the writer for Hanasaki Work Spring and one route from Hoshiori. The cast here was quite interesting, and the reason I said this because one of the seiyuu there (The game only had two seiyuu by the way) was Risa Taneda which if I may said one of uprising seiyuu there, although right now she was on hiatus because of her sickness. Oh, and another seiyuu there was Arisugawa Miyabi although she was using her real name though (I'd more like to use her alias by the way).

Fan Translation

This week we had one established project there, but beforehand let me try to doing some roundup for the regular progress. Right now, we had Tsui Yuri at 90% translated and 6% QC-ed; Bishoujo Mangekyou 90% edited, 85%QC-ed, and 42% proofread; Majokoi finally reach halfway mark translated (50.4% translated), 35.7% edited, and 17.6% TLC-ed (Good progress there); and Loverable was 19.27% translated, and the TLC was regressing to 3.16% (There was the reason behind the regression though namely they decided to also translated append material which increased script count to 31,000 lines).

About established project, it was another Bishoujo Mangekyou which apparently some sort of franchise there and this time it was tell the story about love in hot spring inn. The love there was obviously expressed by mostly sex, looking from original Bishoujo Mangekyou which categorized as nukige. As for the name, although Arcadeotic had good name for localization there (It was 'Kaleidoscope Beauty: You were the Girl (I Knew) Back Then' for anyone else who wonder) I think I'll just go with Bishoujo Mangekyou 2.5 for simplicity sake there. Oh, and for the progress it was 40% translated and 30% TLC-ed right now. I'll keep my eyes on this project here.

Lastly for Fan Translation segment, we had another progress for the VN which quite rare to do the update there. It was propeller VN, and the name was Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi or to be shortened as Sukima (I prefer Sukiuso for the abbreviation there, but I'll just call Sukima later here). It was rara propeller VN which focused on drama instead of chuuni like usual. And for the premise it was like there's a town which only liar could enter there, so naturally there's something hidden at the start of the game between the character. Oh, this VN was already had some sort of fake Greenlight at Steam earlier there and it was already almost one year since the translation begin. For the progress it was 37.5% translated, also with one route fully translated there for more detail.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - From Konosora retranslation project, Ageha route was fully translated and started the editing progress.

PPS - As for the title, since Kisaragi mean February and Hougyoku mean jewel, I figured that because I remember that each month had some kind of birthstones (Could also called jewel), so I decided to use the birthstone for February as the title. The birthstone for February was amethyst, and since in the past people used it to prevent intoxication I decided to use 'A Charm Against Intoxication' for the title (Charm also mean some object to ward off something evil, and this time the evil was intoxication).


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