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  1. What are you playing?

    Wow, I didn't even noticed that we had walkthrough for it here - I went with the one from GameFAQs too. I'm still reading MashiroIro (quite slowly). Recently I finished common route and started Airi's. So far it's great - I'm loving characters, music, and even getting some jokes
  2. Hi. After reading Kazoku Keikaku I was taken aback by poor editing of the later part of the game. Thinking about re-editing it into something more readable, I tried to extract the scripts from the game. Unfortunately I ran into the wall pretty quickly. The only tool that was able to do anything was ArcTools. It recognizes ISF files, has even built-in template for Family Project. Unfortunately it was only able to decompile dialogue lines, omitting everything else (narration, character names over spoken lines etc etc). It produced a bunch of files with content like this: :: word wrap line after, characters=50 :: - <7B79, 0006> "......"= - <8296, 0006> "Ai ya~"= - <8458, 0006> "..."= - <8948, 0006> "Hey, are you alive?"= - <89B2, 0006> "...mmm..."= - <8DA7, 0006> "Hey, what's wrong?"= - <8E89, 0006> "Are you okay? Can you get home by yourself?"= - <8F23, 0006> "..."= - <902D, 0006> "Ah..."= - <9109, 0006> "... Wo ... xiang yao ... yi bei ... shui."= - <923D, 0006> "Ai ya..."= - <92EF, 0006> "Hey."= - <94A9, 0006> "What happened?"= - <9A31, 0006> "Damn it."= - <9BC4, 0006> "But now isn't the time to be saying this."= Completely unusable. "AE VN Tools" is able only to extract files from main archive, but they stay in encoded form - its script module isn't working, so it cannot decompile scripts. On the AE page, I stumbled upon a pack of python scripts that are supposed to decompile and compile ISF scripts, and also convert them into Ren'py. Unfortunately - they crash d:\tools\isf_tools_20100606>isf_disasm.py snr00.isf >snr00.txt Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf_disasm.py", line 97, in <module> print isf_disasm(sys.argv[1]) File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf_disasm.py", line 76, in isf_disasm x = isf.decompile(buf) File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 589, in decompile return ast(ISF(), buf[len(j) * 4:], j) File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 580, in ast isf.ast += [[o] + params[o](p, (j, js))] File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 121, in p_onjp r += [(T_LABEL, ulabel(wd(p, i), jjs))] File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 65, in ulabel return js.index(j[l]) IndexError: list index out of range d:\tools\isf_tools_20100606>
  3. What are you playing?

    Yes, that's his name Weird, but he's weird as well In JP version it's ウェルカム - so basically "Welcome" written in katakana. But this line isn't too bad. It sounds a bit weird, but it's easy to understand. In later parts there were some lines that were almost incomprehensible. To at least try to understand them I had to "reverse engineer" them
  4. What are you playing?

    Good choice - it was the best route
  5. What are you playing?

    It was actually me who attempted it, but you're right - it definitely won't happen soon I have all scripts extracted and prepared, but it's huuge, and I feel overwhelmed by it. It can get pretty heavy in the routes, but I liked it.
  6. VNs about culinary arts.

    https://vndb.org/v19555 It's OELVN about cook protagonist (and some of the heroines as well), however it's borderline nukige - although (animated) h-scenes can be skipped, and remaining romance story still is quite nice. At least that's how I remembered it, when I played it ~2 years ago, when it had 5 routes. (It was one of those flash titles (although offline version also exists) that later led me to "proper" VNs ) Also, Koi Ni Kanmi O Soete is about running a cafe.
  7. Do you want protagonist to be adult/young adult too? If yes, there's Kazoku Keikaku (Family Project) and Mugen Yasoukyoku /Nocturnal Illusion/ (protag is university student if I remember correctly, although it isn't set in school) If (some) adult heroines are enough, you can add YU-NO and Crescendo.
  8. What are you playing?

    I wouldn't say that the backstory changes - just we see different parts of it depending on the route. Or... wait... yep, backstory somewhat changes because there are choices during flashbacks, but I think his personality still mostly remains. As for Miu's route - it got me, because I haven't read that many VNs using this trope yet when I was reading Crescendo. Good luck with Family Project I liked both VNs very much, although Family Project gets hard to read in some places due to editing issues. (the text almost literally falls apart in some lines...)
  9. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    It looks like from the ones that I've read, you've read them all too, and even more Was Ikikoi better than HdR? Maybe I should give it a chance then? (I got turned off by some rather harsh reviews I've read)
  10. What are you playing?

    The lack of "conflict" made Yuzuyu's route a little bland to me, but I loved all others - especially Misaki and Rina. Rina's route had just the right amount of drama/conflict to spice things up a bit, and Misaki's - well, it was just great I think my final verdict was that Misaki was best girl, while Rina had best route.
  11. What are you playing?

    I finished prologue in MashiroIro (meaning, I got to the opening). There's one thing that got me by surprise - there are few moments, when characters say something, but it's treated like "background noise", and those lines aren't put into textbox, which contains narration instead. Indeed, from what I've heard those weren't important lines, but nevertheless they caught me off guard I think it's the first time I see such a thing (apart from voice-only "Heart to Heart" radio show that you can listen to on Saturday nights in ToHeart). I suppose the creators wanted to convey that protag-kun wasn't listening Whatever, my first impressions are positive - it sounds and looks great - I really like the music, backgrounds are beautiful, and sprites have rich variety of poses.
  12. I'm not sure. If we're talking about laptops, I just googled "<model name> fullscreen stretching toggle" or something like that, and found the solution that way. It's independent of the game. Once I found it, I could finally play all those old low-res VNs comfortably
  13. If it's desktop PC, then you have to find and change stretching settings directly on your monitor/TV. If it's laptop, often there are some key shortcuts while in full screen mode, to change stretching behaviour. (at least that was the case with my laptop, which, incidentally, also has NVidia card)
  14. Opinions on Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na

    You're welcome (follow the link for my mini-review) tl;dr - I really enjoyed it. Just bear in mind that translation patch is unfinished, so there are some rough edges (and untranslated text on images). I haven't watched the anime version - apparently it introduces some new plots - but from what I've read, VN version is considered to be much better. And it's actually the other way around - anime was adaptation of VN. It's definitely one of the better VNs I've read. And if you want to read it untranslated, I'd still recommend getting all-ages version (the one with "brighter than dawning blue" subtitle), as it has expanded story in the true route and additional heroines (Estel and Midori) compared to early 18+ PC version.
  15. What are you playing?

    I just started Mashiro Iro Symphony. It's one of the VNs that prompted me to start learning Japanese (along with Konosora), so it's time to finally tackle it
  16. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Nice review: https://www.nookgaming.com/sankaku-renai-love-triangle-trouble-review/ Also - honorific lovers should be satisfied I'll probably read it someday, but currently I have already huge backlog, and am short on money
  17. What are you playing?

    Yep, but you don't have to click or make choices That's why I was curious if it meant this or something other. "Passively reading" seemed like kind of oxymoron to me - so I thought it was describing the degree of interaction or sth.
  18. What are you playing?

    BTW, I have to ask one thing. Some of you guys sometimes speak about "passive reading" of VNs. What's that? Does that mean watching playthrough vids on YT?
  19. What are you playing?

    Thanks for above review. I also have Steam versions of all three Grisaia games (got them on winter sale, I think ). It's good to hear that it's good
  20. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    There's already a thread about it on vndb too. Some people who know the JP original say, that it is filled with japanese memes that would make very little sense when translated directly. https://vndb.org/t12405
  21. Wouldn't middle part of YU-NO (between the prologue and true route) somehow qualify?
  22. I tried to, but gave up. Going just by those little box miniatures, without text labels, it's very difficult to search.
  23. What are you playing?

    Yesterday I finished to... It's rather obscure charage from 2003 - it had only one vote on VNDB, and 74 on EGS, with average score of 60. It's one of those VNs I stumbled upon while clicking on VNDB frontpage random screenshots Our protagonist, Takanori Sakai, makes living by doing various part-time jobs. As the game begins, he arrives in the small seaside town of 涼ヶ浜 (no idea how to transcribe it ), together with his foolish friend Tomoki Mimura, to work for a month in the small inn. He doesn't have any dreams or plans for the future - his days just pass by. OTOH Mimura is pretty carefree, and his main life priority are girls in swimsuits During this month, Takanori meets five girls, and maybe this will change his life? Yep, pretty standard charage setup, but it's worth noting that at least it isn't school setting Furthermore, protagonist and three of five heroines are adults. (well, young adults, but still, not teenagers). So let's look at the heroines. Miho Ogasawara is first person that we meet during the game. She's highschool student, who came to the town for a week with her friends from history research club - they're searching for local stories and legends. Miho is very serious and hardworking, but also very shy. However, she really wants to change herself. To do this, she later returns, to also work at the inn. Youko Saeki is the owner of the inn - that means, she's Takanori's boss. At the first sight, she might be scary and harsh, but has also very caring side to her. She's the game's tsundere nee-san Besides the inn, she also does part-time job as life guard at the beach. Satomi Mimura - Tomoki's little sister, with serious brother complex. She unexpectedly arrives at fourth or fifth day, because she couldn't stand being separated from "nii-chan". Token loli heroine Besides that, she, together with her stupid brother, serve as a comic relief - she often fights with Youko, accusing her of overworking her nii-chan, and having too big tits Kyouko Shiraishi is another part-time worker at Youko's inn. Always cheerful and hardworking - but is it all that there's to her? Mari Kitazawa - mysterious girl, that sometimes can be seen on the cliff or on the beach, always wearing the same black dress, wordlessly staring at the sea. It turns out, that she still mourns the death of her fiancee, who drowned three years ago while saving little girl during the storm. ******** (routes summary below, light spoilers possible) ********** First route I played was Miho's. She's very cute and likable character. Miho pretty quickly falls in love with Takanori, however he thinks that he's "unworthy" of her, afraid that he will "taint" her. Of course, pure and shy Miho thinks that it's her fault, and that he hates her. Because of this, he had to be scolded by Youko - TWICE, and her rants were epic "Do you think she doesn't have her own will? That she's just a doll? Bullshit - you're just protecting your pride!". Next was Youko's route. She's loved by townsfolk, always ready to help others, but she doesn't let others to do anything for her. She turns down marriage proposals, as she doesn't want to abandon her inn, which she treasures above all else, 'cause she inherited it from her late aunt, who raised Youko after she lost her parents. She's also filled with regrets for going to Tokyo after graduation, so she wasn't there to help her aunt - that's why now she sacrifices herself for the sake of others. Seeing all this, Takanori wants to help her somehow, but it won't be easy to break through the walls that Youko built around herself. Satomi's route is about growing up and "graduating" from her brother complex. When it comes to the love matters, she's even more clueless than Konomi from Princess Evangile Route itself is actally not bad, but it could do without h-content (or they could make her less loli...) Mari is very difficult to approach, because she's completely lost in her grief. She rarely speaks or shows any reactions at all. This route was really good and emotional story about getting over tragic loss and starting to live again. It was much better that the three previous ones. Also, it's the only route with two possible endings. Kyouko's route is another highlight. Her cheerful face masks some great suffering - she's very poor, working herself almost to death with three part time jobs. Her parents were victims of bus accident when she was still in middle school. They haven't died on the spot, but fell in coma. After almost a year in hospital, they passed away, and Kyouko was left with huge bill... But that's also not the whole truth. There are several twists in this route and lots of drama, but the ending felt quite satisfying - I'm glad I saved this route for the end. ************************************************* First three routes (Miho, Youko and Satomi) were not bad, but had some pacing issues. They lacked proper build-up for h-scenes, which happened a bit suddenly. Especially first Youko's scene came totally out od the blue. Also, scenes themselves were pretty meh, with rather stiff writing dangerously close to Ikea sex trope ("put the peg A into hole B") So those routes are what I'd call "standard eroge" routes. However, Mari's and Kyouko's routes are waaaay better, wandering into nakige territory. There are three different writers credited for this game's scenario, so that may be the cause. The art is very nice. Characters have blinking animations both for sprites and CGs - I loved it. Voices are also good. However, the game feels a bit empty, because only main heroines and Mimura are voiced and have sprites. Also, music is almost nonexistent, because there are few tracks, and they don't loop, so for the most of the time game is silent (unless your reading speed is fast enough, but that's not the case with me ). Ending song is very nice. Also, the game marks already read text and chosen choices - neat feature. I read this using ITHVNR + ChiiTrans combo. ITHVNR hooks it without any problems. As for the difficulty - I'd say it was on the similar level as ToHeart - there were certainly some things that I've missed, but it wasn't too hard to follow. So, after first three routes I was a bit disappointed, but Mari's and Kyouko's routes redeemed it a bit. So finally, my score ends a bit higher than EGS average - 7/10.