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  1. Huh, interesting. I quite enjoyed the original However, I find it weird that this remaster is English-only. Are JAST doing it all by themselves? (I'd love bilingual version, so I could go with JP for a second read I guess there'a always an option of grabbing an original on DLSite, but then no HD for me...)
  2. The +18 version I was using for comparisons was actually English fan-tl. I checked it out only briefly, but I have to say I was disappointed with how the translation reads. While I haven't spotted any obvious errors, it felt very stiff and "translationese". Either my standards have changed, or the editing was insufficient. I had much better impression of Hatsukoi 1/1 and Tsujidou-san translations by the same team. But it might be just me. (I used the older release of English patch - I didn't have 2.0 version - I hope they improved the flow of the text, although it's hard to judge by descr
  3. Today I fininished Touko's route, and with it - after whopping 123 hours - I have completed console version of HoshiOri Touko's route is even more "odd one" than Rikka's - but that doesn't have to be bad thing. It has rather slow start, but once it gained traction, it was pretty enjoyable. Touko's cat-like personality was quite amusing, and the character development she undergoes is great. The thing it was missing the most (IMO) was the presence of other friends in after-story. On the other hand, there were few really nice thoughts about love and commitment weaved into it. Also, the scho
  4. Yesterday I finished Rikka's route in HoshiOri It was indeed quite different from the previous four routes when it comes to the structure and style, and it was great Rikka's school arc was amazing - both the first part, where she gradually opened up to Ryousuke and the rest of the girls, and the second, where she confronts her inner conflict. Meguru was also very welcome side character BTW the story of two pianist sisters reminded me about Yui and Rea from Parfait - the stories are different, but for some reason I immediately thought about them. After story was also very nice
  5. Yesterday I started the famous Rikka's route in HoshiOri. I'm just a few days into it (still in June - I played only for 2 hours) but it's on another level already Look's like I'm in for a treat. And Rikka seems to be awesome character. I already liked to see how she opened up to others during other routes - I'm really looking forward to how they elaborate on that in her own route. For now she seems to be one of the cutest tsunderes I encountered so far . Also, her VA is extremely versatile - it's really hard to imagine that the person who voices Rikka also gave voice to characters
  6. Yeah, PlayAsia's prices seem rather on the expensive side to put it mildly I usually get my physical editions of VNs either from amazon.jp or from ebay (although I feel like ebay prices also have risen recently). And for download editions I alternate between Steam, DLSite and Getchu (DMM doesn't work for my area).
  7. Today I finished Misa's route in HoshiOri. While it was nice, I feel like it was the weakest of the four so far - although I cannot put my finger on why exactly... There were many nice moments, and Misa is ridiculously cute, but something was missing. But, whatever the case, now it's Rikka's turn! Let's see what the fuss is all about
  8. Just few days ago I enocuntered another beautiful Miyuki Nakajima's ballad. I already knew and loved "Ito" and "Jidai", and now I heard "Headlight・Taillight" and immediately felt in love with it. Here's version by Shizuka Kudo - also great
  9. Continuing with HoshiOri, today I finished Natsuki's route. While "school" part of the route wasn't anything special (decent, but not outstanding), I really enjoyed her after story. It was - as it's standard with this VN - "just" a series of SoL scenes, but somehow they really clicked with me. Also, I think this was the first route that featured prominent additional "story" content as replacement for skipped h-scenes. (The console edition (+17) goes for the "off screen sex" approach, but it doesn't pretend that sex didn't happen - quite the opposite actually, it just doesn't sho
  10. Good luck on your project I wonder if perhaps it would be better to host this thread in the Original VN projects section? But that's up to you to decide, since it seems we discuss the VNs in develpment in this section too.
  11. Yesterday I finished second route in Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. This time I went for Marika's route. It was extremely heartwarming and wholesome experience - especially in console version, which adds one of the most heart-melting scenes near the ending. Based on the two routes I read so far (Sora and Marika) I can see why this game is a love-or-hate thing - but for me it definitely lands on the "love" side, since I don't mind pure SoL at all, and the (let's admit - heavily idealized) way it portrays love also scratches all the right itches It isn't the kind of VN I'd read one after another,
  12. Arrived yesterday - another 3 physical console editions of JVNs - Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, Strawberry Nauts and Hatsuyuki Sakura (As for HoshiOri - I'm actually reading Vita edition, but for "owning a legit copy" purpose I bought PS4 one because it was cheaper )
  13. Seeing how it surprised you, I guees you played each route using the save from first branching point rather than starting everytime from scratch? FWIW I also played vanilla version (without RB), but I rated it at 8.5 ***************************************************************************************** And as for my reading - today I finished Sora's route in Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai I don't know how it compares to other routes yet, but on its own it was simply amazing and heartwarming - I loved every bit of it
  14. No, it was later, I read that scene just a few minutes ago
  15. I started with Sora, since she was first both in the walkthrough, and on choices list I'm still somewhere around the first half of the route, I guess (just reached the first kiss ), but I'm loving it so far. Sora is so cute It seems to be near-perfect relaxing, feel-good moege - and nicely executed I've heard that Perfect Edition isn't as perfect as the devs claim AFAIK it tries to merge together the original +18 version and additional/replacement scenes from console edition (which I'm currently reading), but apparently sometimes it comes out weird. BTW reading Vita ver
  16. From those games I only know Mashiro Iro Symphony (No. 4 on the list). It's indeed a moege masterpiece, and it would be nice if more people could read it (Actually wanting to read it was main factor that made me start learning japanese) I'd say that translation isn't completely unlikely - there were already some Palette's games that got translated (SakuSaku and 9 -Nine-), and Mashiro Iro Symphony itself is getting a HD remake next year. I'd say that makes it pretty good candidate for official translation. If I'm not mistaken, Sekai Project has some kind of licensing/partnership
  17. Nah, I think I'll pass, at least for now *********************************************** Making use of recent progress in PSVita emulation and my new PC, I just started reading console version of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. Even the text-hooking works I currently stopped in the middle of the third in-game day (first day of school), but I'm really liking it so far - it has really nice, warm mood. Is there any recommended route order for this VN? As far as I can see, there seems to be no "true ending" or "true route" - just six heroines. The walkthrough at seiya-saiga gives fo
  18. Yep, that's me - I'm not touching MB, euphoria and similar stuff with a ten feet pole
  19. Yesterday I finished Seven Days: Anata to Sugosu Nanokakan First four chapters/routes (Sakura, Kotoha, Mari and Ichiru) were really good nakige stuff - on par with the best, or at least as effective as KEY's masterpieces After that I feel like it lost direction a bit. Shizuku got the short end of the stick, since her chapter was there mostly to provide backstory/plot information. Nene's chapter also wasn't as strong as the first four. And then the three final chapters - Chiyako, Zero and bonus Murasaki's epilogue - I feel like it was unnecessarily overcomplicated They tried to pu
  20. I want to read Amatsutsumi, but in Japanese all-ages edition, so it seems that my only choice is PSV version. If Sekai's edition was bilingual, I'd probably get it from GOG. (Some of the sexual tags seen on vndb are quite a turn-off for me, so hentai version is out of the question - especially when that's coupled with "Long Sexual Scenes" tag )
  21. Yesterday I finished the prologue for Seven Days: Anata to Sugosu Nanokakan and so far I'm really enjoying it. The heroines are pretty likeable and it looks nice The only thing I'm missing is voiced protagonist - after playing few VNs with this feature (9-Nine, Damekoi or - recently - Loopers) I really got to like it.
  22. Plans are funny thing - they usually get changed HoshiOri is rather lenghty, HatsuSaku also isn't exactly short. And next week I'm going on vacation, and I can only bring my 12 years old laptop, which cannot run Vita emu no matter how hard it tried. And then I received notification about Seven Days: Anata to Sugosu Nanokakan being on sale on Steam (it's 30% off) So that's what I'm going to start reading today
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