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  1. Summer Pockets is here!

    They say that there is - that despite not having Maeda's writing it's still "classic" KEY. I think I'm going to read it next, after I finish Tenohira o, Tayou ni - unless I get distracted by something else, that is
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Yeah, that might be. Now that you say it, I guess that was my main problem with it - she sounded too American for my taste
  3. Is this Visual novel?

    Yeah, like this. 美少女ゲーム is an umbrella term for VNs and dating sims with male protagonist and female heroines.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Nice (even if simple) playing, however I'm not big fan of that singing style But overally nice song.
  5. Summer Pockets is here!

    FanTL patch itself has been cancelled, but recently the group released patch for official version that adds subtitles to OP and ED videos.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I might have overrated it a bit, since it was maybe 7th or 8th VN I've ever read Certainly teacher's side route was complete waste of time, but when it comes to the main routes, from what I remember, I enjoyed them all back then.
  7. What are you playing?

    Yesterday I finished true route of Tenohira o, Tayou ni first arc. It was very good although I have some issues with route system structure itself. I will post more when I finish whole game - for now I have second arc left, which features another protagonist and has two routes. For now I think it's heading towards ~7.5 score (which in my scale means "very enjoyable, but has some annoying issues")
  8. What are you playing?

    FWIW, recently Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai english patch got an update.
  9. Summer Pockets is here!

    And in the meantime, people are complaining about lack of h-scenes in KEY VN I was really shocked after seeing that. The notion that VN=eroge, and that whenever story involves characters having sex, you absolutely HAVE to show it in every detail, seems to be strong. (I personally find it ridiculous, and legendary bad quality of KEY's H-scenes only reinforces that ) On a side note - when browsing Steam reviews of Flight Diary, I saw some people who claimed that they could feel when h-scenes were cut from Akari's route
  10. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    To think that few months ago I swore that I''ll never be buying physical editions of VNs... Today I received another package from amazon. This time it's Tenohira o, Tayou ni that I'm currently reading. With the price of 1500円 I simply couldn't justify going on with pirated version in any possible way
  11. What are you playing?

    I see. Now we have some common point of reference at least. And it means, that after all there is some tiny chance that I might still like My Fair Princess (unless it's much worse)
  12. What are you playing?

    I haven't read that many, compared to some of the veterans I've read one of the older PeasSoft's titles - Koi Iro Chu! Lips. While it was filled with popular tropes, I still enjoyed it, because they executed those tropes reasonably well, and I liked the characters. So I guess that's how it is with me - I'm okay even with seemingly overused tropes if they are executed well. It's a problem however, if the execution itself is also lazy. On a side note - recently I browsed my reading history on vndb, since I've been filling out start and finish dates. It struck me, that in 2018 I've read over twice as many VNs when compared with 2019. Incidentally, 2019 was the year when I started reading untranslated titles. And I guess it shows how much slower I am when reading in JP compared to EN. "Medium" sized VN would typically take me around a week when reading translated, but untranslated it can easily take one month or more - it takes around a week to finish one route
  13. What are you playing?

    Well, they're nukige after all Ouch, that makes me sad I had high hopes for this title. Will try it when it comes up with some decent discount on Steam sale then
  14. What are you playing?

    Yeah, it sits pretty high on my wishlist. But I guess we'll have to wait at least about a year for it to be finished - unless the author suddenly speeds up his work
  15. Summer Pockets is here!

    They hinted, that translation of the new content depends on the succes of the base game. True, but I think that's a bit stupid attitude. That's like saying that Princess Evangile is incomplete without the "W Happiness" Besides, it isn't even released yet. It may as well turn out that new content is inferior to the base game Whatever the case, it definitely would be wrong to say that one cannot enjoy a VN without a fandisc, wouldn't you agree?
  16. Summer Pockets is here!

    Definitely. I mean - why not? After all, the game has been released year and a half ago, and lots of people enjoyed it as it is currently. Reflection Blue seems to be kind of "extended edition", sort of big fandisc burned into main game. (It introduces new routes for and one new heroine) But after all it is just that - an add-on.
  17. So, today I found some time to work on this thing, and thanks to that I've gotten past the first half of the script Next opportunity will be, I think, after Feb 17.
  18. For me, Sakura no Kisetsu is a classic. However, it's a bit unapproachable now, with old engine and awkward adventure-gameplay system - which is much more annoying than, say, YU-NO. As I wrote recently in recommendations thread: Well, sometimes I do things on a whim, and shortly after writing the above, I decided to give it a try Actually it's quite fun for now - writing things in Ren'py is almost like directing your own puppet-show . The goal is to rewrite Sakura no Kisetsu into standard VN structure with branching choices system - getting rid of the "look/think/talk with everything to trigger next scene" system. I do this by arranging texts from various "think" "look" and "talk" sections into the order that gives the best flow (and inserting small connecting bits in between where absolutely neccessary). I also plan to re-edit it or partially retranslate the lines that annoy me too much As I see, Brazilian Portugese translation uses similar approach, but they used assets (graphics and music) from the remake, which I'm not too fond of - they are very blurry, while the pixels from dithering are still very visible, so it's like the worst of both worlds . I'm working with assets from PC98 and DOS versions. I also plan to have switchable soundtrack, with all three versions available: PC98 - original FM soundtrack, GS - PC98 MIDI music replayed with SoundCanvas soundfont and AdLib - PC DOS version FM soundtrack. While browsing graphic files extracted from both versions I was surprised. I expected Japanese PC98 version to have mosaics (and if such were the case, planned to have mosaics on/off switch in the options), however, the version that is floating around the net is uncensored. Probably somebody hacked files with HCGs from English PC version into it? Graphics and scripts formats are identical between two versions, only music files are different because of different sound hardware. I looked at files more closely and yes, it seems that some CG files were replaced - while all graphic files from PC98 have 1996-04 dates, HCGs have 1999-10. For now I have ported first two scenes - talk with parents in Shuuji's home and first meeting with Reiko on the way to school - complete with music and sprites with facial animations, just like in the original Some preliminary screenshots coming in ~12 hours. Of course for now it is all pretty basic - just full-screen background and standard ren'py textbox. I'm still not sure whether to go with that approach, or try something more like in the original, with borders etc, and the actual scenes taking just small portion of the screen? Also, I'm still not sure how much smoothing (if any) should I use while converting backgrounds and sprites. But we can discuss that when there are screenshots. *I'm not sure in which subforum should I place it. It's clearly not "Original Visual Novel", it's also not exactly "Translation Project" (although probably some translating will be involved). Well, I hope our mods will help me by moving it into most suited section.
  19. Summer Pockets is here!

    So finally they managed to release before FanTL (which apparently is scheduled for 2020-02-17 got cancelled in order to promote official version - thumbs up for the fanTL team for that )
  20. What are you listening to right now?

    That's indeed nice Reminds me of some of the Kayoko Yoshizawa's songs. I feel like Japanese popular music is essentially a mix of various pop traditions from all the world. From different time periods as well. And often it brings interesting and pleasing results
  21. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    Last week I found great deal for Natsu No Ame on amazon.jp . It was marked down to 2900円 (from the regular 9680円) so it was hard to pass. It arrived today. Thankfully, there aren't any NSFW images on the box/cover
  22. What are you listening to right now?

    Today I stumbled upon this song (I heard it on internet radio): Love it That such songs are still being made in 21st century is why I fell in love with J-pop I know it is very formulaic. It's just that J-pop formula resonates with me really well.
  23. What are you playing?

    I don't know - I use hooking only to look up unknown words. I send captured text to Chiitrans, which works as a parser and dictionary - after hovering mouse cursor over the word it gives me dictionary entries for it. And that's all. There probably have been some advancements in MTL, but it looks like not too much when it comes to Japanese. What I know is that Google Translate is still pretty bad with JP. (or rather unpredictable) Other free online services too. There are some people who swear by MTL (even on this forum...) and claim it's perfectly viable way to read untranslated JVNs, but I cannot agree with them. I've heard that some of the recent Japanese hardware electronic dictionaries/translators give considerably better results than Google, but those things are pretty expensive, and of course unusable with VNs
  24. What are you playing?

    It looks like I have some perverted attraction to ancient charage For my next read I picked up a 2003 one - Tenohira o, Taiyou ni. (After figuring out how to hook it - in this case AGTH is the only way) It seems to have pretty good ratings on EGS, with the average score of 80. So far, it looks promising. Initial setup (MC getting reunited with his estranged childhood friends) seems a bit similar to the Amber Quartz I've finished recently, but this is much older title. I was about to say that I feel some Yume Miru Kusuri vibes as well, but this title is also few years older than YMK. Let's just say that one of the MC's classmates looks like a prototype for YMK's Antoinette. Truly horrible person. Initial apatethic state of protagonist also reminds me of YMK a bit. I'm really curious where will it all go. BTW - I said that Amber Quartz looks unpopular with 370 votes on EGS. Certainly it isn't much when compared with top titles. But then, out of curiosity, I checked out EGS page for Princess Evangile. Only 208 votes (and 2411 on VNDB, definitely thanks to translation). That shocked me a bit.
  25. Maybe he was talking about Clover Day's