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  1. What are you playing?

    I just finished Serika's route in ToHeart PSE. Shy ojousama, leader of occult club, which, apart from her, consists of ghost members only* She's cute, and route was pretty nice, but it has one major drawback execution-wise - it's almost completely unvoiced!. It has some in-story justification - Serika is very shy and quiet, and most of the time she whispers, so we get to know her lines as 'reported' by MC - but it still seems like lazy move from devs. OTOH - first version was unvoiced, so if they wrote it like that from the beginning I kind of understand it - it wouldn't be feasible to rewrite whole story just to give more work to VA Nevertheless I enjoyed this route very much, and it ended nicely. So, 3 routes completed, 7 more to go Next one is Tomoko: Kansai-ben speaking tsundere in glasses, voiced by Aya Hisakawa. Wonder how will it turn out...
  2. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    Yeah, TH2 opening was great. First TH has pretty nice one too. However the most special opening for me isn't from neither VN or anime. Neverhteless, it's the thing, that lurked in my memory, and apparently it finally pushed me towards japanese media. It's OP from old FPS game, SHOGO:
  3. According to MG it will be released 2019.04.18. Adult version in MG store, and all-ages version on Steam. Some people on r/vn say that there will be adult patch for steam version, but I couldn't find info about it on MG site. I'm going with all ages version probably.
  4. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    OTOH, MTLs can spew some really hilarious lines - so maybe different kind of comedy will be born this way
  5. What manga are you currently reading?

    I just finished first volume of よつばと!. It's so heartwarming, charming and funny - little Yotsuba enjoys every little thing in life, and pulls the reader along I'm totally loving this manga. It never fails to lift up the gloomy mood, even if for a little while. - perhaps it's time to order complete set to save on postage fees
  6. I definitely don't have to have it If leaving it out doesn't create huge plot holes, or disrupt the flow, then it's all good. I experienced both - even with moeges it can go either way. All ages versions for Princess Evangile or Sanoba Witch were very good, while, for example, in Sakura Sakura the cuts were too broad and jarring for my taste, so finally I went with adult version.
  7. Ah, thanks. I missed this post. I'd also like to ask - does all-ages version stand on its own? (I hope so...) Or is adult patch a necessity? Yes, please
  8. What are you playing?

    Yesterday I completed another route in ToHeart. This time it was second childhood friend - Shiho (well, technically they've met in middle school, but she fits the role ) While I considered her just annoying gossiping brat when I played Akari's route, here she became quite likable. The route was quite funny, with their constant bickering and banter (which their classmates call just "lover's quarrels" ) , although a bit surprising, since it isn't really romance route - more of a friendship one. So, there's a hint of a romance that may happen after the ending, but it isn't shown. Still, nice route, I had lots of fun with it. Next one, according to walkthrough I'm using is Serika - quiet ojousama, and sole member of an occult club (does that remind you of anything? )
  9. I haven't read ef or eden, but I've read one old minori title - Wind ~a breath of heart~, and it also started out as pretty standard high-school charage, but then everything went gloomy in routes, and especially in true route. Like, the mood shift was really heavy and sometimes it got really dark, at least for my taste. Many endings were bittersweet at best.
  10. What are you playing?

    I'd say it is - Cro's route was good, and pretty emotional too. Also, loved Michiru's route. Actually, DD's route wasn't bad either, you just have to get used to her weird speech (and its equally weird "reversed" translation style) BTW ToHeart also has similar character - half-American blonde girl, Lemmy, who tends to throw random English into her speech. But she doesn't do it in a exaggerated way like DD, it just slips out I find her pretty likable. But then, I started to wonder, if one wanted to make english version of this VN* - how to approach it? Some people propose to leave English as it is, but use capitals or italics or sth... but then I encountered one scene that would be pretty untranslatable. They are talking about tests, and it went somewhat like this: Mission impossible BTW it's interesting how writers portrayed Lemmy's weird speech, as apparently she speaks with foreign accent, so her lines are weird mix of English, kanji and katakana. (VN was intially unvoiced) * Disclaimer: I'm NOT doing TL project for this, I was just curious
  11. What are you playing?

    As for the robot girls... Ame's route from Dal Segno may also apply if one looks for onion-filled story with AI girl. DS was one of the very first VNs I've read, and this route was probably the first one that made me really crying... However it is unlockable route, available after completing all others first. I haven't read Lucy yet, but I loved Planetarian. I wonder how Multi's route in ToHeart will turn out. Some say that she's the best character in whole game And based on the interactions with her in the common route, I already like her
  12. What are you playing?

    AFAIK Trinoline translation wasn't cancelled. Of course probably it will be delayed, but I suppose it will end up like with Chuablesoft's VNs that MG picked up. (SukiSuki and Byakko) However, I'm not too hyped about it - judging from some post on forums, it isn't as good as it seems at first glance. (Some even say, that "nakige" tag should be replaced with "nukige" one ) Also, some tags it has are serious turnoff for me (like, ekhm.. watersports...) I might try All-ages version if MG really releases it...
  13. Romance Visual Novel Recommendations?

    You're welcome I just fixed links - they got broken in the first version of my post. Also, KEY VNs (Kanon, AIR, Clannad, Little Busters, Planetarian) are very good too, even though they aren't "pure" romance.
  14. Romance Visual Novel Recommendations?

    Some recommendations from the ones I've read: Princess Evangile KonoSora (make sure to grab retranslation patch!) KoiChoco Hatsukoi 1/1 WagaHigh Noble Works To Heart 2 Crescendo Yukizakura Sakura Sakura Yume Miru Kusuri Sanoba Witch Yoake KoiIroChu! Miagete (A Sky Full of Stars) SakuSaku DalSegno Katawa Shoujo Fureraba Heart de Roommate
  15. Mentioning To Heart 2 is 100% effective way to summon @ittaku
  16. Just checked to be sure - works like a charm And I definitely agree about the "best heroine from Yukizakura"
  17. It looks like it's my turn to ask for help... Recently I bought download edition of Saki no Love Love Honeymoon from getchu.com. It's kind of side-story for Saki's route from Yukizakura. Unfortunately, I cannot run it - it keeps giving me error message "Please run with administrator rights" - even though it IS set to run with them. Also, I have my system locale set to Japanese (date format and locale for non-unicode applications). Can somebody help me? Thanks
  18. Check out this @Dergonu's review: If I understood correctly, all routes are present, h-scenes are cut, and there are some replacements for them. After reading this post I decided to buy Cruise Sign (even though I don't have PS3. Praise the emulators \_o_/ )
  19. What are you playing?

    Yeah, especially first version. However, redrawn version (bottom one in each pair) looks okay to me. As for the second CG (in the spoiler), she has cold. Also faces in first version have some weird shapes (chins).
  20. What are you playing?

    Also, in my first post about To Heart I've said something about the actual game looking better than screenshots on VNDB (like AIR or Crescendo). It turns out, that this time it's simply due to PSE edition having improved graphics (both characters and backgrounds) The "bad" looking screenshots were from first PC 18+ version. or
  21. Didn't try it yet But it should work - in general, I used that method earlier and it worked. Now for output I prefer Chiitrans over browser with Rikaichan, but it still should work as principle is the same - Chiitrans too captures text from clipboard. So I will be just replacing Textractor with ITHVNR.
  22. /slightly OT I said that I tend to avoid physical editions, but actually Cruise Sign is first physical VN that I bought (second one being To Heart PSE)
  23. What are you playing?

    Yay, I completed first route in To Heart PSE やった! It was Akari's (childhood friend) route. Well, it was pretty decent, and because it requires to get along with some other characters, also serves as nice introduction. I wasn't too fond of conflict this route uses - but I have to admit, that while I was facepalming at MC sometimes, his behaviour was believable - pretty immature, but well, they're 16, what should I expect And additionally confused by their lifelong osananajimi relationship. To quote Hiroyuki's thoughts (my loose translation, quoting from memory): "Childhood friends - almost like siblings, but not related. Definitely closer than friends, but still not lovers. How long can we continue this strange relationship?" At least everything ends well - as it should with moege As for the other heroines that I met during this route, I really liked Lemmy, Multi (robot girl) and Aoi-chan. Shiho seems to be annoying brat I'm also interested in Tomoko, for two reasons. I like girls with glasses, and she's voiced by Aya Hisakawa With 10 heroines total it will certainly take me some time to finish it, but after that first route I'm definitely going to continue The game features also radio program called "Heart to Heart" that you can choose to listen to on Saturday evenings (totally optional, doesn't affect routes). Most of it went over my head, 'cause it's audio-only, and they're talking pretty fast, but it sounds nice. Also, chibi-sprites used on map-movement screens are absolutely cute.
  24. VN from popular anime/manga/ln

    Toradora! has PSP VN, that even got fan translation Also, Maison Ikkoku had two VN-ish games released for ancient systems: https://vndb.org/v7478 https://vndb.org/v890 Another old anime with VN is Kimagure Orange Road - https://vndb.org/v4527 There's also Sega Saturn VN for Utena - https://vndb.org/v1916 And Aa! Megami-sama! - https://vndb.org/v5639
  25. Best funny anime?

    From the ones I watched, +1 for Konosuba. That's just pure fun