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  1. It seems that it isn't. I guess JAST or Mangagamer don't have it since it's released directly by Frontwing, and not by one of localization companies. DLSite also doesn't have it. Still I find it strange for Frontwing to limit themselves only to Steam, but what do I know... BTW it looks like original physical release from 2015 was also split into all-ages version and adult patch - card with download code for the patch was sold only to customers who were 18 or older (If I'm understanding the notes correctly)
  2. Today I started Aonatsu Line - and made it to the OP movie, so I guess I completed the prologue ;) So far I'm really liking what I'm seeing - mainly the nice friendship between the characters. Even though this game isn't about saving the school club on the verge of demise, I got similar warm, fuzzy feeling like when reading Konosora :) I'm reading Switch version, and this presents additional challenge, since I have no H-code for this version so far. But OTOH this VN seems to be on the easier side language-wise, so this might be a good thing - I have to concentrate more on the text
  3. I think you might like Planetarian from KEY and PARQUET from Yuzusoft. They're both bittersweet tales set in the future, like ATRI (although Planetarian leans more towards sad side).
  4. No, it's not The "censorship" was already done by Elf (original developer) for Windows version in 1999 - current version is just a remaster (and translation) of that version. The only "uncensored" version is 1992 one - available for PC98 and MS-DOS. (On the other hand, it seems that after all they indeed spend lots of rather pointless efforts to make yet another more censored "all-ages" version for Steam - honestly, being all-ages junkie that I am, I can't imagine the game with the premise like Doukyuusei working well as an all-ages title. It's one of those games that seem to be projecte
  5. It's also worth noting, that all those alterations were made already in 1999 for the Windows remake, and current version is just remaster of that edition - it isn't something enforced by Steam
  6. The project isn't dead (it just smells funny ) Today I pasted another few hundred japanese lines into Ren'py script, reaching 32% (or, near the end of 6th chapter). Also, for those interested, here's the comparison of various image versions, using the train station background as an example. 1. Original 16 color version - this will be the default mode: 2. "Enhanced" version from english-only "JAST Memorial edition" - it's just the original with some basic blur applied: 3. My "256 color version" - made with few layers of blurring and re-sharpening - this will be used as an
  7. Okay, so yesterday I finished StarTRain It wasn't without problems, but I enjoyed it. It's kind of mix between high-school rom-com and KEY's classics - I feel like it borrows some ideas from Kanon and Clannad. Main focus of this VN seems to be the true meaning of happiness - and, to extent, how relationships fit into that. At the beginning of the actual common route (after the prologue) Tsukasa is quite depressed after breaking up with Nami (I previously tagged it as a spoiler, but it's such a big part of the setting, that it's hard to talk about this VN without mentioning this
  8. Yes, that seems to be the reason Now that I think about it, I've read yet another shinigami VN - Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji, it was nice, but the setting a bit different
  9. It looks nice - I don't think I'll jump into it immediately, but I'll bookmark it on Steam When reading the summary for some reason I thought about Palette's SakuSaku and Chrono Clock.
  10. Yes, I compared the all-ages versions. Of course after applying the +18 patch Sekai/Denpasoft edition is the same as Palette's adult version. Another difference is resolution - Palette's complete edition is 1080p. But that's also only for all-ages - they didn't make +18 complete edition at all. So all +18 editions and Steam all-ages edition are 720p only.
  11. Not only that, there were also some scenes and graphics missing. Details below:
  12. This. And I guess for Palette, they rather aimed for consoles than for Steam itself - they created all-ages complete edition, which they released for PC, while PS4 and Switch releases are scheduled for June. BTW Steam version of Nine (Ep. 1-4) is more censored than complete edition, and, as I mentioned in my review, while I really liked the complete edition, I think Steam version removes too much.
  13. Which reminds me that perhaps one day I should check out the sequel
  14. Yeah, you're right, I exaggerated a bit or my memory played a trick on me - we "only" had to break up with her, but yeah, it wasn't especially ugly - breakups happen sometimes. (I played it 4 years ago, so my memories got a bit hazy) But route structure in Lovers was truly awful - there in order to unlock side routes you really just had to completely ignore Rie so she would leave you. And those routes weren't even worth it
  15. Well, the drama has already arrived, since I don't mind some drama if it's well done - let's see how they did it. And even though this game features hetare protagonist, he didn't annoy me too much so far (But then, it was only prologue) OTOH I dislike the setup when you have to be a dick towards your girlfriend to enter other routes (like it was with Lovers or Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road), so I'm glad that it doesn't seem to be the case here.
  16. Yesterday I completed the prologue in StarTRain - reaching the opening movie. It has a bit unusual setting for a charage, because we start with a protagonist in a relationship. His girlfriend is two years older Nami, whom he met one summer night a few years ago while he was watching falling stars. So now there's second part of common route waiting for me. So far I met three (of four) heroines - tsundere childhood friend Kanade, shy but cute Asuka speaking with Kansai accent, and a bit mysterious Yomogi from parallell class. According to walkthroughs there's also
  17. Last Thursday I finished Chocolat ~Maid Cafe "Curio"~ (I played "Standard Edition" - all ages PC version) It was nice, but had its share of problems. I'd say that in some way it has that unpolished "early work" feel - something like what ONE is when compared to KANON. Heroines were all very nice, and, as usual, Maruto writes nice, engaging character interactions, but the quality of the routes is very uneven. In my previous post I complained a bit about Misato's route. On the contrary, Midori's route which I played next was great (it's also heavily connected to Kanako's story).
  18. Yes. Essentially this isn't the "series" - it's single VN split into 4 (or actually 5) parts. Each of the four episodes contains single route. This is emphasised in the Complete Edition, where to unlock each route, you need to complete the previous one, and then after stories get unlocked after completing all four main episodes.
  19. Recently Sekai Project announced that final episode of 9-nine will get released on Steam on 2022-03-18. The release will contain all three language versions (JP, CN, EN) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1890120/9nineNewEpisode/ This episode was all-ages right from the start, so there should be no need to worry about any censorship in this release.
  20. @Fujoneko, thanks for another item added to backlog BTW - do you happen to know what's the difference between the regular "Root Letter" and "Root Letter: Last Answer" editions?
  21. Yeah, I'm also sad to see the forum die - and turning it into nothing more than an annoucement board for YT vids seems to be just another nail in the coffin I agree with @Zalor, and I think I already wrote something similar under your other video topic, @NowItsAngeTime - I don't mind your videos, but I wish you'd care a bit more about forum - it's okay to post your video, but please also write proper post with a summary at least... I'd really hate to see this forum completely die, since it's the only vn community I'm comfortable to engage with - reddit's and especially discord's format
  22. Okay, sorry for posting two times in a row, but... I already finished both Misato's endings - "normal" and "true". And if it took me ~3 hours to read both of those in Japanese, then that means those "routes" were extremely short It didn't surprise me that "normal" ending was very short (under 1 hour), since it was the same in Parfait. Then I got to the unlocked Misato's true route - and it also went in a blink of an eye Sure, sometimes the routes get too long and dragged out, but this was another extreme - almost all "filler" has been cut out, and because of that the whole route feels
  23. Few days ago I started reading Chocolat ~Maid Cafe "Curio"~ (PC all ages version) Yesterday I reached the beginning of the first route - I'm starting with Misato's route. So far I'm liking this VN. As usual with Maruto's titles, the character interactions are well written and engaging. As for characters themselves, I have kind of deja-vu, or even the reverse one , since I started with the sequel ( Parfait), and some heroines seem to be based on the same tropes. Misato, whose route I'm on currently, looks like proto-Yui from Parfait - except that she's not a musician But considering
  24. And so I did this, and thus yesterday I finished Tenshin Ranman Happy GO Lucky PC. First let's talk about two mini-routes. Mahiro's route was very nice - even if nothing groundbreaking, it had some twists and rather unusual start of the relationship. I enjoyed it very much. Yukari's route is nothing to write home about - it had its funny and touching moments, but as a whole felt rather... pointless and ungrounded? I guess this was the most "eroge'y" route out of all - feels mostly like a fanservice for players with teacher fetish Well, it also gave some background for the
  25. I personally didn't like sex scenes in 9-nine either - mainly because of the animation style, but also I thought that there were too many, had issues with their placement, and still found them too "porny" for my taste. So for this game I also preferred all-ages edition (the Palette's Complete Edition - not the Steam one). I think the last VNs where I enjoyed H-scenes, and found them relatively "wholesome" (with some exceptions) were Palette's Sakura Strasse and Yuzusoft's Natsuzora Kanata (and those games don't have all-ages versions anyway ) I also loved the way the relationship wa
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