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  1. What are you playing?

    (Should post it in this thread, not the one about ages of characters...) Yesterday I finished Hotaru's route (Cruise Sign and Steam versions). OMG, so much cuteness And nice character development for Hotaru. Sweet little route, and sweet little Hotaru As with previous routes, Steam version is identical to Cruise Sign version, no additional censorship. Translation is similar to Akari's route - not great, not terrible So now, onto the Kanako's route.
  2. Are they really over 18?

    I'm going to play JP all-ages version of Kanako's route next (probably tomorrow), so will pay attention to what does she say there (Is this screen from Kanako's route or some other? So far I finished Akari's and Hotaru's, and haven't encountered this scene) And yesterday I finished Hotaru's route. OMG, so much cuteness And nice character development for Hotaru. Sweet little route, and sweet little Hotaru Again, Steam version is identical to Cruise Sign version, no additional censorship. Translation is similar to Akari's route - not great, not terrible So now, onto the Kanako's route. Oops, I forgot we aren't in the "What are you playing" thread...
  3. What are you playing?

    Looks like nice little game. Thanks for mentioning, adding it to the backlog
  4. Are they really over 18?

    So maybe it was different in the '90s? (SnK was released in 1996... If memory serves, YU-NO also didn't have such disclaimer)
  5. Are they really over 18?

    I was actually surprised when I saw that disclaimer in untranslated VN for the first time. I always assumed it was just for localization purposes, because of US law. (Like, in Sakura no Kisetsu, characters are in the middle/high school, and it's explicitly stated, along with protag being 16, first year high-schooler, but in translated version it is all rewritten so they are over 18)
  6. What are you playing?

    I just finished Akari's route from Flight Diary. Pretty nice, on par with the rest of the VN quality-wise. Akari has really cute side to her First I've read original PS3 version, then, to compare, translated Steam version. I'm happy to report, that they're the same, there is no additional censorship in Steam version, despite some rumors. Actually after reading the original version, I couldn't imagine anything that could possibly be removed, as it's totally wholesome and all-ages friendly Turns out I was right I was really worried about TL after reading @phantomJS's comment in the thread about Steam edition. I don't know if they patched it, or whatever, but it wasn't bad at all. First of all, this time it definitely was edited, and it's visible that somebody put some conscious effort into it, and had some stylistic vision. While there are few slightly mistranslated lines, and some questionable translation choices*, it's mostly coherent, comprehensible, and actually reads quite smoothly. Nowhere near the mess the main game's translation was. It leans towards the "liberal" side of the spectrum, but doesn't go into "overwesternization" territory - it's just that some lines are reworded to convey the meaning in a bit more natural way than strictly literal TL would. Personally, I'm fine with that. One line was translated in quite amusing, and, dare I say, ecchi way (Who would expect that from MoeNovel release?) I also have to applaud the TL team for clever way of rewriting the scene, when Akari switches to calling Aoi by his first name. Since the TL ditches honorifics, and all characters are on first name basis most of the time in translated version, I was really curious, how they solve it (especially since they screwed up that very thing in the ASFOS). It went surprisingly smooth. All in all, if somebody wants to read Akari's route, and doesn't know Japanese, Steam version is safe way to go. It's certainly readable, and no content cut compared to original. *I just wish they left nicknames "Anchan" and "Mabou" / "Makun" intact, since I got used to them. As for Anchan, it was replaced by his first name (Tatsuya), and as for Masatsugu, TL or editor decided to give him "Masa" nickname, and it's used whenever there was "Mabou" or "Makun" in the original - unnecessary, if you ask me. On the other hand, changing "Hat" (ハット in original) into "Hatty" actually works well.
  7. Do you play with walkthrough?

    <confession time> I usually used walkthroughs even when playing traditional adventure games....
  8. Do you play with walkthrough?

    I'm the same. I use walkthroughs all the time.
  9. I'd just like to correct one thing Originally (I mean in PS3 version, Cruise Sign) Akari's route is also part of the Flight Diary, not the main game. I guess it's there as a replacement for the Himegi Sisters threesome route from the +18 Flight Diary, as perhaps it would be difficult to convert that into all-ages version What's even more interesting, like I stated in "What are you playing?" thread, main routes in Cruise Sign are line-for-line, scene-for-scene identical with IMHHW. But of course all that doesn't mean anything if translation is shit...
  10. Hi. After reading Kazoku Keikaku I was taken aback by poor editing of the later part of the game. Thinking about re-editing it into something more readable, I tried to extract the scripts from the game. Unfortunately I ran into the wall pretty quickly. The only tool that was able to do anything was ArcTools. It recognizes ISF files, has even built-in template for Family Project. Unfortunately it was only able to decompile dialogue lines, omitting everything else (narration, character names over spoken lines etc etc). It produced a bunch of files with content like this: :: word wrap line after, characters=50 :: - <7B79, 0006> "......"= - <8296, 0006> "Ai ya~"= - <8458, 0006> "..."= - <8948, 0006> "Hey, are you alive?"= - <89B2, 0006> "...mmm..."= - <8DA7, 0006> "Hey, what's wrong?"= - <8E89, 0006> "Are you okay? Can you get home by yourself?"= - <8F23, 0006> "..."= - <902D, 0006> "Ah..."= - <9109, 0006> "... Wo ... xiang yao ... yi bei ... shui."= - <923D, 0006> "Ai ya..."= - <92EF, 0006> "Hey."= - <94A9, 0006> "What happened?"= - <9A31, 0006> "Damn it."= - <9BC4, 0006> "But now isn't the time to be saying this."= Completely unusable. "AE VN Tools" is able only to extract files from main archive, but they stay in encoded form - its script module isn't working, so it cannot decompile scripts. On the AE page, I stumbled upon a pack of python scripts that are supposed to decompile and compile ISF scripts, and also convert them into Ren'py. Unfortunately - they crash d:\tools\isf_tools_20100606>isf_disasm.py snr00.isf >snr00.txt Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf_disasm.py", line 97, in <module> print isf_disasm(sys.argv[1]) File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf_disasm.py", line 76, in isf_disasm x = isf.decompile(buf) File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 589, in decompile return ast(ISF(), buf[len(j) * 4:], j) File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 580, in ast isf.ast += [[o] + params[o](p, (j, js))] File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 121, in p_onjp r += [(T_LABEL, ulabel(wd(p, i), jjs))] File "D:\tools\isf_tools_20100606\isf.py", line 65, in ulabel return js.index(j[l]) IndexError: list index out of range d:\tools\isf_tools_20100606>
  11. What are you playing?

    Whoa, I think it's the first time I see such poor rating for Damekoi I still haven't tried it, wonder how will it turn for me when I finally get to it. As for my current read - this weekend I finished all-ages version of Amane's route in Konosora Cruise Sign. It was really nice, and I might actually prefer it over ero version of this route. It didn't feel censored, rewritten story felt pretty natural to me, and it didn't bother me at all that they haven't fucked yet And still every time Amane glomps Aoi or lap-pillow scenes make my heart go きゅうーーん I also compared it with English version (IMHHW), and again, as with previous two routes, it's identical content-wise. Translation of Amane's route isn't as disastrous as Ageha's, but there still is fair amount of lines with mismatched subjects - like they were translated out of context. Now I'm reading Kazato twins' route (Asa & Yoru).
  12. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    For me that would be Mashiro Iro Symphony, but Aokana is very close behind it. And it was certainly the best among translated ones.
  13. Lamunation Release

    I think that maybe they are hoping for high sales on Chinese market? Anyways, "International" version is absolute steal, all the more when compared with DLSite's version. It surpasses it by having all three languages, and the price is small fraction of DLSite's price (円6600, which would be around $60). Mind-blowing
  14. Lamunation Release

    Well, at this price it's a no-brainer, even if good art was it's only redeeming feature - but I hope at least for good comedy as well Was going to add it to the wishlist to "bookmark" it, but after seeing the price, I just bought it
  15. What are you playing?

    Recently I finished Ageha's route in Cruise Sign. All-ages version of this route has slightly different tone than the ero original, but it was good nevertheless. Also, during this playthrough I'm getting more and more interested in Hotaru and Akari - looking forward to their routes in FD On a side note - just like Kotori's route, also Ageha's route in Cruise Sign is identical content-wise to the all-ages PC version (IMHHW). It's exactly same script and same CGs. I have to check remaining routes to be totally sure, but it seems that, contrary to popular belief (which I shared as well), all-ages version hasn't been made by MoeNovel, but by "main" Pulltop. The "only" (albeit quite big) problem with IMHHW compared to Cruise Sign is bad translation. And probably it seems "butchered" / "badly-cut" exactly because of that bad translation, which often makes no sense in Ageha's route. But actually there are proper replacement scenes and scenario rewrites, not just "blindly cutting everything remotely related to sex", as we've been believing. The only extra content that console version has over English PC release (IMHHW) was all-ages version of Flight Diary, but that got also translated recently (I haven't checked it out yet, want to complete JP version first) So the chronology seems to be something like this: > Pulltop releases original +18 Konosora in 2012 and Flight Diary in January 2013 > They create all-ages edition (with replacement scenes etc), but for unknown reasons release only badly translated English version in May 2013 > In 2016 they make all-ages version of Flight Diary (that replaces "Himegi harem" route with Akari's route), combine it with the aforementioned all-ages version of main game, and release it for PS3 as Cruise Sign > fast forward to 2019 - they decide to translate console version of Flight Diary and release it on Steam So if the translation wasn't as shitty as it is, we'd currently actually effectively have English PC port of Cruise Sign on Steam (albeit split into three releases). Sadly, Ageha's route translation is amazingly bad... It's really surprising. As far as I know, AGM is Japanese company, so I can partly understand that maybe translators working on this title weren't masters of English, and that's why overally translation sounds stiff or has grammar errors. (However, it's editor's job to fix it...) But when it comes to Ageha's route, it reads as if person translating this knew neither English nor Japanese. How did they hire such person in big company specialized in videogame translations?
  16. 君を仰ぎ乙女は姫に / "My Fair Princess" official English translation has been released by SolPress on 2019-11-08. It has been released as All-ages Steam Edition plus free +18 Patch. It seems interesting (some people say it has a bit similar vibe to Princess Evangile, minus all-girls school of course), and I like the art style, so it definitely goes onto my wishlist/backlog. Sadly, according to some posts on various forums, the release is currently in pretty messy state, with font issues and untranslated lines A quote from r/visualnovels: Do we have another Hoshimemo-like case here? And will SolPress fix the issues? EDIT - it looks like the bugs are being patched already
  17. Custom tags and filtering options are nice, as well as easier access to adding notes, but I will miss separate pages for wishlist and votes, if they go I prefer the current way compared to having everything on one massive list and needing filtering for everything.
  18. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    How's the TL quality?
  19. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    Thanks, @Wildbreed, I added info about patch to the opening post.
  20. I haven't actually read it since I'm too afraid of utsuge. However, according to walkthrough all six routes are about Kana. Or not? Yeah, there's one labeled "Yumi Ending". So I stand corrected again
  21. True, like Kana ~Imouto~ for example. Let's scratch that one out then. (I just copied tags I found on Planetarian, since it was first kinetic novel that came to mind...)
  22. Yes, usually VNs will have multiple routes. The ones with single route will have tags like Kinetic Novel, Only A Single Heroine, Single Ending or Linear Plot, while the ones with many routes can be recognized by tags such as Multiple Endings or Branching Plot.
  23. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    After common route I thought I wouldn't like Mashiro's route, as she seemed just annoying. But for me her route actually worked, and I liked it. Yeah, they were really good. It's sad that such thing is pretty rare even among romance VNs
  24. What are you playing?

    I take that all back I'm on Ageha's route now, and did some checking - the translation is as bad, as it was, and there are so many mistranslations that it's not even funny... Many lines are translated in a way that completely reverts their meaning, turning the route into incomprehensible gibberish I remember it was before I dropped it Also, I've been mistaken - the thingy with "eyes" wasn't during bath scene in common route, but at the beginning of Ageha's route, and it's still there. However, it looks to me like translator didn't do it because of their urge to censor (since word "boobs" appears earlier already), but as a lame attempt at humor.
  25. How much do you play VN a day/a week?

    I had such saturdays sometimes - normally work gets in the way