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  1. Recently I don't have much time, but I'm still going slowly through Sakura Strasse. It turns out that I've been reading it like maybe just a few hours a week. It's strange. When I'm reading it I'm enjoying it - the girls are cute and comedy is funny. But at the same time I don't find it as engaging as other titles (and as I would expect). I guess that has to be because of protagonist. While he got much better than in the prologue (when I wrote my rant on him), I still cannot relate too much to him - and I don't mean in a self-insert way, but still perhaps it hinders my immersion. Even though the game uses first person narration, I feel more like watching events from a distance. 不思議だね
  2. Ekhm... Toradora would like to have a word with you But yeah, those are rare.
  3. Ah, now I see. Before YU-NO (and after it ) I played mostly charage of various kinds, so I went into it kind of blind, without specific expectations. Maybe that enabled me to enjoy it more, since it was the first of its kind for me. Fully agree on your note about alternate happy endings. It would be really nice if they did it as you described. Also, have to say that while I wasn't too fond of Kanna's remake sprite, she looks really good in that CG you posted. Generally, when I look at your screenshots, I start to warm up to this remake a bit. Maybe I'll really get it on winter or summer sale
  4. Actually that change of pacing didn't bother me much. Rather, the final route was perhaps my favorite part of the game. I'd say that it was a bit artificially slowed down by all that adventure game mechanics. Of course final route makes some huge timeskips, but it still worked for me. And I really appreciated that it ditched the point'n'click mechanics. Disclaimer: I played fan-TL of original with added voice patch. Maybe remake does some things differently?
  5. In San Shimai, when looking for Emi in a school, you can walk in on a random couple having sex in one of the classrooms But it's just one CG and a few lines, and those characters are total randoms, not appearing anywhere in the game.
  6. Actually, no. (But it perhaps did happen with some of the moeges I played. Nevertheless I don't actively aim for that) Most of the times for me it's also just following the story - with various degrees of immersion. I just wanted to stress how much his attitude annoys me and makes me wanna smack him over the head (Well, Yuu-nee already does it, so maybe I don't need to )
  7. I'm reading Sakura Strasse, but protagonist really annoys me. He definitely won't work as a self-insert character for me He's horrible tsundere, and on top of that keeps switching between two modes - rude and whiny bitch. And donkan to boot... Poor girls, falling in love with such fool... I wonder if they manage to change him into something decent
  8. But we got To Heart 2 translated. I think that interest for translation of the first game might be hurt by three factors: It's really old The best version is all-ages, so eroge fans might be not interested in working on it To Heart 2 is better Also, there were some voice-only parts (the "Heart to Heart" radio program that you can listen to on evenings), so I guess providing subtitles for those would mean serious engine rework, or be outright impossible. (Not to mention, they'd have to be transcribed and translated by ear)
  9. After all, not every text-heavy game has to be Visual Novel. There were text-based adventures - which Visual Novels evolved from, so perhaps Disco Elysium could be called text-RPG?
  10. I still prefer older art style for YU-NO. Maybe my perception would change after actually playing new version, but that's not happening until it gets some massive discount during one of Steam sales At full price it's prohibitively expensive for me. Also, I loved original voices, but I guess to have them in the remake would be a hell of licensing nightmare, so I understand that. As for the art - it doesn't even have to be pixellated 16 color original one, I'm fine with redoing it for hi-res etc, but it's just that some of the new character designs themselves are IMO worse - especially Mio, but also Ayumi and Mitsuki - their new designs have kind of dumbed-down look. If they'd redraw it using original designs it would have been perfect for me I think. However, if the rumors are true, and remake does away with constant pantyshot CGs in the most inappropriate mood ruining moments, then that's a big plus
  11. I have to confess - I love their G.R.N.D. album.
  12. So, after all I got distracted again, and started reading another moege from Palette - Sakura Strasse instead of Bokuten
  13. And today it's sweet pop again - "Zutto" by Mariko Nagai
  14. Heavy metal girls from the band Show Ya Whole album is good:
  15. Yesterday I finished Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~, which is a remake of Love Escalator that I played before. It's quite decent high school romance VN with some light dating sim elements. Main heroine is Rie, and her route is pretty good. I guess I actually shouldn't use the word "route" here, as it doesn't apply too much. The thing is - Rie and Takashi (MC) get together at the end of the prologue, and whole game is mostly about her. There are two side heroines, Noriko and Hanako, but they don't have proper routes. And to get their endings you basically have to be a dick and neglect your girlfriend, while dating side chicks instead. It's all especially grating in PC98 version, where in story part there are no choices, and everything happens in dating sim part. By taking chosen girl to a date that she likes, you collect "relationship points". If you fail to establish good enough relationship with Rie she'll leave in December, and that opens path for other endings. But other than that, the story doesn't in any way react to the fact that you're cheating bastard neglecting his cute girlfriend. And as for Noriko and Hanako - apart from some scenes in prologue when they get introduced, they don't have any events at all. You just take them to the dates during dating sim segments - which are just a few repetitive lines, and once you get enough relationship points, you can take them to the love hotel and watch h-scene. And then hold ctrl key right to the end - which again is very short and rather unsatisfying. That's why, even though main route was good, I rated Love Escalator with 7/10. It would probably be 6.5 or even 6, but it got bonus points for great pixel art graphics But with only one good route per three heroines, it doesn't deserve higher score. Now, having the bad out of the way, let's talk about good. (this applies to both versions, I'll point out the differences in text where relevant) While MC isn't exactly great person, he was relatable to me with his insecurities. And his indecisiveness comes back to bite him in the ass. I really liked the main story - it follows basic high-school romance conventions, but not necessarily moege conventions, since it predates almost all moeges So it isn't all fluff, flowers and rainbows - MC has his insecurities, there are rivals appearing a few times, and well, there's main problem of secretly dating a girl that your best friend has crush on. The thing that stood out - in a good way - was how side characters were treated. This VNs introduces tons of side characters - and almost all of them have sprite and voice. Also, the friends of MC and Rie aren't there just to provide background - they have their own little stories, and they even get short arcs shown from their perspective. There are lots of funny interactions between cast. Well, there's one thing this VN shares with lots of moeges - best girl Mayumi isn't a heroine (and there were no fandiscs...) Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~ was great improvement over Love Escalator when it comes to the structure/system - it at least partially fixes the most glaring shortcomings of previous version. Main story got extended - they added two additional arcs (school trip and cultural festival) that were only briefly mentioned in PC98 version. Also, there are lots of choices added - some are meaningless, but some affect relationship score, so now it isn't restricted to dating sim part. Noriko and Hanako got at least their mini-routes. When you unlock them by getting enough relationship points and failing Rie's route, there are two additional events for each of the girls. So while not full-fledged routes, it's great improvement over PC98 version. (Also, they added more h-scenes for them, with the first one happening in-story instead of dating sim.) Noriko's story was okay. Hanako's was a bit WTF to me, I don't get what did MC see in her, but to each their own Dating sim part was greatly improved and expanded. Now for each date spot there are bunch of scenes, which also form kind of mini stories (and some are random). Also, in some spots there are quite funny minigames of various kinds. Beating those unlock secret CGs or H-scenes. Which brings us to the next point... H-scenes. Animated and interactive. It's quite interesting, since it adds kind of role playing element to the game. There are only two in-story scenes in Rie's route. The rest is up to the player. You can go to the love hotel or home on every date and keep fucking (and there's a lot of animations/CGs to discover), or you can have more "wholesome" relationship. It doesn't affect the ending, so it's possible to finish this VN with different approaches. And the H-scenes are also kind of separate minigame, where both characters gradually "level up". MC has "action points" - starting with 3, but can get up to 7, while Rie has "endurance" - some actions have greater cost, so when you overdo it by demanding too much, she'll either slap you (at low relationship/sex skill levels) or start to cry, so you have to watch out. So I guess it's kind of realistic in showing that when it comes to sex people need to get used to each other, and it was actually quite satisfying to observe how they gradually got more comfortable with each other. Also "leveling up" gradually unlocks different poses or variations of those. For side heroines Noriko and Hanako the system is simpler - after the first time, if you go to the "H" date, you get three random poses each time. The animations looked very good, and I found them quite hot. I think they were the best animated H-scenes I've seen so far. So, considering all of the above, I'd rate Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~ with 7.5/10. Good, but not without thorns - I stil miss a bit longer epilogues, proper routes for side heroines, and Mayumi's route And I still consider the way to enter side routes solely via dating sim part flawed. Also, there's this review. I mostly agree with it. For my next read I might finally try Bokuten. But it's also possible that I'll get tempted by Sakura Strasse or Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi
  16. I like to click on them, but big part of my list is not from quotes, but from random images on the frontpage.
  17. Recently I stumbled upon this: Pretty weird mixture of disco and synthpop from 1981
  18. Today I got another physical JVN from Amazon - this time it's Sakura Strasse by Palette.
  19. When I buy a VN on Steam/DLSite/wherever I usually download it immediately. I also don't uninstall the ones I've finished, so my HDD is full of VNs. I also keep disc images for the few disc-based VNs that I own. Having unread titles sitting on the HDD helps me remember that I should read them at some point
  20. Today I finished Love Escalator, but since I wasn't completely satisfied with it, now I started reading remake - Lovers ~Koi ni ochitara~ (I found working hook for it) - to check if they fixed the most annoying problems. I'll write more on both titles together, when I complete it.
  21. Thanks. It's good to know that Textractor can also work with PPSSPP. I've been using CheatEngine with HookAnyText plugin for that so far.
  22. Playing Love Escalator using NekoProjectTH with Textractor is much smoother than Win port with AGTH Now I also could make the window double-sized (1280x800), so now it's a breeze As for the game itself, I'm liking what I see. It isn't the greatest thing I've ever seen or played, but interesting enough to keep me hooked I like how it looks, and Rie (main heroine) is cute It's also worth noting that this version has actually better opening than the remake (unless the latter has another one somewhere later). It's a nice animated sequence, in the style of anime openings, while the remake has only some credits appearing over the backgrounds slideshow. The story itself so far is rather generic high-school romance, but not as fluffy as typical later moeges. Also, the game itself is a mix of VN and dating-sim segments, a bit like Fureraba or SukiSuki. I'll try to write more when I finish it.
  23. I'd say it was probably mainly because you didn't like Nagisa. And, as you pointed out later, it was apparently too old-fashioned for you, and so it clashed with your (more progressive) worldview. So there's no wonder it didn't work for you. (For example, I seem to like it exactly for some of the reasons you disliked it for...)
  24. I'm going through it. However, that aforementioned Windows patch is a bit buggy - it doesn't play sounds (only music, and with some bugs), there are no screen transition effects other than fading, so most scene changes are abrupt, skipping doesn't work properly, and it's a bit laggy/unresponsive in general. But! Today I found out about NPTH - a version of NekoProject II PC98 emulator that is compatible with text hookers. Yeah, I'm horribly late to the party, since it's been out for 5 years already Well, better late than never I tested it with Textractor and it works like a charm So I'm probably going to restart with this emulator, skip through already read scenes, and continue from there.
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