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  1. Cuties with pink hair

    https://vndb.org/c76126 https://vndb.org/c25696 https://vndb.org/c12468 https://vndb.org/c18314 https://vndb.org/c34521 https://vndb.org/c48080 https://vndb.org/c9704 https://vndb.org/c50404 https://vndb.org/c63986 https://vndb.org/c40541 https://vndb.org/c32429 https://vndb.org/c34901 https://vndb.org/c34955 https://vndb.org/c52656 It keeps going and going and going...
  2. Boob Eroges

    Clochette makes oppai heroine charage.
  3. Some series/games that reused the same universe well: Dir Lifyna (the Ikusa Megami series, Himegari, Kamidori, etc) is perhaps the most famous ongoing shared universe in Japanese VNs... with more than ten games made in the universe in various time periods and regions. Essentially, it established the concepts and very generalized history of the world and the rest is branches off of that. The Silverio series handled reusing the post-apocalyptic 'Astral' universe really well, even managing to fit two entire casts of characters into a very short time period without it feeling forced. The 'Arcology' series by Applique reuses the same post-apocalyptic universe where humanity escaped into arcologies to escape a massive asteroid storm. The Akagoei and Reminiscence series reuse the same universe effectively, sharing some characters across the two series, though a huge blank spot is left as to how things got to Reminiscence (where people are living underground) from the events in the Akagoei series (where people were just living in an excessively stratified dystopian society). The Shinzabansho series by Light, written by Masada (Dies Irae, Paradise Lost, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Kaziklu Bey) creates a strong shared universe based on the concept of a single being defining the central 'rule' of the world by essentially dethroning the previous deity. I'll avoid details so you can enjoy it for yourselves without excessive spoilers. Edit: Understand, the primary reasons for the success of multiple games in the same universe comes from whether the first game established a setting concept or story type that keeps fans interested in seeing more stuff come out of that world. Nobody wanted a second Senshinkan game, for instance, and the reason why became rather obvious with Bansenjin's release. A key point is that you don't 'destroy the setting' in the process of completing the original game. Senshinkan essentially completed the journey within itself and was played out. However, Bansenjin reopened it and brought back its uninspiring cast in an uninspiring fashion (out of all the Masada games, Senshinkan had the worst cast of characters). 'Closing out a setting' is common in fantasy-action and chuunige, where often the basis for the mystical element of the setting is destroyed or disrupted in the process of completing the story. Using weak excuses and after-the-fact loopholes to revive a setting is generally a poor choice. Creating a setting that can be reused requires you to plan for it to be reused in the first place. As an example, Silverio Vendetta's Esperanto tech, which allows for the powers the characters possess, is not eliminated through the process of completing the true route of the game. As a result, the consequences of that tech spreading create the situation that exists in Silverio Trinity, making the micro-setting in Silverio Trinity within the greater Silverio universe stronger and a logical outgrowth of the aftermath of Vendetta.
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    I plan to get Fujinon anyway, but I do want Tomoe Gozen regardless... I love the oni characters in this game, and I kind of want to field a team of only oni if that ever becomes possible, just for kicks. I would never let a KnK character pass, after I spent dozens of hours reworking the translation of the movies for my personal collection... Edit: I have to wonder if they will ever drop any KnK characters besides Fujinon and Shiki... Touko would make an interesting support-type Caster, probably with a multi-Guts skill named after her dolls, lol. For that matter, Tsukihime characters a Berserker Arcueid and Akiha... give Akiha an AOE NP that absorbs HP and distributes it to the party and Arcueid a regeneration skill and an invincibility skill. Oh well, one can dream.
  5. Kokorone Pendulum

    This is the latest game by Clochette, a company known mostly for four things: It's decent stories, it's excellent characters, a tendency toward fantasy and sci-fi settings, and the forest of oppai heroines that spring up in its wake. lol Clochette is straight out my favorite plotge/charage hybrid company, mostly because they understand what they do well and don't try to do anything but develop from that perspective. The result is that I can depend on their games being enjoyable. Some people will probably go 'eh? Isn't that a matter of course?', but most companies that always produce the same genre never manage Clochette's level of consistency in quality and type. To be straight, this is the only charage company whose games I can still enjoy without reservation, even after my burnout. Kokorone is based in a setting where mysterious out of place objects, in the form of underground black pyramids surrounded by unnatural foliage, began granting people mysterious powers about thirty years before. The protagonist, Komachiya Soushirou, has one such ability that he defines as an affliction. His ability is indiscriminate telepathic reception (under the theory that people 'project' their emotions and thoughts constantly if they don't try to shut it off). He suffers from headaches and having to hear people spill their thoughts and emotions into his mind wherever he goes, and he can't shut it off. That said, seeing as this is a Clochette game, this 'constant suffering' stage only lasts about five minutes (Clochette games have dark moments, but none of them have an overbearing atmosphere). It is soon relieved by his experience of the mind of Kamishiro Sumika, one of the game's heroines, and he finds himself drawn into helping out with her club, which tries to build bridges between Magia Saucers (yes, that is the name for them, lol) and normal people. They are joined by the iai mistress and Sumika's best friend, Tatewaki Chihaya; the genius Magia researcher Tsumuri; her cat-like best friend Leeruxu; and (eventually) the protagonist's senpai-imouto Nazuna (yes, she is both his little sister and his senpai). The common route is pretty straightforward Clochette, with ecchi happenings that never cross the line, mild humor, and a few serious story/plot points that serve to properly introduce you to the setting and characters (and give you an idea of what the heroines will be like). The protagonist does deal with his personal issues in the common route just well enough to provide a baseline for them possibly becoming less important in the heroine routes (or become important again, depending on the path), which was definitely intentional and typical of heroine routes... but I never really thought Clochette would pursue the production of a game with a constantly gloomy protagonist, anyway. Chii-chan (Chihaya) Because of this route, Chihaya will forever be Chii-chan to me. I mean, Chii-chan is so adorable that you can totally see why Sumika adores her... and the route is extremely lovey-dovey, even at its darkest moments. Part of that is helped by Chihaya being a complete open book to the protagonist for much of the path, resulting in an endless cycle of ichaicha that is oddly non-annoying (probably because the ability to see into her head makes it less fake-seeming). Anyway, Chihaya's route focuses, unsurprisingly, on the personal issues for her that surround her Magia and her relationship with her father... as well as the problems Magia can cause for athletes and competitive martial artists (by law, they can't participate). This route gets highly emotional at times, especially toward the end, but it stays light and cute for the most part. Leeruxu The obligatory catgirl of this VN, a young woman who possesses a Magia that grants her incredible physical abilities and the visual traits of a cat-person. She is a friendly and whimsical heroine, closing in suddenly and vanishing on a whim. She eats a lot (think food-fighter levels), and she can generally be trusted to be smiling or encourage a warm atmosphere wherever she goes. Her path circles around her abandonment issues and the protagonist's reaction to them, and as a result, it has less focus on the characters' powers than in Chii-chan's path. There are some strong emotional moments in this path, as Leeruxu's issues have a very strong basis in her past that isn't easy go leave behind. That said, it mostly comes off as a moe-focused sort-of nakige route... especially since everything about Leeruxu is built to be moe or ero, right down to her voice. Nazuna Nazuna is the protagonist's imouto (little sister for the uninitiated) and she is pretty typical of Clochette imouto characters. How so? Every single Clochette imouto shares two major qualities... they are a total brocon and they are extremely erotically designed (all Clochette heroines manage to be ero in a good way, despite being oppai monsters). Nazuna shares this quality with standard-issue tsundere piled on top, in the way of old-style tsundere (right down to the classic tone of voice when denying her affection). Also typical of routes for these heroines, the incest issue is mostly minor to the heroine and protagonist, though there is a short period of thinking over the difficulties involved. (incidentally, Nazuna is only #4 on my Clochette imouto list, with Konoka from Prism Recollection being the top so far, mostly because they did so good a job combining her quirks, her high intelligence, and fundamentally tragic innocence... oh yeah, and her perversion) As a clarification, one reason why most Clochette sister heroine routes go more smoothly than most is because there is usually at least one other person who is supportive of the relationship, if not the entire group of heroines and sub-characters. While drama often pops up later on in the path, the initial transition is usually fast and easy, in comparison to blood-related imouto characters in other companies' games. In exchange for not being overly focused on incest drama, this path tends to focus on the issues with their deceased parents and their relationship to the school they are attending... and the dreams they left behind for the relationship between Magia Saucers and normies (lol). Note: I'm doing this VN really slowly, doing a path whenever I feel like it, but one thing I'm noticing is that there is a great reduction in drama from previous games by this company. While the issues of the prejudice between Magia Saucers and normal people are present in each path, in the ones I've done so far, it has been mostly mild. Sumika Unusually for Clochette, Sumika is the main/true heroine of this game, though you can play her path from the beginning. Sumika is a kind-hearted, innocent young woman who desires nothing more than to see others happy. Her goal is to see Magia Saucers and normal people get along, and she works hard as the club leader to make it happen (while baking cakes and other snacks for her friends). She is an 'open book', as her spoken words and inner 'voice' don't vary from one another very often, and she is the 'voice' that heals the protagonist of his growing misanthropy early on in the story. Her path, atypically for Clochette, is by far the most extensive in terms of dealing with Magia-related issues, the protagonist's past, and his problems with his ability. As a result, this path feels the most like a normal Clochette path, though it is also the only path that doesn't have an epilogue. It is an excellent path, but, having read it, I have absolutely no desire to be disappointed by Tsumuri's path, so I'll stop my play here. Conclusion As a charage, this is a top-class game, with all the best elements of a charage (ichaicha romance, SOL, mild comedy, etc) involved without most of the flaws (average/weak protagonist, lack of origin for romantic feelings, excessive dating). As a Clochette game, however, it falls somewhere below the midline, being just a bit better than Amatsu Misora Ni while falling below all their other works. That said, even a below-average Clochette game is still much better than the common ruck of charage, so I can honestly recommend it to those who love oppai and charage, lol.
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    Incidentally, is Tomoe Gozen a decent ST Archer? I figured since I decided on Saberlot for the free SR, I might roll for her when Shimosa gets released...
  7. Hair- Brown, gray, balding Eyes- Brown body- overweight, Adult Clothes- Shoes, shorts, t-shirt, glasses Personality- Aggressive, Food Lover, Otaku, Kind, Cruel, Loyal, Funny, smart, misanthrope, pragmatic, stubborn Role- Gamer, Older Brother, American, multilingual, writer Engages in- Online Chatting, Teasing, Reading, blogger, Archery, Sarcasm Subject of- Teasing, being drugged (family tradition since I turned 21... trying to spike my drinks at social gatherings) Engages in (Sexual)- Masturbation, Consumption of Porn, Sexual fetishism (I can only be satisfied by 2D partners now, lol), Doggy (waaaay in the past... when I still had a constant flow of uncontrollable hormones) Subject of (Sexual)- cowgirl (again, a looong time ago)

    You'd need a predatory yuri protagonist to make a large number of yuri routes work. A common quality of a lot of the yuri VNs I encountered in my brief surge into the genre when I first began playing untranslated was that there was a tendency to value the 'friendship to love' development or 'dependence to love' development, save in cases where the protagonist is a predator with a habit of seducing numerous other girls. The 'kind-hearted and benevolent onee-sama' routine generally doesn't work very well with a large number of heroines. Neither does the 'feeling your way into sexuality' routine. I suppose reversing it and creating a situation with a large number of predatory-aggressive heroines might work... but I wonder if that would be enjoyable to vicariously experience. Harem protags in hetero VNs tend to be that type of 'receptive' protagonist, but I have to wonder how a yuri writer would handle it...
  9. About VNR and Tokimeki Memorial

    I'd go back to AGTH before trying that... either that or Textractor. There is a reason why most of us by default become text-hooker collectors.
  10. Fate/Grand Order

    I have a plethora of AOE Servants in all classes... I'm looking at the free four-star Servant in September and wondering which one I should get... I'm currently wavering between Saberlot, Emiya Alter, and Tristan... I find that I already have all the other four-stars that serve a useful function that isn't already filled by someone else more powerful. Any advice on which I should go for? (I have Nerobride and FranSaber for ST Sabers, which is why I didn't automatically pick Saberlot, and I have no SR or SSR ST Archers, which is the primary reason why I'm considering the other two). On another note... grailing. I find I never consider using grails for practical reasons. Instead, I inevitably use grails on Servants I love but have mediocre utility... anyone else experience this kind of behavior from yourself?
  11. Conjueror passed away

    What a loss... It makes me feel old to hear that the younger members of the community go like that... *sighs*
  12. Best Kiss Scene In A Visual Novel

    Walkure Romanze (the original) had a number of semi-H scenes with the platinum blonde (don't remember her name, it's been so long) that had stages of kissing. Generally speaking, though, CG kisses are primarily during h-scenes (where they aren't really shown, just the aftermath) or restricted to all-ages titles where it is the closest they get to H content, lol. Occasionally, you'll see kisses during a confession scene CG, but that has gotten pretty rare as CGs in general have fallen in number per game.
  13. I'd love to provide you with a ton of options (mostly AXL games), but that particular genre has been left untranslated for the most part. If you understand Japanese well enough to get manga, you could probably play untranslated VNs using a furigana parser and text hooker with some effort. However, if you feel it detracts too much from the experience, that's fine. I second Eien no Aselia and Seinarukana, despite their focus on more action-y parts. The romance between Aselia and Yuuto in Seinarukana is touching... or at least I thought so. Technically, I guess Koihime Musou would fit, but, to be honest, it doesn't get anywhere near Shin Koihime Musou (the alternative version which has since been remade and rewritten massively) in terms of quality. It is also somewhat heavy on the H content, especially later in the game... or at least, that's what I recall. Also, it is harem romance, so it might not fit what you want.
  14. This game had decent action scenes, a good story, and horrible sex scenes (except from the perspective of Clock-up fans). I played it relatively early on in my untranslated 'career', and I remember being a little disgusted at how hard it was to figure out how to get to the various endings, even WITH a walkthrough. The twins are obviously the best heroines and endings relating to them are generally the most interesting... with the infected vampire hunter girl's endings coming a close second. However, as a whole, the game tended to lack cohesion due to the way progression is handled.
  15. Mein Waifu is the Führer

    I don't know what to say... except that the Japanese tendency toward feminizing historical figures has probably gone too far this time.
  16. Fate/Grand Order

    ... do any of you ever get the feeling of 'Ugh, not another gold *insert class you have an excess of already leveled and having set niches in your parties*'? I dropped a single summon ticket on the Altria Rider banner and I see the multi-colored lights and go 'whoo-hoo, yay! It's a good one...!' and the next thing I know I'm treated to an unrelated Servant... to be specific, Drake. Now, I know Drake is an awesome farming Rider... but I already have multiple farming Riders... *looks sad*. I don't need any more farming Servants in general... Edit: I wanted my hot Altria Alter... evil Altria is so hot in all her forms... something about something brilliant and beautiful being corrupted but still somehow pure in its own way... *drools*
  17. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    This rolls back into my issues with character development... there weren't enough moments that showed building trust to make me 'feel' the relationship between the protagonist and the students, and that is also why I thought they should have dumped the silent protagonist bit, at least for this entry. There is just this absolute assumption that the protagonist is this godly super-teacher that put me off more than a little... I mean, give me a few Onizuka moments to make me feel like I understand how my protagonist is connecting with someone like Edelgard (and the bond conversations don't count, since they are just an episode 'after' the relationship has been formed). I don't mean go into insane detail... I mean bring life to what happens during the month for each chapter. Just doing activities, fighting battles, and tutoring... that just isn't enough. Edit: To be clear, I didn't want anything on the scale of Persona's progression, but I would have liked to see the protagonist interacting with the students without me constantly being the voice for her.
  18. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I honestly am enjoying the Black Eagles route... I mean, I do find it entirely predictable. However, that is the case with most game stories out there... I do think that this game would have been an ideal time to ditch the 'traditional' silent protagonist, as the concept is generally handled poorly in 90% of games, regardless of nationality. Having passed the time skip, I feel that I should drop a few thoughts... 1. Professor points should be at least a little less annoying to gain... the same for renown. Ii hate mini-games, and fishing is one of my least favorite of the type. 2. Nintendo did the game a disservice by making most of the game's story and character development either through interludes or at the beginning/end of the months. This applies to all characters. 3. Strolling around the Monastery DOES get old really fast... even with the clunky fast travel system. Going everywhere to find lost items and people to talk to got old, fast. 4. What this game does do well are a few good scenes... that show off how weak many of the others are. To be straight, there is a huge bump in quality after the time skip in terms of story scenes. This contrasts the rather excessively long 'buildup period' that is the time before the skip, where it seemed they were dropping mysteries (predictable ones) and revelations on you for the heck of it at times. Not to mention that most of the characters losing their adolescent 'charm' generally made it easier to take them seriously, lol.
  19. How is the dracu riot fan patch?

    A few comments on what is changed with the official version: The action scenes, which were almost universally incorrectly translated, were fixed. A number of major story scenes where the original translator seemed to mistake the subject (who did what to whom or who an individual was talking about or to) of entire series of lines were fixed. Complete grammatical overhaul of large portions of the text. A few parts were already done when it was leaked (mostly the early-stage grammatical fixes), but most of that work was undone at the time. Edit: To be clear, I am not opening the field to the usual translation-bashing. Raw translation is always imperfect. Editors can fix grammar but they can't fix tl mistakes most of the time. There is a good reason the official localization is recommended, despite how much time has passed since it was handed over.
  20. Looking for a bit of action

    Ayakashibito Comyu FSN Tsukihime Sorcery Jokers
  21. While these are symptoms that occurred less as time (and hundreds of VNs) passed me by, I can give you an assessment of my best pattern when attachment to an individual game, the experience, or even a particular heroine became so strong I literally couldn't put them/her/it aside in my heart and mind. The simplest way to do it was to do something else for a while (usually a day or two). In my case, I usually picked up a strategy game or a shooter and allowed the exhilaration of slaughter and war fill me long enough to enjoy the next VN. I've found that the heroines that are still worth reminiscing about afterwards are usually the ones who stuck with me no matter how many VNs I played, and you won't be able to prevent yourself from comparing. However, the worthless and/or common heroines will fade over time, their place in your heart overwhelmed by the sheer number of similar heroines you will inevitably run into.
  22. Newton was a poor choice overall. From what I've seen of their releases, their choices for localization are almost exclusively mid to low quality charage, with the only significant announcements (from the games I've played, anyway) being HHG, Irotoridori, and Witch's Garden. All three of these are also listed as TBA, so who knows when they will come out... and they are also ridiculously long and thus expensive to translate. The Western market is currently on a SOL craze, but the market is already saturated. While there isn't a variety, there is enough SOL localized to get thoroughly sick of the genre if you don't have a natural aptitude for reading that stuff constantly. Sol Press's poor sales are occurring because they've made poor choices of games to localize (the ones that have already been completely localized). To be blunt, none of the games they have completed localization of so far were pushed by the community before they were announced, and none of them were anywhere near the top of anyone's list to try. While picking titles by little-known and low-budget companies, as well as old titles that are immensely forgettable probably let them keep the money they shelled out to the Japanese side to a minimum, the titles they chose weren't titles that could compete with the higher-end SOL titles already available here in the West. As such, Sol Press doesn't really have my sympathy. Their own poor business practices are what are killing their profits, not piracy, though piracy does harm the industry as a whole (though not nearly as bad as companies say it does).
  23. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I'm currently digging into Fire Emblem: Three Houses... Judging by my experience with the old ones and the last few entries, this one feels grindier (on normal mode, anyway), and it feels like they made the class system way too complex... However, that is also its attraction, since you can technically put anyone in any class, if you are willing to force them into the mold by upping their skills. Story-wise, it is hard to judge... basing things in a school, even a half-religious military academy, reminded me a lot of the tons of SOL VNs I've played over the years. So far, I think the non-core characters are weaker than in previous entries, personality wise, even with bond scenes. Generally, each House has the leader and his immediate assistant, who generally have a strong focus in the story for that House (just my observations so far). These, the protag's father, and the heads of the Church leave a much stronger impression than most of the members of the House, which annoyed me deeply, since that feels like Nintendo is getting a bit lazy. Gameplay-wise... it is Fire Emblem. If you've played Fire Emblem before, you will understand what I mean. Oh, there are some twists and they removed some elements from more recent entries (no doubling characters into a single space, for instance), while including others from other entries (such as Valentia's exploration). Overall, my experience so far is positive, but I'm recalling why Fire Emblem games generally leave me frazzled afterward.
  24. Fate/Grand Order

    For those of you who play on the Japanese servers... is Dead Heat Summer Race as annoyingly grindy as the rumors say? Edit: Ugh, just looking at the event rewards... and other than my desire to collect Ishtar Rider, it doesn't look like there is anything that is worth hunting for, considering my current amount of ascension materials. If there were more evil bones or void dust (which always seem to get used at ridiculous rates), I'd be willing to grind them, but there isn't... I'll just get enough for the Divine wine and Black Beast grease, then ignore the event after... too much energy use, otherwise.
  25. Cyberpunk visual novel.

    Kikokugai The Baldr series Tokyo Necro I/O That's about it for good ones... the rest are crap. Edit: As a clarification, I haven't played the EVNs, so my dismissal refers to the Japanese ones, most of which I at least tried if I could get my hands on them. Cyberpunk has never been as big in Japan as it was over here, and even over here, it is somewhat niche. I suggest you read the Baldr series or Kikokugai for cyber-identity and stuff like that, Tokyo Necro for action in a cyberpunk setting, and I/O for something that is philosophically complex to an insane degree. If you simply want a futuristic tech-heavy setting with some dystopian elements, I actually suggest you try Re:Birth Colony Lost Azurite. The setting there is definitively dystopian, with the characters living in a post-apocalyptic arcology that got split into an aristocratic upper class, commoners, and a 'non-people' caste that are in a constant and somewhat fluid state of conflict and symbiosis (they all know if they go too far they'll wipe themselves out). Cybernetics are pretty advanced in the setting, with full-body replacement available, though it is uncommon. Wetware is also available if you have the money, but few do. There are two major characters that can be characterized as full-cyber and two with heavily-modified genetic structures that enable them to interact with electronics and the web in odd ways (these characters are separate). This game IS a sequel, but it doesn't require knowledge of the original to enjoy... I read it before the prequel and enjoyed it thoroughly.