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Kiniro Clock Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (03/04/2017)

First of all, sorry for my very delayed VNTS Review here. As for the title, I'd quite confused at first but since we had English girl as image header and blonde at that, I decided to use Kiniro Clock which is derived from Kiniro Mosaic anime (Of course the word Clock was from Chrono Clock duh, and Kiniro mean golden ie blonde as the anime state). With that said, welcome to my belated VNTS Review here.

As for this week (Well more likely last, but whatever), while Sekai was released one VN I'd more like the updates from fan translation if I may said it honestly here. Other than both of Sekai and fan translation segments, this week there's no exciting announcent from Mangagamer here (Duh). But actually this week JAST was had a news in regard of their VN, namely that one of their nukige (Nympho Ryoko Sensei) was entering Golden Master which mean the release time was almost close. My respons here would be whatever. Let's see what this week updates offer here.

Today, apparently Frontwing will be launching Phantom Trigger Kickstarter at 6th (6 PM PST to be exact) later. As for mine, well to be honest not one that I'm interested with, but I'll try to keep my eyes on the Kickstarter and doing usual here (Report of how much fund is gathering). Also there's another VN was planned to be release in English version ie Steam, wich to tell the truth it was quite unusual. The unusual thing about the VN (Shibuya Scramble) is that it'll be using real life art for the character instead of using hand drawn sprite. Other than that, apparently this VN got 40 out of 40 scores at Famitsu which is said a lot about the game (Perhaps). I'll try to search the info about this upcoming VN later, although I remember that I'd read about this back at Gamefaqs Ever17 board though.

As like I said before, this week we had some interesting yet usual updates from fan translation section. But before I write the updates let me say that apparently Aokana project was stalled there once again, and apparently they tried to reorganized the team or something like that (Hope the best for them then). Speaking about stalled project, congratulations to Majokoi translation project because they finally managed to find new lead translator there, and hopefully the translation progress could be resumed once again. As for the progress, no progress for the translation (Understandable though) while there's some slight update from edit and TLC (67.2% and 15.1% respectively).

Other than those two, there's once again some interesting updates. For more detail there Loverable was at 55.29% translated, 22.79% TLC-ed, and 16.85% edited; To Heart 2 was at about 55% proofread more or less (Also Yuma route finished proofread process there); Sono Hanabira 11 was at 113 out of 120 scripts translated; and for last but not the least we had HatsuKoi progeress which is quite significant if I may said. For more detail, they once again translating Runa route right now and surprisingly they translated 31.75% of it, because according to the translator themselves it was the longest route at HatsuKoi and they even state that if they did Yukino first the overall progress would be past halfway (51%, compared to current overall progress which at 37.72% translated).

As for Sekai, while there's a release once again, their updates were quite lacking to be very blunt here. For the updates right now Maitetsu was almost finished with the translation at 99.69% and Bokukotsu was at 35.01% translated. Finally, once again Sekai was had released VN there and it was Chrono Clock. As for the release, I admit that at forst I sort of didn't trust that because there's no release date back at both of Nutaku and Steam, and it turned out that the release date was real indeed. Well, as for the VN itself it's sort of heartwarming and light tale about love there, and we had time travel element as well so if people expect deep story, better not play this imo (I already played this a little bit). Also for last note here, the planning staff was also responsible back at minori and Supipara as well (mikage) for a little trivia.

That's all for my once again belated VNTS Review, and see you next week (Or maube next Sunday to be exact).

PS - Speaking about Supipara, I think the time we'll get the Peace Story will be very long time because from what I saw minori was still not gathered 200,000 yet from the sales. Just want to write about that here.

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