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Phantom-Human Maid Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (09/24/2016)

First, sorry for late posting my VNTS Review here. As for the title, why we don't ask to our beloved half ghost gardener from Youmo Konpaku of Touhou fame here for the resemblance (Although I made it maid instead of the gardener here)? Okay, I think for this week it's kinda hard to found the title here, but I finally found it and for the explanation the phantom part was from Tokyo Twilight one (Phantom also mean Ghost), human part was from Harmonia VN which from the picture it was human girl, and maid part came from Sakura Maid. Enough about my lame explanation here, and welcome to this week VNTS Review. Oh, right now I facing some problem, just like admin Tay here if you ask me why I deliver this very late.

As for this week update, there's not much as usual here after Mangagamer gave big update last week. While for both of Sekai and Fan Translation one they still give usual updates here. As for Please Bang My Wife release, once again no comment ie I had gave my comment about it enough.

Sekai Project, they still gave the update as usual but this week it was quite interesting that they managed to upped Chrono Clock progress which for this week they managed to upped the progress by almost 5% (The Kickstarter might be the reason here, and it was 38.28% translated). Oh, for another two usual here Maitetsu was 35.95% translated and Tenshin Rahman past halfway translated (51.78% translated). As for irregular update, Hoshimemo was at 45% retranslated for the progress. As for their release, I always said whatever to any Sakura games here, but it's interesting that they release Sakura Maid as free games here I guess. As for they had 2 panels instead of one, it'll be interesting to looking forward, although I wouldn't expect something big for now though.

For fan translation, this week there's some usual one that gave update, and now Loverable will join here because they managed to gave the progress weekly. For the progress, Bishoujo Mangekyou was at 76% edited, 71% QC-ed, and 30% proofread; Tsui Yuri was at 78% translated and 71% edited; Majokoi was at 43.1% translated, 31.6% edited, and 15.7% TLC; and Loverable progress was at 15.75% translated (60.44% translated for common route), 0.92% edited, and 1.38% TLC-ed here. As for Alice VN partial patch release here, good luck although to be honest I'd never keep my eyes on it though (It's otome games by the way, and I think it would be another good addiction to translated otome games there. Oh, and for reminder here our Ittaku translated three quarter (75%) of the twins route from Clover Days once again.

In regard of Harmonia VN, looks like my guess was right that it would be short VN now that VNDB categorized the length as short there. I still not play this yet, but at least I knew that we got Mizuhashi Kaori as seiyuu there (The premise was at some sort of dystopian/crapsack world in the future once again). As for the releases from this section, one of the release was VN which happened to be one part of the title there (The premise was like fighting against supernatural thing), and another was the short VN with wild west setting which using comic bubble as interface which remind me of Littlewith VNs (Romanesque and Quartett come to mind). For the most interesting news here, we'll had the finale of Chu Singura (Chapter 4 and 5) available on Steam there in near future there although I won't be certain here though. They also will came with the patch that fix the typo there, and for last word here guess finally NextNinja managed to bring ChuSingura translated here if they release last chapters (After earlier 2 kickstarters failure here).

I think that's all for this week, and sorry for being late once again. As for next week, since admin Tay said that they'll had late VNTS, guess I'll try to make the early VNTS Review here (Also with Atlanta commentary there). See you next week.

PS - Like Decay, I also hoping that Mangagamer will announce Sengoku Koihime if only they had the design was slightly better to me compared to Koihime Musou (Also with the potential to entering Steam).

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I'm not so much "hoping" for Sengoku Koihime, though I'd give it a shot if they did release it. I'm more "expecting" it, just a little.

The Koihime games have a ton of different contributing artists, and you sometimes end up with three characters on screen at the same time who were all designed and drawn by different artists, it can feel a little weird. 

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