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  1. For most of the time it isn't terrible, a bit awkward or stiff at times, typical for older translations, but readable. But there are some lines in the later parts of the game that look unedited, as they are almost unreadable mess. Very strange, almost as if they were pasted from different thing... Unfortunately this project is stalled for now - I feel that I bit more than I could chew, as the script is pretty big - over 62k lines. Maybe I'll try doing "lite" version first, fixing only those obviously messed-up lines. Fixing whole script (=reducing its awkwardness and making it more consistent) which I intended to do, might be too much of a task for me after all - I mean, with me being an ESL, whose only writing practice are years of forum posting, I fear that I might involuntarily produce something equally awkward, while thinking that I 'fixed' it... As for the game itself - I'd say it's cheap enough to be worth getting even at regular price
  2. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    I just finished Hanahira! as my first attempt at reading VN in Japanese (not counting few paragraphs from Sanoba). Well, it's very short sweet SoL, but I had fun reading it. The language is simple, but it is full of contractions, that sometimes were difficult for beginner like me to get, and of course they also often cannot be found in dictionaries But I managed somehow. 7/10 Now I think I'll try ToHeart PSE.
  3. I wonder if those changes were perhaps consulted with original writers? After all, original version was made by JAST, and JAST USA was just founded as their english localization branch. They certainly cooperated closely on this - after all they got original unmosaiced HCGs from original artists. Actually, with all other alterations and omissions I intend to restore it to original state, but this single scene is the only case when I felt like altered version was better written and more interesting. Well, there's plenty of time to make a decision
  4. That's right. And protagonist in english version admits to having it done before, while in original he gives vague answer. (but at that point he isn't virgin)
  5. Yeah, I thought it was really nice change after other routes. And also, it made the scene a bit less generic - that's why I liked it. The big question is - which version should I choose now?
  6. Another interesting case - almost completely rewritten scene, in a way that significantly changes characters... (part of Ruri's h-scene) English version: Original: Original dialogue roughly translates to: I have to admit, I actually liked that rewritten version, and think it may be better than original, nevertheless it's pretty extreme rewrite - especially Ruri's situation is almost completely reversed, and Shuuji is pretty different between both versions too.
  7. Thanks As for the translation - language used in this VN is rather simple, so in the worst case, I should be able to do at least some of the translation myself, but TLC, and especially editor will be a must to ensure decent quality. Like I said before, whole script is about 15-16k lines long. But first, I have to prepare/organize scripts. Line up original text and old translation, matching corresponding lines and seeing where the gaps are (I'm doing this now), and then arrange it in the same order that in my ported version. Then, we could even include JP text - Ren'py engine supports multi-language games. (But then, wouldn't mosaics have to be permanently 'on' when switched to JP version? )
  8. VNs for learning Japanese

    Wow, I just switched to Textractor+Chiitrans combo, and it's great - much better than convoluted setup involving rikaichan inside an obsolete version of Firefox etc... Thanks
  9. VNs for learning Japanese

    Yeah, I'm going through it now. It's just sugar and fluff, but pretty enjoyable and funny. The only difficult thing for beginner might be lots of weird contractions (typical for casual speech) they use sometimes. For example, I had to search and scratch my head for a while before I got what "ひとんち" was - it was shortened 人のうち ("someone's house"). Nevertheless, I read it with texthooker (I use ITHVNR + Rikaichan) for looking up unknown words, and it's manageable this way.
  10. That's right, it's the very first release by JAST USA. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm aiming for If there are any translators and editors who would like to join me in this project - I'd be really grateful
  11. Those cuts are really getting ridiculous sometimes... 16 lines (75% of the scene) summed up with single "..................................................". Talk about laziness...
  12. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    Apparently this time it's not caused by Steam - some unexpected engine problems, they say.
  13. Currently there's no "visible" progress, but I'm still going. I'm halfway through lining up the lines for retranslation that I mentioned before. While we're at it - it turns out that in original version the employee at fastfood place wasn't explicitly said to be a girl - it's just 店員, so original drawing with a guy was OK. But I'm not changing it back - after all, it's kind of proto-moege, so you can never have too many cute girls Therefore she's going to stay
  14. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    Delayed https://solpress.co/blog/551/an-important-update-regarding-under-one-wing
  15. What Anime are you watching now?

    Looks interesting. Added to queue