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  1. Grisaia no Kajitsu denpasoft vs Steam

    OTOH I remember @Decay saying in one of the threads, that those changes for all-ages version aren't as big as some posters make them to be, and that those laments about ruining the game are vastly exaggerated. I went with this version, as from reading various reviews and forum posts I was afraid, that some of the +18 content may be too dark/f*d up for me (I prefer my H to be on the vanilla side). That "patch" is basically complete pirated +18 version (as two releases are completely incompatible/different, with all-ages version being port from PSP using different engine AFAIK) - that's why it was shot down.
  2. Grisaia no Kajitsu denpasoft vs Steam

    I haven't read it yet, however yesterday I bought steam version. It's worth noting that currently both are same price - Denpasoft has $16 price to match summer sale price of all-ages version on Steam.
  3. What are you playing?

    Ah, Steam sale around the corner, right. Time to grab that Clannad at last (and others). Yesterday I finished Ai's route in Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (all endings). It was really good.
  4. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Yeah, it certainly wasn't game breaking - it's just that some sentences looked weird, or rather it felt somewhat rough. But what you said about Crescendo, was almost exactly my experience with ASFOS - I was aware of its issues, but it didn't break the game for me. OTOH in Kazoku Keikaku emotional impact of the routes was damaged for me as I had to struggle with extracting the meaning from unedited lines. Looks like different things bother us, and we have different "pain thresholds" for various text issues. It'll probably take some time too, as I'm squeezing it between various other activities.
  5. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Kazoku Keikaku has some serious editing issues in character routes (common is mostly OK). Crescendo is better, but it also looked awkward to me in many lines, and there were some moments of "TooLong;Didn'tTL" - some lines were muuuch shorter than what could be heard in voice-over. OTOH Yukizakura and Heart de Roommate were good. As for those ancient '90s titles - I didn't read Nocturnal Illusion, but did Sakura no Kisetsu and True Love ~jun'ai monogatari~. I'd say that Miagete is somewhere in between all these titles. Certainly above "True Love", which was rather messy. Maybe around "Sakura no Kisetsu" - readable, but with some obvious errors visible. But, like I said, it seems that I'm unable to properly judge "prose quality" in english, unless it's broken or style doesn't match (my impression of) the characters (say, as with Chrono Clock's protag ). It's definitely worth reading. And definitely better than MoeNovel's Miagete TL. ChronoClock has controversial style for protagonist and narration (lots of swearing mixed with some british(?) slang), but other than that it was okay for me. And I haven't found any obvious issues with SakuSaku.
  6. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    As for TL quailty - it's possible that, not being native English speaker, I'm more forgiving than I should. As long as it doesn't sound completely broken, I'm okay. And original Konosora TL WAS broken in maaaany places (Ageha's route) - meaning that there were some words, but I couldn't get what's going on at all So maybe I rated it too lightly indeed. I'd say, comparing to other works, Miagete TL is around the level of early JAST/G-collections releases. Manages to convey the meaning most of the time, but has issues, which are probably even more jarring for native EN speakers. For Sekai translations - I've read SakuSaku, Chrono Clock and Wagamama, and indeed they are much better. Good luck with your project, even though I liked all ages version, I'll definitely check it out once it's done. Me too, but that's one of those rare situations for me - maybe not remove them all, but halve the amount Another case is LittleBusters. I think almost everyone agrees that h-scenes in it were horrible and all-ages version is superior. (But yeah, that's slightly different as game was originally all-ages, with H added later).
  7. The limited edition of princess evangile

    Physical edition would be overkill for me, but +1 for game recommendation itself. THIS. I really liked this VN - it had almost perfect mix of cuteness/ichaicha and drama for me.
  8. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Yeah, that's a lot, but numbers aren't everything. Not always longer=better I'm not against H, but it also isn't must-have for me, so I might be biased. However my point is, that actually the story flows better in all-ages version for me - in Saya's route some H-scenes felt out of place and forced to me. So I'd say that at least half of these 7500 lines for me is excessive fat that can be trimmed with no harm. Actually from what I've seen probably my "ideal" version of Miagete would have half of its h-scenes (I'd certainly cut or move first Hikari's and Saya's scenes - let them progress slowly in their relationship. I really liked how in all-ages Saya's route they went like "there's no point in having all our firsts at once".)
  9. Anime question

    Download VLC player - it plays MKV files just fine.
  10. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    I'm probalby repeating myself like a broken record, nevertheless: Actually Miagete wasn't "ruined", but then what do I know... Konosora was, I agree, and it is unreadable without retranslation patch, but for Miagete IMHO h-scenes aren't worth waiting few years for them to be translated All-ages version is complete, just different from +18, but it doesn't have that feeling of being cut, like Konosora had. After checking h-scenes in JP version, I actually, much to my surprise, preferred all-ages Miagete. It has proper replacement scenes and reworked dialogues (complete with new voiced lines) - it wasn't just "butchering by stupid localization team". It actually looks like Pulltop preapred genuine Japanese all-ages version, but didn't release it in Japan - but that's the version that got translated. This time it's really JUST h-scenes themselves that got cut - so actually english version has +17 rating, not "12 year old French girls". And, RNG Gods were pretty generous this time, as the translation itself is also much better than Konosora - apart from some unfortunate/awkward phrases, it is decent and completely readable.
  11. What are you playing?

    You could almost say that bad translation became some kind of trope for VNs
  12. What are you playing?

    I started Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road and I'm having great fun with it. Seems really promising.
  13. What are you playing?

    Yuzuyu herself is fine, although her route is probably the weakest one.
  14. What are you playing?

    I just finished Crescendo It was good, though a little bit short. With some after-credits epilogues it would be much better, but still I enjoyed it. First I went with Kaho/Kyoko route (Kaho's ending, Kyoko's ending and then neutral ending). It was OK, from that pair I think I liked Kyoko's route more. Kaho's part of the route was also good. And even so-called "bad ending" for this route wasn't really bad, it is more of "normal/neutral" ending, and actually has rather happy feeling to it as well. That route was your typical school romance story. The other three get much heavier. Yuka's route is probably the best in whole VN. She does rather bad first impression - so I felt about her the same as protagonist did. But when you enter her route, prepare yourself for a ride... I don't want to spoil the whole story. Probably most emotional moment in this route for me was And then at the end there's hidden Miyu's route, that hits hard with some KeyMagicTM - the ending actually made me cry. *** The game looks good. I had to get used to art style - those eyes looked weird at the beginning, but after a while it was OK, and the girls were really beautiful. It actually looked better than screenshots on VNDB - I'm not sure why is it like that. Backgrounds are nice too. There were two CGs where bodies defied laws of physics (or some parts were badly dislocated ) Other than that - no complaints. I really liked the music - it set the mood well. For some reason, it reminded me of Katawa Shoujo. I know that music in KS is actually different, but I got similar feelings. Localization could use some more editing - it was readable, but there were lots of awkward phrases. And it suffers from siimilar bug as Kazoku Keikaku - there is one missing line in Miyu's route, where there's voice but no text at all. Overally - good, although I wish it was a bit longer. 8/10 I'm not sure what to read next. Maybe I'll take short break from VNs waiting for summer Steam sale, and then get Clannad and Symphonic Rain.
  15. Recommendations with believable romance

    Hikari was great. She is also somewhat similar to Ageha from KonoSora (and they even have same voice ). Also, don't be discouraged by lack of +18 translated version of Miagete - in that case, all-ages version is really good and "complete" in its own way. Katawa Shoujo is indeed good too.