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  1. So, as expected, now I'm progressing much faster with a TLC - even though I can't do it everyday, I already reached 42% (finished 7th chapter)
  2. Today I reached 23% mark on TLC. I think that from now on, as I go on, I should be able to gradually go faster, because it was the beginning chapters that were the biggest mess.
  3. Today I resumed my TLC work, pushing progress counter from 7 to 10%
  4. Waitwaitwait... they named the guy SETSUNA?? It seems that male protagonist with female name (or a name that could be mistaken for female) is some kind of VNs running joke It's at least third or fourth such protag I noticed.
  5. Sadly I got interrupted by life again... But I'll try to get back to it as soon as possible.
  6. @Larxe1, you have wrong vndb link in your post - Rupekari is under v29383, not v16338 (16338 is Shirogane x Spirits).
  7. And so, three weeks later I haven't made much progres... I advanced into the common route a bit, but last time I read it was almost two weeks ago. I seem to have similar problem that I had with Palette's Sakura Strasse - it's nice, I have fun when I read it, but it isn't engaging enough - as evidenced by the fact that I have no problem with putting it away for two weeks... At least here protagonist isn't as annoying as Harumi from SS I also find myself still thinking about and remembering various bits of Folklore Jam. I'm really torn on this. I rated it at 7/10, but actually the game was
  8. Inserting original text into Renpy script (which was initially built around JAST's translated version) Also, I decided to leave some dithering in gradients (like the walls etc) in edited graphic assets: In other words - I'm increasing color palette from 16 to 256 colors (so it's like transition from EGA to VGA ) but I actually don't like the look of super-smooth gradients combined with this "drawn" art style. I think that's what hurt graphics in late '90s PC VNs, like KEY's One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~. If they used some dithering to give the image some more texture, IMO it wo
  9. Today I got quite unusual thing among VNs - Japanese All-ages PC version The VN in question is Parfait - another early Maruto's title.
  10. Another experiment - using original textbox / border. That way text won't obscure images, and well - it brings more nostalgic mood What do you think?
  11. And that's how it looks ingame: (Abovementioned background, reworked Hidemi's sprite and original text)
  12. Demonstration using one of the first backgrounds (Shuuji's living room) Here's original 16 color image: Here's version I did before, using automatic smoothing: And here's latest version, reworked manually to convert it into 256 colors using "pencil" tool in GIMP: It's quite tedious work, and I don't know if I will have enough willpower to go through all images - since each image takes few hours, and there are few hundreds of them
  13. Big news! Today I reached the end of the script, and that means, that first retranslation phase is completed . Now I'd like to check first few chapters once more, and then hand it over to the editor. @Plk_Lesiak - would you like to try editing it? In the meantime I'll try to insert Japanese text into Renpy thus making JP Renpy version. And then, when English text is completed, I'll add it. Also, I'll try once more to make upscaled/smoothed set of images, but this time I'll do this manually, just recoloring them pixel by pixel - in order to retain original's pixel art f
  14. Well, my top-rated VNs are from KEY Other than KEY - I think I don't have any favorite brand. It depends more on writer than developer/publisher. Maybe I could say Pulltop, but I actually should say Konno Asta - and that includes titles he wrote/co-wrote for other publishers. I like art in Palette's VNs (Mashiroiro Symphony (which was great in other aspects as well), SakuSaku, Sakura Strasse). Sprite did only two VNs - Koichoco and Aokana. Both are great, but I think that's not enough to label them my favorite dev . The now defunct D.O. also had some nice titles years ag
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