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  1. It's a pity that Steam verson doesn't include japanese text I also wonder if they include additional scenes from PSP version - some of those were really good. If somebody (Palette?) did FHD PC port of whole PSP version (including Yutsuki's route and all extra scenes), I'd buy that in a heartbeat, but as it is now, this Shiravune release is a pass for me. (I own physical PSP edition) (Although I have to admit that AFAIR h-scenes in this VN were not bad, and quite tasteful - except for Miu's route ) Oh well, let's hope the TL is decent, so english-reading audience can experience this great title
  2. I read it back in 2021, and I think it falls on the easier side language-wise. The only thing that threw me off sometimes were background male characters - they have no sprites and are unvoiced, so there were moments when I had to stop for a moment and check, if the line I'm currently reading is a dialogue or narration If you managed with H2O, I think it will be no problem. I loved this VN, and wholeheartedly recommend it. However I didn't like the h-scenes in it, so I prefer the PS3 version. It features additional route, which IMO more than makes up for those meh sex scenes - but of course YMMV
  3. Thanks - I'll check it out when it goes on some kind of sale (Steam Winter Sale perhaps?) - full price is too much for me (I guess it's still too "new" game for price drop).
  4. Yay! finally it's here There release is scheduled for tomorrow - 2023-10-26 on DLSite, DMM and Steam. And, like ATRI, it will be multi-language release. Description from Steam page:
  5. I wonder what happened... Did everyone move to one of the reddit groups?
  6. Hi, I think that getting the WAYR thread pinned actually hurts its visibility and traffic - since it alway stays in the same place, between announcements, it's easy to overlook it. Ironically, forum users often seem to pay less attention to the pinned threads - they kind of fade into the background. So I'd like that thread to be returned to a "normal" thread status. (Even though I'm not sure if it helps anything with current overall traffic situation...)
  7. Damn, this thread is as dead as my White Album's reading I haven't made much progress since my last post - I think that counts as "stalled" at this point I might try to make it to the end of Yuki's route - perhaps the ending will wow me, although somehow I doubt it... It seems that actual dating sims are simply not my thing - I feel overwhelmed by the "sandbox" vibe, and bored by repetitive "conversation" scenes... And then in this game MC doesn't work for me neither as self-insert nor an interesting character to observe
  8. Somehow I cannot "get into" WHITE ALBUM. I'm really not a fan of dating-sim mechanics as used in this title a.k.a. "DIY common route" It all feels disjointed and flat. Fureraba also used similar system, but I feel like it had some more actual story between selectable scenes - while W.A. gives you only an "event" every few days, and in between it's just boring short selectable "conversation scenes", which feel somehow like a chore to get through... (especially since it's kind of maze you have to navigate carefully - like, with a guide - to land on the route you want) So, I guess, dating-sims are too "sandbox" for me - I prefer more "focused" experience from VN. (I also might be having a bit of moege burnout? I never thought this would happen )
  9. I loved it, but that's classic adventure game. While it's quite dialogue-heavy and has rich story, still it's point'n'click adventure. And what later become called Visual Novels, evolved from text adventure games - different branch I'd say. Main difference between classic adventure game, like GK, and Visual Novel, is movement and puzzles - you have to make your character walk around and solve puzzles in order to advance the story. The one that really blurs that border is not Gabriel Knight, but YU-NO - I guess it gets classified as VN, because 1) It was made in Japan and is still primarily advanced text adventure with pictures 2) The whole final part of the game ditches adventure gameplay and becomes pure VN - and that part is quite long. So, still it seems that the main factor is the kind of gameplay the game has. For example, Bioshock series also features engaging story, but I'd never think about them as a VN's - they're definitely shooters - with a good story Also, it's worth noting, that Visual Novel is primarily english term (even if it was coined by LEAF) - in Japan most of VN's are sold as just adventure games, so they might not care about the distinctions we make here
  10. Yesterday I finished "Life Is Strange". Overally it was enjoyable and interesting (except for annoying stealth sequences in final chapter), but the endings kind of sucked. Seriously, we need "ustuge" tag outside VN world. I guess I should expect that with this kind of setting, but still... The ending where is very sad, but kind of makes sense, even if it is rather fatalistic. But I'd consider it "true" end. And the second ending, where it made me feel like shit, although I can imagine some people could consider it "good end" - but not me
  11. WHITE ALBUM -Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide- somehow fails to hook me, so I put it aside, and yesterday, 8 years late to the party, started playing Life Is Strange. I somehow missed out on this game, thinking that it was console exclusive (perhaps confusing it with Persona series), but I really like it so far. And it seems to a bit VN-like. How to say it... Visual Novels kind of evolved from text adventure games. And LiS looks like their equivalent/counterpart for action-adventure games Also, funny thing - just like my way to VNs was through some hentai shovelware, the title that turned my attention to Life Is Strange was its unofficial lewd spin-off called "Lust Is Stranger", which BTW looks quite promising, and can turn into nice game, but at version 0.15 it's faaar from completion. So in the meantime I decided to check out the original
  12. Since recently WHITE ALBUM remake got Steam release, I started reading this. It seems to be direct port of PS3 edition, almost identical to DMMs version from 2012, but with added 1080p resolution and translations. (I also have physical PS3 edition, but obviously PC port is more convenient) I'm reading it in Japanese, but according to some reports, English translation seems to be decent (I might check it out later). For now I can only say that it looks nice, I like the voice acting and lip-sync animation for sprites
  13. Okay, yesterday I finished Ano Ko wa Ore kara Hanarenai. Aoi's route had some potential - nice fourth wall breaking, with routes and flags talk , and I think you can make some nice story with otaku-ojousama heroine, but in this case it again got totally wasted, because it is painfully underdeveloped. Just as Haruka's route, it's a collection of loosely connected short scenes, and while there are some nice moments here and there, the pacing and flow is nonexistent. It isn't as bad as Hachigatsu no Nostalgia, which was the worst offender in that aspect so far, but close... Momiji's route, despite her being token loli-imouto-type character, was quite nice, and, like Yuzuki's and Manami's routes, featured more coherent story, (and some ichaicha outside H-scenes) but it also felt unfinished. Not giving any replacement for removed H-content was really bad idea - the game feels unfinished, and the scenes often end quite abruptly. So overally it was quite a disappointment - likeable heroines and nice comedy in common route got completely wasted by lazily done underdeveloped routes. 6.5/10 from me (If you play PC version, and H-scenes are to your liking, I guess you could add a 0.5 or even whole point to that score...) Also, it doesn't play nicely with emulator, and kept crashing on me every 5 to 15 minutes
  14. I am currently in the middle of PSVita version of Ano Ko wa Ore kara Hanarenai and it's a bit disappoiting So far I finished 3 out of 5 routes - I'm going in the order the girls are listed at choice screen, so I've already read Yuzuki, Manami and Haruka's routes. Console version gives not-so-subtle hint about Yuzuki being main heroine, since only her route gives gold trophy, with all others being silver And I think I'm glad I did her route first. It was decent, and common route was quite funny. But then, when reading Manami's route the things started to feel quite repetitive, and the SoL in this game isn't strong enough to carry it - they're no ToneWorks, that's for sure. But at least this route had a bit of a plot. However Haruka's route that I finished yesterday was really awfuly bland, and when it ended I was like "Wait, that's it?". I checked against PC version, and it seems that this game is one of those borderline-nukige-moeges, with the main focus being on H-scenes (four per heroine, and the routes aren't long). And it became obvious in Haruka's route, which in console version has almost no meaningful content left GIGA went really cheap on this game - providing no extra content for console version at all. It's even bigger disappointment compared to how brilliant all-ages versions of Chocolat, Parfait and Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o were. (But then, those three are written by Maruto, so I guess they're different league ) I don't remember now, if Aonatsu Line had additional content, but it had good enough story, that stood on its own without H content. I'll read two remaining routes, but I start to regret buying this VN At least I didn't pay too much, since I got it on some sale But if main body of GIGA's moege output was as bland as this title, then it's no wonder they folded
  15. It still sits in my backlog, so I'm really looking forward to your opinion after you play it.
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