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  1. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    I liked all heroines - Chisato included
  2. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    The downside of using 100% save file is that you cannot use auto skip in common route, as probably all text would be marked as read already. Well, maybe save with only Chisato's route completed (to unlock others) would do the trick.
  3. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    Yeah, that might be good too. However playing her route first also makes sense from her character development's POV. Whatever the case, Michiru is best to be last from the remaining routes. I went (Chisato) - Satsuki - Isara - Mifuyu - Michiru.
  4. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    But it was all-ages version that got nuked by Valve +18 patch wasn't meant to be on Steam, despite Steam supposedly allowing adult content. So as it is now - +18 version will be released in NekoNyan's own store, and maybe on MG too? But they don't say anything about all-ages version. I would like if they released it outside Steam too, if Valve doesn't retract the ban.
  5. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    AFAIK no, anime retells events from VN, combining fragments from different routes, so it would just be spoilerous.
  6. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    Yes, play it, it's great There are some lenghty discussions about it in this forum as well - you might read through them.
  7. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Maybe that's a hint that they want to bring back some older titles, that wouldn't work on modern systems (and original developers are gone), so they require custom engine?
  8. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Nah, NekoNyan wrote that they decided to delay release before ban occured. It's in their latest blogpost - they ported HGB to their new engine based on Unity (that allows to switch mosaics on and off ), and want some more time for QC, to catch bugs. https://nekonyansoft.com/blog/the-state-of-affairs Now, if they released all-ages version (in addition to adult one) in their own store too, I'd be really glad. Well, for now I hope that Steam retracts that stupid ban, and if I want H, I'll apply the patch
  9. Suki Suki release at December 13th later

    Nah, Steam is completely unrelated to Chuablesoft's bankruptcy. MG has license for SukiSuki, and solved all legal problems - otherwise they couldn't publish it anywhere. Probably they aren't going to release it on Steam, because there's no all-ages version, and releasing adult high-school based VN there would be quite risky , if even all-ages versions aren't safe, as recent HGB ban has shown...
  10. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    So there are some rumours, that Valve will give some response by the end of the week: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/12/valve-will-reportedly-address-steam-game-bans-at-the-end-of-the-week/73288/
  11. What are you playing?

    Yesterday I finished rereading Princess Evangile (+ after stories from FD), to check all-ages version. It was almost as much fun as it was the first time, almost year ago - it felt a little like returning to visit good old friends TL;DR version: - best girl: Ritsuko - best route: Ayaka - best epilogue: Chiho (in FD) Under heavy moege disguise, there lies another VN with family as one of its main themes. In every route the conflict is caused by family issues. It's possible, that all-ages version made it all clearer to me, as I wasn't distracted by h-scenes (which were numerous in adult version - 5 per heroine, each consisting of two "acts". I didn't remember there being that many of them ) PE has really great cast - both main heroines and side characters. Most of the Konomi's lines or Ruriko's comments are golden As for routes, I went with the order heroines are introduced - Rise, Chiho, Ritsuko, Ayaka. Chiho's route is kind-of stand alone, but it's connected with Rise's, so that order seems the best for me. Whatever, it's good to read Ayaka after Ritsuko. Rise is very nice girl, if a bit jealous Truly "sun of the school" I loved the scene in her route was when she That was really moving for me. Chiho gets bonus points for being childhood friend The scenes in common route (and in the beginning of hers) when she fights with Rise over Masaya are hilarious I also really liked caring side of her personality. Ritsuko - ah, Ritsuko, best girl according to many (myself included). On a surface, very serious and strict, but hidden underneath lies quite playful and sweet girl. I love how she gradually opens up in other routes as well. Ayaka - like her sister, hiding many surprises. Now let's talk specifically about All-ages edition. I was really curious how they handled it. It turns out to be somewhere between ASFOS and Sanoba Witch. All sex happens off-screen, but it's clear that it happens. However, some of the random scenes are just cut out - and it isn't noticeable, I was actually surprised by the amount of scenes when I skipped thru adult version to compare. First time in each route is handled similarly to Sanoba, meaning there's lead in, then black screen at the act itself, and then "cuddling (or morning) after". Introductions were slightly rewritten, and in case the scene in +18 didn't have the "after", it was added. So for each route there are new CGs for the first scene. In Rise's route, the lead-in is rewritten so Rise asks to take a shower. After she comes out we get CG of Rise wrapped in bath towel, then there's black out, and after that the cuddling scene that was present in adult version too. Beginning of Chihos first scene is handled in similar manner, so we also get her new bath CG (slightly NSFW - "steam censorship", but definitely most fanservicey among replacement CGs): She also gets absolutely cute new "morning after" scene, that wasn't present in adult version. In Ritsuko's route in the beginning there's new CG of her sitting on the bed, being a bit nervous. Masaya comforts her and then after blackout there's cuddling scene the same as in adult version. There's also replacement scene in bath later, where they just sit in the bath (Ritsuko wrapped in towel) and talk about various things. In case of Ayaka's route, in adult version there wasn't cuddling after scene, so it has been added (pretty nice, if you ask me): Also, similar to Ritsuko's route there's replacement scene in bath, where Ayaka in swimsuit washes protag's back. For other changes - in common route one SD CG was removed, and the scene with Konomi reading eromanga has been rewritten so she doesn't read it aloud. In Chiho's route rather explicit picture of the book they use for "studying" is replaced with the cover that reads "How to...". Also, the dialogue about creating martial arts club is moved from the night in the classroom (when there was random sex scene in adult version) to some other point later. In FD epilogues there are no replacement scenes (as in this case all-ages version was created by MG), instead there's just short description along the lines "and then we made love until the dawn" . All in all, it was really enjoyable version, and the lack of sex scenes didn't bother me - it was handled very well. It is much tamer than AA version of Sanoba, and a bit bolder than ASFOS. My score for the whole VN remains the same - 8.5/10, really enjoyed it.
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    I think I'm going to drop Kimagure Orange Road While girls are great, and I love the music, I cannot stand the protagonist. It surprises me, as I'm mostly okay with donkan/hopeless protags. I had no problems with Maison Ikkoku's Godai most of the time, but Kyousuke is just too whiny and childish for me. I know, he's only 15, while most high-school protags are 17, and maybe those two years make a difference, but still, he annoys the hell out of me... Does he get better later? (I'm past Ep.13 currently)
  13. Suki Suki release at December 13th later

    Nice. And it's only three days until release
  14. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Whatever, for that kind of censorship or laws in some EU countries*, it doesn't make any difference. Under those laws high-schoolers below 18 are as illegal as lolis. But then - banning all-ages version is completely ridiculous. *Actually those laws are pretty disturbing - as I learned recently, when it comes to drawn characters, if (s)he looks young, then it's illegal, regardless of whatever story or author says about their actual age. That would actually render something like +18 version of, say, SakuSaku illegal here (despite the "all characters are 18" disclaimer). And I naively thought that was only Australia's problem
  15. Aokana is getting official translation by NekoNyan, but release date isn't specified yet. https://aokana.nekonyansoft.com/