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  1. So, that's how it would look like without smoothing, in all its pixel glory: What do you think, guys? I actually like it, and will probably make it default style, with smoothed images as an option.
  2. pick one for me

    I'm not @Palas, but I'm backing it up too It's seriously good.
  3. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    It's pretty refreshing to see adult protagonist. I think the last one of this kind that I've read (and the only one, I think) was Kazoku Keikaku? (well, possibly AIR and Clannad After Story could qualify too. And Planetarian, but it was short)
  4. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Great news indeed! I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Thanks. Criticism is much needed for any project. Actually I agree with some of your points. I agree, and I didn't do that. It is wrong to say that these games have nothing to do with Sakura no Kisetsu or Tiare, as they all SHARE many of the assets (backgrounds and tachie) done by the same artists. Looking just at the screenshots one could even be forgiven to think that they all have same setting. So in some way, those pictures are kind of "unused assets" - they definitely come from the same "pool". If they were completely unrelated I would have never used them. And I haven't added that much - just few backgrounds from residential districts, so scenes outside girls' houses would hapen truly outside the house, and not on one generic street background used over and over, and train station. All those just appear briefly in few scenes. Do you feel that way? If so, thats exactly opposite of what I aimed for I wanted to do as little smoothing etc as possible, and to preserve original pixel art character. I explicitly wanted to avoid the "Memorial Edition look". Seems that I've failed at that... Using original versions or adding them as an option is certainly a possibility I will look into. Actually I'm not fully satisfied with current look either. I actually played DOS version, and I ejoyed it, indeed. I am used to adventure games. But in this case that system often felt as a chore and distraction - having to click "talk" > "look" > "think" many times while figuring correct order just to read whole scene isn't good for VN. Especially since anyways you HAVE to read it all to progress to next scene. So I was just curious, if it would be possible to remake it in a "modern VN" format. I just don't think that actually the gameplay system should be considered main feature of this VN, or what makes it unique. I liked it because of the characters, story, art and music. The system, well... it just was there... Also, currently Asenheims web version is playable for free directly from JAST site (including original and Memorial Edition gfx) - so anyone can still enjoy it in close to original form too. I'd like to do it if possible as well. Unfortunately, AFAIK it isn't possible for me to insert new translation into DOS or PC98 version. While there's a tool to decompile scripts, I'm not aware of a recompiler. And coding all that adv-gameplay system with ren'py would be suicidal mission, at least for me... I'm sorry that you feel like my project is disrespectful towards the original, as I feel exactly opposite, but well, there's nothing we can do about this... Anyway, thanks again for your feedback. But certainly, I shouldn't call it a port - it's more of a remake. Will update text in signature...
  6. What game is this image from?

    Are you sure it's from VN and not from some hentai video?
  7. So, I started slooow work on the text - as you can see, last progress meter in my signature went up from 0%. It will take some time, that's for sure. I think I can handle first pass*, but I will definitely need TLC and editor for this project to make it into something readable. *I'm not retranslating everything from scratch, but rather fixing JAST's translation and filling in the blanks. However that's for now - nobody knows how will it end
  8. Visual Novel in Space.

    There's also Corona Blossom. ?
  9. HoshiOri Discussion

    What? Whoa, that might be a bit too much for me. Well, need to brace myself too, 'cause I really want to read this.
  10. Aaaand - done. All scripts put together and ready for retranslation and editing:
  11. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Ekhemmm... As for me - I did read Princess Evangile twice - second time it was to check out All-ages version. I loved it, and whole experience was like coming home, or meeting old friends again. Some day I may revisit it again. And I think that I actually prefer all-ages version. I absolutely loved "morning/cuddling after" CGs for Chiho and Ayaka that were added in this version. I also read Kotori's route in Konosora twice - when I played the game for the first time, I dropped it at Ageha's route, waiting for retranslation, so when the patch came out I read whole thing again. I enjoyed it all the same (or even more because of better TL ). I actually plan to read Konosora for the third time, but this time it will be Japanese all ages version - Cruise Sign.
  12. Visual novel/eroge with an older woman

    How do you define "older"? Older than the protagonist? in her 30s? 40s? Well, from the ones I've read: - Masumi in Kazoku Keikaku (Family Project) - Margit in Majikoi S - Misato in Yukizakura - Ayame and Kaori in Crescendo - Ayumi, Kaori, Mitsuki and Eriko in YU-NO - Nanako in Sakura Sakura - most of the heroines in Mugen Yasoukyoku (Nocturnal Illusion) - Mistress, Miwako, Maya, Sari and Yukina - Ayame from Konosora could perhaps qualify too (she's few years older than the protagonist)
  13. And another one (this time not anime-related) - Keyakizaka46's sad song: Enjoy
  14. Little progress report about this preparation work - I've done seven chapters so far (in terms of line count, that would be about 45-50%). While doing this, I'm still discovering some new mistranslations/rewrites. The one pictured above will probably require reordering of dialogues - if Meimi is currently chatting with Kyouko, it makes no sense for Kyouko to approach MC the very next second, so I'll have to move that bit somewhere earlier. (Or insert universal "............................................." line inbetween ) *Originally all of this were responses for Look/Talk commands, so the order was dependent on player's choices. While doing my port, I decided on the order of these scenes relying only on translated script - thus some incosistencies are inevitably coming out when attempting retranslation.
  15. Going back to VNs?

    I think I didn't have such long break during a VN - mostly about a week. I might have had longer breaks, but it was after finishing current VN. But I know what you mean about alternating between different hobbies, as I have similar "problem" Actually currently it's the other way around - I got swept away by anime, VNs and learning Japanese, and so sometimes I start to feel bad about neglecting my other hobbies. Days are definitely too short!