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  1. Yeah, when looking from that POV, it's good to have it out of the way Luckily while weakest, it was still decent enough to keep me reading. For the first few scenes in the common route I found Izumi rather annoying, but later she grew on me, and I'm really looking forward to her route
  2. Okay, so yesterday I finished my third route in Clover Day's - it was Anzu. So far the VN was very uneven for me. Common route was brilliant - like I said in my previous post. All heroines are lovely, and I really liked both the humor and the more serious bits. But then the first two routes I read - Hekiru/Hikaru and Anri - were slightly disappointing. Maybe my expectations were too high? As for the Hekiru's route, I was really looking forward to it after what I've seen in common route. But Anri's route was better - perhaps partially thanks to the side characters having bigger
  3. Damn, that's weird. So despite the publisher staying in business, they effectively turn all their games into abandonware?
  4. Giga's parent company - Entergram/TGL stays in business, so there should be no problem with older titles. It just means no new games under GIGA brand I guess.
  5. I've read their 3 titles written by Maruto: Chocolat ~maid cafe "curio"~ Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o and Aonatsu Line I liked them all - the latter three were 8/10 for me, while Chocolat got 7.5. I also have some of their moeges at the wishlist/backlog. Currently none, since I reached the point of being able to read untranslated moeges But if memory serves, Parfait is getting translated by Sekai Project. PS I actually haven't read Baldr Sky, and have no interest in it
  6. Yeah, actually I read this VN thanks to @Plk_Lesiak's recommendation
  7. I think The Language of Love by ebi-hime should be added to the list. Short, but very heartwarming and wholesome love story - I loved it. It's also one of the few EVNs that manage to pull off the japanese setting without being all cringey
  8. I wonder what my impression of Kisaragi Gold Star will be, when I eventually get to it Currently I'm going little by little through Clover Day's - recently I don't have that much time for reading, so I'm reading around an hour/day, so I'm still on the Hekiru's route - I entered the second part of the route (got achievement/trophy for completing the chapter )
  9. So far there are two: 1. I've read Princess Evangile three times. First time +18 English version (it was one of my first VNs), then All-ages English version, and finally, last year, All-ages Japanese version (PSP). And it's very possible, that there will be fourth time There's something in that VN that pulls me back - it was a lovely feeling to revisit it, and meet old friends again. It become my "comfort VN" - together with the next one... 2. Konosora (If My Heart Had Wings) - this one I read two times - once in English (with retranslation patch), and then later I read PS3 version
  10. I checked out the remaster, since I had original bought from JAST. While porting to Ren'py is a welcome change, since it means no problem with running on modern systems, I'm not too fond of "remastered" graphics, since they seem to be just upscaled and "smoothed out", and frankly, this kind of art looks weird for me without some pixellation As for unsubbed lines - I have checked only a few scenes in the beginning, but, at least there, there were no changes - unsubbed lines remained voice-only. (In the prologue it's the Asumi shouting at protagonist before kicking hi
  11. Continuing Clover Day's, yesterday I finished my first playthrough of prologue/common route - going for Hekiru/Hikaru route. My impressions so far: I'm loving the humor in this VN Nakigey moments also tug at my hearstrings skillfuly Izumi, who initially seemed like an annoying brat, already grew on me, and I started to like her and find her cute Hekiru, with her obsession about MC, reminds me of Miyako from Majikoi I'm really looking forward to the routes BTW, I skimmed through common route in PC version to check for any obvious differences, but found onl
  12. I haven't realized this game had its own thread. Since the thread has been necro'd, I might as well copy my impressions from the "What are you reading?" thread TL;DR - One of the better moeges I've played - strongly recommended if you can stomach (or, like me, love) Slice-of-Life
  13. I've read it and I loved it. How should I say it... it creates very comfy mood. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/11-what-are-you-playing/?do=findComment&comment=485843 If you like it, I'd also highly recommend getting the FD/side story 沙紀のらぶらぶはねむーん.
  14. Yeah, and from what I'm seeing so far, most of it has been kept in the console port (it has +17/CERO D rating actually +15, I confused it with HoshiOri) I know that it might be considered weird, but recently I prefer most of my moege (and even moreso nakige) without H-scenes I'm fine with sex jokes like those in this VN, or off-screen sex, like in Vita version of HoshiOri, but I don't enjoy reading most of the sex scenes themselves. (When I'm in the mood for eroge, I tend to go for 3DOELVNs or some RPGM shovelware ) I think I'll go with this recommenadtion then - thanks
  15. I continue Clover Day's - yesterday I landed a few scenes past the OP movie. So far it is amazing - it actually exceeds my expectations. While it uses lots of common tropes, so far they seem to be well executed, and it simply just "clicked" for me I laugh heartily on comedic bits, while emotional moments (mostly in flashbacks) made me shed a tear or two. Heroines are cute and likeable (well, apart from that annoying brat Izumi - but she's funny in her own way), and there's strong "Group of friends" vibe present What's more, many side characters also have sprites, which makes the world
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