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  1. Yesterday I finished Marie's route in Sakura Strasse. So far it's been pretty lighthearted and funny moege. Could perhaps call it romcom. (Without the school setting!) Characters are very likeable and the humor worked for me - I've been laughing out loud every few lines. OTOH the attempts at drama were literally hit and miss - meaning, some did hit me, while others flew completely over my head The story was a bit all over the place, but perhaps that impression is because I had quite long breaks between my reading sessions (up to three weeks!) - this game, while very enjoyable, didn't manage to exactly engage me. Feels weird, but it is what it is. Highlights of this route would be definitely Marie herself, who is cute and shy (and a bit of tsundere), but sometimes - perhaps half unconsciously - drops some serious bombshells And then we have her childhood friend Claudia, who reminds me a bit of Urd from "Oh! My Goddess!" franchise Coupled with her little brother Cris, most of the time she's just comic relief, but they also have important role near the end of the route. Like I said in the previous post, H-scenes (at least in this route) are handled quite nicely. They don't jump out of nowhere, and have strong focus on feelings and love. There are also some sweet dialogues in there. As the MC-kun said (or rather thought) during the final H-scene (please forgive my sloppy translation) : "Putting sexual pleasure itself aside, the greatest thing was that feeling of comfort and peace (楽) inside my heart" or something along those lines That's the way I like my H-scenes, if they have to be there, so big thumbs up . I am still mildly interested in remaining three routes, and hope to finish it before the New Year For now it is heading for 7.5 rating, which in my scoring system is "good, but not outstanding" - it's kind of a base score which then can increase or decrease. And after finishing this I plan to read latest Konno Asta's game - Ano Hi no Tabibito, Fureau Mirai which I bought recently and it arrived yesterday. It's set on the same island that previous Pulltop's short VN - Sora to Umi ga, Fureau Kanata (Adventure of a Lifetime), but features new set of characters. The formula is similar - protagonist, two heroines, and single choice at the end of common route. Pulltop doesn't seem too eager to translate it, so I got tired of waiting, and bought JP version instead. (Especially since Pulltop's translation quality is hit and miss anyway )
  2. Great Saving this right now, as I plan to play Kakyuusei too one day.
  3. This weekend I returned to Sakura Strasse. I finally finished common route, and started Marie's. Now I'm past the first h-scene and I was pleasantly surprised. It had proper build up and didn't jump out of nowhere like they often tend to do. It also was nicely written, with more emphasis on feelings than on moves
  4. If that search didn't give anything, then I'm afraid it might be lost cause Even if the game doesn't have walkthrough on sagaoz or seiya-saiga, searching for "game title 攻略" usually provides links to some obscure pages or blogs where there should be something... I also played old PC98 VN recently - Love Escalator, but was able to find walkthroughs/guides. It's only two years younger than Kakyuusei. And I'm a bit surprised, since Elf games seem to be more popular...
  5. Ah, Mashiro Iro Symphony I haven't seen the anime, but I played this, and it's perhaps the greatest moege I've ever played. Indeed, it would be nice if it got translated release, since more people could experience its greatness
  6. A few days ago, on Wednesday (11.11) Anri Kumaki has released new album. It sounds very promising:
  7. Please forgive me spamming with my recordings (but actually that's what I'm really listening to right now - after I record something, I tend to listen to it a lot in the following days ) Anyway, I just uploaded my cover version of 誕生日 (Tanjoubi - Birthday) by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Anri Kumaki, to celebrate birthday of another singer-songwriter - Yoko Matsuura I mentioned a few posts before I think it turned out quite nicely
  8. Sadly, nothing of interest for me in there But whatever, I wish them good luck
  9. I'm currently feeling completely unexpected kind-of VN, and general, burn-out(?). I mean, last time I read a VN (Sakura Strasse) was over a week ago. Perhaps it's because MC makes it not engaging enough for me, so I don't have strong incentive to continue, but still, I totally wasn't expecting that. In the meantime, my other hobbies took over for a while. I guess I'll return to reading sooner or later, but now it feels really weird. Maybe I should just drop Sakura Strasse and switch to something more engaging, but then, after buying a physical edition (since there's no download one, and no pirated one either ) I feel a bit reluctant to do so... Should have tried out the demo version before buying... Nevertheless looks like my tastes evolved a bit, and "pure" moege doesn't seem to work for me as well as it did before. Now I seem to need a bit of nakige as well. Didn't want to clutter WhatAreYouPlaying thread with this, so I'm writing here...
  10. Recently I don't have much time, but I'm still going slowly through Sakura Strasse. It turns out that I've been reading it like maybe just a few hours a week. It's strange. When I'm reading it I'm enjoying it - the girls are cute and comedy is funny. But at the same time I don't find it as engaging as other titles (and as I would expect). I guess that has to be because of protagonist. While he got much better than in the prologue (when I wrote my rant on him), I still cannot relate too much to him - and I don't mean in a self-insert way, but still perhaps it hinders my immersion. Even though the game uses first person narration, I feel more like watching events from a distance. 不思議だね
  11. Ekhm... Toradora would like to have a word with you But yeah, those are rare.
  12. Ah, now I see. Before YU-NO (and after it ) I played mostly charage of various kinds, so I went into it kind of blind, without specific expectations. Maybe that enabled me to enjoy it more, since it was the first of its kind for me. Fully agree on your note about alternate happy endings. It would be really nice if they did it as you described. Also, have to say that while I wasn't too fond of Kanna's remake sprite, she looks really good in that CG you posted. Generally, when I look at your screenshots, I start to warm up to this remake a bit. Maybe I'll really get it on winter or summer sale
  13. Actually that change of pacing didn't bother me much. Rather, the final route was perhaps my favorite part of the game. I'd say that it was a bit artificially slowed down by all that adventure game mechanics. Of course final route makes some huge timeskips, but it still worked for me. And I really appreciated that it ditched the point'n'click mechanics. Disclaimer: I played fan-TL of original with added voice patch. Maybe remake does some things differently?
  14. In San Shimai, when looking for Emi in a school, you can walk in on a random couple having sex in one of the classrooms But it's just one CG and a few lines, and those characters are total randoms, not appearing anywhere in the game.
  15. Actually, no. (But it perhaps did happen with some of the moeges I played. Nevertheless I don't actively aim for that) Most of the times for me it's also just following the story - with various degrees of immersion. I just wanted to stress how much his attitude annoys me and makes me wanna smack him over the head (Well, Yuu-nee already does it, so maybe I don't need to )
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