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  1. I just found nice easter egg / reference in DameKoi. Do you remember a game they played in chapter 7 during the Buntarou says that he remembers this game being a VN, while Yoshinori says that he grabbed the assets of said VN and remade it. Actually, all the locations they mention and the music that is playing is from first Hermit's VN - Folklore Jam (also written by Maruto).
  2. That's a tough question. Sora is for me definitely the best character, as she shines throughout the whole series, and brings light into every episode But when coming to the "choose your best waifu" problem, that's another dimension To put it simply, I loved them all. And each episode was better than the previous one. In first episode I thought that Miyako was very sweet girl, and I wouldn't mind a girlfriend like her. But then came Sora's route, and I found it to be very good too. Haruka was also lovely, and I really liked how she developed as a character. And then there was Noa. I didn't ca
  3. While most of the characters were rather tropey - which seemed to work perhaps thanks to fantasy elements in the setting? - there's one exception, and that's banter between Kakeru and Sora, which, at least to me, felt surprisingly natural. And maybe that's what makes Sora the best character As for your complaints towards Sora's route - that's where all-ages version shows its superiority Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Steam editions without adult patches, since there are parts where they are overly censored (especially the Haruka's chapter). The only "proper" all-ages version
  4. Yeah, the executable with "CHS" in its name was Chinese patch.
  5. It's the first time I see such glitches. With badly set locale you'd usually just get garbage instead of Japanese text (or the game refuses to run at all) When I played Mashiro Iro Symphony I had to fiddle a bit with various patches to make it start, but once it started, it ran without any errors. Maybe that's compatibility problem with newer Windows versions? I played on Win 7.
  6. Thanks for another VN added to bookmark/wishlist
  7. They're the same - all versions of Nine use Kirikiri engine. As for my playing - I reached sixth chapter in Damekoi, and in the meantime it all started to come together and make sense The very beginning was perhaps a bit too chaotic, but after getting used to that style now it's okay.
  8. That looks like something that I might like. Thanks
  9. Which version of Shuffle do you have? I have Steam version from YumeHaven, which is apparently a port of PS2 version, but haven't read it yet. AFAIK currently none of the translated versions is available because licensing agreements have ran out.
  10. Yesterday I got an actual PSP and tried it - the game runs perfectly fine on real hardware, so it's purely an emulation issue. Unfortunately for now I have to rely on PPSSPP since I need text hooking - retyping words manually into dictionary from PSP screen would be too much of a hassle As for the Damekoi itself - I'm around third chapter and all heroines have been introduced. Protagonist is slowly improving himself. Somehow I start to like Kaya, and I'm really curious how in hell that cunning Himeo could become a heroine - so far she seems rather villainous I'd also perhaps prefer if As
  11. And so, as planned, today I started PSP edition of DameKoi I just finished first chapter of prologue/common route. I see some comedy and drama potential, but I'm already a bit annoyed and tired by the protagonist. It seems that in the meantime my tolerance for the hetare protagonists has dropped significantly Well, it's too early to judge, so let's see how it unfolds. Mitoko is nice, and the three guys living at the house are funny Also, MC's traits seem to be so exaggerated, that perhaps it's best taken tongue-in-cheek? I have to say that language-wise this is much harder to read
  12. Okay, I found the solution, using 'expressions' field of the DCODE. Since original function pointed to rax+rbx, I just changed it to rax+rbx-1, to shift captured area one byte 'left'. Now it works as it should So here's working D-CODE for PSP version of DameKoi: $shift_jis,1|50|00,|rax+rbx-1|440FB64C03??E919????????????????72073D0040010072E78D00 (It has to be attached after starting the game)
  13. Hello, @0xDC00 Could you perhaps help me with another PSP title? This time I'm trying to work out the D-CODE for PSP version of DameKoi I found the signature that almost works: 44 0FB6 4C 03 00 - movzx r9d,byte ptr [rbx+rax+00] 44 0FB6 4C 03 00 E9 19000000 3D 00000100 72 07 3D 00400100 72 E7 8D 00 $shift_jis,00,440FB64C0300E9190000003D0000010072073D0040010072E78D00 But it has one little problem - it keeps truncating the first byte of the captured string, which leads to garbled up first c
  14. Not much news from me, but the project is not dead - @Plk_Lesiak is gradually proceeding with proofreading and editing But today I stumbled upon interesting thing on vndb - which further confirms my theory about common pool of assets shared between various TIARE/JAST games. Just look at this screenshot from Muchimuchi Sexy Parfait Onee-sama You which was released on Windows only (no PC98 version). And compare with this:
  15. Today I finished 9 -Nine- Haruka's route (Ep.3) was sweet, one of the better executed romance parts in this VN. Also, in this episode the plot thickens, and we finally meet the actual villains. Overally great episode, and I gave it 8.5 score - but it was totally overshadowed by the grand final that the Episode 4 is. That was truly an epic ride. In this part we also finally get closer to Noa and see her sweeter and cuter parts, as well as the hardships she faces. I got really attached to her, and the bad ending hit me right in the gut. Actually, my experience of this part was similar
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