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  1. But still there is something about the sky in the title
  2. Hatsukoi is all about romance While you're at it, try Maya route too. Haven't read the other two (HoshiMemo and MML).
  3. +1 for Dal Segno. Had some tear-jerking moments (at least for me) and some say it is too slow, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. As for other school-romances, besides those posted by @littleshogun, you may also try Princess Evangile, Noble Works and KoiChoco. I liked them all too.
  4. What are you playing?

    If you want Hotaru, FlightDiary fandisc awaits Unfortunately, untranslated
  5. What are you playing?

    BTW I loved this language switching thing on LittleBusters, as it could be done on-the-fly (right-click while holding left button). Great for some learning.
  6. What are you playing?

    It seems to be slightly different exe version. All-ages steam version is bilingual (like steam version of Little Busters) - it allows to switch between english and japanese text. +18 version from Denpasoft doesn't have this feature. But sometimes they don't release a patch/dlc, but just separate +18 version via Denpasoft.
  7. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    If anybody is interested, I compared Hikari route between english and japanese versions to check how the h-scenes were handled. It seems like Pulltop actually made separate all ages version, but released it only in English - for example there are some voiced lines in all-ages version, that I didn't found in original (although I could have missed some of them as I was mostly skipping through it). Here are differences that I found. Common route: Hikari route: So overally I think it was handled pretty cleverly. Dialogue was reworked - and it seems that even some voiced lines were added or altered - to seam it together and don't leave the impression of "butchered" story - it all flows smoothly. It's a pity that they didn't release +18 english version, but as for making all-ages version - not bad job.
  8. I suppose it will be shorter than Konosora or Miagete, having only two heroines(?). From the release dates it looks like Pulltop was making english version together with the japanese one?
  9. How do you know? AFAIK TL hasn't been released yet?
  10. Looks interesting... certainly will check it out.
  11. What are you playing?

    I enjoyed Koichoco too. Surprisingly - I didn't find Chisato annoying at all. Maybe I'm too softhearted, but I cried a little with her everytime she got rejected. Also it was nice to watch how her attitude somewhat changes between routes. Actually I liked all heroines. And I must agree - Satsuki was great.
  12. What are you playing?

    Konosora/IMHHW is total mess, and it absolutely requires retranslation patch to be readable. Miazora/ASFOS is nowhere near that level. There are some grammar errors here and there, and some sentences may sound awkward, but it is readable, and I actually enjoyed it. As for all-ages version - this time the only thing removed are h-scenes themselves, but they don't try to hide that the characters had sex - they just don't show it, but it's implied that it happens off screen. All other things are left intact. But, I just read one route - we'll see, how the other three turn out. If you're not in hurry, you might want to wait for +18 restoration patch that @Infernoplex is working on, but I dare to say that steam version still can be enjoyable as-is (unlike IMHHW, in which only Kotori route was somewhat readable).
  13. What are you playing?

    Just finished Hikari route in "A Sky Full Of Stars". The epilogue was really cute :-)
  14. Any VN's like Majikoi/Tsujidou?

    +1 for Little Busters. Somewhat different flavour than Majikoi, but great. Common route is really funny - and Masato can remind Gakuto from Majikoi One could also draw some parallels between Capt and Kyousuke.
  15. Any VN's like Majikoi/Tsujidou?

    Did he finish all Majikoi games? After original Majikoi there is S and A1-A5 (A3-A5 are unfortunately untranslated yet). Some consider Majikoi S more a fandisc than a sequel, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I've also read A1 and A2 fandiscs, and can recommend them too.