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  1. Congratulations, you played yourself But, jokes aside, I'm also looking forward to the sequel Luckily, for this VN I managed to go spoiler-free. BTW I think that weird character limit for protagonist's name is there because developers couldn't be bothered to properly adapt the system from the Japanese version for English release - in Japanese number of characters would be enough for almost any possible name, when writing in kanji. BTW I have to ask - if I enjoyed this VN, would I be okay with Higurashi? (I'm almost 100% sure that Subahibi is a no-go for me, but Higurashi doesn't seem so fucked-up based on reviews) Yes it is, no doubts about it
  2. https://old.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/lsp2vq/doukyuusei_remake_translation_announcement_by/ I'm mildly interested - although it might be too dating-simey for my taste. Main thing that attracted me to this game was PC98 pixel-art, but that is obviously gone in the remake, just like with YU-NO.
  3. With KEY I actually went backwards. At first I was turned off by character design in their older works, so I started with LittleBusters. I loved it, so then I played Clannad. I think that thanks to it I got gradually used to old KEY's art style, and then I was ready for Kanon, AIR and ONE Planetarian and Summer Pockets were also very good. But for some reason I have almost no interest in Rewrite...
  4. I found some nice deals on amazon again Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Brighter than Dawning Blue- for PC - Windows 7 Support Edition and ToHeart2 DX PLUS - Regular Edition I've read fan-TLs of both titles, but it's nice to have originals. And I think one day I'm going to reread them untranslated. I'm especially curious about ToHeart2, since this edition has some additional content and routes from fandisc (which seems to have very polarised reviews ). Also, H-scenes in ToHeart 2 XRated felt tacked-on and out of character, so I'm looking forward to the all-ages version (After all, in case of this title, original was all-ages, with H version coming year later) BTW, before I noticed, I gathered quite a lot of physical Japanese (and one translated) VNs From left to right: Tenohira o, Taiyou ni Kanon Memorial Edition Natsu no Ame Sakura Strasse Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi (without box) World End Syndrome (the only translated one in this bunch) White Album Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa o Hirogete ~Cruise Sign~ Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi To Heart 2 DX PLUS Mashiro Iro Symphony ~mutsu no hana~ Toradora! Sorairo Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o True Love Story To Heart PSE Ano Hi no Tabibito, Fureau Mirai Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na ~Brighter than a dawning blue When did that all happened? I still remember swearing that I'd never buy physical edition of VN (I'm also currently waiting for PS3 version of White Album 2 and PS2 versions of Yotsunoha and Konneko - they should arrive next week)
  5. Well, I saw some Steam reviews when someone claimed that they clearly see where the h-scenes were cut from the Akari's route in Flight Diary - even though that route never had any And I guess that if there was only one route without h-scene, then people would still complain, that they can't lewd their favorite waifu. Sadly, that seems to be universal eroge rule - if there's a route, then sex scene is mandatory. Perhaps that's the leftover from dating-sim era - so that players who chose certain heroine wouldn't feel "cheated". You can also often see, that sometimes developers strive to provide equal number of scenes for each heroine, and it's obvious that some of them were added just to meet the quota.
  6. Yeah. But sometimes there are games that were first released as an eroge, but H-scenes in them still feel forced and unnecessary - and in such cases I also prefer all-ages version if it exists. That was the case with the many VNs I've read recently - like Sorairo, Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku O, or HimaNatsu I'm reading right now. Really, all-ages versions of those titles feel so much more consistent, and have better flow. There are also games which handle their ero stuff tastefully, with proper build-up etc - recent example I've read that comes to mind is Sakura Strasse. Mashiro Iro Symphony and Aokana were also very good at that (but so were their all-ages versions) But actually currently I first usually go for all-ages version - which usually means console port for untranslated, and Steam version for translated. Sometimes, especially if all-ages version is made by translation company, I feel like they didn't do good job, and then I switch over to eroge version. That was the case with titles localized by Solpress - Sakura Sakura and Under One Wing. They cut waay too much. But OTOH all-ages versions created by NekoNyansoft are great, and I never felt the need to download H-scene patch for Sanoba Witch or Making Lovers. And all-ages versions created by developers themselves for console ports also usually do the job for me. And often they come with bonuses such as extended scenario or new routes. As for Hoshimemo this thread started from - I bought it on Steam quite long time ago, but I'm waiting for the long-promised-by-SekaiProject retranslation.
  7. Because otherwise horny players would moan about "censorship"
  8. Sadly, oftens saves aren't compatible across different releases - and saves at sagaoz are obviously made for Japanese release.
  9. Yesterday I finished first route in Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi -extra vacation-. It was Daiya's route. While it's rather tropey ojou-sama story, I enjoyed it very much - it executed its tropes well enough . Daiya herself is cute , and actually the whole cast - including Yousuke, the protagonist - is very likeable. I had no problems to connect with them right from the start. If this route is indeed - like the rumors say - the weakest one, then I think I'm in for a treat and perhaps I've found another charage gem? I'm really liking the overall atmosphere of this VN. It's similar feeling to my other most-liked charages like Konosora, Princess Evangile and some others - it's just nice to be there and spend time with characters Mentor-like male side characters? Funny coincidence - I think that Father Arakawa from Himanatsu also fits the bill. Well, he's more like.. um... father figure for protagonist At first encounter he seems a bit silly with his crazy strength and devotion to martial arts (although you can also sense kind of friendship between him and Yousuke right from the start), but he offers good advice and support here and there, and it's obvious that he really cares about Yousuke and his group. Yousuke also mentions that he learned a lot from him. I'm looking forward to the remaining routes . (And it also looks like I should expect some mood shift, since apparently the route I've just read is an odd one ) I also, as usual, did quick comparison with adult version for this route. I didn't like neither h-scenes placement nor HCGs themselves I'm sticking with PS3 version, especially since it offers additional route for Tsukiko. Console version has +17 rating. It removes sex scenes, leaving just kissing scenes. But it doesn't shy away completely from the sexual themes - for example, during some makeout/kissing scenes protagonist mentions something like "let's stop for now, or I won't be able to control myself", and during bath scene Daiya notices his boner after she washed his back. The difference is that they get embarassed and just enter the bath instead of proceeding to fuck And well - they also spend the night together in protagonist's bed, so there's some food for imagination I liked it better that way, and I think that it fts the particular setting of this VN more.
  10. Yesterday I started reading PS3 version of Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi (which has just arrived) I'm still quite early in the prologue, but it looks promising (and pretty - art is really nice ) Unfortunately I have some technical issues with it (I don't know if it's just due to emulation, or the game itself is broken) - while it runs seemingly without problems, sometimes it will randomly freeze while advancing to the next line. And autosaves/quicksaves don't work properly in emulator. So yesterday I lost 3 hours worth of progress The workaround is to remember to save manually often (at least on scene transitions, when auto-save message pops up ). A bit bothersome, but it looks sooo much better than low-res PSP version, so I'm sticking with it
  11. PS3 version of Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi
  12. Now that I think about it, after finishing true route I'm unsure about some details in World End Syndrome's plot (HEAVY SPOLIERS AHEAD!) : People who also finished it - what do you think about those points?
  13. Aaaand - World End Syndrome already finished. It was shorter than I expected. Nevertheless, I liked it. From the three "questions" routes I think I liked Hanako's the best - it had the best flow, and I feel like their relationship evolved most naturally. Then, Yukino's route was kind of detective story, and then there was great Miu's route, and true ending following that. Those parts were definitely the best for me. Later part of Miu's route, and most of the "Truth" route had lots of tearjerking moments. Loved it. Some twists and reveals also got me by surprise - but I have to admit, that I'm newbie when it comes to mystery VNs, so perhaps I'm easy to fool My main complaint about this title is map movement system. The way it is implemented it kind of kills the flow of the story, and makes the whole experience unnecessarily fragmented. Unvoiced scenes were also a bummer. Still, the story itself was good, especially the finale, so I think it's 7.5/10 VN for me. ("potentially great title hindered by some annoying shortcomings" - namely underwhelming execution of map movement in that case). And WTF with that sequel teaser at the very-very-end? It means now we have to wait who-knows-how-long for the sequel... Somebody even angrily called WES "30 hour prologue to the sequel"
  14. I just finished my first playthrough (prologue) of World End Syndrome My impressions so far - I like the setting, the characters, and little animations sprinkled here and there - blinking, lip-sync and various animated elements in the backgrounds. I'm not the fan of nameable protagonist, and scenes felt a bit disconnected sometimes. Perhaps some more narration would be in order? But then, perhaps it has something to do with protagonists' condition? Also, translation has been a bit of hit and miss so far. Dialogues are done pretty decently most of the time, but some lines in narration feel rather awkward. Like the use of present tense while obviously reporting past events that happened before. Nevertheless it got me interested, and I'm looking forward to subsequent runs, romancing those cute girls and discovering town's mystery
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