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  1. Regarding the Suigetsu VN

    I just checked - PSP version is voiced too, ISO can be downloaded from various ROM hosting sites (and physical version can be bought cheaply on ebay), and it runs fine in PPSSPP. It seems to even be hookable using CheatEngine with HookAnyText plugin, but will require some tweaking. Also - PSP version uses "traditional" ADV format instead of NVL. BTW thanks for mentioning this VN - I didn't know it, but it seems interesting, and art looks very nice. As for +18 versions - all PC versions are unvoiced, and AFAIK DVDPG version of any VN is absolute nightmare to play.
  2. Saya no Uta Coming to Steam

    Sadly - no
  3. Well, they were just unusually bad and unfitting. While reading most of the moeges, I wasn't immediately wishing for all-ages version. But when first scene in Kanon came up, I was all like "Fuck it, I'm out. Switching to all-ages version right now." Same with AIR.
  4. Saya no Uta Coming to Steam

    FWIW, JAST said on r/visualnovels that there will be adult patch for Steam version too.
  5. Best Kiss Scene In A Visual Novel

    Ancient Sakura no Kisetsu had some nice kiss CGs - with the lips together Aki: Kiyomi: Mio:
  6. KEY VNs are really special in this regard - they are much better in all-ages version, since H-scenes were so horrible and out of place that they were actually detracting from experience. They weren't making "full experience", they were tacked-on. Such statements sound a bit like obsession or paranoia to me. "I don't care if it makes VN better or not, gimme my porn, you bastards!" IMO It should be treated on case-by-case basis, not with such broad approach. Because making it that way was mistake in this case - which KEY seems to implicitly admit, by releasing "Memorial Editions", "Perfect Editions" etc as all-ages versions. And, anyways, knowing what to cut out is essential skill in any creative work I know it might be hard to believe, but really, sometimes less is more. Why do you deny authors the right to improve their work? But well, whatever, to each their own porn BTW Little Busters was all-ages title originally. They added h-scenes later, in "Ecstasy" version (together with three side routes). And then they apparently decided, that it wasn't good move, so they removed them again for Memorial Box and Perfect Edition. Disclaimer: All that rant above is just about KEY (and maybe To Heart, since Leaf also said in some interview that h-scenes in this were tacked-on mistake and PSE edition is definitive one) In case of other VNs I tend to agree that it's best to have both versions available.
  7. Well, KEY's VNs should be all treated as all-ages titles, and their h-scenes are best forgotten. Nothing lost here. Also, they translated Perfect Edition, which was all-ages. And while translation was done by Fruitbat, the publishers of the translated version were KEY themselves.
  8. As for pseudo-historical setting - maybe Newton to Ringo no Ki (Newton and the apple tree) would work (17th century Europe)?
  9. I'd like to chime in and say, that the project isn't dead yet I'm slowly working on "retranslation". Today I have to ask for some TL advice/help, because one fragment is puzzling me a bit. Context/scene - MC was taking home drunken Seia, who hit her head, and suddenly she started to sleepwalk just in her panties. First two lines are obvious - he's admiring her chest However, official translation for the last (bolded) line reads: Literal translation would be something like (my current attempt): So now, my question is - is there some idiom/slang thing or attempt at humour* I'm not aware of (that すっごく thing at the end seems to be hinting at that), or was it just typical 90's eroge mistranslation? *Y'know, something like "If I don't do something quickly instead of just looking, I feel like another problem may arise "
  10. Yeah, I was just about to say that it doesn't seem to be VN at all, but one of those "girlfriend/waifu simulators" instead.
  11. I loved Sakura Sakura (probably more than Fureraba, and certainly more than SukiSuki) - it somehow clicked for me, but haven't read Newton yet - the premise doesn't attract me immediately, and it indeed is quite expensive, and never gets any decent price cut during Steam sales, so I haven't bought it so far.
  12. Looking for a bit of action

    Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road
  13. No One But You (Western VN Review)

    Also, timeline in Megumi's route doesn't compute at all. All those things, that are described like they shoudld have happened over the years, would have to happen over few months or even weeks. Completely illogical. I think some of the reviewers already pointed it out in detail, but cannot find relevant text right now. However, there's simply no time when all of this could happen. It's just physically impossible, especially with 6+3+3 school system. Well, maybe if it was one of those schools that combined both middle- and high- school branches in a single institution, it could be a bit plausible (setting aside the degree to which the school system is or isn't corrupted*), but as it is described in-game now, it's enormous plot hole. *And if anyone wants to see more realistic darker side of VN high-school setting, Aeka's route in Yume Miru Kusuri is the way to go.
  14. Yes, it's available from JAST: https://jastusa.com/yume-miru-kusuri
  15. But you can - by rereading the VN For example, I did this with Princess Evangile, and reading it second time was as good as the first Many people have one or two favorite books that they can read over and over again (for me, it's LOTR for example), so I don't see why it should be different with VNs. So, I probably cannot offer advice about moving on from feeling like shit after finishing VN, beacuse it's a bit different for me. I might get attached to characters, but right after finishing the VN, if it has good ending / satisfying epilogue, I rather feel fulfilled/satisfied together with the characters. OTOH there are some scenes from some VNs I've read, that moved me deeply, and can make me teary-eyed just by remembering them (like Ame's route from Dal Segno - since it was the first of this kind that I encountered, some scenes from Planetarian, Clannad etc). For some reason I'm also easily moved by the scenes that depict characters loneliness - sometimes very mundane ones. Probably because I'm quite lonely too, so those scenes resonate with my own loneliness. There are also games that try to make you feel guilty for abandoning "main" heroine - like Yume Miru Kusuri, which actively tries to push reader towards Aeka's route. Knowing about it beforehand, I decided to brace myself and leave her route for the last. And it turned out to be good move, considering that I wanted to read other routes too. While abandoning Aeka in common route made me feel bad, it would be thousand times worse if I tried to do it after reading her route. OTOH finishing whole game with her good ending made for good conclusion. (and gave it structure a bit similar to some of the Key VNs, where in order to be able to "save" main heroine, you have to complete other routes first)