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  1. That's actually an interesting point. We often tend to assume that original was well written to begin with, and blame all bad or awkward things on translation team.
  2. Yeah, 5 is minimum for me too. Unfortunately, most of the 5's I played were official translations BTW recently I expeirenced something between 7 and 8, but it wasn't VN, but anime subtitles. I'm speaking about fan-TLed polish subtitles for "Toradora!". I started watching with english subs, and they felt rather stiff and bland. Then I wanted to show it to my mom, so I found PL-subbed version, and it was really good. There were some mistakes, but it felt very natural. BTW they ditched honorifics but still retained some level of information provided by them, by substituting diminutive versions of names in place of -chan - I think they are easier to create in polish than in english, at least for character names in this show. It turned out pretty good.
  3. Visual novel, or games unofficial patch/mod (Help)

    Yes, because you applied it only locally. If you install game from steam on different computer, it will install basic version. That's for unofficial patches, like Konosora retranslation patch. Maybe it's different if mod is on steam itself, but if it's 3rd party, then you have to apply it manually each time.
  4. Yeah, but then they should stick with just CN translations - like Hikari Field did.
  5. I'm closest to second option - I read mostly charage/moege, but not restricting myself to them (I really liked YU-NO). H-scenes are optional for me - sometimes I really like them (PrincessEvangile, Koiiro, Konosora), sometimes I slightly prefer all-ages version (Miagete) , and sometimes they are crime against humanity (I'm looking at you, Kanon! , fortunately there was all-ages option in fanTL patch ). I tend to avoid "disturbing" or very "dark" titles, like the ones focused on rape, gore etc. Also, while nakige is fine (and actually my highest-rated VNs are nakiges), I'd rather avoid utsuge (meaning only sad endings). As for Japanese - I hope that one day I'll be able to read, as there are some VNs I'd like to experience, which probably won't get translated.
  6. A sky Full of stars. Recomended?

    Saya's route is good. Unfortunately Orihime and Korona both suffer from having different writer, and feel more like "side routes". They have some good moments, but IMO overally were weaker than Saya's and Hikari's.
  7. A sky Full of stars. Recomended?

    I have to disagree. For me They didn't show anything, but both those situations clearly hint that they do it IMO. I have to agree, it would have been even better if they added some cuddling in the next morning or sth like that, but as we discussed it already - +18 version lacks such scenes too. But I think we have to agree to disagree here, so I quit now
  8. A sky Full of stars. Recomended?

    Nah, with how most of the scenes are, they would just show us "friends with benefits" If you cannot perceive their relationship as love, just adding porn won't fix it. Especially since this route even in +17 version heavily hints about them having sex at least twice, just without explicitly showing it. Also, this sentence probably hinted to me why we perceived the routes in +17 version so differently. For me teenagers relationship without fucking is perfectly normal, although I'm aware that's not popular opinion That's why I genuinely liked +17 Saya's route more than the version with H. And, to @MarcomiX - I definitely recommend finishing Hikari's route too. The ending is absolutely beautiful and compensates for any shortcomings this route may have.
  9. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    Ah, yeah, I forgot to include Saku Saku on my list. +1 to recommendation.
  10. No, they aren't sequential, they feature just different sets of side routes.
  11. VN with a well developed childhood friend heroine

    Now if only Sekai would be so nice to finally fix its broken release :/
  12. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    Well, that's a lot. I wonder how all-ages edition compares in such case Considering how the story starts based on the description, it looks little pointless to make one for this VN
  13. The progress is amazing. I think I'll wait until final patch, but it really looks promising Great news there.