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  1. No, definitely not, I assure you I was just going to ask you how were the h-scenes in this since you've already read it If it's as you say above, then indeed that might be problematic. That was the issue I had with all-ages versions of Sakura Sakura or Hitotsuba (also, the cuts were too broad), and that's why I switched to +18 versions for those. There's some truth to that. But then - with PE I've read both versions (+18 first) and yet I slightly prefer all-ages in this case. The important thing is - did they put the effort to convey the intimacy between the characters in other ways, or not. Because yeah, those emotional dialogues are important, but countless lines of moans, sound effects and narrating every single thrust can quickly become tiresome, and not all writers can find good balance I mentioned above some games where I finally chose +18 version. But then OTOH there was SukiSuki, where I really lamented the lack of proper all-ages edition Its H-scenes were awful for moege. There was no love at all in them - just mechanical fucking - at least that was my perception. Also, let's not forget Key classics (Kanon, AIR, and LB), where h-scenes totally ruin the mood... BTW I'm still curious how will Cruise Sign turn out for me, as H-scenes in Konosora were pretty good, and besides they seem to be rather essential plot point for Ageha's route. +1
  2. Yeah, but number alone says nothing. I've already mentioned Sanoba - Nene's route reportedly had 9(?) h-scenes, yet Steam version didn't feel butchered at all to me - Nekonyan did great job there, cutting just the intercourse itself, but leaving everything else intact. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Same with Princess Evangile - Steam version is port of console version - just like Noratoto - and I think it was really good, despite reading +18 version first. Story-important scenes (like the first time) got similar treatment like Sanoba, while some semi-random scenes got seamlessly removed, and it was actually beneficial to the flow of the story (I even forgot that there were so many there ). While I can understand the desire for H, nevertheless since this Noratoto Steam release is based on already existing JP all-ages version, I feel like calling it "butchered for the West" and comparing it to original release of IMHHW is a bit far fetched and unfair. Of course, it's also possible, that Harukaze didn't do as good job as Moonstone or NekoNyan, and console version will feel incomplete - but then, the outrage should be directed at "poorly done all-ages version", and not just at the act of doing all ages version itself. I'm probably going to play this after I finish MashiroIro, and then I'll gladly report my impressions here. NoisyPixel's review seems to be favourable despite the lack of H (although they mention, that sometimes it didn't went smoothly).
  3. Well, I'm 35 now, and I just started recently (reading school moeges and watching HS romcom anime ) And, isn't @ittaku way past 40 and still doing this? (I think he mentioned his age in some post)
  4. I think I'm going to give it a try. I'm genuinely curious if they managed to keep it good without h-scenes. H-scene count in 18+ version wasn't exactly low (according to this post, 7+4+5+4), but then, OTOH, two best all-ages versions of eroge that I've read were Sanoba Witch and Princess Evangile, which also had numerous h-scenes originally, yet all-ages versions were great. I wonder how's it with Noratoto, and the game is cheap enough that it doesn't hurt to try
  5. What are you playing?

    I just finished first route (Airi's) in Mashiro Iro Symphony. W O W It was great - if it will maintain similar level for remaining three routes, it's clearly aiming for 8+ score. For a moege it is indeed amazing. Nice humor, great romance, likeable characters, great art, music... I also loved SDCGs that appeared here and there. かわいい... I'm truly impressed. On to the next route (but tomorrow... )
  6. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    I have to admit, the prologue/first chapter was dragging terribly, and I was very close to dropping it. However I'm glad I survived through it, as the rest of the game was worth it, at least for me.
  7. Should I read Grisaia before it, or is it not necessary?
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Welcome to the dark side Yeah, Keyakizaka46 is good. I personally also like many songs by AKB48. Both groups (and many others in "48 group") share the same producer (Yasushi Akimoto), who writes all the lyrics. Music is made by various people/bands. OTOH most of the Hello!Project idol groups (Morning Musume etc) were rather meh to me - maybe those were the ones you found in the beginning. As for '80s/'90s pop - I absolutely love all CDs by Aya Hisakawa (久川綾). Some songs from Seiko Matsuda (松田聖子) from late '80s/early '90s are pretty good too. There's also ton of great songs on the Sailor Moon related CDs (not all were used in the anime) - they can all be downloaded at sailormusic.net - that's what was my gateway drug into japanese music Songs for Slayers and Magic Knight Rayearth are great as well. However it turns out that most of my japanese CD collection is from '00s. The great thing is, that they still keep many features from earlier years - it isn't like in the western pop, where new style comes and almost completely wipes away the old. When trying to 'date' japanese song, you can only say "not earlier than" - if there are for example instruments/sounds used that weren't used before. But you can find many songs recorded recently, that could as well be released 20 or 30 years ago - that's what I like about japanese pop the most. They don't discard the past - they build upon it. Some of my favourite singers / acts (apart from the ones mentioned above): Anri Kumaki ( 熊木杏里 ), Ai Kawashima (川嶋あい), Miyako Hasegawa (長谷川都), Maiko Fujita (藤田麻衣子), FictionJunction / Kalafina and other Yuki Kajiura's acts, Ayako Ikeda (池田綾子), Kayoko Yoshizawa (吉澤嘉代子), Minako Kawae (川江美奈子) Most of those are singer-songwriter type - quite different from idols. Going back to the '80s, I have also compilation CD of Mami Ayukawa (鮎川麻弥) - some nice songs there, including pretty good cover of Modern Talking's "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" Not sure which ones/how many of those will you like, but at least you have some names to put into YT search to check out For ultimate cheese, sounding like straight from the eighties, check out girl going by stagename KOTO (not to be confused with Dutch spacesynth band ): I love how they nailed perfectly every aspect of '80s aesthetics (including both beatuiful synth sounds and horrible visuals )
  9. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    I second recommendation of Koi iru Chu Lips. (How could I overlook it while writing my first response?) As for Wind , it was mixed bag for me - it has serious pacing issues. However I liked the art, and there were some emotional moments there.
  10. Hikari Field is just a company that did Chinese translation.
  11. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    I completed it, I liked it, and I'm still alive It looks so bad, that I haven't even started it - especially since summary also didn't seem engaging. For some reason this art looks to me much worse than early Key art. The only one I dropped wasn't pure VN, but weird early 90's hybrid, Cobra Mission. I became bored with it after second boss.
  12. Well, I guess what disturbed me the most in the example I brought up wasn't "gore" imagery, as the movie is rather tame in that regard, and, after all, I don't have any problems with blasting enemies to pieces in shooter games, but just what you described later - suffering of the characters, and completely fucked up premise (incidentally, not completely unlike euphoria). I agree with you, that it boils down to individual sensitivity - I just happen to know mine, and so I avoid certain themes or settings, since after all I don't read VNs to torture myself. And even if it obviously won't harm everybody, still I think that those "+18" ratings are there for a reason, and it's better to be safe than sorry, and avoid such things while being sensitive teenager. It probably won't turn you into psychopath - but it may leave some nasty scars. (by "you" I obviously mean the reader/viewer, not @Thyndd personally)
  13. Certainly. Even though I'm an adult (at least age-wise ) I'm not touching it with a ten foot pole, as I'm pretty sure it would hurt me even now. I'm just too sensitive for this shit. Not porn, and it definitely is veeeery innocent compared to things like euphoria, but I watched "Cube" when I was 15 I think, and I was seriously disturbed by it. OTOH thanks to this I know what to avoid...
  14. What are you playing?

    Wow, I didn't even noticed that we had walkthrough for it here - I went with the one from GameFAQs too. I'm still reading MashiroIro (quite slowly). Recently I finished common route and started Airi's. So far it's great - I'm loving characters, music, and even getting some jokes
  15. I use VNDB for VNs and MAL for anime.