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The Beautiful Alpaca Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/01/2017) 

The title for this week might be too simple here, but it really meant to said of how beautiful the alpaca is that lol. Okay, since we had alpaca here for image header while we had three other human heroines, I decided to make the title 'The Beautiful Alpaca' because I'm sure that behind it's appearance if it's normal human i'm sure that the alpaca will be beautiful human girl (There's other reason though). With the title matter done here, welcome to my VNTS Review for this week and happy April fools here beforehand.

If we look at the image header, we could see that we had four different image in the header, which mean it's been awhile since we had four notable releases at one week (The last time was at December iirc when we had four notable release). Which of course this should be good, if only I'm interested with those releases (I'm not too interested by the way). Today we also had Anime Boston, and the announcements was quite letdown imo (At least one of those were the secret announcements from Mangagamer). Although if we talk about Mangagamer announcements, guess they'll probably save the big one for the announcements like AX or Otakon later here. Let's just see what Mangagamer had for us later at both of AX and Otakon 2017 later, although of course I should talk about their announcements from Boston as well.

From Fruitbat Factory, this week they released Miniature Garden which is actually already delayed because back at February it was stated to be released at March 3rd. That's all in the past though, and at least we already get the release here so what's done it's done. Anyway, about Miniature Garden I would said that the VN was actually had some interesting production value if we looking at the seiyuu - I mean Sora Tokui who as we knew also voiced Yazawa Nico (Or Nico Nico Nii) back at Love Live, the art wasn't so bad ie good, and the opening song was quite interesting. Too bad though that's apparently the VN itself was had some problem so much that the average VNDB score was quite low. Either way, go get that from Steam if you interested, and maybe you could see the good part of Miniature Garden.

As for fan translation, this week they still give some usual updates here. As for updates goes, right now Loverable was at 58.32% translated, 29.87% TLC-ed, and 16.04% edited; Majokoi was at 69.6% edited and 16% TLC-ed (Still no translation update yet by the way); Eustia was at 5.6% translated and 3.78% edited (The prologue was at 60.77% translated and 41.06% edited for more detail); and we had Dergonu managed to translated more lines from Minato's route at Koiken Otome Revive (366 lines). Also for this week we had our Ittaku reporting that right now the proofread for ToHeart 2 was reaching 65% for the progress, or if you want more detail the route that was finished for the proofread was twins route. Other than those updates, there's no announcement from fan translation this week (Duh). For HatsuKoi, I'll add the update in here later but for now the progress was 42.13% of Kyou's route was translated, and overall it was at 58.79% translated.

Sekai Project

There's no much usual updates from Sekai this week, although to tell the truth most of their usual updates were already completed (Chrono Clock, Maitetsu). But of course if we mean 'no much usual updates', Sekai was still had some updates here only not as much as before. For this week usual updates, we got Bokukotsu at 42% translated and Kanonana was at 70% translated. Also this week they add some new updates. The new usual updates goes like we had KARAKARA 2 was at 48% translated and Fatal Twelve was at halfway translated. As for the speed of the translation, it's probably another VNs with short length (I still interested with KARAKARA 2 a little bit by the way) but it's just my guess for now. For the last updates, since this is already April I would said that obviously they had some technical problem at handling Rakuen, and therefores it's inevitable that they delayed the release of it. Let's see if they could managed it in this month (I mean April).

Other than the updates, this week Sekai was had tow releases here. The first one was PacaPlus which to said had quite unique premise to say the least (I mean your childhood friend was alpaca or something like that, although granted there's more on that once again). As for this VN, actually it's been a while that this VN was received the translation (Back at 2012) although with Sekai usual pattern guess it's nothing new there. As for Sekai other release, instead of Japanese VN we got Chinese VN, and looking from the premise I'm sure that was remind me of the eden if one want to talk about the premise. Anyway, as for Chinese VN itself (Companion) I must said that the art was quite nice to look at although I wasn't quite interesting with the VN though (Maybe I will in the future) for now. Other than those updates and release, this time Sekai didn't had announcement for Boston unlike last year (I guess I better waiting until Sakuracon later).


For Boston, only Mangagamer who had the announcements here. But before going to the announcements here, let me state that this week Mangagamer also had one release and one planned release there. For the release, at 31st they released Kuroinu which safe to said not my taste. Although even if it's not my taste here, I knew that the VN was also had good writers whose their other works was quite infamous euphoria (I knew that euphoria was had some interesting story, but the sex was not my taste here). If you interested with Kuroinu, go get that from Mangagamer. Other than release, Mangagamer also already determined when next part of Higurashi (Meakashi) will be released. The release date was at 28th according to their blogpost. About Meakashi, to tell the truth I'd already guess that Meakashi was almost released from looking at Doddler's tweet, but I forgot to write about that here.

As for the announcements, what I could said is that quite a letdown there. Although at least we didn't need to blindly guess one of their secret project, because it's only quite a short nukige there (I wonder if all of their other secret projects would be short nukige as well by the way). As for BL VN, I admit that the setting was quite interesting just like Kuroinu, but too bad BL was not my interest in the first place. Nevertheless, I'll report the progress for the BL VN if there's one as usual there and coincidentally there's already some progress for it (It was at a quarter translated right now).

While I said that the announcements was quite a letdown, actually there's one interesting announcements. Namely that Mangagamer announce Trinoline (I'd always misspelled it as Trionline lol) which is another minori games. As for the announcements, while this is quite interesting on it's own, actually there's many people who already saw this coming since back at last year AX iirc. As for the premise, maybe I would said it's like sci-fi nakige because there's usual trope for nakige that we love there (Death and sick girl), and of course what's sci-fi without android in the first place (Or to be exact the android who exactly like MC dead little sister and had said little sister memories to boot). With that done, actually there's more that interest me. Namely that this is the first VN that minori attempted to localize after their failure at Supipara (So much that the opening for Trinoline (And any of minori VN) was not fully animated anymore), which to said at least minori saw some potential in overseas market. Also with what Decay said that Trinoline sales could help minori fundraising (189,436 as of now), and in turn will help Supipara Chapter 2 in English (Although it means that minori should release Trinoline first though if they want to use it as fund raising). What I could say for now here would be let's see it later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.

PS - As for Grisaia Complete Box plan when the Kickstarter of Phantom Trigger reach 180,000 gathered, I would said whatever ie not that interested.

PPS - Kyou's route from HatsuKoi was fully translated, and overall translation progress was at 67.66% (Past two third mark) translated. Also the team will be reveal their next project later after Maya's patch. Oh, and they said that they hope by Wednesday the patch (Kyou's) could be released.


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