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  1. yes, the tool just like vnr. Can be used textractor only or plus with chiitrans as minidictionary
  2. good luck bro, Im just grateful that you aren't stoping this project
  3. Majikoi series then if school romance that having Rom-com relation, Making Lovers for dating simulation or Senren Bangka
  4. i dont think so if some programs blocking the game, i never try princess lover, maybe some one know about this problem sry, i cant help you
  5. if i look on the erorr msg, the game cant load the part of some file, maybe try reinstalling using only English letters in foldername like princesslovers
  6. hai giatam, wow, youre pretty good that already make VN by yourself, dreams of some people here. anyway welcome to fuwanovel, hope you enjoy your time here.
  7. im writing on php, but i think if renpy there documentation about it for if else expression, you can search it for complex on renpy forum too. the basic expression is like this
  8. i dont know about writting a VN plot, but i know a bit about programming. there a logical to get the result, example just like this:
  9. youre welcome, you can play fullscreen, try to right click then always to top. But some game cant be play for fullscreen if have old engine that not allow to alt+tab when full screen
  10. just look on the tutorial on github official of textractor, its so easy to use, just attach the game exe and getting hooked automatically
  11. then why not change the tools? textractor maybe, if use google translate there is same too
  12. hmmm, i think your problem on vnr, have u try reinstalling the newest version?
  13. i have no problem to use textractor until now, i just find manually that matched on text game result on textractor to find the result.
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