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  1. What manga are you currently reading?

    currently reading all of isekai types manga lol
  2. Anime Manga Game News [Indonesian language]

    its new site, so focus at 3 of the topic first. And no other admin expect me. i will add like Anime review and VNs review later when the site stable.
  3. As you know there so many site that share news about anime, manga, nor game. like myanimelist, animenewsnetwork, crunchyroll , etc But i made a website like all of them, the reason is just for fun and want to share about news related anime manga and game in indonesian language. People who live in indonesia, most all of them didnt want to know or pain in ass when reading using english. this site about 1 week, i need improve and some oppinion about my site. can someone give me what needed what should i do ? Im so sorry if out of the topic and my bad text xixi The site : Issekai.com
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    Curently re-watching TOP Anime Action genres and waiting the one new season of them haha http://tz.ucweb.com/10_CrGJ Nanatsu ofcourse
  5. Hello!

    welcome and enjoy mate http://tz.ucweb.com/10_2lYyG
  6. VNR Erors

    Woaahh thats my bad, i think winrar also, cause in the guide not only 7z. But its works when i try it with 7z, Thz
  7. VNR Erors

    Looks this is the Screenshot wait, ill try with 7z, hope its work
  8. VNR Erors

    ive download it 5times still got an errors then the erors should be stopping by End Prossess using Task Manager
  9. VNR Erors

    Since ive reading VNs again ive some problems in VNR, ive download many times that rar, and try to Extact them into my folder, then it showing eror in winrar, its maybe expired of the link? or VNR doesnt exist anymore? if the link, pl someone who have VNR upload it in any dirrect link, thanks NOTE : SOLVED
  10. hmm, looks if youre right about patch 8,6 im testing .8.6 patch and it still in japanse text, i think redjack still editing it? i have download it about 29Sept, maybe got link eror?
  11. Best Wishes for Krill

    aww bad news, krill,i hope u get well soon, and dont lose with your illness, Fight !!