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  1. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    I enjoyed Vol. 1 less than Nekopara Volume 1 (which I describe as 'it mostly manages to not be boring'; to me the first Nekopara is basically the definition of average), but I did kinda sorta enjoy it. It played fast and loose with the plot - the developments at the end seemed kind of abrupt and poorly paced - but it just barely managed to keep me engaged. Then I played the beginning of Vol. 2. And it was terribad. The cliffhanger at the end of Vol. 1 is resolved by really ludicrous retcons, ass-pulls, and deus ex machinae. I completely lost immersion in the story after that, closed the game, and never looked back. I expected this approach would continue - never mind sensible story development, the end of vol. 2 would probably throw some BS curveball out of left field to keep people coming back, then volume 3 will come up with whatever lazy asspull ex machina is the most convenient way to get out of it. Some of the spoilers I heard from people discussing the game here essentially confirmed I wasn't too far off base. So, yeah, not terribly interested in this Momoiro Closet.
  2. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    After I enjoyed Corona Blossom so much that I quit playing as soon as I read the opening scene of volume 2, uh, I have no plans to so much as look at this until after reviews are out.
  3. If you can play untranslated games, then play all of them. If not, Koihime Musou is the only one in English right now.
  4. Steins;Gate. Demonbane. Saya no Uta. Tokyo Babel. Shadows of Pygmalion. Littlewitch Romanesque. Eve Burst Error. 999/Virtue's Last Reward. Hotel Dusk. Chaos;Head. Koihime Musou. Kara no Shoujo.
  5. I've never liked kuuderes / expressionless-types. They're empty shells that run afoul of the eight deadly words. Stupid characters have to be handled carefully or they'll really get on my nerves. I find idol culture twisted and kind of morally repulsive, so I'm not a big fan of idol characters either; there's this undercurrent from the baggage just of being an idol that makes my skin crawl. Also, I'm really not a fan of abusive or co-dependent relationships. A lot of these stock characters can easily slide in there. Manipulative, sadistic, or arrogant, for example, can go there. The kind of hyper-aggressive tsundere you find in (say) Love Hina, where they'll beat him up (literally) over things they know aren't his fault, definitely goes there. And yandere / yangire needs to be very carefully handled for the same reason.
  6. That isn't really a problem, because localization doesn't normally work that way. Rights are typically sold off by language and region. Note that of all the games Hikari Field licensed, exactly one of them is getting an English version. Moonstone has a relationship with MangaGamer, and that relationship is working out extremely well for them. Every one of Moonstone's 4 english-translated games is very popular. So unless Moonstone doesn't know how to negotiate contracts, they still have the rights to give to MangaGamer. I'd say that the game actually has good odds of getting licensed, even if Magical Marriage Lunatics somehow bombs (which I very much doubt). Sales of Supipara volume 2 and Trinoline will probably be enough to push Volume 3 over the finish line.
  7. I thought Kouryuu fan translated Koihime, not Soul Link. But yes, basically any fan translator who is actually any good, and wants to go pro, can do so. As for #4, I don't think it's ever happened. I cannot think of a single case where either a licensor, or the original Japanese rightsholder, issued a C&D, and the fan translators ignored the C&D and released the game anyway. Several projects have been killed by C&D. One of the most notable was Aroduc's hilariously ill-conceived attempt to Kickstart a fan translation. That one actually attracted a DMCA, and Kickstarter yanked it. (The original project page is blanked out by Kickstarter, but there is in fact a Wayback version here: wayback). Since nobody has been crazy enough to continue and release a patch after a C&D has been issued, we haven't seen the aftermath. Sooner or later someone will decide to push their luck, and we'll see what happens. Legally, this would be a very dicey proposition. Suing someone in a foreign country is a massive hassle. A real lawyer can tell you more, but generally, if you sue them in your country, the judgement's basically worthless. And if you sue them in their country, you have to actually go there and show up in court, which costs a fortune and is a royal pain in the ass. These companies are typically small and can't really afford to file that kind of lawsuit. Practically speaking, a rightsholder can use the DMCA, or similar processes, to demand that a patch get taken down, or that an FTL website be removed from the internet. But that's generally going to be the limit of what they can get away with.
  8. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    It sure does. MoeNovel tried to pull a fast one by releasing it censored in the West first... Then releasing an 18-plus version explicitly marked 'for Japan only' later. As if we weren't going to find out
  9. Says the man who admits he's never even seen Azumanga Daioh.
  10. Sekai never struck me as a company that doesn't care about the games they release. They're terrible at public relations (witness their latest bon mot about Root Double on Vita), and they've had a couple of recent slip-ups in regards to TL quality, and they seem to struggle with too many projects and not enough people to run them. But we know the modus operandi of companies that don't give a shit: they just do a crappy job and release the game anyway. They don't bother delaying projects for a long time, like Sekai has done. They just release a steaming pile, and maybe kinda sorta fix it later. They also don't launch Kickstarters for games. Those are a pain in the ass, they involve a lot of extra work, and generate a lot of really picky and demanding customers. And if a game needs a Kickstarter, that's a sign that it hasn't got enough market potential to be worth it to them anyway. Or, put another way - Maybe you don't have to do a quality release if you already got the Kickstarter money. But remember: A good reputation takes years to build, but only moments to destroy. If you ever want to get more Kickstarter money, you can't expect to half-ass it the first time. Despite all of Sekai's problems, I have exactly once gotten a vibe from them that they said 'eh, fuck it' and released something they clearly shouldn't have (that would be Leyline, naturally).
  11. Here you go: DL site purchase link If you want to buy a Japanese game, don't try searching under the English name. Most of the time you won't get anywhere fast. You need to search for the game under its original Japanese name. This brought it right up for me: 1) Google the English name of the game + VNDB 2) On the game's VNDB page, copy the Japanese name of the game 3) Google the Japanese name of the game, plus "DL Site".
  12. Has Moege Ever Improved Your Life?

    Dysfunctional relationships are a real turnoff. I feel like if Ai were a guy people would be calling it toxic, creepy, and weird. As for the topic, sure, moege have improved my life. Some of them are quite fun. And I get to read a topic like this, with only the choicest, saltiest posts from people who seem to be under the impression that moege are the Seven Seals, and if you read too many of them then Evil shall befall you.
  13. Best Non-Moege You've Ever Read.

    You forget nukige. Imouto Paradise is chock full of all the overused tropes and juvenile sexual fantasies, and it is definitely not a moege.
  14. Best Non-Moege You've Ever Read.

    This thread's been active for an hour and nobody's mentioned Steins;Gate yet? For shame! Then I will!
  15. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    Nobody opposes censored releases. (Well, okay, some people do. They're crazy.) What people oppose are censored only releases. People give MoeNovel well-deserved flack because of their plans to not give people the choice to read the versions they want to read, and the condescending and insulting ways they've gone about this. I want them to stop. If they won't, I want them to go away and let other people release the games instead. I don't want the games not released at all. I don't want them released like this. None of this in any way reflects badly on you; you should read what you want to read. Just don't try to tell me that I shouldn't read what I want to read too. No, MoeNovel's "mistakes" (which aren't mistakes because they were deliberate) are not "just nitpicking".