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  1. Slowly. I've been avoiding posting an update mainly because it's mostly not good news, but I doubt it's likely to change at this point. Darklord Rooke has disappeared. The last I heard from him was before Covid and he was more or less disengaged from VNs except for this project (which he seems to have disconnected from sometime after that point). Looking back at the work I did, I did the best I could using the (limited) tools available at the time, but it's not something I'd want to release. So I've started retranslating the game from scratch (in between retranslating / editing SKM fr
  2. NekoNyan might want to rethink their PR strategy (inasmuch as a cash-poor company like a VN translation outfit can afford such a thing as a PR strategy). Someone who's interested in DracuRiot didn't know that they'd announced the cause of the delay four months ago. That's kind of the whole point of PR: to make sure interested people, and folks who might be interested, know what's going on and remember / look forward to the release.
  3. Missing option: Translation quality. A bad translations can go so far as to take what could have been a good game, and smother it (like Cross Channel). Good translations can take what might have been an average game, and make it something truly great (see: Chrono Clock).
  4. Steins;Gate. Demonbane. Tokyo Babel. Shadows of Pygmalion.
  5. Localization companies have a lot of constraints. The business requires co-operation with the Japanese side of things. No game can be released without the consent and involvement of the rights holders. The Japanese IP holder can't just sign on the dotted line and take easy royalty money. They have to do work. Legal work, chasing down VA contract clearance. Graphics work, uncensoring the artwork and finding original assets. Programming work, updating the game engine to handle incompatibilities with Western OS default settings and the fact that Western languages use characters that, in Ja
  6. Heh. Back in the day it was the Peach Princess forum (since after Jast folded, they reorganized under that name for a few years).
  7. I started translating VNs having read 0 in Japanese. (My first project is Nocturnal Illusion, whose official loc was so bad I still did a better job.) My editor found dozens of questionable-looking lines that, upon going back and rechecking, were pretty amateurish and awful errors. (I mean, I am an amateur.) On my next VN - SKM - I've noticed a big improvement from when I started versus now. Like anything you'll get better with practice. I often spend significant lengths of time struggling to figure out a mere several lines of fairly complicated Japanese. Sometimes it's 'what does t
  8. Fan projects, by their very nature, do not ask permission. They simply do what they want. If you want to join a specific fan translation project, you should talk to the people running it. Getting their attention might be hard; a place like this is a good place to try to get in touch. If you have a specific game you want translated badly enough to do it yourself, and it doesn't have a project already, this is also a good place to come looking for a group to start one. But you don't need anyone's permission to post here. There is no licensing board of amateur translators you need t
  9. Project is definitely not dead. I have no other news at this time.
  10. Paying a language tutor to tell you what you did/didn't get right might be a worthwhile endeavor. Using MTL is not. If you already know enough Japanese to tell 'oh I should clean this up to be more standard so the MTL can figure it out' or 'this looks like an idiom, lemme google.jp this and see' then you will be more accurate than the MTL, making it mostly useless for that purpose.
  11. Yes, I'm necro'ing a 4 year old thread. Fear my dark magic! So I thought I'd fool around with the script tools. I did get them half working - the readme is wrong (it says "Copy scenepatch.sdb to the "patch" folder and run make_patch.bat" - you actually also need to copy scene.sbd). But the resulting patch leaves most of the names in Japanese. That's no good. Is anyone from this project still around to take a look? (I mean, probably not, but...)
  12. Whoops. I saw 'review', it looked like a review of a VN, I didn't look too closely. I'm still not gonna post percent updates here, those are available at the status tracker and the change-in-percent-edited statistic is mostly useless.
  13. I have been remiss in one thing. Now that this thread has been necro'ed, I see it. I never formally announced I wasn't going to be updating here anymore. The updates just stopped. I didn't even provide the link to the real status tracker pasted half a page or so above. So here goes... This project is not cancelled. I am editing it. This thread will not receive periodic updates with percentages anymore. That was mostly useful because VNTS pulled numbers from here, and VNTS was high profile so feeding it accurate numbers was useful. But there is no more VNTS and never will be again
  14. It's pretty much just me at this point, and I have a real job so that takes up a lot of my time. Don't expect a release anytime soon, but it is still being worked on.
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