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    That's a common trick, actually. I haven't actually played FSN myself, but I have no problem believing that's why he's there.
  2. Part of the problem is that Da Capo 1 was translated in MangaGamer's very early days, when their translations left much to be desired. Unlike some other titles, which were fixed later, this one never was.
  3. I don't really consider the average moege heroine to be a 'main character'. And the protag-kuns in most moege lack any real personality. Okabe Rintarou comes to mind. He's got a very well defined personality, and it makes the game he's in shine. I have to say the same for Kurou Daijuuji, the main character of Demonbane. He has a very well defined personality, and it oozes through every aspect of the game that he's in to great effect.
  4. I went to go take a look at Maitetsu's Steam page, only to find it hasn't actually got one. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the game doesn't wind up releasing on Steam after all. And if it does, it will only be because the game's promotional materials (at least the ones up on the game's site right now) aren't pushing the sexualization angle. They push the slice of life angle, none of the characters are explicitly underage, and the main character isn't a grown man with an explicit avowed interest in little girls. Sure, it might be a lolige. But they're not marketing it as one. Whereas The Key to Home sure seemed to have been designed to be marketed that way from the get go. I checked out their Steam page awhile back. It had a screenshot that was obviously supposed to look an awful lot like a footjob without actually being one. It's just much more open and obvious about it, and guess what? Steam has the right not to sell something if they don't want to. It is their service. They obviously know about the porn games flooding onto Steam. They've chosen to throw up roadblocks (the patches thing) but have continued to allow it. They don't need to do that. Nobody has a right to sell their stuff there. If Valve decides "we're not comfortable allowing this title on Steam", they can do that. I'm fine with them doing it because they're worried about bad press if the story somehow blew up. I'm also fine with them doing it because Valve as a company decided 'this makes our skin crawl, we don't want this on our store'. I would not be fine if Valve said something like "if you publish that game anywhere else, we'll never talk to you again". That would be censorship. Valve deciding it doesn't want to carry Imouto Paradise or Suck my Dick or Die or The Key to Home isn't censorship. No one has a right to be heard using any platform they demand access to. That's not how it works. Other folks have the right not to associate with you, if they don't like you. Steam is not a public utility.
  5. It was announced at Otacon 2016. It's been in the works for quite awhile. Compared to Funbag Fantasy, which was announced last May, and released four months later.
  6. Witch's Garden Total line count: 53677 Shin Koihime Musou total line count: 108888 Is 53K really all that much bigger than your average VN?
  7. Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

    Yeah, that game is actually a compilation. The three parts were, once upon a time, sold as individual games. Here is the original release corresponding to that first part. So yeah, that's literally just a framing device to tie together the three pieces, that were originally completely unrelated.
  8. So ... you want the latest update to the Steam version... But you can't get access to it? No dice, pirate stuff isn't allowed here.
  9. Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

    Especially don't do it again three more times after it happens to you the first time. You've got to admire(?) somebody who sees their pet go into a hole in the wall... Remembers what happened the last three times this was an issue ... Then gets in the hole in the wall anyway.
  10. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    Then you might wanna back at a cheap tier just to get access to BackerKit. I would not assume those bonuses will ever be generally available.
  11. That is ... not impossible, but it's unlikely. Most of these companies don't do the English versions in-house. They let their US publishing partners take care of it. In fact, we've seen the results of Japanese companies going it alone. They tend not to be able to judge how good a translation is themselves, so they tend to hire really bad translators. The results tend to be things like Libra, or early MangaGamer translations. Edit: Besides, a censored game just happened to be published by the only major player known for censoring things. Personally, I think that's good enough. I'm assuming Nutaku probably did it on that basis. I'm not willing to extend them the benefit of the doubt. Sure, we don't have proof. The evidence still points in their direction. I mean, Nutaku hasn't even denied being responsible. If they were to issue an official statement which said "we did not request these changes, the original licensor wanted them" then that would be different. (Nutaku has a reputation for being dishonest, so I might not believe them. But a denial would definitely make me more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt.)
  12. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    After they got flak for their translation work on Sakura Sakura, they went and got some experienced and skilled translators to work on the game instead. I presume they will continue to do good work in that regard. Besides which, MiKandi is currently working on a new translation for Libra anyway.
  13. Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam

    Don't we already know the quality? It's crap, and when people told them it was crap, the company blew them off. I'm a huge fan of monster girls, but I've already basically written this game off as not worth getting excited about.
  14. No. While everyone involved bears some blame, Nutaku probably bears the brunt of it. Likely all the licensor did wrong was pick the wrong localizer. For two reasons: 1) Nutaku has pulled similar stunts before. In fact, they got caught censoring a game, then used the DMCA to take down articles criticizing them over it. After this, they said they planned to censor less. They also committed to being open and fully disclosing whenever they think they have to censor something. See here and here (around the 10 min mark). For this reason alone, Nutaku deserves flak, either for incompetence (announcing a game is censored really isn't a hard commitment to live up to), or for deliberately lying. 2) Let's consider the field of Nutaku competitors here. Jast USA. I seem to recall Jast actually did the virgin blood thing once. I think in addition to XC3's loli problems, some blood was also censored. That was a long time ago, and it seems like Peter actually learned his lesson from the ensuing uproar. As for traps, Jast USA localized two full-on BL VNs. I'm fairly confident Jast wouldn't demand/make either change. MangaGamer. Some MG titles have a fair amount of virgin blood. They seem fine with it. As for traps, they've yet to do a game with a trap 'heroine'. But they've done a trap protag and a reverse trap. They've also done well with BL titles; with otome titles; and with their one GxB title (so far). I can't see MangaGamer making either of those changes, either. Denpasoft. I've never heard of Denpasoft ever censoring anything. And SP/Denpasoft had that gender bender BL title they tried to Kickstart. Sure, it didn't work. But they tried. I can't see any of these three companies making either of these changes. All three of the big names probably would have left well enough alone. But if you believe that, doesn't that basically mean that the only reason the game ended up censored was because it was released by Nutaku? Which would indeed make it their fault.
  15. Sansha Mendan Full Translation Released

    Well, for people who like that kind of thing, I imagine this is great. I'm not one of those people. I have as much interest in it as I do in a root canal without anesthesia.