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  1. Be warned: Libra Vampire Princess technically came out, but the translation is beyond awful. You should probably stay away.
  2. Can Too Many Choices Ruin Your VN Reading Experience?

    I was talking to some cousins of mine once years ago about Zelda: Twilight Princess. They said they loved the game. So I asked something like "Oh yeah? Which part gave you the most trouble?" and they told me "well, uh, we actually have a guide, and we just use the guide to play the game." I thought this was crazy, and was like "But all the fun is figuring all that stuff out for yourself. How is it any fun to use a walkthrough?" They didn't really have a good answer other than "I dunno, I just like the game." There's no one right way to use a walkthrough. The trick is to figure out what works for you, and do it. Or I guess, figure out what doesn't work for you, and then don't.
  3. Honestly? if you want my advice, then just put down games you want to play based on how much you want to play them. Don't worry so much about feasibility. Just don't suggest any games by bankrupt companies, and all other things being equal, suggestions from companies they already work with are more practical. Beyond that, trying to read the tea leaves is basically a waste of time. There are just too many unknowns to try to predict this. There are too many reasons why a company might have never dealt with the west before, and most of those reasons are kept secret, so it's not even like you can try to make an informed guess. Maybe they remember RapeLay and are terrified of it happening to them. Maybe the artist doesn't want to redraw the CG. Maybe one of the people in management dealt with Western businesses before, had a bad experience, and thinks "never again". Maybe they think it'd be a waste of time and money. Maybe someone who works there hates someone who works in the Japanese branch of MangaGamer. It could even be as simple as, well, nobody ever asked. We'll never find out those sorts of things, because all such negotiations are confidential. So just do what you want.
  4. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    And such obvious manipulation isn't handled by VNDB administrators? If it's that blatant I'd figure those users would get banned and their votes annulled.
  5. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Wait, that runs for large parts of the game? Then if I were working on the game I'd definitely spend more time on it than 10 or 15 minutes at 2 in the morning I still think my original point holds water - it's definitely possible to translate Asa-baka into English, you just have to get creative.
  6. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Eh, that depends on how profane the character is the rest of the time. For someone who swears like a sailor that would be pretty mild, for someone who hardly ever curses it's probably too harsh. But yeah, same idea.
  7. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Yeah, I know. Talking to yourself is said to be a sign of impending mental collapse. And double posting is frowned on. But it'd be even more disruptive to edit my previous post with an example. This line here: I honestly didn't expect anything else, but it looks like the miracle that she got up by herself remains as an event that occurs once in a hundred years or so. The translator clearly tried to make this flow in English, and it's not too bad. But it's not quite there. It's kind of stiff. I'd have tweaked it a bit like this: I wasn't really expecting anything else, honestly, but I guess Konami getting herself up is destined to be a rare miracle, seen perhaps once a century.
  8. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Having not gotten that far in the game myself, I'm just going to speak generally. First, while in general it's good for similar terminology to be translated similarly, it's not a requirement. This is one spot where I'd ditch it. Having it consistently translated might be nice, but having it consistently translated battily is not. And second, I'd ditch the whole bit where it mimics an honorific. It's technically extraordinarily difficult to make that work in English (as you go over pretty well). But it's a mistake to think that means it can't be done. No, this is when you get creative. And you can get close. She's making a point of not just calling the person stupid, but being very disrespectful at the same time (by not using a real honorific, and instead using an insult in its place). Making fun of the person's name seems good enough. So I'd probably go with something like Aso Stupid, or Asa Doofus. Maybe Asuck, or Asand-for-brains. Failing that, I'd break another part of the Pirate Code of Translation (Arr: it's more of a set of loose guidelines). Generally, it just seems weird for someone to in Japanese use someone's name in a spoken line, and the translation not reflect that. But people use names when talking to each other differently in Japanese than English. So I've had to reword sentences to find good spots where an English speaker might actually insert the name of whoever they're talking to. I don't like to break this not-a-rule, because it's one thing people can actually notice and it will feel weird. But it can be done. And then you have a whole wealth of ways to insult someone's intelligence. Knucklehead. Dumbass. Dingbat. Fool. Dim bulb. Special. Thinks "gullible" really isn't in the dictionary. Out to lunch.
  9. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    ... And to think, when people play the game where the translators actually did something like that (Chrono Clock) they're like ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU SPEAK IT!? Edit: No, you can't. And I say that as someone who's moderately in favor of leaving honorifics in. It's not an honorific. It's an insult. Calling someone stupid is not some untranslatable concept.
  10. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Indeed. Trust me, you don't want the game translated as if it were a technical manual. Instead, when characters talk, the English is supposed to convey as close to the same thoughts in as close to the same tone as you can get to the original. Now, Saku Saku in particular is supposed to be funny. Taking some liberties in order to keep the funny bits funny is definitely a good call. Overall, it's not the best translation I've ever seen, but it works well. I have found some spots where the translation seemed rough, but it had nothing to do with adding words or not. (Embarrassingly, I can't remember any off the top of my head.) As for "bat"? Yeah, that's a pretty darn terrible choice. There are worse ways to translate using "baka" as if it were an honorific. But you kind of have to try. I would honestly not have called it a piece of real slang had I not seen the evidence in this thread. And I would have been just as sure of it as I was that "circuituitous" was a word until about a month ago.
  11. Okay, everything that has been edited is now properly accounted for in the tools. Here is the current project status (all of these are edited percentages): Total edited: 5609/108888 (5.2%) Shoku route: 2860/41882 (6.8%) Gi route: 1390/38852 (3.6%) Go route: 1358/25983 (5.2%) Kan route: 1/2171 (basically 0%) Over the course of my time on this project I transitioned, basically, from translating the remaining h-scenes into being a transleditor. Nobody else was willing to do it, and the script needs some serious whipping into shape. Also, I was much more haphazard in my editing before. I would simply edit parts of files that clearly needed it as I happened to stumble across them. This is reflected in the editing percentages, which are haphazard and show a lot of minor work mostly spread across the whole project, while a few files were very heavily edited. For example, the majority of what is "edited" in Go happens to be the parts of Non's h-scenes that I translated (which mostly required only minor touching up). Then the tools were ready. And with the tools came nice stats. With the stats, a good look at the state of the script. I hadn't realized exactly how big the script was. It's more than a hundred thousand lines! No, I'm not going anywhere. Don't panic. (And put this fish in your ear. Trust me.) But it does mean a change in approach. As many of you probably know, the game is split into three routes (and one final bonus route, Kan), one for each of the three factions Shoku, Gi, and Go. From now on, we are doing one route at a time. First up is Shoku. It's the longest, and it's the one our translator has decided to focus on finishing the h-scenes for. This doesn't really mean much. The editing percentages for other routes just won't move for awhile. No, it's not your imagination. Yes, it's on purpose.
  12. Any Comedic VN Recommendations?

    Chrono Clock and Kindred Spirits are both pretty good.
  13. Saku Saku Route Quality

    Definitely not the guy who hasn't even finished the common route. Err, wait. That would be me!
  14. Saku Saku Route Quality

    Apparently. At least that's what the reviews I read say. Doesn't really surprise me considering that even in the very beginning they've been foreshadowing stuff.
  15. New Visual Novel Project and Copyrights

    Google is your friend. You can find much more accurate information about copyright law on Google than you will find here. Now, I am not a lawyer. But what you are planning on doing is illegal, full stop. It would be classified as a derivative work if it ever went to court. Does this mean you can't do it? No, not at all. Many fan projects never attract official attention at all. But the ones that do always fold. Look at Pokemon Uranium or AM2R or Chrono Resurrection. Also, one thing you absolutely cannot do is charge money or solicit donations. Legally speaking, doing either of these is irrelevant. Practically speaking, you are far more likely to attract the attention of the copyright holders, and they will take you far more seriously than they would otherwise. So if you want to spend a bunch of your own money doing this, be prepared for the eventuality that your work will never see the light of day. (You could always try to get official permission, of course, but, uh, I wouldn't count on it.) How likely is that to happen? If I could predict the future THAT well, you'd be paying me money