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  1. Is there a fine line between a moege and a charage?

    Really? Because "minimal character development, no strong central plot, character interactions based solely upon surface character qualities born of the archetype in question, etc " seems to me to describe everything that's wrong with Magical Marriage Lunatics. Or at least of the two routes that I played.
  2. Nope, that's governed by this test: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imminent_lawless_action There is absolutely no way that the school shooter game would run afoul of this. It's 100% legal. Valve also is entitled not to sell it if they don't want to - that's also 100% legal - but nobody is going to prison because they were involved in the creation of that game. As for the 'they didn't specify where it's illegal' thing, they already deal with that. Legal restrictions are only applied in the relevant territory. Otherwise all those WW2 games with Nazi insignia wouldn't be on Steam at all; that's illegal in Germany too. So no, if Valve actually follows through with this, there is nothing preventing Active Shooter from being sold on Steam, or basically anything. Being a white supremacist is not illegal. Advocating for white supremacy is also not illegal. Making white supremacist propaganda is not illegal either.
  3. Valve's new steam policy.

    Of course they did. There specifically was a huge clusterfuffle over 'anime games' not even a month before this was announced. This is as close to them publicly addressing that controversy as we're likely ever to see.
  4. It's not illegal to be a white supremacist or a Holocaust denialist. (Well, it's illegal to be a Holocaust denialist in Germany, but not in the US)
  5. After giving it some thought, I can't see this new policy working for Valve. I see another train wreck in the future, and it goes like this: White supremacists (or, say, Holocaust denialists) will start putting stuff on Steam Valve and/or the public will freak out over it The controversy becomes so great that they have to change course Once again, Valve will have told people 'this is okay' and then come back and change their minds
  6. Regarding MoeNovel and what can be done.

    Pulltop released a game with Jast USA in the past - Princess Waltz. I would recommend buying that game instead. Giving MoeNovel money will only tell them that their current strategy of releasing badly-translated censored games is working. If you don't like that strategy, and you don't really want the game if it's censored, then you shouldn't buy it. In a way, them not releasing anything at all is better in the long term, if you don't want censored-only releases. There is always the chance other companies see what MoeNovel is doing, and decide 'hey this sounds like a great idea'.
  7. Japanese sales have, I understand, been steadily declining for years. Part of it is that there are more releases than ever chasing after a roughly fixed pool of money, but that pool of money has also been slowly shrinking. The same thing happened to manga, too. I suspect (but don't quote me on this) that a lot of the money that used to go into these things shifted into going to mobile devices - likely free-to-play gatcha - instead. The population shrinking probably doesn't help either. The demographics of people who buy VNs and video games skew young. (I believe most VN customers are only customers for a few years before they stop buying? I forget where I heard that.) So the shrinking of those demographics really hurts.
  8. Makes sense. Then the total money they are making probably is way better than MangaGamer, even if the amount they make from their English-language versions specifically probably isn't. But that doesn't really matter; their business as a whole is much more profitable which makes it appealing to those licensors who don't care about quality.
  9. Except that the average MangaGamer game goes for roughly 40x as much money. If SakuraGame moves 40x as many units as MangaGamer, then their revenue is broadly comparable. And MangaGamer's translation rates are low, so their expenses aren't going to be that much more per game's. It's closer than you think. And I doubt very much SakuraGame's "success" will continue indefinitely if they keep this up. (Of course, if they're actually producing real Chinese translations, and if the Chinese versions are priced traditionally, then all bets are off. I wouldn't know about that.)
  10. G-Collections was originally kind of like MangaGamer is now: wholly owned by CD-Bros. Then CD-Bros almost completely collapsed. GC now is a brand owned by Jast USA. That happened because Peter Payne went to CD-Bros, and paid them for the brand name, and all the titles. The new titles released after Sagara Family and Figures of Happiness are titles Peter licensed per the usual way. Nocturnal Illusion and the other handful of really old releases are a strange story. I presume those fall under "old, poorly drafted contracts" because Peter has been able to re-release Nocturnal Illusion numerous times over the years, even though the Japanese company that made the game went under years before.
  11. The thing is that this isn't a very peculiar case. This is the standard way those deals work. That's why anime goes out of print. Witness the giant parade of Aniplex licenses that are slowly expiring out from under all the companies they used to do business with, since they decided 'we'll just charge Japanese prices and release these ourselves'. This is why Muppet Babies is never getting released on DVD, and also why The Muppet Show's episodes on DVD aren't all the same length: a lot of musical numbers got cut out. It's why stuff rolls off of streaming services like Crunchyroll and Netflix all the time. What happens is these contracts come up for renewal on a regular basis. Companies have very low incentive to cancel these contracts in the case of MangaGamer: they literally don't have to lift a finger, and they get more free money. All they have to do is sign a renewal. To date, Navel is the only company to decline to renew one of those contracts. MangaGamer has partnered with many companies, released a few games, then never done any more games from that company (Black Lilith and Propeller, to name a few) but Navel is the only one that took games out of print. In Navel's case, they released the new version of Shuffle! (the one that isn't the one everyone wants) shortly after the contract with MG expired. Now, these contracts are fairly long-term. It's difficult to say when exactly Navel decided not to renew; but I doubt the timing of Shuffle's steam release is a coincidence. I imagine Navel wanted to move to Steam, and to do it themselves. Note that even they couldn't do that while MangaGamer held an exclusive license. They had to wait for it to expire.
  12. In the early days, a lot of Japanese companies didn't know how to write contracts. This is how Harmony Gold still has Macross tied up. But stories like that are why they don't negotiate contracts like that anymore. Typically a contract will be for a limited time (meaning that the rights will eventually expire; witness MangaGamer having to stop selling Shuffle! and Soul Link) but also be an exclusive contract. While the contract is in force, that company will be the only one with rights to release it in whatever territory the license covers. This is because non-exclusive licenses are worthless; why spend a bunch of money translating and promoting a game when someone else can just undercut you? So typically the localization company will demand an exclusive license. However, SakuraGame may not bother. They're not a real publisher. They don't give a crap about their products, they certainly don't spend money on them, and they had games put up briefly that they didn't even have rights for. So it's hard to say.
  13. What are you playing?

    As far as I know the patch literally changed only a few lines, one of which was (I believe) an 'over 9000' meme. What I heard was that they were considering doing more, but would have had to go back to the company to make any such patch, and the company was like 'we gave you a patch already, go away'.
  14. I very much doubt that there exists a system that will issue "censor the game within 2 weeks or we will delist you" threats 100% automatically without any interaction. If for no other reason than we would already have seen it in action before, by this point, and we haven't. Not to mention that once trolls find out about it, they would make use of it to do far more than just mess with VNs.
  15. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    They don't make big announcements like that at ACen. They make low-key nukige announcements at ACen. (As in, don't expect Imouto Paradise 3 to be announced there.)