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Love Live! School Trap Idol Project Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (02/04/2017)

It should be very obvious what parody that the title tried to deliver here (It's Love Live duh). But for more twist here, two of three people in header image were men. Yes men, although they definitely looking good though in their disguise (Hence the title trap). With that said, welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for being late here. Let's see what update that VNTS had for this week, but first let me comment on the VN at header image beforehand.

Apparently Mangagamer decided to do surprise release like JAST. But unlike JAST, Mangagamer just launching nukige which is quite short according to VNDB. To tell the truth, the premise was riduculuous and ironically mimicking Love Live series further. Best not question that I suppose. Although it's quite interestimg that apparently Mangagamer was partnering with Umesoft though, and I think this was quite sudden because there's no announcement from Mangagamer in regard of partnership with Umesoft (Or I just missng the news). For Mangagamer other releases, not care too much here so that's all for Mangagamer at this week.

Sekai Project

About Chrono Clock delay here, while I sort of predicted it gonna happen, I couldn't help but feel a little down there. But while there's delay there, at least they prepared Chrono Clock Steam Store which hopefully means it shouldn't take long time to release it - I still slightly wary though looking at 'Soon' at release time which mean that they're not certain in regard of release time (And we knew of how JAST love word 'soon' here). Now for Chrono Clock update, right now it was at 93.29% translated and apparently Sekai was preparing the launching of beta version there. At least there's notable progress though if we talk about the translation process only.

For the other update we had Maitetsu which finally had resume the updates after two weeks absence (88.45% translated). For more updates, there are bunch of progress from secret projects, but let me state two more updates from non-secret project here - Hoshimemo was fully retranslated, Rakuen was at 90% translated and Bokukotsu was at 28.07% translated. As for the secret projects, 1st was at 37% translates, 2nd was at 73% translated, 4th was at 63% translated, and somehow they add another project which right now was at 24% translated (Maybe they following Mangagamer which had 6 secret projects?). That's all for Sekai at this week.

Fan Translation

While there's no notable release from fan translated VN as of now yet, overall I'm quite satisfied with the updates from all of the project that I interested here. Let's see what the updates had here, shall we?

For usual updates, there's both of Majokoi and Loverable which as expected always deliver the update in time. For more detail, Majokoi was 72.1% translated and 62% edited for the most obvious one, and the less obvious one would be they finished the translation for another route here (Kozue). Also Fred said that the translator will be finishing the translation for the ending soon. As for Loverable, right now it was at 51.58% translated, 18.85% TLC-ed, and the image editing was touching three quarter mark (75.16%). Also right now Satsuki's route was being in work ie translating process, and there's some work on the interface as well. That's all for the weekly usual progress here.

For more updates here, we had ToHeart 2 was finished all of the editing work which mean it was 100% edited for now and for additional info the proofreading progressing at 45% (There's some graphic editing left as well). Also there's Sukiuso in which the translation progressing at 42.3% and Tsui Yuri was at 52% QC-ed. That's all for the unusual updates here.

Before I closing my VNTS Review, there's HatsuKoi in which they had some nice progress. Personally the reason I interested in HatsuKoi was because the production factor. I mean the graphic was nice to look at, there's ton of image song, and there's also famous eroge seiyuu there who voicing heroines. Although too bad though that the review that I found (At least in English) said that the MC was stupid and useless. But still, I'll plan to keep my eyes on this project for now once again. As for the update, they planned to translated Midori's route once again in which right now was at 21.8% translated. For more info, they almost finish translating common route in which it was at 95.78% translated, and for overall translation progress it was touching 20% mark (20.01%) which is quite impressive that they started this back at December 20th.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


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Nice review xD.

And yes I'm also impressed by the Hatsukoi group. They are doing like 5% weekly. That's freaking fast considering it's just 1 translator.

They said they'll be translating Hoshiori an Gin'iro haruka next so I'm rooting for them xD.

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