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The Running Shizuka Review

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Visual Novel Translation Status (01/07/2017)

The title was very simple for this week, and it's exactly as I describe what the girl did at VNTS Image Header. For more explanation, the girl was looks like running and the name of the girl was Kazuha Shizuka from Harumade Kukuru which apparently will had English release later. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review and this week was had very few update if I may said it honestly. But let's see what I could write from the information that I could get for now.

For the first roundup here, let's see what Sekai offer for this week. The updates from them goes like Tenshin Ranman was at 92.29% translated, Maitetsu was at 83.23% translated, Bokukotsu was at 23.68% translated. About Chrono Clock, right now it was at 75.43% translated which is far from ideal progress if we expect that Sekai will release this at this month so maybe just expect delay in regard of it perhaps. Although the progress was quite worrying, they gave the update in regard of that, namely that they managed to translate four out of five route (I knew that there's six heroines, but one of the heroine was focused in the prologue for more detail and reminder). Also apparently there's still some technical issue in regard of engine which obviously need to worked on before the release, and I predicted that Mangagamer will need to deal with this in regard of Hapymaher. Well, let's just see it for now.

This week from fan translation segment there's less update than usual, and I think I'll just write that right now Majokoi was at 66.8% translated and 55.1% edited. Also there's Tsui Yuri which apparently preparing for the release of full patch translation out there and will stop giving the updates. That's all for usual update this week, although if some people follow Amagami and Ayakashi Gohan translation (Not me) there's good news that those two was already touching 90% mark with Amagami was at 90.5% translated and Ayakashi Gohan was at 91% translated. That's all for fan translation segment.

About Dies Irae, once again that's one of chaotic Kickstarter with some days was having some loss from funding looking at how some days did have very little rise and even some loss according to Dies Irae Kicktraq (Root Double was fared better by the way). But maybe since this is about to end with 5 days left, hopefully there will be some raise if we looking from old pattern which always had big rush if the Kickstarter was almost end. Oh, for the funding progress right now it was at 144,665 gathered. And for next update there's Miniature Garden which right now was at halfway updated. Oh, and if some people wonder what happened with Lucid9, there's update from the Fallen Snow Studio if you looking for that, although the most obvious one would be that they hope that they could finish the first act by the first quarter of yhis year.

For the last announcement, there's Harumade Kukuru official release plan, which apparently was from last week. For my story, I'd attempted to search from the clue at last week after looking from Eroge Games News forum, but no luck because turn out that the news was in Japanese. Anyway, I could only said that it could be good if Japanese company want to bring their VN overseas, although I think I'll just wait and see about this. But if I may speculate perhaps Mangagamer will be the one who will release Harumade if it's not the company itself who will release it overseas. As for the premise, well it's just nukige which featured that MC will have orgies (Sex party) with four girls everydays just like Imopara (Imopara had 5 imouto though).

That's all for the first week of 2017 VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Forgot one update since last week, and it was Flower - Summer. For reminder there's plan that Flower will had four games based on seasons, and the spring edition was translated. According to JAST on their twitter, they'll release it at 2017 although obviously it was very vague though ie no indication when. Let's just hope that there's no delay, although it might be quite hard to became true.

PPS - There's an update from Loverable which came after I finished my VNTS Review, and for the progress it was at 44.35% translated, 13.73% edited, 10.87% QC-ed, and 14.76% TLC-ed. That's all for additional progress here.

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