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  1. Hey, everyone! With this update I have at last completed the "Zombie" storyline along one story path. And on the month of Halloween, no less! Shame that the name has had less and less relevance the longer this story has gone on then, haha ^^; Anyway, there may still be a couple kinks to work out in the script, but all in all I reckon it's become a fun and unique experience. Not to mention a massive improvement over the broken original storyline that it replaced. And that's without talking about it having the most ambitious CG sequence in the entire game, most of which has now been c
  2. Hey, everyone! It's a bit of a muted release this time I'm afraid. Both me and my artist were pretty badly affected by illness and it seriously disrupted my plans for the month. There's a few more scenes scripted for Nozomi's Zombie storyline, although I was really wanting to finish it by now >.< There's a couple of new CGs for the story as well, although I had to make do with preliminary sketches to present one of them, which is meant to be the first part of a very ambitious CG scene. Also, our main girls all have had a new pose and expressions added to their sprites. Penlight
  3. Penlight public release day is upon us yet again! This past month saw a little further development of the Villainous Devotion path, with several scenes being rewritten (one of them majorly) to go along with some fun new CGs added to it. But most importantly I managed to fully outline a path through the new-look "Zombie" storyline from beginning to end~ As ever, I'm interested to see what people make of it all. Another fun thing to note: As of this release, the number of unlockable CGs in the game has surpassed 100! Where will it end?! As always, you can find this month's release
  4. In this month's update, I add another load of CGs, tweak some older content and continue making progress on writing Nozomi's second storyline. There's a lot I'm happy about with this one ^^ One of the highlights in this release is the new art for the villainous story paths. Each of the paths now has an illustration to introduce them and a rewritten opening scene to boot, so those are well worth checking out again! As for Nozomi's second story, "Zombie" (which I should be clear isn't fully descriptive; it's not really about zombies ^^;), I made a lot of scrappy progress trying to get
  5. Hey, gang! In this month's update, Nozomi's Zombie route rewrite is well underway. It's changed quite a bit from the original version and is a lot more ambitious as I try some new things with it to set it apart from Nozomi's Trance route. Elsewhere we have another load of new art added to the game, with the added CGs on the Trance and Sleeper Agent routes particularly memorable. There are now 90 unlockable CGs in this game, which for a visual novel that can still be had for free is rather incredible~ All that plus a couple fixes to longstanding issues, is your lot for this month
  6. Hi, folks! This month, I turned my writing focus towards Nozomi's story paths. Her long-neglected second storyline, beginning when Kyou suggests Nozomi act like a zombie, has had some significant work done to it after having been essentially broken for so many months. There's a lot more that needs doing, but we're off to a decent start, I reckon. A couple of alternate endings have also been written for Nozomi's original path, Trance, which result from a choice made towards the end of the storyline. If you go looking for them, the latest flowchart guide will help you out if you're hav
  7. Hi, everyone! This month saw my writing struggles continue as I tried to progress the new Trickster storyline some more. I never really got going, but a few new scenes have been written along with a little reworking of the previous month's scenes. It seems a good place to leave it for now while I find other things to work on because gosh, there's no shortage of stuff to do on this thing! That means this month's new content leans heavily on its art updates once again ^^; With seven new CGs included here it's the biggest art dump yet! Why yes, this is getting to be rather heavily illus
  8. Hey, peeps! This past month's writing focus has been all on Hiroko, as I tried to get stuck into one of the branch stories I started on last time. The "Trickster" path, a branch of her Ticklish Hands storyline is taking shape but it's been hard going. See how I've gotten on~ Nozomi's Trance storyline has been the main beneficiary from the art upgrades this time around. There's two new ones and both are pretty striking visually! Also included here is a CG from early in the Villainous Robot route and another CG for Sayori's Doll route for possibly the best scene in that story. As
  9. Hey, peoples! This update is, as I teased last time, a mixed bag of stuff. I've poked around at multiple storylines and added bits of new script and outline to each of them as I tried to settle on one or another. All those greyed-out choices are finally starting to get some attention and maybe I'll be in with a chance of actually finishing writing Penlight one of these days xD Artwise it's been another fantastic month. The Redemption storyline has its first illustrations now, and Sayori's Doll story gets a couple more, but the highlight is the new one for Nozomi's Trance story. It's
  10. Hey, everyone! We're starting the new year by finishing off the Redemption storyline from last month. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, I think it's another strong story, and I hope many of you will agree! But I'm happy to now be moving on to other things that may be a little more fun generally~ Besides that, there's another trio of excellent CGs to brighten things up, including a first one for the Villainous Sleeper Agent storyline that was long overdue. Penlight's really got a lot of CGs going for it now, huh? And I've got no intention of stopping anytime soon... As e
  11. Hello again! This is another monthly update I'm really proud of. First things first, I've gotten one path through the Doll storyline completely written up to a conclusion! I'm mostly really happy with how this one came out, and I'm sure it'll become a few reader's favourites~ There's "only" three new CGs with this release, but they're all spectacular, and you'll deffo want to revisit the Devotion, Reversal and Hiroko's first storylines to see them! And finally, I also developed an entirely new story path almost entirely from scratch! The Redemption storyline, where Kyou initiall
  12. Hello once again! I'm excited about this latest public release ^^ While I didn't manage to complete the Doll storyline as I hoped, I made some huge strides and I reckon it's going to be another reader's favourite. Sayori really does get the best stories xD Besides that, we've got the usual range of CGs illustrating scenes past and present, so look out for those. And for our Spanish readers, the script is still bang up to date with all the latest script translated and minor corrections and edits made elsewhere. Overall, I think this is a pretty solid update! As ever, you can find
  13. The next public release of Penlight is upon us! Although to be honest, there's not much new writing to be found this month :/ I've been spending my time developing Sayori's Doll storyline, and it was very slow going. Still, the first in-game week is done now, including its first CG. It's not as much as I wanted, but what's there should serve as a decent taster for what's to come. Besides that, the Spanish localisation's been tidied up a bit and there's been another round of CGs added to various routes. The one on Hiroko's second storyline is especially good. As always, you can f
  14. New public release time! Since last month Penlight's had a lot of little changes and updates. There's script edits, another load of new CGs, a few little additions to storylines old and new, and the full translation of the game into Spanish! There are some issues with the script in its current version, but Spanish readers should now be able to read and enjoy Penlight and I'm proud to be able to offer that to people in what is still a free indie visual novel ^^ I really hope there are people out there who will find it useful. But back to the other stuff. Nozomi's main storyline got som
  15. Hello, again! New release time~ The highlight of this month's release is that an eagerly-awaited storyline's gotten a significant update for the first time in, uhh... eight months? ^^; Yeah, Nozomi's Reversal storyline is readable up to the first weekend now. Hoping I won't need another eight months to finish the rest of it, but no guarantees~ Besides that, I did some outlining to one of the unwritten Villainous Sleeper Agent choices and added another batch of new CGs across the game. There's some little fixes and improvements here and there, plus the Spanish localisation continues a
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