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  1. New public release time! Since last month Penlight's had a lot of little changes and updates. There's script edits, another load of new CGs, a few little additions to storylines old and new, and the full translation of the game into Spanish! There are some issues with the script in its current version, but Spanish readers should now be able to read and enjoy Penlight and I'm proud to be able to offer that to people in what is still a free indie visual novel ^^ I really hope there are people out there who will find it useful. But back to the other stuff. Nozomi's main storyline got some significant edits to strengthen the narrative and fix an inconsistency or two. The villainy stuff got another looking over as well, with the Robot storyline getting a new scene and Sleeper Agent a new ending that I'm not totally pleased about, but whatever. It's something. Also, Hiroko's most recent storyline might also be worth reading again just for the new art that got added this month~ Oh, and following from the progress I made on the Reversal storyline last month, I made a start on another anticipated storyline this time. It's the part where Kyou suggests turning Sayori into a doll o.o There's a scene or two to get things started, and there'll be more to come next month. Should turn out to be fun~ As usual, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. I've also linked the most recent flowchart guide on the public news post on Patreon. That's all for now. Hope you folks enjoy the update and I'll see you next time! What's New New CG for Nozomi's route, near the beginning TWO New CGs for Hiroko's route, on the "Ticklish Hands" storyline New CG for the third of Sayori's Alter storyline endings New CG for the Villainous Robot storyline Spanish localisation: The entire game is now playable in Spanish! Expanded the Robot path by making some script edits and adding a whole new scene Edited a number of scenes on Nozomi's Trance storyline Completed a version of the alternate ending on the Villainous Sleeper Agent storyline where Kyou chooses to fight Began writing the Doll storyline on Sayori's route Added music and ambient sound to Hiroko's "ticklish hands" storyline ending scene Added one new piece of music. It plays during the first scene of Sayori's Doll storyline Added a language select screen when people start the game for the first time Inserted a disclaimer message that appears at the start of the game Fixed several bugs in the CG gallery that prevented certain CG variants from unlocking Fixed a display bug that occurred during Nozomi's Reversal storyline Word count is now around 217,500 The usual miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections Known Issues Changing the language on a line where an animation occurs (like screen shake) will throw up an error
  2. Hello, again! New release time~ The highlight of this month's release is that an eagerly-awaited storyline's gotten a significant update for the first time in, uhh... eight months? ^^; Yeah, Nozomi's Reversal storyline is readable up to the first weekend now. Hoping I won't need another eight months to finish the rest of it, but no guarantees~ Besides that, I did some outlining to one of the unwritten Villainous Sleeper Agent choices and added another batch of new CGs across the game. There's some little fixes and improvements here and there, plus the Spanish localisation continues apace. The first four days of all storylines are translated now, about two fifths of the whole game, and I'm optimistic about some of the storylines being fully readable from start to end by next month's release! As usual, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. I've also linked the most recent flowchart guide on the public news post on Patreon. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the update! What's New Nozomi's Reversal storyline has now been fully dialogued up to day 7 Outlined one of the previously greyed-out Villainous Sleeper Agent choices through to a conclusion Added a new CG to Nozomi's Trance path and the Villainous Devotion path Added a new CG to Sayori's Alter path Added a new CG to Hiroko's original storyline Added new CGs to Nozomi's Reversal storyline Upgraded Risa's sprite with a new outfit, a second pose and a couple more expressions Added a few more assets to Hiroko's basic CG set, and re-wrote a couple of early scenes on the Villainous route to make use of them Added a laughing face to Kyou's sprite (rarely used, but it's in there) Added a fingersnap pose to the couch scene CG Added one new music track that plays briefly during the Reversal storyline Fixed Nozomi having two left feet for one of the CGs in her Trance storyline Spanish translation: Game is now fully translated up to day 4, with some typos corrected from previous days Fixed a minor visual issue on the CG Gallery screen Word count is now around 210,000 Usual miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections Known Issues Changing the language on a line where an animation occurs (like screen shake) will throw up an error Some code changes on the Villainous Robot path will mean any old saves will produce errors. Sorry about that ^^;
  3. Oh, neat~ Thanks for sharing what thoughts you had. It might be an old build now, but I think those observations are still pretty relevant. And I'm delighted you enjoyed what you saw of the game!
  4. Hi, everyone! This past month has had me making little improvements and additions to the game that didn't involve an awful lot of writing. Not that there isn't any new written content, but most of what we're looking at here is a lot more art (including a proper title screen at last!) and something I'm particularly happy about: The beginnings of a Spanish localization for Penlight! It's in its early stages, and you need to go through the game's menus to get to it, but the first two in-game days are now available to play in a second language, and I'd be thrilled if it helps to open up the game to new readers. There'll be more to come, with the hope of making the game fully dual-language in the near future! As for the rest of the new content, there are now four new CGs spread across the game, and if you check out Hiroko's and Nozomi's newest storylines again you'll find they've had some more work done to their script, with Hiroko's now written to a full conclusion and Nozomi's having her ending tweaked among other things. There's more little writing updates here and there (check the update notes), but like I said not an awful lot of new writing here. Just little incremental updates that hopefully make the overall game just a little bit better. As usual, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. For next month I'm cracking on with a storyline I left hanging some time ago while the art upgrades continue. Plus we should see more progress with the Spanish localization. Stay tuned! What's New Fully written the scenes for Hiroko's newest storyline Penlight is now partially playable in Spanish! Language select is available via the preferences menu, and Spanish text is present for the first two in-game days Replaced the placeholder title and main menu screens with new art Added a new CG scene for Nozomi's main (Trance path) ending Added a new CG scene for Hiroko's route Added a new CG to the start of Sayori's route Added a new CG for the ending of the Villainous Devotion route Made numerous edits throughout Nozomi's Trance path storyline, including some changes to the final scenes Added a few new background musics. They play during Nozomi's Trance path Replaced the outline for two of Nozomi's Trance path sub-paths with proper writing Numerous edits to previously-written scenes in Hiroko's new storyline Tweaked the Villainous Devotion route script slightly, and altered the ending a tad Added a tiny bit more outlining for the Villainous Redemption path Played with the menu colours a bit so they work with the new title screen better Android Version: Added an option to the UI allowing players to hide the UI until the screen is touched again The legacy sprite option has now been removed as maintaining them in the game was causing too many issues Word count is now over 200,500! Miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections Miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections Known Issue Changing the language on a line of script where an animation occurs (like screen shake) will throw up an error
  5. Hey, peeps! This month's mostly about Hiroko's new storyline, which was teased last time around. The whole thing's been written as a very seat-of-my-pants kinda way, borne purely of a desire to write more stuff featuring her. I think there's some fun ideas in there, even if I haven't managed to put it all together yet... Yeah, I wasn't able to finish the thing in time and as a result there are still some sections left outlined in lieu of having proper script. It's playable start to end in this release, but it's far from the finished article I was hoping to get done. Not to mention the finished ending is going to be very different from what's outlined in this release. Elsewhere I've made some little script tweaks here and there, and new artwork has continued to roll in. A couple more of the earlier storylines now have images to accompany their endings and I'm pretty chuffed about that~ As before, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. Next month's update is going to be more about polish, as I work to finish and amend existing storylines while continuing to populate the game with more CGs. The art gallery is starting to look pretty full of life now ^^ Anyway, enjoy the update and I'll see you next time! What's New Written Hiroko's second storyline to about 80% completion, with some scenes (including epilogue) in outline form only Completed the CG for the Villainous Robot path main ending Added a new CG scene for Hiroko's main ending on her original storyline Added a CG for Sayori's original ending on her Alter path Added some additional text for the Villainous Robot path ending Corrected a minor graphical issue during Hiroko's original storyline where Kyou was wearing the wrong outfit on his sprite during one of the scenes Some minor textual changes to the start of Hiroko's route Made some minor edits to Hiroko's ending dialogue on her original storyline Added a little more dialogue to one or two of the early scenes in Hiroko's route Replaced the school bell sound commonly heard throughout the game Word count is now over 198,000 Miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections
  6. Hey, all! This month I feel is a bit light on new content, both on the writing and art front, but I did at least do what I set out to do this month: Finally pen a conclusion to Nozomi's rewritten main route. I think there are a lot of problems with it, and I'd hope to address at least some of them on a second writing pass, but there's one complete path from start to end and I hope you folks enjoy reading it! Outside of that, I've dropped some teasers for two new storylines. There's one examining a decision Kyou can make to walk back his villainy, but the one I hope to work on over the next month is an alternative path for Hiroko. I haven't written an awful lot for her this year, so I'm keen to focus on the little spitfire for a bit~ On the art front, my artist didn't have the time to get as much done for me as I'd have hoped, but I'm sure what's there will interest some of you. Besides finishing the Delusion route CG from last month, we got started on the ending scene for one of the game's villainous storylines, specifically the robot one. No spoilers for those who haven't read it yet, but for those who want to see it in game, make sure you select #001 as the final choice to guarantee its appearance. As ever, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. So that's it for another month! There's five weeks before the next release, so I really hope I can get Hiroko's new story done in time for then~ What's New Completed Nozomi's reworked route to a single playable path from start to end Tinkered with some of the game's introductory dialogue Extended some of Nozomi's scenes slightly in her rewritten path, and implemented the option for Kyou to use a finger-to-forehead gesture instead of a hand wave when the opportunity arises Added Hiroko's version of the Delusion route scene CG on day 6 Added the first of three variants of the Robot route main ending CG Started work on an additional path for Hiroko's route. To see it, choose "Convince her she's ticklish in a place she's not", during the third day Started work on an outline for a Kyou redemption arc, during the Villainous Devoted path (there's barely anything written, though) Word count is now over 187,000 Usual miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections
  7. Hey, gang! The writing focus on this past month has been solely on getting Nozomi's rewritten storyline shipshape, and while progress has been way slower than I'd have liked, there's now some meat on its bones this time around with some all-new scenes fully developed and even a CG to go with them. And talking about CGs, the new art is the thing I'm most proud of this month. We managed to cram four new CGs into this (Hiroko's new one is my fave), and even got to replace the last of the placeholder sprites which I'm really pleased about~ As always, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. Anyway, that's all for now! Next month, the battle to finish Nozomi's rewrite continues... What's New Written Nozomi's reworked path with proper dialogue up to halfway through the eleventh day (of a likely thirteen plus epilogue) New CG featuring Nozomi during one of her new story path's weekend scenes New CG featuring Hiroko at the start of her route New CG featuring Nozomi and Sayori in the Delusion route, day 6. New CG featuring Kyou and Sayori for one of Sayori's Alter path endings Added Atsuko's new sprite to the game for her scenes Added a few new sound effects to play during Nozomi's new scenes Added a couple more backgrounds for use in Nozomi's rewritten path Added a couple more sound effects for Nozomi's new path, and one that replaces a sound in the Villainous Robot path Fixed a minor issue where Nozomi's sprite failed to display during the Delusion route when Kyou chooses to pursue her directly Fixed a minor bug that meant several CG variants weren't being unlocked in the CG Gallery Word count is now over 179,000 Miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections
  8. Ah, thanks for giving it a look! I'm pretty happy if it plays well to a general audience and people can follow what's going on. And if your experience with the game so far is anything to go by it seems to do well on that front~
  9. Alrighty. It's been five weeks since the last public release of Penlight, and the game's been in a bit of a transitionary period. My time's mostly been focused on rewriting Nozomi's main path, with the intention of increasing its length, working some more fun kinky scenes and generally fleshing out Nozomi's character some more. I'm hoping by the time I'm done, Nozomi's paths will hold up as well as her friend's, and provide a more satisfying journey into consensual kink than her original route offered. Nozomi wasn't my sole focus, though. Sayori's Alter path from last month has had a second ending written for it which I'm sure is going to provoke some responses, and there's been a lot of minor tweaks and fixes throughout the game. Penlight's CG gallery is also growing nicely now, with a handful of new images this month. As always, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. So, I hope folks enjoy the new additions! Next month I hope to have made significant progress on Nozomi's rewrite and I'll see where to go from there~ What's New Begun re-writing Nozomi's route, allowing for a longer runtime. Fully written up to day 5, with very rough outlining and recycled script up to the epilogue (expect major changes for next time) Written a second ending for Sayori's new Alter path, where Kyou sides with Sayori's alter personality New CG featuring Nozomi taking part in last year's culture fest stage show. It appears in the first scene of the game Added a new CG featuring Sayori with Kyou, during her newer Alter path Expanded Hiroko's and Nozomi's basic CG sets, allowing for a greater range of expression Most of Hiroko's penlight and couch scenes now use the new CG assets Added some more music to Penlight's soundtrack, which play during the newly-written parts of Nozomi's path Tweaked a line or two of dialogue in the earlier parts of Nozomi's route Lots of little tweaks to the dialogue during Hiroko's route and the start of the Villainous route Made some minor textual and visual tweaks to Nozomi's zombie path Fixed Kyou's sprite not appearing after he refuses to comply with Sayori's request, at the end of the original Alter path Fixed a text error on one line where Kyou called Sayori's alter "Megumi" regardless of the name Kyou actually gave her During some of the earlier-written parts of Sayori's route, Kyou's sprite wasn't showing any expression at all. That's now been corrected Corrected a few instances where Kyou's sprite wasn't showing on some lines in Nozomi's route Fixed an oversight that had Hiroko's sprite show over her CG during the start of the Villainous Sleeper Agent path Word count is now over 170,000
  10. Oh, that'd be neat! I guess out of the consensual material the path I just wrote for Sayori (choices from game start: Try to talk to her, Talk about the show she mentioned, Visit the study club, then don't change Sayori back from her altered state) would probably be the most useful to look at currently. I haven't had much critique about it from many people yet, not even my regular Patreon backers That DOES require a little ethical ickyness on the player's part though, so if that sounds too uncomfortable then reading her other path (where you DO change her back) would also be pretty helpful to look over.
  11. Hi everyone! This month's public release is pretty much all about Sayori, as the path I previously showed a draft of has now been written out to a conclusion. To see it, Kyou needs to start her route, suggest making her think she's someone else and decline every opportunity to switch Sayori back from her altered state. What follows is, I think, one of Penlight's more interesting storylines so I hope people enjoy it~ In other news, there's a couple more CGs this month, adding a little visual flair to the Villainous and Delusion routes early on. As ever, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. Next month there'll be some more on Sayori's route, plus some progress on a major rewrite of Nozomi's route that I've been wanting to try my hand at for some time. I'll be really looking forward to seeing what people make of it ^^ What's New Written the new, previously drafted Sayori Alter path scenes to a conclusion (Although there are more scenarios to add) New general CG set featuring Hiroko, which can be viewed at the start of the Villainous Route New CG featuring the first rooftop scene in the Delusion route Word count is now over 147,000 Typo and grammatical corrections
  12. Public Release 0.1508 - Sayori Route Additions and CG Bonanza! Hello again, folks! There's a few things in this release that I'm pretty excited to show everyone ^.^ Firstly, with the main sprite work done I've been able to turn the art budget to CGs, so we now have art depicting the start of the game, one of the main endings and the start of Sayori's Alter path. They came out really good, and I expect to insert more CGs at a good pace from here on out~ Hiroko's route had a second ending written for it, but Sayori's Alter path is the other thing I'm hyped about. Since her route came out, I left a fragment of story depicting one of Kyou's more irresponsible choices. Since then, ideas of how it might play out have been in my head for months and I decided I really needed to set them free~ While I didn't have time over the holidays to complete it, there's a fair bit of new dialogue along with a (very) rough draft of what comes next, up to just before the epilogue. I think it'll turn out to be one of the more interesting paths in the game so I'm looking forward to getting it written to at least one conclusion in time for next month's release~ As before, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. All in all, I'm quite happy with this month's output~ I hope you all enjoy the update, and look forward to more CGs and a conclusion to Sayori's new storyline next time ^^ What's New You can now choose to convince Hiroko not to go through with her decision at the end of her route, leading to a different ending Added much more story to the Sayori Route Alter path, on the decision branch where Kyou keeps Sayori in her altered state (much of it far from finished) New CGs added for: Introduction scene with Kyou, Delusion route main ending and the start of Sayori's Alter path New Kyou sprite has been added to the game... for better or worse A rudimentary CG gallery has been added to the main menu Updated the code in most of Kyou's spoken lines to ensure his new sprite shows up with an appropriate expression in the more recently-written scenes (He may still be missing in some scenes, though) Some minor textual additions made to the existing script on most routes Added a couple more songs to the soundtrack. They play during Sayori's new path Fixed a minor bug in the Android version where Nozomi's sprite didn't display for a few lines on the Delusion route if Kyou confronted Sayori Fixed a couple minor bugs common to all versions where Nozomi's sprite doesn't display for a single line on Sayori's route, and on the Villainous route Fixed a display bug on Nozomi's route, when Kyou decides to test his theory and pushes Nozomi further Added several new background images to accommodate Sayori's new story Word count is now over 138,500
  13. It's been a little while, but public release day is upon us once again~ In terms of new writing, there's admittedly not much to offer this month, with an alternate ending for Sayori's route and a small extension of Nozomi's reversal path the main additions. However, there's been several rewritten scenes this time around. Mainly this concerns the opening parts of the game and is intended to characterize Kyou as more deluded and socially awkward while toning down the sociopathy when it comes to his thoughts and actions early on. It's still a bit of a work in progress but I hope it improves on the original script. On the art side of things, Hiroko's tennis friend on her route now has a sprite and a name change~ Risa (formerly Kasumi) has a bigger role in Hiroko's route than either of the other main girls, so I really wanted to give her a visual presence in the game. She looks great, and will probably make a few more appearances if I find the opportunity~ Nozomi's sprite now has a second pose, in line with the other girls. It's nice that she doesn't have to directly face the camera (and therefore Kyou :p) all the time now. As ever, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. And that about sums up this month's updates. Join us in the new year as I turn the art focus to filling out the CG library, along with adding what writing I can during the holiday period. What's New (December 14th 2019) Significant rewriting of the script concerning Kyou's motivation. Main areas this affected were: Opening scenes leading up to the first choice and aftermath, much of the Delusion route, the Nozomi route's café scene and the early scenes of the Villainous route You can now refuse Sayori's request at the end of her route, leading to a different ending Replaced one of the music tracks with a new tune: The triumphant theme that sometimes plays when Kyou feels he's majorly succeeded at something New pose added for Nozomi's sprite New sprite added for Risa (formerly Kasumi). She appears frequently during Hiroko's route Rewrote most of the back half of the Villainous Robot path's second ending (obtained by arranging to meet Sayori at Nozomi's house) Written functional dialogue for Nozomi's Reversal route, up to about halfway through the fourth day Made some more tweaks to a few of the conversations along Hiroko's route Fixed a bug on Nozomi's path where Kyou testing his theory on her to the full and taking responsibility led to the game jumping to Hiroko's ending and then crashing Word count is now over 127,500 Numerous general typo/grammatical corrections Known Issue Nozomi's sprite fails to appear for one line during Sayori's route, on the third day
  14. Hey, gang! This month's public release includes a ton of bits and bobs added to the game since last time, with the highlights being new CGs (all three girls have one now) and one all-new path, via the villainous side of things where Kyou adopts a more pragmatic form of villainy. I have mixed feelings about it, but see what you think~ There's also been a ton of revisions to the existing script as I try to make sure the older written story paths read more coherently amongst the newer stuff, as well as some other things that might make routes you've previously read worth re-reading~ I've detailed the changes in the notes below. Next month's gonna be... almost Christmas, geez, I've been working on this thing in earnest for nearly a year! But yes, holiday season. I'm getting busy so there probably won't be as much to show over the next couple months, but there'll be something for sure! As ever, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. What's New (November 9th 2019) New path added to Villainous Route: Sleeper Agent - Playable from start to end with two possible conclusions Included the first scene of the Consensual Nozomi Reversal path New CG set featuring Sayori, which replaces the sprite art in several scenes, mostly during her consent route New CG featuring Hiroko, which can be found during her consent route New pose added for Hiroko's sprite Punched up some of the dialogue in the Villainous Devoted path, and slightly expanded several scenes to make them a good bit meaner Tweaked some of the dialogue in the Delusion (formerly Non-Consent) route and added some extra lines. In particular Hiroko has more unique lines instead of reading too much off of Sayori's script during the confrontation scene with Kyou Among other things, added a third option when deciding what to call the girls in the Villainous Robot path, which ups the dehumanization aspect even more Corrected quite a few typos and grammatical errors on Hiroko's route, and added a few extra lines here and there Made a number of other minor changes in to all routes. Mostly animation changes to take advantage of Hiroko's improved sprite, but a number of little textual changes were made as well, mostly Hiroko's lines so they seem more in-character for her Modified a number of character expressions across all routes to better fit the lines being spoken; Hiroko's lines in particular Added a couple more background images to accommodate the Villainous Spy/Sleeper Agent path A number of text edits across the board, acknowledging more recent character developments in later-written routes Hiroko's height has been reduced slightly on her new sprite Fixed an animation bug that occurred during Nozomi's consent route if you chose not to respect her boundaries Word count is now over 121,000 General typo/grammatical corrections
  15. New public release day is upon us again. Yaaaay \o/ You can find this release, in PC, Linux, Mac and Android flavours, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. Been really excited about showing this one off to folks as it's another BIG expansion, increasing the game's total written content by about a third from last month and pushing Penlight's word count above 100,000 for the first time. It's even bigger than the villainous update I was crowing about the other month, and that was pretty big! And in contrast to the villainous update, this one's a lot more wholesome, with both of Nozomi's friends getting to star in their own routes and enjoy/suffer Kyou's involvement in their lives~ The art upgrades this month have appropriately focused on the friends as well, with both girls getting sprite makeovers. There's more work needing to be done, but it's really nice to be able to see them all line up together in their new looks for the first time ^.^ So yeah, I hope you folks enjoy this one! November's update will see some fixes regarding the consistency of the game as a whole, another new story path and some new CGs. Bye for now~ What's New (October 12th 2019) - Sayori Consensual Route - Work in progress, playable route from start to finish, with one alternate, partly-written path - Hiroko Consensual Route - Work in progress, playable linear route from start to finish - Sayori's sprite has been significantly upgraded with a full range of outfits, expressions and an additional pose - New Hiroko sprite with one pose and a complete range of outfits - Hiroko's nametag colour has been tweaked to a different shade of pink, matching her hair in line with the other leading ladies - Added more CG assets, allowing for many scenes along Nozomi's consensual route to be depicted in this style - A few new sound effects added to accommodate the new Hiroko route - You can now switch the game sprites between the new and old versions at any time by visiting the game menu, preferences and choosing "New" or "Old" under Sprite Style - Word count is now over 106,000! - As usual, made some more little script tweaks and spelling/grammar corrections here and there on the existing text
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