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  1. Steam will not be fine with it, unfortunately I knew setting a game like Penlight in a high school was asking for trouble, but I started out making this thing with virtually no money and all the low cost assets I could find had a largely high school bias so that's what I went with. But if I knew I was going to get the support I've gotten for making it I would've swung for a college setting instead. Ah wells~
  2. Hiiii, everyone! Well, I finally did it. I crafted an ending for the Reversal story path! The version presented here is a little unpolished but still, there IS an ending! I hope it brings people some measure of satisfaction and that's it's been somewhat worth the wait ^^; As usual, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions on my Patreon, itch.io or SubscribeStar pages. I've also linked the most recent flowchart guide on the latest public news post on Patreon. Next month, we'll have some finishing touches added to Reversal and then I'll be getting s
  3. Hi, everyone! This month sees the long-awaited continuation of Nozomi's Reversal storyline, with its most significant update in about two years! I'm still still a fair ways from finishing it, but we have a new scene scripted plus a little outlining for what comes next. I hope those who've been patiently wanting to see this storyline continued will enjoy what I have laid out, and rest assured you won't be waiting so long for the next meaningful update to this storyline~ With Reversal not being ready for new artwork I had two new CGs commissioned for Hiroko's original storyline instead
  4. Please note: Because of all the changes I made to how CGs are unlocked, returning players will find that many of their previously unlocked CGs will now be locked again. The new cheat function described below can be used to get everything back. Hello again! This month's release sees Sayori's alternate Doll storyline written to a conclusion, and includes all the planned CGs! As a counterpart to the original story path, I think it does the job quite well but I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to something else now. But Doll wasn't the only content I've been working on this mon
  5. Hiya, folks! We have a few additions for this latest Penlight release. First, there's a new CG added to cover the rooftop conversation in the Villainous Robot story, along with a slight amendment to that scene. The main content this month concerns the alternate path of Sayori's Doll storyline, which now has a couple new scenes written along with two new CGs to accompany them. We're still missing a conclusion, but you can view the new scenes by choosing the option "Prove to her that she wants this (Under Construction)" on the Doll storyline when prompted. As usual, you can fin
  6. PLEASE NOTE: Due to a recent change, older saved games of the Tennis Bot sub-path may produce an error concerning an undefined variable. If you get this error during play, please start the path again from the beginning. You can make use of the "Skip" option on the bottom menu to quickly get back to where you were. Hello again, folks! This month sees the completion of the Villainous Robot sub-path that I dubbed "Tennis Bot" due to its focus on Hiroko. It's slightly more humane than the main Robot path, and features three different endings with two of them contingent on choices that we
  7. And we're back again! This update keeps the focus on the Tennis Bot sub path of the Villainous Robot storyline that I began last month. As mentioned last time, you'll need to follow the Robot path and choose "No, I need to chill out" when prompted to get on this path. The new content takes us to the weekend's events, adds a couple of neat CG sequences and ends on quite the cliffhanger. I also added one more CG to Nozomi's Trance storyline, along one of the alternate paths. As ever, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions on my Patreon, itch.io or
  8. Hello again, everyone! This release brings with it the completion of the main script for the Redemption Spiral story path and adds a bunch of new CGs to accompany it. Overall I'm pretty happy to get it done, and in reasonably good time, too~ With the Spiral story path now written to a conclusion I've since turned my attention to the sliiightly more humane version of the Villainous Robot storyline, informally known as the Tennis Bot path. To see the latest script, follow the Robot path and choose "No, I need to chill out" when prompted. We have a few more scenes done here, plus some
  9. Hello, everyone! February's release sees the alternate path of the Redemption storyline almost completed. We're just missing an epilogue, although there's an outline written of how it's going to go. Overall I think this story path's a pretty tough read, in keeping with the theme of the route, but a necessary contrast to the original story. I'm interested to see what people make of it! Nozomi's Trance story path also saw a little love, with the new CG looking really pretty and facilitating a minor rewrite of the scene it's in that will make another CG possible. It's a nice feeling to
  10. Hey, everyone! Hope we're all having a good start to the year~ In this month's public release, I shifted focus from the storyline I was struggling with and found some inspiration to write an alternate path for the Redemption storyline instead, where Kyou uses the penlight again despite knowing what it does. Can he still consider himself a good person? There's a few scenes written on this new path now as we start to find out... As always, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions on my Patreon, itch.io or SubscribeStar pages. I've also linked the most re
  11. Hi, everyone! For the last public release of the year, we have a delightful new CG sequence featuring Hiroko that I had made as part of my development of one of her branching story paths. The "Gullible" story path has Kyou tricking his tennis-playing nemesis into going along with various uncomfortable suggestions, under the guise that his influence over her mind is more powerful than it really is. The new artwork depicts one of those suggestions playing out in fine detail, and should be set to become another favourite among Penlight fans~ Elsewhere we have a couple more CGs done for
  12. Hi, folks! The main writing focus this month has been to work on some of the unwritten branch paths of existing storylines and get some alternate endings done. I finished two of them: One for the Villainous Robot storyline and one for Sayori's Alter storyline, both involving choices that occur near the end. I know the one for Alter was rather eagerly awaited by some people so I hope it doesn't disappoint~ Also check out the ending for Nozomi's Zombie storyline again. The writing was finished last month, but now there's a couple of adorable new CGs for it ^^ As always, you can fi
  13. Hey, everyone! With this update I have at last completed the "Zombie" storyline along one story path. And on the month of Halloween, no less! Shame that the name has had less and less relevance the longer this story has gone on then, haha ^^; Anyway, there may still be a couple kinks to work out in the script, but all in all I reckon it's become a fun and unique experience. Not to mention a massive improvement over the broken original storyline that it replaced. And that's without talking about it having the most ambitious CG sequence in the entire game, most of which has now been c
  14. Hey, everyone! It's a bit of a muted release this time I'm afraid. Both me and my artist were pretty badly affected by illness and it seriously disrupted my plans for the month. There's a few more scenes scripted for Nozomi's Zombie storyline, although I was really wanting to finish it by now >.< There's a couple of new CGs for the story as well, although I had to make do with preliminary sketches to present one of them, which is meant to be the first part of a very ambitious CG scene. Also, our main girls all have had a new pose and expressions added to their sprites. Penlight
  15. Penlight public release day is upon us yet again! This past month saw a little further development of the Villainous Devotion path, with several scenes being rewritten (one of them majorly) to go along with some fun new CGs added to it. But most importantly I managed to fully outline a path through the new-look "Zombie" storyline from beginning to end~ As ever, I'm interested to see what people make of it all. Another fun thing to note: As of this release, the number of unlockable CGs in the game has surpassed 100! Where will it end?! As always, you can find this month's release
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