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    Site Work 03/17/19

    Update 1 (12:45 AM EST) Technical issues have caused a hiccup in tonight's upgrade process. Going to ping Nay and we'll try again later today. For now, the forums and front site will be put back online. Original Message: Forums Going Offline at 12:00 (Midnight) EST In approximately 1.5 hours (at the time this goes live), the forums will be going offline for an unknown amount of time so that I can perform an outrageous amount of updates and fixes. I will announce when the forums are back online on our Twitter account (link). Please panic, and may the VN gods have mercy on our souls. (Aside: after the forums are updated -- or irreparably broken -- I will also be working on the front site. Once that's done, if I have any energy and strength left in my body, I will try and make a post updating the community about recent events which have caused my absence, and briefly touch on ways we can move forward.) < 3 - Tay
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    Pure x Connect Translation

    Status update Prologue progress: Translation: Complete Editing: 1798/2120 QC: In progress Overall progress: Translation: 5043/43896 Editing: 1798/43896 @crying joins us as an editor and QC. We will release a partial patch soonTM, once the prologue editing and QC are finished, anyone interested in helping us proofreading the partial patch will have the benefit of having early access, so please contact me if that's the case.
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    If the quote “our language is the reflection of ourselves” is true, then what could we learn from Steam user reviews (other than that we deserve every bad game ever published there)? I thought it’d be fun to generate some word clouds of Steam VN user reviews: what words tend to pop up in positive reviews vs negative ones, which words are overused in 18+ VNs, and how old can I make myself feel by seeing all these memes references. Data collection Using the Steam API, I collected the English user reviews for any VN released before 2019 on Steam, giving us 250,000 reviews in total. I filtered out Doki Doki Literature Club’s 71,000 reviews to prevent the results being skewed too heavily towards one VN. I also filtered out any word that appeared in fewer than 5 different VNs to prevent character names from popular VNs from filling up the results too much. Word associations A higher resolution set of these word-cloud images can be found here. The larger a word is the more frequently it’s used. First up is a comparison of what words tend to appear more often in VN reviews vs a random selection of other games on Steam. There’s nothing too surprising here, it’s mostly just popular VN series and various “weeaboo” terms. “Uncensored” also pops up quite prominently, showing how much 18+ content matters to the medium. Next is the list of words that are more likely to come up in reviews the user submitted as a thumbs-up (a positive review). While there’s all the usual flattering terms you’d expect, it’s fun to see how many words traditionally associated with negative feelings come up here: tears, cry, sadness, and bittersweet all show up indicating how much we seek a deep emotional release in VNs... also “memes.” What goes up must come down, here we have words that tend to come up in thumbs-down Steam reviews. Despite VNs being a visual medium, almost all the terms would seem to describe their opinion on the story/writing rather than the visuals, with “boring,” “waste,” and “stupid” all coming up more often than “ugly.” This suggests the most common way a VN can disappoint its users ie through its writing rather than its aesthetic, although this may because it’s easier to judge the visuals from screenshots before you purchase the VN. The English-developed VNs reviews are mostly full of titles of popular EVNs, but we can also see how much more socially progressive EVNs are, with terms like gender, diversity, and lgbt coming up more often than in JVNs. Truly Japan is the land of wonder, or at least kawaii catgirls according to these results. It’s curious that “fighting” would be linked to JVNs, perhaps because there’s so few EVNs that depict violence. Thank you Steam reviews for telling us in the review that a free VN is free. Truly a valuable service. There’s a certain irony that the words that come up more often in commercial VNs are all about how to get it cheaper: sale, bundle, and discount are all prominent terms. These are the words that tend to come up more often in otome VNs reviews (VNs with a female protagonist pursuing male love interests). Words associated with fantasy type settings pop up frequently, queen, princess, and prince are all present which is unsurprising given otome’s love of the fantasy genre. These are the cursed words which come up more often in 18+ VNs, what is lacking in eloquence is at least made up in “tiddies.” These are the words that tend to come up in shorter reviews. We’re told a picture paints a thousand words, but who needs a thousand words when you have swear words to convey meaning instead? Who needs verbose reviews when you have “fuck gay catgirl boobs.” I’m sold on that VN already. You can find higher resolution versions of all these word cloud images here (as well as the longer-review wordcloud which wasn’t included here because it’s boring). You can also view the results in spreadsheet format here, which is useful for reading the smaller (less-common) words. Review trends I’d be ashamed to put my name to an analysis post that didn’t have a graph or two, so to cleanse the palette after all those word clouds here are a few graphs looking at some review statistics. Typically reviews tend to be fairly short, just a few sentences at 150 characters, but there’s no stopping the more long-winded of us who might be few in number, but dramatically pull up the average wordcount with their detailed account of everything that happens in a VN. I expected that the longer a review was, the more likely it would be that the reviewer liked it. It’s the fans who want to talk about it the most isn’t it? Well it turns out to be the other way around, the longer a review is, the more likely it is that the reviewer disliked it. Perhaps unhappy user’s feel the need to justify their opinion more when it goes against the general positive consensus on Steam, where 86% of all reviews are positive. So in accordance with this trend and the excessive length of this post, I hereby give my Steam VN review analysis a thumbs down. Not enough kawaii catgirls. While I don’t think any of these results were surprising, I hope you found it a fun read. If you’re interested in more, check out my other posts on tumblr. Feel free to give any feedback or suggestions for other analyses either here, twitter, or Discord (Sunleaf_Willow /(^ n ^=)\#1616). Thanks to Lunaterra, /u/8cccc9, and Elm for their input during this analysis.
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    Do you know what Majikoi is? Comedy Do you know what is the WORST thing to machine translate? Comedy
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    Fuwanovel circa 2022 (try this)
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    Site Work 03/17/19

    Since this message is inevitably going to disappear with a forum rollback, I'd like to announce that I love animal porn.
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    Did you have to go about basically saying "fuck you and what I assume is your laziness"? It's clear the dude just wants to read it in any form since translation progress has gotten to the point where like a pc would say "too long to estimate" on the download estimate. Laziness? for what, not learning an entire language? How is reading it with machine translation a lack of respect?(If anything, it's showing his respect to the series by suffering through MTL because he wants more.) It isn't like he is going to release a MTL patch or something. And no, I am not buddy buddy with him, though I do know that this little outburst of yours was pretty childish and just unwarranted in general.
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    Yeah, about that, the QCer just finished the QC yesterday. So I just need to apply the corrections, then make a patch, then let him test it, then we should be good to go
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    Unrelated to the topic, but I'm afraid you have a very poor understanding of what science is. Science does not "tell" people anything; it's a process based on experimentation, empiricism, and induction that people interpret. The reason why our understanding of the world keeps changing is because science itself is based on constant reiterations of experiments to get more accurate results. I mean, the human mind is still pretty limited, so the technology and methodology we create won't get all the answers, so we have to check things over and over and push ourselves to experiment more. If we didn't, we wouldn't be as advanced as we are today. Back on topic: As other people have said, the way we perceive porn and sexuality is a lot more nuanced than we realize. It's very deeply ingrained within our psychology, and due to pressure from culture, it gets molded and repressed into numerous forms. Ignoring the sex aspect of it, if you try to simplify what ntr is, it's a power struggle between 3 people: the thief, the one being thieved, and the one being thieved from. Theft is a type of violence, specifically, violence towards someone's property. From this, we can glean two things: ntr can be understood in terms of violence, and the one being thieved is acting as an object. Humans are predisposed to fascination with violence. Most of our history is based on war, ingroups/outgroups, and competition. We fill fiction with all sorts of violent content. The entire appeal of storytelling relies on overcoming a conflict. It's easy for us to laugh at other people's suffering, and we are more than happy to ostracize and bully those who are weak and estranged. Sexuality is also affected by this (even in other animals): specimens fighting each other for a mate, aggression during copulation, killing or neglecting children sired by another, isolation of sexually deviant specimens, shaming, the list goes on and on. Violence is thrilling to us, so we go out of our way to seek it. With ntr, it's easy to see what role it plays. It's the thrill of seeing something ripped away from where we think it's supposed to be and watching it being ruined and corrupted. These stories often involve rape, mindbreak, torture, depression, and jealousy. People have a multitude of ways of responding to this. In my experience, only a minority of ntr consumers are actually masochistic. The violence in ntr can also be enjoyed through schadenfreude. People love watching the girl getting destroyed, the cuck fall into despair, and the sheer brutality of partner stealing. From this perspective, it's not weird or deviant at all. It's pretty normal to love seeing others get hurt. Something that particularly interests me is the fixation on the cuck's depression and jealousy rather than the girl's suffering. I've met a lot of hentai fans that enjoy seeing girls getting hurt in sexual situations to the point where female suffering is practically accepted as normal within hentai circles. I've seen many people praise netori despite it also being based on cheating. I think this reveals a lot about how people perceive the pain of others. Humans are inherently selfish, and we interpret the world according to our own interests. People are projecting and equating themselves onto the cuck and get frustrated when they don't act the way they imagine how they would act. They interpret the fiction according to their own reality, and it in turn reflects the way they perceive the world. wait what the fuck am i even talking about. pretty sure im just rambling at this point, sorry for the long post ._.
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    Intro This is just a random idea I had. So every so once in a while I see people who are interested in reading Japanese-only visual novels and consider using something like Visual Novel Reader or some kind of other way to machine translate the VN for them. I then see people who respond that machine TLs are bad and that they should just learn Japanese. As someone who's started learning Japanese last year and have been making ok progress, I wanted to show the differences of how someone learning Japanese could read a sentence based on comprehension vs. how a machine translator like Visual Novel Reader (using LEC and ATLAS dictionaries) and Google Translate would translate the same sentence. I'm not gonna sit here and be one of those JOP shills who say JUST LEARN JAPANESE. I'm just gonna provide the analysis and comparison and let the people decide if the differences don't matter to them or if they want to get inspired to learn Japanese if they really want to. Remember, learning a second language isn't easy and you gotta put in the work which takes time and practice and sacrifice. ---------------------------------------------------------- Details about the Demonstration The Visual Novel I'm going to use for this demonstration is my first visual novel I'm currently reading in Japanese: Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to. This is a slice of life moege so it should be easier to digest than a visual novel with a lot of plot. I'm not gonna translate a whole scene because that would take multiple posts. Instead, I'm taking 10 lines of a simple conversation and posting them in the order they appear. For the purposes of my interpretations, I'm going to be using a combination of Jisho and Weblio to look up vocabulary and Taekim's Grammar Guide and other sites to confirm proper grammar usage. I'm not going to give an explanation for every single personal translation, but if you're a seasoned Japanese reader and want to correct me on things that look wrong, feel free as I'm still learning. I'll also be pointing out any positives or negatives of the machine TLs. I'm not just going to shit all over machine TLs because I want to see what positives they may offer. Context for this scene (no spoilers, this is the third scene in the whole VN) (Note: Context is VERY important for translating/reading properly in Japanese. Which you will soon see.) The day before, Haruto saved Ayano when he jumped out in front of an errant vehicle that was heading for her, but he got hurt in the process. He got put in the hospital because of it and Ayano visited him and they basically hit it off. Note they had never met before this occasion. She promised to keep visiting him every day until he got better. The scene below is the day after Haruto got put in the hospital. Ayano just knocked on the door to his room. Another thing to note is that Haruto has a more casual way of talking, while Ayano is much more polite. Polite vs casual speech is another thing to take note of in the language. Full Names: 松上 遥人 Matsugami Haruto 美萩野 綾乃 Mihagino Ayano ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 1 Haruto -「はい、どうぞー」 Romaji: Hai, douzoー 1 to 1 translation: 「Yes, go aheadー」 Personal Translation: 「Come inー」 Visual Novel Reader, LEC: 「Yes. Certainly」 Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: 「Yes,Please」 Google Translate: "Yes, please." Analysis: So どうぞ is one of many words that have potential multiple meanings: https://jisho.org/search/douzo. It's a simple word that depending on context either means "feel free to ___" or "please" or "Here you are". The machine translated sentences clearly used the meaning that goes against the context of the situation. Just because the meanings they chose are probably more common, doesn't mean it's the go to meaning to use for all situations. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 2 Ayano - 「失礼いたします」 Romaji:「Shitsurei itashi masu」 1 to 1 translation: 「Excuse me.」 Personal translation: 「Excuse me.」 Visual Novel Reader, LEC: 「I leave」 Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: 「I will be must be going.」 Google Translate: "excuse me" Analysis: 失礼いたします (or 失礼します) is a common phrase for entering or leaving rooms or conversations/people. LEC and ATLAS seemed to assume it was for someone leaving. Once again, it may be the more common usage of the word but does not mean it's the only usage of it. Also, the English grammar usage in some of the machine translations are pretty funny to look at. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 3 Narration - 入ってきたのは、花束を持った美萩野さんだった。 Romaji: Haittekita no wa, hanataba o motta Mihagino-san datta. 1 to 1 translation: Coming in, bouquet held Mihagino-san was. Personal translation: It was Mihagino-san coming in holding a bouquet. Visual Novel Reader, LEC: It was Mihagino with the bouquet to have entered Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: It was Mr. Mihagino that had entered who had had the bouquet. Google Translate: It was Mr. Mikagino with a bouquet that came in. Analysis: DID YOU JUST ASSUME HER GENDER? As you can see, a few cases of machine translation will see the "san" honorific and automatically assume it's a guy. In addition, apparently google translate isn't always good for showing names. Spotty English grammar and gender aside, the machine TLs actually covered the main point of the sentence pretty well. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 4 Haruto - 「あ……っと、美萩野さん」 Romaji: 「A...tto, Mihagino-san」 1 to 1 translation: 「Ah... Oh, Mihagino-san」 Personal translation: 「Ah... Oh, it's Mihagino-san.」 Visual Novel Reader, LEC: 「...Mihagino」 Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: 「Mr. Mihagino」 Google Translate: "Ah ... ... well, Mr. Mikagino" Analysis: More gender assuming. Also it looks like machine translators aren't good with single characters that seem out of place. And Google still doesn't like names. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 5 Ayano - 「お見舞いにうかがったのですが、お邪魔ではありませんか?」 Romaji: 「omimai ni ukagatta no desuga, ojyama de wa arimasenka?」 1 to 1 translation:「Calling on someone who is ill to visit expected that, interrupt to be not?」 Personal translation: 「I'm visiting you since you were sick. I hope I'm not disturbing you?」 Visual Novel Reader, LEC: 「I asked a visit, but to not disturb it?」 Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: 「It will be obstructive through looked to the visit.」 Google Translate: ""I was caught asking you, is not you in the way?"" Analysis: This is a case where context in the Japanese language is very important. Since pronouns aren't used for most sentences, the listener has to infer what or who is being referred to in the dialogue. It looks like machine translators either guess which pronouns to use or don't even use personal pronouns at all. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 6 Narration - 驚きが顔に出てたのか、美萩野さんは申し訳なさそうに聞いてくる。 Romaji: Odoruki ga kao ni deteta no ka, Mihagino-san wa moushiwakenasazou ni kitekuru. 1 to 1 translation: Surprise face made?, Mihagino-san apologetically asks. Personal translation: I must have made a surprised face as Mihigano asked that apologetically. Visual Novel Reader, LEC: Mihagino hears whether surprise was reflected on a face apologetically. Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: Did the surprise appear to the face? Mr. Mihagino hears it seeming to apologize. Google Translate: Did Mr. Mikagino ask a little sorry for surprise appearing on the face? Analysis: In Japanese grammar it's possible to ask a question in a larger sentence that may not end as a question. It's a bit difficult for me to translate that personally. If the machine translators actually translated the other words in the sentence better, I think they had the right idea with translating embedded questions in the middle of a longer sentence. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 7 Haruto - 「いや、そんなことない。全然ないからっ」 Romaji: 「Iya, Sonnakotonai. Zenzennai kara」 1 to 1 translation: 「No, that's not true. Not at all not so」 Personal Translation: 「Nah, that's not true. You're not disturbing me at all.」 Visual Novel Reader, LEC: 「No, there is not such a thing. Because there is not it at all.」 Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: 「Unpleasantness. Such a thing. Because it is not at all.」 Google Translate: "No, that's not true. It is not at all" Analysis: "そんなこと" literally means "such a thing" which is what some of the machine translations go for. Generally in actual sentences you mostly won't be saying "such a thing" but rather work around the current topic of the sentence. As you can see, the negative version can be used to just say something isn't true, so it's another case of a phrase having multiple meanings or interpretations. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 8 Ayano - 「ありがとうございます。それでは、失礼いたします」 Romaji - 「Arigatou gozaimasu. Soredewa, Shitsurei itashi masu.」 1 to 1 translation: 「Thank you very much. Well then, excuse me.」 Personal Translation: 「Thank you very much. Well then, excuse me.」 Visual Novel Reader, LEC: 「Thank you. Then I leave」 Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: 「Thank you. Thank, I will must be going.」 Google Translate: "Thank you very much, then I will excuse you." Analysis: Another case of 失礼いたします meaning being assumed. At least the pronouns were mostly correct. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 9 Narration - 持ってきてくれた花を花びんに生けると、前と同じようにベッドの脇の椅子に座った。 Romaji - Mottekitekureta hana o habin ni ikeru to, mae to onajiyou ni beddo no waki no isu ni suwatta. 1 to 1 translation: Brought flowers vase in arrange when, same as before bed's side's chair sat. Personal Translation: After she arranged the flowers she brought in a vase, she sat on the chair besides the bed like last time. Visual Novel Reader, LEC: I sat down on a chair beside the bed in the same way as the front when I arranged the flower which I brought in a vase. Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: When the brought flower was arranged in the vase, it sat as much ahead on a sideward chairs of the bed. Google Translate: When I lived on a flower with the flowers that brought me, I sat on the chair next to the bed just as before. Analysis: Once again, the general idea is conveyed in the machine TLs but the issue is slight grammar issues as well as assuming pronouns which change the direction of the sentence. ---------------------------------------------------------- Line 10 Haruto - 「ありがとう。来てくれて、嬉しいよ」 Romaji: Arigatou. Kitekurete, ureshii yo 1 to 1 translation: Thank you. Coming, I'm glad. Personal Translation: Thank you. I'm glad you came. Visual Novel Reader, LEC: Thank you. I am glad to come Visual Novel Reader, ATLAS: Thank you. I am glad to come. Google Translate: "Thank you, I am glad you came" Analysis: Google Translate basically got it perfectly in my eyes. LEC and ATLAS unfortunately used pronouns in the incorrect way again which turned the sentence into something more lewd sounding. ---------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion It seems like the machine translations get the right idea of how to translate the sentence in terms of easier vocabulary and grammar. However, it seems like it struggles with some major things 1) Words/Phrases with multiple meanings. It takes what's the most common usage of the meaning of the word but since it can't read context, there's a chance what it translates a word/phrase to is incorrect for the situation. 2) Prounouns. As I said, unlike the English language where we basically have to put pronouns everywhere, you don't actually do that a lot of the time in Japanese language. You have to infer it based on the situation. Machine translations can't possibly know the context so it will take a guess. 3) Assuming genders with honorifics. 4) Apparently some names don't get printed out well sometimes. My guess it would be worse with characters that have names that would actually translate to English well like "小鳥" would become "small bird" instead of "Kotori". 5) Arranging sentences with clean English grammar. Usually the translation has grammar that could work, but is just not the most pleasant/common to read.
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    Let me guess, your forum?

    Hello there, I am Ztrepzilius. Some redditors suggest me to use this forum because reddit filters are more sensitive and comments could be buried in older thread. I spend more time lurking than posting stuffs for any medium, looking for gems in the over-saturated world. I don't consume many VNs in comparison to other medium. It's because there are lack of VNs with storyline that interest me rather than the VN itself. Visual novel reminded me of some point-click-adventure games, movie games and gamebook(choose your own adventure books) I played decades ago. I get introduce into VN medium by anime adaption and some lewd image. BTW, who the hell are you guys?
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    Why do you play Visual Novels?

    I read visual novels because they are a form of literature. Unlike most literature, reader has more choice in the narrative with nonlinearity. (Except for kinetic novels, but I digress) Thus being able to explore multiple themes, motifs, and various point of views. Reading visual novel literature exercises the imagination. We enjoy stories; it is a pleasure to meet characters and to live in their world, to experience their joys and sorrows. In a practical sense, an active imagination helps us perceive truth, make value judgments, and deal with the complexities of life in creative ways. There are quite a visual novels deal with heavy topics such as grief, depression, and addiction. While many JVNs are essentially porn, while many EVNs are, well, meme-filled parodies. There are some visual novels that hold literary and philosophical weight like Wonderful Everyday that’s inspired from many works such as but not limited to: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant, and The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I don’t just read visual novels— I create them as well. But that’s beside the point of your question. TL;DR I read visual novels because they are art.
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    Why do you play Visual Novels?

    To see girls vomit on me
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    Just thought this would be a fun topic! Do you like to have snacks during reading? If so, what are they? Or do you prefer to take food breaks and then get back to it?
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    Site Work 03/17/19

    What is the 17th month?
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    It’s my Fuwaversary! Q&A 😃

    (Technically my fuwaversary was yesterday,) Damn, it’s been a whole year since I joined Fuwanovel because of a bad experience I had r/VNs. Which is funny, because I joined fuwa right around my spring break and it’s my spring break again. Anyway, quite a few things happened to me since I joined Fuwa, I mainly wanted to contribute more the fuwa community because this one of the few bastions of intellectual discussion regarding EVNs. Most people on reddit think EVNs are shit, because all they read over there are JVNs. I wanted to help more here at Fuwanovel. I even throw some money at this website. (Hence I am a backer) After I learned that Fuwanovel is basically at a stand still because @Tay is really busy. I decided to help around in the EVN scene. Some of the things I am working on right now. I am an EVN dev for the most part. I am working on getting a visual novel out in the summer. It’s my first one actually. I put it on hiatus because life, and thanks to VN conference, I got super motivated to further my career in this very very niche market within the otaku realm. So, look forward to that. I will post an update on that soon enough because I have my voice actors and a background artist. That audition was fun. Right now, I am at Watercress Studios as a new programmer. I joined the team back on February 18th. So far, this is my first time making an EVN as part of a jam. If you are familiar with Watercress Studios, we are making a “very watercress” EVN. This photo should give you a hint. This is a EVN for NaNoReNo, so obviously it’s coming out after march. I would love for all of you guys to try it out and write some reviews on it. #ThisWasForYou https://twitter.com/TeamWatercress Make sure you follow us on twitter because we’ve just been spilling all kinds of stuff on this visual novel. A watercress member founded a new studio called Colorless and I am an assistant writer for an EVN called Gilded Gamers. There is no expected release date, so it’s going to be a while. So basically, I am working on three visual novels at the current moment. If you’re still reading this long post, Thank you. Let me tell I you why I like developing EVNs. I’ve said this before on Fuwanovel. But I believe that visual novels are art. Maybe because I am young and I am not jaded as the older otakus in this fandom. But I truly believe that the EVN medium is on the cusp of a revolution. I can see it. I can imagine it. I know it’s going to happen. I sincerely don’t want this to be the case anymore. Visual novels need to be a starter medium, and the best way to accomplish that is to create EVNs. EVNs that normies will wanna read. EVNs that will break what I call the Otaku Barrier where @Clephas talks about how VNs snatch otaku form other mediums. I wanna thank everyone here from @Plk_Lesiak, @tymmur, @Clephas, and everyone else for all the knowledge you have given me. Regarding the visual novel medium. I want to thank @Tay for helping maintain fuwa after all the drama during the great pirate era. I want to thank @solidbatman for being cool. I want to thank @Kiriririri for all the You don’t know how happy I am to be part of such a great community. Thank you. Now, you guys can ask me any question. Nothing is off-limits. Oh yeah here’s my twitter: https://twitter.com/Happine27386045
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    VNs that will make me cry for days

    Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. - not much to say. Only that it also has great soundtrack.
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    Guys, don't take this idiots serious. You know what don't ever take a translator serious or someone who knows to claim Japanese. I've been friends with a lot of people who can speak Japanese and even make a living of it, and yet they claim MTL is bad, blahblah. but it's all BS. Most people think I know a bit of Japanese and let me tell you, this will be my first time I ever confess this. I actually don't at all. I use MTL for everything and speak with a lot of those so called friends about VNs I've read and they respect my opinion about it and I can talk about most details and they haven't showed any doubt that I could actually read it. What an absolute morons. I even tl doujins and get praised for it. LUL can you imagine it. It only reads so well because most of my projects has an editor.
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    Let me guess, your forum?

    A pretty random mix of VN addicts from all parts of the medium. For Japanese untranslated (non-nukige), I'm the one you want to ask. For EOVNs, probably Plk_Leslak right now. Feel free to post requests for suggestions in the recommendations section... someone will inevitably bombard you with their favorites. Edit: I'm a burnout who has probably played more untranslated Japanese VNs than anyone else on the site. I won't say that absolutely though, since there are a lot of lurkers and inactives who might have snuck in and played more, lol.
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    Let me guess, your forum?

    We are remnants of what was once a mighty torrent empire, cultivating ancient traditions that have lost all their meaning long ago and awaiting our inevitable demise in the last few populated corners of the land. Welcome to our forums, hope you'll have fun around here! ^^
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    Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    Thanks guys!! I'm personally working through the editing now, and I have to say our translator has done a fantastic job! Programming work is also ongoing at the same time. I'll keep everyone updated as things progress. For the time being, we just released the OP movie
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    Pure x Connect Translation

    Status update Prologue progress: Translation and editing: Complete QC: In progress Overall progress: Translation: 5367/43896 Editing: 2120/43896
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    Kami no Rhapsody Translation

    Hello everyone, I'm here with an update on how things are going. For the translation: the script for the Append and NewGame+ is about 30% translated; Mistoria's route is about 15% translated. All of the translated images have been checked by our TLC, and among them, the Tutorial Images and the Basic info Images have also been edited. Glupak is now working on the Menu Images (As you can see from his post right above XD) You've probably guessed this from reading glupak's post, but the partial patch will be released at around the end of the month, once he's finished with the Menu Images. Please look forward to it . I guess that's about it for now. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^
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    Little busters without a doubt.
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    Feeling Uneasy near human

    I think Kenshin-Sama got it right, but I'd add one little, small thing. You can decry how society treats you, but remember that none of us is self-sufficient. Humanity can't be "an obstacle to one's happiness", because there's no happiness without it (unless you feel like becoming a hermit - I guess there are both monasteries and forests for that). Those favourite books you read? Made by people in society. And made only because there are others that enjoy them, just like you, maybe even facing similar problems. The country you live in might suck in all the regards you mentioned in the past, but as long as they don't outright behead you for being different, there are ways to cope with it and find a somewhat comfortable path through life. Don't obsess over how people treat you, think about what YOU can do to find your own happiness, and where it truly lies.
  30. 4 points

    NieR Replicant Translation

    What is the difference then? I really have never heard of the translation being butchered or Gestalt being incorrect. If you don't know Japanese how are you aware of the butchering? You are going to find it extremely difficult to find anyone willing to work with you if you have that attitude towards people asking questions. I chose my tone, it was interrogative because I have questions that I'd like answered since I am a huge fan of Yoko Taro's work and was completely unaware as to any sort of issues surrounding Gestalt and the English release.
  31. 4 points

    NieR Replicant Translation

    Honestly, i don't think you have the first clue about what you're talking about. Either you've heard there is a difference and gunning for it, or you simply just think there is. If you can't even start to explain then it's absolutely not worthwhile continuing talking to you, as like i've said, you probably have no clue.
  32. 4 points

    Hello there!

    Hi! Since I've been reading VNs for some time now I figured that it would be nice to finally join y'all. (I-i-its not like I've been browsing walkthroughs pretty often OK?!? D-don't get the wrong ideas.) My first VN would be Katawa Shoujo (that's probably the case for quite some people) and I absolutely fell in love with the medium ^^ Anyways! Please, take good care of me!
  33. 4 points
    Cookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookies And coffee! Because I read novels during the night. I do not know why, but is more easy for me.
  34. 3 points
    @Stormwolf I did with A5 (Only Takae's route though). Horrible experience. You can only understand about 75% of all dialogues by my estimation, and out of those you have to guess what the dialogue text means more than half the time. My time with MTR (more specially, Translation Aggregator + ITHVNR combo) is negative. A full Visual Novel experience is more than just understanding, or trying to / guessing, what the dialogue is trying to say. Spending most of your time trying to guess the text is frankly very tiring and while you may get a idea of what's happening, you can't get what the VN is trying to convey. Ultimately it's a very disjointed experience and I would rather not read it at all as opposed MTL-ing it. The only positive thing I can think of is that it serves it's purpose very well when trying to experience a fap-ge Actually I feel so strongly about it now that I would encourage anyone who has an notion to MTL VNs to give it a try. I believe most will come to the same conclusion as I did.
  35. 3 points

    Site Work 03/17/19

    Just waiting on a little security change via Nay before I get this done. Gratzi, hero @Nayleen!
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    Site Work 03/17/19

  37. 3 points

    Root double

    Just finished this and what a damn ride that was! Beautiful ending as well. Well, apart from indecisive harem. Don't know why writers write themselves into a corner like that tbh as i understand that none can be selected, at least from the important two. And it's funny how non romance stories have the best damn romance when it happens, what's up with that? Watase was a true man when he was talking to Kazami, way more touching than regular romance stuff. Either way, the story was good. There can be no doubt about that. It did have it's giant problem though, and that was it's way of telling the story. First route was amazing through and through. Second, not so much with it's infinite number of flashbacks and mc's grating voice as a kid. Third was ok. Fourth was almost as bad as the second with it's relentless flashbacking. Yes, every flashback was relevant and gave us a lot of "aha" moments, but that nagging feeling about the story as a whole being completely halted never vanished. It was a slog, even though it was at times very interesting, it was tedious nonetheless. But when the story finally broke out of it's cryostasis it immediately became amazing again, and with a touching ending as well. Well, i can't do anything but recommend this for anyone who likes suspense thrillers with loads of mysteries, plot twists and careful revelations. Well, be prepared for flashback hell, but that's about the only thing i can truly fault it with. I didn't read the extend episodes though as they just seem to be more flashbacking for more fleshing out of characters, which i personally feel is pointless.
  38. 3 points

    What's your favorite Key visual novel?

    I was just wondering what every ones favorite Key visual novel is, that is if you like their visual novels. I've just started playing vn's and since I've always been a fan of their anime adaptations i wanted to know which of their Vn's i should play! (My first VN is clannad by the way, i just bought it for ps4^^)
  39. 3 points

    VNs like Saw (2004 film)?

    Yes. Literally. Euphoria is just SAW the hentai. And that’s why I will never ever read it.
  40. 3 points
    From what I remember at least at the start they may not even have had a translator on board. If you don't know what's even in the game because it's all moon runes to you, it's hard to market it.
  41. 3 points
    Yes and no. I don't mind that much when people pay whatever they want for unique goodies and features (even though sometimes the premium on those is absurd), but whenever fans have to rally and put way more money than they actually wanted to, in order to "save" a commercial project, there's something fundamentally fucked up about it. It might just be me though.
  42. 3 points
    Oh, I’ll do more than that
  43. 3 points

    What are you playing?

    Oh My God, that Yoshino music video in Rewrite might be the single greatest moment in a VN so far for me. Does anyone have a translation for the lyrics? I'm worried I might stumble over some spoiler if I try to Google it myself.
  44. 3 points

    What are you playing?

    So after playing VNs for 20 years with heavy emphasis on moege and charage, I finally gave in and purchased Fruit of Grisaia after being told by so many people how good it is in terms of story, writing and how solid the localisation is. The first thing that struck me is the game is wordy... long.. I mean real fucking long. Huge passages are spent on exposition with lots of what the MC is thinking, his take on the world at large, plenty of backstory that continually fills in as you progress and how it fits in with the route as you're playing it. The writing is solid indeed and thought provoking. The heroines are all reasonably interesting, though after having played so many VNs, there was nothing new in their personalities I hadn't seen before. The localisation is indeed solid; on my rating it almost reaches a 9/10. The only reason I wouldn't give it a 9 is that I know enough Japanese to see certain less than ideal choices in translation though none of them are massive fails, and all nuance was captured, so it's easily an 8.5 (This is my localisation rating, not my rating for the game itself.) So I planned to start out with Makina's route since she was the least appealing heroine to me (I always go from least to most favourite heroine) but it took forever to get past the common route. It went on and on and on. I struggled to read much every night as it would make me sleepy after an hour or so of reading close to the end of the night. This was a bad sign for me. Anyway I soldiered on because of all its redeeming features and finally branched into Makina's route. I kept reading and reading and reading and waiting for that moment where it grabbed me and I simply couldn't let go of the story. 3/4 of the way through Makina's route, and many sleeps interrupting the story later, it never happened... I realised I'd lost the fight. I just didn't care about what was happening, found the endless tirade from the MC tiring to read, and didn't warm to anyone or anything. I starting mashing the ctrl key during the MC's thoughts, and then randomly through what looked less interesting. I got tired of the endless strategy scenes. Finally I gave up and mashed ctrl to the end of the route to at least see the end, which I didn't like. Since I liked the other girls much more, I then downloaded a full save game to check out the H scenes of the other heroines, some of which were pretty appealing, but not enough for me to wade through another trillion lines of story to get through, and I was mad at myself for paying money for a localisation that had not been decensored. The only thing I could think of by the end was the translator Koestl deserves a medal for translating so much fucking text, though if he actually enjoyed the game I could see how he managed to do it. Sorry guys, I failed. I'm still only interested in charage and moege with significant romance as the primary part of the story. I'm just too old to get excited by dark themes and bad shit happening to people. I lived through gen X and depressing us as teenagers was like shooting fish in a barrel. Most of us got over it. As a middle aged man I've seen more than my fair share of actual bad shit happen to people I love and care about, and I only want mild drama and then serious happy escapism as my reward.
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    Where is the fun if they cut out the eldritch horror?
  46. 3 points
    I sometimes drink hot tea, but I drink mostly water when im reading. I also take a break, when I'm eating. I get easily distracted, so I like to be able to focus while I'm reading. The same goes when I'm reading books and mangas.
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    Machine translators can't deal with scene context, implied subjects, and the extended sentences common to Japanese grammar. In addition, they often misinterpret verb forms and completely mess up the sentence to the point where it is unrecognizable. This is the reason why only the simplest of sentences that have a clearly delineated subject and use the simplest verb forms actually translate properly (and often not even then). Before even considering playing untranslated, you should at least know the grammar so you can tell when something is off... you can fill out your vocab along the way using a parser (puts romaji or kana above kanji). If you don't want to learn Japanese, you are out of luck. Machine translations will be inadequate until we can hook a person with a complete vocabulary and grammar knowledge of both languages up to a machine and download an entire copy of his brain directly into the digital realm (in other words, we won't see it in our lifetimes). The language just isn't suited for machine translation, especially since there are no languages directly related to it (romance and germanic languages are relatively easy to machine translate to English due to a large swathe of shared concepts and essential structural similarities). It doesn't even translate well into mandarin or modern Chinese, despite the languages partially sharing a writing system.
  48. 3 points

    What are you playing?

    Read and finished Fatal Twelve over the last couple of days. I really liked it. Building a Battle Royale scenario around the regrets of people who already died, despite being not exactly revolutionary, is an interesting spin on the genre, allowing the storytelling to focus on the characters instead of action and suspense (although there still is plenty of both). And the characters (at least the ones that make it beyond the first few rounds) really are Fatal Twelve's strong suit, especially the ones who are framed as villains at the beginning. I wasn't that much into the love interest, but I think that's due to personal tastes and not bad writing. The only weak part in FT is its final act, which is too reliant on info-dumping and deus-ex-machinas. But it's not that long anyways, so I don't care that much.
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    Birthday thread

    The Glorious Magical Bunnies have granted me another year of life in their infinite wisdom and grace. May they one day bless us with their living presence that we might pet their ears and feed them the sacred greens.
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    As most people point out, translating is a tough job. But the real hurdle is the quality and accuracy of it, and I might be the worst person to rely on for you guys, because of my perfectionist streak/complex which is the primary source of my frustration everytime I look back on what I did, and right now I'm being like "wth was I thinking!?" There's also issues with the currently released chapters. I won't take the links down or anything, but I will update once/if I get to it Thanks for your patience, guys. It means a lot. As for those who want to translate it themselves, by all means. It doesn't hurt to pick up Japanese as a skill.