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Ayaya as a Doctor Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (03/11/2017)

The title was very bad for this week I knew, so I'm apologize in advance for that regarding the title. About the title here, I mentioned Ayaya because of the seiyuu factor ie seiyuu joke here (By the way Ayaya (Or Komichi Aya for the real name) was from Kiniro Mosaic, and of course I'm continuing Kiniro refrence here from last week). Oh, and speaking about the seiyuu it's Risa Taneda once again who also voiced one of the heroine from Japanese School Life VN. As for the girl in VN image header, of course she was voiced by Taneda (Duh) and her occupation was a doctor hence the title (Quite ironic consideing that she was had some illness and in hiatus right now). With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review which according to Tay was quite anemic ie lacking to be blunt. Although of course there's still some interesting progress though which I'll track those progress here.

Okay, about the girl in image header it's actually from Utawarerumono 2, which was announced will be released at May 23rd. Although once again I would said it'll be interesting release, too bad though I'd not quite interested with that mainly because I didn't own either PS4 or PSV here and buying those not my options for now to said it honestly (Also no PC release once again). But if you already own PS4 or about to buy it like Decay and Utawarerumono fans, I would say go get the game there. Other than Utawarerumono sequels duology, we also had Libra progress in which right now was had all routes was finally translated once again, and the last side episode (Iris's) was already at 80% edited according to them (I missed this back in February by the way) - which of course made the editing process for Aoi and Lycoris side episode was already finished. And in regard of Phantom Trigger Kickstarter, they already reach the goal (80,000) and apparently they'll add more side goal there. Almost forgot to said that Miniature Garden release was delayed to April 3rd according to Mangagamer site there.

As for Sekai, they was the most anemic if we looking at their progress (Bokukotsu was at 37.02% and Maitetsu was fully translated), although perhaps they'd getting ready for Anime Boston announcement later. If one could recall, at last Anime Boston they announced Maitetsu and Tokeijikake, which while it's not quite big title those two were still definitely quite well known. Speaking about Sekai, apparently there's some complain in regard of Chrono Clock translation which apparently was unedited at some section (I could give less care in term of slang and uncommon word). According to some source (Editor's tweet), Chrono Clock was only like 84% edited by the time of the rease so perhaps it could explain some unnatural reading there (Especially H Scenes). In regard of that, Sekai promised that they'll release the patch to fix that particular issue at Monday in case some of you interested with that.

For fan translation, it's still had some usual updates here but for this week the progress was directed toward TLC. As for the updates recap, we had 115 scripts translated for Sono Hanabira 11; Majokoi was at 68.7% edited and 15.6% TLC-ed (Still no translation progress because the new main translator was still trying catch up with the VN); and while we didn't had Loverable updates announced here, the team was still working if some of you wonder (For the current progress, right now it was at 55.86% translated, 27.43% TLC-ed, and 17.03% edited). And for HatsuKoi, still no progress as of now yet but maybe there will be later.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS (3/12) - About Mangagamer, they just deliver the updates at this morning so let me list the updates here. For both of Hapymaher and Sorcery Joker, right now it was at 69% translated (54% edited) and 81% translated respectively. Fata Morgana fandisc was at 47% translated and 17% edited (Quite nice jump there), ehile Imopara 2 was at 59% edited. As for Kuroinu Chapter 2, right now it was at 62% translated and 18% edited. Speaking about high sexual context VN, there's also Maggot Bait which as of now Kouryuu managed to translated 22% of it. For last updates here, Naked Butler was at 42% retranslated and Evangile W was fully edited. That's all for Mangagamer late update, and I'll check if there's updates from their secret project later.

PPS - Right now HatsuKoi did some update. As for the update, they translated almost two third of Runa's route (65.64% translated) and for overall progress it was at 44.98% translated. For their next plan, they'll try to finishing Runa route this weekend and release Runa patch at next weekend. Keep in mind that the plan could be change though because of some circumstance (Also in regard the plan for release one patch for each month), but one thing that was sure for now would be the full patch for HatsuKoi wouldn't be come later than June. That's all for HatsuKoi update.

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