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Reminiscene of the Maid Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (11/05/2016)

Since we had Memory Dogma and Sakura Maid 3 as the header, I figured that I'll use the word reminiscene (The synonym of memories) and maid for the title. As for the release, once again Dogma was still one chapter here so we couldn't said that the story was complete yet or as Fred said it's still leave many unanswered thing (The art once again was good there). For Sakura Maid 3 I would said that was very awesome of Winged Cloud there, and by awesome I mean they so quick to release the sequels, so the story was suffer A LOT (At least it was free lol).

For this week, I'm kind of questioning why there's still not Bishoujo Mangekyou duology update here. Oh well, maybe right now Arcadeotic was quite busy, and if he update those I'll add it here. And this week Mangagamer was delivered the news that Nyuu Jene will be released at 25th and they already released at the site. Try it if you still not yet.

As for Other section here, this week Conjueror managed to translated Miniature Garden halfway (50%) here. Libra was also had some progress here, and right now they managed to had Lycoris route was at 30% translated. This week apparently the infamous MoeNovel tease us with another announcement. Looking from the red color at their picture, maybe it'll be this one if only following my wishful thinking there although it still not explaining the lotus though. Keep in mind that I may be wrong here, and for trivia MoeNovel was part of Pulltop there.

Sekai, this week they had quite surprising update in regard of Chrono Clock which they jumped around at almost 16% for the progress from last week (59% translated or as they state 58.99% translated) which of course was good news because I kind of looking forward to Chrono Clock if I may honest here. As for the others, Maitetsu was reaching more than halfway (51.41%) translated, Princess Knight Chapter 2 was 82.23% translated, Tenshin Ranman was 63.57% translated, and Bokukotsu was at 13.64% translated. Oh, almost forgot that this week Akerou managed to had Hoshimemo 67% retranslated here. As for Meikyuu 18+, this week they had entering technical work and because of that this month they didn't had update for Rakuen translation. That's all for Sekai this week.

Aside from Bishoujo Mangekyou which curiously still didn't had the update yet once again, this week we had Tsui Yuri was finished for the translating and they still had much of work remain (QC and TLC) so apparently 2016 release wasn't possible. For the rest of usual update, this week we had Majokoi was at 54.3% translated and the editing reach 40% mark (40.3% edited), and Loverable was at 24.41% translated and 0.88% QC-ed. For unusual update, this week we had Sukiuso almost reached 40% mark translated (39.4% translated) and for Clover Days this week we had Ittaku managed to translated 80% of twin's route. As for Mahou Shoujo which didn't had update for quite a while (Around 5 months iirc), finally they had update with 7 chapters translated, around 3 chapters edited, and 1 chapter QC-ed (For comparison, the VN was comprised of 40 chapters here). Finally this week we also had surprise here, and it was Daitoshokan which complete for both of translating and editing progress, although there's still some work left though (QC, engine, and image editing) so this year release was also not possible like Tsui Yuri. And like Decay here, I also interested with Daitoshokan here (Decay said it was fun moege though).

That's all for this week VNTS Review from mine, and see you next week.


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The big leap in Chrono Clock progress was certainly surprising. That kind of jump makes me think maybe they moved a full-time translator onto it (instead of someone working it as a side job). Perhaps, given its recent release, the Memory's Dogma translator? That'd be good news in my book. Regardless, the big progress number is a pleasant change; maybe they really will hit their target release date, or at least be close to it.

And agreed, the Daitoshokan announcement out of nowhere is very exciting. Kudos to the team on their progress, and I'm looking forward to an eventual release.

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If you're wondering about the absence of an update this week, I'd suggest you to check my Twitter, since that's where I usually post all out-of-the-norm events, like this week, when I was gone for my long overdue birthday party

I can't always post all about my life everywhere, and I'd doubt people would even want that

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