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    Kickstarters and delays for physical releases

    On average, the estimated time to delivery (ETD) is 255 days. On average, the actual time to delivery (ATD) for companies that already delivered is 633 days. On average, the tardiness in delivery (tdd) for companies that already delivered is 401 days. The slowest company (taking into account realized deliveries) is Frontwing, with an ATD of 716 days and tdd of 532 days. Despite this, their ETD is 150 days, with games from 2016 and 2017 yet to be delivered. Optimistic much? I was bored, so here's a pie chart...
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    Reborn as a censored goat in another world.
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    Sakura Brothel Review

    Maybe we should make a thread where we predict Sakura titles?
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    Thank you a lot for clarification. Recorded and uploaded remaining part.
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    NaNoRenO 2019 Highlights, part 1

    @Plk_Lesiak I didn’t even see your response until now. Well since the VN is done, I can tell you everything. It was largely Wolf’s idea our studio director. I didn’t contribute much to the design of her character. The idea of Cheshire was to be a memento. I wanted a memento of Ji-Min like a museum of memories kinda thing, and someone brought up an avatar like Budapest from Watercress’s previous VN Palinarus. But, if you were expecting some meaning behind the story, sorry, the story doesn’t have any meaning outside of Grief. Personally, I don’t like writing stories without an arc or resolution, but the goal of “This was for you”, was for the reader to experience that grief has no resolution or arc, or any motif on it’s own. In your review, you brought up that you didn’t like the interactions with Cheshire and her twist. I agree with your criticism, however, giving her some poetic meaning seemed to antithetical to the whole theme of This Was For You. I thought about it too when we in our writing meeting, because I wanted the relationship to a bit more pronounced with flashbacks of Ji-Min or something however, the goal was for the relationship to be exclusively online. The characters just knew each other online and used Cheshire as a joke. In fact Cheshire is the joke, she was created by Ji-Min to troll MC. That’s why Cheshire is so damn annoying. She was designed for MC not to like her. Even giving her sentience, would’ve taken away from the whole grief theme we were going for. Honestly, our VN has no story. It’s the MC griefing for 30 minutes. Our goal was for the reader to experience that feeling of lost and not be so captured in a narrative arc. That’s why MC has no gender, no identity, etc, they are a self-insert. Imagine if you were there. It’s funny because as soon as I joined the studio in February, I was like “are going to make another depression simulator?” Everyone laughed on the Discord voice chat. Because This was for you is the quintessential Watercress experience. It’s our most polished VN to date. I contributed 25% of the writing. I did the audio splicing work lol. I did some of the GUI work. So yeah. Is that why you recommend it vs highly recommended it?
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    Femdom Visual Novel ~ Detective Masochist

    Would you be so kind and at least not double post this crap? If I were an admin you'll already be in trouble for doing that repeatedly.
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    Sakura Brothel Review

    Sooner or later it'll happen for real.