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  1. Birthday thread

    Happy belated 25th birthday to our @Silvz there, and I hope you'll have a good year ahead.
  2. The reason for the title is obviously because they release this on Valentine days. Anyway I figure that I should open the discussion thread for Senren Banka here, even though it's still six hours early. Feel free to discuss what's your thought on this, and I'll add the VA info along with the poll later. For the reviews, I guess we can say that Senren Banka here is pretty much like Yuzusoft previous VNs, so you better expect this as charage there. If anything, at least the MC (Arichi) here is not like Makoto from School Days. So let's go with the heroines and their VA directly, and for the routes here we'll going to have four main routes along with two side routes. 1. Tomotake Yoshino The shrine maiden that Arichi saw when he came to the shrine, and she's the daughter of the priest of the shrine. She also have hold some secret, namely that whenever there's evil spirit appear she'll have (Cute) cat ears. She also appear to be quite strict in her appearence, so much that she like to slap herself when she woke up even though it's very painful to her. Because of circumstances, currently Yoshino was engaged with Arichi and understandably Yoshino was confused with that. Her VA is Eri Sendai in which her roles are Inaba Meguru from Sanoba Witch (And we'll see Yoshino say 'Challo' at a certain point), Kusunoha Misaki from Hatsukoi Sankaime, Suzuki Kana from Daitoshokan, Kisaki Reina from Kirikoi, Otonashi Saku from Hello Lady, Kouzuki Io from Dal Segno, Kuroki Michi from Noraneko, and Nijouin Hazuki from Riddle Joker. 2. Hitachi Mako The female ninja who act as Yoshino's guard, and also act as her friend (Sort of like Akari and Sena from Noble Works). Although she's quite serious when it come to her job, she also like to tease someone who is quite close to her, and that included Yoshino as well. Her VA is Takamori Natsumi in which her roles are Kariya Wakana from Sanoba Witch, Patricia from Noraneko, Sorakado Ao from Summer Pockets, Higashi Mashiro from Apeiria, Inui Azusa from Tsujidou, Inui Saki from Aokana, Tachibana Ochiba from AstralAir, and Souma Ria from Kirikoi. 3. Murasame The spirit of a sacred sword that was sealed at the shrine, and the sword itself was supposed to be not breakable. At least until Arichi somehow manage to broke it and that circumstance lead him to have an engagement with Yoshino, and that Murasame acknowledge Arichi as the new master of the sword. As the spirit, she's only visible to a small amount of people (Including Mako and Yoshino). She also have some ironic trait there, namely that she's quite afraid of ghost even though she herself is a ghost. Her VA is Yamamoto Nozomi in which her roles are Misono Senri from Daitoshokan, Arisaka Mashiro from Aokana, Tsukuyomi from Baldr Heart, Satou Koutaro from Wagahigh, Shitaka Iori from Love Cube, Yuri from Uchi trilogy, Kabutoyama Midori from Hello Lady, and Nosuri from Utawarerumono sequel duology. 4. Lena Liechtenauer A foreigner who happen to like Japan and that she have some misconception, such as eating wasabi in a sizeable amount instead of bit by bit. She did transfer to Japan in order to helping at the inn which also doubled as Arichi's grandfather house, and she passed the test. She somehow also be able to see Murasame, and that she help with the evil spirit hunt occasionally. Her VA is Tanezaki Atsumi/Kirihana and her roles are Ayachi Nene from Sanoba Witch, Mitsukasa Ayase from Riddle Joker, Kodachi Nagi from Daitoshokan, Ousaka Sora from Hoshiori, Yuunagi Ichika from Astral Air, Asuhara Yuuki from Noraneko, Niimi Sora from Nine tetralogy, and Ikoma Murasaki from Phantom Trigger. I guess that's all for the heroines, and even though I didn't talk abput side heroines I'll still add those two heroines in the poll.
  3. The Katana in the Stone Review

    Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Senren Banka teleased at the Valentine days with the premise that remind us of Arthur legend I decided to parodied the 1963 Disney movie that adapt that legend. Although in this case since the blade is katana of course I change the sword into katana, and for a bit of info katana is the name of Japanese sword. As for this week, we have one big release from Nekonyan (Senren Banka) along with one nukige (Imopara 3), so I can say that it's been an active week if only if we look at the releases alone. Other than the releases we also have usual updates, with the most interesting update is that Trip back to have weekly update in regard of Ginharu. Let's see what I can write for this week here as well. One day before Valentine we have Mangagamer released Imopara 3, which mean that now we have all three Imopara VNs are being localized. Also like previous releases Mangagamer did announce their next release, and in this case their next release is Sideboob 2 at March 12th later. For Imopara 3 here, well it's a nukige and for the premise it's still the Nanase family tradition in which we'll have one male MC love his five sisters a lot and will have a forbidden romance that was expressed through sex, though this time Moonstone decided to make new Nanase family instead of connect it from the first and second Imopara. Well get Imopara 3 if you like previous two Imopara and want more little sister nukige, and have fun. By the way I prefer little sisters in Onikiss if I may say what I think about the design, although finally I can see Moonstone manage to design cute youngest sister so I like her design the most followed by the fourth sisters (The rest of the sisters still have shadow from previous Imopara VNs). About Harlem Blade, I only know that the translator chose PC-98 version to translate (Why not PC Windows version?), it's produced by GIGA (At least they didn't interfere with their firced censorship policy here), it's a gameplay VN (RPG), and that it featured the MC with the name of Cain who is a pervert man who also a descendant of a legendary hero. In any case, you can try it if you somehow interested with it and have fun. For the rest of the updates, we have Miotsukushi Omote was past halfway (53%) edited, Loverable was reach 80% mark (80.39%) edited, Eustia was at 88.13% translated along with 84.59% edited, and Ginharu was at 56.64% translated with Momiji's route was at 68.3% translated. By the way we also have Tsurezure did release new version of Hoshiori's full patch, so feel free to get it if you're not satisfied with the available translationof Hoshiori. The biggest release for this week is obviously Senren Banka in which as we know it's been announced by Sekai first back at AX 2017, and apparently Yuzusoft decided to change their partner to Nekonyan seeing that they already have successful Sanoba release (My assumption). Anyway with Nekonyan took over Dracu Riot and Riddle Joker we'll going to have more Yuzusoft VN thanks to them, and perhaps it's only a matter of time to see Nekonyan took Tenshin Ranman license. For the premise itself is that we have our MC Arichi visit his hometown that has been famous because of the tourist who want to see traditional Japanese village, and he somehow manage to break the katana that was stabbed in the stone that was supposed hard to pull. To add more problem, because the spirit of the katana acknowledge Masaomi as the new owner of the katana and that he broke one of tourist attraction, he must take responsibilities by having an engagement with the local shrine maiden who also the daughter of shrine's priest. Seeing no choice, our Arichi decided to try to get use to her new life. Also while some review pointed that Senren Banka here have the plot, the safe approach here would still expect this as charage. In any case, you can get Senren Banka at Steam or Nekonyan (Or JAST, Mangagamer, and Denpasoft), and have fun. That's all fir this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  4. Senren Banka, Nekonyan's 2020 Valentine Prize [UPDATED]

    Add the heroines info and the poll. As for my opinion on this, well Senren Banka here is more or less a charage with traditional Japanese setting. Also from what I read apparently some of the background was taken from Kyoto, so it's nice of them to do some researching there. Feel free to discuss about Senren Banka here, and congratulation to Nekonyan in regard of their newest release.
  5. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Here's this week update from Tsurezure, and I like that they go back to weekly update here. Common: 100.0% Bethly: 100.0% Mizuha: 0.0% Yuzuki: 0.0% Momiji: 68.3% Hinata: 100.0% Total: 56.64% No much to say here other than translating porn apparently quite a tasking work there, so that's all for this week update.
  6. Yeah you didn't read it wrong, and it's real. Anyway apparently Trip find a passion inside him to translate Ginharu here, and so we have a new project from Tsurezure here. As for the progress, there'll be more on that tomorrow so let's just enjoy the common patch for today (Yeah we also already have common patch release) and you can get it from their website as usual. I'll use this thread post their progress later, and I'm looking forward to the final patch here.
  7. Decided to bump this thread because we have Trip do a lot of editing for Hoshiori's script, and today they released the second version of Hoshiori's translation. In case you didn't satisfied with the current translation, you can get the new version of Natsuki's patch at their usual site here. Have fun.
  8. Finally we have HatsuKoi append patch finished here, and it mean that the time for Hoshiori project to begin has come. For the premise itself, we have the MC whose an improvement version of HatsuKoi's Yuuma, and more importantly the MC in question (Ryousuke) was come back to his hometown after seven years had been away from it. Other than Ryousuke himself is the improvement from Yuuma, tone work was also starting their trademark in this VN in which the trademark is their long writing in regard of the development, so obviously we'll gonna have a lot of lines (Around 200,000 lines). Also it's important to note that star will be the major theme in one of the route considering that we have 'Hoshi' in the title (That one route only will be obviously better than the whole localized Miagete, because it'll be uncensored lol), and the whole theme of Hoshiori is the dream for the future (Yume Mirai part) in which it'll depict the characters going forward to their future. Anyway, I'd been looking forward to this and obviously I'll be waiting until the route order announced at Tsurezure later. So feel free to discuss about the project here, although I'll mostly use this thread for reporting the progress though.
  9. Congratulation on your rank up as mod on Reddit there, and it's too bad that there's a drana involving moderators there. I guess moderators can also involved in the drama as well, no matter which community it is. Anyway for January VNTS I would say that if not for Nekonyan's announcements it would be very plain, especially when there's no big name releases there. At least February releases here is quite interesting, so hopefully we can see more interesting releases at upcoming months.
  10. Congratulation for the Steam release, and after I read through mostly I can say that Frontier here didn't need to have have nukige tag. Granted that it have some mandatory sex scenes, but compared to the gameplay ratio it was far less compared to Haruka in that we need to grind through sex and yet it's still not categorized as nukige in VNDB list (I mean you didn't really neccesarily need to corrupt the goddess to get a strong team (Admittedly it help a lot though, and why not seeing that the corrupted goddesses outfit is quite sexy lol), and that Loki definitely didn't need to level up the goddesses through the sex). So yeah compared to Haruka and Escalayer, you can have less sex in Frontier (And you can totally avoid the optional sex scenes) and therefore I can say that the nukige tag on VNDB is wrong. By the way I like the VN here. For the story, I can say that the law route here is like Route B of Valkyrie Profile while for chaos route it's like True Route of Valkyrie Profile, except instead of Lenneth the protagonist here is Loki (You'll root for him in law route, and even if Loki was become Villain Protagonist in chaos route you still root for him anyway). For the goddesses, their name and traits is derived from Norse mythology and it should be obvious from Loki name here. Thor, Freya, and Odin should be more obvious examples here, while for Tyrca here her name is derived from Try (Her power is like Lenneth though, and perhaps it might intended seeing that her design is like Valkyrie). While Rigret name here is less obvious and she only get the real world name in the sequel, her Divine Gear should be enough hint on which god that inspire her (It's Heimdall in which it's pretty well known for Gjallahorn). Lastly I believe that Ninetail chose this as their very first official localized VN, because it's the more popular VN on Venus Blood series. The reason is simply because they make a sequel based on this (Ragnarok), and I think it wouldn't be happen of the VN is less popular (The Norse mythology here did help a lot admittedly). For the next release, let's just say that I hope that Ninetail can localized both of Hypno and Ragnarok if possible, although I know that Ragnarok will possibly be a Tough Act to Follow for Frontier being the sequel and all.
  11. Hello there. (Insert Obi One Kenobi voice here)

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and to tell the truth I don't know on how Kenobi voiced (I may search it later). Sorry for the belated greeing, and I hope that you'll have fun here. For the last eord, good luck on your VN project there.
  12. Hello, hello

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. Feel free to ask any questions in regard of VNs here, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  13. New here, but also not really

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and while I'm on Discord admittedly I rarely come there. Anyway feel free to talk about VNs here if you like it, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  14. From the title looks like you expect something like story driven VN, so let me say it straight that you shouldn't that kind of writing in Yuzusoft VNs because when it comes down to that they specialized in charage/moege, and Noble Works here is their VN before Dracu Riot. Granted that their recent VNs did have some overaching stories (Please remember that it's still mostly in charage territory), but remember that they just started the trend at Dracu Riot so you can't exactly expect that it'll be the story driven here. So if you ask me what's your not getting, probably it would be the affection to the heroines in which usually it was the charage creator goal. About the semantic underrated here, just like Ittaku said it should be overrated because it clearly describe the OP situation well in that he trapped because of good rating at VNDB. For the clarification overrated mean that the work that get too much praise when it turn out that it's not up to the supposed praise, while underrated here mean that a less known work that receive less praise and turned out that it's pretty good (You can see this link for clearer understanding). Of course to determined whether the work is underrated or overrated it's up to each of their own (ie subjective matter), but in this case it's pretty clear that the you find Noble Works is overrated.
  15. Tsujidou-san No Virgin Road

    Like Ange said, Trip didn't like Maki when he translate her route, so the chance for him to pick the fandisc is very miniscule as of now. Also as of Tsurezure (Trip's group) did translate Ginharu, and so far there's no other team who translate Virgin Road so the answer for you question here is 'There is no Virgin Road translation project as of now'.
  16. Amairo Chocolata

    So apparently it's just yet another Nekopara like moege there? I see. Apparently Sekai will release it for Chinese and Japanese language only on Steam, and after read the review I know that I wouldn't get it even if Sekai will release it in English later (Which should be happen sooner or later, unless they changed their mind).
  17. About Kin'iro Loveriche nickname, yeah I know the official nickname for that is Kinkoi. As for Kirikoi, it's the meme nickname for Kin'iro Loveriche. I know that I should use the official one here, but I decided to use meme nickname here anyway for a certain reason.
  18. Time for my first topic in 2020, and yeah you didn't read the title wrong because it's what's really happened. Here's the tweet from Nekonyan for the proof. I think we should look forward to this, because we've been teased for Dracu Riot full patch here several times. As for me, while I still think that it's a redundant release I agree that some other people may interested to get it with proper edited text here, so yeah you may wait until Nekonyan released Dracu Riot if you didn't like the current translation. With this it mean that Sekai must say goodbye to another license because their license is taken again, and perhaps it's only a matter of time to have Tenshin Ranman taken over by Nekonyan as well. For Riddle Joker, well not surprised seeing that they've been shown the SD CG for that in their twitter, but more Yuzusoft VN is always good especially it's quite recent (And apparently relationship between Nekonyan and Yuzusoft is quite good). With this Nekonyan already have four Yuzusoft VNs, and I wonder if we can get Amairo later. PS - May as well compile all of their announcements here below, and before you wonder all of their new projects are their secret projects. Secret Project 1 - Dracu Riot The story begins with Mutsura Yuuto accompanying his friend on a holiday to Aqua Eden, an artificial island city where gambling and the sex industry are legal. However, his holiday plans are laid to waste after he gets involved in a kidnapping; to make matters worse, he ends up getting turned into a vampire. As a vampire, he can no longer leave Aqua Eden; so with nowhere else to go, he decides to enroll in a special school for vampires on the island — and thus, his new night life begins! Secret Project 2 - Riddle Joker People used to call such unfathomable abilities "superpowers". Through the discovery of a certain particle during the end of the 20th century, however, the mystery surrounding these powers was solved, with them and their users now being referred to as "Astral abilities" and "Astral users", repsectively. Arihara Satoru is an ordinary person living in this extraordinary world. However, that is but a facade. Hidden beneath the surface, Arihara Satoru is actually an Astral user working as an agent under a secret organization! His newest mission: "Infiltrate this school geared towards Astral users as one of its students!" Along with his little sister, Arihara Nanami, he succeeds in the infiltration and blends in with the students there without a hitch, building a rapport with fellow classmates Mitsukasa Ayase and Nijouin Hazuki as well as upperclassman Shikibe Mayu along the way. Having not drawn even the tiniest bit of suspicion, his mission continues according to plan. --Or so he had hoped. Due to an unforeseen event, his true identity was revealed to Mitsukasa Ayase! But the revelations didn't stop there; Ayase's own big secret was also revealed: What do you know! Her chest was padded! The two now held each other's unspeakable secrets within them. And with that one encounter, their fate would be forever changed-- Secret Project 3 - Kirikoi Noble Private Academy: it is where the ladies and gentlemen of the future are raised. At this boarding school, students not only learn basic education, but are also taught how to be dignified. This year is especially unique since royalty from the small Scandinavian country of Sortilège were invited to the school. Ouro caught the eye of the princess Sylvia after a certain incident, which led to him being beaten up at the school and ultimately placed into a vacant room in the girls’ dormitory. Secret Project 4 - Clover's Days It was a buried memory. It was an eternal oath. It was a wish from the heart. It was a regret kept for eternity. And a childhood promise— Yuuto was raised in an orphanage in England. He was taken to Japan after being adopted by Takakura Yoshiomi, an executive of his business. Yuuto, who couldn’t speak Japanese, was supported by his twin sister-in-laws, the bright and shy Anzu, and the cool and reliable Anri, along with the innocent and gentle Tsubame, and the showy and devious Izumi. The young boys and girls were unaware of love. They laughed and they cried, nurturing irreplaceable bonds. And 10 years later— The local scenery had changed so much, and so did Yuuto and the others. –But there are also things that remained the same. “Do you remember… the promise we made that day?” Yuuto's other childhood friends, Hekiru and Hikaru, moved overseas ten years ago. They are together with Yuuto again, and their memories from ten years ago return with them. Clover Day's starts during those rich and fulfilling days. Secret Project 5 - IxSHE Tell Hajime is the school students' representative and the student council president thanks to whom the rule banning romantic relationships in school was lifted. Although now he's a hero who gave allowed everyone freedom of love, he himself now has no time to enjoy it himself! If any problem arises, the whole success will be for naught and the rule might be brought back... At such time, he is confessed to by Kasumi, a transfer student who is also his childhood friend. Furthermore, on the next days he was confessed to by the sister school's charismatic student council president Yui and by the school idol who won miss contest twice in a row - Ayaka! However, one of the few students who is against romance - the "anti-romance faction leader" and the vice president of the student council Yoshino has declared "Come on, let's enter a relationship and cause problems and bring back the ban on romance!". Hajime was happy to be loved by so many people, but decided that first he should get to know everyone better. As if waiting for him to say it, his other childhood friend Shiori, a perfect yamato nadeshiko has confessed to him while saying she knows him best of all. Right after the ban on love has been lifted, the protagonist finds himself incredibly popular with several girls approaching him aggressively and from all directions. His love story begins abruptly...
  19. Welcome to my top 10 list of translated VNs for 2018, and I think it's the right time to make this seeing that 2019 is almost come. As for the rule, there's no yaoi, otome, fandisc (ie Fata Morgana fandisc), and re-release (Konosora and Chaos Child). As for my list here, my taste here is quite personal so I'm sorry if some of your favorite titles were didn't available here. Here's my list of top 10 translated VNs for this year, and I hope that you'll enjoy it. As for the score currently I'm based on the average score at today (September 20th, 2019), although it may be change in the future seeing that the scores is often fluctuated. 10. Newton to Ringo no Ki aka Newton and the Apple Tree (VNDB 7.41, Erogamescape 72) As usual Japanese like to genderbent historical figure, and this time we've got Isaac Newton who in fact turned out to be a tsundere 19(?) years old girl with the name of Alice Bedford. Other than the usual gender-bent premise, we also have the MC Asanaga Shuuji who distanced himself from science because of his grandfather who was left him and get dragged by his female childhood friend Yotsuko to Tenbridge University in London. Then both of Shuuji and Yotsuko were accidentally activated time machine in London and got thrown to year 1687, and they accidentally burned the apple tree that was the source of inspiration for Newton gravitation law which in turn indirectly alter the history. From there Shuuji decided to try fix the mistake while at the same time tried to befriended Alice. This VN is also the first VN that was released by Sol Press, in which it's also the second VN that they'd crowdfund after Sakusakura although the release order was reversed though because they did need to resolve Sakusakura's technical problem back when Newton VN released. So essentially we can say that Newton VN here is the debut VN for Sol Press, and for a supposedly moege it did have some talk in regard of science and the drama itself could be surprisingly heavy at that. 9. Hapymaher (VNDB 7.45, Erogamescape 78) While I did admit that I was interested with this VN because of the costumes that the girls wear in the dream, I also can see that the costumes here is quite sexy so much that it did distract the reader's attention from the real meat of this VN which is the mind screw story that have some nakige element (I understand that the distraction may be deliberate, but it's still a waste though to have that kind of sexy costumes considering that this isn't nukige lol). As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC Tohru Naito who is burdened by his past that he was lost his family, so much that he can't rest because he did have lucid dream every night that he keep felt awaken in the dream. One night he saw two mysterious girls Alice and Maia, with the former was trying to help Tohru while the latter keep doing something bad. From there Tohru keep trying to find the solution to his own problem, while Maia somehow keep dragging the other girls into Tohru's dream. Since this VN involving people entering dream, what I can say is that it would be better to just enjoy the show instead of keep thinking seriously of how is that even plausible because it'll be hurt you head if you think it. Oh and almost forget to say that Hapymaher here did have Alice in Wonderland theme. 8. Sorcery Jokers (VNDB 7.67, Erogamescape 78) The first 2018 release from Mangagamer that was announced back at Otakon 2016, and it's setting was in regard of a city which got some magic user that was exist after years ago when the magic was suddenly came to the existance. While at the first glance it made people felt more content seeing that they manage to a normal life, beneath that there's some secret plan happening one that was involved the life of some people. Two of those people were Senri (The magic using criminal) and Mutsumi Haruto (Ordinary school boy), and from there they'd try to understand more about what's happening around them in which they may need have a hard time to do that. As for the MCs each of the MC got two heroines each, and yeah I did say it in plural because in Sorcery Jokers we'll going to have two MCs (Haruto and Senri). That said, since this VN involving some combat and world building we won't see much romance at least until you finished the VN, and for more info this VN is a linear one with the feature that you need to unlock the scenes first. Also while there's only two MCs occasionally we also can see the perspective from three other heroines (The fourth heroine didn't have POV), or to put it simply it's like 11eyes Cross Vision system. Speaking about Haruto, I did hear that his 'not playing fair' catchphrase is annoying although I would say that Haruto here is overshadowed by far more cool Senri, and that you can slightly understand there's a reason of why Haruto is like that if you know the twist (The twist remind me of Tales of the Abyss's own twist). 7. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (VNDB 7.74, Erogamescape 78) I did repeatedly say that it'll be better if we didn't expect Majikoi from this seeing that both premises were already different, but seeing that the tone is the same along with the fact that there's Takahiro who is infamously have big influence in each of his credited works, it's hard to say that it's not like Majikoi here. So perhaps the right word for Tsujidou here is 'Majikoi but no Majikoi', in which I know it's hard to understand but at least I'm certain that Tsujidou here will be full of comedy. Anyway the premise is that our Hiroshi who is far more normal compared to Majikoi's MC did spot the beautiful delinquent at his class Tsujidou Ai (The main heroine) did looking cute while pick a cat, and from there both of Hiroshi and Ai sort of in relationship for a while. While at the same time, Ai was dubbed as one of the three strong delinquent in their territory along with two other heroines (Renna and Maki). For more info, this is the second Tsurezure's work that in which Trip didn't like Maki to put it lightly and said that Hiroshi here is worse compared to HatsuKoi's Yuuma. Even so, they still managed to finish Tsujidou and I'm sure that most people who've been looking forward to this would be grateful, so I appriciate their work on this even with the fact that Trip dislike this. 6. Evenicle (VNDB 7.84, Erogamescape 82) The first attempt from Alicesoft to make new franchise now that they already ended Rance franchise, although both of Evenicle and Rance did share some of it's lore though. As for the VN story itself, it's self contained enough considering the scope was covering of the whole Evenicle world instead of a part of the whole world like Rance, although judging from the sequel we may have many different worlds for Evenicle series setting though. As for the first Evenicle premise, it's in regard of Aster who want to marry both of his childhood friend only to be stopped by the rule that man can only have one wife unless he became the knight. So Aster decide to become the knight in order to be able to marry both, and from there he met several other womans whose one way or another become his wives while at the same time he face several enemies whose based on Seven Deadly Sins. As for the gameplay I think it's like the combination of Final Fantasy 4 with fixed five party members with specified roles, and Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light with battle system that based on 5 BP that will regenerate by one per turn (Also with the seven sins thing). Overall I did find that Evenicle here is quite good. 5. Island (VNDB 7.87, Erogamescape 83) Frontwing 15th anniversary project, and instead of ask four writers like back at Grisaia this time they decided to ask Goo to write this, so it's normal if we expect some sci-fi from this considering that Goo did write Himawari who is also known for some sci-fi element. As for the premise, it was in regard of Setsuna who at first didn't remember his name until a girl with the name Rinne call him with that name, and so Setsuna decided to go with it and helping Rinne while at the same time try to understand his own self. We also have the setting that there's a legend that Rinne here is one part of the three families in an isolated island, and that there's a rumored curse that was supposed to be happened because of apparent past mistakes that was done by supposed Setsuna's and Rinne's ancestors. Almost forget that like Tsujidou you can have a romance with the three family daughters, although since this is all age VN obviously we wouldn't have sex scenes (At least Yukari Tamura as Rinne here is more than enough tradeoff lol). Like Grisaia, Frontwing also adapt Island into anime and it should be good if for the conclusive ending only (The anime was kind of rushed though), while at the same time the VN was ended in slightly less conclusive note. 4. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ (VNDB 7.89, Erogamescape 81) The first time I find this VN was through the opening song, in which I did hear it when I'm binged Astral Air opening. One time I let my Youtube video player to play next video in the play list, and it happen that one of the video was Fureraba opening in which I'd find it addictive because it's sounds melancholic. Anyway after I'd hear the opening I search about the VN, and turned out that it's a VN from Smee in which back then there's no hope to be translated even though I'm quite interested with that. At least until Nekonyan did their debut and announced Fureraba as their first title, in which they'd release it quickly at the same month that they promised (March). As for Fureraba, while the opening sounds melancholic actually the game itself is full of humor so we can say that it got some mismatch lol. The premise is simple though that namely it's about Kyousuke (The MC) who strife get his girlfriend, and that you must accomplish it through the small talks between the heroines. As for the heroines, there's estranged childhood friend, best friend, very rude classmate, and very shy popular senior girl. Overall I did enjoy this VN and if you want more Smee VNs, there'll be more considering that Nekonyan picked Making Lover. 3. Sanoba Witch aka Sabbat of the Witch (VNDB 7.95, Erogamescape 80) Back at last year I did thought that Sekai will bring more Yuzusoft VNs, and turned out I was wrong because the one who release it first was Nekonyan. Also to elaborate more Senren Banka license was moved from Sekai to Nekonyan, leaving Sekai with Tenshin Ranman and Dracu Riot in which both of those were frozen so any chance for near future release is small. So let me redact my statement by saying that there'll be more Yuzusoft VN in the future because Nekonyan did have Senren Banka. Anyway as for Sanoba's premise here it's about of how love that was started from masturbation, and it make sense in the context. Or if you want to be concise it's about our MC Shuuji who can perceive the emotion saw Nene who was masturbate in the library which turned out it's because of her witch contract that cause the horniness, and Nene sign the contract in order to fulfill her wish just like Madoka. While they say witch, I would say that magical girl here is more fitting to Sanoba but then again both of those were almost the same. For more info, this is the first officially localized Yuzusoft VN while at the same time the third (The second if you still wait for Dracu Riot official release) translated Yuzusoft VN, and once again there'll be more in the future thanks to Nekonyan. 2. Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- (VNDB 8.39, Erogamescape 81) Also known as Flowers Summer and the most interesting JAST release at this year out of four releases to me. As for the premise, it's in regard of Suoh who attend Saint Angraecum (Latin name for orchid) and currently suffer some heartbreak after the event from the previous Flowers (Released back at 2016) happened. Thus our snarky wheel chaired girl Yaegaki Erika took unto herself to recover Suoh and become the MC of this VN, and obviously we'll going to see of how Erika will handle her own problem in which she did find a new friend with the name Takasaki Chidori who'll later become her soulmate (This is shoujo ai VN after all). As for the whole Flowers itself, one may remember Maria-sama ga Miteru (Marimite) anime in which also did have the same setting, and also both of Flowers and Marimite were happened to be the tetralogy. Since this is the second part of tetralogy, obviously there'll be two more in which as of now JAST was working on the third part and hopefully they'll work on the fourth part later, and seeing that it's JAST I would say that it'll took them a long time to even release the third part. That said, the main part of Flowers Summer here is still resolved though so it would be fine if we play this as standalone VN just like Kara no Shoujo duology. 1. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ aka 428: Shibuya Scramble (VNDB 8.46, Erogamescape 83) Currently the only VN that got Famitsu score 40/40 in which in term of video game it would be a big accomplishment (Only 25 games as of 2017), and obviously it mean that Shibuya Scramble here would be a subject of hype. Although as for that, I think the hype was pretty much justified seeing that this VN is quite unique because instead of usual anime like drawing, the creator decided to use photograph which mean that it's obviously will cost a lot. As for the premise, it start simple enough with a detective was tasking into resolve the kidnapping case by giving the ransom money to the kidnapper. Of course things turn out to be not as simple as the first look, and so the detective decided to unravel what's really happening behind the kidnapping. Other than the detective, there's four other characters who somehow are involved in the kidnapping case and you'll going to see from the perspectives of all of those characters so essentially we'll going to have five MCs. Other than PS4, Shibuya Scramble was also out for PC so you can play it if you didn't have PS4, although you can only use the keyboard to play it. Almost forget that if you like Canaan anime, you should check Shibuya Scramble here seeing that this VN is the prequel for the anime itself. As for of the VNs at this year, I would say that with both of Nekonyan and Sol Press being aggressive looks like it'll be possible that we can get more VNs title. Although of course the situation can be change though because it's still up to the company whether they can release it or not, and we know that the company situation could be easily changed. With this year was almost close, let's look forward to 2019 later with more potential VNs release. PS - As for the title, I'm just combined Flowers's place setting (Saint Angraecum) with Shibuya Scramble, so we got 'Angraecum Scramble' for the title although of course there's no big scrambling zebra cross in Flowers like back at Shibuya.
  20. I knew that I'd already made this post a year ago here, but seeing that I did make some significant change in here (Not much though) I decided to remake this. So here's my second take on 'Top 10 Best Rated VNs Translated at 2017', and since Pulltop decided to censor Miagete overseas I'd remove it because I decided to not add censored VNs here unless the censorship is very small like Subahibi. Oh and for the rules as usual there's no yaoi, nukige, BL, and MTL-ed VN (ie no Your Diary and Fortissimo back at my 2018 list, which is a shame considering that those two were quite good). Anyway, here's the new list and keep in mind that the scores may be fluctuate in the future (The scoring based on today (2019/09/20) for the info). 10. Hatsukoi 1/1 (VNDB 7.38, Erogamescape 70) The first tone work's that was translated by Tsurezure, and it's also the first work for Tsurezure here in regard of VN Translation. The premise was obviously still the same with our MC Yuuma who decided to form cafetaria club with other five girls, and that the cafetaria club was abut to be disbanded because lack of member problem. While the story is sounds simple, unfortunately the writing on Yuuma's character was quite bad so much that it's enraged the player and the staff decided to post an apology video on Niconico (Youtube equivalent on Japan). While their first product ended up getting bad reception, I see that tone work's did really work hard to improve their next work Hoshiori (Currently translated by Tsurezure as well) with the writing and including after stories as well (Without FD). Of course there's some good point in HatsuKoi though namely that we got multiple vocal songs that was sang by different singer (Repeated in Hoshiori and Ginharu), and that we can see more than one variation of the background in some places (They remove background variation in Hoshiori and Ginharu though). 9. Chrono Clock (VNDB 7.43, Erogamescape 70) The first Purplesoft VN that was localized, and let's just say that the translation choice for this is quite divisive (Either like it, dislike it, or just neutral). The premise is that our rich MC Rei did have a pocket watch from his grandfather, and with the pocket watch he's been able to turn back the time by five minutes. Even though the power is quite powerful, our Rei was mostly use the clock to search his girlfriend by confessing and then turned back the time. One day, he met Miu who was saved by Rei turning back the time after she did fall down and dead, and our Rei did impressed by seeing Miu's determination to confess to his best friend. From there Rei decided to help Miu while at the same time fall in love with her. While at first glance the man heroine is Miu, actually the true main heroine in here is Cro who is the goddess that reside inside Rei's clock and thus the reason of why Rei's clock did have power. Also while I did say prologue here, I felt that it's not the case because we see Miu's development in the prologue and that Miu's route is more like her ending, so we can say that Miu's route here is the prologue (I did call it Miu's arc) and her ending. 8. Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki aka Saku Saku Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossom (VNDB 7.54, Erogamescape 70) I still remember that this VN was started as the translation project for Shinku TL with some steady progress back at 2014. At first I expected that they'll release the patch quickly, but then suddenly the updates was stopped at QC progress until one day Akerou did announce that he'll go to vacation in order to have some rest. Little we knew that back then Akerou already asked some help from Sekai in order to do the QC (Sell it to Sekai), and that they announced that they help Saku Saku QC (Announced the license) back at AX 2016 in which it shocked me very hard. Even then, Sekai still have delayed the release twice back at August 2017 end (Mismanagement on the release date) before finally manage to release it back at October 2017. As for Saku Saku here, I guess we can say that technically it's the first work for Nekonyan because Nekonyan was came from Shinku Translation that was headed by Akerou. The premise was that our MC got a bounty of 21,000 yen to anyone else who managed to make him fall in love, because the MC was known as romance consultant and yet he himself is unable to fall in love. The MC's problem is increasing when he meet a shinigami (Tina) who remind him of his childhood when he saw a shinigami, and Tina herself did insist that she's a love fairy (A lousy one though seeing that she use dramatic romance manga as the reference). As for the graphic, it's very beautiful so at least you can enjoy the graphic there if the story is no good for you. 7. Wagamama High Spec (VNDB 7.57, Erogamescape 76) My first impression is still the same though that at first I didn't find the design is very appealing because of the big breast, and moreso if people recognize the same face that the heroines have (I tried to not bothered with it though). Same face and big breast aside, actually this VN is not a big breast nukige even though the design would surely gave you that impression lol. That said, this VN got some comedy and more importantly each girl did have their own development in each of their route, which is something that we wouldn't expect from the design alone and the company past work (Yakimochi Stream, which is dubbed as nukige like VN for having a lot of sex scenes). As for the premise, we have our MC Kouki who is a mangaka that must keep his secrets at school. At least until a certain things happen when the student council president find out the secrets and decided to rope Kouki into joining student council. After joining, Kouki did find out that the president was secretly his partner at his mangaka work and after that both of them start to work together in student council along with other heroines including Kouki's little sister. 6. Da Capo 3 (VNDB 7.59, Erogamescape 76) This one VN have some history with our Fuwanovel here, namely that there's first attempt of translating this by our founder Aaeru. Her method is quite divisive though because she'd use VNR which could be amounted as MTL to most of the people. Even so Aaeru keep working on this until she managed to release the prologue patch, only for Mangagamer to C&D her after they got the wind on this. After that she was disappear from the forum and nowadays nobody knew where she is. Anyway, what's done is done and we finally get the release back at 2017 January (By Mangagamer obviously). For the premise, it was set at 2072 after Everlasting Sakura was wither after Da Capo 2 event (The reason of why at 2072 is spoiler though), only to have that tree mysteriously blooming again. So more or less it's just usual Da Capo, and as for play order I would suggest you to play the first side route before going to common route because it's the real prologue for Da Capo 3 (Note that the Prologue and Common Route in Da Capo 3 did have VERY different setting). As for the opening here, there's too much opening for this so I'll just use the first opening in which it's very misleading because it only depict the situation at the Prologue (At least it did have 2D animation). 5. Grisaia no Rakuen aka The Eden of Grisaia (VNDB 8.11, Erogamescape 80) I'm still think of this as fandisc, seeing that it's developed along with Meikyuu after Frontwing managed to dodge their bankruptcy thanks to Kajitsu's successful sales. While at the first glance there's no problem with it, the thing is that Kajitsu itself is an almost standalone that was intended as Frontwing Swan Song and they set it as charage. While Frontwing already have ambitious plan to make Grisaia as trilogy before Kajitsu's development, the continuity between of Kajitsu and Meikyuu main story (Rakuen is Meikyuu main route's continuation) is almost zero because Kajitsu is a charage. So in the end Frontwing can only 'made' unseen route from Kajitsu that was supposed to tell us that Meikyuu main route was the continuation from that route, although we can only see that route in Kajitsu's anime (It was rushed though because it only have 13 episodes). Anyway what I can say is that Rakuen should be good for Grisaia fans because it did have a lot of fan services Yuuji and the girls did some action, the characters are live happily ever after, and a reunion with certain character (It was destroyed by one of Kajitsu's ending though). In then end, while I did think of this as fandisc, it's okay though if you think of this as Kajitsu's sequel along with Meikyuu. 4. Seabed (VNDB 8.15, Erogamescape 78) As for the scoring, since the number of votes was still very few this VN will be the most fluctuative one (At 134 votes on 2019/01/28). As for the premise, it was very simple in which we got a woman (Sachiko) who has her lover disappear and from there she'll try to recover from the heartbreak that caused by the disappearance by the help of her childhood friend (Narasaki) who is also a psychiatrist. By the way Sachiko's lover (Takako) here was the woman as well, so we'll gonna get some yuri VN from the first glance although there'll be no explicit sex scenes though seeing that it's all age VN. Seeing that Sachiko seek some psychiatrist, there'll be some talk in regard of psychology in which it may confusing for some people out there. From there we'll going to see what's going on in Seabed through three POV (Sachiko, Takako, and Narasaki). The VN itself is a doujin one and didn't have voice, although seeing that we have example the good doujin VN that didn't have voice (ie Umineko and Fata Morgana before being ported to the consoles) I would say that you should try Seabed here to see it by yourself, and if anything at least the art is better than Umineko default art. 3. Dies Irae (VNDB 8.24, Erogamescape 87) I did read that there's no characters development in this VN, although I think it's more like that the characters were already find something to hold on so there's no need on character development. Then again we shouldn't focused on character development in Dies Irae (Just play charage if you want that), but instead we should focused on the battle which is a lot (Chuunige and all). The premise is very cliche with some Germany soldiers were did some ritual to destroy the world and disappeared back at WW2, and somehow reappeared in 2006. The only one who can fight the soldiers is Ren (The MC) who can kill the soldiers who normally impossible to kill with his mysterious power. Another thing to note is the prose, in which it's very roundabout and could be boring for some people, while at the same time we can say that the prose did make the reader more immersive in read Dies Irae. We also have the gods in Dies Irae, in which the gods themselves like to talk in cryptic while at the same time are pretty charismatic. I'll post the all age version opening, because all age version is the best one with side stories available and most people would prefer it over 18+ version (I also recommend that you should play all age version instead of 18+ version here, even though the latter did have 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scene). 2. Chaos Child (VNDB 8.43, Erogamescape 83) At first it's for console only (At PS4 and PSV), and then we have Committee of Zero released the PC patch that imported the translation into PC version along with Steam release of this, so we can play Chaos Child at PC if you didn't have the consoles. Anyway, the premise was we have another serial murder in Shibuya which eerily resembled the one back at Chaos Head (The prequel) by looking at the date, which of course would be quite graphic considering that in the past Nitroplus was involved with Chaos Head. From there, we have our MC Takuru who took abnormal interest to the case and then he decided to investigate the murder cases while at the same time being frightened, and hopefully would be able to calm down some anxiety in Shibuya. From what I read apparently the girls route was not quite satisfying (The girls good as eye candy though if that's the case lol), so at least it could be interpreted that the writing was more focused on the main story which is full of sci-fi. If anything, at least we can learn the additional contents from the girls route. Oh, and actually this is more in line with Steins Gate instead of original Chaos Head, simply because both of Steins Gate and Chaos Child did have routes (Original Chaos Head is linear VN, and they remake it as NoaH with the addition of the routes). As for the opening, I'll post both of XBOX One version above and PS4 version below because we can play both opening in the English version, and by the way personally I'd prefer PS4 version opening (Singularity) here. 1. Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ aka Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ (VNDB 8.65, Erogamescape 86) We already knew that this VN did suffered translation hell back at TLWiki since back at 2012, in which back then there's almost no hope of this being released before finally saw some progress back at 2015. Long story short, the awaited release was never happened until Frontwing suddenly announced this back at February 2017. I would say that they did the good job for localized this, even with the fact that the overseas release was censored although compared to Pulltop's overseas release it's still far more better though because only the picture that was censored (And disturbing at that for some people). As for the premise, it was in regard of the world which about to face the apocalypse at July 20th 2012 (Even though the in-game year should be at 2009), and from there we can see the events from several POV in order to get the full picture. While this VN was lauded as the best VN because it could change people's life, I would say that there's some flaw inside Subahibi here but even so I would say that you should try it anyway to seeing that by yourself. As for the subtitle, just like French at Grisaia Frontwing also add another language for the subtitle and this time it's Germany. That's all for the remake of my list here, and I hope you enjoyed this even though once again my list was mostly still the same as Conjueror's. PS - As for the title, once again I'd just combine Chaos Child (Chaotic) with Subahibi (Everyday), so we got 'Chaotic Everyday' here. The v2 mean that this is my second version of my top ten list here, even though I'm belated a year to make this.
  21. Edit (2018/03/20) - Since current version of Dracu Riot was accepted as the complete translation, I decided to add Dracu Riot here considering that the score is still within top 10 here. Edit (2019/05/02) - As for the ranking, seeing that Erogamescape here is for Japanese people while most of us would obviously use VNDB, I decided to use VNDB score to sort the rank here. As for this time, I decided to make my 'Top 10 translated VN at 2016' even though it's very belated for obvious reason lol. Once again, I would use some data from Conjueror's video with some modification here, and also to show of how easy the score was fluctuated. As for the rules, no yaoi and otome VN here, localized name for alias, I'll list both of Erogamescape and VNDB average score if possible, I'll add the party who translated the VN, and the translation must be considered complete by VNDB as of September 20th 2019 - the VNDB average score would be based on that date as well (Keep in mind that it can be fluctuate). Also beware of the spoiler when you played the opening here. 10. Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou aka Nurse Love Addiction (VNDB 7.49, Erogamescape 73) First of all, this is a shoujo ai VN which mean that there would be some yuri, although in regard if that it's quite limited though because this is all age VN. For Hakuai premise here, our MC Asuka who is quite a ditzy one find her picture book with the writing 'I want to be a nurse' and from there she find out that her childhood dream was to became a nurse. So from there Asuka and her more responsible younger sister entering the nursing school, and met with a very popular yuri couple who soon to be the sisters best friends. After that they'll gonna have a fun school life while learning to becoming the best nurse, ......if only it was as simple as that. Yeah, turn out things here was not as simple as it looks from the cover alone just like Symphonic Rain - I mention that because it was from same developer, and I guess some Symphonic Rain staff also involved in Hakuai here. As for the twist itself, I'll leave to the reader here in order to find out about that if you curious. 9. Tokyo Babel (VNDB 7.58, Erogamescape 71) As for this VN, the premise was that the world was already destroyed and right now the last remaining of humanity live in the purgatory - by the way the name of the purgatory was the title drop lol. Also other than human world, both of heaven and hell was also have some complicated situation as well so both of angels and demons live in purgatory as well. From there, all three race was travelling together in order to met the God for asking His atonement. Of course there would be no smooth sailing for this because sometimes some powerful being got crazy, and here's our MC job to combat the crazy one while on his quest to find out about himself. That premise aside, it's already well known for the fighting scenes here so it should be good if one yearn for that. Also interestingly this VN did have no sex scenes, which mean that it have all star cast from the anime (Hanakana and Miyuki Sawashiro come to mind) which probably blew most of Propeller's budget. For last note here, I just want to nitpick that why they need to use school as purgatory lol, and more seriously noted that Tokyo Babel was more in line with Shin Megami Tensei franchise in general. 8. Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- (VNDB 7.61, Erogamescape 75) As for this VN, supposedly it was Eien no Aselia sequel although the connection was quite loose because it only have few returning characters from Aselia, and the casts were travelling between different worlds instead of stay in Aselia's world. That said, the gameplay for this VN was improved so at least should be satisfy some people whose been interested with Aselia gameplay. As for the history of the translation, it was back at 2011 iirc that Seinarukana was started the fan translation. After that, the first translator was disappear and then the team got another translator to hopefully finished the project. Too bad thought that the second translator was disappear as well making the project was in danger of the purge. After all that happened, Aroduc decided to help with the translation and out of those two he is obviously managed to finished the translation and sold it to JAST. Which obviously lead to long time - it was planned at 2013 iirc only to be delayed, before finally it was saw the release at 2016. Well all of those events were already in the past, and at the very least we could enjoy it in English. 7. Himawari (VNDB 7.79, Erogamescape 80 (Peeble in the Sky PC version)) There's an interesting case in regard of the English version release of this VN, namely that this VN spent too much time in testing case ie delayed. As for the reason, I could say it was probably because Frontwing released PSV version for Japan first before ported it to PC for overseas version, but it didn't matter now anyway because it's already released - the delay was last for more than half a year though because it was supposed to be released along with Tokyo Babel (Tokyo Babel release at March 31st). As for the premise of the VN, it was in regard of Youichi (The MC) who live in 2048 and still recovering in regard the loss of his dad who was dead along with many victims in the space plane crash, with him as the sole survivor of the accident and suffer amnesia to boot. After he find an alien girl at one night, Youichi was started to uncover his memory and the truth behind the accident. For a bit more trivia, Himawari was released as doujin first before Frontwing took the attention to this and adding all star cast from anime as the seiyuu. As for the difference, the original version contain sex scene while the remake version didn't have that (Duh). 6. Dracu Riot (VNDB 7.82, Erogamescape 76) This VN did have many history back at April 2012 when the VN itself was translated by Insem after he finished with Hoshimemo. Long story short, we saw Insem withhold his almost completed patch for more than two years (And make the fan angry in the process), before finally release it back at April 2016 with Miu's route untranslated. Because the patch was incomplete, some members of Fuwanovel decided to to finish Miu's route. After that, back at September 2016 apparently there's a discord within the team, which resulting some team members leaked. Although the patch then was taken down quickly, it's still too late though because the leaked patch was already spreaded. After that, back at AX 2017 Sekai decided to officially release this which should be polished compared to the leaked patch (According to Decay, the leaked patch was still unedited). As for the premise, it's more or less just vampire who live in an articifial island and MC was tried to adapt at the island after became the vampire. It have some sci-fi element and some plot about vampire origin, but the overall tone is lighthearted. 5. Okujou no Yurirei-san aka Kindred Spirits on the Roof (VNDB 7.98, Erogamescape 80) I admit that at first I didn't see this VN potential because of the simplistic graphic lol, and I thought that the format just 'yuri couple of the chapter' in which it's what Liar-soft like to do with their Steampunk VN. Turned out that's not the case because instead of just one time appearance, the couple actually did have enough development and more so if we decided to watch all the scenes from the perspective of the couple. For the premise, it was just a ghost yuri couple who couldn't move on because they want to felt each other but they wouldn't be able to do that for obvious reason, and so they decided to enlist Yuna's (The MC) help in order to established as many yuri couple as possible in order to allow the ghosts for learning how to express the feeling. Obviously heard that request Yuna was quite hesitant, but after did the first attempt reluctantly she started to like that and decided to be more active. Oh, and by the way this VN was partially voiced, although there will be full voiced version later though (JP only) - I hope that Mangagamer will license that version if possible. 4. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- (VNDB 8.02, Erogamescape 82) What I first remember for Root Double is that I'm looking forward to the eventual English release of this VN since back at 2012, simply because GundamAce (The translator) said that this VN was on the almost same level as Ever17. Of course I was quite happy seeing that it was finally about to be licensed by Sekai back then, some problematic issue aside. Let's not forget that this VN was also have the delay as well, although the case was not as bad as Saku Saku though because at least they only delay it once instead of twice lol. As for the premise, it was involved a nuclear explosion in a facility and there's amnesiac firefighter captain who was supposed to rescue the people inside the facility, only to be trapped for 9 hours and from there he and his comrades must try to figure of how to save themselves. There's also another MC in which he was a high school student who also trapped inside the facility, and from there he also must figure out of how to save himself and his friends. For more info, there a lot of number nine here (Nine enneagram, nine characters, and nine hours) so I think it's more or less could be said as Nakazawa answer to 999 (Uchikoshi created that, and Nakazawa was Uchikoshi's former partner back at Ever17). For one more note here, GundamAce lament that Takeshi Abo was not composed the OST in Root Double, because he think that it would be more fitting. Oh, and forget to said that Sekai released Xtend version instead of original version, which is a better version because Xtend add some additional scenes. So I'd decided to post both opening here, and beware of the spoiler from 2nd opening below. 3. Grisaia no Meikyuu aka The Labyrinth of Grisaia (VNDB 8.06, Erogamescape 82) While I already said that I didn't pay attention too much to fandisc and think both of this and Rakuen as fandiscs for Kajitsu, I would say that Meikyuu here was did good enough job for that. Although there's an infamous cliffhanger though, in which it was sort of understandable if we look at Frontwing situation whose still in recovery after barely safe from bankruptcy thanks to Kajitsu's succesful sales. The content of Meikyuu here was the main story along with heroines side stories and some side stories, one of those should give you some cathartic if you like Makina's route. Anyway, the main story was explained Yuuji's past which to say was quite dark, from becoming the unfavorite in his family, trained to be the terrorist since he was children, and finally enter the military at young age. As for the side stories, it was in regard of the girls route epilogue in which it should give enough closure to the heroines tale. So in the end, the concept here was more or less like Sharin FD in which Grisaia was take the clue from Sharin itself (Quite appropriate). Oh, and I like the OP here because my roommate back at my dormitory stay replayed it at some point. 2. Steins Gate 0 (VNDB 8.18, Erogamescape 79) Instead of set after the main game ended like Meikyuu, this is was set up in the midst of Okabe's despair when he fail to solve the problem. Obviously since our usually chuunibyou MC was fall in despair, the tone that this VN beginning set was more grim compared to the original Steins Gate. Anyway, while VNDB did list this as sequel I think like both of Kajitsu sequels this could be categorized as fan disc, and perhaps it could be because the material for this VN was come from additional novel of Steins Gate. While I did say that the tone at the beginning was quite grim, it did have some lighthearted moment of course whenever you didn't have Okabe as the main POV because sometimes you'll gonna have another POV to view. It also have some nice moment though, especially for Suzuha fan because she was get some interesting development here. There's also new characters as well, which you could say were interesting on their own. Oh, and while officially it was for console only VN, at least you could play this on PC as well because there's a patch that add PSV translation to PC version. 1. Fata Morgana no Yakata aka The House in Fata Morgana (VNDB 8.85, Erogamescape 88) Okay, at first I didn't trust this VN like Yurirei because of the graphic was quite unorthodox compared to usual VN, and more importantly the Bayesian score of this VN was quite low - turned out that more or less it's just determined of how popular the VN was. After seeing the good review for this VN, I decided to tried this and find it was quite good indeed, especially with the mystery behind the aforementioned house. As for the premise, you act as someone who got amnesia and a mysterious maid guide you through the doors which show the tale of the house former residents, whose more or less were doomed to have a tragedy while hoping that you'll get your memories back. The VN itself was a doujin one so there's no voice in the VN, at least in translated version because there's also PSV version with voice acting. It also spawned drama CD which have voice acting as well, and the casts was well known for anime fan - some of them returned for voicing PSV version. Another good point of this VN was the OST, which some of those was sang by Gao. Here's one of the sample in form of the opening. Well, that's all for the list here and hope you enjoying this. As for 2016 it was quite interesting contrast because there's more story content VN, compared to 2017 in which some of best VN there could be categorized as usual charage. Not that I said it was bad of course, but rather it's just something that I noticed here. PS - For the title I'm simply combined both of Fata Morgana and Steins Gate 0 into Fata Morgana 0, which could be still an appropriate title for Fata Morgana fandisc lol.
  22. Well since I'd already made two of my top 10 list based on Conjueror's video, might as well goes with the third as well which is based on the video that talk about best rated translated VNs at 2015 - therefore the scoring was already different compared to the video because it was fluctuated. As for the rules, it's still the same though with the most obvious one there will be not yaoi or otome. Also I didn't want to add euphoria here because the sex content was too hardcore, although I might consider that for another list. For VNDB score, I'll list that based on the votes at September 20th 2019. Beware of the spoiler when you playing the opening here, and I'll tell the meaning of the title at PS. 10. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (VNDB 7.41, Erogamescape 70) This VN was see very long time of translation since back at 2012, before finally have a sudden release back at 2015. For the premise, it's about the MC and his childhood friend (A female by the way) club which about to be abolished because the club didn't contributed to the school at all, and of course they couldn't accept that. The only solution was to become the student council president, and it's up to MC for becoming one. Since the main focus was the election, there will be some school politic talk so it might be interesting if you like politic. Other thing to note is that the aforementioned childhood friend (Chisato) route was locked first before you could play all of other routes, which seeing that some of the people dislike Chisato at the other girls route it could be interpreted that the writers may didn't have confidence that her route will be be played if the player able to chose any route to play first (Or maybe even the writers dislike Chisato), so they decided forced the player to play her route first - a decision that cause some divisive opinion for easy word. As for the art, it was quite unique compared to many other VN out there. 9. Noble Works (VNDB 7.42, Erogamescape 78) Also known as Noodle Works back when it was released, although it's obviously meme title lol. This VN was the first VN that break Yuzusoft curse in which in the past there's no known complete translation for the VN from the company, and in turn prove us that it's possible for us to have Yuzusoft VN to be fully translated (They have partnership with Sekai as of now, so there'll be more in the future). The premise was a poor MC with many capabilities met a man who resemble him very much and an ill boy as well, so the MC decided to became the man body double and turn out that the man was a son from a very rich conglomerate. Of course since he spent the time as the very rich boy, he attends the high class school and from there he tried to enjoy his new school life while make sure that his secret as the body double remained secret. I like that Yuzusoft here did have some high production value, especially in regard of the cover songs for the heroines as the promotion in which they keep that tradition for their future VNs. 8. Princess Evangile (VNDB 7.46, Erogamescape 68) Don't be surprised by the Erogamescape score, because sometimes the taste of the VN will be differ between overseas and Japan. I knew that there's some issue in regard of Erogamescape rating, but perhaps Japanese people didn't like Evangile as much as in overseas. As for the premise, once again it's in regard of poor MC who have many capability entering the high class school, only that the school was former catholic all girl school and the MC was first male student when the school was about to reformed into mixed school. Of course there would be many discrimination that the MC will be faced, so it's up to him to face the discrimination and hope that he could endure all of that. There's also the matter of infamous headmistress, in which when I saw the writer past work I think it could be attributed to his portrayal of one of the mom back at Suika, although headmistress herself was far saner than the mom though (Hint: The mom at Suika was very crazy). What I could say in regard of this is that back at 2015 I'm surprised that Shimotsuki Haruka sang the opening, although if I saw this right now maybe it's not surprising anymore. 7. Bunny Black (VNDB 7.53, Erogamescape 72) This VN MC was pretty much an expy of Rance, although by the 2nd VN he was more or less different though because he managed to have good relationship with the woman that he was sexed with. As for the premise, we have our Rance expy MC (Darx) was about to defeat the demon king only to be defeated by the demon king. Take an interest to Darx, she (The demon king was a woman by the way) recruit Darx to became one of her minion. From there, Darx will do many grunts job at first before finally have rise in regard of the rank, and of course fighting the threat that came to the demon king. The VN itself the gameplay VN, and in here you could make the party although you can't control their action though just like Persona 3 - at least they sort of fix the problem in the sequel. What I could say more is that at the beginning it'll be quite hard and you could die if you careless, at least until the mid game in which it became pretty easy. 6. Eiyuu Senki (VNDB 7.56, Erogamescape 76) The premise was more or less just an excuse plot, in which we have our amnesiac MC who supposed came from another world managed to arrive in a world when all the famous heroes genderbent into female (Some of those were loli by the way). From there, the MC (You can rename him) try to conquer the world and get the heroes (Or maybe heroines is more appropriate) join his cause. With such premise, obviously this is gonna be a gameplay VN with the gameplay and the story resembled Kichikuou Rance with some modification from Sengoku Rance in which it make sense, because the writer was wrote those two as well. Oh, and it did have the fan translation project back at TL Wiki, only to be C&D-ed by Tenco. Then we saw this get released at PS3 by Fruitbat Factory which is quite a questionable question, because they release the translated version first for the console - they did made some sex replacement scenes for PS3 version. One year after PS3 release, it was released by JAST at Steam but unfortunately the replacement content from PS3 was cut so Steam user wouldn't enjoy the scene. It also have fan patch as well, which port the replacement scene from PS3 and therefore make JAST release was redundant even though JAST release 18+ version as well lol. 5. Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a Shining Brave~ aka Gahkthun the Golden Lightning -What a Radiant Brave- (VNDB 7.57, Erogamescape 81) The first Sakurai Hikaru Steampunk series to be officially translated, and it's supposed to be hard to translated because her(?) works supposed to have some poetic style. Not that it matter though because more or less we already got three of Steampunk VNs translated (Inganock and Sharnoth was arguably badly translated though), and the fourth work (Sona-Nyl) was in translation right now. As for the premise, our female MC (Neon) was live poorly at the university and she must overworked every time so much she was suffer because of that. To add more her problem it happened that she saw some supernatural battle and about to be silenced, only to be rescued by some handsome man who somehow control a giant robot. One day after that, turn out that the handsome man was Nikola Tesla (The male MC) which is at 72 years old as of the time of the game, and Neon became Tesla's maid because she was bought by Tesla for 30 silver coins. For more info, the VN have usual Steampunk VN style in which Tesla gonna have 'battle of the chapter' format for each chapter, so it might be repetitive for some people. Oh, and as for the name it was quite hard to type to me lol. 4. Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet (VNDB 7.68, Erogamescape 80) How appropriate that the VN with setting at the Earth with it's destruction approaching placed the fourth position here. The premise was Earth was about to be destroy because of the mysterious red star, and most of Earth population were already migrated to the space leaving handful people stay on the Earth. Our MC here was a capable young soldier (Ryou) who tasked to protect a female artificial human (Sion), who supposed to have very high intelligent. Said artificial human was help the migration to the space, and now that Sion already finished her job she was waiting until Earth is destroy. Seeing that Sion was have an isolated life and want to be free in the last days of Earth, our Ryou decided to help Sion to reach her freedom. As expected from minori the animation was very good, moreso if we looking at the opening which have some good effects. If we asked whether there will be an happy end for this, unfortunately there's none because the Earth was about to be destroy so more or less it's an utsuge. Forget to say that the demo was translated by No Name Loser before they joining Mangagamer. 3. Rose Guns Days (VNDB 8.24, Erogamescape 81) While this is another Ryukishi07 work, it won't have many mysterious murders like his previous work (Higurashi and Umineko, or When They Cry for both series) and also it won't be another eight parts of kinetic VN. Instead Rose Guns Days (RGD) itself is just four parts of kinetic VN which set up in an alternative world, with Japanese was divided into the part that was a part of Chinese and a part of American with Japanese people became the minority in their own land, so we'll gonna have to see the struggle of Japanese people - and yes the land of Japan still didn't belong to Japanese themselves even at the present because it was stated at the prologue that one part of Japanese is a part of Chinese. The story was begin back at modern time (Present time) in the prologue, before flashed back to 1947 to 1950 when most of the story take place of. The main casts were work in a brothel so more or less it could be said that it have underworld setting, in which the story itself could be quite dark and grim for another reason (There'll be some death here as well, only not as often as When They Cry series). Other than that, I admit that RGD sprite was improved compared to When They Cry, although it could be argued that it was because it have multiple actress to draw the characters though. There's still no voice though, so too bad if one want to play it with voice - although it's no problem to me though (I just wonder if Yukari Tamura would voiced Stella though because she's resembled both of Furude Rika of Higurashi and Bernkastel of Umineko). As a bonus, I'll add the second opening here although beware of the spoiler though, especially because it was played at the second half of the last part of RGD. 2. Maji de Watashi Koi Shinasai (VNDB 8.37, Erogamescape 82) The premise was very simple, with MC was already be one of seven people group since his childhood and that's about to be change because the group gonna accept two more female into the group. But the main strength of Majikoi was the comedy, which could be quite absurd so much that you're not gonna care about the logic here and just laughing. It also have martial arts setting as well, although it didn't matter anyway since one of the main cast have Story Breaker Power, and therefore we could ignore that setting mostly. For a history in regard of this, it was translated by Takajun (ie Yandere Translations) first before he disappeared back at 2013 after he work at out of five girls route with the fifth route (Miyako's) was at 85% translated. After that, it was picked by one of the user here and from there we saw the progress of Majikoi going steadily, and finally it was released as fully translated patch at March 2015. It'll be officially localized by JAST as well, but seeing that it's JAST and we already have complete translation I could say that JAST announcement in regard of this was pretty much redundant to me. Enjoy the opening below, which is fully animated although there's no special effect like Eden opening though. 1. Kara no Shoujo 2 (VNDB 8.41, Erogamescape 86) Unlike Majikoi in which the tone was mostly lighthearted, this VN did have exactly the opposite in regard of the tone - grim and depressing. The beginning was already grim enough with our MC Reiji who work as detective was still couldn't move on from his traumatic event back at first Kara no Shoujo, which is already depressing enough. Here he must have another murder case to contend, this time with the new MC Masaki who have some connection with the murder. As for the murder, it's also rumored to have some curse from Masaki's hometown so obviously things not going to be easy for our Reiji. From there, both of Masaki and Reiji work together in order to unfold the murder case, and to find out the truth behind the curse. As for the ending unfortunately it's still quite dark especially at the true end (After all, this VN was called as utsuge for a very good reason), and what's more it's obviously a sequel hook because Innocent Grey was working on Kara no Shoujo 3, so unfortunately Reiji still didn't get the satisfying conclusion. That said, the conclusion for Masaki was satisfying enough. Oh, and the demo that was provided was did have different story compared to the main VN, so if possible you could play the demo as well because it was sort of served as the prologue and introduction. That's all for my list here, and hope you'll enjoy this. As for my opinion, 2015 was the year when we started to get some interesting VNs from the official company, especially when Sekai announced some interesting VN like Root Double - same goes with Mangagamer in regard of Tokyo Babel. Although in exchange of that, the number of fan translation was goes down compared to back at 2015 to nowadays - which could be argued as most of fan translator already going official. Just my opinion here. PS - As for the title, since we have Majikoi which have the anime title as 'Majikoi: Oh Samurai Girls' and Kara no Shoujo 2 as the two best VNs of 2015, I decided to add 'Samurai' to 'Kara no Shoujo' so we have 'Samurai no Shoujo'.
  23. This is not my VNTS Review, but rather I kind of want to do my version of 'Top 10 best rated translated VN at 2017' for a long while, so here goes. Seeing that we already has Conjueror posted his video in regard of that subject on Youtube, I decided to make similar list here because personally I didn't agree with some of his choice. That said, most of my pick here was still similar to him though. As for the rule, no yaoi and otome here. Also I'll use Japanese VN name and add the English name for the alias. For the score I'll use both of VNDB average and Erogamescape average, and keep in mind that it'll be fluctuate at the future - VNDB average score was based on February 12th 2019 for the info. Let's see what I could write in this review here, and I'll explain the title in PS later. Beware of the spoiler when you play the opening. 10. Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement aka The Shadows of Pygmalion (VNDB 7.30, Erogamescape 70) As for the VN, at the first glance it was yuri action VN like Aoishiro seeing that it have female MC (Mina) and all of the girls holding the weapons. Well maybe that impression might be not too far off, but seeing the spoiler I would like to say that Madoka would be a very appropriate comparison especially in regard of the spoiler. As for the premise itself, basically the premise is the girls were fighting the unknown entity 'Puppet' which is indistinguished from normal human. For the VN itself, actually it's a linear one because the routes itselves was very short (Just the possible outcome), so you might be disappointed if you expected shoujo ai romance here. That said, if you okay with linear plot and especially if you like Madoka, it'll be an interesting VN. Oh, and since this is resemble Madoka so much, I did created VNTS Review with title 'Puela Magi Mina Magica' based on the female MC on this VN back when this was released lol. 9. Hatsukoi 1/1 (VNDB 7.44, Erogamescape 70) This is the first VN translation work for Tsurezure (Previously they scanlated manga), and I think they did the good job in regard of HatsuKoi translation because they're working on this pretty fast. This is the first translated Tone Work's VN as well, and as we knew usually they'll gonna have descriptive detail in regard of the relationship. As for the premise, it was very simple with the MC was forming cafetaria club with five girls. For the MC himself, the opinion from the reader was quite unfavorable to say the least. So much that the staff need to post apology video in regard of MC, which mean most of the people hate him because the MC could have some face palming action that caused the situation goes worse. Other than that I like it though that they got some vocal song from different singers in this VN, and apparently they'll repeat that feat in both of Hoshiori (Tsurezure planned next project) and Gin'iro Haruka (Ginharu). One more thing to note that this is the shortest Tone Work's VN, because it didn't span years in lengthy detail like at both of Hoshiori and Ginharu. 8. Wagamama High Spec (VNDB 7.54, Erogamescape 76) My first impression in regard of this was not good though, if only because of how the female breast was drawn (It's too big). But if you look past that art, actually this VN was pretty good because it show some comedy and good character development for the girls in which each girls did have their specialty. There's also another factor in regard of the developer (Madosoft) last VN in which it was Yakimochi Stream (Nukige like VN), so of course Wagahigh here was the major improvement from Yakimochi. The premise was the MC is a mangaka that was supposed to be the secret at his school, at least until the student council president knew that and sort of rope the MC to join the council in exchange of keep MC's secret. Turned out that the president was also the mangaka as well - and was supposed to be MC's partner in manga writing to boot, something that the MC learned after he joined the council. 7. Da Capo 3 (VNDB 7.65, Erogamescape 76 (R X-Rated version)) This one VN have some history with our Fuwanovel here, namely that there's first attempt of translating this by our founder Aaeru. From what I could dig, I remember that she tried to translate it by use the VNR in which it was quite divisive method even back then, because most people would amount that as machine translated. But even so she kept continuing with the project, and finally released the partial patch in which it was only covered the common route back at 2013. Seeing that, Mangagamer decided to C&D the project directly which obviously enraged Aaeru and she wrote some kind of the replies to Mangagamer. After that she was disappear from the forum and nowadays nobody knew where she is. Anyway, what's done is done and we finally get the release back at January last year (By Mangagamer obviously). For the premise, it's pretty much usual Da Capo so if you familiar with the setting then you should knew what to expect, although I would suggest that you better play the first side story because it was real prologue of Da Capo 3. As for the opening here, there's too much opening for this so I'll just use the one for all age version of R that was performed by fripside (It was help though that the first release for this was all age instead of usual 18+ version). 6. SeaBed (VNDB 7.96, Erogamescape 77) As for the scoring, since the number of votes was still very few this VN will be the most fluctuative one. As for the premise, it was very simple in which we got a woman (Sachiko) who has her lover disappear and from there she'll try to recover from the heartbreak that caused by the disappearance. Oh, and her lover here was the woman as well, so we'll gonna get some yuri VN from the first glance. There's more than that though obviously, namely that this VN also will have some psychological talk which should be happened because Sachiko herself go to see the psychiatrist. There's also another premise though, namely that you'll play through three POV with almost equal screentime so we'll obviously gonna have three MCs. The VN itself was a doujin one, so obviously there wouldn't be any voice like most of that type of VNs. That said, sometimes even voiceless VN could be good - see Umineko and Fata Morgana when it was first released at PC before ported to console, so maybe perhaps you better try this one to see the potential. The art was better than Umineko default art at the very least. 5. Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o aka A Sky Full of Stars (VNDB 8.05, Erogamescape 79) Honestly I prefer Pulltop to just release their Sakura expy (Lovekami) VN instead of this, not because Miagete is bad but rather the reason is at least people would less likely care to Lovekami even if they released it censored for overseas - the story was pretty much just an idol goddess thing. But too bad that's not what happening here because we got Miagete here, and as expected Pulltop decided to censor the H scenes which surely left a bad taste for some people here. Their past infamy in regard of Konosora definitely didn't help their case at all, although from what I'd heard at least the translation was improved compared to Konosora. I just hope that Pulltop will get past their stubborn policy in the future, because with that policy they cut a large amount of the scripts and CG for this release. For the info, the script amount was cut by ~16% and the number of the CG was reduced from 111 to only 76, also they censored one of SD CG and one of the CG. As for the premise, it was involved stargazing in which the MC was have some childhood friend who shared same stargazing hobby before they decided to quit that, and right now the MC was about to regain his passion in stargazing. There's also a plot to built a very big telescope in the common route, so more or less it's just like Konosora only with telescope instead of glider - which bring up that there'll be some technical talk in regard of stars. Oh, and like Konosora it also have the project to have the H scenes translated, so feel free to check the thread for the project if you interested. 4. Grisaia no Rakuen aka The Eden of Grisaia (VNDB 8.13, Erogamescape 80) Well I didn't quite interested with this, seeing that I just think of this as another fandisc of Kajitsu and they could just make it with Kajitsu only. It's interesting though knowing that Frontwing was broke back at Kajitsu development, so they pour their energy into Kajitsu as charage and they fumbled the continuity writing in the sequels because of the charage nature of Kajitsu. They also announced both of this and Maikyuu quickly because they probably still in recovery and thus need more sales, so the writing might be suffer because of the rushed writing as well. The anime sort of fix the problem in regard of the continuity that the trilogy had, but became infamous because it was rushed. Those problems aside it's Grisaia, so I would still like to think that this should be good if one want to see more Grisaia characters. For the premise, Yuuji was get caught and about to be executed or something like that. From there, it's up to the girls that he was rescued to rescue him back. Looking from the review, I guess it would be good if one was longing for having Yuuji do some action which surely get teased a lot back in Kajitsu, and also a chance to see the girl do the actions as well. There's also some cathartic factor which enhanced by a return of a certain character, so there's that. 3. Dies Irae (VNDB 8.30, Erogamescape 81 (Acta Est Fabula version)) I'm sure that everyone already knew this VN, along with another certain well known VN that released at 2017 as well. But just for the formality I'll write the premise in which case it goes like there's a group of Germany who involved in some dark ritual which involved absorbing the souls in order to strengthen themselves, and the only one who could possibly put the stop of the group was the MC (Fuuji Ren) himself. From there, Ren and the group would engage in very crazy battle with the world at stake. If it sounds cliche, then yes the premise is a cliche one. But the strength of Dies Irae was supposed to be the prose that was hard to be translated, and perhaps to allow the reader immerse in the reading. Although it got some infamy though because of that as well, namely that the prose itself was pretty long and roundabout at that for some people so it might be not for everyone. Oh, and there's also some charismatic gods who is managed to get some attention. For the release, I would suggest you to just play the all age version instead of 18+ version because Light messed up 18+ version (At least until Light fix the problem), because all age version provided more new contents to make up the removal of sex content. Oh, and I'll post all age version OP here. 2. Chaos Child (VNDB 8.47, Erogamescape 83 (PC Version)) Unfortunately so far it's for console only, so no PC version for now. That said, Committee of Zero promised us that someday they'll port Chaos Child PS4 translation to PC version, so there's that. Anyway, the premise was we have another serial murder in Shibuya which eerily resembled the one back at Chaos Head (The prequel), which of course would be quite graphic considering that in the past Nitroplus was involved with Chaos Head. From there, it's up to MC and his girls teammate to solve the problem and ease the anxiety of Shibuya. Forget to say that the casts also have some kind of superpower here. From what I read apparently the girls route was not quite satisfying (The girls good as eye candy though if that's the case lol), so at least it could be interpreted that the writing was more focused on the main story which is full of sci-fi. Oh, and actually this is more in line with Steins Gate instead of original Chaos Head. As for the opening, I'll post PS4 version below because it would be more fitting seeing that we have PS4 version release for overseas here. 1. Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ aka Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ (VNDB 8.70, Erogamescape 86) As for this VN we definitely have many history with this in regard of the translation, and this VN is another well known VN that I said back at Dies Irae. Long story short, it was started as TL Wiki project since back at 2012 before it was officially localized by Frontwing who expanded their business into localized the VN overseas. I think in regard of this they did good job for that, although there's a matter of censorship though (Not as bad as Pulltop because only the picture was censored, and it was quite disturbing for some people). As for the premise, it was in regard of the world which about to face the apocalypse at July 20th 2012, and this VN depict that day from several perspective - the beginning of Subahibi was deceivingly present this VN as yuri harem VN though. What make this VN was good was apparently some say that it could change of how one would view his life, although if one want to be more realistic it's a denpa story which is belong to a horror genre - some contents could be disturbing because it could be happen in the real life as well. In the end, while this VN was divisive enough I would say that you should try it once. Forget to said that Frontwing did add Germany subtitle for this, just like Grisaia trilogy with French subtitle. That's all for my top 10 here. In the future I'll try to write my list for 2016 as well later to show of how easy the VNs score was fluctuated in VNDB, and of course to compare the score difference in one year as well between Conjueror's video and now. Hope you like my post here. PS - As for the title, I just combined both of Chaos Child and Subahibi title into 'Chaotic Everyday'. The explanation is that the 'Chaotic' part was come from 'Chaos', and 'Everyday' was come from Subarashiki Hibi (Translator's Note: Hibi mean Everyday).
  24. Following my list of translated VNs at 2009, I decided to follow up with 2012 translated VNs list. Also yeah I decided to talk about 2012 first even though I'm supposed to talk about 2010 list, because back at 2012 there's some decline in fan translation and yet there's still no increase from the official release, and I think it might be the best if I'm focused on the hard year first. Regardless the different order here, the rule is still the same in that there's no BL (Togainu no Chi), nukige (Monster Girl Quest 2), otome (The Second Reproduction), and fandisc (Tomoyo After (Sort of)) here. As usual let's see what I can write in regard of 2012 VNs list here. 10. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru aka Otoboku - Maidens Are Falling for Me! (VNDB 6.94) Yeah this is the first VN in the list that did get average VNDB score at below 7, and it's because most of the better translated VNs at 2012 did come into the categories that usually I tried to avoid like I said above (Although it's more like my taste though admittedly). As for the premise our MC Mizuho that was voiced was told to attend a school by his late grandfather to fulfill his last wish, in that he want to see his grandson attend the same school as late Mizuho's mother. Of course nothing as simple as it seems because turned out that Mizuho's mother did attend all girl school and that Mizuho is a male, although with the help of his cousin (Mariya) there's no problem at all though seeing that she just do a make up to Mizuho and it fit very perfectly seeing that Mizuho is already have female like appearence. And thus begin Mizuho's adventure in the all girl school in that turned he managed to fool almost all students except for one people (Shion who also act as the other Secret Keeper after Mariya), and that he was adored by all girls as their onee-sama. As for Otoboku here granted it's less popular compared to similar title such as Tsukiyori, but it's very nice to see that we can have VN that have trap MC with the female heroines such as Otoboku here being translated. 9. Never7 -The End of Infinity- (VNDB 7.01) The last of Infinity trilogy to be translated after Ever17 and Remember11, and out of those three VNs it's the most lighthearted one seeing that this is the first part of the trilogy, so it's understandable if someone find that this VN is more leaned toward moege a la Memories Off in the beginning instead even though there's some mystery that was established at the beginning. Although like other Infinity series, this VN did have Arc Number though and in this case it's 7. As for the premise we have our MC Makoto who was attend an extra seminar at the resort island thanks for him being tardy at the university, and that he saw a dream where he saw a girl was dead at April 6th. After he woke up, he realized that the date was at April 1st so essentially Makoto did have five days to figure whether his dream will be really happen at Aprl 6th or not, and if it would be happen what kind of action that Makoto should take to prevent the tragedy. This work was also mark the first work of Lemnisca, in that back then GundamAce also post this translation project back at TL Wiki. As for my comment here, it would be better if we expect this as moege instead of hardcore sci-fi VN so that we wouldn't be disappointed here, seeing that the sci-fi element only appear at the later part of the VN. 8. Period (VNDB 7.17) Out of all Littlewitch VNs that were translated, only Period here that did have Japanese place setting or to be exact the place setting was at Nagasaki which is very notable because usually their VN did have European setting (ie Romanesque and Quartett). The other matter is that the art here is not very fitting seeing that Littlewitch's usual artist (Ooyarii Ashito) was in charge of the characters design, and let's just say that his design here is not fitting for the Japanese setting despite being beautiful there (And let's not forget that the characters did have Japanese name while at the same time did have Euorpean look). As for the premise, we have our male MC Mitsuki who supposedly did have a boring life and have been seeing vague disturbing dream. At least until one day when he get the key to the observation (Or to be exact Mitsuki was forced to accept it), and after that he did have his fated encounter that was cause Mitsuki's days become more exciting in that he can date one of the eight heroines here. Anther interesting things to note is that we'll going to have angel heroine here, in that the appearance of the angel here is also one of the plot point here. What I can say is that if you didn't like the story here, at least you can play for the art in which it's quite beautiful. 7. Dengeki Stryker (VNDB 7.33) This VN is a unique one in that it did have two releases and thus two opening. The premise is goes like we have our MC Yamato who is a big fan of the shounen manga (The title drop), and that he formed his personality in that he have a lot of sense of justice. Although too bad that he always fail to protect his childhood friend Haruna so much that he always feeling down because of that. Nevertheless Haruna was always grateful for what Yamato did and she felt so sad when she must move from Yamato neighborhood, and of course Yamato can't accept that. After Haruna announced her move away, Yamato met with the Memory Collector that willing to grant any wish in exchange for his memories, and seeing that he was still a child he decided to make his wish to become the hero of his favorite manga. Thus Yamato became Stryker Zero and at the same time he must fight the enemy that he was inadvertently bring from the manga. As for this VN, unlike both of Kira Kira and Deardrops this time Overdrive decided to go with write about cliche shounen superhero story, and it show. As for the release, we have two releases in that first we have Dengeki Stryker with only three routes available, and then we have Chou version in that it expand the story by adding three routes (Two of Chou's route did have dating the antagonist routes). Also since Dengeki Stryker here is more or less created like cliche shounen manga, it's easy to forget that this is eroge as well so it's easy to surprised by the sex scenes (We shouldn't focused on that anyway). As for both of the opening, I must say that Masaki Endou here did the good job for both of those and that those two opening really fit the atmosphere of the VN itself (Hot blooded). 6. Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi Ya aka Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - The First Night (VNDB 7.40) This time our Ryukishi07 decided to create the novel, and turned out that he didn't managed to achieve satisfactory result for that seeing that it was cancelled. After that he tried to adapt it into the manga as well, only to have it cancelled as well. And thus he decided to create the VN of that, which in turn it's the best version here seeing that it did have music and that (Well 07Expansion VNs always did have good OST). As for the art, while it's still not as good as usual VN at least it's not so bad and that it somehow very fitting. For the premise, we have one bullied girl (Marie) was offered to be the 8th youkai at the school, and that Marie was offered by the titular Higanbana who is one of the youkai. From there we'll see on how Higanbana going through the school that did have seven youkai who ruled over The Seven Mysteries, and eventually knowing more about Higanbana herself. As for the release, the VN was divided into two part and the first part was released back at 2012 while for the second part it was released at 2014. Almost forget to say that Higanbana here is more or less a compilation of the short story so we'll going to have multiple MCs here, although Higanbana here is remain the most important character here (Her title and all). 5. Duel Savior (VNDB 7.41) One of Aroduc's works, and obviously it'll be a gameplay VN. As for the premise, we have our MC Taiga who is also happen to live alone together with his brocon stepsister Mia. One day after both of them going home from school, Mia find out a mysterious book. After that, both of them were suddenly teleported into another world (Avatar) and then one of the people who summoned them tell Mia that he was chosen as the Savior candidate. Although while it's usual that the male that was always the chosen one, this time the people was confused because there's a rule that the savior is always female. In order to resolve the case, they decided to test Taiga in order to determined whether he really fulfill the the criteria as Savior candidate or not, and turned out that he was passed because he can summon his weapon. From there both of Mia and Taiga attend the Savior school in order to prepare them to save Avatar. I guess we can say that Duel Savior story here would be amounted to be usual isekai story, which is more unique than it sounds seeing that surprisingly the story where the hero was summoned into another world and gathered the harem is very rare in the VNs while it's pretty abundant in the light novel (I can only recall that the same VN that this kind of story are Aselia, Seinarukana, and Koihime Musou). Another thing to note is that for the gameplay we'll going to have fight game, although the fight is easy to understand though. Also like Baldr Force Duel Savior here did have PS2 port too, and that our Aroduc did work very hard in order to bring PS2 voices and contents into PC version, so you can hear Nabatame and Shizuka Ito voice if you wish (Too bad that there's no 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes seeing that Nabatame here is voicing PS2 version). As for PS2 opening, at least it's more fitting compared to Baldr Force PS2 OP. 4. Forest (VNDB 7.55) As for this VN, instead of usual Sakurai Hikaru who usually write for Liar-soft we have Hoshizora Meteor (His works (Kusarihime) was said to inspired well known VN such as Saya no Uta and Cross Channel), and also this VN is the sixth work of Amaterasu while at the same time third Liar-soft VN to be translated. Also apparently this VN did have a lot of Mind Screw and Metafiction or something like that, so you'll need to think a lot when you play this. Even then you may not understand any of that, because there's no exact answer for the story so you must figure the answer by yourself. That aside, at least I can understand the premise in which it goes like there's a phenomenon called Forest that was started to swallowed up Shinjuku. And then there's five people who somehow was chosen to fight back the phenomenon (The five people themselves are fit Five Man Band trope to a degree) and the way to fight it was through the riddle or something like that. There's also some reference from the popular work such as Winnie the Pooh, Lord of the Ring, and the most obvious of all Alice in Wonderland seeing that we got a mysterious girl called Alice here. Another thing to note is that the sex scenes at this VN might be quite disturbing. 3. Deardrops (VNDB 7.56) To answer the critic Deardrops's writer here is probably like to write in a dramatic way (Apparently he'll carry his dramatic writing into Bokuten), so we can't exactly fault him for using some of (Not clever) plot device. Even with that in mind I'm still mind of Rimu's route though in that to me it's being redundant, although maybe I'll change my mind if I manage to replay this. As for the premise, we have Shouichi (Our MC) who fall into depression after he injured his arm back at Germany, and seeing that he's a violinist it's very serious matter. One day after he's fascinated with the rock show like Shikanosuke from Kira Kira, he decided to form a band with some eccentric talents including the aforementioned Rimu and straightforward high school girl Riho (Who also the main heroine, and that her route is the central focus of this VN). From there, Shouichi started to find a new passion when he play together with his bandmate, and then pull himself from the depression. As for the VN here, Rimu aside this is another Overdrive VN which mean that this VN have more focus on the music like Kira Kira, although unlike Kira Kira this time Shouichi here is a young adult and that he work at the bar before form the band. 2. Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- (VNDB 7.86) The first translation was released by Insem, in which it did contained some minor controversy. Namely that he decided to change Mare's sex scene CG into dolphin which is quite reasonable seeing that Mare is like a child and Australian law (Insem was live in Australia) is strictly banned lolicon, and yet quite questionable (Well it's easy to fix anyway). Fast forward to 2017, Sekai decided to rerelease this by using the new translation that was worked on by Akerou and apparently the translation for that was heavily criticized (Well it's another redundant release by Sekai anyway). Controversy aside, the VN premise was in regard of our MC You (Yeah that's his name) that was move to the town where his aunt live and that he's been at the town when he was a child. One day he decided to go to his childhood place and at the place he met a shinigami (Mare) who somehow resembled his missing childhood friend. From there You decided to investigate the shinigami while at the same time enjoying his school life at the Astronomy Club. Anther two thing to note is that the common route is been criticized as a long one, and that the staffs behind the VN (FAVORITE) was said to take a liking to mysterious loli as shown with Mare here. 1. Kamidori Alchemy Meister (VNDB 8.19) At first I'd read Taka-jun review on this at 2011 (The review in question), and then I decided to forget abut it seeing that it's still untranslated back then. At least until 2012 when I saw this VN was shown at a certain site as being translated in the morning, and after did some research I find out that back then Aroduc released it quietly. Of course seeing that Aroduc was the one who translated this it mean Kamdori here is a gameplay VN, and a heavy one at that. The premise is that we have our MC Wilfred aka Wil who was abut to take a test to determined whether he'll pass as an alchemist or not, and he passed easily. From there Wil established his workshop, and decided to work very hard in order to make people around him smile. Of course he's not alone at this quest seeing that he need bodyguards, and he'd manage to got three girls as his bodyguards not long after he become the alchemist. Yeah we supposed to not put the focus on the story because Eushully here is more famous as gameplay VN maker, and so far only two Eushully VNs that were being properly translated. As for the gameplay, there's a lot to do but basically this is a strategy RPG with emphasis on selling the items (And you can get game over from losing all of the money). While there's still some good new releases like above there's fewer fan translation compared to last three years though, although to be fair most of well known VNs back then were already translated and Lemnisca was focused on I/O (Ixrec was also focused in Rewrite). To add more problem on that the official is still no aggressive like nowadays seeing that Sekai was still working together with JAST for releasing School Days, so there's still no much release from Sekai (Duh). Still 2012 here is also important year as well in that it bring Kamidori as the first translated Eushully VN along with the completion of Infinity trilogy after we have both of Ever17 and Remember11 being translated, so yeah it's not a bad year here. PS - As for the title I decided to add alchemist part from Kamidori into the literal translation of Hoshizora no Memoria (Memoria of a Starry Sky), so we have 'Memoria of an Alchemist' as the title although obviously we wouldn't read the diary of an alchemist here.
  25. The reason for this week title is obviously because we have the full release of Summer Pockets here, and I add the 'Finale' here because it's the last time that I'll use that particular title. For the reminder I did treat Summer Pockets as the memorial for past KEY VNs and I combined that with Precure All Star Memories in which Toei did make the movie as some sort of memorial for Precure old fans, although to me the writing for that is quite sloppy though especially when the movie add the previous Precures awkwardly (By the way the movie writer so far did her job good enough at her new Precure series (HealGPC), although it's still two episodes to judge anything though). Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and our biggest release for this week should be Summer Pockets in which the one who release it first turned out to be Visual Arts (VA) instead of Alka, so Alka decided to take down their own patches because it's already released. Other than that, this week was comprised of some fan translation updates so I think overall this week is an average one. Let's see what I can write for this week here. For fan translation, the most obvious update would be that since Summer Pocket released officially Alka decided to remove the patch and stop their project which is almost close seeing that they only have 3% left to completed the translation and preparing Alka's patch. If anything, at least they sort of glad that Summer Pockets was released officially on time so all goes well I guess (VA curiously never deliver C&D to Alka there). Anyway in light of that, Alka decided to change the focus to Angel Beats and currently it was at 4.83% translated. For the other updates, we have Loverable was at 79.74% edited, Miotsukushi Omote was at 26% edited, 9,704 lines from Pure x Connect are translated along with 5,043 lines are edited, and we have Ginharu update from Tsurezure again in which the current progress for the overall VN was at 56.08% translated with Momiji's route was at 65.3% translated. I guess that's all for this week fan translation updates here. About Summer Pockets here, I think it's easy to say that it's KEY newest big VN although the main writer is different though because we have Nijima Yuu wrote the VN instead of usual Jun Maeda because currently Maeda have a severe health problem. That said even without Maeda took big role in the writing and directing, his influence is very high in that Nijima sort of write it like older KEY VN. While it may argued that KEY probably intend this as their 20th anniversary VN (I forgot if they stated like that or not), some older fan would understandably recognize some plots instantly. So I would say that if some new VN player want to play KEY VN, then Summer Pocket should be their first choice. I forgot to note that with this it mean that Summer Pockets here is the second Nijima Yuu VN that was translated after Majokoi, one of the heroine was drawn by Tsubasu, and that it's all age VN so don't expect sex scenes there (Nobody want KEY sex scenes anyway). The premise for Summer Pockets itself is that our MC Hairi goes to an island to spent his summer at his aunt house (The beginning is like Kanon here), and in there he met with a mysterious white haired girl who introduce herself as Shiroha (Who slso as the main heroine of Summer Pockets here) later on. From there Hairi did his best to enjoy his days on the island, although of course like Nijima Yuu previous writing (And KEY) there's something more behind that. Lastly you can get Summer Pocket at Steam if you've been interested with it, and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.