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  1. Yeah we already have exact release date for Aokana, and it'll be at 27th later according to their newest KS update so I figure that it would be the good time to open the discussion. As for Aokana, what I can see for now is that the overall reception would be quite a positive one so much that Joyjason gave it 8. As for now, well we can only wait and hope that it'll go smoothly. Aokana will be available in the seven shops (NekoNyan store, Denpasoft, Fakku, JAST, Mangagamer, Nutaku, and Steam), so feel free to get from whichever shop that you prefer. I'll add more info on the heroines later. Edit - Now that the time for the release is come, I'll decided to add the review here seeing that there's quite a number of the review although before I'm going to give the link here I can say that more or less Aokana here is quite well received. Those reviews are from the aforementioned Joyjason (H gave score 8 which to say was quite high of him despite he rate the MC as average one here, and that he expect that the MC should fight very hard which may understandable for some people), MDZ (Koiresort translator, and apparently he did delete his site for some reason), Bananashiki (His review point the lack of Music Mode in original version), Warum (He also point the lack of music mode), ThatGuyWhoReadVNs (Yeah that's his nickname and he posted that at Amino, also he like Misaki very much), and VNMusing. Keep in mind that the reviews will have some spoiler to a degree, and that some of those might be quite subjective so hopefully you'll read it open mindedly if you interested to read it first before to play Aokana here. For the heroines, compared to Koichoco in here we only have for heroine here. Let's see what I can write about them here. 1. Kurashina Asuka I think it's pretty obvious that people will remember Chisato if they saw the design first, although in Asuka's case she's not a tsundere though. Also unlike Chisato her initial setting is not a easily jealous childhood, but instead Asuka here is a girl that Masaya (The MC) coincidentally met when he went to the school and that she show some potential in Flying Circus. She's still similar to Chisato though, in that Asuka here is Aokana's main heroine. Other than that, she's quite polite to anyone else that she met, and he'll always give it all whenever she achieve a certain goal. Her VA is Fukuen Misato in that her roles are Hoshizora Miyuki/Cure Happy from Smile PreCre anime, Nikaidou Shinku from Irotoridori, Eve from Black Cat and To Love Ru (Both are anime), Fujishiro Noeri from Dal Segno, Himiko Touga from Boku no Hero Academia anime, Natsume Ai from Sakura no Uta, Leonne from Futagohime anime, and Kujo Miyako from Nine. 2. Tobisawa Misaki If Asuka's design here is resembled Chisato, then Misaki's design here is resembled Satsuki. Although her VA here is not Asakawa Yuu though, but rather Misaki's VA is Asakura Azumi in which her roles are Oosachi Asuka from Hakuai, Tsyuri Kumin from Chuunibyo anime, Hinomiya Ayari from Witch's Garden, Asia Argento from High School DxD anime, Fujimiya Sakuya from Daitoshokan, Shiina May from Lilycle, Kamata Mariko from Idol Death Game TV, and Hagiwara Yukiho from Idolmaster. As for her setting, she's Masaya's classmate who is quite airhead and that she like to eat a lot. Also she love her grandmother very much, and she like to sleep whenever she get the chance seeing that she got low blood pressure and all. 3. Arisaka Mahiro The heroine with the most obvious animal motive, in this case cat so perhaps Michiru would be the closest comparison here (Especially seeing that Michiru's hair is like cat ear). Masaya's underclassman that like to play the game very much, and more importantly like Misaki very much so much that Mashiro like to following Misaki whenever she got the chance. Her fondness of Misaki here also causing Mahiro sometimes getting jealous of Masaya whenever Masaya getting close to Misaki, but of course Masaya here can have Mashiro to be fall in love with him. Mashiro's VA here is Yamamoto Nozomi in which her roles are Jougasaki Rika from Idolmaster Cinderella Girl, Murasame from Senren Banka, Houjo Cosmo from Pripara, Misono Senri from Daitoshokan, Ouige Chika from Genshinken, Shitaka Iroi from Love Club, Kagamihara Sakura from Yurucamp, and Yuri from Uchi trilogy. 4. Ichinose Rika Masaya's neighbor in that she's quite hostile toward him because Masaya accidentally enter her room whenever she change her outfit quite often, and that she'd attend different school from him and the rest of the three heroines. That alone cause her to be quite distant from the rest of the group, and moreso when Masaya's school and her school have a rivalry in regard of Flying Circus. Her VN is Yonezawa Madoka in which her roles are Ogiso Setsuna from White Album 2, Jounochi Serena from Pretty Rythm Aurora Dream anime, Shirasaki Tsugumi from Daitoshokan, Hirasawa Ui from K-ON anime, Ichinose Miyu from Saku Saku, Sugisaki Ringo from Setokai no Ichizon anime, Hoshino Iroha from Pure Song Garden, and Sasano Momoko from Sukitte Ii na yo. I guess that's all for the heroines info, and for additional info like Koichoco the heroines VA will sand their respective ending song which is a nice touch.
  2. Baldr Sky (Available soon!)

    About gameplay, well I tried Baldr Force and to tell the truth it's harder compared to Duel Savior. Apparently Sky gameplay here is the improvement of Force, so let's see if I can play it without difficulty later on. About the rumor in regard of censorship, to be honest the speculation out there is very annoying to me and to make it worse Sekai here didn't say anything in which it's because that GIGA told Sekai to not say anything about it. If GIGA told Sekai to censor Baldr Sky, then what I can say would be that they'll got same principle as Pulltop. That said, I think it might be come with 18+ version though if we look at mature content warning. For the comparison, I'll post several mature content quote from Sekai VNs that have 18+ version along with Baldr Sky. Baldr Sky Wagahigh Kemomusu Nanairo Nine duology Majokoi For comparison I'll post both of Noraneko duology and Konosora as well. Konosora Noraneko duology What I want to suggest here would be that there's a chance that Sekai will release 18+ version here, only that Sekai was probably need to be silence about it. While practically there's no reason for that, it could be possible if we count the rumor that GIGA need to be silent until the release ready. But if the rumor is wrong, perhaps Sekai really like to be controversial in that they'll hide the 18+ contents in Baldr Sky until the last day which to say not the most ideal announcements. As for my purpose to list several mature content warning here, it to show that only three VNs that ask us to treat the character as 18+ or older people and one of those VNs are Baldr Sky. If they really want to censor it, I think they can do it just like usual or remove the 18+ old warning here. So for now I would say that there's a chance for Baldr Sky 18+ version, although the chance for that is still uncertain though.
  3. Hello!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. No problem with your English there, and you can ask us if you in need of some VN recommendations here. Lastly, I hope that you'll have fun here.
  4. Hello! I'm a Dev who just discovered this site!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and good luck on your Kickstarter there. I hope that you'll have fun here.
  5. Hello! Visual novel lover and developer here!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and no much that I can say other than good luck to your project later on. I hope you'll have fun here.
  6. Hi hi~

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and as for otome VN I think you can try Alice no Kuni and Hakuouki if you want some particular VN that you can play on PC and still not play those (Also recommend Steam Prison here). I hope you'll have fun here.
  7. Alice and Arisu Review

    What I can say for this week? Well if I may be very blunt it's very dry here seeing that we only have few updates from fan translation along with a re-release (Otome VN Taisho Alice, which admittedly very important one seeing that it have controversial first release), so I think there'll be no much to talk at this week and thus my VNTS Review here will be short. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and let's see what I can write for this week, and for the title I'll explain it in more detail at PS later (It's very obvious that the title here is from Taisho Alice VN). As for Taisho Alice, well I did know that it have a lot of messy translation with the infamous one is 'Hiragana and katakana Alice' (To be fair, it's spoken like that in the VN itself, although it's obviously very awkward for non-Japanese though). We also have one VA dubbed the whole VN (Or so that's what I hear), so at least you can relive the nostalgia if you watch the dubbed anime in your childhood (The dub is nice or not is another matter though). In the end, we finally can have a proper translation of Taisho Alice thanks to Verdilish for the translation and JAST for helping with the release procedure, so if you want to play Taisho Alice with good translation then pick the newer version and have fun with it. It's too bad though that it still the first part, but apparently we can finished two route (Red Riding Hood and Cinderella) so perhaps you can play it if you only interested with those two routes. From fan translation, we finally have Shin Koihime Musou was at 32% edited which is quite a big achievements than it sounds seeing that basically they edited few hundred lines periodically in a week, and for the line count currently it's at 34,595 out of 108,888 lines edited. Other than that, we also have Loverable was at 73.58% edited. Last but definitely not the least, we finally have Eustia was at 85.24% translated with Eustia's chapter was fully translated and currently they working on the side stories with the current progress was at 4.233% translated. For the last news we have Nekonyan did release patch 1.1 for Aokana in which it's add the additional feature, namely voice bookmark. While this feature is more or less just interesting but not necessary add on to me, it's still nice that Nekonyan add it to Aokana here so at east Aokana player can save some of their favorite voices if they want to. More importantly, this also shown that Nekonyan here manage to deliver their promise from this Kickstarter update, which is very good. Speaking about Aokana, recently we hear that sprite just sort of revive and currently gathering their employee in order to apparently continuing their stalled EXTRA 2. I don't know if Aokana overseas sales help a lot in regard of their revival or not, but nonetheless congratulation to them for their revival. That's all for this week and sorry if it's quite short at this week. See you next week. PS - For the title, it's simply based on two Alices in Taisho Alice and what they called in the new translation (Alice (The main hero) and Arisu (The female MC)). Or if you want a comparison, basically it's like Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie except with less assassinate each other.
  8. Do you play with walkthrough?

    Unless it's kinetic or have a very easy choice, I'll use it. And yeah it's my habit that I always search the walkthrough when I'm about play a VN, and save it in the VN folders.
  9. /cast Revive @ Sprite

    Whether if they sprite can revive thanks to Nekonyan or not is only them who knew the answer, so let me say that good for them to be able to resume their production. Will look forward to their next products will be (Hopefully) localized by Nekonyan.
  10. Lamunation Release

    Yeah it's happened according to the tweet below. So get that VN if you didn't mind some VN that almost entirely consist of joke (And meme) and have fun. PS - I'll add heroine VA later on if possible.
  11. Any Audio Tracks You HAD to Mute?

    So far I didn't have any need to mute the audio (Yes including very bad Succubuss Soon MC voices), so my answer is none. And by that I mean I never mute any audio tracks in VNs, although perhaps I may need to mute some audio tracks in the future.
  12. Looking for new VN's to watch/read.

    Late to the party here. While I know that you've been away for a while, I figure that may as well try give some recommendations here. As for my recommendations, I'll recommend Hoshiori (Considered better than HatsuKoi), Nanairo (Have cat girl demon), Miagete (Same writer as Konosora, and keep in mind that the translated version is censored), Sanoba Witch (Have magical girl setting), and Daitoshokan. I don't know if you already play those VNs or not, but if not hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  13. Perhaps you ma try something like Sorcery Jokers seeing that it have a smart MC (Senri). Other than that, you can also try both of Kikokugai and Comyu if you interested. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you even though it's a belated one.
  14. Congratulation for the acheivement for finally fully translated the main story, and good luck with the rest. Also yeah it's more preferrable to release the full patch compared to the partial patch here.
  15. Anime Winter List of 2019/2020

    Now that I knew we'll going to have 'I Hate Pain' anime will be broadcasted in January 2020 later, it's quite obvious that it'll be my second priority after Healin' Good PreCure. For the staffs CV we'll going to have KyoAni KEY season trilogy (Kanon, AIR, Clannad) main writer as the one who responsible for the script, while for the directors (Yeah there's two of them) they already worked on Fate Ilya so I know that it'll be better compared to Average Ability anime looking from the staffs alone. I'll probably comment on that (Average Ability) when I watch the final episode, but what I can say for now is that at least it's far better compared to Cheat Magician and Overpowered Mom (Not saying much I admit, but at least it show that the audience tired of male isekai MC (My assumption here)). In any case, I'll look forward to 'I Hate Pain' anime later. PS - Speaking about January here, too bad that Machikado Mazoku need to be on hiatus until at least January 2020 because the author have some health problem, so hopefully the author will recover soon because currently I like the manga.
  16. Venting sorrow: I lost my cat today

    My condolence for the cat there, and I hope you'll manage to go through the hard time.
  17. Need help to remember a title

    It's always nice to see more PreCure fellow fan describe the series, and this time it's HugPC. And the pregnant part here is a giveaway, because so far only HugPC that cover the giving birth scene. For HugPC here there's many thing to name such as we finally have Yukari Tamura voicing a Precure (Only 8 years late after Nana Mizuki), the theme is the future and time travel, and that the main attraction is the crossover episode which supposed to be so-called movie promotion episode (HugPC 36-37). As for the reason why I say so-called movie promotion, it's because those episode is actually too epic and too good that not only it overshadowed the series, but also the movie (Precure All Star Memories) as well that was supposed to be the main attraction here which to say wouldn't be acceptable (At least STPC here toned down the promotion movie episode here). Also series crossover here is not good, because it could steal the attention from the current cure (ie HugPC) and more importantly would cause the confusion for the new watcher. I remember that I'm very surprised to see FwPC in HugPC 21 image board that was called by Hugtan (The baby), and since then I sort of lost hope on it follow it along with disliking Hugtan a bit. By the way while FwPC battle is still very good just like in the original series, I think it would be more prefferable if I can see it from HugPC instead. That above is my opinion on crossover episode, so if you like crossover episode then it's fine. Also actually the so-called crossover Precure all star movie (All Star Memories) is fine if we look at the graphic, only that the staffs didn't do much effort to make it as epic as the crossover episode (Especially HugPC 37).
  18. Bobby Quest 2 Review

    Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for this week title I parodied Dragon Quest by changing 'Dragon' to 'Booby' because we have Funbag Fantasy 2 release so we have 'Booby Quest 2'. For more elaboration Funbag is a big breast nukige and as we know it parodied Final Fantasy, so I decided to parodied Dragon Quest in which it's the biggest RPG franchise after Final Fantasy. By the way it's the second time I parodied both of Dragon Quest and Funbag Fantasy here, and the first time was back at 2016 when the first Funbag Fantasy was released. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week while it's more lively because we have three releases, my interest is more leaned toward the updates though (Especially Eustia) because two of the three releases are nukige which to say not my interest here. Let's see what I can write for this week here. From Cherry Kiss we have nukige Nympho Monster Domination in which it'll tell us that the setting is in the another world, so at least we have another isekai nukige translated here. Go get the VN if you interested and have fun. We also learnt that in Sol Press language Nukitashi meant Busy Wizard LN, or in other word they're not surprisingly delayed Nukitashi until further notice. Well it's not surprising to me was because they still at 8% translated when they announced the release date back at AX, and so far the progress was not like they're ready to fulfill the deadline that they set back at 22nd. It's also a shame that Sol Press apparently more focused on LN and forget to announce the delay on Nukitashi here (Unlike Nekonyan in which at least they announced Senren Banka delay), which is too bad here. For now I just hope that Sol Press will improved themselves in regard of marketing, in which apparently it started to get worrying because they make several mistakes. As for Funbag Fantasy 2, for the reminder it's Arunaru who localize the title. Since this is also nukige, i would say that I'm not quite interested with it even with apparently it have some interesting story. You may get that though if you like heroines with very big breast, and have fun if you play it. For other updates, we have Uchikano was fully edited, Sona-Nyl was halfway edited, Mugen Renkan image editing was in progress, the testing for Magic and Slash was finished and currently the release build for that was in finalizing process, Sideboob 2 release build was currently in finalizing process as well, and Sukehime was at 81% edited. For the last progress here we have Mangagamer finished the image editing for Matsuribayashi and currently they do some programming work on that, which mean hopefully they'll be able to release it in near future and finally we can Matsuribayashi being voiced and have PS3 graphic (For the info Matsuribayashi was not available for PS2 version because Alchemist decided to make their unique finale for that version). That's all for Mangagamer's updates here. Other than two nukige that I mentioned earlier, we have Lamunation release in which it's easy to say was the most interesting release to me here. As for the premise, we have Luna who always have fun in a modern looking city along with his twin sister, his childhood friend, and his best friend who is a twin (All characters besides Luna are female for the info). While the writer of Lamunation here (Kepposhi) did have some controversy and that it affected Erogamescape scoring a lot, actually this VN is might be nice if you're in a mood to enjoy some simple VN that have a lot of comedy here. So the best advice that I can say is that would be just enjoy what we have in Lamunation here, and have fun with it because I can see that the writer have a lot of fun to insert many joke and parody (And a lot of meme) there. For additional note here, the price is quite cheap for a medium length VN (At US$ 13 if I remember) so at least you can legally purchase it if you have some money to spare, and not to mention you can have the sex scenes which is always a bonus if we compared it to Noraneko duology. Granted that some featured was cut out because of the price, but at least it's more in regard of technical matter which is fair enough to me here. Almost forget that we also have some updates from Sekai, in which currently they already have Winter Polaris entering QA and set the release month to December (Good luck for that I guess). Other than Winter Polaris we have Sekai waiting Bokukotsu FD build from the developer, and more importantly they already finished the QA for Tokeijikake 2 and currently they fixing the bug that might be left in the engine. In any case, I hope that Sekai's plan to release Tokeijikake 2 in December will be going well. From fan translation, we have Mitosukushi Omote was at 59% translated, Loverable was at 73.13% edited, and Eustia show some nice progress. For more elaboration here currently we have Eustia was at 84.56% translated with Eustia's chapter was almost finished the translation progress (At 99.78% translated), and also it was at 69.76% edited with Licia's chapter was already past 90% mark (94.54%) edited. What I can say is that good job to Eustia's translation team, and hopefully we'll be able to have it released at 2020 later. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  19. So yeah we finally have it released after almost two year of waiting according to Mangagamer's tweet here (Their next release is Amrilato at June 13th later for the info), and seeing that the writer is also WA2 writer anyone who play that should recognize some resemblance at Damekoi here. Lastly feel free to discuss it here, and I'll add more info (Also poll) later at this post. Edit - As for the VN itself, since I already read some reviews and also already played a bit of WA2, I can say that Maruto here did use this VN as his stepping stone for WA2 later, or rather we can treat this as WA prototype. That aside, I like that this VN is still have a lot of good reception out there, and for now I can say that Damekoi here might be another candidate for the best VN at this year after Hoshiori, although of course we still need to wait until December later. Just in case you still unsure abut this VN, you can read the reviews (A lot of that ) that was written by Conjueror (The translator), mod Clephas (At his usual blog), Yuumei (Beware A LOT of spoiler), Joyjason (You know this VN will be good when usually critical Joyjason say that this is his best VN), and Warum (Also have some spoiler). Since the reviews here contain some spoiler to the degrees and some of you may not like the spoiler very much, you can read some Mangagamer's post by the translator (Conjueror obviously) and the editor (Garejei who is also Conjueror's usual partner). Oh and while the reviews here did view Damekoi in very favorable light, it's still up to the reader though on how they'll appreciate it later. For the premise, I wouldn't talk much abut it seeing that all of the reviews did good job to explain it. But in case you did want to avoid the spoiler by not read the review, I'll quote the introduction from Mangagamer site below. For the characters and seiyuu, let me write abut those below. 1. Hinosaka Mitoko The man heroine of Damekoi and she's more or less resemble Setsuna from WA in that she's very cheerful even though she's tsundere toward Osamu (And easily jealous as well), and from the opening her season is spring. Her setting is that she was left by her irresponsible mother and that she was left alone with heavy responsibilities to take care the boardinghouse (Including pay the bills) while at the same time she need to mind her future seeing that she was still in school, so obviously she need Osamu's support even though she denied it (Being tsundere and all). Her seiyuu is Taguchi Hiroko in which she have a lot of roles in VNs such as Kagami Sumika from Muv Luv franchise, Hinata Natsumi from Sharin, Suou Amane from Grsaia franchise, Yarai Miu from Dracu Riot, Masamune Shizuru from Noble Works, Tsukishma Kyou from Hatsukoi 1/1, Murasaki Hazuki from Dal Segno, Miyamura Miyako from ef, Kasugano Sora from Yosuga no Sora, and Kitsuki Riho from Koiresort. 2. Amagi Kaya Osamu's new forward coworker, and since I compared Mitoko to Setsuna then I would say that Kaya here did resemble Chiaki to a degree from the first glance. Also like Mitoko she also have her season at the opening, and in Kaya's case it's summer. Other than supposed coworker, she also like to tease Osamu whenever she got the chance and that she like to wear the sexy clothes much to Osamu's dismay (Although the reader may not mind too much though). Also like Osamu, she'd get fired from her previous job before she met Osamu. Her seiyuu is Sakurai Harumi, in that her roles are Kanemoto Akari from Noble Works, Takamori Haruka from Beat Blade Haruka, Kanami from Rance 03, Tokizaki Maya from Hatsukoi 1/1, Tokido Saya from Little Busters, Yayoi B. Lutwidge from Hapymaher, Lily from Himegari, and Kisaragi Mizuha from Gin'iro Haruka. 3. Sawashima Himeo The scheming and young neighbor character who also happen to be Osamu's rich neighbour, and also tends to show her jealousy towards Osamu because he can get more close to Mitoko (Himeo here is very close friend to Mitoko). Like the other Damekoi heroines, she have the season motif as well and for her it's autumn. As for her character resemblance like Mari she's also the MC's employer, although for her role in story wise Koharu might be even closer. As for her seiyuu she's the one who got two seiyuu for different version (Takahashi Ciaki for PC and Sakakibara Yui for PSV version), although since this is PC version I'll use the PC one. For Chiaki herself, her roles are Hayase Mitsuki from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (And Muv Luv franchise), Ishtar from I/O, Kusunoki Yua from Chaos Child, Akamine Saiko from 11eyes, Sasaki Yuka from Swan Song, and Kanroji Nanami from School Days. 4. Kounou Asami Mitoko's homeroom teacher who always worry abut her, and also have a special connection with Osamu in that she's his former wife. She's also quite popular in that she's quite well known as being nice to the students, although she argue a lot with Mitoko though. As for her comparison, I would think that Kazusa would be the most obvious comparison here with her have the conflict with Osamu, and Osamu understandably have awkward meeting with her. As for her season, it's winter which is very obvious seeing that it's the only season left. Her seiyuu is Isshiki Hikaru (Real name Tanaka Ryouko) who like Mitoko's seiyuu also have a lot of roles, such as Narukana from Seinarukana, Makabe Midori from Hatsukoi 1/1, Hinaori Kagome from Comyu, Sakaki Yumiko from Grsaia franchise, Kawahara Sakuya from I/O, Neon Schalar Smilja from Gahkthun, Ichinotani Touko from Ayakashibito, and Kurugaya Yuiko from Little Busters. I guess that's all for all of the info that I can gather here, and remember to not expect this as kamige (ie trapped in the hype) even though the reviews favor it very much.
  20. New Project + Recruitment

    Good luck with the recruitment there, and like everyone said it's more preferable to take short length VN if you want to work on some VN translation later on.
  21. Being a Visual Novel Fan or in the Industry is Suffering

    I can see that the OP here really have some experience, although unfortunately some of those are either wrong or lack of research. As for the reason why, I think we already have enough comment about that from accross three communities (In here, Reddit, and VNDB) but may as well give my comment here. 1. I think it's reasonable to think VN as niche. But I think there's something wrong in the OP wording here, namely that the VN fan will suffer if the genre is niche. As in if we want to enjoy the media it should be mainstream here, which to say not the most correct mindset to have as VN fans here because no one can control people taste here and that someone can have niche taste as well. I know the OP may didn't think like that, but it's what I get from reading it. Also DDLC is free for the info, so the creator of that didn't get the money. 2. They should always read the contract before enter the company. I remember that Itou Noizi entering Unisoft Blossom without knowing that the company is producing eroge (And she only know after accepted in the company), but it didn't mean that she suffer it because otherwise she wouldn't stay in the company. Besides the writer can always write what he/she want in eroge, and once again the writer should already know that they should add the sex scenes when they enter eroge company. And no, adding a lot of sex scenes is not a guarantee of success as shown with minori here. 3. So the OP here prefer fan translator to get the money and have them got the trouble with the legal? In any case it happened when Aroduc do his Kickstarter to localize Romanesque and as expected Littlewitch react. As for whether they screwed when the company react, usually they'll release C&D notice so you right about that. Then again, there's always exception though as shown with Alka here. 4. Usually the company set the deadline by themselves, so at least they should know their capabilities before set their deadline. It's also normal that there's bound to be a delay because a lot of unexpected things can be happened in the middle of the translation process, so it's understandable if the head company need to issue delay. Oh and it's also normal if the fans didn't know the inside company, so I can see why they ask the updates whenever the delay happen. I'm sure that head company already have their precaution when it come to delay (ie announce it to the fans), so to say that they suffered is a bit of stretch (By the way Sol Press here really overconfident when it come to announce their deadline release date at AX). 5. So far we only got Arunaru, and his case is so far the only one that got a lot of attention just because he tweet a lot about that. Of course there's a lot more translator out there, so we can't say whether the case is true or not. We can also assume that the late Conjueror also might got a less payment that lead to his unfortunate action, but it's only speculation so there's no enough proof for that unless someone here can summon him to write his situation about his payment here (Sorry). And no we also don't really know whether the employee (ie non translator one) salary is under the standard or not, so we better leave it to the employee here (It's depend on what neccesity that the employee need to fulfill). 6. I admit that I didn't pay attention to OELVN much, although in this case it's more because I prefer to focused on Japanese VNs. Of course some OELVN can be gather some attention (The most well known one are DDLC and Katawa Shoujo), but most of those are more or less unknown one. As for me, so far the only interesting OELVN is Katawa Shoujo, Lucid9, Ace Academy, and Crystalline. There's Sakura franchise as well, but I can say that Wiged Cloud here is infamous not because it's not Japanese company (There's a lot of other reasons here). 7. I know that, and I think the only way for the fans to suffer would be if they didn't have other media to distract themselves from the wait (Don't tell me that they prefer to not touch any other media besides VNs if they wait for the updates). As for learn Japanese, well it's up to them and as for me I chose it to not learn it because learning Japanese to read a VN is not quite worth the time to me (If you think otherwise, it's okay). 8. Well as long as they happy it shouldn't matter, only that they can't share it to majority of the people (It's more a minor setback and less suffering to me). Thay said, if someone want to arouse the interest in Japanese VN they can always write their experience (Just ask mod Clephas). For the closing words here, we can't say those so-called suffering is unique for VN fans, because we can have all of those eight 'suffering' above for other media here (Anime, game, movie, novel, comic book, manga, etc.) in different forms. I wouldn't explain the example though, because there'll be a lot of it and I don't do enough research for that. I guess that's all for my comment here.
  22. Irianovel!?

    So we need to wait for 236 days in order to have April Fools 2019 event here. What I can say? Well at least it didn't reverse the typing interface here (It still the most infamous April Fools event to me here).
  23. Anime Winter List of 2019/2020

    Late response here. As for Spider Girl here, I think the world building there is quite overwhelming and the manga is very slow (Need 40 chapters just to see the outer world and yet it's still not possible to see the spider turned into the cute girl, so I'll probably just wait and see here). For 'I Hate Pain' here, I already check the staff and the studio previous works and I can say that I trust them to write better compared to Average Ability anime (And possibly give us some nice fight animation). Still not see 'Killing Slime' staffs yet though, but at least we'll have Aoi Yuki will voicing our female MC Azusa. PS - Speaking about female MC isekai here, we already have Bakarina release month and it'll be at April 2020 later. I hope that they'll just adapt the web novel here, seeing that it's conclusive enough (No need to adapt additional arc from the light novel).
  24. What are you playing?

    Been playing Maitetsu, and currently in the halfway of Hibiki's route. Let's see if I can finish it by this week.
  25. Japanese politicians are reviewing censorship law

    I guess it's still too soon then.