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  1. For a glance I tempted to read Miagete with the MTL patch seeing that I can at least try to tolerate it for the sex scenes, although looking for the bug from way back at Konosora uncensored back at 2014 I guess it's not quite worth it (That's why I'd wait for the restoration patch to be completed). I don't really know though whether Miagete will have the same problem or not, but looking from the same engine perhaps the chance for that is quite likely.
  2. Since it's only 10 days before AX, I think it would be appropriate if I'm open the thread about it. As for the schedule, you can see it below. JAST USA New and Upcoming Titles Wednesday (July 3rd), July 03, 9:30pm - 10:30pm Visual Novels with Sekai Project Thursday (July 4th), 4:30pm - 5:30pm Denpasoft: Erecting A Market & The Rise of Adult Gaming (18+) Thursday (July 4th), 10:30pm - 11:30pm Aksys Games Panel Of GLOBAL DOMINATION! Friday (July 5th), 3:30pm - 4:30pm MangaGamer: The Now & Future of Visual Novels (18+) Saturday (July 6th), 8:30pm - 9:30pm FAKKU Industry Panel and Q&A (18+) Saturday (July 6th), 10:00pm - 11:00pm What's going on in the industry with Sol Press?! (18+) Saturday (July 6th), 10:00pm - 11:00pm In case you'd have a hard time to adjust the time, it's Los Angeles time and it's timezone was at GMT -7. Since we'll probably will going to have a lot of announcements, I'll probably either put the announcements in the spoiler box or just link it to the post that contain the announcements. For my comment here, I think we already know that Denpa here would be announced all of 18+ version of Sekai announcement if Sekai decided to announce a VN that did have 18+ contents censored, and occasionally some original announcements so we can treat Denpa and Sekai announcements as one for the most part. Mangagamer curiously only have one announcement planned according to their announcement page, although we may have sudden announcement from them like back at last year AX though. No much comment from both of Fakku and Aksys seeing that most probably their announcement would be nukige and sci-fi respectively, although I wonder though what Sol Press will bring to the table here. I guess that's all for what I can say now, and I'll bump this if AX is started or whenever there's an announcement (Duh).
  3. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    In this case then my condolence to you, and I hope that you'll managed to cope with the loss.
  4. MangaGamer now has an official discord

    I'll check it then.
  5. Following my list of translated VNs at 2009, I decided to follow up with 2012 translated VNs list. Also yeah I decided to talk about 2012 first even though I'm supposed to talk about 2010 list, because back at 2012 there's some decline in fan translation and yet there's still no increase from the official release, and I think it might be the best if I'm focused on the hard year first. Regardless the different order here, the rule is still the same in that there's no BL (Togainu no Chi), nukige (Monster Girl Quest 2), otome (The Second Reproduction), and fandisc (Tomoyo After) here. As usual let's see what I can write in regard of 2012 VNs list here. 10. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru aka Otoboku - Maidens Are Falling for Me! (VNDB 6.94) Yeah this is the first VN in the list that did get average VNDB score at below 7, and it's because most of the better translated VNs at 2012 did come into the categories that usually I tried to avoid like I said above (Although it's more like my taste though admittedly). As for the premise our MC Mizuho that was voiced was told to attend a school by his late grandfather to fulfill his last wish, in that he want to see his grandson attend the same school as late Mizuho's mother. Of course nothing as simple as it seems because turned out that Mizuho's mother did attend all girl school and that Mizuho is a male, although with the help of his cousin (Mariya) there's no problem at all though seeing that she just do a make up to Mizuho and it fit very perfectly seeing that Mizuho is already have female like appearence. And thus begin Mizuho's adventure in the all girl school in that turned he managed to fool almost all students except for one people (Shion who also act as the other Secret Keeper after Mariya), and that he was adored by all girls as their onee-sama. As for Otoboku here granted it's less popular compared to similar title such as Tsukiyori, but it's very nice to see that we can have VN that have trap MC with the female heroines such as Otoboku here being translated. 9. Never7 -The End of Infinity- (VNDB 7.01) The last of Infinity trilogy to be translated after Ever17 and Remember11, and out of those three VNs it's the most lighthearted one seeing that this is the first part of the trilogy, so it's understandable if someone find that this VN is more leaned toward moege a la Memories Off in the beginning instead even though there's some mystery that was established at the beginning. Although like other Infinity series, this VN did have Arc Number though and in this case it's 7. As for the premise we have our MC Makoto who was attend an extra seminar at the resort island thanks for him being tardy at the university, and that he saw a dream where he saw a girl was dead at April 6th. After he woke up, he realized that the date was at April 1st so essentially Makoto did have five days to figure whether his dream will be really happen at Aprl 6th or not, and if it would be happen what kind of action that Makoto should take to prevent the tragedy. This work was also mark the first work of Lemnisca, in that back then GundamAce also post this translation project back at TL Wiki. As for my comment here, it would be better if we expect this as moege instead of hardcore sci-fi VN so that we wouldn't be disappointed here, seeing that the sci-fi element only appear at the later part of the VN. 8. Period (VNDB 7.17) Out of all Littlewitch VNs that were translated, only Period here that did have Japanese place setting or to be exact the place setting was at Nagasaki which is very notable because usually their VN did have European setting. The other matter is that the art here is not very fitting seeing that Littlewitch's usual artist (Ooyarii Ashito) was in charge of the characters design, and let's just say that his design here is not fitting for the Japanese setting despite being beautiful there (And let's not forget that the characters did have Japanese name while at the same time did have Euorpean look). As for the premise, we have our male MC Mitsuki who supposedly did have a boring life and have been seeing vague disturbing dream. At least until one day when he get the key to the observation (Or to be exact Mitsuki was forced to accept it), and after that he did have his fated encounter that was cause Mitsuki's days become more exciting in that he can date one of the eight heroines here. Anther interesting things to note is that we'll going to have angel heroine here, in that the appearance of the angel here is also one of the plot point here. What I can say is that if you didn't like the story here, at least you can play for the art in which it's quite beautiful. 7. Dengeki Stryker (VNDB 7.33) This VN is a unique one in that it did have two releases and thus two opening. The premise is goes like we have our MC Yamato who is a big fan of the shounen manga (The title drop), and that he formed his personality in that he have a lot of sense of justice. Although too bad that he always fail to protect his childhood friend Haruna so much that he always feeling down because of that. Nevertheless Haruna was always grateful for what Yamato did and she felt so sad when she must move from Yamato neighborhood, and of course Yamato can't accept that. After Haruna announced her move away, Yamato met with the Memory Collector that willing to grant any wish in exchange for his memories, and seeing that he was still a child he decided to make his wish to become the hero of his favorite manga. Thus Yamato became Stryker Zero and at the same time he must fight the enemy that he was inadvertently bring from the manga. As for this VN, unlike both of Kira Kira and Deardrops this time Overdrive decided to go with write about cliche shounen superhero story, and it show. As for the release, we have two releases in that first we have Dengeki Stryker with only three routes available, and then we have Chou version in that it expand the story by adding three routes (Two of Chou's route did have dating the antagonist routes). Also since Dengeki Stryker here is more or less created like cliche shounen manga, it's easy to forget that this is eroge as well so it's easy to surprised by the sex scenes (We shouldn't focused on that anyway). As for both of the opening, I must say that Masaki Endou here did the good job for both of those and that those two opening really fit the atmosphere of the VN itself (Hot blooded). 6. Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi Ya aka Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - The First Night (VNDB 7.40) This time our Ryukishi07 decided to create the novel, and turned out that he didn't managed to achieve satisfactory result for that seeing that it was cancelled. After that he tried to adapt it into the manga as well, only to have it cancelled as well. And thus he decided to create the VN of that, which in turn it's the best version here seeing that it did have music and that (Well 07Expansion VNs always did have good OST). As for the art, while it's still not as good as usual VN at least it's not so bad and that it somehow very fitting. For the premise, we have one bullied girl (Marie) was offered to be the 8th youkai at the school, and that Marie was offered by the titular Higanbana who is one of the youkai. From there we'll see on how Higanbana going through the school that did have seven youkai who ruled over The Seven Mysteries, and eventually knowing more about Higanbana herself. As for the release, the VN was divided into two part and the first part was released back at 2012 while for the second part it was released at 2014. Almost forget to say that Higanbana here is more or less a compilation of the short story so we'll going to have multiple MCs here, although Higanbana here is remain the most important character here (Her title and all). 5. Duel Savior (VNDB 7.41) One of Aroduc's works, and obviously it'll be a gameplay VN. As for the premise, we have our MC Taiga who is also happen to live alone together with his brocon stepsister Mia. One day after both of them going home from school, Mia find out a mysterious book. After that, both of them were suddenly teleported into another world and then one of the people who summoned them tell Mia that he was chosen as the Savior candidate. Although while it's usual that the male that was always the chosen one, this time the people was confused because there's a rule that the savior is always female. In order to resolve the case, they decided to test Taiga in order to determined whether he really fulfill the the criteria as Savior candidate or not, and turned out that he was passed because he can summon his weapon. From there both of Mia and Taiga attend the Savior school in order to prepare them to save the another world. I guess we can say that Duel Savior story here would be amounted to be usual isekai story, which is more unique than it sounds seeing that surprisingly the story where the hero was summoned into another world and gathered the harem is very rare in the VNs while it's pretty abundant in the light novel (I can only recall that the same VN that this kind of story are Aselia, Seinarukana, and Koihime Musou). Another thing to note is that for the gameplay we'll going to have fight game, although the fight is easy to understand though. Also like Baldr Force Duel Savior here did have PS2 port too, and that our Aroduc did work very hard in order to bring PS2 voices and contents into PC version, so you can hear Nabatame and Shizuka Ito voice if you wish (Too bad that there's no 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes seeing that Nabatame here is voicing PS2 version). As for PS2 opening, at least it's more fitting compared to Baldr Force PS2 OP. 4. Forest (VNDB 7.55) As for this VN, instead of usual Sakurai Hikaru who usually write for Liar-soft we have Hoshizora Meteor (His works (Kusarihime) was said to inspired well known VN such as Saya no Uta and Cross Channel), and also this VN is the sixth work of Amaterasu while at the same time third Liar-soft VN to be translated. Also apparently this VN did have a lot of Mind Screw and Metafiction or something like that, so you'll need to think a lot when you play this. Even then you may not understand any of that, because there's no exact answer for the story so you must figure the answer by yourself. That aside, at least I can understand the premise in which it goes like there's a phenomenon called Forest that was started to swallowed up Shinjuku. And then there's five people who somehow was chosen to fight back the phenomenon (The five people themselves are fit Five Man Band trope to a degree) and the way to fight it was through the riddle or something like that. There's also some reference from the popular work such as Winnie the Pooh, Lord of the Ring, and the most obvious of all Alice in Wonderland seeing that we got a mysterious girl called Alice here. Another thing to note is that the sex scenes at this VN might be quite disturbing. 3. Deardrops (VNDB 7.56) To answer the critic Deardrops's writer here is probably like to write in a dramatic way (Apparently he'll carry his dramatic writing into Bokuten), so we can't exactly fault him for using some of (Not clever) plot device. Even with that in mind I'm still mind of Rimu's route though in that to me it's being redundant, although maybe I'll change my mind if I manage to replay this. As for the premise, we have Shouichi (Our MC) who fall into depression after he injured his arm back at Germany, and seeing that he's a violinist it's very serious matter. One day after he's fascinated with the rock show like Shikanosuke from Kira Kira, he decided to form a band with some eccentric talents including the aforementioned Rimu and straightforward high school girl Riho (Who also the main heroine, and that her route is the central focus of this VN). From there, Shouichi started to find a new passion when he play together with his bandmate, and then pull himself from the depression. As for the VN here, Rimu aside this is another Overdrive VN which mean that this VN have more focus on the music like Kira Kira, although unlike Kira Kira this time Shouichi here is a young adult and that he work at the bar before form the band. 2. Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- (VNDB 7.86) The first translation was released by Insem, in which it did contained some minor controversy. Namely that he decided to change Mare's sex scene CG into dolphin which is quite reasonable seeing that Mare is like a child and Australian law (Insem was live in Australia) is strictly banned lolicon, and yet quite questionable (Well it's easy to fix anyway). Fast forward to 2017, Sekai decided to rerelease this by using the new translation that was worked on by Akerou and apparently the translation for that was heavily criticized (Well it's another redundant release by Sekai anyway). Controversy aside, the VN premise was in regard of our MC You (Yeah that's hs name) that was move to the town where his aunt live and that he's been at the town when he was a child. One day he decided to go to his childhood place and at the place he met a shinigami (Mare) who somehow resembled his missing childhood friend. From there You decided to investigate the shinigami while at the same time enjoying his school life at the Astronomy Club. Anther two thing to note is that the common route is been criticized as a long one, and that the staffs behind the VN (FAVORITE) was said to take a liking to mysterious loli as shown with Mare here. 1. Kamidori Alchemy Meister (VNDB 8.19) At first I'd read Taka-jun review on this at 2011 (The review in question), and then I decided to forget abut it seeing that it's still untranslated back then. At least until 2012 when I saw this VN was shown at a certain site as being translated in the morning, and after did some research I find out that back then Aroduc released it quietly. Of curse seeing that Aroduc was the one who translated this it mean Kamdori here is a gameplay VN, and a heavy one at that. The premise is that we have our MC Wilfred aka Wil who was abut to take a test to determined whether he'll pass as an alchemist or not, and he passed easily. From there Wil established his workshop, and decided to work very hard in order to make people around him smile. Of course he's not alone at this quest seeing that he need bodyguards, and he'd manage to got three girls as his bodyguards not long after he become the alchemist. Yeah we supposed to not put the focus on the story because Eushully here is more famous as gameplay VN maker, and so far only Kamidori here that was properly translated as Eushully VNs concerned. As for the gameplay, there's a lot to do but basically this is a strategy RPG with emphasis on selling the items (And you can get game over from losing all of the money). While there's still some good new releases like above there's fewer fan translation compared to last three years though, although to be fair most of well known VNs back then were already translated and Lemnisca was focused on I/O (Ixrec was also focused in Rewrite). To add more problem on that the official is still no aggressive like nowadays seeing that Sekai was still working together with JAST for releasing School Days, so there's still no much release from Sekai (Duh). Still 2012 here is also important year as well in that it bring Kamidori as the first translated Eushully VN along with the completion of Infinity trilogy after we have both of Ever17 and Remember11 being translated, so yeah it's not a bad year here. PS - As for the title I decided to add alchemist part from Kamidori into the literal translation of Hoshizora no Memoria (Memoria of a Starry Sky), so we have 'Memoria of an Alchemist' as the title although obviously we wouldn't read the diary of an alchemist here.
  6. Any other VN in english like Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai?

    I would like to seconded Fureraba here, and if possible I would recommend Wagahigh here. If you want more you can also try both of Dracu Riot and Noble Works. I hope my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
  7. As for now, what I can say is that it's still not completed. About whether it's abandoned or not, it's still going albeit in a slower pace because of real life matter. You can refer the project leader post (Infernoplex) here for more clarification.
  8. Hey I'm new to fuwa!

    Welome to Fuwanovel, and seeing that you like Ryukishi07 writing perhaps I can recommend both of Higanbana duology and Rose guns Days here in case you still didn't play those two. Fell free to ask for more recommendations if you need it, and I hope you'll have fun here.
  9. First of all, congratulations to HatsuKoi complete English patch release to Tsurezure. As for this thread, since there's still no serious discussion in regard of HatsuKoi I decide to made a thread for it (It's been a while since I made one for moege). Most of the reviews that I'd found said that MC was gotten worse at both of Runa's route and Yukino's route, so I think that should be enough heads up if you want to play HatsuKoi fully. For the reviews there's one from Aedes and there's another review from the translator himself. By the way, his (The translator) score doesn't mean that he wasn't enjoy translating HatsuKoi, in fact he said that he enjoyong translating it. As for the reviews, beware that all of them were contained spoiler to some degree. As for my opinion, while I'd see many negative in regard of HatsuKoi MC (Yuma) was quite dense (So much that tone work need to post apology video in regard of that) and it's reception was not as good as tone work later works (Hoshiori and Gin'iro Haruka), I think this was most likely because of the pressure in regard of 20th year anniversary VN for Visual Art. Another reason I said that was in regard of tone work, which at that time was still new and yet they were handed the big responsibility for that, especially when faced with the big expectations from all of the consumer who wants good VN for the anniversary edition (Besides, I think even Key which is one of the biggest brand for Visual Arts would face similar problem). It's just quite hard to write about, so I'll just leave it and say that tone works was improved in their later works by using HatsuKoi as the basis. Nevertheless, I still happy though that we finally got one of tone work VN translated, albeit a rough one. As for the production value itself, HatsuKoi here were quite interesting one if we looking at the seiyuu for the heroines and the vocal song. Since this is charage (Or moege) in the first place, of course what we should see here should be the girls instead of the story or action. There's a bit plot though, namely that Yuma trying to form Cafeteria club with him as the chairman. As for the girls, they were quite cute if I may say and once again the girls voice were quite good, also the seiyuu behind girls voice was quite well known. As for the the girls, they were: 1. Makabe Midori The student council president from Yuma's school. She was quite famous for being kind and understanding, and her speech was also quite heartwarming. Although in reality she was quite shy and she was said that she never taste of how being an ordinary girl here. Oh, and she came from rich family by the way. Her seiyuu was Isshiki Hikaru (aka Tanaka Ryouko) who voiced Sakaki Yumiko (Another rich girl) from Grisaia franchise, Narukana from Seinarukana, Neon Scalar Smilja from Gahkthun, Kurugaya Yuiko from Little Busters, Hinaori Kagome from Comyu, Kirimiya Mizuki from Yume Miru Kusuri, Hazakura Seiso from Majikoi franchise, and Kawahara Sakuya from I/O. 2. Fujikawa Runa One of Yuma childhood friend who was a year behind him. She was study very hard in order to enter Yuma's school and apparently quite energetic one. She was also secretly in love with Yuma (It's given though), and more importantly want to be seen as an adult woman. Momoi Ichigo was the one who provide voice for her, who in turn also voiced Akita Momoko from Aoishiro, Lacrille from Madou Koukaku, and Dorothy Davenport aka DD from Chrono Clock (At least there'll be no Engrish from Runa this time I assure). 3. Tsukishima Kyou One of Yuma's new classmate, and quite energetic at that. She is quite athletic as well, because she was participated in girls basketball club in the past and the ace player to boot (She quit from the club though). Nowadays, she was work at her family pizzeria (A restaurant that specialized in pizza). Her goal was to make her pizzeria the best in the world, and therefore she take her job at pizzeria very seriously. The voice for her was Natsuno Koori (aka Taguchi Hiroko) who voiced Suou Amane (Had same background in regard of basketball) from Grisaia franchise, Yarai Miu from Dracu Riot, Masamune Shizuru from Noble Works, Kagami Sumika from Muv Luv franchise, Hinata Natsumi from Sharin no Kuni, Kitsuki Riho from Koi Suru Natsu no Last Resort, and Kasugano Sora from Yosuga no Sora. 4. Tokizaki Maya Another Yuma's classmate, and unlike Kyou she was quite opposite (Kuudere). She apparently had bad reputation from skipping class a lot. She was quite famous child actress in the past, and she did quit after her last movie was flop (The reason was because according to in-game review the movie in question was too hard to understand by children). Oh, and she like to tease Yuma quite a lot. Her voice was Sakurai Harumi, who voiced Takamori Haruka at Beat Blade Haruka, Kanemoto Akari at Noble Works, Tokido Saya at Little Busters, Yayoi B. Lutwidge at Hapymaher, Kurokawa Sera at Lovely x Cation, and Lily at Himegari. 5. Morino Yukino Another Yuma's childhood friend, and at same age as Yuma. As his childhood friend, she obviously the closest to Yuma at the story beginning and Yuma's mother also quite close with Yukino. She was also quite fast befriended Kyou the moment they were met from the first time. Oh, and she appointed as vice chairman for the cafeteria committee. Her voice was Ogura Yui, who voiced Himiko from Eiyuu Senki, Inaba Yui from Flyable Heart, Yanagise Eika from Ikikoi, Wakatsuki Kagami from Subahibi, Nanase Rio from Imouto Paradise, and Maple from Nekopara. By the way, each heroines were had image song although only two of the heroines were had their individual ending song though (Runa and Maya). That's all for the heroines and review in regard of HatsuKoi. You could use this thread as discussion thread by the way. Have fun for discussing HatsuKoi here, and find out whether it's good or not by yourself.
  10. Seeing that nowadays we have many translated VNs, I figure that it would be nice if I can write about some VNs that was translated in the past (Before 2015) because after all there's no present without the past. Also it's always interesting to see on how much the translated VNs did develop in the past and how we'll compared it with the present, so here's my list for translated VNs at 2009. The rules is still the same in that there'll be no BL, otome, fandisc, and nukige VNs here. 10. Galaxy Angel (VNDB 7.50) My encounter with this was started back at 2006 when I spent my Saturday morning watching this through Animax, and back then I thought that it's magical girl anime. Fast forward to 2011, back then I'm still new in VNs and decided to ask some recommendations from someone, and one of those is Galaxy Angels in which it'd interest me. After that I'd search it and find out that the VN is very different from the anime in that the VN itself did havr usual male MC. As for the VN itself, the premise is goes like we have our MC Tact who is a lieutenant from a space empire, and he's quite lazy. One day, the empire is destroyed thanks to a rebellious prince and suddenly Tact was handed the responsibilities to handle a squad who consist of five girls that was also known as Angel Squad. From there, our Tact who is known for being lazy was decided to handle the girls and hopefully will be able to romance a girl while at the same time put down the prince's rebellion. For more info, this VN was came in trilogy, translated by Aroduc, and that it have the gameplay in form of RTS combat in that the player must control the Angel Squad in order to beat the enemy. As for my opinion, I think it's still good if a bit outdated mostly because of the unintuitive way to save. 9. Kira Kira (VNDB 7.55) This is my second serious VN after Shuffle and it's the most shocking one, mostly because a certain ending that was very surprising to me back then (At 2010 iirc) because I expected a happy ending like Shuffle. As for the premise, we have our MC Shikanosuke who have a very bitter experkence in that he was dropped off by his girlfriend after his performance on tennis were dropping significantly, and that he's obviously very depressed by that. At least until he met with Kirari who is his friend at the part time job, and he got the chance to watch a rock show with Kirari. Fascinated, Shikanosuke decided to perform as bassist together with Kirari as the vocalist in a band. Other than Kirari, there's Shikanosuke's childhood friend Chie as the drummer and rich girl Sarina as the guitarist for Shikanosuke's band, and they decided to perform at the school festival which to say was quite a hurdle seeing that the school is a strict traditional Catholic school. This VN is also one of first Mangagamer releases, so the translation here might be less refined compared to what we have nowadays (Not that it matter to me anyway). For last note here, the staff here is show a lot of knowledge in music because the producer himself (Bamboo) is also a band member. 8. Kanon (VNDB 7.71) Very popular VN from back at 1999 seeing that it did established nakige that was mixed with slice of life back then, and also put KEY as the most successful VN developer seeing that it'd adopted to the two anime series along with console ports. One from back at 2002 by Toei in that Yuuichi's (The MC) face is very distorted, and another one from back at 2006 by Kyoto Animation with improved graphic. Since this is very popular VN it mean that there's a lot of VN that was influenced by this, such as Kana Imouto and Da Capo. As for the art, while granted Inoue's art is quite infamous at least it's not as bad like back at Koropokkur. As for the premise, we have Yuuichi coming back to the town where his aunt live after his last visit back at seven years ago, and that he forgot what happened back at his last visit. In there he met with a mysterious girl with the name Ayu, and then Yuuichi started to play more with Ayu while finding out what happened back at seven years ago. Other than Ayu, Yuuichi will encounter four other girls including his cousin (Nayuki), so we'll going to have five heroines in Kanon (Duh). As for the sex scenes, let's just say that you shouldn't play Kanon for the sex scenes even though it was initially sold as eroge. 7. Aoishiro (VNDB 7.73) The most graphically beautiful VN when it's translated back at 2009, and I think it's still can be on par with nowadays VNs graphically wise. Also since this is ported from the console (PS2), obviously there'll be no sex scenes. The premise is goes like one day our female MC Shouko as the kendo club captain going to the Southern area in order to do the training camp, and that the area itself did have the legend in regard of the demon extermination. At night Shouko saw some mysterious beautiful girl got washed at the shore, and little did Shouko know back then that the girl did have a lot of connection between the legend and Shouko herself. While the story did have a lot of action and supernatural element, there's also a lot of food talk so you may dislike that element. Although the most infamous thing that this VN did have a lot of endings with only five of them were good, so the guide is very neccesary if you want to avoid the bad endings. That said the technical aspect of Aoishiro here is definitely very good, like the aforementioned graphic and also the music in that one of those resembled one of Ar Tonelico 1 hymnos song (Same singer as well). Almost forget to say that this is a GL VN, and there'll be a lot of actions. 6. Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- (VNDB 7.87) The second Amaterasu's project after Cross Channel, and one that was based on the poll. Back then Ixrec decided to ask the reader to do the poll in order to determine which next VN that he want to translated, and out of many candidates Inganock here came as the first one in the poll. And so we have Inganock being translated here which also mark the first 'What A Beautiful' Steampunk VN series that was translated into the English (There's also Sona-Nyl that was localized by Mangagamer as well). As for the writer it's said that Sakurai Hikaru here is like to write in repetition, so it's inevitable if someone dislike that kind of writing especially with the Strictly Formula that Inganock have (At least the art here is looking very artistic with the watercolor and sketchbook look). As for Inganock's premise, we have Gii who is an illegal doctor who recover the poor for free and that he live in a city that was affected by mysterious phenomenon known as Revival, in which it caused some disturbance in that some of human being were mutated into part animal. Gii as the one who still looking normal decided to look into the town's mystery along with his old friend (Ati) who's been mutated into the catgirl and a mysterious girl (Kia) that Gii encountered. Almost forget that if you want full voice, you can play the Full Voice version that was already translated as well. 5. Saya no Uta (VNDB 8.14) The third translated Nitroplus VN after Phantom of Inferno and Chaos Head with the former was written by the same writer (Gen Urobochi), and the background for this VN is the most creepy one with meat and all. The premise goes like we have Fuminori was saved by a brain operation after he suffered a fatal accident, only to have his perception was twisted thanks to the possible mistake in the operation and that he perceive the other human as grotesque creature with inaudible voice. Of course Fuminori being paranoid that he'll become the experiment subject, he decided to not tell his story to the doctor. One day in the hospital he see a young girl in white cloth with the name Saya, and seeing that Fuminori already goes insane thanks to his perception he just accept Saya as it is without wondering what Saya really is. From there both of Fuminori and Saya did the things that is normal in Urobochi's work, and let's just say it'll full of death and all because Urobochi like to killing the characters in his works (Just see both of Fate/Zero and Madoka, in which both of those are his famous works). This VN also picked up and rereleased by JAST at 2011, although it's a redundant release though because there's no change between fan translation and official version. 4. Sharin no Kuni Himawari no Shoujo (VNDB 8.24) While we have Frontwing crowdfund this VN and they still didn't managed to deliver it, actually we didn't really need to wait in order to play this because we already have Sharin being translated since back at 2009 (ie redundant). If anything at least Frontwing still managed to give us the updates, unlike Sekai who more or less already abandoned their Yuzusoft VNs license. As for the premise, we have a very capable MC Morita Kenichi who come back to his hometown in order to supervise three criminals who coincidentally are girls with one of the girls was his childhood friend as told by his supervisor who also happened to be his teacher. From there, Kenichi did his best to supervise the girls. As for the setting, it's a unique one in that each criminal would be punished by wearing the badge and the wearer must bey the condition that the badge impose, otherwise the criminal would be severely punished. Naturally it mean that Kenichi will find out what's really happening in the girl's life that cause them to face the punishment, and it's Kenichi's job to improve the girls situations. As of Sharin itself, I guess it's quite influential in that Yuuji from Grisaia franchise dd resemble Kenichi to a degree, and that both of Sharin and Grisaia did have the fandisc that resolve the story in the main VN. 3. Sengoku Rance (VNDB 8.35) The first Rance series to be translated (By Takajun), and also the first Alicesoft VN to be translated. As for the premise, it's very simple with our selfish Rance want to have sex with two princesses and one of his target is Kouhime who happened to be JAPAN's princess (Or Nippon's princess as Arunaru translate it), only to found out that Kouhime was still underage and Rance still have some standard to not going lolicon. After being fast friend with Kouhime's brother Nobunaga (Yeah that Oda Nobunaga), Rance decided to help him to conquer some Nippon territories seeing that his heath is very bad along with his territory is declining and our Rance didn't want to see Kouhime being sad. Like other Rance series, Sengoku here did have gameplay element and after I see some LP of previous Rance VNs along with playing VI I can say that Alicesoft here really refined their gameplay element in here (It also help that Sengoku did set up the big Myth Arc for the franchise despite the lighter premise compared to VI). We also have this being localized by Mangagamer and retranslated by Arunaru, although seeing that there's no much problem with the translation (And Arunaru's reputation as translator is slightly gotten worse) I can say that Sengoku's license by Mangagamer here is a redundant one (At least it's nice that people can get this in English legally). 2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (VNDB 8.47) Once upon a time, there's man who was inspired by KEY's VNs. And thus he created a doujin VN that was attempted to recapture the success, but instead of nakige element the man decided to add horror and paranoia instead (With the man's drawing that was very bad). Also like KEY, his product is very successful so much that it became the man's Cash Cow Franchise. As for the man, he's Ryukishi07 and the product is obviously Higurashi. As for the premise, we have Keiichi who transfer to a rural town called Himanizawa and he managed to be friend with some unique girls. While at first Hinamizawa is very calm and relaxing, beneath that there's a lot of covered secrets that may cost a life to be uncovered, and our Keiichi was realized that as well. And so Keiichi decided to investigate what's really happen in the peaceful Hinamizawa, although too bad that his investigation was already doomed to be failed. Again and again. As for Higurashi itself, it's divided into eight arcs and the first part did covered the four arcs. As for the opening song here, since the original didn't have the opening I'll use Matsuri one (It's very good anyway). Almost forget that Mangagamer did localized this, and if you didn't like the default arc you can use the art from PS3. 1. Umineko no Naku Koro ni (VNDB 8.82) After being successful with Higurashi, Ryukshi07 decided to tackle another new series in When They Cry and this time he'd write about murder mystery. The premise goes like there's a very rich family that was trapped in the secluded island because of the storm. To make it worse turn out that each of the head's children did have some slight financial problem and the only solution to resolve their problem is a mysterious fortune that the head hide (Also rumored to be borrowed from the witch (Beatrice)). Things not going to be easy seeing that the clue to find the fortune is like a murder pattern, and all of the siblings are more than likely to commit the murder because they are very hostile to each other. As for who is the MC for Umineko, we have Battler (The head's grandson) who was challenged by Beatrice who claimed that she can kill the whole family using the magic. Refused to believe in magic, Battler decided to challenge Beatrice into a game of wits in that he must proof that it's possible for human to do the crime. Like Higurashi, Umineko here is also localized by Mangagamer with the help of a fan group (Witch Hunt) back at 2017, although it's redundant though because there's already a patch to insert PS3 art and Ryukishi's drawing is still bad (He improved at least), and of course already translated. I guess that's all for 2009 translated VNs, and as you can see most of those are still fan translated (Eight out of 10 VNs) so we can say that 2009 here is the start of fan translation golden era. Also back then Mangagamer was just starting their operation, so it's normal for them to have little number of released VNs (ie Kira Kira and Higurashi) compared to what we have nowadays. Also back then we obviously still didn't have Sekai yet and JAST did release less compared to the last years, so yeah thanks to the fans we can have a lot of good translated VNs whereas most people would categorized VNs as the porn games back at 2009. As for the next plan, I think I'll cover the translated VN release from 2010 up to 2014. PS - For the title I decided to joined two animal that was noted in both of 'When They Cry' series, and since we have both of cicada from Higurashi and seagull from Umineko I joined two animal into 'When the Sand Crabs Cry'. The reason is simply because sand crabs is also known as sea cicada, and besides it's not the first time someone use 'Umi' part from Umineko seeing that we have When the Seacats Cry doujin VN (TL Note: Umi mean sea).
  11. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    Since we already have Hoshiori's Natsuki's patch released, here's both of Natsuki's songs even though I'm very late for this because I'm waiting for both songs to be uploaded at Youtube. Just Love the Moment Ano Natsu no Takaramono (Also Natsuki's route ending song) As for the singer, it's AiRI who as we knew is more well known as the singer for most of Overdrive VNs although she also sang for Kyou's image song back at HatsuKoi. As for my comment abut the songs, I'm slightly prefer the second song which is slightly more calmer compared to the first song although of course both of those are good songs.
  12. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm english patch?

    Well unfortunately there's no patch for Aokana, and besides we can get it from Nekonyan in the very near future anyway (At this year). Also Aokana's project here is already dead since back at July 2016 ever since the translator turn the translation website into fan website, so no full patch for Aokana here.
  13. Trinoline Release

    Yeah as the title said it's already been released today so have fun if you already get it. Feel free to discuss it here, and I'll add more data and poll for this VN later.
  14. Trinoline Release

    As for the order, perhaps it would be for the best if we started from Yuuri first seeing that she's the only route that didn't have connection with the main story. After that we can start with SHIRONE's, and then finally Sara. By the way you can only play Sara's route after you cleared both of Yuuri's and SHIRONE's routes, so obviously Sara's route will be the last route.
  15. Looking for Good Nukige with a Freeuse Vibe

    As for that VN, perhaps this might be the one that you played there. As for the recommendations, I guess there's Bishoujo Mangekyou with the MC as the teacher and Beat Blade Haruka with the female characters must recharge their power through sex. Other than those two, there's Kuroinu (Same writer as euphoria), Kyonyuu Fantasy (And Sideboob), and Conquering the Queen. I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
  16. Kaptita en Alia Mondo Review

    Since we have Amrilato release that focused on Esperanto language lesson and that our female MC did get trapped in anther world that have Esperanto as the man language, I decided to just using the literal translation Trapped in Another World trope in Esperanto here so we have 'Kaptita en Alia Mondo' as this week VNTS Review. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and while today we have Noraneko release my focus here would be more on Nekonyan updates along with Amrilato release (I'll try to talk about Noraneko at the next week VNTS Review). What I can say abut this week here would be slightly calm compared to the last week, simply because there's no updates from Sol Press and no new VN announcement. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. For fan translation roundup, we have Eustia was at 71.42% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 4.56% translated, Loverable was at 67.08%, and Rhapsody's append and NG+ contents was at 80% translated (Along with some ongoing progress such as menu image work, Chapter 2 TLC and editing, and terminology translation). We have a release from fan translation here, although the release in question is a nukige though in which apparently it's the sequel of a NTR nukige that was released back at December 23rd (I already forgot about it). Speaking about nukige, we also have Cherry Blossom Kiss did release their own nukige in which it tell us about on how both of Shingen Takeda and Uesugi Kenshin are female and that both of them fall in love with the same person (By the way back at Sengoku Rance only Kenshin that was female). Well go get those two nukige if you interested with that and have fun, and by the way those two didn't featured loli heroines although you may didn't like NTR one though. Once again we have Mangagamer did have Amrilato release, and once again since they released a VN it mean that they already planned a release at the next month. The release in question is Minagoroshi in which it'll be released at July 18th, so it mean that finally we can have Higurashi's penultimate arc voiced with PS3 graphics. Back to Amrilato, as for the premise we have our female MC Rin suddenly stuck in a world when everyone only fluent in Esperanto. Obviously Rin is in panic seeing that she can't communicate thanks to the language barrier, until she met with a cute girl with the name Ruka who can speak Japanese a bit. From there, both of them teach their own language in order to have better communication. Also curiously Amrilato here is banned by Steam, which to say was quite ridiculous seeing that it's all age VN and that it's also doubled as education VN for Esperanto language. Seeing that I can only guess that perhaps the staffs did have something against Esperanto there, so hopefully next time Valve can standardized Steam's censorship. You can still get it from Mangagamer's store though, so get Amrilato from them if you interested and have fun. Back at last Saturday we finally have Nekonyan decided to use Kickstarter in order to fund their physical copy of Aokana, and they'll launched it on Tuesday. While it's quite an important news in that Nekonyan was finally decided to use crowdfund after saying that they'll try their best to not use it, the more important news to me was that Nekonyan will release Aokana digital version one month after KS ended and the KS itself will going for 42 days, so at most we can speculate that we'll have KS final day at July 30th and Aokana release at August 30th (I'll still keep my eyes on the KS though). While the dates is sounds plausible, for now it's only speculation though so it might be change in the future. Speaking about announcement, we have an info that apparently Nekonyan did have more well known title although currently they decided to hold back the announcements though until they halfway finished with the work. And apparently one of those was already almost finished so that Nekonyan announced that they'll have release it at December later, so obviously we must wait until December (If all goes well) to know what's the release (Duh). For the rest of the updates from Nekonyan, we have Hello Lady estimate release time was delayed to late Q3, Senren release was already decided at September, and Makeover release was decided at early Q4 later. While for now I still think that it's too early to be sure about the release time, at least we have a new guide and that they may be able to do it now that they already released four VNs. There's also Melty Moment matter, in that apparently the project is troubled seeing that they lost the translator of this. Although apparently they already got a way to deal with that considering that they'll give us the update about it, so let's wait and see here. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. PS - As for Amrilato's censorship, one can only speculate that the early bath scene there was the reason on why Steam did ban Amrilato, which to say was somehow understandable seeing that even Pulltop who's been infamous for overseas release was asked to do further censorship for Steam release. Also yeah once again Valve really need to be more consistent with their censorship seeing that some of the games in Steam library did have bath scene, and we even have both of Evenicle and Kyonyuu Fantasy on Steam (Those two VNs are have a lot of sex scenes for the reminder).
  17. Well there's always alternative for anyone else who didn't want to read Aokana with Nekonyan's translation, namely that you can just read t n Japan (The better solution compared to read it in MTL for sure). In any case, translation is almost always subjective matter and I prefer if we didn't delve into it too much. As for the KS, well it's one of the fastest Kickstarter to be funded because we already have it funded n less than an hour (Presumably). The low base goal here is help a lot, although I didn't expect that they only ask for around 10,000 euro (I expect at least they would ask for 20,000). In any case congratulation for the Kickstarter's success to Nekonyan and hopefully we can see this released at this year, although I'm quite worry though for Steam version seeing that Steam did goes berserk again for banned Amrilato because of the bath scene (Amrilato itself is all age GL VN with Esperanto learning feature). No much comment for other Nekonyan's announcements other than I'll look forward for them to fulfill their promise.
  18. Recommend a 4:3 vn.

    As for the recommendations maybe you can try Sharin, Comyu, Ayakashibito, I/O, and Fate. I don't know though if you'll going to like those or not, but at least I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you in regard of 4:3 screen VNs.
  19. Late to the party here, but just in case you still looking for the VNs here perhaps I can recommend Sorcery Jokers, Narcissu duology, Higanbana duology, Rose Guns Days, and fault duology (Even though the story is still continuing). I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  20. As for my recommendations, I'll go with both of I/O and Da Capo 3 here. I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you. PS - Since my recommendations here have spoiler, I decided to paint the recommendations in black.
  21. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    Let's see, from what I can see at your list I guess I can recommend something like Wind and Kana Little Sister (As long as you okay with incest). If you want more, then perhaps you can try both of Koi iru Chu Lips (Yes I'd recommend it) and Suika. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you in case you still didn't read those VNs.
  22. Kami no Rhapsody Translation (Partial Patch released)

    Thanks for all of your hard work until now, and good luck on completing the rest of the remaining works.
  23. Reading VN is masochistic

    I just hope that you didn't read your poem in front of your class or office, and seriously what I can say is that you better meet the therapist or have a conversation with your parents (Although if you just want to entertain us then I can only say that you did a good job on it).
  24. Honestly I can never understand why some people want to leave Fuwanovel in such a bombastic way, because they can always come back whenever they want (And they can just write a farewell message and be done with it). Then again it's normal if people want attention and that some people did want to achieve it in their own bombastic way (That's extend to Dark_blade64 even though he's just joining in), although dragging people into the discussion that was already settled for a long time is not cool at all. Besides like Novurdim said we assume all people here are adults, and therefore have been assume that they already reasonable enough to understand that some (If not most) VNs here did have porn and also capable to differentiate between fiction and real life (So if both of the OP and Dark_blade64 felt hurt by the porn, then I'll just assume that they still not ready for it). I guess that's all for what I can say here, and sorry for my baggage here. PS - By the way play euphoria at 15 here is not something that I can call as healthy activity here, but I guess the damage is already done.
  25. Hello everyone! ^^

    Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. Good luck on your project there even though I'm not quite into it (Otome and all), and I hope that you'll have fun here.