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  1. Since we have Rance Quest release in which it has one of the character as the devil along with that we have Spice and Wolf DS release, I decide to reuse the title of VNTS Review from back at 2016 so we have 'Stocks and Devil II' as this week VNTS Review title and 'II' is the roman number for 2 in order to synchronize it with the title for Spice and Wolf II anime. As for the explanation of the title, the devil here is from the saying that sometimes wolf is associated with devil, while for the stocks here it's the reference to another work by Spice and Wolf author that was released by Sekai several years ago (It's World End Economica for the reminder). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week it's quite active with Rance Quest as big releases along with some updates by Mangagamer and announcement by Shiravune. Overall I can say that it's interesting, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well. Apparently Sharin was has yet another delay and currently the plan is to release it in April, although obviously it didn't matter anyway seeing that my reaction on the news about the delay would be still the same in that I still think the Frontwing's release of Sharin is pretty much redundant. It's still too bad though for anyone else who back the KS, especially the one who back PSV version because it was cancelled. Other than Sharin delay, Verdelish did good job with Slow Damage was at three quarter translated. Speaking of Verdelish, her other work will be released tomorrow and in this case it's part 3 of Alice x Taisho so you may get the VN if you interested with playing interesting otome VN. For Shiravune announcement, it's Doukyuusei remake in which it's the remake of very influential VN that was produced from way back at 1992. For now my expectation on this is pretty much quite mild at that, although if the writing can still be interesting even at this year then sure it might be interesting announcement so I'm sort of look forward to it's release at this year later. I know that we also have Committee of Zero did announce their update in regard of Chaos Head Noah, but I'll save the update for next VNTS. We also have a surprise NTR nukige release with a very long name so much that I shortened it as Tsuma no Niku, in that apparently it has NTR element that involved the landlord and it's occupant along with it have some loli as well, so if you somehow have both of NTR and loli fetish then you can try Tsuma no Miku if you interested with and have fun. Other than the releases, we have the lines from original Summer Pockets was at 65.3% reworked, Pure x Connect did reach the milestone 20,000 lines translated milestone (At 20,062 lines translated) along with 12,433 lines edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 42% edited, Eustia did has some major milestone with Eustia's chapter was fully TLC-ed along with Licia's chapter was at 44.02% TLC-ed and side stories was at 37.13% TLC-ed (Overall Eustia was at 79.78% TLC-ed), and 2,400 out of 15,087 lines (15.9%) of Tsui no Sora Remake was translated. We also have Nagomibako in which it's Cartagra fandisc was fully translated and currently it need some editing works, so you can visit this page if you're interested with and perhaps want to help. After Rance Quest release, Mangagamer decided to add one more secret project in which it's dubbed as 9th secret project with the current progress was at 69% for both of translation and editing works. Other than that, we have Jeanne was in testing, Funbag Fantasy 3if was finished the testing, 6th secret project was at 81% translated along with 79% edited, 8th secret project was fully edited along with starting the image editing work, Rance IX was at 38% edited, and currently Mangagamer did some finished touch on Musicus along with preparing the release build for it. As for Rance Quest here, I think it's quite well known in that Rance did some careless mistake so he decided to find a way to fix the mistake although he decided to take it easy though by doing a lot of quests. The other thing that I can say is that the combat did resemble Evenicle, although it didn't use BP though for the skills. In any case, you may interested with the gameplay seeing that it's quite well done from what I see although as for the story it's pretty much the breather between Sengoku's finale and Rance IX so just expect lighter story there for most part. Go get Rance Quest if you want to play it, and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  2. Gin no Toki no Corona - The VN name here is riddled with the unfortunate name, although it's more likely because it's created at 2011 instead of 2020 in which back at 2011 there's still no Corona pandemic. That aside, I know that it got Yumina quartet cameo, it has gameplay just like Yumina (Same company), and that the MC is quite capable in battle. Too bad that JAST didn't interested with this in which I presume that it's because Yumina's sales was not enough to cover the localization cost of this, so obviously we still didn't have this translated. Ever17 - The remake did add an unique CG and new opening, although apparently there's a lot of differences that was gathered by GundamAce in his Gamefaqs thread (Beware of Ever17 spoiler before you open it). As for Ever17 itself, one can say that it's the most successful Hirameki's release not only because finally they decided to let go their convoluted DVD system and just release this with normal format, but it also because this VN did have a lot of twist and interesting story that was quite engaging for the years it was released (2005). Note that other than Ever17 the other available translated story VN at 2005 are Phantom of Inferno (That was riddled by DVD system), Kana Little Sister, and Crescendo with the latter two have sex scenes while Ever17 here is all age VN in the first place. White Album 2 (WA2) Closing Chapter - Well Setsuna herself is what some can say quite a complicated characters, but of course she also got some fans although the number might be not as much as Kazusa's fans. WA2 here is quite iconic with the love triangle story, although of course it wasn't as messy as School Days. As for the Closing Chapter here, it's still not adapted into the anime so naturally the people read this even with the fact that it's still not translated, and thus a lot of people did try to translate it. Currently there's one group that manage to finish the whole WA2 translation and all that left is working on some editing works before finally released the full translation patch, in which the plan was to release it at this year. Oh yes Closing Chapter here actually carry two parts of WA2, the Closing Chapter itself (That was already translated through the partial patch) and Coda (Still untranslated). Lastly I also remember that my roommate did play WA2 and that he like to listen the opening song for Closing Chapter here. That's all for what I can comment in regard of December 2011, and currently none of those released VNs at this month are fully translated (Well WA2 might be has full translated patch released at this year if all goes well).
  3. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and as for whether European or American would emulate Japanese way of making VN I can't comment much on it other than it'll be need some time before it can be happen. Still there's already a number of OELVN that were released so perhaps it might be the closest thing in regard of VN making by European or American for now. Lastly I hope that you'll have fun here, and sorry for the belated greeting.
  4. Hare Tokidoki Otenkiame - Palette VN that didn't employ Tsubasu as the artist for the characters, and one of the heroine was used by Aaeru as her avatar. No much to say other than it's a charage with some supernatural setting, which to say it's what Palette did produce with both of Saku Saku and Nine (Nine is more like story VN though). Sonicomi - A VN that has you as the cameraman of Sonico who is Nitroplus mascot, and your job is to make a good photo on her. That said, unless you want to see Nitroplus VN with lighter story, there's a lot of translated Nitroplus VN (ie Saya no Uta, Carnevale, Kimikoi, Steins Gate) that provided more interesting story. At least it's available in English if anything else, and of course it's not censored for overseas releases like any VNs that were localized by Pulltop because the VN itself (Sonicomi) is all age VN in the first place. d2b vs Deardrops - The crossover between Deardrops and Kira Kira, although from what I read apparently it also provided some sort of additional closure for Kira Kira and Deardrops to a degree. Still it would be a nice read though if you already read both works and want more of it, although I'm content enough with both endings from both VNs. It also should be noted that the writer is also the one who wrote Bokuten, but at least he didn't write some unnecessary soap opera plot like in Bokuten (Well it's just short VN so there's no real need to provide that in the first place). Lastly at least this FD didn't give me bad impression from just read the synopsis like back at when I read Curtain Call synopsis. Well this month here has less translated VNs that I know, so that's all for my comments in regard of November 2011.
  5. AKB48 VN - Seeing Bandai suddenly I hope that they made a similar VN, except instead of AKB48 I hope that they'll add Precure as the heroines. Which should give you ample of heroines number seeing that the number of current Precure are at 73, including the ones from the newest series Tropical Rouge Precure (TRPC). My sudden wild unrealistic idea aside (Because obviously Bandai would need to shill a lot of money if they want to hire the VAs for that kind of Precure VN, and morality wise it'll be wrong), what I can say is that it's just the game that was created with the demographic target of AKB fans who want to have their own wish fulfillment to date one of AKB48 member, and obviously it'll be bad VN if you didn't have interest to see your favorite AKB48 idol in bikini. Rou-Kyuu-Buu - Well the MC was trained five elementary school girls to be the best basketball team, and that all of the girls are cute in their own ways. I don't really know what to say other than it won't have as much as handsome player like at either Dear Boys or Slam Dunk, although it should be good anime anyway if you prefer to watch basketball anime with cute girls. Steins Gate 8-bit - The first translated Steins Gate spin-off that I see, and from there I started to think that the company like to milk Steins Gate. Walkure Romanze - Compared to Aokana and Rou-Kyuu-Buu, the reason for the MC to retire from his favorite sports should be the most sympathetic one because it involve the incident that was unavoidable even as adult. That said it's just too bad that there's no more Walkure Romanze VN after two VNs, so it's safe to assume that they didn't have enough resource to produce more VNs, No known plan to localize this either, so no way to play this in English as of now. Midori no Umi - I did say that I like the opening song and angry for there's no translation way back at 2015, although currently I'm more or less neutral though mostly because there's much more interesting VNs being localized. Another reason is that we already have Midori no Umi being localized, although the company who involved in the process is SakuraGame which mean that it won't be a good read. At least there's 18+ patch unlike back at Fortissimo and that there's a project to retranslate this, although currently there's no known progress as of now so safe to say that the project was probably already dead or at best it was stalled because of translator's business. Shinsei ni Shite Okasubekerazu - The name is quite hard to type. Anyway I like the opening song in that it was sang by Shimotsuki Haruka. As for the premise, it's about the MC who work as the butler in a very small kingdom that only consist him, the princess who is the main heroine, and the MC's mother. Although it's said to be the kingdom, micronation would be the exact term for the setting unless the VN did state that the kingdom got a legal recognition from the other countries (Or in this case Japan). That said even with the unique setting, you better focused on how the MC was enjoying his daily life together with his princess and soon the dynamic will start to change with more girls befriended the MC and the princess. This VN was also established as 10th anniversary VN for Pulltop, although looking at their current effort Konosora here might be more fitting as their anniversary VN (Regardless on their questionable censorship for overseas release). Well that's all for what i can comment in regard of October 2011 releases.
  6. Welcome to Fuwanovel and you can ask for VN recommendations if you need it. I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.
  7. Yeah I know that Seishun Fragile did use MGV, but in the older VN (ie Chrono Clock and Hapymaher) Purple Software did use CMV extention. In any case, did you know how to open it?
  8. So can you tell me the program to open Purple Software video file? The extention is CMV, and looks like Corel would do the job. Although apparently I need a program called CMVS.GUI from one of VNDB thread, so I suspect that it might be related with the programming here. Sorry for being out of topic here.
  9. Happy 39th birthday to mod @Clephas, and I hope you'll have a good birthday.
  10. It's the time for Getchu's award, and the winner is Cabbage Soft newest detective VNs Sakura no Kumo. It's also interesting to note that there's no Tsui no Sora Remake despite that the new contents did quite well done from what I'd heard, but then again perhaps the focus is on the non-remake VNs that was released back at 2020. Anyway, here's 20 VNs that got the award below and you can view the source from this link. 1. Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koi - Cabbage Soft 2. Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou- - Alice Soft 3. Hakuchuumu no Aojashin - Laplacian 4. 9 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana Yukinoato - Palette - 5. Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE - Key - 6. Amakano 2 - Azarashi Soft 7. Hamidashi Creative - Madosoft 8. Mama x Holic ~Miwaku no Mama to Ama Ama Kankei~ - Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny 9. Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode - Innocent Grey 10. Ren'ai x Royale - ASa Project 11. Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia 3 - Lusterise - 12. Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kotowari to Meikyuu no Shoujo- - ωstar The fifth and closing story for the Bishoujo Mangekyou series. 13. Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari - CRYSTALiA - 14. Houkago Cinderella - Hooksoft 15. Nekotsuku, Sakura. - Lump of Sugar 16. Real Eroge Situation! 2 - Jitaku Studio 17. Kakenuke★Seishun Sparking! - Saga Planets 18. Suiren to Shion - Hibiki Works 19. Seishun Fragile - Purple Software 20. HaremKingdom - Smee There's some additional awards for each categories as well, and here's the awards based on the categories. Best Scenario: Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koi Best System: Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou- Best Graphic: Amakano 2 Best Soundtrack: Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE Best Movie: Hakuchuumu no Aojashin Best Character: Chief from Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koi Best Erotic Contents: Real Eroge Situation! 2 I'll comment more on those VNs later, but overall I can say that I hope some of those will be localized in the future.
  11. Quite a number of releases here, so let's see what I can comment in regard of September 2011 Corpse Party Book of Shadow - The sequel of the first Corpse Party, and apparently it involve time loop and such. I only know that the first Corpse Party here is quite well received and that the sequels are not as well received as the first part (Or as TV Trope says Sequelitis), at least looking from VNDB score and the reaction on Blood Drive (The supposed finale for Corpse Party). Dunamis15 - One day back at 2008 I did buy a game magazine because it has Ar Tonelico 2 cover and I saw the info in regard of Dunamis15, although I dismissed it immediately because it only available for XBOX 360 and PS3 while back then I only have PS2. Anyway the VN itself was called to resemble Ever17 or something like that, although I don't really know though because I didn't play it. At least the VNDB score of this is better than a certain VN that was said to be the successor of Infinity series. Code18 - So-called Infinity series successor, although obviously the plot here did follow Steins Gate (Minus mysterious evil organization) and thus the reason on why GundamAce as big fan of Infinity series didn't like it to say it mildly because he expect the VN following Infinity games rule instead of Steins Gate. As for what I can say objectively, the VN here is obviously lighter than either Infinity series or Steins Gate so perhaps you shouldn't expect much or take it seriously if you like those two. Also if you need some review, here's GundamAce's reviews on this from way back at nine years ago (I compiled his comments on this from Gamefaqs board). Mirai Nostalgia - Another well know Purple Software VN before Hapymaher, in that there's main heroine with the name Anna. From what I see, it has some supernatural with the MC has superpower and that the main heroine call herself was rejected by her future self, and that this VN was also have some time element just like Chrono Clock. By the way Purple Software here like to use Hashimoto Miyuki as opening singer, in that she sang almost all of Purple Software VNs opening songs until today (All the way up to Seishun Fragile, in which it's the most recent Purple Software VN). Shirokoi - First nurse GL VN from Kogado in that they have some famous VA (Such as Kitamura Eri and Hisaka Yoko) act as the heroines while we have Asumi Kana voicing the MC. While granted that there's still some twist, in the end the overall tone is not as dark as Hakuai and that the twist is not as heavy as Hakuai. Oh yes we got Hakuai translated first while Shirokoi here was just recently translated back at 2019, and since the twist is relatively more down to earth there's more room to explain the job of the nurse in which it's accurate enough seeing that both writers here are also did work as the nurse from what I read somewhere. As for the opening song, I prefer the newer one in that it's the opening song that was used in the translated version. Venus Blood Brave - There's no corruption of the heroines in this VN, although the battle system is still the same though. Also in here you'll defend the dungeon from the intruder, and therefore you must try to use available resources to do your best. Kajiri Kamui Kagura - The interquel of Dies Irae between Marie's and Rea's route, and I know it sounds confusing here. Another thing that I know is that it got some bad reputation from Marie's fans so much that Masada did say that it's non canon, although of course it's already too late. Anyway even with the the controversial idea here at least the writing might be better than Dies Irae in which it's quite hard to translate thanks to Masada's extensive research on ancient Japanese (Probably), the art here really resemble the traditional Japanese paint, and that the PSV opening song that was sang by Gojou Mayumi (Known as the singer for Precure opening songs in first five Precure series) is quite good. Your Diary - The art of this was quite nice thanks to Kantoku and currently we have this translated, although as quality concerned unfortunately it's not the best one. That said Shiravune did say that they'll try to work on Your Diary retranslation, although I know that the chance of it was pretty miniscule as of now. In any case, if you can power through the bad translation at least you'll got some nice stories with the heroines, and also the engine here is not as bad as Flyable Heart if anything else. That's all for what I can comment in regard of September 2011 releases.
  12. Welcome to Fuwanovel and nice to see that both of your avatar and your profile banner really show who's your favorite heroine. Fell free to ask for VN Recommendations if you need it, and I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.
  13. Yeah I know that the title is very simple, and it really is because I just parodied 'Restaurant to Another World' by changing 'Restaurant' with 'Tavern'. The reason for the title is because we have Fantasy Tavern Sextet volume 2 was released for PC back at 18th (Steam page of it), and that the premise is like Restaurant to Another World with a difference in that the tavern owner can't freely travel between his world and another world along with the obvious difference in that the MC manage the tavern instead of restaurant. Anyway as for this week generally it's quite plain mostly because we have less update compared to the last week, although perhaps it can be said that this week is a breather before Rance Quest release at 25th later. That said, at least we still have some updates from fan translation along with Kirikoi Kickstarer (KS) for physical edition (The Kickstarter page of Kirikoi in case you want to help the funding) and Verdelish stable update on Slow Damage (Currently at 67% translated), so this week here is still interesting to a degree. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well. Frontwing decided to scrap the plan for PSV version of Sharin because of some internal problem, so it's just too bad that anyone else who back for PSV version won't get what they want. While granted that it's quite disappointing to anyone else who back it, my feeling here is pretty much whatever because I didn't have PSV and Sharin itself is redundant seeing that we already have it translated from way back at 2009. As for Sekai new Orcsoft nukige, turned out that it's their ninth secret project which mean that it already has a progress for a while (I'd ignore their secret project because if we look at it in the past it might be either translated to Chinese first or OELVN), and in this case they already fully translate the script along with halfway edited it. We also have Island Diary website list the release date, and in this case it'll be at March 19th later. That said the release date is still in Japanese language though, so for now I'll just wait and see whether they'll release it in three languages simultaneously (Just like back at Loca Love Volume 2 release) or separately later, although VNDB did list that it'll be three language release. As for this week fan translation updates, currently we have Watamasu was at 15% in QA, the original lines of Summer Pockets was at 63.6% reworked, and Eustia was past three quarter (75.83%) TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 42.63% TLC-ed along with Eustia's chapter was also past three quarter (80.51%) TLC-ed and side stories was past a quarter (30.62%) TLC-ed. Almost forget to mention that we also have Spice and Wolf DS full translation patch release, so you can play it if you want to play as Lawrence stand-in in order to date Holo along with trying some business simulator gameplay (Go get the translation patch here and have fun). That's all for fan translation updates at this week. As for Kirikoi KS, Nekonyan did say that in case the KS fail they'll still release it because the KS goal was for physical edition. It would be interesting to see it happen, although obviously it won't happen because they already successful with the current gathered fund was at 41,561 euro (The base goal was only 5,000 euro, which mean currently they gather eight times of the base goal) so congratulation on the success of Nekonyan's second KS. Another plan that came with Kirikoi KS is that they'll release the trial as the feedback from Aokana KS in that the backer didn't have enough opportunity to get know more of the heroines, and the trial for Kirikoi itself will be coming in the first couple weeks of the campaign (The KS was started at 19th for the info). Since currently Nekoyan did hold the KS and the KS will be end at March 28th later (ie 33 days left), logically the release date for Kirikoi will be changed and the new release estimation will be at May later. As for the reveal of their secret projects, apparently it'll coming within next couple of weeks so for now we can only wait seeing that currently Nekonyan did finalize the sites and promotional material for the secret projects. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  14. From what I see in Prelude all characters get the experiences the first time they cleared the stage, and if the experiences is sufficient enough then the characters can level up. Of course it's only on the first time, so naturally if you replay the stage then you won't get the experiences after clearing the stage again. That said, since you can replay the stages and that you can have most of the character that you want to level beat all of the enemies (You'll gain the experiences by beating the enemies) by him/herself in the replayed stage, at least it shouldn't be an issue much providing that you'll willing to go through the grinding. What they won't gain if the characters are not participating in the battle is BP, but again it's easily solvable by rotating the characters to grind the BP although of course Hakuowlo here still would gain BP the most considering that he's required for almost all of the stages.
  15. Happy 26th birthday to @Silvz, and I hope you'll have a good birthday.
  16. I thought that I unlocked my contributor badge because I did try to edit my profile banner for the test, but apparently it's not the case lol. Anyway thanks for the contributor badge award here, and I'll hope that my posts here can be useful to all members here.
  17. Somehow I'd recognize the doujin VN releases at this month here, but still let's see what I can comment in regard of this month. Rance Quest - Rance here was trying to find a way to undo his last mistake back at Sengoku Rance, and somehow he did manage to do more (Not surprising really when it come to his personalities). Although in this game rather than trying to find a solution as soon as possible, Rance here somehow did established a castle and call all of his old acquaintance to do some adventuring with him doing the quest all across the world. Quest here is sort of the breather arc after Sengoku and before IX, in that at both of the latter Rance will be involved in large scale battle to unify the countries (JAPAN/Nippon and Helman respectively). Anyway in case some of you want to play this in English, Mangagamer will release this at 25th later in that the release will be an updated one because back then Alicesoft did release both of original and Magnum version with the latter is the improved one. ChuSinGura - The Pilot VN for ChuSinGura 46+1 in that the latter will add time loop along with one love interest per arc, and that it was quite well received. The latter also received English version, although let's just say that it's not in the most ideal state. Higanbana - Ryukishi attempt to make both of original novel and manga, although as of the now the plan is obviously failed and thus Ryukishi back to write in the medium that he worked the most. Higanbana here will deal with seven mysteries of the school (Japanese's urban legend) with the premise is that one of the female students (Marie) who got bullied decided to ask the demon (The titular Higanbana), and from there Marie started to get involved with her as Marie decided to become the demon in order to exact her revenge. That said the protagonist in here is not Marie, but obviously it's Higanbana in which we'll learn more of her as the plot progressed. Oh yes the art here was improved compared to Umineko, even though Ryukishi here is still in charge of the art and in fact it looks quite fitting with the tone of the VN. World End Economica - Three parts VN that was created by Isuna Hasekura (By the way one of his picture made him looks like a female) and was available in English thanks to Sekai. As per Spice and Wolf (Another work by same author), obviously economy here would be one of the main topic and in this case it'll deal with stock exchange at the moon in which it's been thrived after sixteen years since the first emigration wave from Earth. The MC here is Haru (Real name Kawaura Yoshiharu) who decided to tackle stock market in order to amass a lot of capital so that he can build his own dream, although just like real life stock market here is not quite easy. And so Haru here get a help from an aloof woman with the name Hagana, although she may have her own problem. That's all for my comment in regard of August 2011 releases.
  18. Some of well known VNs here I see. Tokikana - The sequel of Sorakumo with one of side character from previous VN was grew up, and the MC along with his dragon girl going on an adventure. Too bad there's no translated version here, but then again Sorakumo's sales might not enough to warrant the sequel to be translated. Might be for the best seeing that the sex scenes was censored in the prequel translated version. Ikikoi - Common route here was written by SCA-DI, so if you didn't like his writing perhaps you may consider it several times before reading this (Of course he won't write like back at both of Tsui no Sora and Subahibi here). Even if you can get behind the writing, the heroines here are quite ferocious (So-called) to say lightly in which all of them are abusive to the MC with variable degree. That said, if you can get over the heroines attitude you may find Ikikoi here is quite nice charage. We have this fully translated since back at 2013 with the patch that was said still not edited yet, although apparently it didn't matter much. For a bit trivia apparently Ikikoi here has some trouble back when it's in production before SCA-DI interfere or something like that, and three of four Subahibi VA did come back to voicing the heroines in Ikikoi (Too bad though that Zakuro's VA in Subahibi didn't voiced Ryou here, otherwise it might be nice seeing that both of Zakuro and Ryou share same hair type (Long black). Kimiaogi - This month we have both of Peasoft and Moonstone apparently did try to take a clue from Yuzusoft in regard of Noble Work, so both companies decided to make ojou-sama VN (Keep in mind in that it's just my speculation). As for Peasoft, the VN in question is Kimiaogi in which the premise is obviously a poor male MC was get a scholarship to high class school, and in this case the MC want to be a doctor following his father footstep (Now that I think of it the MC family setting here is really resemble Nariyuki of Bokuben). This VN was available in English thanks to Sol Press in that they somehow manage to release it back at 2019 after some controversy, although in light of their recent happening the controversy here is not too bad. Irotoridori - What I can say is that I'm not exactly fond of FAVORITE decided to make the FD as the continuation of the main game so that it's like FAVORITE tell us that we must play both parts to understand the heroines, which to say not the most ideal way to present heroines story. Anyway as for this VN I've been waiting for this to be translated since way back at 2011, when an individual did manage to translate 90% of it only to be stopped and some times later he come back after said that he recover from his sickness only to have him abandoned the project again after he said that he'll editing it (I admit that back then I think that his being sick and editing the VN as the excuses to not released the patch). Some time later somehow Sol Press manage to get this, and back then they've sort of capable so naturally I have high hope for this to be released on reasonable time. Only for that hope to be crushed seeing that Sol Press KS on his was going awry with them asking for 85,000 and that they delayed the release until today, and not to mention that they'd retire from VN localization so the chance to see the FD being localized here is very small. Evangile - Moonstone's answer to Noble Works, and if Kimiaogi MC setting there is like Bokuben in here the MC premise here is like Hayate in that the MC was sold by his father to paid the latter debt and somehow he manage to enter the former all girl school thanks to his heroic action to the granddaughter of the school chairwoman. Another thing that I can recall is that the environment at the school is very harsh seeing that the MC is only the lone man in the school, and that the communities was united to dislike the headmistress who is pretty much the sources of almost all of MC's misfortune in the new school, although at least she's still quite sane compared to a certain mother character that the writer (Kure) wrote at Suika. I guess Kure here really like to write in a dramatic way (And it really shown in heroines routes) even though it's quite excessive seeing that Noble Works here didn't have much family issues, and that Kure here did like to write more in regard of a certain heroine who didn't get the route in the main game (Ruriko) in which he'll repeat the writing with Madoka at Sakuramori later. I guess that's all for what I can write in regard of July 2011 releases.
  19. No much to comment in regard of January 2021 when it come to releases, but still let's see what i can comment in regard of the news at that month. It's too bad on what happen in regard of Ginharu, but seeing that Trip didn't manage to translate anything after he tried to continuing working on Yuzuki's route I guess no much that we can do here. As for now, Irru still didn't find the new translator for Ginharu yet so hopefully he can find the person who is perfect for the translation work in the future. Well there's Oreimo PSP patch released, and I guess it might be good for Oreimo fans who didn't like the canon main love interest. Other than that, no much that I can comment on Oreimo PSP here. Speaking about anime adaptation VN, there's ReZero in that it tell the original story that didn't involved self-insert MC. Well at least both of Oreimo and ReZero VNs did have the original creator involved if anything else. As for new VNDB search, well it's complicated at the first sight and I guess it still is. I didn't use it much anyway other than to find out the releases date of the translated VNs for each years, for now at least. Yay for Dragon Princess release because it mean that Sekai did has one less VN in their backlog, although recently they increased the backlog by one with Orcsoft VN though. As for the Dragon Princess itself, it's short VN and that the cover did spoil the plot twist at near the end. While story wise it's a redundant one along with the censorship, Utawarerumono Remake here is actually the biggest release for January because we finally have Aquaplus manage to release it on PC with Shiravune's help. The most important thing in the remake is the gameplay improvement, in which now you can levelling all of the characters equally which is more fair compared to the older version in that the only one that can be improved was the one that joining the battle, and in the original the battle itself is limited to the story battle (In the remake you can redoing the battle for some small experiences gain and BP to pump the status). So if you prefer to grind the party then you can get the remake version, although if you didn't like the fact that the remake is censored because it's the backport of console version then you can just keep play the older version. That's all for my comment in regard of January 2021, and I look forward to see what kind of VN that the localization company will be release later (Especially from Shiravune).
  20. Quite a number of the VNs that I know here, so let's see what I can comment in regard of this month releases. euphoria - The first time I see it was at Erogereview site and the review is pretty much stated that euphoria here is a twisted nukige with some disturbing sex scenes. Obviously back then I just pass on that, and somehow Mangagamer manage to get Clock Up licenses along with them obviously released euphoria for the overseas reader back at 2015. As for what I can say, okay the story is not that bad with the twist and all. The opening here is also nice to hear, with the violin that won't be out of place in one of Shimomura Yoko composed soundtrack. Still I'm obviously won't touch it though, but at least it should be nice twisted nukige to anyone else who happen to like it (Of course the story here is the bonus). For one more warning, make sure that you're past fifteen years old or else you'll be disturbed with the contents inside (Believe it or not it happen with a certain Fuwanovel user here). Steins Gate Hiyoku Darling - One of Steins Gate FD that was used by MAGES to milk the series up until Robotic Notes, and as per FD obviously the contents would be lighter compared to the main game. I don't know though if the writing would be like Chu Chu series or DaSH in that at the ending there'll be some serious plot, but from what I seen looks like it's mostly just light hearted matter without serious plot. Lovely x Cation - It has multiple project in the past with Quof finally attempted to translate this along with the sequel (Lovely x Cation 2), but in the end Quof drop this and he also drop the sequel as well because he's too busy officially translate some projects which is too bad for Lovely x Cation. Anyway Lovely x Cation here is more or less resemble dating sim game from back before plot VN become a trend, so don't expect much story and character developments for the heroines and just expect this as moege. HHG - A Windmill VN that apparently goes a bit going outside their comfort zone, in which there'll be some serious plot with some serious setting in that there's people with super power setting. As for going outside their comfort zone, from what I understand usually Windmill VN did more or less tell some lighthearted story with the unique setting. Granted that while there's some plot in the story, ultimately more or less the plot is still light. HHG here has been licensed by Sol Press in that back then I expect them to deliver it on reasonable time, only to have that hope to be crushed because turned out they take too much projects more than they can handle and thus they decided to not focusing on the VN anymore which is quite ironic seeing that they at first want to localize VN. As for the current progress, currently Sol Press searching for the translator which mean more waiting for HHG to be available in English. Sukiuso - There's a translation project for this, although it's been lacking in regard of the update so perhaps safe to say that the project is already dropped which is too bad seeing that it's been lauded as good VN. Obviously this VN is not a chuunige like any other Propeller VN, but instead it's another slice of life VNs with some supernatural element. Dengeki Stryker - Overdrive's attempt to write chuunige, although rather than chuunige it looks like shounen manga which might be deliberate. As for the releases, the first one has three routes and later Overdrive did rereleased updated version with the name Chou Dengeki Stryker in that it add three more routes. You can play this on English as well seeing that Mangagamer did localize this along with Chou, and that Masaki Endoh did good job on singing both of this and Chou's opening songs. Rewrite - KEY VN that has been known for going outside their usual comfort zone too much by adding the battle and world end plot, and the writing between each routes are vastly different. There's interesting facy in that the planner for Rewrite here is Hinoue Itaru who as we know is the illustrator for KEY. I don't know if the planner can have a big influence in VN development or not (I only know that usually the planner for the VN can be either director or the main writer, so having the illustrator as the planner is a bit unique), but what I know is that KEY did hire two other writers (Tanaka Romeo and Ryukishi07) in that both of them did have their own preference on how the plot will be going. The VN itself is already available back at 2013 in English by Amaterasu, but some people along with Visual Arts didn't like the translation so Sekai as the one who got the license decided to redo it with the late Conjueror as the translator before change him with Steiner because of obvious reason. Sekai did delay the release for this VN, although like I say the release would be redundant even with Plus version because turned out there's no much change in it. That's all for my comment in regard of June 2011 releases.
  21. No much to comment in regard of this week other than Henshin has some unique premise with the MC has the power to turn into any object, Vermillion writer also did write Maggot Bait (Not the disturbing sex scenes part for the info) and the writer was supposed to be Masada's disciple, Koi de wa Naku did depict the story between two MCs (Male and female by the way, so no BL) who can be said more or less have their own problems and flaws along with some writing that might be dragging for some people, and Cure Girl heroines looks like the one from Free Friends (Same designer and all), so in exchange I'll comment on other VNs that were released beforehand. Wizard's Climber - Softhouse Chara VN that was just recently released, and as for the gameplay itself it did resemble Princess Maker only that you'll train the girl to become the best wizard in order to regain her lost right to inherit her family. For other element, in here the battle is pretty much auto battle in that the girl will be controlled by AI which to say might be not the most favorable gameplay (And sadly no direct control). The New Game+ inheritance here has some questionable system, although there's a way to circumvent it even though on how to do that is pretty much Guide Dang It (ie you must use guide to understand how). So yeah Wizard's Climber here has some interesting gameplay in that it remind people of Princess Maker, although the auto battle and New Game+ inheritance here might be more than enough to deter some people to enjoy this. Ace Attorney Investigator 2 - Unlike the first one, Capcom decided to not localize this. So of course there's no way for people to play this translated, at least until some fans decided to work hard to translate this and thanks to them we can play this even without Capcom localize it. Also in regard of the name, while normally I would complain about the dub only name, actually I didn't mind much if the media in question is very popular in English and thus it's the overseas player only know dub name (Some of the media are Pokemon, Digimon, and this). For the names in here, while the translator can just directly translate it by using Japanese name, actually they did put extra effort to localize the name as well including trying to find out on how they supposed to fit the name based on Japanese culture and what would be fit for American, and obviously they try to preserve the meaningful name that was come in Japanese name, so I can say that the fan translator of this did a good job in that it almost resemble Capcom's effort to localize it. That's all for my comment in regard of May 2011 releases, although my comment here is leaned towards two other VNs (In that those two were released before this month) that was available in English though.
  22. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. You can always ask for more VNs recommendations, and I hope that you'll enjoy youraelf here.
  23. Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. I hope that you'll have more fun here.
  24. That's sounds like a rough situation that you face there, although in the end I must say that it's still won't help your case much because your reason here did show that you're quite petty for getting frustrated at the issue that normally would be non-issue to most people and thus not really worth to get angry over.
  25. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have sudden release of Wizard's Climber translation patch back at last week along with that the gameplay did resemble Princess Maker to a degree, I decided to parodied the latter by changing 'Princess' into 'Wizard' so that we have Wizard Maker as this week VNTS Review. Also now that I look it further, turned out that instead 156 weeks like Romanesque in Wizard's Climber you'll only have 144 weeks based on the fact that each years has four weeks and 12 months, and that you have time limit three years to train the female mage into a good wizard, so it's clearly not apply Romanesque time in which Romanesque did apply that each year has 52 weeks and that you have same time limit (Three years) to train the two apprentices into the good wizards. As for this week, we only has the updates (Mostly from fan translation) along with bad news from Alicesoft in regard of Evenicle 2, so I can only say that this week is quite plain compared to last week. That said, let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well. I guess in the end Alicesoft's effort to allow Evenicle 2 to be sold in Steam including silently cut the first sex scene was amounted to nothing, because Valve still decided to ban the VN from their storefront. I can says a lot more in regard of that ban, but let's just say it that once again Valve did prove that they're really fickle when it come to the censorship or what kind of VN that should be allowed in their store front. Anyway now that Steam ban Evenicle 2, right now Alicesoft can only rely on the store that allow them to sell 18+ contents so hopefully they'll get the new store in the future with Evenicle 2 here will be obviously uncensored because there's no need to adhere Valve's rule anymore now that they already ban it. There's also Abaddon in that apparently Fakku still try to get ready with this, although it's not like my taste anyway even with gameplay and all (Well at least it has some variation in sex scenes if anything else). Mangagamer did announce that they'll release Hentai Lifestyle at March 11th later, and in regard of that I can only say good for them now that they got March release (Unless Mangagamer want to announce their next release after Rance Quest later). Sekai (Or rather Denpasoft) did announce that they manage to get a license for an Orcsoft VN in that it's obviously a nukige, and the nukige title in question was localized as Childhood Friends with Benefit in that turned out it's one of their secret project. Well at least Sekai did manage to localize the VN that has a lot of passion, although I prefer them to focusing the passion on either Harukuru or Amatsutsumi if possible. JAST did has Dramatical Murder trial released on Steam (The link to the Steam store) in that it translated the common route, so perhaps you may try it if JAST did translate common route better compared to the old fan translator. Lastly we still has Verdelish working on Slow Damage, and currently she has been translated 62% of it. This week we have Kokoro Connect VN translation project (The Github page for more info), in that the goal is to translate the PSP version of Kokoro Connect which from what I see is just usual self insert MC with the goal to date female cast of it with the story is basically non-canon. Another thing that I know is that two of the VA did involve in a scandal that can be summarized as prank goes too far, and as the result of the prank there's a lot of shakeup happened including the change of the opening from episode 10 onwards (Usually 12 episodes anime didn't change the opening) along with the decision to scrap season 2 plan by changing it into released four episodes of OVA. The anime scandal aside (That I just learnt of it recently), good luck to the team in regard of the project. For the progress, currently they manage to translates 1,308 out of 17,236 lines and that there's already partial patch released back at last year. Ittaku did state at his tweet in regard of Harugi in that he's job is now finished and he leave the rest to the other translator, and just in case it didn't work out (ie stalled) for a long time he decided to release the patch to cover what was already translated and edited in there. For now I can only say good luck to the other translator of Harugi, and hopefully he can finished the last 23% untranslated text of Harugi there. For the rest of the updates, we have Akagoei's translator finished translating Tae's route and now he's move on to translate Aya's route, 2,200 out of 15,087 (14.58%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake are translated, and Eustia was past 70% mark (70.31%) TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 42.09% TLC-ed along with Eustia's chapter was at 63.63% TLC-ed. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.
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