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  1. Trinoline Release

    Yeah as the title said it's already been released today so have fun if you already get it. Feel free to discuss it here, and I'll add more data and poll for this VN later.
  2. Getting a Visual Novel 100% Save File - Tutorial on Sagaoz

    Good video for newbie there, so thanks for that. Keep in mind though that some translated VNs didn't compatible with Sagaoz save, usually from Mangagamer newer releases in that they like to port the VN into their own engine (Unity).
  3. Trinoline Release

    Fixed. As for Shirokoi, from what I'd heard it's a good VN although graphic wise Hakuai is better though. Unfortunately I can't find Shirokoi's review out there, but I think it'll be a goid VN. As for Trinoline, what I can say is that you better try it first before decide to buy it or not, but if you already buy both of Shirokoi and HGB then it's okay. What I can comment in regard of Trinoline for now is that the art is very good and pleasing, as expected of minori.
  4. Trinoline Release

    As promised here's the data for this VN here, and I already provided the poll above. For the general opinion about Trinoline here, from what I gather it' response is quite mixed with the opinion leaned towards negative. I can guess why though because back then minori was about to face the inactivity, and therefore the staffs might need to focused on the other matter (Other than writing). Another matter of the complain is the MC who apparently to some review is quite worthless, so perhaps you may expect him to be like HatsuKoi's Yuuma if it can help you. You may also note on the big breasts on the heroine, because it looks like minori decided to enlarge their heroines breasts ever since their failure at ambitious Supipara. What I can comment on the graphic is that at least they keep their standard there (If anything it make the big breasted heroines in here is looks less ridiculuous compared to Wagahigh), although perhaps it's at the cost of the story. As for the reviews, there's three. One is from Mangagamer's Translator Corner, another one is from Kiriririri, and another one is from Joyjason. What I can say is that Joyjason here is the most critical one and have a lot of spoiler, so if you didn't mind harsh opinion you can check his review. After reading the review and see some of VNDB comments, what I can say that perhaps you can treat this as moege nakige hybrid with a lot of sex scenes instead of proper nakige if you find the character development is lacking (While Trinoline did have some long sex scenes (minori been did that since their Supipara project was failed as well), the story is still thete so I wouldn't be harsh like Joyjason here in that he instantly call it nukige). I'll talk about the heroines later, so I think that's all for now.
  5. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    I'm content with the news, and what I can say for now is that Damekoi here is an interesting VN from what I'd read so hopefully it could get more recognition.
  6. VN recommendations for a newbie

    As for Konosora, there's a retranslation patch from the fans and of course it's available with uncensored H scenes, so you can apply the restoration patch to your Konosora there. As for the same art with Chrono Clock, I would say that Hapymaher is the best choice seeing that it's from the same company (Purple Software). For more recommendations, you can visit all four of my blogposts below although I also did write both of Saku Saku and Chrono Clock recommendations though. Lastly welcome to Fuwanovel and I hope you'll have fun here. PS - As promised, here's the link to my blogposts below. 2015 Translated VNs 2016 Translated VNs 2017 Translated VNs 2018 Translated VNs
  7. First of all, here's the link to the announcements here. Mangagamer 2019 Announcements As for the title, we'll going to get the title from two new partners in Boston. While for now we obviously still wouldn't know the title, I just hope that it would be three of the secret projects. Although for now I won't expect something big though, because mostly Mangagamer would announced nukige if we look at the past years. Let's see it for later, and here's the announcements below (I'll update it later obviously). Anime Boston Announcement 1 - ??? Announcement 2 - ??? Sakuracon Announcement - ??? PS - Here's the schedule for both of conventions beliw. Anime Boston - Booth: Hall A, 207 & 209 Panel: Friday, April 19th at 21:30 (GMT -4) in Hynes Panel 311 Sakuracon - Booth: 614 Panel: Friday, April 19th at 22:00 (GMT -7) in Panels 3
  8. Turnabout Birthday Review

    As for the title, since we have Phoenix Wright trilogy and Corpse Party spin off releases on the PC, I decided to combined the element from both of the two title (Turnabout from Phoenix Wright (All Phoenix Wright (Or rather Ace Attorney) did have the word 'Turnabout' in all of their chapters) and Birthday from Corpse Party spinoff), so we have title here wouls be 'Turnabout Birthday'. I know that there's a fanfic called Turnabout Birtday as well, although of course this is obviously not the review of the fanfic. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. As for this week other than aforementioned two relesses here, we have several updates from both of Sekai and Mangagamer with the latter really like the secret projects a bit too much. For the release, what I can comment is that at least graphically wise Phoenix Wright is improved (Still tedundant release though) and that Corpse Party spin off did use the same seiyuu back at PSP version (I like it because most of them are big names like Kitamura Eri or Sawashiro Miyuki). Let's see what I can write in this week as well. We have Date Alive release month estimation, and apparently it'll be at June later. Still not interested at it, but at least I know that the anime itself is well known even with the season 3 first episode was quite infamous because of the bad animation. We also have a surprise update from Sekai, and that update is that we already have Baldr Sky was already at 90% done for both of the translation and the editing works. While this is a good news, unfortunately seeing that it's Sekai I'm very wary about that here, because after all they managed to freeze both of Dracu Riot and Tenshin Ranma even with those two were completed. Oh and don't forget that it's still not clear whether it'll be censored or not, although it'll be bad for them though if Sekai censored it per GIGA's request because there's no console version for Baldr Sky like Dies Irae. Other than Baldr Sky update, we have Sekai did add another secret project (The 4th one) and for both of translation and the editing were already at 46%. At this rate I would like to call Mangagamer as secretive company, because they decided to add one more secret projects so now we have six secret projects from them. Although apparently they'll announce three new title at the conventions later (With two of those from new developer), so hopefully all of those were the secret projects. For the secret projects series progress roundup, the first was at 72% edited, the second was fully edited, the third was at 32% edited, the fourth was fully translated, the fifth was at 67% translated along with 57% edited, and the sixth was at 54% translated along with 4% edited. For now I'm obviously don't know what's their secret projects is, but if you ask me what I'm hope here then I'll say that personally I hope that one of the projects is Evenicle 2. Other than secret projects series update, we have Sona-Nyl was at 98% translated (Almost complete) and Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was fully edited. Some of the other updates were already finished the testing (Hashihime and Amrilato), while there's some that were just enterimg the testing (Minagoroshi, Haretaka (I like it), and Maghot Baits (Good luck to the tester)). There's also Bokuten that was finalizing the Steam version, so hopefully it mean that the release time is almost close after years in editing hell. We have Eustia was at 66.49% translated, Loverable was at 62.36% translated, Watamasu was at three quarter translated, Tokihogushi was at 95% translated, 5,965 lines from Pure x Connect were translated while 2,887 lines were edited, and for Rhapsody we have Mistoria's route was at 30% translated while we have New Game+ and append contents was at 40% translated. I think that's all for fan translation section here. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being short here. See you next week.
  9. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    It make us to be more patient for waiting their release, and it also teach us to be grateful on what we received. I also like that they even give one of their license to the newer company, and I didn't see them complaining. Also let's not forget their patient boss who always answer the customer complain with nice words. And that's what make Sekai great.
  10. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    Well if the survey can make us get all of their releases, perhaps it'll be good to fill. Although their unfocused orientation (Whether they want to focus on OELVNs or Japanese VNs) made me wary though seeing that they keep piling on the big name license, so hopefully they could improved themselves through the survey. For the new company, I guess I'll just say that I prefer Sekai to finish the available title first instead of increasing the company, but then again they may have a reason for asking the company so there's that.
  11. Yeah finally after two years in beta testing because of Chuuable's bankruptcy, we'll about to have it released at December 13th later. Here's the tweet from Mangagamer for the proof below. As for the reviews, so far there's none so it's quite hard to expect what we'll going to get from this VN. Although perhaps it shouldn't be hard to guess that we'll going to have anther moege here with one unique archetype that one of the heroine is former girlfriend of the MC, and that we'll have three full route and two side routes looking from the CG number (I may be wrong abut this). I'll add the character and seiyuu info later.
  12. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    Late to comment here, and as usual Steam being fickle here. Although at least they have banned Rance in exchange of unbanned this, which make sense seeing that Rance is something that was too hardcore for most of the people out there (Granted the content was mostly not as extreme as euphoria, but still). What I can say is that I guess it's good that Nekonyan can distribute HGB there, and hopefully their next releases could be at Steam without too much fuss like this.
  13. Yeah finally we have the Steam store for HGB was finally opened, in which it's been delayed for a while here and ironically still manage to have summer release for Australian people lol. What I can say is that we should just expect this as charage with the MC focus instead of spy action VN, even though the premise was definitely make people expected that. If anything, at least this isn't Grisaia in which they need to rely on the FDs in order to resolve Yuuji's past. PS - I don't know if this is the good time or not, but I figure may as well try to open the thread about HGB here. As for the casts, let's just say that all four of them were pretty interesting. Edit (12/13) - I decided to change the thread title simply because Steam did removed HGB from their store, and apparently they'll try to explain their behavior about this at weekend later.
  14. Does "Grisaia Phantom Trigger" has Romance?

    I'll just seconded what Clephas stated, and if I want to add more it would be better to not expected any romance at Phantom Trigger here because the writer is Fujisaki Ryuuta, and from what I read I think his writing of Yuuji at Rakuen was lacking of romance to put it frankly. Both Phantom Trigger and Rakuen here is kinetic VN, and seeing that each part of Phantom Trigger only focused on the mission (Along with the heroines dark pasts) I agree that the chance of romance is quite small. As for harem sex scenes, at least I'm 100% certain that we won't get that in Phantom Trigger here, simply because we have the name like Kaori Nazuka or Sakura Ayane for the casts. So I think unless FW want to change the casts to allow the sex scenes, it simply won't happen. For the info usually famous seiyuu in Japan would use pseudonym for voicing eroge, and in here we have the seiyuu did use their real name which mean FW already intened this as all age VN. While I did say the sex scenes is impossible, it's still possible for them to make a big finale like Rakuen although obviously we don't know when for now. PS - Even though I rarely follow this, I'm still hope that FW will release both of their next two volumes (Volume 5.5 and 6) so that we can have complete story here.
  15. VN from the perspective of gender rebellion

    That's quite a long winded way to say that you want to play otome VN there, so I hope you'll have fun on playing that latter.
  16. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    Here's the result of Mangagamer's survey (Very late I know), and I agree with Evenicle 2 did get the first place seeing that it's the continuation on first Evenicle. Although to me it's still not neccesarily continuing the first part though, but at least I can agree that more game with battle system like Evenicle is nice to have. If anything, I just hope that it didn't need 10 Evenicle for Alicesoft to complete Evenicle franchise, even though it's impossible because Alicesoft already ready to milk it. Also while Evenicle 2 is interesting, I guess it might be impossible to see it translated at this year seeing that Arunaru was still busy at Rance X (Unless one of the secret project is Evenicle 2). My rambling about Evenicle 2 aside, overall no much interesting result here seeing that we got two redundant title (Fate and RGD) even though both of the title are the good one. Another thing to note that some otome did manage to enter big 20, which mean that the otome fans started to get more active at the poll (Although the raise of female voter up to 6% may play a factor in this). In the end, I guess I can only say that I hope Mangagamer would keep churning out their interesting title in their future conventions later.
  17. Is Euphoria worth it ?

    The opening song is very nice, so at least it's worth it. By that I mean it's worth to listen on Youtube only, and no you didn't really need to play this VN if you thought that the contents is too extreme. And if you want to play the VN with the same premise here, I think Root Double should be good because it have much less rape than euphoria. So yeah you may as well avoid euphoria here if you dislike rape, and as for my personal opinion while I can tolerate rape I would say that scat here is definitely not my thing (Not to mention the strange and uncanny torture).
  18. Looking for Untranslated Utsuge

    Like Clephas here I would seconded Inochi no Spare, and other than that I guess Muramasa could count. You can also try Summer Pocket for KEY nostalgia, Hello World for more Nitroplus, and Bokuten for depressive MC (Even though Mangagamerwill release this in near future). I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
  19. Dracu-Riot

    If I may suggest something to the OP, it would be better to just pick the available fan patch instead of waiting for Sekai to thaw the project, which to say may took very long time seeing that it's Sekai and all. In case you still have some doubts, then you may play it with the patch for a while and if you find the translation is fine enough then you can continue. Although if you find the translation is bad, then you can decide to wait until Sekai thaw the project.
  20. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    I remember that Youtube user did have full collection of full Hoshiori ending songs, although unfortunately it were deleted thanks to the copyright strike (Presumably from Visual Arts). I'll just hope that he'll reupload those Hoshiori songs, although the chance for that is small. As for 'Straight Sheep', I'll just treat that as the misunderstanding from the editor because I can only find Stray Sheep on Youtube. About 'Straight Ship', it's clearly mistranslation and I didn't have any defense on that. They should translate 'Ship' as 'Sheep' seeing that the shepherd theme is very obvious, but to be fair Japanese spell both words as the same through katakana writing.
  21. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and since we finally have Natsuki's patch release it mean that we finally have Hoshiori fully translated. With this week biggest news was in regard of Hoshiori full patch release, obviously I'll use 'Star-Weaving Future Dream' naming for the title just like back in Fairy Tails in which the last chapter of Tartaros arc also have the word 'Epilogue'. For the reminder I'd use Fairy Tails Tartaros arc chapter title for the VNTS title whenever one of Hoshiori's route started to be worked on, and with Natsuki's patch being released here it mean that it's the time for the epilogue. As for this week other than obviously Natsuki's patch of Hoshiori big release, we also have some updates from both of Sol Press and Nekonyan along with Sekai so overall this week is pretty interesting. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. As expected we have Nanairo being delayed seeing that it's already past Q1 of 2019, and the reason is because Sekai need to clear some remaining technical issue before they ready release it. At least they still try to release it in 2019, although for when it'll be released we obviously don't know. We also have Conjueror being surprisingly dilligent with Rewrite+ did see the big jump at this week from 35% to 60%, so if you've been holding back to play Rewrite Amaterasu's version in order to waiting for Sekai's version you may be very happy with the update here (Whether it'll face the same issue as Dracu Riot or not is another issue though, but safe to say that it's pretty much redundant release to me except for Harvest Fiesta (It's only the FD anyway). We also have Island Diary was at 15% translated, and that Sekai already announced the exact release date for Ninja Girl (At June 28th later) along with fully edited of the script (I wonder on what kind of the writing that Harukuru writer will have, considering that he managed to write serious story that was hidden behind 15 sex scenes. Just in case you've been interested with JAST's newest trap VN that was recently announced, currently it was at 31% translated along with 30% edited. While once again I should praise their progress on this (Might be understandable because the trap VN is a short one), I would say that I want see that kind of progress in either Flowers Autumn or Django. But I guess we need to be realistic here if we deal with JAST, although their recent are effort certainly improved from their past years. Other First of all we have imouto hemorrhoid VN, in which finally Fakku managed to sort out the problem and they already set up the store with the release month at May later. What I can say is that good for them in that they finally managed to release it after several hurdle (It's almost cancelled from what I saw at my past VNTS Review), and that poor the younger sister for having hemorrhoid lol (I didn't keep my eyes on this closely at all). We also have another nukige that would be released by Cherry Kiss at 19th later, and the name of the nukige is Breeding Village in which apparently the female in the rural village were really horny and have big breasts. From Sol Press we have Nukitashi started the work, Kimiaogi was fully edited and started to building the QA, and Onikiss was at 72% translated along with 71% edited. From Nekonyan we have Aokana was at 80% translated along with 40% edited, Sukiren was fully edited, and both of Makeover and Senren Banka did start the progress with both of translation and the editing progress were at 10% for both of the VNs. As for the progress here, I like that Nekonyan did almost finished with Sukiren so perhaps we can expect it as their next release (And in fact Nekonyan already confirm that). Also looking at Aokana, I think we can be very hopeful that it'll be released at this year looking from the translation progress. Also finally we can see the translation progress from Senren Banka, in which ironically we never saw a single percent progress from them. For the last word in regard of Nekonyan, I'll look forward to the progress for both of Makeover and Senren Banka in the future. Fan Translation Before going to our biggest release here, let's roundup this week updates from fan translation. For the roundup we have Eustia was at 66.05% translated along with 49.76% edited and 46.17% TLC-ed, Harugi's Branch was at 58% translated, Watamasu was at three quarter translated, Tokihogushi was at three quarter edited, and Summer Pocket was at 18.88% translated. We also have Evenicle Rance released, in which it's just a bonus gave in that we have Evenicle prologue with Rance as the MC, and some slight alteration to the plot. What I can say would be it's obviously Alicesoft's prototype build of Evenicle so I did have a hardtime when I need to walk, because Alicesoft still didn't map the keyboard button to move (It's quite a pain to using mouse after I got used to use directional button in Evenicle to move). Go get Evenicle Rance here if you want to try it, and have fun. Other than those updates, we also have Chaos Child Love Chu Chu translated. While in paper it's a good news, unfortunately the one who release it is George Henry Shaft who save to say did have some questionable reputation here. That said, while some of you may have some doubts on the translation perhaps you can try it first before decide whether his translation is good or not. I just know that his Cross Channel translation is very divisive because of being roundabout and adding too much words, while his translation on Chaos Child LN is serviceable enough I guess. Although in case some of the people think of him as an eccentric one perhaps he really is seeing that he release the translation in an unusual format, in which you need to play it through Media Player program. Or if you want direct explanation he'd release it in video format in which he record his playthrough with the translation text at the video. While this is quite a questionable format, at least it should be good if you want to see more on Chaos Child. Just download it at his site here if you want to see it, and have fun watch the video there (The total video size were quite big at 15 GB). For the biggest release, it's obviously Natsuki's patch of Hoshiori in which it'd translated all of Hoshiori's route. So go get the patch here, and keep in mind that this is charage instead of plot VN. In case you need some reminder, this VN is the 2nd tone work's VN in which apparently they really took the feedback from HatsuKoi very seriously after they uploaded their apology video in regard of HatsuKoi. While some of you may argue that Hoshiori could be boring because of almost no drama, actually tone work's really improved their writing in that they tried to avoid their pitfall back at HatsuKoi. So no triangle love drama, the MC being weak willed, and no actress heroine here (I'm quite surprised that some people didn't like Maya becoming the actress). In exchange of less drama, we'll going to get the romance development between the MC and the heroine doing their best with their friends to make Tanabata festival successful. Another feature to note is that this is the first translated VN that did have after stories for all of the heroines, and from that factor alone it should be interesting to read. Have fun in regard of reading Hoshiori there, and congratulation for Tsurezure for managed to release this in about half a year. I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  22. Spring 2019 Anime Discussion

    I'm still focused on STPC here, so I'm not following all of the anime here. But still let me try to give some comments here. That said, Fruit Basket remake sounds interesting if the new staffs can adapt the final arc of the manga (ie Akito's arc) so I may occasionally check on that later. At least the fans wouldn't be soured now that we didn't have Akitaro Daichi as the staff here, seeing that he's quite infamous thanks to what he did to Hiroko Konishi. Other than that, it's good to see that YU-NO finally have a proper anime adaptation instead of H OVA in that it's deviate too much from the original source. I still think that they didn't need to recast the older seiyuu though (I knew they use the seiyuu from the PS4 version) seeing that all of them are still there (Especially Shinichiro Miki and Kikoku Inoue (So no 17 years old adoptive mother as the heroine here) still alive), but maybe they need to get around with Yuka Imai retired and the different seiyuu management there (And also in regard of the two main staffs of original YU-NO in that both of them are already passed away). We also have both of Cinderella Nine and Aikatsu Friends season 2, but may as well just see it for the cute girls lol. Cinderella Nine may be good though seeing that it got GPPC writer as the main writer (Although his track record as KKPC main writer sort of dilute his acheivement on GPPC), and more importantly it might be good if you want to watch some baseball anime. I think that's all for what I can comment here.
  23. Birthday thread

    Happy 26th birthday to our @Dreamysyu and 22nd birthday to our @Zalor even though it's still too early for both of you, and I hope that both of you will have a good year ahead.
  24. Bishoujo Mangekyou 4: Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo

    Good luck with the project, and to tell the truth I'm kind of interested with trap MC did have normal heroines to date so I'll follow the progress later.
  25. HoshiOri Discussion

    As for Rikka's route, yeah it's the longest one in that MDZ did state that her route did have the most moji (ie Japanese font) counting at 404,000 followed by Touko's at 355,000 moji. So what I can say is that you better prepare that both of Touko's and Rikka's route will be long there. About on whether you'll get bored by it or not, let's just say that if you didn't felt attracted into the characters since the beginning then obviously you'll find it boring (Although back at Misa's route I did find that her route is quite interesting though). PS - To OP @Freestyle80, I think you can have a poll here if I may suggest so that the members can vote on who is the best route and the best heroine for Hoshiori here. But if you didn't want to do that then it's okay.