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  1. Hello~

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and it's quite apparent that your favorite anime is Fairy Tail. Feel free to ask any VN recommendations if you feel like that you need it, and I hope tat you'll have fun here.
  2. Attack on BETA Review

    Visual Novel Translation Status (09/23/2017) This week title should be very obvious that it was in regard of Muv Luv Alternative (MLA) Steam version release, and the fact that MLA was the VN that insipred Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT) mangaka (Hajime Ishiyama) - of course once again BETA was stand in for titan. For more info in regard of that, I'll quote Ishiyama's word that said he was inspired by MLA in regard of making very popular AoT manga below - including the question beforehand (Source was from MAL thread here, and I cut the answer from Ishiyama here): It was based on the translation for his interview though, so it might be inaccurate. Nevertheless, Ishiyama himself was really mentioned Muv Luv at the interview in the Youtube video so it should be good enough for the proof. Speaking about Youtube, there's AMV movie called Attack on BETA (Just like the title here XDDD) in which it had MLA clip with AoT opening song. And as for the title here, well I want to create this since back when I knew that AoT was inspired from MLA which is already more than one year - as shown with my review with the title 'Attack on BETA: Before the Fall' which was published at July 2016. That's all in regard of my title for this week VNTS Review. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week there's many good news from Other section here although as for fan translation it's still usual though. Other than those two, finally Sekai did a good job setting up the Steam store for Tokeijikake first part and JAST did had exact release date for Eiyuu Senki - albeit Eiyuu Senki release itself was redundant one (No Mangagamer update for this week though). Let's see what I could write for this week. About Eiyuu Senki, well congratulation to JAST in regard of the release I guess. I did find that the release was redundant though because we already had Eiyuu Senki translated for quite a while, and the sex scenes was already translated as well. I think I'm gonna try to talk more about Eiyuu Senki here now that JAST did already had exact release date, at October 24th later. Good job to Sekai there for finally managed to set up the Steam store for Tokeijikake, because I just worried that Sekai started to be incompetent after they announced Saku Saku exact date twice while still didn't get permission for the Steam store - in which they should get the permission and set the store first before announcing exact date. Anyway, as for Tokeijikake I admit that it looks interesting enough although we still need two more parts though to enjoy this fully, which I'm sure that it would take a while before the releases. As for the release time, I see that apparently it would be November although it could be fastened to October (Hopefully) or more realistically delayed because of some engine problem. Let's see it for now in regard of Tokeijikake here. Fan Translation As for fan translation, there's Loverable which right now was at 88.71% translated (Kaho's route was at 24.77% translated, and for overall it was at 55.26% TLC-ed and 21.87% edited), Musumaker was at 40% translated, Majokoi was at 71% TLC-ed, Witch Garden was at 32% translated, Sayooshi was at 45.2% translated, Tsukiyori was at 18.4% translated and 8.9% edited, and Pure Pure was at 31.91% translated (Chapter 2 was at 67.95% translated). Ittaku was promised us that he could release To Heart 2 full patch by next week (Congratulation for finishing 8 years translation by the way, Ittaku), and I look forward to the release here. As for Tsujidou, I found some interesting info that namely Ai's route in Tsujidou was longer compared to both of HatsuKoi Maya and Runa route (Two longest route from HatsuKoi) combined, which mean Ai's route was quite long and therefore it took longer time to be translated - by the way, from the progress I knew that Ai's route was ~30% part of Tsujidou. From there, I could say that the translation for next routes would be much quicker now that we have 51% left divided by three routes - and one of those remaining was side routes (Also the fact that the routes wouldn't as long as Ai's). Look forward to Ai's patch later in which it should be released next week if they still want September's end release. For one more progress, there's Denwalts with his secret project was at a quarter translated right now. That's all for fan translation this week. Other For this section here, there's definitely many good news from them. First of all, Sakusakura was managed to get the major burst with 28,810 funded which surprised Sol Press as well. As for my comment, congratulation that the project was finally funded after saw the fund was gathered very slowly just like back at Chuusotsu KS. For the release itself, while maybe there would be a lot mistake in regard of that I still hope the best for them as of now, and hopefully both of Sol Press and the fan was satisfied with the release. There's also Little Busters in which it was finally had an exact release date - at November 1st, andit would be Spring at Australia in which somehow VA did fulfill their promise in regard of Spring release for Australia people lol. As for the release itself, I would say that it's quite redundant considering that we already had released translation since back at 2011. But seeing that version didn't had three routes that was added later, and this version would added those three routes translated there perhaps I should say that it's the good release here if one want more Little Busters (ie the new heroines). Speaking of announcing exact release date, PQube here was also did the same in regard of Chaos Child in which it would be launched at October 13th for EU version and October 24th for NA version, in which both of those were for PS4. As for my opinion here, for now I'm not quite interested with this because obviously I didn't had PS4 here. But looking at the good average VNDB score compared to the sort of prequel Chaos Head, I would say if you like that and did had PS4 you should try Chaos Child later. For the big news here, there's MLA release once again which as we knew using the new translation instead of old one. As for my comment in regard of MLA, I admit that it's a good VN considering that it was the first highest score back at VNDB. Although unfortunately it make age dependent on Muv Luv setting so much that they didn't develop any big VN after MLA, and it could be interpreted as age was too afraid to develop the VN besides Muv Luv. Even though it might be age policy in regard of Muv Luv ie age had Tough Act to Follow trope, I think it could be better if age was trying to go out of their comfort zone by making the VN that didn't had same Muv Luv setting - Schwazesmarken didn't count here seeing that it still had Muv Luv setting. As for the release, well it's redundant to me considering that it already had the translation for years and even though it might be no good for some people, it didn't make MLA did had a bad score just like Decay said because after all majority of the score there were still pretty high ie MLA was very good VN. Regardless of my opinion, I would say thanks to the new translator though because through their hard work the Steam user could enjoy MLA fully. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  3. I'm more surprised that Attack on Titan are almost ended, so I would say whatever in regard of the different studio there (I only know that the franchise was very popular in Indonesia as well).
  4. Spring 2020 Anime Discussion

    I didn't watch anime much, and we have a lot of delay with the most noticeable example are HealGPC in that it need 9 weeks hiatus between episode 12 and 13. Other than that, Shokugeki no Souma also have hiatus and will resume at summer season here, but to them perhaps they need some other steps to adapt the final arc seeing that the manga version of it was badly received (The author did break some setting to make his story go through, and not helping that the food consultant for the manga was in pregnancy break at that time). About Bakarina, I'm content that they ended it with the graduation which is very fitting ending seeing that the original web novel also ended there. Besides, to Katarina her focus was more in that the event was supposed to be her got killed if Maria was getting close to one of the hero, and Katarina managed to avoid the death unknowingly (With seven people who love her as the result regardless of the gender). As for the shipping, well I'll leave it to the fandom if they want to write that lol. That said, I'm quite mixed with season 2 announcement in which while I should be glad that it's being successful, at the same time I'd hear that they keep Bakarina being dense along with the fact that the number of hero keep increasing, and I really say this after seeing some comments that said that the light novel was getting worse. So yeah I'm probably just content with one season there, although I may keep an eye on season 2 later. Other than some anime delay and Bakarina, no much to say here.
  5. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have pseudo AX at this week (Because the real AX was cancelled thanks to the pandemic) I can obviously say that we'll have quite a number of announcements. Of course the number is understandably less than normal AX, but I can still say that I manage to have took my interest on some of the announcements. Other than the announcements, we also have a lot of updates from Sekai and Mangagmer especially in regard of the reveal of their secret projects. Overall this week is quite an exciting one, and let's see what I can write for this week as well. First of all we have Sol Press update, in that unfortunately it's not their new announcements at this time like back at last year. But instead they report that the translator of Himawari no Kioku was suddenly leaving so that the project is delayed (Whatever, and that's why they should make sure that it's finished before announcing the release timeline), Nukitashi was turned out only at 22% edited because of some re-calculation, and Sakura Celebration was fully translated along with 61.5% edited. From fan translation, we have Alka planned Miagete FD release at 16th later with sex scenes in which Pulltop certainly wouldn't translate it if they license Miagete FD. In any case, I hope that they can work on sex scenes restoration at original Miagete sooner or later. For the rest of the updates, we have Miotsukushi Ura was at 60% translated, Taimanin Yukikaze 2 was at 80% translated, 7,160 lines of Pure x Connect are translated, Eustia was at 90.86% translated with side routes was at 40.71% translated, and Loverable was at 87.58% edited. Lastly we have Humbling Holy Maiden from Love Lab was at 60% translated. Mangagamer Mangagamer did reveal two of their secret projects and then they gained two more secret projects, so overall the number of the secret projects is still the same. As for the revealed secret project, one of those are Jeanne and the Clock Tower aka 2nd secret project in that it's one of Liar-soft VN. The art is quite different from usual Liar-soft style, but at least the typical plot of them still remain in that one of World War 2 soldier was somehow stranded into alternative timeline of French Revolution (Or that's what I understand). In any case, I don't know on how good Jeanne is but perhaps I may know later if we have it being finally released. Since this is their 2nd secret project, it mean that there's already a lot of progress and in this case it's already finished the translating processes (Translating and editing) and currently doing the image editing. As for their other project, it's Steam Prison Fin's route aka 5th secret project in which it's the patch that will add the PSV exclusive route into PC version. Not quite interesting to me, but at least you can date one more hero in Steam Prison later. As for the progress, it's been already finished the translated process. As for the rest of the updates, we have the 3rd secret project was fully translated along with 91% edited, 6th secret project was at 60% translated along with 55% edited, 7th secret project was at 70% translated along with 66% edited, Musicus was at 94% translated along with 92% edited (Looks like they really aim to release this in English at this year), Sona-Nyl's Refrain was past halfway (56%) translated, and Rance Quest was in testing (So perhaps it mean that it's almost ready for the release). Lastly we have another exact release date announcement from Mangagamer, and in this case it's Room No.9 with the release date at August 6th later. Sekai Project We have a bunch of the updates from them, and some of those can be summarized as that they'll try to release the works at this year. Some of those VNs that they'll try to release at this year are Island Diary (At Winter later), Harumade Kururu, Koiama 2, Bokukotsu FD, and Nekopara 4 (At November). While I'm surely would like them to fulfill their promise later (Especially in regard of Harumade Kururu), I'm kind of wary with Sekai here so I'll guess that I'll just not going to expect them to release those VNs at this year. Before going to the announcement, let me try to do some roundup first. For the roundup, we have Kimagure was at 45% translated, Bokukotsu FD was in QA, Koiama 2 was have the translation and editing in progress, and that they'll upgrade (Redundant) Hoshimemo into HD version. For the announcement, we have Slobbish Dragon Princess (aka Sekai 3rd secret project) in which apparently they aim for the simultaneous release at October 30th later with the progress was at 80% translated. No much comment other than it's new Whirlpool VN, and that the MC will have the dragon girl harem. Since we have Nine Episode 4 was released back at April in Japan and that Sekai did have the license for overseas release, it's only logical that they'll announce Nine Episode 4 sooner or later. And turned out that they just announce this after they dubbed this as their 4th secret project, with sizable progress was at 30% translated. Seeing that Episode 4 here is the grand finale of Nine, I understand that they may need some more time to translate this. In any case, for now I'll hope that Sekai will be able to release this at 2021 along with Episode 3 (Currently was past halfway (52%) translated along with 44% edited) later. As for the question why Palette released Nine in episodic, I think the answer is that so the writer can build the world and the setting bit by bit, and it's very important seeing that it might be possible that the writer still didn't have the full concept of the story at the beginning (Back when he wrote Nine Episode 1 obviously). I'll look forward to this, if only for Tsubasu's arts. Other We also have age give us the updates as well, in which one of those are the release date for Photonmelodies that will be released at 30th later. Other than Photonmelodies, we also have Muv-Luv Unlimited - The Day After in which it's basically compiled four Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicle into one releases, and as for the release date the plan was to release it at this year. While those two announcements surely would give us more Muv Luv world building, personally I just see those as fandiscs and that first half part of Day After is basically redundant because we already have first and second Alternative Chronicle are already translated (And that Alternative itself is conclusive enough). If anything else, at least Muv Luv fans would be happy with the announcements. For the last announcement, since the VN is a nukige I'll just ignore this. Or that's what I would say if the nukige's name is not Venus Blood Hypno (Localized as Venus Blood Hollow) in that I've been quite interested with it. As for the premise itself, we'll going to have our MC who basically tried to took revenge by corrupting the heroines one by one together with his loyal subordinates and from what I understand apparently the story would be quite dark even for Venus Blood standard. Another Venus Blood staple would obviously will be present here, and it's the tentacle for the reminder. From what I see at Youtube video, the gameplay was apparently the improved version of Frontier which is good to me seeing that I like the gameplay back at Frontier. Like back at Frontier, Ninetail would work together with JAST in order to work on this VN and that they'll do the Kickstarter again. As for when they'll do it, it'll be at fall although still no exact month (They estimated that they'll do it at either September or October later). In any case, I'll keep my eyes on the KS later and I'll look forward to the eventual release of Hypno here. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. PS - For the title, since we have Nine Episode 4 announcement and that Kakeru's VA is also Index's Touma's VA (Atsuhi Abe), I decided to parodied the spinoff of Index 'A Certain Scientific Railgun'. I also change 'Railgun' into 'Eleanore', simply because Eleanore is the name of one of five woman that you'll corrupt in Hypno and that Eleanore herself is a typical scientist.
  6. Anime Expo News Replacements

    Let me try to compile the announcements here, although understandably this year there's not much announcements thanks to pandemic. JAST/Ninetails Mangagamer Sekai Project Currently my interest goes like I'm interested with Hypno the most followed by Nine Episode 4, then Jeanne, and finally Slobbish Dragon Princess. I know that there's The Day After as well, although it's basically just side stories of Alternative and I'm not quite interested with it. In any case, I'll look forward to Hypno Kickstarter along with Nine Episode 4 release later. No much comment on Jeanne other than apparently we'll have route branching which is very unusual for Liar-soft VN (Usually Liar-soft VNs is linear VNs), although if I may say about Slobbish Dragon I would say that I like the outfit design because it's quite sexy XD (To be serious, it's most likely just usual Whirlpool's short moege). I did suspect that Sekai will release it simultaneously with Japanese release at October's end later, but we'll see.
  7. Since it's already 2020 which mean the year was already changed, I figure that I should make my list for best rated translated VNs from back at 2019. I know that people here might not agree with my list here seeing that they have their own best VNs list there, but still it should be fine if I give my own list here. Once again the rule is still the same in that I wouldn't list nukige (So no Venus Blood Frontier here even though I like it), otome, BL, fandisc, and partial translated VNs (No Rhapsody here since the translator himself classify it as partial patch). Oh and censored VNs is obviously out of window, so no Noraneko duology even though those are quite well received on VNDB. Anyway let's see my list for 2019 here, and I'll tell what's the title mean at PS later. Almost forget to mention that the score based on today (July 6th, 2020), and it's possible that both of the rank and the score will be change in the future. 10. 9 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro (VNDB 7.45) Since this VN was from Palette, it mean that obviously Tsubasu will be responsible for the art here and as expected her drawing is quite beautiful. For the premise here, we have a lot of people manage to gain the power through the artifact from another world, and it happened after a relic in the shrine was destroyed by the earthquake. One of the people who gain the power is our MC Kakeru, and that he was asked by a mascot to gather the artifacts by asking the power user to return it. From there Kakeru did his best on his task even though it'll be hard to do, seeing that the power user might not want to return the artifact willingly. As for Nine here, I'd list Episode 1 here because it's still ongoing and the plan is that we'll going to have four Nine VNs with one VN for each heroines (The first part heroine here is Miyako) which to say was not the most ideal release format. We also have Sekai did the good job by released two Nine episodes in a year, so good for them (They also currently working on Episode 3). Lastly if you think that the first part here is quite an average one, rest assure that each part here will get better as seen with Episode 2 later. 9. Majo Koi Nikki aka The Witch's Love Diary (VNDB 7.51) The first Niijima Yuu VN that was translated, which is quite an accomplishment seeing that there's several failed attempt to translate his works. For the project itself, at first it's started as fan translation by Luna Translation with the progress looks satisfying at least until AX 2018 in which Sekai did announce this. While it's surprising to me, at least it's not as shocking like back at Saku Saku announcement. After that, like other Sekai announcements there's no much talk from them until when they decided to do sudden release back at July 26th. For the premise, we have our female MC Nanno Alice find a mysterious diary. Curious, she peek on the diary only to find out that apparently the diary depict the life of a man named Sakurai Takumi (Majokoi's true MC), and Alice find out that Takumi is quite a player for approaching several women and then have sex with them. Of course being Niijima Yuu work, nothing as simple as that so in Majokoi here we'll going to unravel some mystery behind the enigmatic Sakurai Takumi. While the story itself are interesting in that it have some unexpected element, some reader are understandably react like Alice when they play the prologue in that they disturbed with Takumi's attitude. 8. Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku aka Farther Than the Blue Sky (VNDB 7.65) At first I thought it would be impossible for Mangagamer to localize this seeing that we have Chuable being bankrupt before we have Haretaka release here, only to turned out that I was wrong because Mangagamer did announce this back at Otakon 2018. After some busted payment processor problem, Mangagamer manage to release this back at September. For the premise, we'll have our so-called idiot Otoya who attend a general class in a school that was famous with the rocket making. Then at one night he met with a red haired tsundere girl Arisa who want to retrive the rocket from the sea, and Otoya decided to do it without hesitation. After that, both of Otoya and Arisa met again at school and after Arisa tell a story on how her rocket club Byakko will be abolished because lack of member, Otoya decided to join the club despite his lack knowledge of rocket. For Haretaka here, I can say that the writer did good job compared to Suki Suki in that he manage to have all four heroines did have proper interaction with each other in the common route, which is very important seeing that Suki Suki did have out of context heroine (I'm looking at you Chiho, and I can sort of understand why Arunaru did translate her onii-chan as dude). 7. Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi aka The Most Forbidden Love in the World (VNDB 7.77) So-called White Album 2 prototype, although in this case it's more like Maruto only have one main heroine (Mitoko) instead of two. That said, I can understand the reason why people draw some comparison with WA2, because Maruto did apply some of Damekoi characteristic in WA2 as well. While the English title is quite suggestive, honestly I'm don't think that it's bad if we already see some example of big age difference romance in the manga. Of course that kind of romance would be a very sensitive issue in real life, and let's leave it at that. The premise is we have our 28 years old MC Osamu who just fired from the company as the scapegoat and that he didn't have home to come back seeing that he's been divorced, so basically his life was very unlucky. After being touched by a passerby woman who somehow help him and tell where her home is, Osamu decided to go to her home only to find out that the woman is eloped leaving her 14 years old daugther Mitoko alone who proceed to slap Osamu. After sorting out the situation, Osamu decided to help Mitoko and possibly to have so-called forbidden love with her. For more info, this VN have ladder structure route and it's been translated by the late Conjueror. 6. Nanairo Reincarnation (VNDB 7.81) For Nanairo I can say this is quite a smooth one in regard of the release so no much to say other than than Sekai did released it (After several QCs) at the same time when Nekonyan released Aokana, so good job to Sekai here. As for Nanairo here, it have some appeal namely that you'll have the MC as university student instead of usual high schooler. For the premise our MC Makoto did got some inheritance from his grandfather in form of a house. In there Makoto find out that his grandfather have some spirutual connection, and that Makoto did have same capability like the grandfather. As if it's not enough, Makoto also found out that his cheerful childhood friend was in fact a selfish zashiki warashi who's been helping Makoto's family for generations. Then Makoto was being told that his grandfather help the police with the cases that involved supernatural as the spirit detective, and Makoto was also supposed to inherit that role. Seeing no choice, Makoto slowly learning the rope of his new role in solving some supernatural cases. Lastly, I'm content with Nanairo release here seeing that it's one of well received VN out there. 5. Kotonoha Amrilato aka The Expression Amrilato (VNDB 7.86) This VN have a unique premise, and of course it's obviously not only just because it's a GL VN. Also it's not just because we have the MC transported to the another world as well either, even though it's still unique on it's own seeing that isekai translated VNs is still quite rare. The reason is because in Amrilato we'll be able to learn another language, and in this case it's Esperanto. Too bad that Valve didn't manage to see the educational value of this VN and only see the bath scene, so they decided to throw a tantrum by banned it for a while (Even though Amrilato here is all age). Well all of those are in the past, and at least now we can get this from Steam as well after Valve revoke the ban. The premise goes like we'll have our female MC Rin who somehow going to another world, and naturally she tried to communicate with the other people only to find out that it's futile because the people can only speak Esperanto. At least until she find a girl (Ruka) who can speak Japanese a bit, and from there Ruka teach Rin the Esperanto language bit by bit while at the same time both of them develop their relationship with each other. 4. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai (VNDB 8.00) After several years of waiting we finally manage to have a proper August VN with sex scenes and all, and with this August's curse was finally broken. I know there's Yoake and Shippo Days, but those two didn't count because the former is the backport of PS2 version which mean no sex scenes (Even though it have two additional routes) and the latter is Daitoshokan side story. For a bit of history, the translation was started back at 2016 before the project going silent for about three years before the editor decided to leak the complete translation patch at Reddit in April. Granted it's still unedited according to the editor, but at least it's still fine compared to several bad translation out there (ie SakuraGames localized VNs). The premise is goes like we have Kakei (The MC) who is a sole member of Library Committee and have precognition power like to read alone, at least until he met with Tsugumi who have her mission to help everyone in the academy. Of course at first Kakei thought it was a bother, but after he got a message from someone called Sheperd who somehow know what Kakei doing and that Tsugumi also got the message, Kakei decided to help Tsugumi in order to get down the mystery. After that, it's also revealed that some more students (Mostly female for an obvious reason) are also receive the same message, and thus the students decided to join the committee as well. While at first Kakei was confused, slowly he learnt to enjoy his time in the committee together with the new members. 3. Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai (VNDB 8.22) The VN that Trip want to translate first, although Irru convince Trip to do HatsuKoi first though because back then both of them (Tsurezure) didn't have enough knowledge to do engine work for Hoshiori. Time passed, and they started to work on Hoshiori here back at October 2018. After six months of work, they manage to release the full patch of Hoshiori and currently they working on Ginharu. The premise of Hoshiori itself is very simple in which our MC Ryounosuke going back to his hometown after seven years living in another town, and after that Ryounosuke was roped into helping Tanabata festival which is the biggest event in his hometown. From there he'll have a romance with one of six heroines. I also like to note that this VN have a have extensive after stories for each heroines which is a rarity for the VNs, and that they carry this concept to Ginharu. Other than that, I think Hoshiori here is sort of feedback for HatsuKoi's criticism seeing that they try to make Ryounosuke being far more capable and stable unlike Yuuma and also they tried to reduce the amount of drama. Granted that those change might be a little too successful for some people, but at least it make Hoshiori's reception is generally better compared to HatsuKoi. 2. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (VNDB 8.39) In the past I remember that there's several projects with the goal to translate this VN, but out of all attempt the most memorable one is from Ren. The reason was because he accidentally delete the complete translated script of Aokana, and after that he basically running away from his responsibilities by throwing the tantrum after promising an announcement. While accidental loss of data is understandably very annoying, I think he just need to clearly say that he quit Aokana project if he couldn't be able to keep up with it. That aside we finally have Aokana thanks to Nekonyan after their very successful Kickstarter, and we got an improved version at that seeing that it also have music gallery which not exist in the original version for some reason. The premise goes like we have a fictional sport that required to wear flying shoes (Flying Circus/FC), and our MC Masaya was a prodigy at FC before he got hit with some trauma and then quit. Time passed, and one day Masaya find Asuka who have a great talent for FC, and after that Masaya was getting dragged back into FC as the coach. While at first he's against it, slowly he started to find the enjoyment that has been lost to him in the past. Aokana here is also serve as some sort of sprite's Swan Song, seeing that it's their last big VN before they decided to quit although apparently they've been revived so we may have the promised sequel in the future. 1. Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare” (VNDB 8.86) One of most awaited VNs from back at 2010, and back then there's an attempt to translate this VN but GIGA decided to C&D the project. Time passed, and at 2016 we have a surprise in which Sekai did announce that they'll localize this. Of course back then we worried that there'll be no 18+ contents seeing that Sekai didn't say a word about it, and turned out that our worry is right because Sekai was forced by GIGA to release it censored. While at first it mean that we'll get censored Baldr Sky, fortunately there's a fan who immediately make 18+ patch so we can enjoy the sex contents. The premise is goes like we have our MC Kou who surprised that he woke up in the battlefield with the beautiful lady (Rain) called him lieutenant, and of course Kou was confused seeing that his memory was mostly about his school life. After a while Kou started to remember 'Gray Christmas' word that apparently was some sort of major incident, and from there he started to find out about his memories. Some things to note that this is a gameplay VN with robot, and that we'll going to have AI and virtual world for the setting. As for the releases, in the past GIGA did release the VN in two parter while Sekai did released it in one package. I list the 2nd part here along with the opening for it, because in the original version the 2nd part here is covered the whole Baldr Sky. That's all for my list here, and by the way if I may name some honorable mention here, I would name HGB, Shirokoi, Somnium, and Raging Loop. I think overall 2019 is quite a nice year with long awaited title releases such as Baldr Sky, Aokana, and Damekoi so overall I'm content with it. Another things to note is that Sekai recently like to release their title at the same time when one of their competitor released their own title, so perhaps it might be worth to expect some Sekai release whenever some other companies release their VN (Well at least it's nice seeing them being active here). In the end, I hope that we'll have more VNs releases at 2020 later especially from Nekonyan here. PS - For the title here, I'm simply combined 'Baldr' word from Baldr Sky and 'Rhythm' from Aokana so we have 'Baldr Rhythm' for the title here.
  8. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    Because we finally have the release for Sanoba (Well still about 12 hours though), I figure that it would be fitting if I open the discussion thread for this VN. As for my first look here, I like that two of the heroines did have magical girl like outfit so we could say that this could be the first proper VN that did have magical girl heroine, and I say this because Schatten was too much have blatant fanservice sex scenes (I wouldn't deny that Sanoba here was also have a lot of sex scenes though). Magical girl heroine aside, actually Sanoba here was more in line with charage though considering that we could have our heroines developed by going together with the MC, and the MC himself did have some special issue namely that he could felt someone else emotion like taste. Also unlike Yuzusoft other VNs, actually Sanoba did have very obvious main heroine which in this case would be Nene because of the spoiler reason. For the number of routes here, we have four full routes (Nene, Meguru, Touko, and Tsumugi) and one side route (Wakana), with some additional content that will be unlocked later that called Restart. As for the reviews, I managed to find several. One of those was from mod Clephas in which he did post five parts of his review at Fuwanovel blog. Another one is from Joyjason, in which he did give the score was at 7 and it's actually quite a good score considering that he also gave the protagonist score at 7, which mean that at least the MC himself was quite capable (Note that he was usually quite critical on his reviews). And for the third review, well he did say that the VN that a light read if you want to read some VNs that was not trying to do something epic. I figred that it would be better if you check the reviews by yourself in case you didn't really care about spoilers, so here's Clephas's (Nene's route, Meguru's route, Touko's route, Tsumugi's route, and Wakana's route), Joyjason's, and the third review. Here's the heroines of Sanoba below, and as charage personally I think it should be you first interest. 1. Ayachi Nene The 2nd grade idol (And the main heroine for the reminder) because of her outward appearance in which she was quite helpful and sociable, but obviously she hid the secret that was accidentally found out by the MC (Shuuji) in which she was turned out easily got aroused so much that she was masturbated using the table. From there Shuuji find out that her arousal was caused by the side effect of the contract that turned her into a witch (With stripperiffic costume lol) causing herself to be very embarrassed, and Shuuji himself was accidentally hinder Nene's goal. Obviously as the one who cause the problem for Nene, Shuuji must take responsibility to fix the problem. As for her seiyuu, her name is Tanezaki Atsumi although some people would like to call her Kirihana though because it's easier to said, so I'll call her Kirihana as well. For her role, Kirihana was did have works at three other Yuzusoft VNs as well (Masaki Gaillard in Amairo, Lena Liechtenauer in Senren Banka, and Mitsukasa Ayase in Riddle Joker), while of course she also did have some roles in other VNs such as Ousaka Sora from Hoshiori, Ruu from Sorcery Jokers, Fia from Amayui, Hachiroku from Maitetsu, and Ikoma Murasaki from Phantom Trigger. 2. Inaba Meguru The first grade student who is admire Nene very much. Even with her supposed flashy style, actually she was more in line with otaku because of her hobby of playing one person game (Such as otome, RPG, and first person shooter). It didn't help though that she's quite shy and thus did have a hard time to make a friend, and her current style was the result of her determination to get changed. Unlike Nene here, she isn't a witch. Her seiyuu is Haruka Sora, or rather I'll call her with her real name Eri Sendai even though her alias was quite well known in eroge though. Like Kirihana, she also did have some role in Yuzusoft VNs so much that there's a video that's show both of Kirihana's characters and Sendai's characters gathered in one video (No Meguru and Nene though), and her role in Yuzusoft VN were Tomotake Yoshino from Senren Banka and Nijouin Hazuki from Riddle Joker (Both appeared in the aforementioned video). Other than those two, her roles were Kouzuki Io from Dal Segno, Kusunoha Misaki and Rin from Hatsukoi Sankaime, and Otonashi Saku from Hello Lady. 3. Togakushi Touko The 3rd grade idol and also the student council president who was quite capable of handling her work coupling with her willingness to listen to other problems, although she was also did like to teasing others though. Other than that, apparently her family income was quite below average so much that she was need to do part time work, and more importantly she just decided to keep her cardigan that was burst out by the size of her breast because she didn't have money enough to buy another (Presumably). Like Meguru, she isn't the witch as well. Her seiyuu is Kaori Mizuhashi in which her name should be well known enough for Madoka fans. Her role in VNs were Kurokawa Kirara from Yumina the Ethereal, Fushikawa Kokoro from Majikoi franchise, Matsushima Michiru from Grisaia franchise, Kiba Mifuyu from Koichoco, Sawai Maya from Da Capo 2, and Clea from Duel Savior. 4. Shiiba Tsumugi Another witch that made contract, and this time her side effect was very different in which it'll cause her to vomit every time she wore cute clothes or act cute. And like Nene, obviously that side effect causing her much problem because actually she like to do cute things and wear cute clothes (Forgot to say that her witch outfit is quite cute). Since she couldn't wear the female uniform because it's too cute for her, she must wear male uniform in which it made her less cute although of course some people out there still think that she was quite cute even with boy uniform. While technically both of Nene and Tsumugi were rival because their goal was the same thing if we following old magical girl anime, in here they decided to work together. As for her seiyuu, her name is Matayoshi Ai in which she did voice Tsukishima Yuuri at Saku Saku, Amanogawa Saya at Miagete, and Hinomoto Aoi from Da Capo 3. Like usual Yuzusoft VNs, the heroines also did have usual image song and this time Yuzusoft decided to add different ending songs for each heroines, so at least it's quite apparent that Yuzusoft spent money from vocal song alone. Also like usual Yuzusoft VNs, the instrumental version of the heroines image songs was the leitmotif for each of the heroines. I think that's all for what I can write in regard of Sanoba for now, and have fun playing this later.
  9. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Finally we have progress for Yuzuki's route, and here's the update for this week. Common: 100.0% Bethly: 100.0% Mizuha: 0.0% Yuzuki: 5.4% Momiji: 100.0% Hinata: 100.0% Total: 63.39% I agree with Irru that Yuzuki is quite cute, and that's all for this week update.
  10. Yeah you didn't read it wrong, and it's real. Anyway apparently Trip find a passion inside him to translate Ginharu here, and so we have a new project from Tsurezure here. As for the progress, there'll be more on that tomorrow so let's just enjoy the common patch for today (Yeah we also already have common patch release) and you can get it from their website as usual. I'll use this thread post their progress later, and I'm looking forward to the final patch here.
  11. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    In regard of Momiji's patch release, I'll post the songs from her route below. Koi'iro Sekai Beloved Story (Momiji's Ending Song) As for the songs, I guess I can say that I prefer the first one although both of the songs are not bad of course. The singer of Momiji's songs is Duca who also sang the songs from Touko's route back at Hoshiori (Also coincidentally share same route writer as well). Her other songs including Haretaka opening song, Your Diary opening song, Yukikoi opening song, and Melty Moment insert song.
  12. Almost half of those are translated, so let me list on which VNs in the video that was translated under the spoiler box below. For additional note, Little Busters Steam edition did have all of Ecstasy contents except the sex scenes (Who want KEY sex scenes anyway?), Aselia didn't have sex scenes because the team did translated the best version that was available back then, ChuSingura was censored and no restoration patch unlike Konosora, the translator decided to translate Baldr Force PS2 port version in which it didn't contain the sex scenes because it's back port from the console, and Harukaze decided to released console version of Noraneko 2 which amounted to overseas censored release because console version didn't contain the sex scenes. As for the list itself, I guess it's adequate enough to list all of the best VNs throughout Heisei years although of course not everyone choice was included in the list. Some of those examples are Higurashi, Umineko, Fata Morgana, and Steins Gate, which to tell the truth make sense seeing that most of the votes goes to ero because after all the site itself was called Erogamescape, which mean that they prioritized the votes in eroge so of course they less care for console game (Although it didn't mean that they didn't have all age VN entry). About Umineko, actually the first seven parts did well received in Erogamescape as well, although they did have the problem with the last part in that the score was at around 58 the last time I was checked. Lastly I want to say that while the list is adequate enough, keep in mind that some VNs might received differently in between Japan and the overseas. One of those example are Trinoline in that it manage to get Erogamescape score at 76 while VNDB score was at 6.86 as of now, which to say was that apparently the voters at Erogamescape like the beautifully drawn sex scenes at Trinoline. I can list some other example given enough time, but I think the example should be enough for now.
  13. Nekotsuku, Sakura

    Well at least it have super natural element if anything else, although I still don't know though whether I'll play this or not if Nekonyan was going to license this (There's should be a chance for it seeing that it's Lump of Sugar VN).
  14. Musicus: Is this or Mangagamer still relevant

    Late to the party here. As to answer the question, I think I'm more or less agree with some opinion above in that they're still relevant. Especially when they still have some upcoming releases along with some secret projects, and I'm sure that most of people would likely didn't care much about Mangagamer's private conversations. Although of course apparently they're quite careful with public opinion, or at least that's what I think. For the leak itself, while it did reveal some less pleasant side of the staffs, honestly to me it's less of exposing the staffs behavior and more in regard of revenge towards Mangagamer itself by bringing them down together. And please remember that the conversation is supposed to be private, because I didn't see the section that contained the conversation which mean that it's supposed to be for staffs only. While that fact is very obvious, unfortunately people was more interested to critic Mangagamer over the conversations that was supposed to not seen by general public thanks to possible a vengeful staff. In any case, I think it's just a small obstacle for Mangagamer. Sol Press, well they did have some problems to say it easily. One of those are their decision of upscaling Sakusakura which caused a year delay, although to be fair they did quite well with Newton. Although even then Nekonyan already overshadowed them with Fureraba release, and by the time they finally manage to release Sakusakura Nekonyan already released Sanoba which obviously more well-known. And the less we talk about their wrong decision to announce the exact release dates back at last year AX, the better. By the way even Doddler did call the decision to upscaling Sakusakura is crazy, and I'm sure that the graphic didn't change much. I may be wrong on this since Sol Press thought that it's more important to upscaling the graphic rather than get their first VN that they working since back at 2017 being released quickly. That's all for what I can say here.
  15. The physical edition of Maggot Baits

    At least USB is more practical in case you want to add some other data beside Maggot Baits, because usually you can't easily burn the CD and that nowadays less computer did use CD player. Besides, you can just move the game file into your PC/laptop anyway. I wonder if from now Mangagamer will use USB to just release the physical editions version of their VNs.
  16. Melty Reflection Review

    Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I'm simply combined 'Melty' word from Melty Moment and 'Reflection' word from Summer Pockets Reflection Blue so we have 'Melty Reflection' as this week VNTS Review title. As for this week, release wise it's not as active as the last week although the updates was still manage to make up for it though. For the updates, we have usual one from fan translation and monthly one from Nekonyan, and most importantly we manage to have Irru fulfilled his goal to release Momiji's patch at June today. In any case, let's see what I can write for this week as well here. From Sol Press we have Irotoridori was fully translated along with the editing was almost completed at 90% edited. Looking from the progress of their other VNs, looks like it'll be next release. No much to say for now other than I'll look forward for the near future release from Sol Press if possible. From Frontwing as expected they'll release Phantom Trigger Volume 7 in English language as well, and for the release date, it'll be at July 22nd later according to the Steam page. What I know for now is that it would be the last volume for Phantom Trigger, and that it'll be longer compared to the previous volumes. If anything, at least I can accept this as the conclusion of Phantom Trigger more easily compared to Rakuen seeing that Phantom Trigger here is more or less a linear VN compared to Kajitsu (Although there's no sex scenes though). As for Nekonyan's updates, currently we have Hello Lady was at 40% in QA and apparently it's already completed the editing progress for the fandisc part as well. While it mean that Hello Lady should be next Nekonyan's release, it's still not determined as of now because we also have two projects that was in QA as well. Those two projects are IxShe Tell with the current progress was at 85% translated and 80% edited along with 35% in QA, and Riddle Jokers in that it's been at a quarter in QA. In any case, I'll look forward to see whether Nekonyan's next release would be one of those three VNs above or not. For the rest of their updates, we have Kirikoi was at three quarter translated along with a quarter edited, Aokana EXTRA 1 was at 45% translated along with 15% edited, and 1st secret project was at 30% translated. Lastly we finally have Melty Moment start the progress after more than two years in hiatus, and currently it's at 30% translated. That's all for Nekonyan's updates at this month. Since the new fragments for PS3 version of Matsuribayashi, it mean that the work on Miotsukushi Ura was resuming. As for the current progress of Miotsukushi Ura, it's at 54% translated. For more updates from fan translation, we have Taimainin Yukikaze 2 was at three quarter translated, Kud Wafter all age version was past three quarter (77.38%) translated, and Eustia was at 90.37% translated with side stories was at 37.52% translated. Since we have Summer Pockets Reflection Blue released, of course Alka decided to translate it and since they already translated the original version it mean that at least they already finished a substantial part of Reflection Blue itself (Apparently more than halfway). Also this time they decided to work on this until they finished unless they got C&D from VA seeing that the official version of Summer Pockets did have some flaws (ie typo and some broken wordwrap), so let's see if they can finished Reflection Blue here. For the last update, we finally manage to have Momiji's patch released today, and the patch did cover 62.57% of Ginharu. So if you already interested with Momiji ever since Ginharu being released and can't wait for Mizuha's patch release, go get Momiji's patch and have fun. As for the next plan while it should be obvious that they'll translate Yuzuki's route next, Irru still don't know what's Trip's plan for that yet. Irru also hope that they'll be able to go back to weekly update starting this week, so let's see if Tsurezure can do it later. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  17. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week I think I can say that it's still an active one like last week with two (Short) VNs being released by Aniplex back at 19th. Other than Aniplex VNs, we also have some updates from both fan translation and Sekai along with two sudden VNs releases. Overall while I did say that this week is still an active one, it's slightly less compared to the last week. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week, and I'll explain the title at PS later. Once again we have Irotoridori update from Sol Press, in that we have that was at almost finished with 98% translated along with 87% edited. We also have Sekai did announced their four new secret projects, although looking back when their secret project could be not available for English at first like Amairo Chocolata or might be one on non-VN I wouldn't trust the projects until they reveal it (For the record their third secret project was at 60% translated). For the remaining updates from Sekai, we have Nine Episode 3 was at 40% translated, Amairo Chocolata was fully edited, Kimagure was at 40% translated, and Island Diary was fully edited. I'll just hope that they'll reveal the secret projects at AX Lite latter (If they decided to attend it), and that's all for Sekai's update. From fan translation we have Eustia was 90.31% translated with side stories was at 37.13% translated, new fragments from Matsuribayashi PS3 version was fully translated, 6,637 out of 43,896 lines from Pure x Connect was edited, Taimainin Yukikaze 2 was at 70% translated, and Kud Wafter all age was at 71.4% translated. We also have a sort of update from Tsurezure in that Irru did say that they still working on it, albeit not like before because each of the members did being busy. More importantly Irru did say that his goal is to release Momiji's patch by this month (June), so let's see if we'll be able to see it released or not at 30th later. For the aforementioned sudden releases, we have both of Kirakira Star Idol Project Nagisa and Palais de Reine. I don't know much about Kirakira Star Idol Project Nagisa other than it's a VN with the setting of idol industry where the MC is the idol manager, although I know that Palais de Reine developer itself is KOGADO. As for Palais de Reine, while we have female MC we won't have another GL VN like Nurse Love duology or Yumeutsutsu, but instead we'll going to have the female MC having a romance with one of several male love interests (Apparently the number of love interests is seven). Yes Palais de Reine itself is an otome VN, and in this case we also have the goal to gain the trust from all of the people in her kingdom seeing that she's basically still not prepared to rule the kingdom and yet she must do it seeing that her older brother is missing and her father is already passed away. Not quite interesting to me as of now, but if you like otome VN with the focus of building the kingom then you can get it at Steam and have fun. Like I say earlier, we have Aniplex decided to enter VN market and back at 19th they released both of their first two VNs. Seeing that Sony recently being infamous for the excessive censorship and that Aniplex is a part of Sony, we should know well that there's no way that those two VNs will contain sex scenes even in the original version, so you shouldn't worry about the censorship. I'll try to talk about Adabana first, in that it's the 6th Liar-soft VNs to be translated after Inganock, Sharnoth, Forest, Gahkthun, and Yurirei. For the premise, we have a pair of mysterious male warrior Kurofude and an amnesiac girl Shirohime who trapped in the realm called Adabana. Together they'll travelling through the Japanese folktales in that some of those did have distortion and their task is to fix the distortion, and from there hopefully they'll be able to solve the mysteries that surrounds them. If you interested with dabana thanks to Liar-soft usual art, you can get it from Steam and have fun (Although apparently Sony did block this on Europe for some reason). About ATRI, I know that the writer is Kono Asta who did write two Pulltop's VNs that was released for overseas censored (Konosora and Miagete), SCA-DI also work at this, and that the developer of this VN is Frontwing. While I admitted that I'm interested with whether Frontwing will work together with SCA-DI (And Makura) again to localize Sakura no Uta or not, actually ATRI itself did have some interesting concept in that the setting is basically a drowned Earth with only a small part of land was habitable. Although our focus obviously wouldn't talk about the drowned Earth much though, but rather we'll going to have our MC Natsuki who somehow find a robot girl in underwater laboratory who was apparently a relic from the past. The robot girl itself has a name, and the name is Atri. From there Atri decided to serve Natsuki as a way of returning the favor for salvaged her from underwater. In any case, you can get ATRI from Seam if you interested with it and have fun, and at least Aniplex here didn't block ATRI for Europe unlike Adabana. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. PS - For this week title, I parodied SmPC movie and that I changed 'SmPC' with 'Adabana' and 'picture book' with 'Japanese folktales', because both works are basically have the characters getting lost in the chaotic story and it's up to the characters to fix the problem.
  18. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    As promised by Irru we finally have Momiji's patch released, and you can get it from their site here. As for the next plan obviously they'll translate Yuzuki's route, although whether Trip will start to work on that at this week or not we'll see. In any case, it mean that we finally be able to have Momiji's patch being released at June.
  19. VN of the Month December 2007 - Dies irae

    I guess we can say that both of Dies Irae and Himawari are somewhat overrated VNs before being translated. And yeah actually Dies Irae 2007 version is incomplete from what I'd hear, so much that the score is quite low at Erogamescape. Of course 2009 release fixed those flaws, and so we have the score of it was improved. As for the best version that we have, I guess for now I prefer all age version thanks to the side stories that enrich the world building along with some additional scenes (Wilhem vs Schreiber anyone?), although the censorship is surely too bad though. On the other hand, the 18+ version didn't have the side stories so I can't exactly recommend that. What I want to say that ideally light should combined both version into one program so that we have the best version of Dies Irae, but reality is more cruel than the ideal so we must chose which version that you want to play (And no, most people wouldn't want to play twice just for the sake of sex scenes only). For Himawari, I want to say that if someone say that he want to play if only for the sake of meme (ie Conjumeme) I would say that it's quite not the most respectful thing to say, but then again I can't exactly say that I'm in the right seeing that I've been want to nitpick Inochi no Spare for a while (There's also the fact that the late Conjueror did find this good because he want to nitpick it in the first place). Anyway looks like the complain was more in regard of a certain controversies in Chapter 2, which to say might be not for everyone else. That said, I think Himawari here is still have some good points provided that you've been open minded in regard of this and willing to search for scientific matter (Which I'm sure that some people may have hard time to understand the topic). Almost forgot to say that both of Himawari and Dies Irae was translated by the usual duo, the late Conjueror as translator and Garejei as the editor. I did hear about Sengoku Gensokyo as yet another derivative game of Touhou that did adapt Sengoku Rance gameplay, but I never thought that I would see a VNDB entry of it. As popular doujin franchise, naturally Touhou have many derivative game that based on Touhou's cast. By the way I didn't play Sengoku Gensokyo yet here, although I did play Labyrinth of Touhou duology though in which it featured many easy random encounter along with bosses that need some strategy to be taken down.
  20. About Damekoi, I guess that's what happen when Maruto did write Mitoko as someone who have severe case of fragile female ego tsundere, and apparently Maruto did like to write the heroine that have severe flaw and problems as evidence in White Album 2 so we can say that Maruto did try to write Mitoko as the heroine that have both. That said other than tsundere aspect, apparently the difference of age also quite controversial in Damekoi as well although if you already saw that on several other media that aspect shouldn't bother you much, provided that you open minded toward it and won't apply that aspect to the real life no matter what. At least it's quite well received in overseas, even if it's not as well as in Japanese. Rest in peace to the late Conjueror who spent the effort to translate one of his favorite VN here. Kira Kira, I did complete this and one of the ending caught off my guard because back then I only finished Shera and Shuffle, and both VNs are obviously ended on happy note. Other than unexpected ending, it have music as the main focus seeing that the casts are band members who traveled all over Japan after their successful concert at school festival. Oh I like the band costumes, and that the MC was looking good in his band costume (Too bad that the MC was not female, otherwise we'll going to have all girl band in Kira Kira lol). We also have Kira Kira fandisc, although I can't say that I like it even after I see the premise. Or rather the fandisc's premise did give me bad impression, although perhaps I prefer the MC build the band from the start like the original instead of the all boy band losing to all girl band. By the way Kira Kira here is one of Mangagamer's early release, and I think together with Higurashi it's only their story heavy VN that was available back at 2009. About Inganock it's an episodic VN, the art is like water color, and that it's been translated with Ixrec. While some did say that Ixrec was a bad translator, I think the problem is that Ingaock here did relied on the prose and that it need to be repeated in order to find the beauty in the story which apparently not easy to translate (At least that's that I hear). That said apparently there's no much problem in regard of the translation from most of the people, so I'm still recommended it. I also like to note that out of all translated Liar-soft VNs Inganock here is the second best rated according to VNDB, so at least I'm convinced that people can understand it even with so-called bad translation. No much comment in regard on Period, other that while the art is admittedly beautiful it looks more like European instead of Japanese which supposed to be the main setting. Ashita Kimi is old Purple Software VN, and I think it's opening is quite beautiful in that it's in animation although of course ef is still more beautiful though. I bring ef example because the main writer of Ashita Kimi (Kagami Yuu) did involved in ef as well. I'm hope that we'll going to see this translated, although being 13 years VNs the chance for that is quite low. Other than those VNs above, no much that I can comment here. Lastly November 2007 is indeed quite interesting, with the release of three VNs that are translated and quite well received at that (Damekoi, Inganock, and Kira Kira).
  21. Nice to be here.

    Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. If you want more VN Recommendations, you can always try to ask us. Feel free to learn about VN community as well here, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  22. im super new! lol

    Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. No much to say other than I hope that you'll have fun here.
  23. What is your least favorite type of route plot?

    I think I can always try to find some justification from almost all of plot type if I want to, so I can't exactly call which is the least favorite type of plot to me. That said, I can say that I wouldn't be able to find the justification for some suffering that was triggered by masturbation. What I want to nitpick is Tsuki, in that basically the plot is going downhill thanks to the MC being caught up masturbate and decided to move only to get possessed by a demon after his (Stupid) self-inflicting suffering. I also encounter the same plot in first Imopara with Michika's route near the ending, in which the MC decided to not masturbate and suffer because of that in order to proof his (Masochist) love to Michika. Granted that it's in order to prove his love, but still enough to made me insult him by change his name to 'Hornyman'. To summarize here, I don't know though if I'll be able to find more type of plot that I wouldn't like in the future, but I'll say that I did find 'the suffering because of masturbation matter' plot is quite problematic.
  24. The name of the VN itself is Maki Fes, a doujin VN that was focused on Maki of Love Live.
  25. As promised, I post both of 2013 and 2014 translated VN in one post. The reason is because it's quite hard to make the list that I usually make the exception of it, and those examples are Monster Girl Quest 3 (Nukige) and Ataraxia (Fandiscs). As for the rules, other than no fandisc and nukige I'll not list otome and BL VNs. Also I forget to remind this earlier, but I wouldn't list OELVN here because the title is 'Translated VNs' and that's why you didn't see both of Katawa Shoujo and Doki Doki Literature Club in my past lists simply because both of those are OELVNs. Anyway here's my list for both of 2013 and 2014, and keep in mind that the list here is mostly my taste here. By the way it should be obvious that this is not another Winged Cloud VN review, and let's see my list here. 10. Comyu - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - (VNDB 7.59) There's a bit of drama happened back when it was before the translation begin. Namely that it's supposedly to be the ninth work for Amaterasu after Ixrec finished translated by DraKoi. Seeing that Ixrec already prepared to translated DraKoi, Moogy decided to released his DraKoi full translation after holding it back for a while and it's quite obvious that Moogy is really didn't want to lose to Ixrec. Whether you agree with Moogy action or not is up to you (It's slightly inappropriate to me), but at least it's slightly hasten Comyu translation here so we have Comyu as the eighth work for Amaterasu. As for the project itself, it goes for around more than a year before we finally have this at July 2014. For the translation itself, while I did read some not favorable opinion toward Ixrec's translation I think it's still good enough in that we can still understand it. As for the premise we have Akihito who is always a feminist (Or if we want to said it in less controversial manner chivalrous), although in this case it's an extreme one seeing that he'll depend any women regardless on their affiliation or morality. The reason for that it's because Akihito saw his mother was murdered in front of him, and it's still traumatizing him until today so much that he always recalled red color (Thanks to Hino Wataru writing style who always repeat a certain words, and he carry his writing style to Hello Lady as well). For the story we have Akihito managed to met with the four strangers who somehow manage to summon a black dragon together, and that he and the strangers will fight as the team (Even though their bond not as tight as usual team) with the help of Akihito's childhood friend Kagome who look like Majikoi's Momoyo. 9. I/O (VNDB 7.68) The second project of Lemnisca after Never7, and one of five best VNs for Lemnisca's founder GundamAce (The other four are Fate Stay Night, Ever17, Root Double, and Steins Gate). As for the VN itself, it's about a hard sci fi complete with some confusing terms and the plot twists in that you might scratch your head, complete with futuristic city setting that have exploration at cyber network in 2032. For the premise, we have Hinata who is still depressed over his loss of younger sister back when he was a child. One day suddenly he find a message that supposedly was from his little sister, and so Hinata decided to investigate the message which then lead him to some earth shattering events. Another thing to note is that in here we need to chose one of four MCs, and Hinata here is one of the MC. Each story will uncover a side of the setting, whether it's about an usual school setting, a lively hacker group, a woman who lost of everything, or a badass man who is always win with style and in a journey to search for something. Another interesting thing to note would be that Nakazawa here (The director of Ever17) was involved as a director for this VN, and that obviously we wouldn't find any sex scene seeing that I/O was released for PS2 first and ported to the PC later. 8. Air (VNDB 7.69) Seeing that this VN have the most beautiful opening song back at 2011, I decided to tried some ATLAS in order to play it. The result of that is the MC's name Yukito was translated into Inin, and I decided to give up on the ATLAS. This VN was also the lesser known of KEY VNs simply because the anime was not quite as popular as Clannad, at least back at when I tried using ATLAS to play it. Fast forward to 2014 we suddenly have two AIR translation project with the first one was by Sheeta (Amaterasu's editor) and the second by Gao Gao Translation, and Sheeta here is the one who finished it first and released it back at 2014 with Gao Gao version released a year afterwards at 2015 (I know that people prefer Gao Gao Translation here). For the premise we have Yukito who is quite handsome wondering on a journey as a wondering puppetmaster who can control puppet without string, and the reason is to follow his mother last wish to find a girl in the sky. Then in a rural town at beachside he met a cheerful girl with the name Mizusu, and from there Yukito start his friendship with Mizusu in which it's slowly turned into love. As for AIR here, I heard that the ending is quite sad even for KEY VN so you may need to prepare some tissue to wipe the tears from your eyes. 7. Ayakashibito (VNDB 7.70) No much drama that I remember with this VN other than it's temporary stopped by the translator (Ate the Moon group) before resumed back at 2013, and that we finally have full patch at 2014 April Fools. Also it's interesting to note that the writer is Higashide Yuichiro in that we know him as the one who write Tokyo Babel and some of Fate spin off, and also assistant writer for Princess Waltz (The only Pulltop VN that got some action writing), so we can say that he experienced in writing the actions. As for the premise, it's about Ryouichi who got sent to a special facility because of his superpower. At the facility, he met with a kitsune that Ryouichi named Suzu and Suzu herself quickly attached to Ryouichi. One day he decided to escape from facility, and afterwards he decided to live in a town that have the people who have similar situation in that they have superpower with the new name Sousichi along with Suzu. Almost forget to mention that the people with superpower was said to be the desendant of youkai, and that they feared by normal people so much that they got discriminated. Also since the writer is Higashide, naturally we also will have some action in Ayakashibito here. 6. Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa o Hirogete aka If My Heart Had Wings (VNDB 7.77) Back at 2013 Pulltop suddenly have a brilliant idea to expand their market overseas, and they form MoeNovel as their subsidiary for overseas release. After that, they chose Konosora as their first localized VN which to say was not a bad idea in paper. Except it come with some problem, namely that they have badly translated it and more importantly censored the sex scenes along with the sex jokes, and the censorship here is definitely make them quite infamous. I don't see any reason on why they ask a company who usually translated console game to translate this seeing that they can at least try to ask either JAST or Mangagamer (Or both) for that matter, other than Pulltop already firm to censored their releases for overseas. Long story short, some fans obviously didn't accept it so they took upon themselves to retranslate the whole script and translated the sex scenes, and it took five years before finally we can have Konosora restoration patch back at 2018. As for Konosora itself, it's about our MC Aoi who come back to his hometown after seven years away from it. The reason on why Aoi came back to his hometown it's because he suffer an injury, and he come there to recuperate. Near his hometown, he met with a girl in wheelchair who need help and Aoi note her as being beautiful. Obviously Aoi help her while at the same time being mesmerized by a glider with the girl and not long after that he met with the girl again and introduce herself as Kotori, and learnt that she quite blunt with her speaking. Some time after that, both of Aoi and Kotori find out that there's a club who make glider and seeing that they interested with it both of them decide to join the club. For the last word here, I'm recommend you to play this with restoration patch seeing that Pulltop only released the censored version and didn't spend a lot of effort to add some new content to make up the censorship. 5. Kichikuou Rance (VNDB 7.91) Out of all old Rance VNs, Kichikuou here is the biggest one in which it's pretty much intentional seeing that Alicesoft intended this as the last Rance VN because they about to discontinued it. Of course thing turned out differently for Alicesoft seeing that it's become one of best selling VN, and that they managed to keep Rance going for more than 21 years before ended it with a bang (Kichikuou was released at 1996 end, while X as the last Rance VN was released at 2018 beginning). The influence of Kichikuou for the storyline of newer Rance VNs (VI to X) is very strong, so much that we can trace some plot points in the newer Rance VNs to Kichikuou. As for the premise, we have our usual selfish Rance lead a band of bandit. After a raid with his band, Rance was screwed up so much that he lost his most trusted slave (Sill), and Rance decided to ask his old acquintance who is a selfish queen (Lia) to marry him and rule Lia's kingdom as the king. From there, Rance keep his world conquest while at the same time keep searching for Sill. As for the gameplay, we can also say that this is the best one for all of older Rance VNs, although the gameplay here is basically crude version of Sengoku's gameplay like Daibanchou. Almost forget that Arunaru translated this back at 2014 as fan translation, and after that he'd translated Mamatoto before going official with VI. 4. Grisaia no Kajitsu aka The Fruit of Grisaia (VNDB 8.44) As for this VN, we can say that this is Frontwing (FW) Magnum Opus here, and perhaps it's because it was intended as their Swan Song because back at 2011 they going to be bankrupt. Of course seeing that FW managed to be survive thanks to Kajitsu's success, obviously they made two sequels (Meikyuu and Rakuen). Granted that they already intended Grisaia as the trilogy, although in this case FW forced it because they made Kajitsu as the charage and the sequels based on the unavailable route, and so to me the sequels here is more akin to fandiscs. As for the translation, we have this released by TL Wiki back at 2013 and later by Sekai back at 2015, in which the latter release is a redundant one and riddled with controversy. For the premise, we have our snarky secret agent Yuuji want to have a normal life and so he decided to enter Mihama Academy and in there he met with five girls that have different personalities. Of course nothing as normal as it looks, considering that the girls did have dark pasts with some of those might be quite traumatic for them. From there, it's up to Yuuji to fix those problem for those girls. Almost forget that in anime version of this Yuuji fix all the girls problem in one route and made the continuity to the trilogy slightly more acceptable, although it was infamous for being rushed though. 3. Rewrite (VNDB 8.58) The seventh work for Amaterasu that was released back at 2013, and also the first KEY VN that Amaterasu translated. Also it's been officially picked up by Sekai along with the FD back at 2017, although instead of hiring Ixrec to translate the new version (Rewrite+) they chose the different translator. While one can say that it's because Ixrec's translation is quite bad (So called) so much that Sekai prefer the new translator over him, I believe that there might be another reason on why Sekai chose new translator such as no agreement in regard of price or something like that. In any case, obviously Sekai release here will be redundant seeing that Rewrite+ didn't have significant script change so I would say that you better read Ixrec's version if you want to read Rewrite quickly. Especially if we remember that the new translator is the late Conjueror, and it's obviously will take a while before Sekai find his replacement. Although if you still prefer to wait for new translation, then it's okay. In Rewrite here we have Tennouji Kotarou who more or less have a normal life in a city that full of greenery called Kazamatsuri, such as fight with his rival in a comedic way and have his female childhood friend live next door. One day, he saw a mysterious female who turned out to be occult club president with the goal to investigate a supernatural happening and then Kotarou decided to join the club. While it's usual for KEY VN to have mood shift, the shift in Rewrite here is too extreme with battle and even horror happening in a route (The reason for horror element is because we have Ryukishi here finally have a chance to write in a company that gave his inspiration for Higurashi), and not to mention world ending theme (You can compare the two openings here to understand the contrast). In the end, when it come to Rewrite what I can say is that just be careful that the writing style between each routes is vastly very different. 2. Clannad (VNDB 8.67) The release year for this quite complicated because we already have this translated at 2012, although it listed as partial release though. And yet we have full translation for this back at 2013 in Android version, so I'll just based on Android version for the release year which is at 2013. We also have Sekai here did rereleased Clannad at 2015 here, and unlike their several releases back then I think it's their best release seeing that the available PC patch did have several problems. For the premise we have Tomoya who have a lot of daddy issue thanks to the abuse, and that he always skip the school. One day in April, Tomoya met with a girl on the way to the school and some time after that the girl introduce herself as Nagisa. From there Tomoya find himself being interested with her, and started to enjoy his school life more. It should also be noted that this is the first KEY VN that was intended as all age VN in the first place, and thus there's no need to make some fuss in regard of the censorship (Because there is none of that). Also Clannad here is one of the most well known KEY VN thanks to the anime adaptation which widely acclaimed as good adaptation, and that is well known as one of the saddest anime although of course it's still not as sad as AIR though. 1. Steins Gate (VNDB 9.01) I remember that Blick Winkel was completely translated this VN before decided to sell the translation to JAST, and that JAST release this back at March 2014 end for PC version which is quite quick for them seeing that we still didn't get Chaos Head from them ever since back at 2009. Anyway we have Okabe Rintarou who is a chuunibyou that insist his real identity is Houhouin Kyouma who is a mad scientist, and that he like to create some gadget that supposed to have same effect as Doraemon's gadget. One day, Okabe somehow find himself in a desolate Akihabara and decided to investigate the cause. Some time after, he find out that somehow his gadget managed to have time travel power, and unfortunately some sinister organization also know it. From there, Okabe try his best to escape the organization, which not always successful seeing that we have 0 in that it show Okabe's failure that caused him to be in despair. Steins Gate here is also a part of Science Adventure series, in that it share same universe as Chaos Head and Robotic Note, and out of all anime adaptation of the series Steins Gate here is the most successful one. It also help that the anime adaptation here is also widely acclaimed as the good one like Clannad, so people most likely know Steins Gate anime first. As for both years, it's quite hard to say but at least we still have fan translation ongoing here seeing that Sekai was still not established yet. Although at the same time both JAST and Mangagamer started to get active though, with JAST somehow managed to get Steins Gate released quickly along with Mangagamer slightly more active compared to their previous years (Their releases back at 2013 and 2014 are mostly nukige though). It's too bad though that Pulltop here decided to be stubborn with their censorship until now, because they have chance to be a good publisher if they let go their policy (I know that I listed Konosora here in which it's censored back then, but in this case at least we can play full version so I add it here). That's all for my list here and I hope you'll enjoy it, and I'm sorry if some of your favorite VNs didn't in my list here. PS - As for the title, I'm simply combined both of Clannad and Steins Gate here. The 'Mad Scientist' was obviously refer to Okabe who always address himself as the mad scientist, and as for 'Sakura' it's because Clannad here is have a setting in spring season (April) and if we remember spring in Japan was always associated with sakura flower blooming.