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  1. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and apparently once again we have our Decay was being busy so we can't have VNTS here. As for the title seeing that we have Nine part 2 released I decided to make a seiyuu joke for this, and I'll tell the reasoon at PS later. As for this week, well we have a very predictable delay from Sol Press in regard of Kimiaogi which to say was not a good news here along with Nine 2 release and some updates from fan translation. Overall this week was quite a plain one here, and let's see what I can write for this week as well. As for Kimiaogi delay while granted we already can predict it from back when they announced the exact release date back at AX, it's still quite unbelievable to me seeing that actually they announce the delay at the date when they supposed to do the release back at 16th. Apparently the reason for that is because they have some bug that was quite hard to solve immediately, and currently they working together with the developer to solve it. While there's might be another reason for the delay, I figure that it would be better to not say it seeing that at most it would be only a speculation. In the end, what I can say is that it would be better for Sol Press to not announce the exact release date until they are very absolutely certain that their product was fully ready for the release, although it might be too late for them (Honestly I don't believe that we'll going to see Nukitashi released at November 22nd later, but we'll see). Speaking about announcing exact release date, we have Lemnisca announce the release date for Raging Loop so you may note the date here. For the date, they'll release it for NA version at October 22nd later and for EU version they'll release it at October 18th later. I don't know much about the region release things here seeing that I didn't experienced much here, other than obviously we still didn't get this for PC. It's too bad that Frontwing need to delay the release for Loca Love volume 2 thanks to Valve going berserk for seeing school setting in adult only release by deleting the store page for that, so we need to wait until FW cleared some issue. We also have Asagi apparently will be released on Steam (Perhaps it'll be successful seeing that it didn't have school setting unlike Loca Love), and Frontier was almost finished with the translation (Well they already said that they'll try to release this at December later, so let's see it later). From fan translation we have Eustia was at almost three quarter (74.51%) translated with Eustia's chapter was at 26.99% translated, Miotsukushi Omote was at 14% translated, and Summer Pockets was at 39.51% translated with Tsumugi's route show some surprising progress at 37.91% translated. The reason that it's surprising was because I thought that they'll finish Kamome's route first seeing that back when Shiroha's patch released it have the most progress, but apparently the translator for Tsumugi's route was fired up to finish her route here. Well either way no problem to me here, as long as they can finish it. We also have a sudden activity from Yosuga no Sora in that apparently they add some new members into the team, so hopefully they can work hard for finally have this VN to be fully translated after almost eight years being in translation. For Nine part 2 while it's still not acceptable that Sekai decided to delay it back at when it's supposed to be released (At 10th), at least it's nice that we didn't need to wait for years to see the story continuation unlike Tokeijikake. As for the premise, we obviously have the continuation of first Nine in which turned out that Kakeru's little sister Sora gaining the power from the artifacts, and that she started to help her older brother to investigate the mysterious incident that happened in the city. In this chapter, instead of Miyako we'll have Sora as the main heroine and that she's quite dedicated to Kakeru here. With this we already half of the four parts of the VNs (Supposedly), and hopefully Sekai can keep up their pace for Nine part 3 release here. Almost forget to say that Tsubasu obviously still in charge of the art, so perhaps you may interested to get this if only for the art alone (Once again her art is very good). Go get Nine part 2 at either Steam or Denpasoft, and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. PS - Since we have Kakeru's little sister Sora as the main heroine, I made Sora's family name into Kamijou for this week title . The reason is because in Nine here we have Kakeru have the voice all the time and the seiyuu/VA for Kakeru is Atsuhi Abe, and recently I just know that Atsuhi Abe was voiced a protagonist for a very well known series 'To Aru no Majutsu Index' Kamijou Touma. Of course we never have Kamijou Sora as Touma's little sister in the real series, but maybe some fanfic writer want to write that if they wish so. Also it's interesting to note that we also have Sora that was voiced by Kirihana as well back at Hoshiori, which to say was quite a coincidence even with different writing in their Japanese name.
  2. Foreword - No VNTS again, so you know what it means (I'll write another my own VNTS Review here). Either way, I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review even though I'm quite late here. Since yesterday we have Chinese New Year, I'd been quite busy for two days beforehand so I'm sorry for being late here. Also happy Chinese New Year to anyone else who celebrated it, including me. As for the title, since we have Nine first part released I thought that it would be the best to parodied Nine first episode along with both of the main heroines of that work (Kujou Miyako) and Smile PreCure (Hoshizora Miyuki) into the combined name '9 -Nine- Episode 1: Hoshizora Miyako' because both of their character designer (Izumi Tsubasu for Miyako and Kawamura Toshie for Miyuki) work together in Mashiro Iro Symphony anime, and more importantly both of Miyako and Miyuki did share same seiyuu (Fukuen Misato). My ramble aside, I really like that finally Sol Press did their move on both of their rather big announcements (Irotoridori Kickstarter (KS) and Hitotsuba release) and that they already aggressive on that so we should be more interested with them in the future. Other than Sol Press big move, we have usual fan translation updates along with some updates from Nekonyan so let's see what I can write for this VNTS Review here. First of all I knew that Pulltop did delay their release for their Konosora FD into February because they'd await Steam approval, which is we knew is been indecisive in regard of the censorship. My feeling in regard of that was quite mixed to be honest because while this could be a good slap for Pulltop to not release their work on Steam and started to sell their uncensored VNs on any other store (Beside Steam), this announcement could also mean that some developer would be over censor their localized VNs in order to fulfill Steam's indecisive censorship policy. In the end while I didn't look forward to Konosora FD much, I just hope that we still can see more VNs on Steam despite some happening like HGB and Konosora FD here. We also have Noraneko release announcement here, and let's just said that we better wait for Senren Banka because the three heroines of Noraneko did share same seiyuu as Senren Banka (Kirihana, Sendai, and Kotori Yuka). One more reason for that is because it'll be censored according to the opening that I saw in which they use seiyuu's real name instead of their pseudonym (I did see that they list 'Eri Sendai' instead of 'Haruka Sora', in which the latter is Sendai's pseudonym in the eroge's credit), which mean that they'll release PS4 version instead of the default 18+ version. Let's just hope that they uploaded the wrong opening (Because they deleted the opening) and that they'll release 18+ version later, because I can see that the team could fix their mistake in regard of their introduction intro at their website so at least they should be able to hear some feedback from the fans. From Sekai we have Nine first episode released with the premise the MC who is full voiced (His seiyuu is Atsuhi Abe if you curious) did caught up in mysterious incident case, and while at it he encountered some people with superpower. While this is definitely a VN with interesting premise and have the art drawn by Izumi Tsubasu to boot (The art is very good), it's quite unfortunate that Nine here is the episodic VN which mean that currently the story is still incomplete although from what I see apparently each episode will cover one heroine. In this case the main heroine for the Episode 1 here would be Kujou Miyako who is a rich businessman daughter and yet she's like to live humbly and very calculating when spending the money. In any case, we need to wait for 2020 (Estimation) if we want to enjoy it fully because even Palette didn't create the 4th episode yet, and even longer if we rely on the translated version like us because we wouldn't know if Sekai will announce the rest of Nine here (They should announce those parts if they want to sell the complete story). Have fun to anyone else who already been interested into Nine, despite that it's still the first chapter. From fan translation, we have Eustia was at 65.82% translated along with 45.86% edited and 44.47% TLC-ed, Harugi's overall was at 55% translated with Shino's route was at 96% translated and Branch was at 47% translated (Along with 47% TLC-ed) - I'm kind of curious of how the progress will be going after Shino's route is finished, Watamasu was at 42% translated, Higurashi Yoigoshi's patch was released and the current progress for Tokihogushi was fully ported, 4,719 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 1,258 lines of it were edited, Relaxation Yuka was at 66.46% translated, and Hoshiori's overall was at 70.84% translated with Touko's route was fully translated (We may have Touko's patch at this weekend, although I didn't know for certain though). I think that's all for fan translation updates. We have some updates from Nekonyan, in which we have Fureraba FD as their next release. As for their other updates, we have Aokana was at past halfway (60%) translated along with 20% edited and Sukiren was reach 90% mark translated along with halfway edited. From Sol Press we have Hitotsuba exact release date in which they'll release it at 15th later so at least we can treat it as Valentine's gift from Sol Press, and they already set the store at Steam (Good that it's still not banned) so you should pre-order that if you interested with the VN. I admit that the costumes were not as interesting as Aokana, but perhaps this one could be interesting seeing that it involving plane fight as the in-game fictional sport so that you can try Hitotsuba while we waiting for Aokana (Quite fitting seeing that Hitotsuba has been called as the second Aokana). For the biggest news from Sol Press, we have them set up the KS for Irotoridori with rather sizeable base goal at 85,000 with the stretch goal was to released two FDs (Or sequels) at 170,000 for Hikari and 215,000 for Akai. I knew that some people did treat Irotoridori as trilogy, but apparently Favorite did sell Hikari as the FD. As for the release estimation, it'll be at December 2021 later which while I think it's too long actually it's quite reasonable time frame because it'll took many times to translate all of trilogy there. Personally I'm fine with the first part only though because it's been too much dying projects there, although obviously it's very good if Sol Press want to translate all of the trilogy. Good luck to the KS there and I hope it'll be successful for the sake of the one who wait for Irotoridori. As for the current funds, right now the KS managed to gather 28,277 out of 85,000 which is quite good for the first part here. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next time.
  3. After 2009 and 2012, this time I'll talk about 2010 in which there's still quite a number of good VNs being fan translated while at the same time Mangagamer was slowly making their way to be more active. Of course obviously we still didn't have Sekai yet and JAST here is still idling with they readying the release for 2011, and apparently from what I remember they already got infamous because on how they only announced fan translated projects or something like that. As for the list here, the rule is still the same with no nukige, no otome, no BL, and no fandisc in the list. Let's see what kind of good VN that we have at 2010. 10. Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- (VNDB 7.50) Another VN that was translated by Aroduc and that was released by Alice Soft, so it should be pretty obvious that Daibanchou here is another gameplay VN. For the premise, we have our hot blooded student Zanma Ruga transferred to a school in Tokyo in order to cure his fiancee's curse, and that he must collect the magical items to achieve the gals. There's a problem though, namely that the items was held by some powerful school leader so Rouga must gather his army in order to take the items. By the way in here we have a setting where the world was invaded by the demon and that each student did have superpower, and the strongest one would be the school leader (Rouga here is one of the strongest student). Since this is Alice Soft VN, it's possible for Rouga to have sex with other woman even though Rouga himself already have fiancee (Well she allow it if I remember). As for the gameplay itself, it's sort of crude version of Sengoku in that you can't do multiple battle per turn, although the most significant things is that you have time limit in which it force you to play several times if you want to get all of the characters. Even then, I'm still find that Daibanchou here is quite fun and that Rouga was not as selfish as Rance (Not say a lot though). 9. Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer (VNDB 7.54) There's a story abut a Ki Master (Kong Taoluo) who lost his sister (Ruili) that married to his best friend (Haojun), because her husband way of showing his affection by brutally rape her and split her soul into five (Also storing the souls in the sex cyborgs). Enraged, Taoluo decided to kill Haojun and try to get back Ruili's soul by fusing all of five separated parts, only that it's not as easy as it looks seeing that Haojun became the Chinese mafia leader and that he handed the other four sex dolls to his trusted four cadres who each of them are quite strong. Seeing that there's no other choice and the cadres are also helping Haojun showing his affection to Ruili, Taoluo decided to kill them as well even though it may prove too much for him. As for the releases we have two version with the original one was back at 2010, and at 2015 we have the remake release in that it have improved graphic and voice from famous seiyuu (Including Yukari Tamura as Ruili and Sho Hayami as Haojun) in exchange for slight CG censorship. We also have JAST was abut to release it since back at 2011, but considering that we already have the remake translated let's just say that it'll be redundant release if they ever manage to release it. Almost forget to say that this is another Urobochi's work, so obviously don't expect happy story here. 8. Narcissu 2 (VNDB 7.58) The second part of Narcissu duology in that it tell us the story abut our main heroine Setsumi before facing a certain ending that rumored to made some reader spent a lot of tissue, and apparently the same rumor would hold true to this VN as well (After all Narcissu is categorized as utsuge not for nothing). Anyway as for the premise in the first part we have Setsumi was go through the journey with the nameless male MC seeing that she didn't have a lot of time thanks to her disease, and in this second part here we'll roll back to seven years ago when Setsumi was at 15 at the hospital. At the hospital Setsumi will slowly befriended Himeko who is also a car otaku, and that Himeko have some problem with her faith because of her past. As for the release it's an unique one seeing that the author himself did approve the fan translation just like True Remembrance, and that this release was also combined the first part that was released back at 2005 so you can get this to play Narcissu fully. There's also Sekai rereleased this back at 2014, although of course by then it's release is already redundant. For the bonus, here's the second part opening and as usual eufonius here did a good job. 7. Da Capo 2 (VNDB 7.62) Took place ~50 years after first Da Capo and ~20 years before Da Capo 3 Prologue, once again we have our advanture at Haysunejima in that it was famous because of the everlasting sakura that can grant any wish. This time our MC is Sakurai Yoshiyuki who been best friends with Junichi's (Da Capo 1 MC) granddaughters, and those two granddaughters are also one school with Yoshiyuki. Other character to note is Sakura (Returning character from the prequel, and Junichi's cousin who doubled as one of Da Capo heroine), in that she's the principal of Yoshiyuki's school and that she didn't aging for ~50 years because she's a magician and all. As for the writing it's generally accepted that the routes writing here did improved from Da Capo, although there's a flaw as well though in that Koko's route which became infamous because Yoshiyuki here prefer to make some drama instead of resole it calmly. Other than that, this time Circus learn from first Da Capo in that they place the main heroines (Junichi's granddaughters) routes unlocked later instead of available from the first. Lastly we can play 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes here, because we have Nabatame voicing Nanaka who as we know is quite similar with DC Kotori. 6. Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- (VNDB 7.65) An isekai VN in that we have our siscon MC Yuuto was summoned into anther world, and forced to work for a warmongering king that want to expand his territory as much as possible. To make it worse, the sword that Yuuto weld is a sentient being and Yuuto himself is could be succumbed into the sword's influence and thus make the people around him suffer. Of course seeing that it's a VN Yuuto is not alone in that he have female companions with one of them is the titular heroine Aseila (ie the main one), and that her ending is canon thanks to a certain character at Senarukana (The sequel). As for the release, while back then it's censored at least it could be justified because back then Xuse still not released the perfect edition in that it contain both of PS2 contents and 18+ contents, and that Dakkodango (Later will become Fruitbat) already finished this back at 2010 (Besides the PS2 contents are more than enough to make up the censorship anyway). After a year (At 2011), JAST rereleased this and it's still censored as it is. While they gave a reason in that they didn't want to take a risk on the lolicon contents, I'm more convinced that they didn't want to do an extra work to either translated the sex scenes or working on the Complete edition. 5. Remember11 -The Age of Infinity- (VNDB 8.01) The most infamous Infinity series, manly because the fact that the ending was quite abrupt thanks to the conflict between the staffs that didn't allow them to have a consensus in regard of the true ending (Or so that's what I'd read somewhere). This VN is also the second Infinity series to be translated after Ever17, although people was more well aware with the controversy though. As for the premise, we have two accidents in that both of Kokoro (Female MC) and Satoru (Male MC) did get trapped around the place where the heavy snowstorm is happen. As for the circumstances we have our Kokoro was one of the surviving victim of a fatal airplane accident, while for our Satoru he apparently was abut to be murdered only to be survive and trapped in a snowstorm. To complicated matter, both of Satoru and Kokoro was somehow can swap each other soul in the most impossible circumstance seeing that both of them was separated for around a thousand kilometers and more importantly the accidents were happened in the different years. As for the solution here, at least we can still guess what's really happen if we get a certain bad end, although for now most of the solution is only hypothesis though. 4. ef - a fairy tale of the two (VNDB 8.13) If back at 2009 we have Aoishiro as the most beautiful graphic in regard of translated VN, then in 2010 we have ef in that we can say this as minori's Magnum Opus. And it really show considering that it's still famous because of the arts, in that it's still be able to rival some modern VNs graphic (And both of ef opening here is really show good animation thanks to Makoto Shinkai). Another thing to note is that apparently ef was released back at when both No Name Loser (NNL) and minori did have a conflict of interest, and that the incident was called minorigate. In the end it's hard to say whether their closure can be called bad karma or not, although seeing that in an instance they say that they didn't need foreign support or something like that perhaps it is. It's still unfortunate though that minori is no longer after their big fail in Supipara. As for the VN itself, it contain five different MC with five different love stories. While at the first glance this looks like separated stories, actually there's a Myth Arc happen behind it and it also happen that each characters in each stories turned out have some connections with each other to a degree. As for the Myth Arc, we have our main MC Himura Yuu have meeting with the main heroine Amamiya Yuuko at the church in the Christmas Eve, and both of them reminisce on how they help some couple along with their own love story. For additional note here, we have Mangagamer act as the third party in regard of minorigate, so in order to resolve the conflict they decided to allow Mangagamer to own minori's license. So obviously Mangagamer did rerelease ef at the latter years, and the release is not so redundant because they add the Extra menu that was missing in 2010 release (Probably because NNL release it hastily back then). 3. Symphonic Rain (VNDB 8.19) Also known as the only rhythm gameplay translated VN (So naturally ther'll be some insert song), and that it's only all age release in which it's logical seeing that we have well-known seiyuu voicing the heroines here. It also have rerelease as well back at 2017 by Degica, in that it change the graphic slightly (Not as drastic as YU-NO remake). And for the most important part, the songs and the BGM here is the late Okazaki Ritsuko's Swan Song because she compose the BGM for this VN before she passed away back at 2004. The premise is we have our MC Chris attend a music school in a city that always raining, and he somehow managed to befriended a fairy. One day he's about to graduate from the school and that his last test is he must play a fortell to allow his partner to sing along, and that it might be too hard for Chris seeing that he didn't have much friend. Even so, there's no choice for Chris other than to search the partner to do his graduation test. While graphically wise this VN would give you the impression that it'll be a lighthearted story (Especially the rereleased one), don't be fooled by that because like Hakuai (Same developer) some of the ending are quite heavy. 2. G-Senjou no Maou (VNDB 8.47) The most famous VN that was translated in 2010 and also the most controversial rereleased by Sekai (At 2015) because not only the license itself is redundant, it's also because Dovac was use his trusted brand of public communication to respond the criticism in regard of the censorship back at VNDB, and let's just say that it make me face-palmed there. Granted that Sekai was finally release the 18+ patch for this at April, but even then (And even back at 2015) most people are already know and discuss about this a lot so more or less people already know about this (If nothing else at least it's good for newbie). Controversy by Sekai aside, in here we have Kyousuke who is a stepson of a head yakuza and that he was intelligent. One day, he crossed path with a beautiful intelligent woman that have messy long hair (Haru, who also the main heroine here), and that she's chasing her nemesis who known by the alias 'Maou'. And so the curtain for the battle of wits between Haru and Maou was started, and little did Kyousuke know back then that he have much more involved into the battle more than he know. As for the route structure, it'd use the ladder system in which Kyousuke can either pick a girl or keep going until he reach Haru's chapter. 1. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (VNDB 8.70) The second part of Higurashi that contained the last four chapters (Higurashi have eight chapters for the reminder), and unlike the first part this time we'll going to uncover the truth behind Hinamizawa tragedy and mystery. As for the release while back at 2010 Mangagamer only released Matsuribayashi instead of full version of Kai, it still count here because Matsuribayashi here is the last part of Higurashi. As for Kai itself of course things were still as bleak as ever with death and all even though it's not as scary as the first part, but this time our Keiichi and friends are starting to uncover some information. That said even with the horror was slowly diminishing, Chapter 5 (Meakashi) was also quite infamous because of some action that was quite horrifying. This is also the part when Ryukishi started to ask some help to compose the BGM instead of rely on the free BGM, and it really show seeing that the soundtrack was considered as being very good. For more info Mangagamer was also rereleased this along with the first part, and the only chapter that was still unreleased is Minagoroshi (At 18th later) and Matsuribayashi. For the opening I'll use Miotsukushi opening in which it's the PS2 alternative ending for Higurashi, although it's quite fitting anyway for Kai's opening. That's all for 2010 list here, and as you can see some of the releases were rereleased officially with the most notable examples are G-Senjou and ef. Another thing to note is that we got many good VNs, and also JAST was starting the decline in regard of their activity (They started to be more active at 2011 if I remember). We also have some drama though, namely with minorigate in which apparently it's because minori so traumatic with Rapelay incident so much that minori was lashed out. Honestly both of Rapelay and minori VN are very vastly different, but remember back then the stigma that VN was a porn games for Westerner is still stronger compared to nowadays. I hope you'll like my list here. PS - As for the title, seeing that we have Symphonic Rain and G-Senjou released back at 2010 I decided to combine those two so we have 'Rain on the G String' as the title. For additional note here, G-Senjou title is derivative of Bach's 'Air on the G String' so of course I change the 'Air' part into 'Rain', even though it was impossible in the real life (It sounds romantic though). Forget to say that both of Symphonic Rain and G-Senjou did have music as the topic, and the latter did remixed 'Air on G String' to be used as a BGM in the G-Senjou soundtrack itself.
  4. Seeing that nowadays we have many translated VNs, I figure that it would be nice if I can write about some VNs that was translated in the past (Before 2015) because after all there's no present without the past. Also it's always interesting to see on how much the translated VNs did develop in the past and how we'll compared it with the present, so here's my list for translated VNs at 2009. The rules is still the same in that there'll be no BL, otome, fandisc, and nukige VNs here. 10. Galaxy Angel (VNDB 7.50) My encounter with this was started back at 2006 when I spent my Saturday morning watching this through Animax, and back then I thought that it's magical girl anime. Fast forward to 2011, back then I'm still new in VNs and decided to ask some recommendations from someone, and one of those is Galaxy Angels in which it'd interest me. After that I'd search it and find out that the VN is very different from the anime in that the VN itself did havr usual male MC. As for the VN itself, the premise is goes like we have our MC Tact who is a lieutenant from a space empire, and he's quite lazy. One day, the empire is destroyed thanks to a rebellious prince and suddenly Tact was handed the responsibilities to handle a squad who consist of five girls that was also known as Angel Squad. From there, our Tact who is known for being lazy was decided to handle the girls and hopefully will be able to romance a girl while at the same time put down the prince's rebellion. For more info, this VN was came in trilogy, translated by Aroduc, and that it have the gameplay in form of RTS combat in that the player must control the Angel Squad in order to beat the enemy. As for my opinion, I think it's still good if a bit outdated mostly because of the unintuitive way to save. 9. Kira Kira (VNDB 7.55) This is my second serious VN after Shuffle and it's the most shocking one, mostly because a certain ending that was very surprising to me back then (At 2010 iirc) because I expected a happy ending like Shuffle. As for the premise, we have our MC Shikanosuke who have a very bitter experkence in that he was dropped off by his girlfriend after his performance on tennis were dropping significantly, and that he's obviously very depressed by that. At least until he met with Kirari who is his friend at the part time job, and he got the chance to watch a rock show with Kirari. Fascinated, Shikanosuke decided to perform as bassist together with Kirari as the vocalist in a band. Other than Kirari, there's Shikanosuke's childhood friend Chie as the drummer and rich girl Sarina as the guitarist for Shikanosuke's band, and they decided to perform at the school festival which to say was quite a hurdle seeing that the school is a strict traditional Catholic school. This VN is also one of first Mangagamer releases, so the translation here might be less refined compared to what we have nowadays (Not that it matter to me anyway). For last note here, the staff here is show a lot of knowledge in music because the producer himself (Bamboo) is also a band member. 8. Kanon (VNDB 7.71) Very popular VN from back at 1999 seeing that it did established nakige that was mixed with slice of life back then, and also put KEY as the most successful VN developer seeing that it'd adopted to the two anime series along with console ports. One from back at 2002 by Toei in that Yuuichi's (The MC) face is very distorted, and another one from back at 2006 by Kyoto Animation with improved graphic. Since this is very popular VN it mean that there's a lot of VN that was influenced by this, such as Kana Imouto and Da Capo. As for the art, while granted Inoue's art is quite infamous at least it's not as bad like back at Koropokkur. As for the premise, we have Yuuichi coming back to the town where his aunt live after his last visit back at seven years ago, and that he forgot what happened back at his last visit. In there he met with a mysterious girl with the name Ayu, and then Yuuichi started to play more with Ayu while finding out what happened back at seven years ago. Other than Ayu, Yuuichi will encounter four other girls including his cousin (Nayuki), so we'll going to have five heroines in Kanon (Duh). As for the sex scenes, let's just say that you shouldn't play Kanon for the sex scenes even though it was initially sold as eroge. 7. Aoishiro (VNDB 7.73) The most graphically beautiful VN when it's translated back at 2009, and I think it's still can be on par with nowadays VNs graphically wise. Also since this is ported from the console (PS2), obviously there'll be no sex scenes. The premise is goes like one day our female MC Shouko as the kendo club captain going to the Southern area in order to do the training camp, and that the area itself did have the legend in regard of the demon extermination. At night Shouko saw some mysterious beautiful girl got washed at the shore, and little did Shouko know back then that the girl did have a lot of connection between the legend and Shouko herself. While the story did have a lot of action and supernatural element, there's also a lot of food talk so you may dislike that element. Although the most infamous thing that this VN did have a lot of endings with only five of them were good, so the guide is very neccesary if you want to avoid the bad endings. That said the technical aspect of Aoishiro here is definitely very good, like the aforementioned graphic and also the music in that one of those resembled one of Ar Tonelico 1 hymnos song (Same singer as well). Almost forget to say that this is a GL VN, and there'll be a lot of actions. 6. Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- (VNDB 7.87) The second Amaterasu's work after Cross Channel, and one that was based on the poll. Back then Ixrec decided to ask the reader to do the poll in order to determine which next VN that he want to translated, and out of many candidates Inganock here came as the first one in the poll. And so we have Inganock being translated here which also mark the first 'What A Beautiful' Steampunk VN series that was translated into the English (There's also Sona-Nyl that was localized by Mangagamer as well). As for the writer it's said that Sakurai Hikaru here is like to write in repetition, so it's inevitable if someone dislike that kind of writing especially with the Strictly Formula that Inganock have (At least the art here is looking very artistic with the watercolor and sketchbook look). As for Inganock's premise, we have Gii who is an illegal doctor who recover the poor for free and that he live in a city that was affected by mysterious phenomenon known as Revival, in which it caused some disturbance in that some of human being were mutated into part animal. Gii as the one who still looking normal decided to look into the town's mystery along with his old friend (Ati) who's been mutated into the catgirl and a mysterious girl (Kia) that Gii encountered. Almost forget that if you want full voice, you can play the Full Voice version that was already translated as well. 5. Saya no Uta (VNDB 8.14) The third translated Nitroplus VN after Phantom of Inferno and Chaos Head with the former was written by the same writer (Gen Urobochi), and the background for this VN is the most creepy one with meat and all. The premise goes like we have Fuminori was saved by a brain operation after he suffered a fatal accident, only to have his perception was twisted thanks to the possible mistake in the operation and that he perceive the other human as grotesque creature with inaudible voice. Of course Fuminori being paranoid that he'll become the experiment subject, he decided to not tell his story to the doctor. One day in the hospital he see a young girl in white cloth with the name Saya, and seeing that Fuminori already goes insane thanks to his perception he just accept Saya as it is without wondering what Saya really is. From there both of Fuminori and Saya did the things that is normal in Urobochi's work, and let's just say it'll full of death and all because Urobochi like to killing the characters in his works (Just see both of Fate/Zero and Madoka, in which both of those are his famous works). This VN also picked up and rereleased by JAST at 2011, although it's a redundant release though because there's no change between fan translation and official version. 4. Sharin no Kuni Himawari no Shoujo (VNDB 8.24) While we have Frontwing crowdfund this VN and they still didn't managed to deliver it, actually we didn't really need to wait in order to play this because we already have Sharin being translated since back at 2009 (ie redundant). If anything at least Frontwing still managed to give us the updates, unlike Sekai who more or less already abandoned their Yuzusoft VNs license. As for the premise, we have a very capable MC Morita Kenichi who come back to his hometown in order to supervise three criminals who coincidentally are girls with one of the girls was his childhood friend as told by his supervisor who also happened to be his teacher. From there, Kenichi did his best to supervise the girls. As for the setting, it's a unique one in that each criminal would be punished by wearing the badge and the wearer must bey the condition that the badge impose, otherwise the criminal would be severely punished. Naturally it mean that Kenichi will find out what's really happening in the girl's life that cause them to face the punishment, and it's Kenichi's job to improve the girls situations. As of Sharin itself, I guess it's quite influential in that Yuuji from Grisaia franchise dd resemble Kenichi to a degree, and that both of Sharin and Grisaia did have the fandisc that resolve the story in the main VN. 3. Sengoku Rance (VNDB 8.35) The first Rance series to be translated (By Takajun), and also the first Alicesoft VN to be translated. As for the premise, it's very simple with our selfish Rance want to have sex with two princesses and one of his target is Kouhime who happened to be JAPAN's princess (Or Nippon's princess as Arunaru translate it), only to found out that Kouhime was still underage and Rance still have some standard to not going lolicon. After being fast friend with Kouhime's brother Nobunaga (Yeah that Oda Nobunaga), Rance decided to help him to conquer some Nippon territories seeing that his heath is very bad along with his territory is declining and our Rance didn't want to see Kouhime being sad. Like other Rance series, Sengoku here did have gameplay element and after I see some LP of previous Rance VNs along with playing VI I can say that Alicesoft here really refined their gameplay element in here (It also help that Sengoku did set up the big Myth Arc for the franchise despite the lighter premise compared to VI). We also have this being localized by Mangagamer and retranslated by Arunaru, although seeing that there's no much problem with the translation (And Arunaru's reputation as translator is slightly gotten worse) I can say that Sengoku's license by Mangagamer here is a redundant one (At least it's nice that people can get this in English legally). 2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (VNDB 8.47) Once upon a time, there's man who was inspired by KEY's VNs. And thus he created a doujin VN that was attempted to recapture the success, but instead of nakige element the man decided to add horror and paranoia instead (With the man's drawing that was very bad). Also like KEY, his product is very successful so much that it became the man's Cash Cow Franchise. As for the man, he's Ryukishi07 and the product is obviously Higurashi. As for the premise, we have Keiichi who transfer to a rural town called Himanizawa and he managed to be friend with some unique girls. While at first Hinamizawa is very calm and relaxing, beneath that there's a lot of covered secrets that may cost a life to be uncovered, and our Keiichi was realized that as well. And so Keiichi decided to investigate what's really happen in the peaceful Hinamizawa, although too bad that his investigation was already doomed to be failed. Again and again. As for Higurashi itself, it's divided into eight arcs and the first part did covered the four arcs. As for the opening song here, since the original didn't have the opening I'll use Matsuri one (It's very good anyway). Almost forget that Mangagamer did localized this, and if you didn't like the default arc you can use the art from PS3. 1. Umineko no Naku Koro ni (VNDB 8.82) After being successful with Higurashi, Ryukshi07 decided to tackle another new series in When They Cry and this time he'd write about murder mystery. The premise goes like there's a very rich family that was trapped in the secluded island because of the storm. To make it worse turn out that each of the head's children did have some slight financial problem and the only solution to resolve their problem is a mysterious fortune that the head hide (Also rumored to be borrowed from the witch (Beatrice)). Things not going to be easy seeing that the clue to find the fortune is like a murder pattern, and all of the siblings are more than likely to commit the murder because they are very hostile to each other. As for who is the MC for Umineko, we have Battler (The head's grandson) who was challenged by Beatrice who claimed that she can kill the whole family using the magic. Refused to believe in magic, Battler decided to challenge Beatrice into a game of wits in that he must proof that it's possible for human to do the crime. Like Higurashi, Umineko here is also localized by Mangagamer with the help of a fan group (Witch Hunt) back at 2017, although it's redundant though because there's already a patch to insert PS3 art and Ryukishi's drawing is still bad (He improved at least), and of course already translated. I guess that's all for 2009 translated VNs, and as you can see most of those are still fan translated (Eight out of 10 VNs) so we can say that 2009 here is the start of fan translation golden era. Also back then Mangagamer was just starting their operation, so it's normal for them to have little number of released VNs (ie Kira Kira and Higurashi) compared to what we have nowadays. Also back then we obviously still didn't have Sekai yet and JAST did release less compared to the last years, so yeah thanks to the fans we can have a lot of good translated VNs whereas most people would categorized VNs as the porn games back at 2009. As for the next plan, I think I'll cover the translated VN release from 2010 up to 2014. PS - For the title I decided to joined two animal that was noted in both of 'When They Cry' series, and since we have both of cicada from Higurashi and seagull from Umineko I joined two animal into 'When the Sand Crabs Cry'. The reason is simply because sand crabs is also known as sea cicada, and besides it's not the first time someone use 'Umi' part from Umineko seeing that we have When the Seacats Cry doujin VN (TL Note: Umi mean sea).
  5. As promised, I post both of 2013 and 2014 translated VN in one post. The reason is because it's quite hard to make the list that I usually make the exception of it, and those examples are Monster Girl Quest 3 (Nukige) and Ataraxia (Fandiscs). As for the rules, other than no fandisc and nukige I'll not list otome and BL VNs. Also I forget to remind this earlier, but I wouldn't list OELVN here because the title is 'Translated VNs' and that's why you didn't see both of Katawa Shoujo and Doki Doki Literature Club in my past lists simply because both of those are OELVNs. Anyway here's my list for both of 2013 and 2014, and keep in mind that the list here is mostly my taste here. By the way it should be obvious that this is not another Winged Cloud VN review, and let's see my list here. 10. Comyu - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - (VNDB 7.59) There's a bit of drama happened back when it was before the translation begin. Namely that it's supposedly to be the ninth work for Amaterasu after Ixrec finished translated by DraKoi. Seeing that Ixrec already prepared to translated DraKoi, Moogy decided to released his DraKoi full translation after holding it back for a while and it's quite obvious that Moogy is really didn't want to lose to Ixrec. Whether you agree with Moogy action or not is up to you (It's slightly inappropriate to me), but at least it's slightly hasten Comyu translation here so we have Comyu as the eighth work for Amaterasu. As for the project itself, it goes for around more than a year before we finally have this at July 2014. For the translation itself, while I did read some not favorable opinion toward Ixrec's translation I think it's still good enough in that we can still understand it. As for the premise we have Akihito who is always a feminist (Or if we want to said it in less controversial manner chivalrous), although in this case it's an extreme one seeing that he'll depend any women regardless on their affiliation or morality. The reason for that it's because Akihito saw his mother was murdered in front of him, and it's still traumatizing him until today so much that he always recalled red color (Thanks to Hino Wataru writing style who always repeat a certain words, and he carry his writing style to Hello Lady as well). For the story we have Akihito managed to met with the four strangers who somehow manage to summon a black dragon together, and that he and the strangers will fight as the team (Even though their bond not as tight as usual team) with the help of Akihito's childhood friend Kagome who look like Majikoi's Momoyo. 9. I/O (VNDB 7.68) The second project of Lemnisca after Never7, and one of five best VNs for Lemnisca's founder GundamAce (The other four are Fate Stay Night, Ever17, Root Double, and Steins Gate). As for the VN itself, it's about a hard sci fi complete with some confusing terms and the plot twists in that you might scratch your head, complete with futuristic city setting that have exploration at cyber network in 2032. For the premise, we have Hinata who is still depressed over his loss of younger sister back when he was a child. One day suddenly he find a message that supposedly was from his little sister, and so Hinata decided to investigate the message which then lead him to some earth shattering events. Another thing to note is that in here we need to chose one of four MCs, and Hinata here is one of the MC. Each story will uncover a side of the setting, whether it's about an usual school setting, a lively hacker group, a woman who lost of everything, or a badass man who is always win with style and in a journey to search for something. Another interesting thing to note would be that Nakazawa here (The director of Ever17) was involved as a director for this VN, and that obviously we wouldn't find any sex scene seeing that I/O was released for PS2 first and ported to the PC later. 8. Air (VNDB 7.69) Seeing that this VN have the most beautiful opening song back at 2011, I decided to tried some ATLAS in order to play it. The result of that is the MC's name Yukito was translated into Inin, and I decided to give up on the ATLAS. This VN was also the lesser known of KEY VNs simply because the anime was not quite as popular as Clannad, at least back at when I tried using ATLAS to play it. Fast forward to 2014 we suddenly have two AIR translation project with the first one was by Sheeta (Amaterasu's editor) and the second by Gao Gao Translation, and Sheeta here is the one who finished it first and released it back at 2014 with Gao Gao version released a year afterwards at 2015 (I know that people prefer Gao Gao Translation here). For the premise we have Yukito who is quite handsome wondering on a journey as a wondering puppetmaster who can control puppet without string, and the reason is to follow his mother last wish to find a girl in the sky. Then in a rural town at beachside he met a cheerful girl with the name Mizusu, and from there Yukito start his friendship with Mizusu in which it's slowly turned into love. As for AIR here, I heard that the ending is quite sad even for KEY VN so you may need to prepare some tissue to wipe the tears from your eyes. 7. Ayakashibito (VNDB 7.70) No much drama that I remember with this VN other than it's temporary stopped by the translator (Ate the Moon group) before resumed back at 2013, and that we finally have full patch at 2014 April Fools. Also it's interesting to note that the writer is Higashide Yuichiro in that we know him as the one who write Tokyo Babel and some of Fate spin off, and also assistant writer for Princess Waltz (The only Pulltop VN that got some action writing), so we can say that he experienced in writing the actions. As for the premise, it's about Ryouichi who got sent to a special facility because of his superpower. At the facility, he met with a kitsune that Ryouichi named Suzu and Suzu herself quickly attached to Ryouichi. One day he decided to escape from facility, and afterwards he decided to live in a town that have the people who have similar situation in that they have superpower with the new name Sousichi along with Suzu. Almost forget to mention that the people with superpower was said to be the desendant of youkai, and that they feared by normal people so much that they got discriminated. Also since the writer is Higashide, naturally we also will have some action in Ayakashibito here. 6. Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa o Hirogete aka If My heart Had Wings (VNDB 7.77) Back at 2013 Pulltop suddenly have a brilliant idea to expand their market overseas, and they form MoeNovel as their subsidiary for overseas release. After that, they chose Konosora as their first localized VN which to say was not a bad idea in paper. Except it come with some problem, namely that they have badly translated it and more importantly censored the sex scenes along with the sex jokes, and the censorship here is definitely make them quite infamous. I don't see any reason on why they ask a company who usually translated console game to translate this seeing that they can at least try to ask either JAST or Mangagamer (Or both) for that matter, other than Pulltop already firm to censored their releases for overseas. Long story short, some fans obviously didn't accept it so they took upon themselves to retranslate the whole script and translated the sex scenes, and it took five years before finally we can have Konosora restoration patch back at 2018. As for Konosora itself, it's about our MC Aoi who come back to his hometown after seven years away from it. The reason on why Aoi came back to his hometown it's because he suffer an injury, and he come there to recuperate. Near his hometown, he met with a girl in wheelchair who need help and Aoi note her as being beautiful. Obviously Aoi help her while at the same time being mesmerized by a glider with rhe girl and not long after that he met with the girl again and introduce herself as Kotori, and learnt that she quite blunt with her speaking. Some time after that, both of Aoi and Kotori find out that there's a club who make glider and seeing that they already mesmerized by it both of them decided to join the club. For the last word here, I'm obviously recommend you to play this with restoration patch if you have PC and interested with Konosora here. 5. Kichikuou Rance (VNDB 7.91) Out of all old Rance VNs, Kichikuou here is the biggest one in which it's pretty much intentional seeing that Alicesoft intended this as the last Rance VN because they about to discontinued it. Of course thing turned out differently for Alicesoft seeing that it's become one of best selling VN, and that they managed to keep Rance going for more than 21 years before ended it with a bang (Kichikuou was released at 1996 end, while X as the last Rance VN was released at 2018 beginning). The influence of Kichikuou for the storyline of newer Rance VNs (VI to X) is very strong, so much that we can trace some plot points in the newer Rance VNs to Kichikuou. As for the premise, we have our usual selfish Rance lead a band of bandit. After a raid with his band, Rance was screwed up so much that he lost his most trusted slave (Sill), and Rance decided to ask his old acquintance who is a selfish queen (Lia) to marry him and rule Lia's kingdom as the king. From there, Rance keep his world conquest while at the same time keep searching for Sill. As for the gameplay, we can also say that this is the best one for all of older Rance VNs, although. Almost forget that Arunaru translated this back at 2014 as fan translation, and after that he'd translated Mamatoto before going official with VI. 4. Grisaia no Kajitsu aka The Fruit of Grisaia (VNDB 8.44) As for this VN, we can say that this is Frontwing (FW) Magnum Opus here, and perhaps it's because it was intended as their Swan Song because back at 2011 they going to be bankrupt. Of course seeing that FW managed to be survive thanks to Kajitsu's success, obviously they made two sequels (Meikyuu and Rakuen). Granted that they already intended Grisaia as the trilogy, although in this case FW forced it because they made Kajitsu as the charage here and so to me the sequels here is more akin to fandiscs. As for the translation, we have this released by TL Wiki back at 2013 and later by Sekai back at 2015, in which the latter release is a redundant one and riddled with controversy. For the premise, we have our snarky secret agent Yuuji want to have a normal life and so he decided to enter Mihama Academy and in there he met with five girls that have different personalities. Of course nothing as normal as it looks, considering that the girls did have dark pasts with some of those might be quite traumatic for them. From there, it's up to Yuuji to fix those problem for those girls. Almost forget that in anime version of this Yuuji fix all the girls problem in one route and made the continuity to the trilogy slightly more acceptable, although it was infamous for being rushed though. 3. Rewrite (VNDB 8.58) The seventh work for Amaterasu that was released back at 2013, and also the first KEY VN that Amaterasu translated. Also it's been officially picked up by Sekai along with the FD back at 2017, although instead of using Amaterasu's translation they opt to retranslated it. While one can say that it's because Ixrec's translation is quite bad (So called) so much that Sekai prefer the new one, I believe that there might be another reason on why Sekai chose to retranslate it such as no agreement in regard of price or something like that. In any case, obviously Sekai release here will be redundant so I would say that you better read Ixrec's version if you want to read Rewrite. Especially if we remember that the late Conjueror is the one who in charge of Rewrite retranslation, and it's obviously will take a while before Sekai find a new translator for Rewrite. Although if you still prefer to wait for new translation, then it's okay. In Rewrite here we have Tennouji Kotarou who more or less have a normal life in a city that full of greenery called Kazamatsuri, such as fight with his rival in a comedic way and have his female childhood friend live next door. One day, he saw a mysterious female who turned out to be occult club president with the goal to investigate a supernatural happening and then Kotarou decided to join the club. While it's usual for KEY VN to have mood shift, the shift in Rewrite here is too extreme with battle and even horror happening in a route (The reason for horror element is because we have Ryukishi here finally have a chance to write in a company that gave his inspiration for Higurashi), and not to mention world ending theme (You can compare the two openings here to understand the contrast). In the end, when it come to Rewrite what I can say is that just be careful that the writing style between each routes is vastly very different. 2. Clannad (VNDB 8.67) The release year for this quite complicated because we already have this translated at 2012, although it listed as partial release though. And yet we have full translation for this back at 2013 in Android version, so I'll just based on Android version for the release year which is at 2013. We also have Sekai here did rereleased Clannad at 2015 here, and unlike their several releases back then I think it's their best release seeing that the available PC patch did have several problems. For the premise we have Tomoya who have a lot of daddy issue thanks to the abuse, and that he always skip the school. One day in April, Tomoya met with a girl on the way to the school and some time after that the girl introduce herself as Nagisa. From there Tomoya find himself being interested with her, and started to enjoy his school life more. It should also be noted that this is the first KEY VN that was intended as all age VN in the first place, and thus there's no need to make some fuss in regard of the censorship (Because there is none of that). Also Clannad here is one of the most well known KEY VN thanks to the anime adaptation which widely acclaimed as good adaptation, and that is well known as one of the saddest anime although of course it's still not as sad as AIR though. 1. Steins Gate (VNDB 9.01) I remember that Blick Winkel was completely translated this VN before decided to sell the translation to JAST, and that JAST release this back at March 2014 end for PC version which is quite quick for them seeing that we still didn't get Chaos Head from them ever since back at 2009. Anyway we have Okabe Rintarou who is a chuunibyou that insist his real identity is Houhouin Kyouma who is a mad scientist, and that he like to create some gadget that supposed to have same effect as Doraemon's gadget. One day, Okabe somehow find himself in a desolate Akihabara and decided to investigate the cause. Some time after, he find out that somehow his gadget managed to have time travel power, and unfortunately some sinister organization also know it. From there, Okabe try his best to escape the organization, which not always successful seeing that we have 0 in that it show Okabe's failure that caused him to be in despair. Steins Gate here is also a part of Science Adventure series, in that it share same universe as Chaos Head and Robotic Note, and out of all anime adaptation of the series Steins Gate here is the most successful one. It also help that the anime adaptation here is also widely acclaimed as the good one like Clannad, so people most likely know Steins Gate anime first. As for both years, it's quite hard to say but at least we still have fan translation ongoing here seeing that Sekai was still not established yet. Although at the same time both JAST and Mangagamer started to get active though, with JAST somehow managed to get Steins Gate released quickly along with Mangagamer slightly more active compared to their previous years (Their releases back at 2013 and 2014 are mostly nukige though). It's too bad though that Pulltop here decided to be stubborn with their censorship until now, because they have chance to be a good publisher if they let go their policy (I know that I listed Konosora here in which it's censored back then, but in this case at least we can play full version so I add it here). That's all for my list here and I hope you'll enjoy it, and I'm sorry if some of your favorite VNs didn't in my list here. PS - As for the title, I'm simply combined both of Clannad and Steins Gate here. The 'Mad Scientist' was obviously refer to Okabe who always address himself as the mad scientist, and as for 'Sakura' it's because Clannad here is have a setting in spring season (April) and if we remember spring in Japan was always associated with sakura flower blooming.
  6. Yeah the title should be as clear as day in that we finally have Majo Koi Nikki release after spent three years being translated, and this VN is also the first Niijima Yuu works (Summer Pockets, Hatsuyuki Sakura, Natsuyume Nagisa) to be fully translated. I'll add more detail later, but let me warn you first that the beginning would have a lot of sex scenes courtesy of a diary writer so you better prepare for that, and as usual just put the expectation at moderate so you wouldn't need to be disappointed when turned out it's not your taste. I know that some people like it very much, although I also know that some other people may not like this. Feel free to discuss about Majokoi here, and you can get it at Steam. Have fun. Edit - I think I'll just directly add the main heroines here, and for Majokoi itself I would say that it'll be better to read it open mindedly seeing that the MC (Takumi) can come off as arrogant playboy which understandably could get on nerves for some of the readers. 1. Nanno Alice Our sort of the MC of Majokoi here, although if Danganronpa V3 teach us here it would be that it's better not to expect the female MC to lead the whole story or just expect her as Decoy MC. That said, at least she still better compared to Kaede in that she didn't get killed at the prologue's end and become one of the heroine. Her setting is that she live alone in a closed barbershop, and that she find a mysterious diary which depict the activity of a playboy with the name Takumi. And somehow it's become Alice's job to find more part of the diary seeing that the diary is scattered. Alice's VA here is Kusuhara Yui, in that she voiced Tsumugi Sara from Trinoline, Toki Nozomi from Daitoshokan, Akahoshi Nanao from Lamunation, Niimi Yuzuki from Ginharu, Narusawa Megu from Hoshiori, and Arihara Nanami from Riddle Joker. 2. Tokeizaka Rei A famous student who also in the same year as Alice (2nd year), and yet she already hold the most important job in the school in that she's the principal herself. As for the reason, apparently it's simply because she's the oldest one in her family lineage and that both of her grandfather and her parents are very busy. We didn't need to care on why the parents either didn't think to hire an adult helper or have one of them help Rei, but instead we need to care that her VA is Mizuhashi Kaori who voiced Kurokawa Kirara from Yumina, Matsushima Michiru from Grisaia franchise (I think Rei is almost resembled Michiru here), Kiba Mifuyu from Koichoco, Togakushi Touko from Sanoba Witch, Sawai Maya from Da Capo 2, Fushikawa Kokoro from Majikoi, Clea from Duel Savior, and Kimiyoshi Natsumi from Higurashi. 3. Tokeizaka Canon (Or Kanon, depend on which your preference here) The younger twin of Tokeizaka family. As for Kanon (Yes I'll call her with 'K' here), unlike her sister she is more shy and tend to tell her analysis with some probability in percent. Her analysis ability here is really helping Rei a lot when Rei do her work as the principal, and so she's act as Rei's secretary here in that she also known as the second principal here. Her VA is Yuina, in which she voiced Akatsuki Arisa from Haretaka, Serikawa Eri from Suki Suki, Matoi Ayame from Uchi trilogy, Shizuki Hachiyo from Loca Love trilogy, Takayashiki Matsuri from Family Project 2013 version, and Endou Saya from Kisaragi Gold Star. 4. Kashiwabara Mii Alice's senpai in the photography club, although to Takumi she's more or less is a school newspaper club who interviewed him. When she was children, she dreamt of being an idol because to her idol is always shining before decided to give up on her dream because she's wearing glasses. Her VA is Inoue Nana in which she voiced Kitamikado Misako from Evangile (Yes that infamous headmistress share same VA as Mii here, and honestly it's too bad that Qoobrand didn't chose her as Rei's VA), Jinpou Ann from Saku Saku, Tenma Minase from Hole Breaker, Onabuta Ikuko from Nukitashi, Kuon Ayano from Hanasaki, and Minai Tomoe from Higurashi. 5. Suou Hijiri A young nun at the church in the forest who is also transfer in Takumi's class. As for a nun, let's just say that she's a bit too devoted to the God in that she even likened it to a man and that she like to preach other students for having a bad mouth and the only way to cure it is to praying to the God. Her VA is Samoto Fuuri in that she voiced Minahoshi Asuho from Hoshimemo, Wakaba Faure from Katahane, Ayase Kasumi from Dies Irae (No idea why she didn't reprise her role in the anime version), Nanase Ayumu from Natsuyume Nagisa, Estel Freesia from Yoake, Kozaki Aya from Hatsuyuki Sakura, Akihime Sumomo from Nanatsuiro Drops, and Itsukushima Takako from Otoboku. 6. Fujita Konron Alice's classmate who mostly always absent. As for her character, she's the aloof one in that she rarely talk and when she speak she said something that was quite mysterious. There's more than met her eyes her when it come to her role, but obviously it'll be a major spoilerso let's just say that obviously you'll learn more about her. Her VA is Yamada Yuna in which she voiced Miyamura Yuuko from ef, Elica from eden, Amano Angeline Hotaru from Supipara, Jounouchi Makoto from Chrono Clock, Koizuka Mana from Amatsutsumi, and Amagi Sakuya from Otairo. That's all for the main heroines of Majokoi here. As for the reason on why I said main heroines, it's because we also can play other routes for the side heroines (Those routes are quite short compared to the main heroines routes though). I know that Alice here is the MC, although from Takumi's perspective she's the one of the main heroine so it's still count here.
  7. Well suck would be the nicest way to put it, and yeah it's too bad that it's delayed. Hopefully we can have the new release date as soon as possible after Mangagamer solve their mess on payment processor, especially when we know that Mangagamer didn't have this on Steam unlike Minagoroshi (It have Steam page, so at least they still able to release it back at July 18th).
  8. Late to the party, but currently Nekonyan already sent the Backerkit according to their tweet below. https://twitter.com/NekoNyanSoft/status/1161706325543477249 I don't know much about Backerkit here, but at least I understand that more or less it' a tool to get the adress for the backer or something like that. The period for Backerkit is a month, so perhaps we may September's end as the new release period estimation (Obviously the sooner the better).
  9. Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags

    Can we move this to Member Longue section? Because I'm sure that we didn't talk about Visual Novel here (Other than the tropes which could be apply to any other works).
  10. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    One day I browse 12Riven TV Trope page and find a soundtrack under 'Long Song Short Scene' trope and out of curiosity I listen to it. Turned out that the soundtrack is pretty nice, so I'll share it below. Here's Eclipse from 12Riven, and I hope you'll enjoy it. PS - It's too bad that Lemnisca can't continue their 12Riven project because they became official group and thus they need to make a deal before they can work on this again, so it can't be helped here.

    There's Aoishiro if you want multiple routes GL VNs, and it have five heroines although you need the guide to avoid 56 bad endings though. Also like someone said above, there's Nurse Love series (Hakuai and Shirokoi) in that it have more than three heroines. It's too bad that there's still no Seisai no Resonance English translation as of now (I don't want to learn Chinese or Russian yet), seeing that the plot is very unique because it's very rare to see the setting even with male MC (I only remember that the VN with similar setting is Koiken Otome). At least the writer is wrote Shirokoi if we need a GL VN from the same writer (Madoka Madoka). Almost forget that she also write Sonohana nurse VNs, which is reasonable seeing that the writer is also work as the nurse in the past (Or so that's what I'd hear).
  12. What are you playing?

    Play Kamidori again for nth times, and I want to try to max the stats for all of the characters and complete the CG if I have time. By the way I also do 'no game over music challange' and 'no death challange here', and Mylen's growth is very good here in that you didn't need Marwen accesories much to max her neccesary status.
  13. I'd just update the opening post with the VA info for the main heroines. If you want to drop this, then it's okay because the MC here could be very divisive with him being playboy as the outward appearence (Mod Clephas dislike it as well). Although if you manage to find the hidden meaning like Fred here, then it's very good. And yeah I'm very understand what he said, because I remember that I read a review that mention the same thing about the story.
  14. Well if you really want H-scenes in Little Busters in order to allow the reader to have full experience because it was made like that, I think you can do it. In fact, I would say that if KEY wouldn't give us the choice then perhaps you can give us the choice for that and maybe some of KEY fans would be very thankful for what you do. I mean we have Konosora and Maitetsu restoration project, so it shouldn't be impossible for you to have Little Busters restored the sex scenes and of course translated those scenes by yourself. Good luck if you attempt that later.
  15. Shinimasu 100% tl celebration thread

    Good luck on the editing efforts there.
  16. IMHHW(Nintendo Switch)

    Good for first player of VN that somehow didn't research the VN before buying it and have Switch I guess, otherwise just stick to 18+ version. May as well just think that Pulltop really need money if they didn't put effort to have Switch port here, although to be fair they have effort though for overseas release (Regardless on their way is wrong or not, and I think we know what way that Pulltop did here).
  17. Best Kiss Scene In A Visual Novel

    I guess art wise any GL VNs could be qualified, because simply we always have MC with face and so we can see the MC faces whenever she kissed. Other than that, I guess I'm neutral about it. By the way as for Hoshiori kiss above, I guess we better use imagination if we want to see proper kiss.
  18. As for the comparison between sales and pirate download, from what I see I think there's nothing in this thread so the only one who know the comparison is Sol Press CEO himself (Xeviax) and Noisy Pixel writer. Also yeah Sol Press took very long time for upscaling Sakusakura graphic in that it's a very tiring job that caused a year delay, and even Doddler said that it was crazy of them to do it.
  19. Techno of Saya Review

    So anyone else think that Saya no Uta Steam trailer soundtrack is more fitting as techno song in which it's fitting for dance instead of a trailer for horror VN? I do (Hence the title for this week VNTS Review) and I felt that it make the trailer is quite narm instead of being scary, so much that I felt that it's very funny. I know that it's the remix of the old trailer song, but it's not like they couldn't use the old song from the trailer there. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and since apparently Decay was still busy and thus no VNTS, I'll make a review without VNTS here. As for this week, well actually I didn't quite like that there's many delay here, although if the circumstances are very severe I guess it can't really be helped here. If anything, at least there's still some updates and the releases. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week here. As for Saya no Uta remake, other than unfitting trailer song I would say that the release itself is quite redundant because we already have this released twice (And I'm sure that JAST wouldn't change the translation here). While granted it's a HD one, I think most of the people couldn't be able to tell the difference if they use the older laptop (To me the older version is still enough). If anything, at least now that it's available at Steam so if the people prefer Steam to buy the VN then they can buy it from there. Otherwise we can treat this as another redundant release from JAST and wait for JAST to fulfill their promise in regard of their more interesting releases (ie Sumaga, Kimikoi, and Flowers Autumn), which is quite difficult to fulfill if there are many other circumstances such as the problem in the hardcopy factory if they still insist to releases the new releases alongside the hardcopy and thus inevitably delay the releases. From fan translation here, we have Eustia was at 37.99% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 23.22% translated. Other than usual Eustia's update we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 6% translated and more importantly we have Watamasu was fully translated, although it would still take some time before the release though because the editing and QC progress was still at 0% (I assume that the team would certainly take care of that as well). To be honest I didn't really like when Sekai announced the release date only to have them delay it for a week here (From 10th to 16th), and that case is happened at Nine 2. And not to mention the reason is quite hard to accept there, in that apparently because we have Comiket. I know that the developer probably attend Comiket, but I think Sekai here is really need to pay attention to that event beforehand before announce the release date, so that the people who already anticipate the release at that date didn't really need to be disappointed to see the release being delayed. I guess there's nothing will change if I rant here, so let's just say that it's good that Sekai here also have Zombie VN 2 release. While granted it's still serial VN and that the premise is still a post apocalypse world where the zombies roam around, at least now that I take a look at it the graphic is really looking good here. So go get the Zombie VN 2 from Denpasoft if you've been looking forward to it for a while (There's no Steam release here), and have fun. Almost forget to inform that Steam apparently was going berserk again by removing Loca Love from their store, but apparently the reasons is because it did have rank Adult Only and yet the setting was at the high school. I know that the reason here is quite flimsy, although knowing Valve was quite dislike VNs with school setting that have sex scenes safe to say that it might be what Valve have for the reasoning. In any case, let's see whether they still can release Loca Love 2 at this month or not and hopefully they'll be able to find a new store to sell it. Speaking about store, we have poor Mangagamer struggle with their busted deal in regard of the payment processor. I don't really know though on how that work for them, other than it's obviously very inconvenience for them that so much they need to delay Haretaka release which to say was quite a downer. There's a lot to speculate in regard of the busted payment processor here, and more importantly the last time it's happen is back at 2016 in that it also force Mangagamer to delay Haruka release for a month. In any case, for now I just hope that Mangagamer will find a solution for their problem and released Haretaka afterward, and possibly not to let this happen again in the future. Forced Haretaka release delay aside, at least we have a lot of updates from Mangagamer here. As for the updates, we have Uchikano was at 87% translated along with 11% edited, Funbag Fantasy 2 finished the testing, Sona-Nyl was at 20% edited, Sideboob 2 was about to enter the testing, Magic and Slash was at 58% edited, image editing for Escalayer was finished, Mugen Renkan was at 86% translated and 64% edited, 01 was at quarter edited, 02 was at 93% translated and WanNyan was at 70% edited. That's all for Mangagamer's updates here. As for Aokana, it's too bad though that it's also delayed as well although seeing that they got almost 1,200 backers they probably need some time to prepare the Backerkit (At least a month). There's also the matter that Aokana was in review at Steam, which would be took some time seeing that they deleted HGB and more recently Loca Love 2 so it's possible that they would tightening the review process (I just hope that the review process will be going well). So in any case, for now we can at least expect September's end release to be safw. Like Mangagamer, Nekonyan here also have some updates in that they have Aokana was fully translated along with 90% edited, Hello Lady was at 80% translated along with 65% edited, Makeover was at halfway translated and edited, and Senren Banka was at 35% translated and edited. Also like both of Mangagamer and Sekai, Nekonyan here also have secret projects and this time they add two more. For the progress, we have the engine for the 1st project was worked on by the developer, 2nd was at a quarter translated and edited, and 3rd was at 7% translated and edited. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.
  20. Conjueror passed away

    I guess it mean that we'll never know what's his best 10 translated VNs for this year and the next years as well, and obviously it mean that we never see new works translated by him anymore. Regarldless his opinion on the translation (I know some people didn't agree with his translation choice) and the VNs themselves (I didn't agree on some of his VNs choice for top 10 translated VNs video there), it's still quite a shock to me to see a young man like him passed away suddenly especially when it's at the same age as mine (I'm also at 29 here, even though it'll be at October later). My condolence to his family there and I hope that he'll rest in peace. PS - I'm sorry if some of my words here sound harsh to you here. PPS - While I said that I didn't agree with some of his VNs choice, actually I really like his best translated VNs video here.
  21. Birthday thread

    Happy belated 31st birthday to our admin @Nayleen and happy 35th birthday to @adamstan there. I hope both of you will have a good year ahead.
  22. VN of the Month July 2004 - Dear My Friend

    As for Hinatabokko, the last line that was added in the English premise is really corny if not ridiculuous and uncanny. First of all while the twin sister here is sexy, the art is definitely not show that because Fue's art here is more focused on the cuteness. Second while granted it's normal VN where the man was need to choose a girl, I don't really think that Natsuki here is really confused when he chose a girl. And by the way the new lines about sexy and confused MC here is really added for English version, because when I checked Japanese version synopsis it tell us on how Natsuki's parents dead and the first paragraph of the English premise. Oh and they got the title wrong as well, because Hinatabokko actually mean 'Basking in the sun'. That said, it's understandable though if the staff got it wrong on the translation (Actually it shouldn't be happen) because back at 2008 Mangagamer was still newbie and they probably lack of English speaker translator. Also for more trivia, actually Mangagamer was formed by four Japanese companies with Tarte was one of the company so maybe they only have Japanese staffs back then. Other than mistranslation on the title and the unneccesary addition of the uncanny premise, I guess it's more or less okay as long as you try to tolerate Mangagamer's early bad translation (I'm okay with it, although other people need to mind on that here).
  23. As for that matter, apparently so. The only example that they did that it's Little Busters, in that they didn't translated the sex scenes. It's not much of a big loss anyway seeing that people thing that Little Busters sex scenes is out of place or something like that. Also if Fruitbat are really the one who censored the sex scenes, I'll still blame Harukaze anyway for contacting the company who clearly wouldn't involved in 18+ VNs translation instead of either Mangagamer or JAST (Or to put it in another word Harukaze already decided to censor Noraneko if they ask Fruitbat for publishing help). PS - I know Eiyuu Senki as well too, but at least it have a justification that they release it for PS3 first (Don't ask me why TENCO decided that though).
  24. Just want to point out here that actually translated isekai harem VN here is surprisingly quite rare here, especially the one that isn't nukige. As for the recommendations, if you okay with otome VN then you can try Nightshade. I also recommend Fata Morgana here, if you're okay with tragedy and some disturbing moment. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  25. Birthday thread

    Happy 23rd birthday to our @Rose there, and I hope you'll have a good year ahread.