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  1. As for database that contain text dumps for VNs, unfortunately I don't know any. The closest one that has it is TL Wiki in form of script, and even then it's for the select number of the VNs that their group translated.
  2. For the topic, well I tried Irotoridori no Sekai (Which Nekonyan just release it) and Venus Blood Dark Chronicle. Weird combination I know.
  3. Visual Novel Translation Status (14/04/2024) Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and because we have Corpse Party 2 along with Cherry Kiss nukige (Hentai Homewrecker) announced I decided to combine both so we have 'Homewrecker Party' for the title. As for this week, initially it's just another below average one, although turned out this week we have some very notable updates in regard of the release plan so overall this week is an average one to a degree. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week. Once again Cherry Kiss announced their new nukige, Hentai Homewrecker, with the MC was roped into have NTR by the willing housewife. No much comment that I can mention other than it'll be released in two days (19th) later. We also have Team Gris Gris was turned out still active with them silently develop the real Corpse Party 2 (Not the fanfic game one), and the VN will be available sometimes in Autumn 2024 (Between October to December) later. Oh yes, it's also will be availble on PC, so you don't need to buy the console just to play this later. For the premise, it's like the first Corpse Party with the casts dragged into the otherworld with them must do their best to escape from the vengeful ghost, except this time all of the main casts are all female (We may have male side casts reveal later though) and the casts dragged into the otherworld from the abandoned hospital instead of the abandoned school. This week we have both Sekai and Shiravune announced the nukige with summer theme. Sekai revealed that they've been working on Kurikuri Click with the MC was does his best at his job as oil masseuse with his task job is to rub the oil into the customer's body, which eventually lead to the sex scenes when the MC at one instance was going overboard when he got sexy woman customers. Anyway, it'll be available on May 3rd later. Shiravune also revealed they've been working on Nyonin Island with the MC was hired as the island manager, and then it's revealed the MC got nice job because turned out the island has no male before the MC came to the island, so normally the female turned to the MC to have sex. For the release time, Shiravune only list that it'll be on this year. Speaking of release time, Shiravune announce the exact release date for both Mashiro Iro with said date is May 2nd, so keep the date in mind if you've been waiting for Mashiro Iro in English for some times. From fan translation, we have Taima Seiko Alice is at 35% edited along with 10% proofreading, ChuSingura is at 42.22% translated, Akagoei 3 is at 56.28% edited, and Ushieta is past halfway (50.8%) translated with Nagisa's route is at 28.4% translated. Other than regular updates, we also have Sampaguita release, and from what I understand its the third game of Yarudora series with the MC encounter the amnesiac girl Maria who is from Philippine and carrying a gun, which tipped the MC that Maria is involving in something dangerous. Note that the patch is for PSP version, so you need PSP emulator to play it. We also have Loverable translator announce they'll release it in August later after working on it for eight years, although for now it's still up in the air. Last but not the least, we have Daybreak announce the exact release date for Yuzuki's patch release, and it'll be in 26th later so let's see if Daybreak can finally release the last patch for Ginharu at that date. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.
  4. Honestly looking from how Alcot was suddenly stop making yearly releases after Shogun-sama fandisc, it's quite predictable they'll retire (Although I still feel bad about it for the obvious reason). Also from what I see somewhere, apparently the writer want to retire as well, so he decided to make Clover Memory's as his last project before retiring. Anyway, the link to it's Campfire in case you want to check the crowdfund, and the goal is to gather 36 million yen within May 31st later.
  5. The thing is VNDB only list the tag 'Tickle Torture' as sexual activity, and in case you want the one outside sex scenes it's kind of hard to recall it. So my apologies that I can't help you much in regard of non-sexual tickle scene in the VNs.
  6. Watch Gushing Over Magical Girl in Winter 2024, and let's just say it end at the perfect moment before the plot getting more intricate (Also yes it has some interesting plot despite the series is just the female MC became the villain cadre who out to sexually torture the magical girl as the way to express her love). Other than that, I also watch Onimai which ultimately is usual CGDCT despite the unusual premise that made me drop the manga for years and skip the anime until now (Also it's good to have Studio Bind working on Onimai anime with the manga translator was initially expected Doga Kobo will worked on it).
  7. Yeah, JAST really is about to release the nukige in June later. That said, obviously it's not my interest here, especially with there are some other interesting non-nukige VNs from the olden time, although at least the art is still looking good even after more than 10 years since its initial release. Still, have fun if you've been looking forward to it.
  8. Well I only remember one of the VN has that scene, and said VN is Venus Blood Frontier with one of the optional sex scenes has the girl tickled by the tentacle. Other than that, euphoria (Has many other disturbing sex scenes though) and Nukitashi has one. I hope my recommendations will be helpful to you in case you didn't play those VNs yet.
  9. Well if you just want sly heroine, then Kaname from Sugar Style, Kasumi from IxShe Tell, and Mai from Secret Agent. There are more that I can think of, although some of the other examples are big spoiler. Lastly, while I don't know if you're already read those VNs or not, I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
  10. Bump the thread for obvious reason, namely it got exact release date and it'll be on May 2nd later. Also it'll be simultaneous release with Sana Edition, which to say is quite bothersome compared to just release it as one game considering Sana Edition is also has the common route. Anyway, feel free to note the date if you're been waiting for this.
  11. Well Hoshiori may be fit, although it only has two months though, so if you prefer longer one then perhaps you can try Ginharu with the relationship start from middle school all the way up to 20's. I know that both examples have childhood friend heroines, but at least it didn't have the casts plan a family after three weeks. Oh yes, you can also try Summer Pocket with none of the heroines are childhood friend, although it didn't as lengthy as two earlier examples though. Lastly I don't know if you're already played those VNs or not, but I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  12. Well looks like we'll going to have it finished in this April, because the translator announced the exact release date for Yuzuki's patch (On 26th later), so let's see if that date is indeed the real one. For the progress, all of the work for Yuzuki's patch is pretty much already done save for some very minor work, or in the translator's word 'to upload literally like what… 2 images to it(?)'. That's all for (Possibly) the last update before Yuzuki's patch release.
  13. Visual Novel Translation Status (07/04/2024) Welcome to this week VNTS Review. For the title, because we have Tengoku Struggle with the female MC being the step daughter of King Enma tasked to return the prisoners from Hell, I decided to make the parody of the old anime Yu Yu Hakusho with it has the son of King Enma as one of the major character by changing 'Ghost' in its direct translated title (Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files) into 'Prisoners', so we have 'Yu Yu Hakusho: Prisoner Files' as the title. As for this week, we have several releases which to be frank not really interesting to me. Another thing to note is that finally Ninetail announce their timeline for Ragnarok Kickstarter, and ironically it's the most interesting news in this week. Overall, this week is another below average week and let's see what I can write in regard of it. Aksys did release Tengoku Struggle, and for the premise we have female MC Rin who is the step daughter of King Enma tasked to return all of the escaped prisoners that suppose to face their punishment. In order to have good chance to successfully capture the prisoners, Rin enlist the help from Goemon and several others handsome prisoners to do her job, and obviously we'll going to see the romance blossom between Rin and one of her helper. Go get Tengoku Struggle if you have Switch and want to play it, and have fun. Dramatic Create announce they'll localize Nie no Machi along with it's fandisc, and from what I see Nie no Machi is BL VN with the MC is stranded in the world of between the living and the death. For the release time, the main game will be released in this year and the fandisc will be released in 2025. Also there'll be PC version as well, so you didn't need to buy Switch if you want to play this. Shiravune released Holy Slave Academy, and well no much to say other than it's old nukige with the MC was the teacher who tasked to mold his student into the sex slave by using any means. Speaking of nukige, Cherry Kiss also suddenly released their nukige back in April 1st, and it's about the MC who has his own bunny suddenly transform into the girl which of course will have a lot of sex with the MC. Ninetail announce the time for their Ragnarok Kickstarter, and they say the KS will start some times in May later. Ninetail also mention some difficulties in regard of their upcoming KS, such as no gameplay demo thanks to the engine issue, the increased shipping price because of the rising cost, and the increased price for one of the pledge. For fan translation, we have Taima Seiko Alice is at 30% edited, Akagoei 3 is at 53.37% edited, ChuSingura is at 41.91% translated, and Ushieta is at 44.9% translated with Airi's route is fully translated. For Ushieta here, obviously this is quite big achievement seeing the old project was stopped at 35% translated, so good job to the translator for finishing Airi's route. Anyway, now that Airi's route is fully translated, the translator planned to working on Nagisa's route next. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week. PS - I know there's some significant update in regard of Ginharu, and I decided to save the talk for next VNTS Review.
  14. Let's see what I can comment in regard of Fall 2018 anime. Reincarnated as Slime - Conveniently we just have the third season premiered few days ago. Obviously it has three season means that the series is very popular, and I can definitely see it (Especially with my brother and sister also watch it). The premise is very simple, namely we have an office worker dead after being stabbed only to find himself reincarnated as the slime who soon named as Rimuru. From there, Rimuru build his territory into the strongest one by consolidating thousands of monster that Rimuru named (Note that the power up process in the setting was done by named the creature). All in all, people watch the series for the escapism and I guess Rimuru's cuteness as well. Goblin Slayer - It's about someone who known as Goblin Slayer dedicated himself to exterminate the goblin which is the weakest monster in usual RPG alongside slime. While the premise is sounds laughable with someone dedicated himself to exterminate weak monster, turned out the writer manage to show on how goblin is no less threatening than dragon or demon lord seeing the goblin in the series can annihilate even experienced adventurers. Also like in Maoyu, the casts here is only called by their job title instead of their name. Anima Yell - Obviously this is CGDCT series from Kirara, although it did show cheerleading as sports which is something that still rarely shown in the manga or anime (Usually they just used as the eye candy for the obvious reasons). The anime is ended up adapting half of the manga, and overall it's conclusive enough. Neighbor Vampire - It's about a girl who came across the shut in vampire who then proceed trying her best to befriend the vampire. Also it's called as Kinmosa Vampire, which make sense judging from the character design alone. Jojo Golden Wind - Araki finally shown his fondness toward Italy by making it as the setting for Jojo Part 5. In here we have Giorno who inherit Joestar blood, although the connection came from the most absurd condition because his blood father is Dio (Joestar's nemesis) who is attached into Jonathan's body (Well bizarre is Jojo's middle name). One day, Giorno saw a gangster who save him crushing anyone else who sell drugs, and so Giorno decided to do his best to stop drugs deal in Italy by joining the mafia group. Of course, his journey is not easy, seeing his rival is more than willing to kill Giorno, and it only getting harder in the latter half with several of Giorno's allies are killed. Girls in Twilight - I only note this for Uchikoshi, and he didn't manage to write on how the group fight the main villain (Twilight King). For the series itself, it's like Irotoridori with the girls visit the parallel word, and each girls will get an arc that ultimately will make them have superpower. Zombie Land Saga - It's like Love Live with the girl save their establishment by forming the idol group, except they need to save the whole city and more importantly the girls themselves is the zombies. Obviously the premise is out there so much even the staffs didn't believe that it could work, but the unique premise manage to make it work anyway with second season available in 2021. That's all for what I can write in regard of Fall 2018 anime.
  15. Looks like you're interesting with clumsy girl thing. In this case then there's some VNs who have those, such as Irotoridori (Tsukasa) and Amatsutsumi (Kyouko). Although if you want the closest one with what you mention, then perhaps going with KEY VN is the best option, with one of those type of heroine is Tsumugi from Summer Pockets. I don't know if you're already played those VNs or not, but regardless I hope my recommendations will be helpful to you.
  16. Well out of all three VNs, obviously the VN of Month for March 2024 goes to Unravel Trigger. For the other two, Macau Midnight Madness could be an interesting GL VN only to have the developer using AI for the art, and Delusional Mystery Adventure developer use MTL to translate their VNs into several language. For Unravel Trigger itself, looks like it has nice plot setting like Ryuusei World Actor albeit with vampire, although it's interesting to note that both the director and the artist are worked together on Sousaku Kanojo even though the developer is one of Nexton's branch company instead of Akabei Soft 2 one (So hopefully we may have Shiravune localize Unravel Trigger in the future seeing now they have the licenses for several VNs from Nexton's branch company (One Remake, Suzukuri Karin, Amanatsu)). That's all for what I can write in regard of March 2024 release.
  17. Congratulation on finishing Airi's route, which to say is quite big step up compared to the past project because I did search my past VNTS Review and then found out the old translator stuck at Airi's route with overall is at 35% translated. Good luck with your work on Nagisa's route.
  18. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and no much to say besides that I hope you'll have fun in here. Also feel free to ask for some VN recommendations if you want one.
  19. Visual Novel Translation Status (31/03/2024) Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the title because we finally have Sekai released ReLord 3 with the sub title '~The demon lord of Groessen and the final witch~', I made the parody with I change 'Groessen' into 'Toyotoki' (From Ihanashi no Majo English title, Tales from Toyotoki) and 'the final witch' into 'the songstress' with songstress part come from one of Venus Blood Hollow fandisc title 'The Dragon Songstress'. Anyway, for this week initially I thought it would be a plain one, but near the end of the month there are several sudden release along with Mangagamer finally do another updates. Overall, this week to me is more or less a below average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it. We have a new publisher called Ramune Games about to release their debut work, LingerieS, with the premise the trap MC was assigned to take care of the lingerie shop that his twin sister take care of while said sister have some other business for the whole two months. From what I see, apparently it's another single heroine VN, and looking from the number of the side heroine we may have more parts available later. In any case, the plan is to release the VN in this year later. Ramune Games itself is the branch company of the developer who usually made nukige, so we may have 18+ patch for this. Speaking of this year release, we finally have Ihanashi no Majo English language support for Steam with the support will be available on Autumn later (The Switch version will be available on this Summer). It's interesting if not funny on how both Ninetail and Sekai decided to do sudden release for both of their VN, and it's good for the latter now that they have one less title to worry about. No much comment on Venus Blood Hollow fandisc other than it'll focused on the dragon sibling (Julia and Liese) who will received a lot of love from Leon's trusted tentacles, and feel free to play if you want more of Hollow (I'm still waiting for Ragnaro's KS). Sekai did suddenly released ReLord 3rd, and with it they finally done with ReLord trilogy. For the premise of ReLord 3, we have the demon lord MC finally almost done to liberate his territory from the witches, although obviously the MC still need to face the hard fight seeing now he need to deal with two enemies at once. Go get ReLord 3 if you've been waiting for the release before playing the trilogy, and have fun. We also have Shiravune announced the exact release date for (Redundant) Taimanin Yukikaze, with said date is 30th later. Once again, this week we have Mangagamer's updates. As for the updates, we have Hana Awase PC port is in progress, Funbag Fantasy 4 is at 80% translated along with 78% edited, Rance 03 is at 73% translated, Rance X is finally reached 90% mark translated, Sex Open World is also passed 90% mark translated (92%) along with 86% edited, and Ixseal is at 84% translated along with 81% edited. Honestly I only care for Ixseal here, but it's good to see that Rance X finally almost finished its translation work with X has a very big amount of text. Lastly for fan translation, we have Akagoei 3 is past halfway (50.05%) edited, Ryouken After is past halfway (55.58%) translated, Taima Seiko Alice is at a quarter edited, and ChuSingura is at 41.53% translated with Chapter 2 is past three quarter (76.43%) translated. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.
  20. The leak is already happen, so yeah you can play it immediately if you can't wait for the perfectionist translator to finally finished with his last steps. Also while some did say that it use the old version, from what I understand the leaked patch is still viable enough, so feel free to play with it.
  21. What I can say is the VNs with space are very rare, only has around 417 VNs according to VNDB so of course it has potential to be developed as the setting for the VNs. While in theory space setting is encouraging the future and imagination (Like STPC linking both of space and imagination), in practice most of space VNs (Or rather work) are took some clue from both of Star Wars and Star Trek, which make sense because both are very prominent franchise with space setting. Anyway, for more other example of VNs with space setting, I can only think two, Galaxy Angel trilogy and Lunaria. Galaxy Angel has the story deviate from Star Wars, with the Empire being in the side of good and the rebel prince is set as the villain. It also has RTS gameplay with the MC Tact act as the all girl squad commander with Tact need to do his best to have a good relationship with one of his squad member in order to boost her performance in combat, and it's quite successful so much it as anime adaptation (Which is deviate from the VN very much). For Lunaria, while the setting is in virtual space, it also has moon setting with the MC find the main heroine in the unknown Moon server, so yeah it still has real space setting. That's all for what I can comment in regard of the topic here.
  22. While some may ponder on why 0 exist when the original Steins Gate is already conclusive enough, the answer is surprisingly simple, namely to allow Mages to milk Steins Gate as much as possible. Of course, adapting from the ending directly would obviously very controversial (And back then Mages still has some standard to not going DaSH), so they decided to show us on what happen with Okabe when he did his best to raise up from his big failure. So the fans would see that Okabe's journey to get the true ending is not simply skip the game and then peek the walkthrough to see the correct choice, but instead it'll be full of complication and danger. Anyway, for the VN, actually it's the adaptation of the light novel of Steins Gate spin off, so in a way 0 is like the fandisc despite calling it as midquel (Not sequel) is also fit because it happen in the middle of Steins Gate. Lastly, I can say that at least Mages still write some nice character writing, especially in regard of Daru and Suzuha relationship. That's all for what I can comment in regard of Steins Gate 0. PS - I did remember that initially it didn't have PC version, but the people at Committee of Zero worked hard to add this on PC back when it's just released in 2016.
  23. Visual Novel Translation Status (24/03/2024) Welcome to this week VNTS Reviews, and for the title I'll tell it in PS. As for this week, compared to the last one we have several updates, so in theory this should be interesting week. That said, those updates are not quite interesting to me for the most part, but it still worth to note anyway. So overall this week is an almost average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it. Shinzou Translation released Nagi no Koi on last Sunday. For the VN itself, I knew that it has two love stories with one of the story has amnesiac MC, while the other story has the MC find his happiness in the arranged marriage after he failed yo become the lord in his territory, and I also knew the team got the approval from the developer to work on this. Feel free to get Nagi no Koi of you're interested, and have fun. For the rest of fan translation updates, we have Akagoei 3 is at 48.12% translated, Majikoi Ryouken After is at 46.19% translated, Taima Seiko Alice is at 20% edited, and Ushieta is at 35.6% translated with Airi's route is past halfway (55.7%) translated. HuneX announced they currently will release Steam Prison FD within this year, and as the bonus there'll be English version of it with Mangagamer responsible for the translation work. No much to say other than it's nice that it's also will be available on PC. We also have PQube announce new Memories Off, SINce Memories, with the most important thing is it'll be available in English, which mean it's the first Memories Off VN in English. To elaborate, Memories Off series is the series of charage by KID, and Never7 slice of life writing is obviously influenced by Memories Off series with the sci-fi plot appear near the end. For the release time, it's still unknown when PQube will do it. That said, I know the artist is the one who work on Aonatsu Line and Yukiiro Sign (Also Aquatope anime), and I immediately recognize her style when I saw the announcement. Aniplex announce their newest VN, Tanetsumi no Uta, with them will release it in this year. For it's premise, it's about the 16 years old young girl Misuzu who's going to the adventure to face True Winter with Misuzu's late mother in her youth, Misuzu's future daughter, and Misuzu's stillborn little brother. Aniplex also announced the exact release date for their (Redundant) Tsukihime Remake Part 1, and it'll be on June 27th later. It's too bad there's no PC version announcement of this, although it may took a year to work on it just like Mahoyo. Shiravune finally announced the exact release date for Kara no Shoujo 2, and it'll be on April 19th later. What I can say is the release are mostly redundant since we already have the translation for Kara no Shoujo 2 since 2015 thanks to Mangagamer. If anything else, at least Innocent Grey made the trial (Which is very different from the main story) as the Prologue in the new version that Shiravune took. Lastly, they also announce Shukusei no Girlfriend 2 which is inevitable if we see Criminal Border. The sequel here put the focus on the new girl to focus is Maja, although she's not exactly new with here appear in the first part as the magical girl who antagonize the MC. No idea of the exact release date for this, but Shiravune listed Q2 2024 (ie at most June 30th) as the estimation time, and let's hope there won't be any complication before the release. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week. PS - Since we have new VN announcement with the artist herself worked on Yukiiro Sign, I made the parody of Sherlock Holmes 'The Sign of the Four' with I changed 'Four' into 'Two' because we have Kara no Shoujo 2 exact release date announcement, which is very fitting seeing both of Sherlock Holmes and Reiji (Kara no Shoujo MC) are detectives.
  24. Well the problem is simpler than what mod Clephas assume, and the reason is because Suzukuri Karin-chan is created by Softhouse Chara. It's more notable than it sounds, because they would never add the Save button in the narration and only add the button in the gameplay section, so if the OP still confused with it then just keep playing until the gameplay section in which we finally can save the game for the first time.
  25. Visual Novel Translation Status (17/03/2024) For this week title, because we have Shiravune localized redundant NTR VN with Steam title 'Saving Mrs. Hinako', I just make a parody of Saving Private Ryan movie with I changed 'Ryan' into 'Hinako', and obviously Hinako's setting is not the private in military like Ryan. Anyway as for this week, turned out Shiravune has new announcements in which it's quite an interesting one to a degree, namely Amanatsu. So with that, overall this week is an almost plain one and let's see what I can write in regard of it. Like I say beforehand Shiravune did release a redundant NTR VN with the full uncensored title 'Saving Mrs. Hinako with My Cock', which obviously mean the MC will have a lot of sex with the titular Hinako. I did say redundant is because we already have the fan translation of this back in 2021, although honestly I didn't pay much attention to it back when it's released at that year. For the premise of the VN itself, we have the MC who find out his childhood crush Hinako has already moved on and have a daughter. At first the MC felt very hopeless now that his crush has move on without him, although knowing that Hinako's marriage is not exactly a happy one with her husband do his best to cheat from Hinako as much as possible, the MC decided to take the action to take Hinako from her husband, which including have sex with her. Note that Shiravune did use the new translation instead of the available fan translation, so fell free to pick whichever translation you prefer. For this week fan translation updates, we have ChuSingura is at 40.83% translated, Taima Seiko Alice is at 15% edited, Akagoei 3 is at 37.62% edited, and Ushieta is at 28% translated with Airi's route is at 18.9% translated. We also have the big progress from Konosora Snow Present, with the most recent status is it has been fully edited and the team will tackle the image editing before compile the final patch. Last but not the least, we have Shiravune's new announcement, Amanatsu which is quite an interesting one. The reason on why I say it is because it's bigger title from Azarashi Soft which usually has better graphic, and doubly so considering so far we only have smaller title from Azarashi. With now Shiravune announced Amanatsu, at least now we know on who has better chance to finally pick the most well known Azarashi Soft VN, Amakano series. For Amanatsu, while it's very obvious that it has good graphic, the other notable one is the writer of the VN is Hayase Yuu, who as we know wrote several comedy VNs for Smee, so we can expect the comedy that usually available in Smee VNs on Amanatsu. For the release date, this time Shiravune decided to be secretive about it, although if Mangagamer placeholder date (July 31st) is any indication, we may have Amanatsu available within this year (2024) so let's wait and see here. That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.
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