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  1. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    Guess we can't do anything other than wait and hoping that the engine problem isn't very complicated then.
  2. Quite surprising that Sol Press already opened their Steam store for this with the release date is very near (At 15th later), so I should give them some praise here. Anyway, while I did say that I'm not interested with this now that I look at it again perhaps it wasn't so bad there. That said, my word still the same though that this is the combination of Aokana (Fictional sport with detail rules), Haretaka (Four girls that could be romanced form the club alongside MC), and Konosora (Obviously the plane making). Here's the page to the Steam store, and I hope that Steam wouldn't banned this despite there's a risk of that because recently Steam being indecisive. Hitotsuba Steam store
  3. Hidden Pearls

    To me as long as the VN is still have average score above 7.11, I wouldn't say that it's underrated because there's a lot of that kind of VN that was really good (ie Noble Works, Koichoco, HatsuKoi, Osadai). So my underrated VN scoring would be something that got less than 7.10, and some of those that I'd find it interesting were Ikikoi, Shinikiss, Suika, and Beat Blade Haruka. Oh and also both of Koiresort and Koiken Otome, in which those two did have very good graphic. PS - Technically first Da Capo could count as well here, but it's a part of bigger franchise though (Both of the second and third parts are well-rated) so it didn't count here.
  4. Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes

    From the moment I saw Scorp vs Dovac at VNDB because of mosaic in G-Senjou, I already think that it's pretty pointless to me and so does the debate (Note that it was back at 2015). So I'm pretty much okay wheter there'll be mosaic or not (I'd read Sengoku Rance with mosaic), and I'll just leave the preference to each of their own whether you want to have mosaic or not
  5. System Requirements for VN

    I'll just seconded Plk_Lesiak here that OP's laptop here should be able to run Symphonic Rain, and if I may suggest you can delete Japanese and Chinese support if you chose Steam version because it's waste of HDD if you only play in English.
  6. Yeah finally we have the Steam store for HGB was finally opened, in which it's been delayed for a while here and ironically still manage to have summer release for Australian people lol. What I can say is that we should just expect this as charage with the MC focus instead of spy action VN, even though the premise was definitely make people expected that. If anything, at least this isn't Grisaia in which they need to rely on the FDs in order to resolve Yuuji's past. PS - I don't know if this is the good time or not, but I figure may as well try to open the thread about HGB here. As for the casts, let's just say that all four of them were pretty interesting. Edit (12/13) - I decided to change the thread title simply because Steam did removed HGB from their store, and apparently they'll try to explain their behavior about this at weekend later.
  7. Random VN: Eien no Aselia

    All of those seiyuu were working in the anime, so maybe the writer will make it all age by using those casts simply because they use the real name. No idea though why the writer decided to get rid all of the sex scenes, but my guess is that the writer want to focus more on the gameplay and story if he manage to release Eternity Sword 3 there (I knew it'll be long time anyway). I have no idea though why the writer did release drama CD and art book first, but maybe they need money to develop the VN.
  8. Lilium x Triangle [JAST USA]

    Now that I look at it again, at least the art is quite cute because back at 2015 I'd just pass on this. That said, the release is redundant to me though if the translation is the same one as fan patch, except we didn't have mosaic in JAST release here. Congratulation for the release though, and that hopefully we can see more JAST release at this year if possible.
  9. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    I know that I should appriciate the news here, but right now currently my interest is toward to Tokeijikake Chapter 2 (Daybreak), so I hope that Sekai will take care of that matter there. Back to Nine, what I can say is that hopefully Sekai could release it in the near future (And obviously answer their meaning of 'soon') and of course announce Chapter 3 as well (It's okay if they want to go stealthly like this)
  10. I knew that I'd already made this post a year ago, but seeing that I did make some significant change in here (Not much though) I decided to remake this. So here's my second take on 'Top 10 Best Rated VNs Translated at 2017', and since Pulltop decided to censor Miagete overseas I'd remove it because I decided to not add censored VNs here unless the censorship is very small like Subahibi. Oh and for the rules as usual there's no yaoi, nukige, BL, and MTL-ed VN (ie no Your Diary and Fortissimo at 2018 list, which is a shame considering that those two were quite good). Anyway, here's the new list and keep in mind that the scores may be fluctuate in the future (The scoring based on today (2019/02/14) for the info). 10. Hatsukoi 1/1 (VNDB 7.44, Erogamescape 70) The first tone work's that was translated by Tsurezure, and it's also the first work for Tsurezure here in regard of VN Translation. The premise was obviously still the same with our MC Yuuma who decided to form cafetaria club with other five girls, and that the cafetaria club was abut to be disbanded because lack of member problem. While the story is sounds simple, unfortunately the writing on Yuuma's character was quite bad so much that it's enraged the player and the staff decided to post an apology video on Niconico (Youtube equivalent on Japan). While their first product ended up getting bad reception, I see that tone work's did really work hard to improve their next work Hoshiori (Currently translated by Tsurezure as well) with the writing and including after stories as well (Without FD). Of course there's some good point in HatsuKoi though namely that we got multiple vocal songs that was sang by different singer (Repeated in Hoshiori and Ginharu), and that we can see more than one variation of the background in some places (They remove background variation in Hoshiori and Ginharu though). 9. Chrono Clock (VNDB 7.44, Erogamescape 71) The first Purplesoft VN that was localized, and let's just say that the translation choice for this is quite divisive (Either like it, dislike it, or just neutral). The premise is that our rich MC Rei did have a pocket watch from his grandfather, and with the pocket watch he's been able to turn back the time by five minutes. Even though the power is quite powerful, our Rei was mostly use the clock to search his girlfriend by confessing and then turned back the time. One day, he met Miu who was saved by Rei turning back the time after she did fall down and dead, and our Rei did impressed by seeing Miu's determination to confess to his best friend. From there Rei decided to help Miu while at the same time fall in love with her. While at first glance the man heroine is Miu, actually the true main heroine in here is Cro who is the goddess that reside inside Rei's clock and thus the reason of why Rei's clock did have power. Also while I did say prologue here, I felt that it's not the case because we see Miu's development in the prologue and that Miu's route is more like her ending, so we can say that Miu's route here is the prologue (I did call it Miu's arc) and her ending. 8. Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki aka Saku Saku Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossom (VNDB 7.53, Erogamescape 70) I still remember that this VN was started as the translation project for Shinku TL with some steady progress back at 2014. At first I expected that they'll release the patch quickly, but then suddenly the updates was stopped at QC progress until one day Akerou did announce that he'll go to vacation in order to have some rest. Little we knew that back then Akerou already asked some help from Sekai in order to do the QC (Sell it to Sekai), and that they announced that they help Saku Saku QC (Announced the license) back at AX 2016 in which it shocked me very hard. Even then, Sekai still have delayed the release twice back at August 2017 end (Mismanagement on the release date) before finally manage to release it back at October 2017. As for Saku Saku here, I guess we can say that technically it's the first work for Nekonyan because Nekonyan was came from Shinku Translation that was headed by Akerou. The premise was that our MC got a bounty of 21,000 yen to anyone else who managed to make him fall in love, because the MC was known as romance consultant and yet he himself is unable to fall in love. The MC's problem is increasing when he meet a shinigami (Tina) who remind him of his childhood when he saw a shinigami, and Tina herself did insist that she's a love fairy (A lousy one though seeing that she use dramatic romance manga as the reference). As for the graphic, it's very beautiful so at least you can enjoy the graphic there if the story is no good for you. 7. Wagamama High Spec (VNDB 7.54, Erogamescape 75) My first impression is still the same though that at first I didn't find the design is very appealing because of the big breast, and moreso if people recognize the same face that the heroines have (I tried to not bothered with it though). Same face and big breast aside, actually this VN is not a big breast nukige even though the design would surely gave you that impression lol. That said, this VN got some comedy and more importantly each girl did have their own development in each of their route, which is something that we wouldn't expect from the design alone and the company past work (Yakimochi Stream, which is dubbed as nukige like VN for having a lot of sex scenes). As for the premise, we have our MC Kouki who is a mangaka that must keep his secrets at school. At least until a certain things happen when the student council president find out the secrets and decided to rope Kouki into joining student council. After joining, Kouki did find out that the president was secretly his partner at his mangaka work and after that both of them start to work together in student council along with other heroines including Kouki's little sister. 6. Da Capo 3 (VNDB 7.65, Erogamescape 76 (R X-Rated version)) This one VN have some history with our Fuwanovel here, namely that there's first attempt of translating this by our founder Aaeru. Her method is quite divisive though because she'd use VNR which could be amounted as MTL to most of the people. Even so Aaeru keep working on this until she managed to release the prologue patch, only for Mangagamer to C&D her after they got the wind on this. After that she was disappear from the forum and nowadays nobody knew where she is. Anyway, what's done is done and we finally get the release back at 2017 January (By Mangagamer obviously). For the premise, it was set at 2072 after Everlasting Sakura was wither after Da Capo 2 event (The reason of why at 2072 is spoiler though), only to have that tree mysteriously blooming again. So more or less it's just usual Da Capo, and as for play order I would suggest you to play the first side route before going to common route because it's the real prologue for Da Capo 3 (Note that the Prologue and Common Route in Da Capo 3 did have VERY different setting). As for the opening here, there's too much opening for this so I'll just use the prologue opening in which it's very misleading because it only depict the situation at the Prologue (At least it did have 2D drawing). 5. SeaBed (VNDB 7.95, Erogamescape 78) As for the scoring, since the number of votes was still very few this VN will be the most fluctuative one (At 134 votes on 2019/01/28). As for the premise, it was very simple in which we got a woman (Sachiko) who has her lover disappear and from there she'll try to recover from the heartbreak that caused by the disappearance by the help of her childhood friend (Narasaki) who is also a psychiatrist. By the way Sachiko's lover (Takako) here was the woman as well, so we'll gonna get some yuri VN from the first glance although there'll be no explicit sex scenes though seeing that it's all age VN. Seeing that Sachiko seek some psychiatrist, there'll be some talk in regard of psychology in which it may confusing for some people out there. From there we'll going to see what's going on in Seabed through three POV (Sachiko, Takako, and Narasaki). The VN itself is a doujin one and didn't have voice, although seeing that we have example the good doujin VN that didn't have voice (ie Umineko and Fata Morgana before being ported to the consoles) I would say that you should try Seabed here to see it by yourself, and if anything at least the art is better than Umineko default art. 4. Grisaia no Rakuen aka The Eden of Grisaia (VNDB 8.13, Erogamescape 80) I'm still think of this as fandisc, seeing that it's developed along with Meikyuu after Frontwing managed to dodge their bankruptcy thanks to Kajitsu's successful sales. While at the first glance there's no problem with it, the thing is that Kajitsu itself is an almost standalone that was intended as Frontwing Swan Song and they set it as charage. While Frontwing already have ambitious plan to make Grisaia as trilogy before Kajitsu's development, the continuity between of Kajitsu and Meikyuu main story (Rakuen is Meikyuu main route's continuation) is almost zero because Kajitsu is a charage. So in the end Frontwing can only 'made' unseen route from Kajitsu that was supposed to tell us that Meikyuu main route was the continuation from that route, although we can only see that route in Kajitsu's anime (It was rushed though because it only have 13 episodes). Anyway what I can say is that Rakuen should be good for Grisaia fans because it did have a lot of fan services Yuuji and the girls did some action, the characters are live happily ever after, and a reunion with certain character (It was destroyed by one of Kajitsu's ending though). In then end, while I did think of this as fandisc, it's okay though if you think of this as Kajitsu's sequel along with Meikyuu. 3. Dies Irae (VNDB 8.30, Erogamescape 81) I did read that there's no characters development in this VN, although I think it's more like that the characters were already find something to hold on so there's no need on character development. Then again we shouldn't focused on character development in Dies Irae (Just play charage if you want that), but instead we should focused on the battle which is a lot (Chuunige and all). The premise is very cliche with some Germany soldiers were did some ritual to destroy the world and disappeared back at WW2, and somehow reappeared in 2006. The only one who can fight the soldiers is Ren (The MC) who can kill the soldiers who normally impossible to kill with his mysterious power. Another thing to note is the prose, in which it's very roundabout and could be boring for some people, while at the same time we can say that the prose did make the reader nore immersive in read Dies Irae. We also have the gods in Dies Irae, in which the gods themselves like to talk in cryptic so much that it's hard to understand although at the same time the gods themselves were pretty charismatic. I'll post the all age version opening, because all age version is the best one with side stories available and most people would prefer it over 18+ version (I also recommend that you should play all age version instead pf 18+ version here). 2. Chaos Child (VNDB 8.47, Erogamescape 83 (PC Version)) At first it's for console only (At PS4 and PSV), and then we have Committee of Zero released the PC patch that imported the translation into PC version along with Steam release of this, so we can play Chaos Child at PC if you didn't have the consoles. Anyway, the premise was we have another serial murder in Shibuya which eerily resembled the one back at Chaos Head (The prequel) by looking at the date, which of course would be quite graphic considering that in the past Nitroplus was involved with Chaos Head. From there, we have our MC Takuru who took abnormal interest to the case and then he decided to investigate the murder cases while at the same time being frightened, and hopefully would be able to calm down some anxiety in Shibuya. From what I read apparently the girls route was not quite satisfying (The girls good as eye candy though if that's the case lol), so at least it could be interpreted that the writing was more focused on the main story which is full of sci-fi. If anything, at least we can learn the additional contents from the girls route. Oh, and actually this is more in line with Steins Gate instead of original Chaos Head, simply because both of Steins Gate and Chaos Child did have routes (Original Chaos Head is linear VN, and they remake it as NoaH with the addition of the routes). As for the opening, I'll post both of XBOX One version above and PS4 version below because we can play both opening in the English version, and by the way personally I'd prefer PS4 version opening (Singularity) here. 1. Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ aka Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ (VNDB 8.70, Erogamescape 86) We already knew that this VN did suffered translation hell back at TLWiki since back at 2012, in which back then there's almost no hope of this being released before finally saw some progress back at 2015. Long story short, the awaited release was never happened until Frontwing suddenly announced this back at February 2017. I would say that they did the good job for localized this, even with the fact that the overseas release was censored although compared to Pulltop's overseas release it's still far more better though because only the picture that was censored (And disturbing at that for some people). As for the premise, it was in regard of the world which about to face the apocalypse at July 20th 2012 (Even though the in-game year should be at 2009), and from there we can see the events from several POV in order to get the full picture. While this VN was lauded as the best VN because it could change people's life, I would say that there's some flaw inside Subahibi here but even so I would say that you should try it anyway to seeing that by yourself. As for the subtitle, just like French at Grisaia Frontwing also add another language for the subtitle and this time it's Germany. That's all for the remake of my list here, and I hope you enjoyed this even though once again my list was mostly still the same as Conjueror's. PS - As for the title, once again I'd just combine Chaos Child (Chaotic) with Subahibi (Everyday), so we got 'Chaotic Everyday' here. The v2 mean that this is my second version of my top ten list here, even though I'm belated a year to make this.
  11. Sprite's Sticky Situation

    Decided to revive my own thread, because we got the news that said Sprite goes bankrupt from their tweet below. I didn't know Japanese here, but VNDB already discussed it as sprite goes bankrupt (Which apparently true from what I saw through Google Translate). As for the time, they'd announced that they'll close the company at March end (I need the confirmation on that). In the end, I just hope that Aokana release could still goes on despite of this complicated matter, which should be possible seeing that we got Suki Suki released by Mangagamer even though Chuuable is going bankrupt.
  12. Sprite's Sticky Situation

    As for 'sticky situation' here, it was in regard of the difficulty that Sprite face according to their blogpost. Apparently, they'll gonna stall the development for Aokana fandisc and they also stated that the VNs industry is getting smaller which in turn it made fund gathering become harder. Quite worrying stuff if I may say, so for how I can only hope that it wouldn't go bankrupt even it might be possible as of now. Any opinion on this?
  13. SakuraGames announced Midori no Umi

    In this case, then let's just say that the opening song itself is quite good and will remind you of Kara no Shoujo 2 opening (Same singer and composer) if you'd play it.
  14. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    If anything, at least we didn't get Koharu called Kaito 'dude' here lol.
  15. Random VN: Eien no Aselia

    Well just treat Seinarukana as the last series maybe, and yeah I agree with the sentiment that this VN is still good to me. Also the gameplay is still good and even challenging if you want to get SS mark (I need the walkthrough to achieve that), and I see that they'd improved the gameplay in Seinarukana with the number of skills was added there. I think it's still interesting to play, even though it's all age version instead of 18+ version (For localized version) and obviously it's almost 15 years here. If anything at least the reason for the censorship is better compared to both of Konosora and Miagete by Pulltop, because Dakkodango did chose the best version (At that time) that contain extra routes and yet it didn't contain sex scenes (The release with extra routes and sex scenes was released after all of Dakkodango work is finished). Lolicon censorship was probably the convenience for JAST here, because I still think obviously JAST wouldn't want to do more work by translating the complete version back then (And yet ironically I think that the extra work that Mangagamer did for Damekoi was unnecessary here (Just release as it is instead of implementing emote version on Damekoi)). I think that's all for what I can comment here.
  16. I understand his concern though that the people might misunderstood me as the one who work on this, so I'm should think that his (Ittaku's) question is a valid one. As for neutral word, ummm... I prefer to treat it as he was unable to explain his earlier words here.
  17. Finally we have HatsuKoi append patch finished here, and it mean that the time for Hoshiori project to begin has come. For the premise itself, we have the MC whose an improvement version of HatsuKoi's Yuuma, and more importantly the MC in question (Ryousuke) was come back to his hometown after seven years had been away from it. Other than Ryousuke himself is the improvement from Yuuma, tone work was also starting their trademark in this VN in which the trademark is their long writing in regard of the development, so obviously we'll gonna have a lot of lines (Around 200,000 lines). Also it's important to note that star will be the major theme in one of the route considering that we have 'Hoshi' in the title (That one route only will be obviously better than the whole localized Miagete, because it'll be uncensored lol), and the whole theme of Hoshiori is the dream for the future (Yume Mirai part) in which it'll depict the characters going forward to their future. Anyway, I'd been looking forward to this and obviously I'll be waiting until the route order announced at Tsurezure later. So feel free to discuss about the project here, although I'll mostly use this thread for reporting the progress though.
  18. In this case, then you should thank the team directly at their website. My answer is clear that I'm not involved in the project, and that I always credited both of Irru and Trip in each of my updates (ie I admit that I just posted the updates here, and you can follow their website if you prefer to thank the one who really work on this). I just hope that you didn't misunderstood me as the one who work on all of this.
  19. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    I binged some Gotoubon episodes in Youtube, and I think it'd have more fanservice compared to the manga because they closed up Itsuki's boobs for a second or two. I knew though that the animator need to stretch the airing time and fanservice is one of the method, so leave it at that. As for STPC, yeah I like the character design so much I did chose them as my blog header image before it even starting airing. My praise to the design aside, I think so far it did show some potential in the story although I don't know for certain though if Toei will keep it like that (Good for them if they do that). So yeah gonna to following STPC here, and if this PreCure keep doing good then we may have good PreCure series after GPPC here.
  20. Well since the OP didn't specified anything, I guess I'll just promote post the link to my blogposts here. Note that most of the lists here is charage so you may dislike that and some of those were already recommended, so you can treat the repeated recommendation as seconded here. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/blogs/entry/2180-samurai-no-shoujo-review-top-10-best-rated-vns-translated-in-2015/ https://forums.fuwanovel.net/blogs/entry/2172-fata-morgana-0-review-top-10-best-rated-vns-translated-in-2016/ https://forums.fuwanovel.net/blogs/entry/2612-chaotic-everyday-review-top-10-best-rated-vns-translated-in-2017-v2/ https://forums.fuwanovel.net/blogs/entry/2579-angraecum-scramble-review-top-10-best-rated-vns-translated-in-2018/ I don't know though if those VNs will make you want to reread it like the first time after you finished it, but at least you should be able to find one of your favorite from the list (Might be Shibuya Scramble, and yeah I know that you already read both of Subahibi and Kara no Shoujo 2). Outside of that I think you can wait for Hoshiori here if you'd interested in more charage, seeing that the translation for that is almost finished. I hope that the list would be helpful to you.
  21. Foreword - Still no VNTS, so here's another VNTS Review here and I hope you'll enjoy the review here. I believe that you'd remember the infamous Miagete that was censored for the overseas release (Thanks to Pulltop's policy) when you see the chapter title (I'd use 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' titling because we have Touko's Patch from Hoshiori released), and you're right about that because I'd use Miagete English name as the title for the new chapter here. As for the reason of the chapter title, it was because in both of Miagete and Sora's route we have Haruka Shimotsuki sang the ending song for both (I knew that she sang for one of Hoshimeno ED as well, but I decided to chose Miagete because it's more in line with Hoshiori in that it didn't involved supernatural element like Hoshimemo). As for the English version of the title, I chose that because it's more appropriate seeing that there'll be a lot of stargazing in Sora's route along with the fact that Sora's name here mean 'Sky', and let me say that Sora's route will be better than Pulltop's localized Miagete because we'll going to have sex scenes in Sora's rute lol. Since we have stargazing in Sora's route, we can treat Sora's route as Hoshiori's main route simply because star was quite prominent in the VN itself (Even Hoshiori title told us that they'll focused on the star (TL Note: Hoshi mean star)). My comment abut this week title aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which other than Touko's patch release we have some updates from Mangagamer and fan translation. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. It's quite a shame that Sol Press did delay Hitotsuba release, but I guess it can't be helped seeing that apparently they still need some time to get the approval from Steam which if we knew is been indecisive. They still hoping that they can release it at this month so let's see if they'll be able to do that. Other than Hitotsuba release currently we have 35,076 gathered from Irotoridori KS with 22 days left, and turned out that the estimated release month at December 2021 was for Akai so we'll have new estimation for the first part that they'll release Irotoridori at early 2020 (I knew the first part full name is Irotoridori no Sekai, but I'll just call it Irotoridori anyway). Personally I'm okay with the first part here, but if you want complete experience perhaps both of the FD is necessary (The fans already treat it as the sequels anyway) even though you'll need to wait a little longer. There's also some updates from Sol Press, but I'll talk about that later in the next VNTS Review. We also have surprise release announcement that we have Dies Irae Kaziklu Bey released, and that the release date for that it's surprisingly near at 28th later. While it's surprising that we can see the story from our crazy vampire Wilhelm here, I think it's reasonable seeing that so far he's the one with the most appearence and therefore it's reasonable that he have a lot of fan (After all Light add the new battle scene with him in the newer version of Dies Irae). As for Kaziklu Bey itself, it's all age so you better don't expect rape scene even though Wilhelm was quite crazy to be able to do that (At least we can have Mamiko Noto as the seiyuu here if anything else). We also have surprise from Nekonyan that they'll release Fureraba FD at 15th (Friday) later, so you should look forward to that if you've been Fureraba fans and waiting for the FD there. Almost forget ti mention that we already have Frontier was at 22% translated according to the KS update here. From Mangagamer we have Sona-Nyl was at 83% translated, Rance Quest was fully edited, X was at 24% translated, Sukehime was fully translated and 28% edited, and Room No.9 was fully translated and edited. We also have one more secret project from Mangagamer (Will dubbed as the 2nd secret project n the future), in which the current progress for that was at 85% translated along with 80% edited. Speaking abut secret project, the progress for the 1st one was at 90% translated along with 30% edited. I don't know what those two secret projects were for certain, but seeing from of how fast Mangagamer translated it I would guess that both of those were probably short VNs (Might be nukige). We also have Mangagamer sent their Maggot Bait to Clockup for the scripting, in which they did similar thing back at Himawari (And resulted in long wait for the release, so hopefully Clockup will be quick). Other than that, I like that Mangagamer did managed to have anther update within less than a month although I still prefer if they back to biweekly updates though. For the last word in regard of Mangagamer at this week, I just wonder what's the release that they'll announced after Steam Prison release at Thursday later. We have Eustia was at 62.79% along with 45.86% edited, Tokihogushi was at 9% edited, Watamasu was at 44% translated, and Harugi's overall was at 56% translated with Shino's route was fully translated. For the last update we have Tsurezure did release Touko's patch for Hoshiori back at Sunday, so if you've been waiting for that then have fun. We also have the translation update for Hoshiori as well, in which Trip already translated more than a quarter (25.6%) of Sora's route and overall we already have Hoshiori was at almost three quarter (74.98%) translated so we should have Natsuki's patch by mid April if all goes well. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  22. This is not my VNTS Review, but rather I kind of want to do my version of 'Top 10 best rated translated VN at 2017' for a long while, so here goes. Seeing that we already has Conjueror posted his video in regard of that subject on Youtube, I decided to make similar list here because personally I didn't agree with some of his choice. That said, most of my pick here was still similar to him though. As for the rule, no yaoi and otome here. Also I'll use Japanese VN name and add the English name for the alias. For the score I'll use both of VNDB average and Erogamescape average, and keep in mind that it'll be fluctuate at the future - VNDB average score was based on February 12th 2019 for the info. Let's see what I could write in this review here, and I'll explain the title in PS later. Beware of the spoiler when you play the opening. 10. Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement aka The Shadows of Pygmalion (VNDB 7.30, Erogamescape 70) As for the VN, at the first glance it was yuri action VN like Aoishiro seeing that it have female MC (Mina) and all of the girls holding the weapons. Well maybe that impression might be not too far off, but seeing the spoiler I would like to say that Madoka would be a very appropriate comparison especially in regard of the spoiler. As for the premise itself, basically the premise is the girls were fighting the unknown entity 'Puppet' which is indistinguished from normal human. For the VN itself, actually it's a linear one because the routes itselves was very short (Just the possible outcome), so you might be disappointed if you expected shoujo ai romance here. That said, if you okay with linear plot and especially if you like Madoka, it'll be an interesting VN. Oh, and since this is resemble Madoka so much, I did created VNTS Review with title 'Puela Magi Mina Magica' based on the female MC on this VN back when this was released lol. 9. Hatsukoi 1/1 (VNDB 7.44, Erogamescape 70) This is the first VN translation work for Tsurezure (Previously they scanlated manga), and I think they did the good job in regard of HatsuKoi translation because they're working on this pretty fast. This is the first translated Tone Work's VN as well, and as we knew usually they'll gonna have descriptive detail in regard of the relationship. As for the premise, it was very simple with the MC was forming cafetaria club with five girls. For the MC himself, the opinion from the reader was quite unfavorable to say the least. So much that the staff need to post apology video in regard of MC, which mean most of the people hate him because the MC could have some face palming action that caused the situation goes worse. Other than that I like it though that they got some vocal song from different singers in this VN, and apparently they'll repeat that feat in both of Hoshiori (Tsurezure planned next project) and Gin'iro Haruka (Ginharu). One more thing to note that this is the shortest Tone Work's VN, because it didn't span years in lengthy detail like at both of Hoshiori and Ginharu. 8. Wagamama High Spec (VNDB 7.54, Erogamescape 76) My first impression in regard of this was not good though, if only because of how the female breast was drawn (It's too big). But if you look past that art, actually this VN was pretty good because it show some comedy and good character development for the girls in which each girls did have their specialty. There's also another factor in regard of the developer (Madosoft) last VN in which it was Yakimochi Stream (Nukige like VN), so of course Wagahigh here was the major improvement from Yakimochi. The premise was the MC is a mangaka that was supposed to be the secret at his school, at least until the student council president knew that and sort of rope the MC to join the council in exchange of keep MC's secret. Turned out that the president was also the mangaka as well - and was supposed to be MC's partner in manga writing to boot, something that the MC learned after he joined the council. 7. Da Capo 3 (VNDB 7.65, Erogamescape 76 (R X-Rated version)) This one VN have some history with our Fuwanovel here, namely that there's first attempt of translating this by our founder Aaeru. From what I could dig, I remember that she tried to translate it by use the VNR in which it was quite divisive method even back then, because most people would amount that as machine translated. But even so she kept continuing with the project, and finally released the partial patch in which it was only covered the common route back at 2013. Seeing that, Mangagamer decided to C&D the project directly which obviously enraged Aaeru and she wrote some kind of the replies to Mangagamer. After that she was disappear from the forum and nowadays nobody knew where she is. Anyway, what's done is done and we finally get the release back at January last year (By Mangagamer obviously). For the premise, it's pretty much usual Da Capo so if you familiar with the setting then you should knew what to expect, although I would suggest that you better play the first side story because it was real prologue of Da Capo 3. As for the opening here, there's too much opening for this so I'll just use the one for all age version of R that was performed by fripside (It was help though that the first release for this was all age instead of usual 18+ version). 6. SeaBed (VNDB 7.96, Erogamescape 77) As for the scoring, since the number of votes was still very few this VN will be the most fluctuative one. As for the premise, it was very simple in which we got a woman (Sachiko) who has her lover disappear and from there she'll try to recover from the heartbreak that caused by the disappearance. Oh, and her lover here was the woman as well, so we'll gonna get some yuri VN from the first glance. There's more than that though obviously, namely that this VN also will have some psychological talk which should be happened because Sachiko herself go to see the psychiatrist. There's also another premise though, namely that you'll play through three POV with almost equal screentime so we'll obviously gonna have three MCs. The VN itself was a doujin one, so obviously there wouldn't be any voice like most of that type of VNs. That said, sometimes even voiceless VN could be good - see Umineko and Fata Morgana when it was first released at PC before ported to console, so maybe perhaps you better try this one to see the potential. The art was better than Umineko default art at the very least. 5. Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o aka A Sky Full of Stars (VNDB 8.05, Erogamescape 79) Honestly I prefer Pulltop to just release their Sakura expy (Lovekami) VN instead of this, not because Miagete is bad but rather the reason is at least people would less likely care to Lovekami even if they released it censored for overseas - the story was pretty much just an idol goddess thing. But too bad that's not what happening here because we got Miagete here, and as expected Pulltop decided to censor the H scenes which surely left a bad taste for some people here. Their past infamy in regard of Konosora definitely didn't help their case at all, although from what I'd heard at least the translation was improved compared to Konosora. I just hope that Pulltop will get past their stubborn policy in the future, because with that policy they cut a large amount of the scripts and CG for this release. For the info, the script amount was cut by ~16% and the number of the CG was reduced from 111 to only 76, also they censored one of SD CG and one of the CG. As for the premise, it was involved stargazing in which the MC was have some childhood friend who shared same stargazing hobby before they decided to quit that, and right now the MC was about to regain his passion in stargazing. There's also a plot to built a very big telescope in the common route, so more or less it's just like Konosora only with telescope instead of glider - which bring up that there'll be some technical talk in regard of stars. Oh, and like Konosora it also have the project to have the H scenes translated, so feel free to check the thread for the project if you interested. 4. Grisaia no Rakuen aka The Eden of Grisaia (VNDB 8.13, Erogamescape 80) Well I didn't quite interested with this, seeing that I just think of this as another fandisc of Kajitsu and they could just make it with Kajitsu only. It's interesting though knowing that Frontwing was broke back at Kajitsu development, so they pour their energy into Kajitsu as charage and they fumbled the continuity writing in the sequels because of the charage nature of Kajitsu. They also announced both of this and Maikyuu quickly because they probably still in recovery and thus need more sales, so the writing might be suffer because of the rushed writing as well. The anime sort of fix the problem in regard of the continuity that the trilogy had, but became infamous because it was rushed. Those problems aside it's Grisaia, so I would still like to think that this should be good if one want to see more Grisaia characters. For the premise, Yuuji was get caught and about to be executed or something like that. From there, it's up to the girls that he was rescued to rescue him back. Looking from the review, I guess it would be good if one was longing for having Yuuji do some action which surely get teased a lot back in Kajitsu, and also a chance to see the girl do the actions as well. There's also some cathartic factor which enhanced by a return of a certain character, so there's that. 3. Dies Irae (VNDB 8.30, Erogamescape 81 (Acta Est Fabula version)) I'm sure that everyone already knew this VN, along with another certain well known VN that released at 2017 as well. But just for the formality I'll write the premise in which case it goes like there's a group of Germany who involved in some dark ritual which involved absorbing the souls in order to strengthen themselves, and the only one who could possibly put the stop of the group was the MC (Fuuji Ren) himself. From there, Ren and the group would engage in very crazy battle with the world at stake. If it sounds cliche, then yes the premise is a cliche one. But the strength of Dies Irae was supposed to be the prose that was hard to be translated, and perhaps to allow the reader immerse in the reading. Although it got some infamy though because of that as well, namely that the prose itself was pretty long and roundabout at that for some people so it might be not for everyone. Oh, and there's also some charismatic gods who is managed to get some attention. For the release, I would suggest you to just play the all age version instead of 18+ version because Light messed up 18+ version (At least until Light fix the problem), because all age version provided more new contents to make up the removal of sex content. Oh, and I'll post all age version OP here. 2. Chaos Child (VNDB 8.47, Erogamescape 83 (PC Version)) Unfortunately so far it's for console only, so no PC version for now. That said, Committee of Zero promised us that someday they'll port Chaos Child PS4 translation to PC version, so there's that. Anyway, the premise was we have another serial murder in Shibuya which eerily resembled the one back at Chaos Head (The prequel), which of course would be quite graphic considering that in the past Nitroplus was involved with Chaos Head. From there, it's up to MC and his girls teammate to solve the problem and ease the anxiety of Shibuya. Forget to say that the casts also have some kind of superpower here. From what I read apparently the girls route was not quite satisfying (The girls good as eye candy though if that's the case lol), so at least it could be interpreted that the writing was more focused on the main story which is full of sci-fi. Oh, and actually this is more in line with Steins Gate instead of original Chaos Head. As for the opening, I'll post PS4 version below because it would be more fitting seeing that we have PS4 version release for overseas here. 1. Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ aka Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ (VNDB 8.70, Erogamescape 86) As for this VN we definitely have many history with this in regard of the translation, and this VN is another well known VN that I said back at Dies Irae. Long story short, it was started as TL Wiki project since back at 2012 before it was officially localized by Frontwing who expanded their business into localized the VN overseas. I think in regard of this they did good job for that, although there's a matter of censorship though (Not as bad as Pulltop because only the picture was censored, and it was quite disturbing for some people). As for the premise, it was in regard of the world which about to face the apocalypse at July 20th 2012, and this VN depict that day from several perspective - the beginning of Subahibi was deceivingly present this VN as yuri harem VN though. What make this VN was good was apparently some say that it could change of how one would view his life, although if one want to be more realistic it's a denpa story which is belong to a horror genre - some contents could be disturbing because it could be happen in the real life as well. In the end, while this VN was divisive enough I would say that you should try it once. Forget to said that Frontwing did add Germany subtitle for this, just like Grisaia trilogy with French subtitle. That's all for my top 10 here. In the future I'll try to write my list for 2016 as well later to show of how easy the VNs score was fluctuated in VNDB, and of course to compare the score difference in one year as well between Conjueror's video and now. Hope you like my post here. PS - As for the title, I just combined both of Chaos Child and Subahibi title into 'Chaotic Everyday'. The explanation is that the 'Chaotic' part was come from 'Chaos', and 'Everyday' was come from Subarashiki Hibi (Translator's Note: Hibi mean Everyday).
  23. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    Because we finally have Touko's patch, here's both of Touko's character songs here. Enjoy. Make A Wish A Happy Place Both songs were sang by Duca in which I started to recognize her singing vocal, and it's normal if you have Koiresort vibe from the first song because the composer is the same as Koiresort's opening (And so does the singer). Also like the previous vocal songs here, the second song for Touko's route also served as her ending song. As for my preference I prefer the first song here because it reflect summer feeling in Hoshiori very much (It help that the song did have same arrangement as Koiresort opening song though), although both songs did quite good though.
  24. Another update and this time Trip was already working on Sora's route. Here's the update below. Common: 100.0% Sora: 25.26% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 0.0% Misa: 100.0% Rikka: 100.0% Touko: 100.0% Total: 74.98% What I knew is that Trip did like Sora's route, so at least it's good to know here. That's all for this week update.
  25. I don't know what kind of VNs that you already read other than those you already listed at your thread, so if possible I would like to see the VNs that you already read. So that it would be easier to me to recommend some VNs here.