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  1. Well I admit that thanks to the leaker I can treat the survey as formality, and from there I can learn to not put too much expectation for a certain VNs to be localized by Mangagamer (It didn't help that the result so far is pretty predictable with Fate or WA2 is always top 10). As for why it's private matter, well the general public is supposed to not know about the staffs opinion behind the scenes (Unless they chose to reveal it by themselves, although I doubt they agree with this kind of leak). About on whether I'm alright or condoning their action, it's their private business so only them that can judge the actions that they do. For one more suggestion, I would say not only Mangagamer staffs that was so-called despises their own fanbase, some companies also probably have some of their staffs who think like that, or if I want to put it nicely every company (Or in this case translation companies) have skeleton in their own closet. As for this topic, well Arunaru did say that Mangagamer did exploit the translator so perhaps it might be the truth. Which bring me that both of JAST and Nekonyan here didn't have their own translator resign and complained about on how much they got underpaid when they need to do a very hard translation work, and of course there's no reason for the former employee to bring down the company (Hopefully never happen). That said, even though it sounds like the truth there's still some doubt behind the post that tell the reason behind Mangagamer's method, so perhaps the best way to approach the post from Arunaru would be take it with a grain of salt. Another reason that I can think of here would be that it's possible some of Japanese's culture of work is still lingering within Mangagamer, so obviously they put the work first in order to get the VN release as much as possible. Also even before Kara no Shoujo, they already have some story driven VN such as Kira Kira, Shuffle, and Higurashi even though the translation is bad. Yeah I now that I should call it Totono, although I'll keep calling it as Kimikoi anyway seeing that it's the first and last word in the full title, and that there's no way JAST will license that otome VN (It's just a doujin VN based on Yowamushi Pedal). PS - As for OAG, now that I read it more I guess it's more like they sort of force their own interpretation into what they think about the screenshot, or it's more than likely that they might not understand the context beneath the screenshot from general section.
  2. Well like I said I treat the survey as formality, so the staffs of course think the same way as me here. Although initially it usage was to determine which franchise that they should take from the fans, nowadays I think it's more or less their habit considering that they should already have set of licenses that either already worked on or already in the process to take on. Another reason on why the survey is still important here would be they want to do some survey on newer VN players, which to say would likely to increase especially if we know that Mangagamer got more exposure thanks to Steam (Regardless on Bokuten's scandal in that it's caused by Valve suddenly have an urge to check the game file and turned out that there's still some 18+ CG left in Steam version). As for the scandal, like I said it's probably caused not by someone who have a sense of justice to reveal their inner working for the sake of the fans, but rather to get revenge because the leaker was probably have some grudge or didn't like on how the system in Mangagamer is going (Remember that no one can access staffs discussion easily unless they're one of the member that allowed to access it, so basically it's private matter only to the staffs). So it's more than possible that the leaker is one of the former staffs, and it's not limited to Arunaru even though his motive is the most obvious as of now. And yes I know that OAG did show some discussion from general channel in that it's accessible for public, although my point still remain though in that the discussion is more or less private matter. JAST, well if by good it mean that the company should release one VN per month just like Mangagamer did then yeah JAST is a bad company in regard of VN publishing lol. That said, they piled up more well known licenses such as Sumaga and Muramasa so I can see on where the infamy come from. They recently improved though with their releases in this year (Kimikoi and Flowers Autumn), although it's still not quite enough to rival even Sekai or Nekonyan in number of releases (At least JAST release number can rival Sol Press if anything else). In the end, whether JAST is bad or good is up to each of their own, although if you thought that JAST is good because it license your favorite VN such as Eiyuu Senki or Saya no Uta then it's okay. Lastly I won't say that OAG here is a reliable source seeing that they like to use controversy to get some view and they already infamous along with their news are very subjective (Some of those), but I guess there's no much media that want to discuss the detail behind Mangagamer discord leak very much other than OAG.
  3. Well Sekai can possibly make a deal with 3rdeyes and Propeller in theory, so why not? That said, after I know the Discord leak scandal from Mangagamer and that Mangagamer here is one of more competent VN publisher as of now, I don't know whether I should believe that Sekai can deliver the vote result or not (Well the voters probably bombing it with some obvious choice such as Fate or White Album 2). That said, I decided to join the survey if only for formality. And as for the VNs that I want to see, I vote for Mashiro Iro Symphony, Suzukaze no Melt, and Sakura Moyu. Not that I expect Sekai to fulfill it anyway seeing that I just treat the survey as formality, but if they can announce one of those three (Or even better all three) along with release it in reasonable time frame then good for them. By the way the survey did have a lot of question in regard of physical copy, which to say not that important to me seeing that the cost development for that is quite expensive and not to mention Sekai KS usually fail to provide that as of now. PS - For the reminder, I know that the survey is said Denpasoft. Although obviously I treat it from Sekai seeing that Denpasoft is 18+ brand for Sekai.
  4. Well after my searching for Rose Guns Days, I guess it's only natural that the voters only want to get the download edition seeing that both of Mandrake and Rakuten only sell physical edition, and it can be a hassle if someone want to import it. That said, my opinion won't change though in that the announcement would be redundant if it happen, but at least I understand if the voters want to support the developer by using the easiest way (ie buy the download version) with the situation that currently no store sell Rose Gun Days download edition. So yeah hopefully Mangagamer can announce Rose Gun Days and Higanbana, if only for the sake of people who want to support the developer by buying the download edition. For Fate translation, I think it's fine although it's created at 2008 though so by today standard it might be not quite good. That said, even game with bad translation can stand out as the best game, such as FF7 and Suikoden 2. Also when it come to translation, I would say that it's more in regard of choice as shown in several posts that I saw. And what I can say is that even if the translation of a VN is very good, nothing can save the VN if the story is very bad from the start. So yes I'll treat Fate announcement as redundant if it happen, and it's only possible when FGO finally bankrupt and they have no choice but localize their VNs starting from Fate without voice (Which to say almost impossible as of now seeing that most players didn't mind to spent several thousands dollars on FGO if it mean that they can get a team full of their favorite heroines or like to gambling in the first place). For the reminder, Fate Stay Night VAs are quite expensive seeing that some of them are well-known in anime, so obviously the voice licensing would cause more headache compared to Majikoi (Which already caused headache to JAST).
  5. Well I won't be able to get PS5 nor that I'm quite interested with that, so have fun if you're interested with it. The last console that I was playing was PS2, and it's way back at 2008 when I played it (I don't exactly remember that though).
  6. As for the reason why, it's because both of them already have translation and I prefer Mangagamer to focus on the new untranslated VNs. But if they vote it just because they want to buy it on Steam thanks to (Usually) cheap region pricing, it's fine I guess. Not that it change my opinion though that it'll be redundant announcement if Mangagamer announced Higanbana and Rose Guns Days later. Anyway Mangagamer did make the blogpost in regard of survey result, so you can read it below if you prefer to know it from Mangagamer official site. Or if you want to know the circumstance behind the survey. Mangagamer 2020 Licensing Survey Results
  7. Some people obviously wouldn't like it sure, although if we looking at many VNs companies being bankrupt (The most noticeable one is Light in that in the past I called them they're milking Masada) I guess in the end milking Luv Luv here is the most sensible way for age to survive (Even though the reader may be already tired by Muv Luv and it's setting).
  8. They did release Photonmelodies back at July 30th, and that they planned to release all four Alternative Chronicle in English at this year. As for what I can say about the company, I think nowadays they're a bit dependent to Muv Luv franchise.
  9. Here's the result of Mangagamer survey 2020, even though it's quite unusual that they used Twitter to announce it and that they play the game before revealing all of the result. 15th - Ken ga Kimi 14th - Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori (They want to see more big breast nukige I suppose) 13th - Jooubachi no Ouboui (Otome VN with sex scenes) 12th - Soukou Akki Muramasa (When JAST started to work on this? Did we need to wait until 40th anniversary of Muramasa?) 11th - Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni (Redundant) 10th - Mahoutsukai no Yoru (Need to wait until FGO being bankrupt I suppose) 09th - Bunny Black (Only 3rd part that still not translated) 08th - Rance (Only need 03 to have all Rance VNs to be available in English, with IX and X still in work with 01+02 along with Quest were almost ready for release) 07th - White Album 2 (Good luck to convince Leaf on have one of their biggest franchise available on Steam when they already prefer console releases) 06th - Trianthology ~Sanmenkyou no Kuni no Alice~ 05th - Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau- (Would interested to see this, although it might be impossible as of now) 04th - Fate/Stay Night (Redundant, and they might can't afford the VA license like Majikoi) 03rd - Rose Guns Days (Redundant) 02nd - Yoshiwara Higanbana (Another otome VN with sex scenes) 01st - Evenicle 2 (Already translated by Alicesoft themselves, although Mangagamer can offer Alicesoft the storefront for uncensored version I suppose) Not much change from the last year I suppose, and in the end I think Mangagamer already decided on what they want to license (More so if we look at the leak) so I guess I can say that this survey is more or less just formality. PS - Turned out that my wish for seeing Hypno being localized is come true, although of course Ninetail was the one who in charge of that.
  10. Visual Novel Translation Status (09/13/2020) Surprisingly Zakamutt was very quick with this week VNTS, so let me straight to the point with my late VNTS Review here and I'll tell about the title at PS. For this week, the most obvious big news here would be Hypno Kickstarter (KS) in that it's started back at 8th and already funded. Other than that, there's some fan translation updates and several releases announcements, although none of those are interesting to me though. I think what I can say about this week would be quite a calm one, although Hypno's KS itself is quite interesting update to me. Let's see what i can write for this week as well. For the first updates, we have two news in regard of otome VNs release date. For the first news it's in regard of Taisho x Alice Episode 2, in that the release date of it was decided to moved up from October to 18th later, so if you want to date handsome Kaguya and Gretel then you can note the date. While for the other news, it's about the delay of the release in that Piofiore was delayed from 10th to October 8th later so if you already looking forward to Piofiore it mean that you need to wait a bit longer. Speaking about release date, we also have Sekai announced the exact release date for Nekopara 4 as well in that it'll be at November 26th later and they also already opened the Steam store for that. And we also have new VN annunced in that Cherry Kiss did announce that they'll release yet another isekai nukige with the name Monster Girl Breeder at 19th later, so if you want to see an isekai story when you'll breed a lot of monster girl then you can wait until 19th later. The editing for Eustia was caught up with the translation progress in that currently it's at 95.57% edited with the translation number was slightly up with the current progress was at 95.60% translated with side routes was at 71.46% translated, Harugi's Branch route was at 84% translated, Loverable was at 90.56% edited, Nursery Rhyme was at 36% re-edited, Miotsukushi Ura was at 41% edited, and Reflection Blue was fully translated along with at 10.16% edited. For more elaboration on Reflection Blue, currently Alka have been reworking 10.6% of the original Summer Pockets so it could still take a while before the release for Reflection Blue full patch even though it's been already fully translated. Other than Alka manage to fully translated Reflection Blue (Summer Pockets new contents for the reminder), no much to say in regard of fan translation section so that's all for this week fan translation updates roundup. As for Hypno's KS, like I said it's been already started and currently it's been already successful with the base goal was at 13,200,000 yen with the funds that they currently gather is at ~16,200,000 yen. So currently they tried to get some stretch goals, in that the highest goal will be worked on later if the funding reach 39,600,000 yen. For the Hypno itself, the setting itself is quite dark with human souls are easily usable as fuel for demon's weapons although our focus here is obviously not on human though, but rather the demon that would happen on the civil war after the biggest nation (Varganian) declare the war to conquer whole Helvetia (The world name in Hypno). You can try the demo first if you want to find out about the gameplay, and if you didn't like tentacle you can try all age version because 18+ version trial have two sex scenes with tentacle. They already estimate the release timeline for Hypno as well in that it'll be at December 2021, which to say pretty reasonable if you recall Frontier was released one year after it's KS at December 2019 and that Hypno story is 1.5 times linger than Frontier from what Keimaru (The director of Ninetail) said. That's all for my VNTS Review at this week, and see you next week. PS - As for the title, I decided to parodied Tokyo Mirage Sessions because this week we have Hypno Kickstarted and that the place setting is the world call Helvetia. Helvetia itself is actually the national personification of Switzerland and Switzerland capital is Bern, and so I change 'Tokyo' into 'Bern' seeing that Tokyo here is Japan's capital. As for Tokyo Mirage Session itself actually it's crossover of Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, and so I likened Venus Blood with Fire Emblem seeing that both of those are strategy games even though it have different gameplay (And Tokyo Mirage Sessions itself is more like normal RPG than strategy games).
  11. Welcome back to Fuwanovel, and feel free to ask recommendations if you want to go back to VNs. I hope that you'll have fun here just like back in the past.
  12. That's some interesting method for sure. As for me, well I searched through the list and see the releases and I can find those outside VNDB so I never use quote to do it. If anything else, at lease most of the VNs that the quote linking is fully translated so it might be useful for to pick some translated VNs if someone being bored and confused on what's their next VN is.
  13. BlazBlue - I know that Noel here is basically the poster girl for that, and I first know about this from one of game magazine that I buy just for Persona 4 release and that I see Noel. Later I did a bit research when I search the game for my PS1 emulator, and find out that BlazBlue is the successor of Guilty Gear. I won't play BlazBlue though, because my skill at fight game is suck and I don't want to risk my laptop keyboard for learn on how to play the game (Baldr VNs is a bit of exception though, especially Baldr Sky). Neighbor - It got Kickstarted back at 2018, and it's successful at their base goal in that it's only 5,000 dollars. The VN itself is a horror one with the black and white graphic. I know that the art is better than Higurashi's old art at the very least, although it's not like I'm interested with it and I think most of other reader would be turned off from that kind of art. At least it's quite fitting in that the VN itself is horror VN and that it might be good for someone who like to read black and white newspaper comic in the past seeing that the art is resembled newspaper to me very much. Hara Miko Shimai - The moment I see Loe Quality Translation, I immediately know that this VN must have something with pregnant fetish and turned out I'm right. For the info, Loe Translation did mostly focused translate pregnant nukige although they also did surprisingly chose Mahoyo as well seeing that obviously Mahoyo here is not pregnant nukige (It's a Type Moon VN for the info). Sharnoth - One of Liar-soft VNs that was available in English, and that it's have female MC with the name Mary Clarissa Christie or in the real life she's more well known as Agatha Christie (Her real life counterpart full name is Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie). It also have male character as well, in that it's a mysterious characters with the name M who is quite hostile toward Mary or something like that. Although Mary dislike M for an obvious reason, she has no choice but work together with him considering that she's constantly thrown into the middle of the monsters and she didn't have fighting ability (And yes the gameplay involved guiding Mary to run away). Lastly, I think Sharnoth here is quite underrated compared to Inganock although of course both VNs have their own fans. That's all for what I can comment in regard of October 2008 releases.
  14. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and as for VN Recommendations I have a lot of it. Although let's narrow it by give the link to my blogpost about best rated translated VNs list in 2019 here (Excluding Hoshiori obviously), and so basically I seconded both of Nanairo and Baldr Sky (Also don't forget to play Nine Episode 2 and 3 as well, in that Episode 3 was just released recently). If you want more, there's also Steins Gate and Shibuya Scramble. I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you, and also hopefully you'll enjoy yourself here.
  15. That's some interesting interpretation raised in regard of education, although I guess in the end it's more like the Japanese consumer base here didn't use their imagination enough thanks to the so-called system (And obviously Erogamescape voters here is basically the consumer base). It help though that Higurashi here did have clearer conclusion compared to Umineko, and as for Japan and Western here I think Ryukishi himself realize it very well in that Umineko here is very fitting for Western (Or perhaps it might be possible that Ryukishi write Umineko with Western in mind) with a lot of Western references and all.
  16. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and feel free to ask for some VN recommendations if you need it. I hope that you can have fun here.
  17. Well I chose my new laptop that have HDD inside of it, because currently it's cheaper compared to SSD. I mean I remember that the laptop with 512 GB SSD is more expensive than the laptop with 1 TB HDD, and besides I feel like that I'm not in urgent need for laptop with SSD yet. Although if laptop with SSD getting cheaper in the future, I may consider to get it if possible. As for the question, I guess I can say that I'm a type of who 'prefer to download all VNs at once and choose after what to play' or in another word just like majority in that I just download the VNs that interest me to play it later (Usually at around the time when new VN releases).
  18. From what I see at Erogamescape, apparently Japanese didn't like on how Ryukishi end the story looking from EP 8 average score was at 58 (That's the reason on why I didn't use Erogamescape score as factor anymore when I made best rated VNs list), or in another word the reader may not understand the point of the story. Not that I can understand it easily though seeing that it's pretty subtle in regard on the resolution, so if you need some clearer resolution you can read the manga in that it provided pretty clear answer for Umineko and hopefully it could provide some more clarification to you. And yes I already read the manga.
  19. Have Wil go to the finish line, and like ArgenstR said there's a lot of secret passages so you better fully make use of those. Also you better save a lot if you make a move just in case you failed. After you're in finish line, the mare will forced to fight Wil and you should have very easy time to fight it. As for Yuela's first armor, you should get it when Aht was level 6 although if you still don't get it when Aht was at level 15 then I don't know why.
  20. Well it's flop from what I heard, although what I can say is that it's not related to on how much VNDB scores can be trusted or not.
  21. I'm not exactly agree with mod Clephas though in that both of Subahibi and Eustia are divisive, because objectively speaking both VNs did have most votes at the top and only few at the bottom. You may say that Eustia here is still not translated and thus most of overseas still not reading it, but unfortunately that kind of reasoning wouldn't hold the water for Subahibi because it's been released for three years. Also ~2,600 votes at the top and 96 votes at the bottom (I took the first top three and first bottom three) in Subahibi is not what I can call divisive and have same amounts of bars at the near top and near bottom, although if mod Clephas did say it's divisive because he didn't find it as good as most people do I guess it make sense to a degree. Back to topic. As for the answer whether you can trust VNDB score or not, I guess you better leave the judgement on the VNs by yourself in that you better find the good score for the VNs that you read. That said, VNDB score can be trusted enough, providing that it have a number of votes. Usually I think 500 votes is the bare minimum for the VNs to be well known, although for lesser known VNs 200 votes might be quite enough. Some well known VN did have a lot of votes, such as Fate Stay Night with ~11,000 votes and G-Senjou with ~9,000 votes. It didn't mean that you need to follow majority of the voters though if you play those two, but rather you should vote based on what you think about those two VNs by yourself. So my conclusion here would be just don't follow the hype and decided on what score that you want to give to the VN that you read, although I must say that VNDB score can be helpful for the people to find which VNs that they want to read.
  22. Visual Novel Translation Status (09/06/2020) I'll tell the title at PS later, and welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week, I guess I can say that it's being another active one with both of Wan Nyan and Nine Episode 3 release in that the latter is Sekai's first big release at 2020. Other than those two releases, we also have MDZ of Koiresort translation fame decided to being active and recently he released Kosaka-san translation patch. The rest of the updates are mostly the progress from both of Nekonyan and fan translation, and also we have JAST announced yet another of monoceros's nukige. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. For fan translation updates we have Harugi's Branch was at 82% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 36% edited, Loverable was at 90.38% edited, Reflection Blue was at 6.2% edited along with Alka reworking on the translation of original Summper Pockets (The translation on Reflection Blue is still resuming, and currently they working on the lines that mostly related on ping pong mini game), and Eustia was at 95.57% translated with side routes was at 71.24% translated. As for Kosaka-san, from what I read apparently the atmosphere of the VN is like Subahibi in that it's about the world that about to face apocalypse, and that it's quite short. For the premise, the MC was like to be going to the rooftop in order to escape from the bustle of lunchtime at school hours, and one day the MC met with a girl that was called Kosaka-san who inform that she want to commit suicide before meteorite destroyed the Earth in the short time. Go get the VN if you interested or want to see on whether it'll be really like Subahibi or not (I mean in regard of the atmosphere, not the twist), and have fun. Turned out that Chinkamo here is indeed Love Lab's secret project and that it's been fully translated and edited, and for another update from Love Lab we also have Humbling of Holy Maiden was fully translated. JAST did have another monoceross's nukige, and this time is a nukige with the teacher with the name Kanosen. They also already have the release date for this, and it'll be at 25th later. This time I won't comment on how the heroine design make her look older like back at Shoujo Dominance, although her breast there is suddenly make me think that Wagahigh heroines breast are very small lol. Lastly we have Ninetails announced that they'll start the KS for Hypno later (ie today), so let's see on how they'll do the KS later in regard of their goal and their merchandise. Since we have Mangagamer released Wan Nyan, of course they had announced their next release for the next month. And in this case, their next release is Mugen Renkan with the release date at October 1st later. Back to Wan Nyan, what I can say is that it's pretty much just very normal moege even with the sexy alternative costumes that they have, and for more info the heroines here are pretty much normal human who cosplaying as doggirl and catgirl to run the cafetaria although I have to wonder though on who would use dog and cat in real life family name. Also the MC here is a wanderer who have a lot of absence in the school and yet managed to be prodigy in sweet making because he's a bit obsessed with ultimate sweet, and that he managed to met all of six heroines in one way or another. If anything at least the MC have face and it's quite good looking so it's reasonable for the heroines to fall in love with him lol, which to say pretty unusual for this type of VN. Go get Wan Nyan if you want some pseudo doggirl and catgirl who run the cafe like Tokyo Mew Mew, and have fun. Before going to Nine Episode 3 release, we have some updates from Sekai in that they fully translated Kimagure Temptation and that they have overall Rewrite was past halfway (55%) along with 44% edited. I won't bother to note that progress though seeing that it's too bothersome to count the lines for both of Rewrite+ and Harvest Festa, especially after I know that Rewrite+ cut some lines in exchange for adding some more new lines. For Nekonyan after their IxShe Tell release, we have them did usual updates. As for the updates, it goes like we have Aokana EXTRA 1 was fully translated and edited and currently the engine port for that is ongoing, both of Melty Moment and their secret project was at 40% translated, Riddle Joker was fully translated along with 98% edited and 40% in QA, and Clover Days editing will begin in this week with the engine port was delayed. After looking at both of Hello Lady and Riddle Joker progress, their next release might be Riddle Joker seeing that they decided to not port it to another engine unlike Hello Lady, although of course it can be change again. For Nine Episode 3, this time the heroine is Haruka who is known as upperclassman heroines for Kakeru. As for the premise, this time Kakeru decided to infiltrate the rival group in that he suspect that one of the member might be the culprit behind the petrification case that was happened in the town. While at first the love between Kakeru and Haruka seem impossible because both of them are in opposite position, turned out that it can be happen there. Other than Kakeru x Haruka romance, this episode also reveal a lot of thing that was relevant in Nine and also the preparation for the finale at next episode (Which turned out might be not the finale seeing that Palette teased us for Episode 5 at 9th later). There's also some bugs happened in the translated version, namely that there's a CG that can't be displayed in the CG mode and some untranslated test, although it's more or less minor though (Not like I expect Sekai will fix those quickly anyway). Go get Nine Episode 3 if you've been like it since the first two episodes (Perhaps because of the arts that are quite beautiful), and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review and I'm sorry for being late here. See you next week. PS - For this week title, seeing that we have Nine Episode 3 as Sekai's big release I decided to make seiyuu (VA) joke like my past VNTS Review when two parts of Nine are released. After 'Hoshizora Miyako' and 'Kamijou Sora', this time we have 'Yoshikawa Haruka' as the parody of the heroine of Nine Episode 3 (Kousaka Haruka). Of course 'Yoshikawa' here is the VA joke in question, in that it's from Yoshikawa Yuko of Hibike Euphonium and that the character share same VA as Haruka (Yamaoka Yuri). As for both of Yuko and Haruka. the only similarities that I can say is that both of them are the upperclassman characters for the MC of the respective works (Kumiko and Kakeru) and that both of the characters at first are more or less at odds with the main characters (Haruka is more serious though).
  23. Finished Evenicle 2 trial, and let's say that it's gameplay is more or less very similar to first Evenicle although with some changes. Storywise, it's more or less resembled Evenicle first chapter albeit with some difference. I'll try to write more about it later but overall I look forward for the overseas release.
  24. Very late for this, but better late then never. Here's two of opening songs from Aokana that I find it good below. Wings of Courage Infinite Sky Enjoy.
  25. I also didn't expect it either. So let me say happy belated 30th birthday to @Kenshin_sama, and while I'm at it happy 29th birthday to @nazim10. I hope that both of you will have good birthday.
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