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Love Story Between Mad Scientist and AI Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (12/03/2016)

Sorry for late posting here. As for the title, I'd just read about Steins Gate 0 a little and found out that there was an AI with Kurisu memory, and since our MC from Steins Gate Okabe declared himself as mad scientist, I decided to make it the love story between those two for the title because Kurisu was main heroine for original Steins Gate (Now that I think about the title, it sound like Plankton and Karen in Spongebob). As for 0, well maybe I'll try later although just in case there's some people who said that they didn't had console to play it, there's Japanese PC version available with the translation lifted from PSV version according to VNDB (I'm not try that yet by the way).For this week VNTS, there's no major release though if we looking at both of VNDB and VNTS, although perhaps this time it's what we call calm before the storm, considering that we'll got Himawari in 5 days later and also both of Rance 5D and VI at 23rd. And speaking about Rance, there's already in pre-order so for anyone else who want to order those, go ahead. Other than that, there's no update from Mangagamer this week. But speaking about Rance VI, I'd remember that I was kind of disappointed to knew that Arunaru was stalled Rance VI for some unknown project (It was turned out to be Beat Blade Haruka) and there's some rumor that he was involved in Mangagamer. Once again that's all in the past though, and I'll just look forward for those releases now.

There's some interesting news this week, and it was Dies Irae prefundia. Looking from the prefundia, it turned out that the project was the collaboration work between Conjueror, Garejel, Reading Steiner, and Gundam Ace back when they conduct the countdown at the Twitter, therefore proved that they serious when they did the countdown (Although the man with toy gun was annoyed me though). As for the Kickstarter, compared back when ChuSingura KS was announced this is definitely better if we just looking at their offer in regard of physical copy (ChuSingura didn't offer any of physical copy). The goal, well if I may said it was quite a lot compared to Root Double meaning that they also need to cover the localization cost as well. Well, good luck for the Kickstarter later then and looking forward to this. As for the VN, once again I knew that Clephas like this VN and apparently it was quite hard to translate if we talk about the battle scene. Oh, and if the Kickstarter was begin I'll report of how much they gathered weekly if possible here.

Sekai Project was had their update as usual, although since last week they changed the interface for their status update for not including decimal number anymore. And as for the usual progress right now they had Maitetsu at 73% translated, Tensin Ranman at three quarter translated, Bokukotsu at 18%, Kanonana at 11% and the 2nd secret project was at 17% translated. For 3rd secret project, it was already finished and looking from how past the translation progressed (Around 28% for a week) I could speculate that it was probably a short VN there, although I'm not certain though. 

As for more update here from Sekai Project, we had WEE 3 was already in planning to be released at late December, and we also fhad updates for Grisaia. The update is that we had Meikyuu 18+ will be released at December and Rakuen will be released at next year, and for more detail they will release Steam version first at March 2017 following the release of 18+ Rakuen at early summer (Don't just assume that it'll be at June, because if we following Australia it could be at December 2017 for example). For last progress, right now Chrono Clock was at 71% translated and the editing progress was following close behind (They also state that if they need to delay the release from late January they'll announce it). That's all for Sekai here.

For fan translation here, about Bishoujo Mangekyou duology project there's no update this week from Arcadeotic according to his tweet here because of his health problem. No other word here other than get well soon there. For more update from fan translation here, we got Loverable was at one third (33.31%) translated, 9.1% edited, and 13.85% TLC-ed. For more usual progress here we had Majokoi which right now was at 59.7% translated, 48.4% edited, and 17.5% TLC-ed. And for Tsui Yuri, right now the re-translation progress was at a quarter there. Other than usual three, there's also Ushieta which right now was at 41% edited for Airi's route and they state that maybe there'll be the regression in regard of the translation progress to 10% translated in the future because there's a chance that the translator want to redo Airi's route translation. For last project, finally Aokana 2nd translation project were had solid team according to this thread and for the progress right now it was at 4,520 out of 14,891 translated and 2,085 lines were edited and TLC-ed (By the way, just in case some of you wonder it's just for common route only). Since Ren personally support the project according to his post here, I may as well do that and good luck to the team then. That's all for fan translation.

And for the last but certainly not the least, this week Conjueror also managed to fully translated one VN out there. It was no Dies Irae though, but Miniature Garden according to Phlebas back at last previous VNTS comment. Also right now for Libra there's some progress for both of Aoi's and Lycoris's route (70% and halfway respectively).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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