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Please Bang the Witches Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (10/02/2016)

Sorry for very late VNTS Review here, because right now in here it's already afternoon Monday (Bad gateway here could be the reason). As for the title, it didn't mean to had the sex with the witches like in Maggot Bait, but the bang here was mean to hit or to punch here (The source). And of course from hit or punch here we could think of the fighting game, and it was Umineko fighting game that I think of (We knew that back in Umineko we had many witches). Although the title for image header VN here was mean sex though (The premise was the husband ask his wife and her lover to had sex in front of the husband). Oh, by the way I sort of combine both of the image header title and Umineko fighting game here.

Welcome to once again my very late VNTS Review for this week. As for this week, I must admit that the announcements there was quite a letdown, even though I already knew it was not as big as both of either AX or Otakon. Even though the announcement was a letdown, there's many news to track on here. So, let me try to give the comments here.


As for the release, well they already announced it very early there so no surprise here (Back when I'm at Malaysia if you want useless trivia). As for the premise, looks like it will be some sort of NTR there, but with a little twist that the husband who ask his wife lover to do that. Oh, of course this is nukige and with Atelier Sakura joining Mangagamer here maybe we could expect more NTR games in the future (Apparently Atelier Sakura famous for that). As for more elaboration, apparently NTR genre was quite controversial there although to be honest I could care less here.

For more announcement, one of them was Go Go Nippon 2016, which apparently cover more place for sightseeing in Japan. As for my opinion, while this game could be doubled as some sort of Japanese tour guide personally I wouldn't need it for some times here, so not looking forward too much here. Beside, if I need some information before going to Japan I could just searching Google or asking nearby travel agent imo. Although maybe there's some people who prefer to know Japan by playing this game though, and beside with two girls whose quite cute and also act as some sort of your personal tour guide.

Another announcement from Mangagamer here was Ougon Musou Kyoku (Umineko fighting game), or the localized title here was Golden Fantasia. As for my opinion, not looking forward to it too much considering this was a fighting game, and to tell the truth I'd quite suck at fighting game ie couldn't play it well. Although of course it could be good if you looking for more Umineko and want to punching your hated character from Umineko (The roster was quite limited though). Apparently this game will had voice acting and good graphic there, and we knew that most of Umineko seiyuu was very famous (Daisuke Ono and Sayaka Ohara who play as Battler and Beatrice respectively come to mind). Also looks like Mangagamer will release CROSS version there, so while I knew that this game were already had translation patch I wouldn't said that the release will be redundant there unlike Umineko, because the patch were only work for old version and definitely wouldn't work for CROSS version or so that's what I'd read. For more info, you could go here but beware of Umineko EP 7 spoiler though if you care of it.

Not that interested with Lupiesoft announcement there for now, and too bad there's no progress from Mangagamer here (Maybe I must wait 2 weeks here). Although if you want progress, I just recently looking Eldritchcherub's tweet and saw that for Dal Segno progress it was 70% translated for Himari's route since back at September 15th. Well, that's all for Mangagamer section.

Sekai Project

Apparently they're splitting between Sekai and Denpasoft there. But for now since Denpa still hadn't release any significant VN yet, so I decided to still using Sekai section for Denpa announcement. By the way, I'm quite dizzy to keep up with their many doujin announcements there although I take some interest to one of their announcement though. As for the negotiation with GIGA in regard of 18+ content for Baldr Sky and the plan for 18+ version of Maitetsu, quite interesting if I may said but for more concrete news of course we must wait there.

Before I'm talk about their announcement, let me write some progress here. As for now, there's usual weekly for them (Tenshin Rahman was at 54.55% translated and Maitetsu was at 38.32% translated. I will talk about Chrono Clock later) which admittedly quite a lot there. Also there's monthly progress in regard of Grisaia duology, which for right now we had Rakuen three quarter (75%) translated; and 18+ Meikyuu was almost completed the editing progress and they'll preparing for technical work. Also apparently that Ne no Kami will be released at October 11th after such very long delay there, although for now I wouldn't be so sure though.

About Chrono Clock, first of all congratulations for the success of their Kickstarter with 87,561 funded. As for their next plan, it's still quite unclear what their planning next, but apparently they will give the excessive funding to the Purple Software themselves there. In regard of January release, somehow for now I kind of have a little doubt there looking from the translation progress itself (39.43% translated). As for Kickstarter, compared to Root Double I think it's technically quite unsuccessful if looking at the fund gathered there. Also if we looking at the Kicktraq for both of the project, Root Double were managed to gather more than 5,000 for 11 days while for Chrono Clock itself they could only managed to gather 5,000 for 3 days. Although I said that, in the end it's still successful because the goal for Chrono Clock itself was very low compared to Root Double (20,000 for Chrono Clock vs 135,000 for Root Double).

As for Sekai announcement, once again most of those were doujin there. For the first announcement, there's Girls with Glasses from Denpasoft so at least we could expect some sex scene there. While from the premise it will be usual moege (Although the girls were wearing glass), it's quite funny that if we looking at the company who behind this (Nostalgia) because they portfolio was the galge which promise us to had the date with grasshopper and otome game which also promise us that we'll had date with 'handsome' aliens there. About Project Lux, interesting that we'll had the trial which the method was digging the defendant memories to uncover the truth. For now not much information there other than the company whose responsible for that also behind World End Economica (Also Spice and Wolf) once again. Falsetto Memories, for now not much impression other than it's OELVN, apparently will had yuri, and one of the girls looks like Arietta from Symphonic Rain (The clothes at least).

The last announcent from Denpa here was quite take a bit of my interest. The localized title would be 'Her and Her and My 7 Days -Seven days with the Ghost-', and to me the title too mouthful there so I'll just called it Kanonana for abbreviation from the Japanese title there. The premise was quite interesting with apparently our girl MC was found her own grave and seeing the memories that she spent with her friends for a week ie 7 days. Oh, and by the way all of her friends were girl, so we'll had another yuri game localized there. Also this game was quite similar to Katawa Shoujo, in regard of released as freeware and started from image board (2ch). In regard of the plan to release this as commercial soft there, I think Japanese people wouln't take it so well considering that this is freeware games there.

That's all for Sekai section.


Not much progress here other than for now we had Libra translation progress, which right now that they also starting to translating Mari's bonus route and for the progress it was 15% translated. Personally instead of they started working on short bonus scene which only contain one H-Scene (I also did first look for Libra by the way), I prefer that they informed of how much they managed to translated Aoi's route considering the deadline for Steam release was near iirc, but that's still their decision though I wouldn't had much to add there.

For the release, there's release of ChuSingura 46+1 for Chapter 4 and 5. What's interest me here was the history for the release of this game. As we knew, this game translation was started with some questionable announcement, and following with questionable Kickstarters which asking a lot of money (They also hold it twice, which asked 210,000 for the first one and 160,000 for the second one). The Kickstarter was fail and NextNinja decided to release first chapter for free, and for additional chapters they added it as DLC. Oh well, all that in the past and for now it should be obvious that we had another translated game here, if the translation was a bit questionable for some people. Also for more note here, I'd like to asking in regard of their decision to do the Kickstarter if they could do it like that from very beginning, but then again maybe it's the decision from inre company themselves though (Inre was the Japanese company behind ChuSingura).

Fan Translation

This week we had some usual progress with some controversy here, so let's start with the progress.

As for usual, we had Bishoujo Mangekyou at 81% edited, 76% QC-ed and 33% proofreaded; Tsui Yuri was at 81% translated; Majokoi was at 44.2% translated and 31.9% edited; and Loverable was at 16.76% translated, 1.32% edited, and 1.87% TLC-ed (Also 59.66% image edited). No much comment here other than good work for usual progress. For more progress, this week we had Lovely Cation did another update there, which right now they had it 43% translated (Or if some of you want more precise 43.7% translated). As for Denwalts, right now he had his current secret project were at 100%, although looking back at his portfolio (Koi Iru Chuu Lips and cancelled AliveZ, which both of those mediocre games) I wouldn't be so sure to expect good game from him. And for Kanobito, too bad because according to Luna Translation's tweet there it will be put on hold in order to more focusing on their another project (I guessing Majokoi). Oh well, hope the best for Kanobito project there.

Actually this week we had another release which many people should looking forward too. Too bad that apparently there's some conflict in regard of the release itself. In case you curious, it's Dracu Riot. If I remember correctly, it was released back at Saturday before finally they deleting the patch after a while. Oh, and by the way it was complete translation patch, albeit incomplete one ie only one route fully edited (Miu's). This leaking incident here kinda of remind me back when Subahibi patch leaked (Although some part still untranslated though) and Yoake patch release when there was some conflict between two QC-er there. Look back when the patch was quickly taken down, I presume that the team would be ready for real release so I'll still keep my eyes on Dracu Riot project there.

That's all for my VNTS Review this week (Albeit very late), and see you at Sunday (Or if possible at Saturday).

PS - Regarding Witch Garden, looks like there will be some slowdown in term of progress because of real life stuff. Also it was stated that it won't move until TLC for the common route was finished. For common route TLC progress itself, it was at 70% TLC-ed.


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