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  1. https://vndb.org/v16858 Currently reading through Master Magistrate. Despite the story being serious, the balance of comedic moments keeps it from being serious. The CGs I have seen so far look great. I like the use of the CGs in black and white during actions scenes. It is almost like I am reading a comic book. Since I haven't played any Ace Attorney game yet, getting evidence and the trials are new to me. While the one for the first chapter was easy to figure out, Chapter 2's trial did stump me a few times. I am currently on Chapter 3. I am excited to see what happens next. Also,
  2. Currently reading through Love Duction. Also, not only did I finish Miniature Garden, but I started AND finished both Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami and Prison Princess. Miniature Garden: Overall, a fine VN. My only problems with it are that some parts to the story are unanswered and there are a few things I can't suspend my disbelief for. To name a few: Livestream...Hotel Izanami: As someone who gets scared easily, I was terrified while playing this from start to finish. However, the mascot chasing me quickly went from terrifying to annoying with how frequent it can show up. I
  3. Currently reading Miniature Garden. I really like the beginning. This VN keeps giving me more questions about different things such as characters, events, etc. as I read further.
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