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  1. Alien invasion, robot uprising and zombie apocalypse.

    And I'll be another person to recommend Muv-Luv, simply because Edge of Tomorrow is basically an inferior version of Muv-Luv made by Hollywood. Some fans even accused it of plagiarism, so I investigated a bit, and it turned out that Edge of Tomorrow is actually based on a Japanese light-novel All You Need is Kill which came out after the first Muv-Luv, but before Alternative. Knowing that, I suspect that the authors probably knew each other and agreed to make similar stories in different media. I didn't read the original LN, but, apparently, it's even more similar to Muv-Luv than the movie. Other than that and I Walk among Zombies, which was already recommended by Leonor, I don't have any suggestions (though it would be really nice to have some).
  2. Heart of the Woods (Yuri VN Review)

    You know, the way you describe it, it sounds very interesting. I think, it sounds like the type of story I tend to enjoy quite a lot. Right now I'm trying (and kind of failing ) to prioritize my backlog over getting new VNs to play, but, I guess, I'll take notice of this VN and probably buy it at some point in the future when I feel like it.
  3. youtube - Most random

    So, apparently, one of my favorite isekai light-novels will soon get an an anime adaptation. I guess, this is not unexpected, considering that this LN is actually very popular in Japan (and it recently got an official localization announced too, which is very cool ). I try to be not too excited though. This story is extremely slow paced, and typically stories like that don't transfer to the anime format very well. Still, it's interesting to see that something different from the usual "reincarnated into an rpg world and killing all enemies with a slight cough" gets turned into an anime.
  4. I wasn't talking about Altered Fable. All the girls in Valkyries except for Kashiwagi appeared as love interests in earlier Age games, Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu ~Primary~ (though some of them only appear in the remake that came out after MLA) and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Moreover, To be honest, it just didn't make much sense to make them romantically involved with Takeru.
  5. What would you wish for?

    1. Immortality (with some reasonable way to end it after the heat death of the universe, or other point in time where continuing living would become pointless). 2. The ability to perfectly change my body into whatever form I want (to try living in as many different roles as possible). 3. The knowledge of the true ontological structure of the world.
  6. If you want to play it for the story, you may use 100% save file where all characters are at lv 99 and use it to play the normal mode. All battles will become pretty much instant kills. Especially if you use Orupha and Nanaru as the supporters.
  7. All of them are love interests in other age games though. And none of them are even interested in Takeru this way.
  8. Not my favorite VN, but I feel like the squad members in Aselia were quite charming. I guess that's why they got an entire new game dedicated specifically to them (which, of course, has never been and will never be translated). At the same time, I feel like the actual character routes should've had a lot more unique content. All routes together give quite a lot of additional information so that completely skipping them will make an overall experience incomplete, but it just doesn't feel rewarding to replay the whole game 7 times just for that. Edit. Oh, and I would love to see Temuorin's route.
  9. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    Actually, I think the combination of isekai and iyashikei is a pretty common one, and I actually feel like not all, but the majority of isekais I tried have at least an element of iyashikei in them, and it's exactly what I enjoy in these kinds of stories the most. No matter how much I like more serious stories, sometimes, especially if I feel stressed because of real life problems, I just like to enjoy something with an engaging story, but what doesn't have any real tension at all. I guess, that's why people enjoy moege, though they don't really work this way to me. The problem is that most isekais just aren't written well enough to be entertaining, and reading/watching them quickly becomes boring and obnoxious, so the negative emotions just ruin the whole experience. Slime manages to avoid that, and that's what makes it good, imo. You know, I think even this season made it quite clear that the world where the story takes place is pretty dark. The protagonists, however, is surrounded by an unbreakable bubble of happiness, and his mission so far seems to be to bring this happiness to everyone he meets. I personally quite like how this it is done here. Anyway, this was a pretty enjoyable show overall. Not great, but enjoyable overall, and I'm definitely picking up the original light novels at some point. Probably before the second season airs next year. I'm giving it a solid 7/10. I know there's still one episode left, but it will be another intermission, so you can say this is already finished.
  10. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    Do I have to choose one for each medium? Well, VN: Anime:
  11. What are you playing?

    According to the walkthrough I follow, right before the first route split. I guess, it's still the very beginning of the game. Well, considering that I'm currently switching between this and a few other things, it will most likely take a while before I finish it.