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  1. I started playing VNs after I already graduated, and don't know, I never really felt like these high-schools portrayed in the Japanese media have something to do with my own educational experience, so it never really clicked for me. And, you know, you might consider switching for now to VNs that aren't set in a high-school. Though they are pretty rare, surprisingly, there are some.
  2. Hmm. I'm pretty sure there were more VNs listed there during the dark past, or am I wrong? Edit. Also, since these VN pages are linking to the walkthroughs, wouldn't it be better to go through VNs that already have a walkrthrough available first?
  3. Tried r184. Google doesn't seem to work. Yandex works okay though.
  4. Please help me to decide which Laptop Fan

    A random fan probably won't even fit in your laptop, so I definitely recommend the original fan. Just make sure you can change it yourself, otherwise it would be better to leave this to the professionals (or just buy a new laptop).
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    Watched the first episode of Sarazanmai. Well, I did. ( <- this is pretty much my reaction so far). Would be better without anal humor though (if this is supposed to be humor). Edit. Oh, well, looks like I missed the entire point of these scenes. Fell stupid.
  6. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I know this feeling. It looks interesting at first, and you buy it, but then you end up postponing reading it since you're reading something else, and after some time you're no longer interested, and it just ends up collecting dust in your backlog for many years to come.
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    Watched the first 4 episodes of Falling of the Shield Loser. You know, for some reason, it doesn't feel like a very good adaptation of the original material. I read neither the original LN nor the manga, but it does feel a bit rushed. Overall, didn't like this anime. Didn't really buy the character development, and there's nothing that impressed me so far. Plus, the whole storyline where "everyone hates the MC, and the story always likes to remind us of how unlucky he is, while he is actually a good guy inside", feels kind of cheesy and not very interesting to follow, at least for me personally. So, I guess, I have a strange masochistic desire to continue watching this to see if it gets any better, but, to be honest, I should probably drop it here.
  8. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    It's pretty much the opposite for me. I used to enjoy this type of space exploration stories back at elementary school age, and it's been a long time since I wanted to watch something similar to this. I don't like that the authors are relying a bit too much on common archetypes for the characters, but I doesn't really annoy me as much as it normally does for some reason. And I also, watched about the half of the first episode of that Nobunaga anime. And, meh, seems pretty boring so far. Dropped. Hmmm. I wanted to skip the new season of Danmachi since I didn't really like the first season, but if it actually gets better after that, then maybe I will give this a try. Probably in the future though. Not exactly in the mood for it right now. And also, since you read LNs, do you think that LN adaptations in general aren't very good? So far I haven't read any light novel that has an anime adaptation, but many of the stories seem pretty much impossible to adapt without cutting a lot of stuff, even if that stuff is exactly that makes the original story good. (and one of these impossible to adapt stories is getting an adaptation next season, and it already looks like it's going to be rushed mess tbh).
  9. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    So, watched the first episode. It's was actually pretty good, even better than I expected! Definitely going to continue watching it. @Mr Poltroon, I think it's time to pin this thread.
  10. What are you playing?

    Stats in the minigames and the baseball game are the same. From what I understand, it's pretty much impossible to beat the baseball game on your first playthrough, but later it becomes a lot more trivial. Well, there's not really much meaning to the minigames to begin with, so just do what you want. I'd recommend not skipping them for a few times at the beginning while you're still not tired of them, and skipping them afterwards.
  11. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Well, I'm the last person to trust about translation quality in general, but I did feel kind of messy. It felt like I was reading a fan-translated VN rather than an official translation. I still wonder, does this sentence look okay to a fluent English speaker? I personally cannot understand how exactly you're supposed to laugh in English or in any other language. Oh, and there also some very obvious mistranslations in the in-game menu. I just cannot understand how they didn't catch them during the testing. You can see them in that screenshot: pressing 'disable text skip' or 'disable auto-mod' actually enables them. I don't know, maybe they updated the game after that (I downloaded it on the first day after the release). Does MG send any notifications when they update their products? I've never got any, at least, but my library on their site isn't that big. Edit. And here's a bit more obvious mistake. I'm pretty sure there should be 'flora' instead of 'fauna' here. It's been a while, but I don't think there were any animals there...
  12. Clannad, most likely. I watched the anime first and absolutely loved it, but dropped the VN on the second route because it was kind of long. Can't say I agree about Air though. In my opinion, the VN was just slightly better. And, you know, that's the only example I can think of. Other than that, even the best anime adaptations are generally not as good as original works (including Steins Gate and Higurashi). And even decent VN adaptations are very rare, usually they are pretty terrible.
  13. Fall Anime List of 2019

    Wow, looks like this season will be busy. I already see three shows that I I just cannot skip, even though I usually do not follow seasonal anime: Honzuki, Average Abilities and Chihayafuru 3. The first two are based on light novels I read (and it's the very first time I see something I've read to be adapted). And I quite liked the first season of Chihaya, though I still have to catch up with the second season.
  14. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday to @Emi and belated happy birthday to @Jun Inoue!