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  1. Actually, I didn't answer to this question in my previous post. You know, I just prefer books to movies. I like it a lot more than the information is conveyed in words rather than using visual information. That's why, when it comes to the otaku culture, I mostly prefer VNs and LNs and only consume the other things occasionally.
  2. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    Bought it after I saw the price. I'm not sure when exactly I'm going to read it though.
  3. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    Read through the translated part of Kenkyo Kenjitsu. Heh. I was mostly avoiding starting new LNs/WNs for a while, considering that looking for the ones that are actually worth reading is pretty exhausting, but it looks like I finally succeeded. To be honest, I don't see much sense in describing its story. It's mostly a good for its comedy, and the story, basically, just happens. Its main strong point is that, in spite of the general premise being kind of over the top, the characters actually come off surprisingly normal. The author manages to avoid most annoying tropes from most light novels. Definitely recommend reading if you are okay with slower pace. Even you you've never read a shoujo LN before it's a pretty good place to start. Actually, I'm surprised this still doesn't have or proper commercial version. It seems to be pretty popular even in Japan, and it's better than many proper LNs. And it definitely deserves it a lot more than most battle harems that get released nowadays. PS. It's also a surprisingly healing story btw.
  4. Key. I became their massive fan after watching Angel Beats and Clannad anime, so after watching most of the anime adaptations of their works that were available at the time, I decided to read Rewrite and Little Busters. After that I discovered vndb and started going through other highly rated VNs that caught my attention. Well, my next VN should've been Steins Gate, but the fan patch was marked as incomplete for some reason, so I decided to watch the anime instead.
  5. Overall, yeah. Basically, I wanted to say, in an extreme situation that somebody decides to put Euphoria-like VN on Steam and it causes some mass freakout, the result could be pretty unpredictable, but, I guess, the possibility of that is very low. I'm also a bit concerned with a certain other detail. Technically, most 18+ VNs are set in high-schools, so the characters are supposed to be underage, even if they look like adults or it's explicitly said otherwise, so technically the whole VN industry lies in a somewhat legally gray area, especially in more conservative countries. Actually, in my country hentai is illegal for exactly the same reason, and quite a lot of sites that give access to it are IP-blocked. VNs probably exist because the industry is so small that nobody even knows about them, so the more exposure they get, the bigger is the possibility that they are going to be noticed by those who shouldn't notice them. So, in the end, I'm mostly just worried that I'm personally going to lose access to getting VNs legally rather that that it's going to bring some major problems. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.
  6. To be honest, I can't help but worry that this is going to open some Pandora's box at some point. Well, unless Steam change their mind a week later, we're fine so far, I guess. PS. Yeah, unlike @Mr Poltroon, I'm a natural born pessimist. PPS. I wonder if Steam are going to allow outright nukige, btw.
  7. Hey!

    Welcome! Yeah, don't worry. You are not the first and not the last person here who has this problem. I personally myself has never been comfortable posting things on forums, though Fuwa became a nice exception for some reason.
  8. hi i am bored

    Well, if you are telling the truth, then it means you're a real person and not some highly intelligent bot. I'm pretty sure they can't get bored. Can they? PS. Welcome!
  9. Birthday thread

    Belated Happy Birthday to @Funyarinpa!
  10. Seven Days collector's edition on Kickstarter

    Hmmm, looks pretty interesting, though I'm not exactly sure what to expect of this one. I wonder if anyone here can comment on it. Well, anyway, good luck with the project! By the way, could you please explain how limited are $60 and $150 tiers?
  11. What are you playing?

    I mean, you're supposed to feel happy and relaxed at the places like that, and the story of Narcissu is just outright depressing. And the problems it raises are a lot more down-to-earth than in most similar VNs, and the story requires some serious thoughts to be understood, so I really just wasn't in the mood for something like that. In my case, my brain just decided to cancel out all the sudden negative experience in favor of all the interesting things I saw in Greece, because I honestly feel like the whole story just went over my head. Actually, I'm not even sure 100% I really finished it back then, because I somehow really can't remember how exactly it ended. I just remember that I guess, I just really need to reread it at some point.
  12. What are you playing?

    Just a small piece of advice: read it only when you're free enough to finish the whole game in one or two days. These utsuge VNs work much better if you keep things fresh and don't have time to think about unnecessary stuff. I'm saying it because I did the opposite and stretched the whole experience over something like two months, because at that time I just didn't have enough free time and mental energy to read VNs. Honestly, starting any VN, especially this one, during that part of my life was the second worst vn-related decision I ever did in my life, considering that, even though I understood that it was really good, I simply didn't enjoy it in the end. The worst decision was reading Narcissu at a summer resort.
  13. Older VN help

    I personally use virtual machines when I need to play something old. Dealing with the compatibility issues is often pretty messy, and even if you manage to make a game work, you may still experience stability issues afterwards. Start here. You can download a free virtual machine called Virtual Box from this site, but you will need a disc or an image file with the OS you are going to use.