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  1. 2000's, I guess? If you look through the highest rated and the most popular VNs on vndb, most came out during this time period (it's not like it means much though, but it's a good enough way to show what people actually like). As for the future, there are too many unknowns to talk about it seriously. The eroge industry seems to be on decline right now, from what people say, so they may as well die out in the near future. I'd personally love if the VN developers tried to give a bit more variety to what they produce. Like I'm literally sick of all these typical eroge tropes that appear in almost every single title! And the typical route structure greatly constrains what plots are possible. But, well, I doubt that anything is going to change with this, at least, not in Japanese VNs.
  2. Sup.

  3. Yeah, of course getting a hundred messages from random Facebook accounts will make him taking all of them seriously. One message is enough. Also, isn't this, basically, privacy violation? I doubt this guy is okay with the link to his facebook page appearing on some random forum of questionable nature.
  4. Hmm, I thought it was all based on what they themselves said, but, yeah, I'm not going to look through everything again either. Good point. Then it probably means that if it was them reporting VNs, it was probably done in some more or less formal way and therefore was handled by a Valve employee. Yeah, come to thing of it, it was pretty stupid. Never mind my previous post then.
  5. I would say, if this system exists, it probably just reacts to how often a game is reported for rule violation. And it could be that this system is actually old but was only triggered now after somebody reported all these games some unproportionally big number of times. Just for clarification, is there a proof that they actually did that and not just claiming to be the cause of something that already happened?
  6. Predicting the sexual activity of VN characters

    Oh, yeah, sorry, I somehow got confused. Also, it's funny how the results in "subjected to" almost mirror what I got in "engaged in" in the female version.
  7. Predicting the sexual activity of VN characters

    I think it caused by something else. Looks like "heterosexual" only increases the percentage for this tag by 0.01%. And do the tags in "subjected to" take girl pages into percentage? Getting "boobjob" as one of the highest rated tags is kind of weird, lol.
  8. What are you playing?

    The House in Fata Morgana fandisk, and it's absolutely amazing.
  9. Is this forum dead?

    Huh? Well, while I definitely wasn't serious when creating this thread, and I just wanted to see what people would discuss if I formulated it as vaguely as possible, it's not like it was 100% a joke. Basically, the activity on this forum has been kind of lacking recently (excluding today), and I wanted to... talk about it, I guess?
  10. Yes, they do. I mean, it's stupid, but people care about porn way more than they care about gore. I mean, the anime porn is literally illegal in my country, because some of the higher-ups thought that it's all just child porn (and made some retarded definition to make basically all of it fit as such). PS. Actually, the main problem here is not that their busyness will go wrong if they create a separate site for the 18+ titles. It's more like it could go wrong, and nobody is going to bother with this possibility, considering that 18+ games isn't what Steam is for to begin with.
  11. If it's automatic, then how would they know that anything had been changed in the game when the time to delete it comes? Still, yeah, it's not entirely impossible that it has something to do with people reporting the games. Yeah, Kindred Spirits is basically the same game in both Steam and Mangagamer versions. If you look through that list of the games banned on Twitch, about half of them are anime-style, even though there are literally hundreds of "normal" games that also violate their rules, but are allowed. The guy developing Yandere simulator did a few videos about this, here's the first one if you're interested. Welcome to politics! Why would Steam even bother with this? It's not their problem, they don't care about 18+ games to begin with. Also, considering that their livelihood doesn't depend on 18+ titles to begin with, they won't risk creating even more backlash from more conservative-thinking people, which will surely follow and has a risk of actually hurting their busyness.
  12. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, @Zenophilious.
  13. Linking a related blog post. And that after Valve explicitly told MG that this title is okay to be published as it is... What VN is going to be next, I wonder?
  14. What are you playing?

    Are you waiting for this side-story, or for a proper sequel? Because, if the later, then it's probably going to take a while, because a) it's not even properly announced in Japan yet, from what I understand, so it looks like it's going to take a while before we can read it in English; b) the story structure clearly suggests that this is going to be a trilogy, with the focus on different main character in each game, so if you want to read the whole story at once, you'll have to wait for the third game. Like I said, this VN is still finished thematically and works quite well on its own, So, if you're interested in it, I recommend picking it up now. Other than that, buying it is the good way to show the developer that there are people interested in their product (and thus increasing the chance that the sequel is going to come out in the near future).