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  1. Hero's Journey in VNs

    I feel like The Second Reproduction fits pretty well, though it also serves as a subversion to this kind of a story. It's an otome title that starts when a princess of a human kingdom is sent to the country of demons to kill their king, but it quickly becomes apparent that the demons aren't the creatures of pure evil as the humans believe, so the actual story is more about the princess finding her place in life.
  2. Finished the common route and started Yayoi's route. Well, the first few chapters were pretty cool, with nice balance between comedy, sad parts and introducing the characters and their personalities, but in the chapters after that the balance mostly shifts towards over the top comedy, which is kind of funny, but pretty repetitive and still not good enough to move the story on itself. And it feels completely useless from the storytelling perspective, considering that the chapters before that do way better job at establishing the characters. Well, I hope that the story get serious again soon enough. 7/10 so far, I hope it gets better later on.
  3. I see. I just felt like the wording in some scenes was a bit weird, so I wanted to check with somebody more fluent than me. Plus, yeah, grammar mistakes are a bit too frequent.
  4. What do you think about the translation, by the way?
  5. MAL Alternative?

    Well, the only alternative I know of is anidb.
  6. Hello there!

    Welcome back!
  7. Fuwanewbie

  8. Sooooo...is "Summer Pockets" the next big Key VN?

    Well, I didn't read it and can't say for sure, but Summer Pockets has a different main writer than the titles you mentioned here, so I wouldn't expect it to have exactly the same writing style as them. On a bright note, apparently the main writer for this VN is also pretty good. Oh, and your username is pretty funny by the way.
  9. Hello, pleb here

    Spice and wolf isn't a visual novel. It's a light novel. These are different terms. You can't find a visual novel that isn't "game-like" because technically they are games. Well, welcome anyway.
  10. Summer 2018 Anime Discussion

    You make me interested.
  11. Actually, yeah. Well, I really doubt that it would be above Steam to suspend the games they originally approved if they were actually serious about this.
  12. It got lucky, I guess. SSS just probably happened to be handled by another overly zealous employee who wanted to save honest buyers from another disgusting anime "game". Or maybe that, yeah. Well, to be honest, it's not a situation where quick solution exists. Small companies need Steam because it gives them large extra revenues from people who only buy their games on Steam. Well, monopolies are always shitty by default.
  13. Finished the first chapter yesterday. Nothing's really happening in the story so far, but the characters are nice. So far it seems pretty entertaining.
  14. And what about Key?

    Well, confession: even though there's a decent amount of VNs fan-translated to my native language, I always read them in English for exactly the same reason.
  15. Why you should play Summer Pockets

    But I was already interested in it in the first place?