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  1. Apparently I hate myself. Looking for more Nakige.

    Katahane fault series
  2. What are you playing?

    You really should. Chapters 5 to 7 are, imo, the best in the game, but they only work due to buildup of the first 4 chapters. The answer arcs only work if you still remember what questions are being answered. Incidentally, chapter 8 is currently in beta, so it's probably going to be released relatively soon. I hope they localize Rei too. From what I remember, their initial plans included Rei and Hou, but it was so, so long ago.
  3. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    I don't really need to look for new VNs at all anymore, since with my reading speed I will probably never be able to finish my huge backlog anyway. But, overall, I just find VNs on vndb or through a word of mouth, and read a few reviews or look through vndb tags to decide if I want to read them. Or I just buy them randomly and then start reading them in a few years.
  4. What are you playing?

    This sucks, but, in case you don't know, there are some companies that specialize in restoring data from broken hard drives. This might get pretty expensive though, depending on what exactly stopped working, and of course there's no guarantee that they will manage to restore everything. For example, they may not be able to restore the names of the files, which will make VNs unplayable. I tried to apply for their services once, but there was nothing really important on my broken hard drive, so the price just wasn't worth it.
  5. Worst VN of The Decade?

    Well, maybe it's actually good that I dropped it after Aqua's route. Which, as far as I remember, was pretty terrible. The plot twist at the end was so stupid that it somehow managed to destroy everything that about this story that was actually done well. And, to be honest, it could be a lot better if it stopped pretending to be serious science fiction and made Aqua the protagonist for the whole game and not just the 2048 chapter. ... Though I'll probably still try to finish it eventually. When I stopped playing it, I was convinced that one day I'll return to this VN with fresh mind and try giving it another try. Himawari was the game that I really, really wanted to like. The overall idea of the story is pretty interesting and unique for a VN. The game itself was kind of meh and was the cause of my biggest VN burnout so far. Well... Now I'm not even sure that I'm waiting for this VN translation anymore. Because this sounds almost exactly why I didn't like G-Senjou.
  6. youtube - Most random

    Old classics (?)
  7. New VN Publisher ANIPLEX.EXE blocks Europe

    Both games look pretty interesting, actually. Which is a pretty rare thing with VNs nowadays. Edit. As for the block, I would understand it if it was blocked for every country other than the US, but specifically blocking the EU seems strange.
  8. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    Had you ever been banned before you became a mod?
  9. Hey

    You probably won't remember me since I only became somewhat active here about at the same time when you left, but still, hello and welcome back!
  10. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

    Well, I expect it to be more powerful than NES... Which, incidentally, is the only gaming platform I've ever owned. To be real though, aren't computers already reaching the physical limits of what can be done with the modern type of technology? I know that the productivity is still growing, somehow, but the growth is no longer exponential as it used to be.
  11. Anime Summer List of 2020

    TBH, if it's actually supposed to be deep, then this page did a very poor job at presenting the story.
  12. Anime Summer List of 2020

    isekai was a mistake... . . Wait, this isn't even an isekai.
  13. Anime Summer List of 2020

    Nothing particularly interesting so far.
  14. What Anime are you watching now?

    I tried watching Bake at some point, but I was almost immediately turned off due to some tasteless fanservice right at the beginning of the first episode, so decided to read the LN instead, which I got in the recent Humble bundle. As for the LN, my personal problem is that I simply hate the character of Senjougahara, and especially how the MC (forgot his name) reacts to her gimmicks. In the end, I just ended up dropping it pretty early because of that. I'll probably give it another chance at some point, but, I don't know, maybe I'm just tired of these over the top anime-style stories. I've noticed that most Japanese stories that I enjoy recently feel a lot more heavily inspired by Western fiction than the typical stuff. Makes me wonder if I should move on to something else. Well, that sucks. I'm personally pretty free nowadays, so I'll probably be able to travel as soon as this situation changes. Still, I was pretty resolved to spend this year traveling a lot to break away from my depressive lifestyle, and I finally have some free money to afford that, so this situation feels incredibly frustrating.