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  1. I'd say there are two reasons: 1. Some translations are actually pretty bad. I mean, I wouldn't mind finally rereading Fate if it actually got a new translation. The problem here is that it never will, and if it does, it won't be done by MG. 2. Some people just want a way to get a way to support a novel they like officially. Not everyone is comfortable buying games on Japanese websites. Especially since many games don't even have download editions, so you have to import a physical copy, which leads to many different problems. And some older games, especially by smaller publishers, are often not available at all. I tried to look for a way to buy Rose Guns Days, but I was out of luck.
  2. Then pretty much all of Maeda's VNs and anime should be called "WTF is this ending?"
  3. Sadly, at this point it's safe to say that the project is dead.
  4. @Zalor Well, in my case, Umineko was what made me fall in love with them. Have you tried reading the manga for Episode 8? It makes some things clearer that the VN. If you don't want to read the manga (I personally never did that) you may try this fan-made VN which converts the scenes that were changed in the manga into a VN format.
  5. Wow, happy birthday, @Kenshin_sama! Didn't expect to see you back.
  6. You're actually pretty wrong in your assumptions. I'd say, the majority of VNs have at least two routes, and that's especially true if we are talking about non-doujins. Some very random examples include: Little Busters! Grisaia no Kajitsu Tokyo Babel Dies irae Hapymaher Rewrite (only a fan-translation is available for now, but the official version is going to be released at some point). Fate/Stay Night (sadly, it only has a fan-translation, and not a very good one, but the game itself is classics)
  7. Happy birthday to @MaggieROBOT!
  8. I just install as many as I can, in case that I suddenly decide to play some particular VN when I don't have stable internet access. (I play them on a laptop btw.)
  9. I'm not 100% sure about what you're asking for, but, perhaps, Shinsekai Yori? I try to be vague, but it's still a spoiler that only gets revealed at the very end, so I'll use the spoiler box. I'll make another post if I think of anything else. For now, nothing else comes to mind.
  10. Happy birthday to @Fiddle! Wow, you're so young and already know how to read!
  11. Happy birthday to @NowItsAngeTime-sama!
  12. Well, it is a pretty common trope in fantasy light novels, but I can't really think of any VNs that would fit your requirements exactly. I haven't played this VN since it isn't translated so I'm unsure if this recommendation is correct, but perhaps Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate will work? Probably not what you're asking for, but Chuusotsu! 1st graduation may fit in some very broad sense (though it doesn't have any combat).
  13. Just for the record, I seem to recall that the current theme used to be the default one at some point in the past. Probably, before I even made an account here. I personally prefer Spectrum, so I pretty much instantly switched back to it after it was changed.
  14. If I remember correctly, I believe the previous version used to show what the title of the next unread topic was. Is there any way to return that?
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