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  1. Honestly, I often have the same problem, though I try not to care that much. The worst thing about conversations online in a language you aren't really fluent in is that there is no real way to check whether you write everything right or not.
  2. From what I understand, the version @Vokoca mentioned is considered the best (and it's voiced). I personally played the original unvoiced version, and I believe it has some strange kind of charm about it, but I wouldn't really recommend playing it instead of other versions. There is also an official release on Steam, but it's unvoiced and still unfinished.
  3. It's even better. Though it's an extremely different experience, so if you liked Higurashi, it doesn't automatically mean that you will like Umineko, and vice versa.
  4. Edit. Sorry, I had a strange mood yesterday.
  5. "Notepad++" What is this even about?
  6. Why does it feel more and more like "The most popular Visual Novel contest"?
  7. Yeah, F/Z spoils quite a lot of twists from F/SN.
  8. My best and worst VN this month is called "exams"...
  9. Wait, did Grisaia actually beat Fata Morgana?
  10. Welcome to the dark side. Honestly, though, did you try to explain things how they are to her? I don't know your mom, but often it's the best strategy in situations like that. Especially if you're are gay, then she might suspect that something isn't right with that. Or, maybe, just try to behave as if nothing happened.
  11. Sorry for an offtopic, but I found this interesting. Huh? In my country (Russia) everything foreign on TV is always dubbed in the local language, though often very poorly. Is it different in other countries, or am I misunderstanding something?
  12. Rewrite vs. Little busters turned out to be a pretty interesting choice. Both are Key games and are more or less similar in quality, but at the same time they are very different from each other. It's interesting to see which one will win and with which result. I vote for Rewrite, but I expect LB to win. Grisaia vs. Fata Morgana to me is the most unfair choice in this round. I like Grisaia, and I would like it to survive for a bit longer, but do I need to say why I'm voting against it? I'm tempted to vote for Root Double because of my general dislike for G-Senjou. But I've only read about an hour of RD, so it would be unfair for me to judge, so I'm skipping this choice. All other choices have at lest one VN I haven't yet played, so I'm skipping them.
  13. Doesn't i3/i5/i7 only serve as a good parameter within a generation? I'm pretty sure that an i7 on my old laptop works worse than some i5s released right now.