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  1. Huh. Didn't expect them to do it. It's great they did though!
  2. https://vndb.org/v?cfil=&f=022gen80n&fil=&rfil=&s=24w
  3. Hey, another review where someone complains about a vn being a vn.
  4. Tried to watch it once. The first episode didn't impress me.
  5. I was pretty impressed with this one when I flew with them. It was surprisingly creative.
  6. Sorry, but for some reason, I imagine them transforming into monstrous creatures and battling with each other. I guess I read too much weird stuff recently.
  7. I believe Aquaplus stopped selling all of Leaf's games with the exception of Utawarerumono and the White Album series. So, I don't think there's any way to get them legally, except for buying used copies. Or you can use the alternative method. Also, according to VNDB, both games you mentioned are still untranslated. The patches for both haven't been released yet.
  8. @HataVNI Honestly, I'd recommend at least creating discussion threads for the content posted on the main site. I believe it used to be the norm in the past. The discussions were often pretty interesting, and it would make the main site more visible for those of us who mostly visit forums.
  9. So, The Apothecary Diaries anime is pretty amazing.
  10. There was a period when I was reading a lot of Japanese web novels fan-translated into English, and this kind of shit is exactly why I don't read them as much anymore. But yeah, Cross Channel is a really good VN. Admittedly, back when I read it my proficiency in English wasn't yet good enough to understand all the nuances, so I've been thinking about rereading it eventually.
  11. I tried watching Frieren. And, whoa, that's surprisingly good! Pretty depressing, and I'm not sure I want to watch it every week instead of just binge-watching it at some point. I mean, I don't think I remember any other anime that made me cry in Episode 1. I'd say that it seems like this could easily be the anime of the season, but some other shows seem like they could be excellent as well, so we'll see. Edit. Pin this thread, please. I'm not sure if anyone cares about threads like this one anymore, but I think we should still pretend that this forum is not dead.
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