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  1. How do you refer to fuwa members by name?

    When I write on the forum, I just @ them. In my head... I dunno?
  2. So, apparently I know exactly 13 couples. I thought it would be a lot worse, lol. Well, technically 14, but I only played about an hour of the game I would vote against in that case, so I decided not to.
  3. Umineko was already mentioned, so I'll go with Fata Morgana, Planetarian and Seabed. I'm not sure about the 'boring' part, but all of these are definitely pretty unique.
  4. Birthday thread

    All the best wishes to @Akshay!
  5. Warning: everything bellow is my opinion, and don't blame me if something goes wrong (and it can go wrong, obviously). What I wanted to say, maybe you could send them money directly through Paypal and they would give you a coupon for 100% discount for a game you want to purchase, or something like that. Mangagamer, for example, allows something like that, from what I heard, but... well, Sekai is still Sekai, so they probably won't allow it. If they don't answer in a few days, you may try to purchase this game [NSFW] first and see if it goes through, and then purchase whatever you want to purchase. You will loose 2 dollars, but this way you can check this way if this method works for you. Actually, Denpasoft allows refunding your purchases if you don't download them, so you can probably return the money this way.
  6. From what I understand, this restriction is made not by Sekai themselves, but by their payment processor, and thus technically doesn't really depend on them. The only thing I can recommend is to ask the support whether there are any alternative methods to do the payment (through PayPal, for example, if it's available in your country).
  7. What are you playing?

    They aren't really that important, honestly. Even if you skip some details, everything will still be explained at the end. I actually agree with @Thyndd about theorycrafting. Ever17 is a curious case in this sense because, while the final sci-fi mystery is probably almost impossible to get, there are still a lot of other things that you still can get if you pay attention to all the little details. While I'm not really the biggest fan of the story of this VN, I personally never had as much fun trying to connect all the loose ends. In the end, I even reread a certain route twice just to check my theories. OR you could just forget about it and to be completely blown away by all the revelations in Coco's route. This also works pretty well.
  8. Hello guys, virgin here

    I-it's now like I'm here to welcome you or anything! PS. Welcome to Fuwa! We have wonderful shitposts here!
  9. Hello there~

    Don't worry, almost none of us are informed enough to speak, but we still do. Nobody is good at first, you know. And if you are writing just for yourself and aren't going to show your works to other people, you don't even have to be good in the first place, you know. Oh, and welcome!
  10. Crystalline (Western VN Review)

    Hmm. I don't know what happened to "graphics in games doesn't matter" me from the past, but in spite of all the bashing the screenshots still make me want to read it. And, like @littleshogun said, the isekai themes in VNs are actually pretty rare, and I wouldn't mind this changing just a bit (to a reasonable degree, of course ). So, I don't know, considering the size of my backlog, most likely I will still skip this, but maybe I'll take a note and return to it at a point where I just want to read something stupid.
  11. Top 10 Reasons To Learn Japanese (or not)

    What about stupid lolis overthrowing the world order with the power of shampoo and Italian cuisine?