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  1. Sorry to all messaging me about the VNs i posted, don't have the access i used to.

    IM sure Tay or someone will be able to help you


  2. Hi. I found your walkthrough guide for Rewrite after having some problems finishing the 5 heroin routes. But even after following all of them to the point (trying to take all the questions in between in all possible ways) I still don't get quest 31. Any suggestions?

    1. Sverre


      Forget this, I finally understood that you meant that Moon and Terra was part of the routes, I considered them extras.  :)

  3. your hard work and dedication to Fuwanovel is MUCH appreciated Nosebleed. Thank you
  4. Its things like this post (and the email i got from you Tay) that remind me just how awesome the Fuwanovel community is. Travel and life has kept me away, but Fuwa is always in my heart. You guys kick major ass and im glad to see that Fuwanovel continues to grow and expand. THank you for the blast from the past Tay, ill never forget that day you guys gave me that card. Truely epic. So tonight, i will raise a pint, and toast the awesomness that is the Fuwanovel Community. Vegas here I come Cheers, Ryoji Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kleiner, Keaton and Checkmate!!!!
  5. Tay

    Happy Birthday Ryoji!

    1. Tay


      Coming to your profile and wishing you a happy birthday is one of my few Fuwa yearly traditions : P

  6. ok this shit made me laugh so loud i woke up my wife. Funny as hell Batman. 10/10
  7. Just watched Tamako Love Story, the movie continuation of Tamako Market. Really enjoyed it. Got away from the more silly Dera story line and focuses almost solely on Tamako and Mochizou's relationship. If your a fan of slice of life/romance, I would recommend it. 7/10 for me. Ill buy the bluray to add to the collection.
  8. Seeing this thread thrive, REALLY makes me happy. Not really excited for much this season. Between 8-15 hour plane flights and jet lag, and stressful work. i havnt really had a chance to watch much of the new crop of shows this season. Ive seen ep. 1 of the following: Parasyte - the maxim : interesting premise, too early to judge Log Horizon 2: LOVED the first season, but the apparent change in quality of the art is bugging me. Hopefully it will get better. Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works : Really excited for this. (Tay, we need to catch up and talk about this one as it airs. I miss our conversations.) Thats about it. Now that im going to have more down time, ill be able to watch more.
  9. Anyone who likes Kumin-Sempai is ok with me Welcome to Fuwanovel
  10. hahaha. nah, i wont haunt you.... or will I???? In all seriousness have you ever finished it? I know before you said U didnt get through the first season. I think i recommended skipping Season 1 and watching Season 2, (been a long time since we talked about it) think youll like that. Meh either way, its all good my friend. Some people love it and some people hate it.
  11. Ryoji-Sensei approves of this!!
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