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Sakura Zoo Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (10/22/2016)

As for the title meaning, since the image header was 'Sakura Nova' and a nukige (Wild Romance) which going to the Steam from Zoo Company, I used Sakura Zoo from this week title (The meaning should be obvious here, and sorry for being very cliche here). Hopefully Winged Cloud didn't release Sakura Zoo for their next title there. About the releases, those two was pretty much bring the controversy there, but Wild Romance bring more because in this VN was actually nukige and bring it to the Steam mean that it'll cut the most important thing for nukige (Sex). Speaking about Steam, I didn't carein regard of Sakura Nova release at Steam. My comment here would be whatever.

As for this week, to be honest it was very bland here (There's very few progress here) and the releases was not something that I could said was looking forward too (I admit that the VN image header was quite nice too look though in regard of the girls there). Also too bad that this week we didn't see Mangagamer bring their updates like usual two weekly there (They bring another AJ Tilley VN Negligee though), although if they preparing for MYTH release right now maybe we could see some nice updates from them next week. So I'll just looking forward to next week then in regard of Mangagamer.

Since I talk about Mangagamer, might as well comment about Shuffle in regard of Navel which break up from Mangagamer in the past. While if I said that this is definitely smart move from Navel by releasing PS2 version to Steam, it's still inferior to the Essence+ which contained 5 more heroines while PS2 version only contain 2 more heroines only. Although I said nowadays it'll be cliche, it was my first VN here and I think it's still good for some beginner who want to play VN out there. For Corona Blossom Volume 2, it'll be released at 27 this month so at least Frontwing fulfill their promise in regard of release there. Didn't care too much about another Grisaia spin off (Melody) and Muv Luv news, so I couldn't comment in regard of those two much here.

As for Sekai, this week the progress for Chrono Clock was stagnant at 40% for a week ie not moving at all. As for Wagahigh, they finally fully translated there and they starting the editing and engine process there. As for usual progress, both of Maitetsu (44.75% translated) and Princess Knight Chapter 2 (69.61% translated) there had some nice progress, while for both of Tenshin Rahman (60.46% translated) and Bokukotsu (10.49% translated) was quite slow. Other than that, no much I could comment from Sekai there.

For fan translation, somehow I missed this but Sukiuso (I think I'll just called it Sukiuso there instead of Sukima) right now was at 38.7% translated. Speaking about missing something, I also miss that Luna Translation got one more project there and it was Ushieta translation, and what I could said for now good luck to Ushieta team. For more progress here, this week we only had usual one although it's still good though. For roundup here Bishoujo Mangekyou was 93% edited, 88% QC-ed, and 45% TLC-ed proofread; Bishoujo Mangekyou 2.5 was 44% translated and 35% edited TLC-ed; Majokoi was 52.3% translated, 37.1% edited, and 18% TLC-ed (The TLC may be regressing in the future); Loverable was 20.01% translated, 64.38% image edited, and 1.39% edited; and Tsui Yuri was almost completed in regard of translation (95% translated), 84% edited, and 15% QC-ed. That's all for the roundup here.

I think this is it for my VNTS Review this week, and see you next week.

PS - I wonder what happened to Kimisora project for a while because there was no update after it was posted. Turn out that the translator was preparing thesis and therefore it'll be stalled until December, so obviously there's no update here. Hope we could see the progress at January 2017 at least.

PPS - This morning, we had more progress from Chrono Clock after I give up to keep my eyes on, which is at 42.44% translated for the progress. Hopefully it'll be not stagnant anymore here.

PPPS - Thanks for the correction there, Arcadeotic.


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19 hours ago, Fred the Barber said:

The short form of Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete is WareMete, btw :D

I knew about the short form here too. But since I'd read some fanfiction in the past that had the characters with the name of Ushi and Eta (One of them was some kind of OC), and the fanfic was quite good at that so I decided to just called that by Ushieta if you ask my reason here (Some sort of reminder). It's just like I called the first part of the name of VN here, only shortened one. Well, just want to saying it here.

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