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First Love, Basketball, and Pizza Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/08/2017)

Edit - Since we had our Decay trying to add VNTS weekly, I'll add VNTS link for this week as usual. I knew that the image header was not Kyou from HatsuKoi, but rather it was from Aiyoku no Eustia (Good thing that it's finally added to VNTS). Even so, I decided to keep my own VNTS Review title for this week because it's more fitting imo looking at HatsuKoi Kyou's patch release once again.

As for the review title, since this week we had Kyou's patch release from HatsuKoi translation project, I decided for the title we had something like Koichoco full title (Love, Election, and Chocolate) with some adjustment. First love was the direct translation from Hatsukoi, while pizza and basketball was what we could see from Kyou's route later, so we had 'First love, Basketball, and Pizza' as the title. With the title matter done here, let me said that other than Kyou's patch release, there's no major complete release for this week so I could say that this is a calm week after Boston convention. Speaking about convention, there's SakuraCon next week although this time apparently only Sekai that will had the announcement though. With that done, let's move on to the actual review.

This week there's a video from Visual Arts. I knew that sounds lame here because it's mean that I was like promoting a random video from Youtube lol. But actually it's important video in which it was Little Busters Complete Edition with English subtitle. Speaking about that, there's also a news that apparently Baba (Visual Arts CEO) was planning to release it on this spring. Which mean that it'll be at least early June for be the latest if we speaking about the spring (Unless we count Australia, in which case it would be early December lol). Although I kind of wonder a little bit whether Fruitbat Factory will be involved in the release or not (Probably is, considering that our Phlebas from Fruitbat involved with the translation of original version in the past). As for my comment, well at least we could read three more additional routes which should be satisfy any Little Busters fan there.

For Sekai section, there's not much to say here other than at least there's still some updates from them (Bokukotsu was almost reach halfway translated (49%), while their first secret project was at 68%). Although this week they only had few updates here, actually this week Sekai releasing two demos for their coming soon VNs. The first demo was Nekonin which apparentlybgetting ready for April release and also already opened the Steam store, thile the 2nd demo was from Fatal Twelve which safe to said quite interesting because the Kickstarter wasn't ended yet. Go get those two from their Steam stores (Nekonin and Fatal Twelve) if you interested. Speaking about Steam store, there's also another one established for Rakuen which mean the release date was close (Good for Grisaia fan), and apparently according to Steam the release date was at April.

Other than Sekai, this week Mangagamer was also had some updates. For the updates it goes like Trinoline was at 6% translated (Very recent VN and all), Hapymaher was at 73% translated (66% edited), Sorcery Joker was at 85% translated, Boukaku was fully translated and 91% edited (Very fast update there), recently announced BL VN (I'll call it Hashihime) was at 31% translated (Same number with Maggot Bait), Fata Morgana fandisc was past halfway (52%) translated and 30% edited, Naked Butler was past halfway (53%) retranslated, and Kuroinu Chapter 2 was fully translated (Also 58% translated). For loli nukige (Sweet Young Bride), it was already completed (Fully edited and translated) since it was still announced as secret project. As for secret projects, turn out that there's still six unknown VNs instead of five because Mangagamer add 7th secret project. For the progress, 1st was at 83% translated (78% edited), 2nd was at 55% translated (44% edited), 3rd was at 39% for both of translation and editing process, 4th was at 88% translated (58% edited), and the 7th was at 43% translated (32% edited). That's all for Mangagamer this week.

For this week, first of all there's no Majokoi update at this week unfortunately (Hope there will be next week). Although of course there's still some update from other projects though (Duh). For the updates, this week we had Loverable which is at 59.54% translated right now, following with TLC progress at 29.94% and 17.26% edited (They also completed Satsuki's route, and they'll translate Nanako's route next). Other than Loverable, we had Witch Garden at 23% translated, Eustia finally reached 6% mark translated (Prologue was at 67.78% translated. For more elaboration it was at 45.98% edited and 25.44% TLC-ed for the prologue), ToHeart 2 was 70% proofread (Also Yuuki's route finished the proofreading), and Koiken Otome fandisc was at 2% translated (527 lines). For the last but definitely not the least update we had HatsuKoi project (Tsurezure) who released another patch (Obviously Kyou's patch once again), and of course there's some progress as well in which they tackle Maya's route right now just like they said (Maya's route was at 20.23% translated, while for overall was at 71.55% translated).

That's all for my VNTS review this week albeit early. See you next week.

PS - Today there's another HatsuKoi patch in which it goes like Maya's route was at 44.54% translated and overall translation progress was past three quarter mark (76.52%) translated. That's all for the additional update here.


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9 hours ago, Asonn said:

there will be a real VNTS tho... in a couple of hours... 

I knew, although it was belated though. Nevertheless I decided to keep my own VNTS Review title here for now.

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