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    Hello! My name is Karina, but you can call me Neko if you want, I'm 24 years old and I am a fan of visual novels since 2012. At that time, I didn't know VNDB very well, so Fuwanovel helped me a lot to find translated works and just getting to know Visual Novels better in general. Also, I always give preference to walkthroughs written here, because you guys make everything fancy and pretty to the eyes, that makes me want to use them lol! I'm quite shy and I'm still not used to chat in Forums, but since Fuwanovel seems to have a friendly community I decided to give it a try. I recently started to read Kara no Shoujo and have high expectations for it. The last works that I've read are: Subarashiki Hibi, eden*, MuvLuv and Hanachirasu My favourite novels are Inganock and Little Busters I'm slowly learning how to read Japanese and was reading Baldr Sky, but for some circumstances, that's currently on-hold. Anyway, nice to meet you! P.s: English is not my native language, so please forgive me if my English sounds too awkward!
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession : i feel better. I said a lot of times here that i don't feel bad, that i may need some help and alll...i think now that i feel better, like really, i have finally accepted myself, and can now fully live my life. Thanks guys, i know i was annoying, and prolly am still annoying, i am aware of that, and i'm working on that really hard, i just hope i can still get along with everyone, even with all my fuck ups, because in the end, i'm just a poor boy who wants to get along with everyone.
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    It is a game that was not supposed to be "Key" but ended like rehash of every other Key game due to no good ideas. In my opinion it doesn't suffer from that because let's be honest, who really has read Kanon or Air in this year of 2018? Instead of still trying to come up with NEW COOL stuff for the old fans, it is better to keep going the KEY path introducing the "genre" to new fans. Maeda himself doesn't really agree with this but this is only my opinion after all but I have to wonder if the writers thought this was good too. Maeda gave pretty much free hands to the 3 (there is actually 4) writers of the game and they went with KEY magic instead of something new Maeda wanted. The heroine routes are short, but so is the summer vacation, and has very little actual romance but that is to be expected from these short routes. The quality of these routes range from pretty meh to very emotional. None of this matters to be honest though because the secret of KEY games is the final emotional scene in the true route. People still talk about KEY games like they were MOST POP thing during their time but that is not true at all. They were popular yes but not the most popular ones. The reason why KEY games still have kind of a cult following is that they are all about that emotional final that makes them memorable. Summer Pockets belongs to this category too. Will it still be a big title in 10 years? Who knows. I have no idea really what other people thought about the true end lol. I can see the potential though. In the end it is a very KEY game with its multiple mini-games, hidden events inside the game that are fun to explore with a great cast, funny scenes, and filled with nostalgia. If you are a person that likes KEY (but don't know it yet) this is a game for you. If you are a person that likes KEY and have played all of their titles then not so much I guess. Depends if you mind the similar aspects of the story or not.
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    What are you playing?

    I just finished Fata Morgana this week and wrote up a little post on it if anyone is interested. (Beware lots of spoilers).
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    Original Fakku forum release: Thanks to the help from a kind benefactor, I acquired the Steam release. Steam users can now y o r o k o b e. Figuring out how the Steam release worked was such a damn pain. Not much was updated, apart from a few thousand scene seek thumbnails. Mainly giving Steam users some love. MAITETSU 18+ RESTORATION PATCH v1.3 7-10-2018 MAITETSU 18+ STEAM RESTORATION PATCH v1.3 7-10-2018 Maitetsu WIP Decensor patch thread The main issues I was dealing with while making that patch that most certainly limited how much I can do are: 1. KrkrExtract just doesn't want to cooperate majority of the time when extracting XP3's. 2. When it does, it doesn't even extract the stuff I needed. 3. Repairing the sprites requires my being able to repack EMote .pbs files with edited .bmp images. Not hard at all to do, just repacking is the issue AFAIK 4. The data.xp3 is encrypted. About half of it KrkrExtract can get done, but the half that i'd need to fully repair the "filesystem" I guess you can say into something usable is. 5. God help me TJS2 bytecode is one of the most disgusting atrocities I have seen. Bless based nihongo tools If there is anyone out there who knows the KiriKiriZ engine or EMote engine, your input is always welcome. Suzu ga besto desu
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    While Frontwing themselves still vague at the exact release date, at least they already prepared the Steam store page for Island which mean the release date for that is almost close - VNDB listed that as this month, although I have many doubts on that though. So what's your expectation on this? Although if I may say here perhaps I should expect that it's should be almost the same as Himawari, consider that it was from the same writer (Goo). If anything, at least we can hear Yukari Tamura voicing Rinne there.
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    just to clarify, im referring to all the fandisks and of course the main game itself as well as the little known A+ fandisk. so unless math has failed me thats 8 vns done from the majikoi universe! quite the ride its been. cant deny that i was getting majikoi fatigue at the end. love the main vn to death but my god. theres only so much majikoi a person can take. not sure exactly how many years its been exactly but its probably been like 6 years, maybe? anyone remember when the translation for majikoi was released? the one that had all the routes except miyakos and the agave route? i believe fuwa still had torrents floating about when i first played majikoi. think this is where i got it, in fact. I do know the picture that sold me on majikoi though. just look at that face. so happy and carefree. the face that started it all. so yeah, read majikoi when the original tl team released the translation that would lay in limbo for majikoi english progression for a long time. so long that i became impatient and started reading with a machine hooker. while i was reading it i learned that a new team was gonna tackle majikoi and years later they released a full english version that was uncensored. re-read majikois miyakos route and the agave route to get a better understanding of what was happening and finished majikoi fully. learned of the fan disk S and got started on that and its partial translation. history repeats itself as i read an unfinished translation with a machine hooker and learned that another team was gonna complete the vn. didnt go back this time to that one since i got the gist and had a better understanding of japanese. then the a series. oh god, the A series. 6 fandisks, 18 heroines and a whole lot of rinse and repeat. yamato must help the girls with some kind of big event and then theres a massive, overly long fight sequence. with the amount of girls in the majikoi universe that yamato can bone, id be really surprised if there was a main character of a vn who has more total possible heroines than yamato. feel like making a chart for all the possible boneable heroines but i dont want to right now. later. decided to change my avatar after like 3 years of having the same avatar to mark this occasion! what a nice reward after all these years. the famous last words from this series will be with me after this long journey. "Maji de watashi ni koishinasai!"
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    I think their handeling of Chrono Clock is quite telling for their feelings regarding mosaics. First they just said that they couldn't get the non mosaic versions from purplesoft, don't remember the reason but I think it was either something like Purplesoft deleted them or they just weren't able to find them. Then Mangagamer announced Hapymaher which is an older VN than Chrono Clock and also made by Purplesoft and of course also released in english without mosaics. When people heard that Hapymaher would have the mosaics removed they started calling bullshit on SP and then suddenly Purplesoft had miraculously managed to find the old uncensored files. So I think we can be pretty sure that for SP to release without mosaics they need either the developers to really want removed mosaics themselves or that they get a large backlash and lack anything that they can blame the mosaics on. My guess is that they are just too lazy to do the work of implementing the uncensored files into the VN.
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    Sekai Project never really pushed for mosaic free games but even they have at least 1 mosaic free title from what I remember. Mangagamer seems to push for more mosaic free stuff but even they recently released 1 game with mosaics because sometimes you just can't get art without mosaics. JAST (the old guys that were probably the only ones during your time) refuse to release anything with mosaics and this reason made them lose Baldr Sky license lol +some other newer and smaller companies that just do whatever to stay relevant but overall no mosaics is what people are pushing for but it is not a reason to not release a game anymore In Maitetsu's case though everything is animated so getting it without mosaics would probably take huge amount of work too
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    Congrats finishing it then I only read the translated games and I actually forgot that I didn't read the after stories of the original heroines in S. Well they have to wait since I'm still sitting on the last route in Tsujido, the last route in Comyu (which I'm afraid to read at this point), Edelweiss, the Kira Kira Deardrops fandisc, I also want to check out Hapymaher and I just finished Hatsukoi after leaving it alone for months. Not to mention I also want to start reading in japanese at one point this summer. Damn I remember how I fell in love with this game when I first started reading it and then waited for years checking yandere translation every few days to see nothing happening for years but after S came out I felt like I read too much of it. Got a little fed up with the "strong-willed girl gets all shy and submissive in a relationship" thing that makes 90% of the games. Also kind of got bored with Yamato being every womens type in Kawakami. Still hopefully a new fandiscs will get translated at somepoint and I can get back into it
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    Harem Party Review

    I should have read this earlier. This game exhausted the f*ck out of me. I normally endure bad games since most of the time, I really just want to see the story unfold, no matter how shitty the story is. But this... this is just terribly bad.
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    Maia route is, strictly speaking, a bad/sad ending. This is self-evident, though, even just based on the prologue. Alice's route is generally best left to last, but I don't have a recommendation of which of the other heroines to do first. Personally, I tend to go after Keiko first, because I like her personality (that and she is surprisingly sexy), followed by Yayoi and Saki (one or the other, based on my mood). Hapymaher is the type of game you just sit back and experience, not the type you plow through at speed. Its style is probably unsatisfying for moe-only specialists, though. The atmosphere is a bit too depressing, too often for people of that type. Of course, on follow-up playthroughs, I generally found the Christmas arc to be something of a headache (once you've experienced it once, it loses what little appeal it has). I mostly play this game for the feels and the music, though I also love Maia (a given for anyone who likes this game in general). Her sadistic giggles and mocking speech patterns are a fond memory for me, even five years later.
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    There will never be another Rance. The reason is history. Rance is old, much older than most old games. To put this into perspective, you can be born 11 years after the first Rance release and still be old enough to buy adult VNs. When Rance 3 was released, the Soviet Union still existed. This means unless you are a Japanese in your 50s (or older), your first contact with Rance was not contact with a game. It was a series of games with a world building legacy. Rance kept getting new releases, which were updated for the modern era of the time, meaning Rance will most likely represent the era of when you started playing computer games regardless of how old you are. That is without being retro because it was new at the time. You can make new VNs/games now and they can be well made. However regardless of how perfect they are made, they can't be made with the legacy from day one and with the high amount of releases today, odds are that any good releases now will not last multiple decades without being killed by competition. In other words Rance is big not just because what it has done, but also because of when it has done so. Just think about it. Releasing unvoiced VNs today indicates low budget productions, possibly of questionable quality. Rance started before anything had voices and just didn't add them (remake of Rance 3 excepted), meaning Rance is likely the only VN today, which can make a AAA VN without voices. That's what legacy can do to a series. Also the size of the new Rance releases indicates a gigantic production budget, something which is only realistic due to a legacy, which will sell a lot on the name alone. It's not uncommon for people to complain about Rance and how he isn't treating women nice. However remember that this style is decided back in the 80s. According to the ingame "behind the VN" in Rance 1, protagonists back then were all heroes. They wanted Rance to stand out and made him a jerk, somebody with an attitude and behavior you don't want to copy. This means people are right. Rance isn't a gentleman and it's completely intentional. However Rance is a hero and he is more comedy than dark themed. It's quite possible this hero and anti-hero in the same person, which have made Rance stand the test of time.
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    spoiler question: non-spoiler question: 3. should i say "thank you" or "arigatou" or "thank you very much"? advance <answer to 3.>
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    It is from this https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/story_about_ol_san_picking_up_a_cat_1 Also
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    After Yuu finished the script of the heroines routes, Maeda saw that the game need more "Key magic", then he made Yuu write some family drama, cus Maeda only know to force cheap melodrama that way, so in the end we have good heroine routes(most of the time) and two last routes that disrupt from the rest and are boring at least. It's a decent tittle, could be much better, but the "Key style" with cheap drama and predictable supernatural elements make it worse, in my opinion. Maybe the problem is that i already read that type of story a thousand times. If you like Key novels, it's a good vn, though little than Clannad, more than Rewrite. But in my metric, nothing exceptional.
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    As many (hopefully) of you know, I like to read a lot of different things, providing my stomach and the laws of my country allow it. My VNDB list will never reach Clephas level of completeness, so I'm aiming for something different instead: to have the most random, hipster, no prejudice, unlike any other VN list. Of course, as slow as I am, I can only hope to achieve this dream within the next 30 years or so, but hey I'm still young! I have conquered otomege, devoured BL, collected EVNs, discovered yuri, threaded in chuuni waters, tiptoed into nakige, read through memeges, tasted horror, and tried my hand with gameplay hybrids. But how can I call myself a Ultimate VN Reader if I never read a single nukige? No, I have to change that. I must to. So I decided to give a chance to the glorious fangame our friendly neighbors Asonn, Arcadeotic, Hanako, HMN, Jptje, Nandemonai, Zakamutt, and other sweeties (because the list is damn long), shared with the West: Maki Fes! What were the impressions of Maggie, guaranteed 12% female readership of Fuwa, someone who totally didn't went in for the memes and that totally knew something about Love Live beforehand? Find out now! There's a catchy song in the title screen, pretty much the only song I remember from the game. In Maki Fes!, you play as Matt yourself! The boyfriend (wait, it should be girlfriend if I had to play as myself. Well, I can stick with Matt just fine) of the cute red haired tsundereish Maki! How lucky are you? Nukige convenience is convenient, alright! Not a bad start to be honest, I was expecting something more stupid, but Maki Fes already proved itself as above average intellectual level than my preconceived opinion of what constitutes an average nukige. Anyway, Maki needs to write a song and you, as a good boyfriend, agree to help her get some inspiration. And yeeeeeees, that means lots of porn! Maki is pretty much the only character you'll meet through the entire game, since more girl means harem or yuri, right? And that's not what this doujinge is about. And she's fully voiced! The actress does a very good job for most part, except during those background moans that goes like a machine gun shooting fast going "a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a" that got annoying after two loops. The art is also quite pleasant to look at, Maki pouting and smiling are just the cutest. I enjoyed her character, but I don't know the original to say if she's going too OOC. So! The game provide you with the following scenarios, and all of them leads to porn. Yes, some of these choices leading to porn is quite creative, I know. The twist would be if the last option didn't, but that's not what happens here. Choices, oh choices. If you don't want to be spoilered, stop reading right here! Not that I consider sexual position a spoiler, but hey, there's weird folks of all kinds out there! So let's go over what I get out of each scenes. And no, it wasn't masturbatory material. "Let's recall our first time!": Exactly what it says on the tin. It was quite a sweet scene, where Matt the protagonist was mindful of Maki, and if she was feeling comfortable. Of course, she had to say the typical "you can be more rough, I know you're holding yourself back", but hey, at least they discussed it! Relationship is all about two people understanding and being respectful with each other after all! Another thing that I have to praise this game is that the classic "Cum inside/Cum outside" option only affect the CG right after it, and not the ending, so I could pick "Cum outside" to my heart's content. "Wear your maid outfit!": This one was nice too, as far as h-scenes goes. It's a blowjob scene and HEY, it have simple ANIMATIONS (*insert here the face of a surprised girl that never saw a animated VN before)! The translation of this scene was pretty good too, I was amazed with how many different porn sound effects this guy could came (get it? ) up with. It also had a marriage proposal discussion there that I liked, but I can guess 80% of the people that played this game didn't even noticed it. "Our good luck charm!": This was one of the last scenes I read, so there wasn't much of my patience left. I think it was something about writing good luck wishes on Maki's butt. Yep. Of course, not with a pen or a penis, but with his finger. Oh yeah, this guy goes on and on about Maki's cellulite free butt but this game don't have a single anal scene. For shame, game, for shame! "I'm hungry!": I can only say one thing. How Maki decided she wanted to feed this guy and do it like this??????????? "Dancing is inspiring!": Probably, but it was the very last scene I read and at that point I just wanted the game to end. Four scenes is my limit for h-scenes one after another. Multiple rounds indeed is a lie. Oh yeah, the scene. I think it was a cowgirl scene and... that's it. "Use traditional elements!": Was it on that scene that Maki came with the penetration alone? God, that was dumb. This guy have such lame foreplay skill it's a wonder Maki can even come once. Oh yeah, there's pee in this scene, weird that Zaka didn't work on this. How does her pee makes an arc in the air though? Pretty sure you need a penis to do that... "You need some excitement!": Man, this scene have one weird dick. It looked like a fishing hook. Animating it didn't make it any better. But I think this scene had some well crafted puns cumversation, so it was somewhat amusing. "I wanna fuck!": (Chorus: FUCK!)* Now that's a scene where Matt truly shines! And Maki as well. How could a forget when she uttered my favorite quote of the game, "My nipples are playing the blues!"? Now that's what I call talented nipples! *Joke stolen from ZakaTM After seeing all scenes, you can finally watch the desired True Ending, that I'll not spoil here. That was... tiring to be honest, but also educational (?) to say the least. It helped me to understand some before unexplored corners of the VN fandom. And I can't really doubt that it must be a nice game if used as intended. Should I be ashamed that this was my first contact with anything related to Love Live? Maybe. But now I can proudly (??) say that my VNDB list is one step closer to perfection. And since I already ticked the nukige checkbox, I can safely remove any other nukiges/games tagged with high sexual content from my wishlist! ...Wait, that one nukige is BL. ... Guess I'm making a nukige misadventures part 2. Unrelated PS: No, I didn't forget about Dankaronpa, chapter 4 is halfway done. Maybe next week!
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    Fate Series Novel Order

    I'll just mention the chronology along with a short description. All of these works take place in the nasuverse, though they largely follow independent timelines. 1. Kara no Kyoukai - Gives a interesting background information about the nasuverse. Nasu's first VN Tsukihime is loosely based on this. This was originally a light novel series, later adapted into an anime movie series by ufotable. 2. The Visual Novel Series following the fate of Tohno Shiki -Tsukihime, Tsukihime+, and Kagetsu Tohya. Melty Blood was a game spin off that used charecters from Tsukihime. 3.The Visual Novel Series that follow the fate of Emiya Shirou - Fate/Stay Night (try to play the reality nua version for the avalon ending), Fate/hollow Ataraxia. The first two routes of the Fate visual Novel have been adapted into anime series while the third route(heaven's feel) is being turned into an anime movie series. This was based on the Light Novel Fate/Prototype which had a female protagonist, and saber (King Arthur ) was male. 4. The light novel Fate/Zero. THis was written after Fate/Stay Night but chronologically takes place before it. Interestingly this was not written by nasu. This LN was also adapted into an anime by ufotable. 5. The game series following Hakuno Kishinami and his servants include - Fate/extra, Fate Extra CCC, and Fate Extella.Fate Extra CCC is currently untranslated. 6.Mahoutsukai no Yoru is a VN released in 2012 following Aoko Aozaki and occur chronologically before Tsukihime. THis is currently untranslated. 7.Fate/Apocrypha, is a 5 book LN series set in a parallel world to the original Fate/stay night, where the Einzbern's summoned a Ruler rather than an Avenger in the Third Holy Grail War, it focuses on the conflict between two factions. (the red and black faction). It is being adapted into an anime and the LN is not yet fully translated. 8.Fate/Grand Order is the new android/ios rpg that adds a bunch of new servants and lore to the nasuverse. The players are the masters and you can collect servants which then undergo turn based battle. (not exactly pokemon, but the turn system is kinda like that.) Several Short LN sides have been released such as Fate/Labyrinth (side for Fate/Apocrypha), or Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, (Side to Fate/Zero) Edit - To answer your question, both Fate/Prototype and Fate/Apocrypha are LN's which deal with the third holy grail war, though different events mean that the very nature of the war is different.
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    I'm kind of surprised Steam allowed Maitetsu at all... that game is one I don't think should have been localized in the first place, for the sake of the community. I'd feel the same way if someone tried to localize Monobeno, for the same reason... the games are tailor-made to cause a major lolicon debate in public here in the US. I have to wonder if people realize just how thin a line the Western eroge (localization and making both) industry is walking...
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    Summer 2018 Anime Discussion

    So, the Calamity of the Zombie Girl is horrible. Not funny bad. Not outlandishly bad. Just painfully bad. It's ugly. It's offensively stupid. It's gross. Not in a fun way. Don't watch it. I like bad anime. I've never regretted watching a bad anime. I regret watching Calamity of the Zombie Girl.
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    English-translated Eroge Recommendations

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    Hi folks! As I can see a few of you already noticed, our project was picked up for official localization, with a target release date of Q4 2018, and got officially announced at the Denpasoft panel. As I've mentioned before elsewhere, I tend to think it's a good thing when fan translations get picked up for official release: it means more people end up seeing and enjoying the work, and it almost invariably means a higher-quality release (not to mention: more money for the folks who work hard on these things). Our status is more or less unchanged from what I've said previously: engine work is still ongoing, image editing still needs to be done, and then final QC once everything's implemented. It's not a short game, and there are a few unknowns still, hence the current target date in spite of the script having been basically locked for a while, but I'm sure you're all going to be very happy with the release when it's out, and I can't wait for that day to come!
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Put a banana next time.