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  1. Honestly I would like a sequel for Majikoi that moved on a little. For example a new game which is set around 2 years after the first one. That way most of the cast is moved on but still have some of them in the school and in the city. It would also give plenty of opportunity to have them make a cameo. This way they could focus on the first years that are coming in to town and maybe have them live in the Shimazu dorm as well We could see a new group of friends getting together in a game like this instead of having them already know each other. I think a VN like this would make a nice sequel with new characters while retaining the charm of the original. Personally I would also enjoy having an MC and some guys who are good fighters and on the girls level. Something similar to Dragons Rioting so the MC is on the level of Momoyo just holding back for most of the time for reasons. But thats just my personal preference I gotten a little bored with how Minatosoft always doing the "weak guys, overpowerd girls" thing.
  2. Your experience of "the visual novel entry barrier"

    I had a simple progression. I watched animes as a kid. First on TV then on the internet. When I finished watching the shows that most aligned with my interest, I couldn't find anything that really entertained me so I started reading manga. First I thought that it will be probably more boring than watching anime, but in a short time I realized that I like it aswell. After a while, I run out of stories that I like (same thing that happened with animes) and since most mangas doesn't get translated completly or the updates take months to come out, I decided to read VN-s. First I thought that most VN-s are just porn, but after reading a few good ones I realized that I was wrong and have been playing VN-s ever since All in all I just like the unique style of storytelling and characters that you can find in animes and mangas and I was just satisfying that curiosity until I reached VN-s
  3. Mainly Tsujidou-San. Read the common route with a machine translator but stopped after it. I glad I did because a few months later the translation was announced
  4. t japan vs SakuraGame

    But which needs less money to make? Machine TL or good TL? As long as people buy it and they can get away with it they will do it. Thats how most companies work nowadays sadly. And the small circles who make these types of games are happy if they can reach more poeple.
  5. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    Honestly I don't know what to think of this game yet I like magic and the fantasy elements, the art, and I also enjoy the jumping around POV-s, and that I can choose which one I want to watch. But the characters and the writing..... I'm not too picky about those two things, but damn. Haruto acting like a saint annoys me so much. I could tolerate Shirous stupidity but this guys hero mania infuriates me. He also sound like a hypocrate, because he states "I'm not looking for trouble but I can't ingore when someone needs help in front of me" and when he hears a rumor at school what does he do? Of course he wants to go investigate XD Not to mention the constant "That's not playing fair" line. Nobody told the writer, that if you repeate a phrase 10 times in a few hours, it becomes really annoying? It doesn't help the fact, that his best friend can't shut up about him. His only defining character trait so far, is that he is pretty much in love with the guy. Yeah so far this VN is getting on my nerves but I'm still hoping. God I hope it will be a lot more interesting when the mistery kicks in. By the way does somebody know what Harutos line is in japanese? Because in english it really sounds forced the way he is saying it. It reminds of Strike the bloods "This is my fight" catchphrase but repeating it in every second conversation instead of before major fights. Also that one makes a lot more sense than not playing fair.
  6. any more tled vns from the eushully universe?

    Well the best I know about is the edited machine translation for Ikusa Megami Zero. Other then that I think every one of their games set in that universe have an interface translation. Just look up the game on vndb and download the translation from nekohen.
  7. How do you feel about VN's with Gameplay aspects?

    Personally, I don't really care what is considered a VN or not. If I enjoy it then that is what matters. I like deep stories and good characters and character interractions. That's why RPG and JRPG are my favourite gaming genres, and that is also why I like VN-s. But I never liked them to an extent where I was annoyed, that I had to get through the gameplay elements no matter how good they were. That is mostly true for actual RPG and JRPG games. When it comes to VN-s, it seriously depends on how well it's done. In VN-s the main focus is usually on the actual VN parts (I belive), so there is a lot less development on the gameplay. Which can end up as a VN, with some shitty gameplay. In that case you want to read and you get constantly interrupted which is annoying. On the other hand I think if the gameplay is well done, than it can give more depth to the VN aside from the reading. It also can get some people (like me) more invested and immersed in the whole story line and world. But even when that is done, well there is still one big hurdle. The pacing of the gameplay elements. Kamidory for example (and other eushully games as I have heard) have a lot of grinding in later parts of the game, which completly cuts of the story for hours. And if you wan't to continue the story, it is really annyoing to do tha same dungeon over and over again, for some materials. Still I'm the type who likes to play between story segments, and it also helps me get immersed in the world and story, so I prefer VN-s with gameplay if it's done right.
  8. Thanks. I'm studying kanji and reading some grammar books already on a hobby level. Sadly I'm doing it on and off because I don't always have the time :S If I get good enough I plan to play some eushully games (this one included) I will probably use the translation you do as a reference to check myself
  9. Thanks for the sharing it. If it's not too rude can I ask you how are you studying japanese?
  10. Your feelings on comyu without any spoilers please!

    I pretty much have the same opinion on the Hisoka route. It also felt like the whole route came out of nowhere. Sadly I didn't finnish this game. I had other things to do and droped it right at Kagomes route. It's annoying because I liked her the most but at this point I don't want to read the whole thing again
  11. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    I usually go with the flow and only check what is coming when the first episodes are out, so I'm surprised that a Fate/Extra anime is coming Kind of sad that we won't get any Tamamo I guess I will check it out after I binge watched Apocrypha and read through Ataraxia.
  12. Why? What is the reason to limit the patch like that? At least I never heard about any game that does this
  13. Starlight Vega (yuri VN review)

    Yuri isn't really my thing but this art style really got my attention
  14. Okay I didn't really keep up with the news so I would appreciate it if someone explained it to me. This game has two versions, the one with +18 parts and one whitout it which has new scenes instead. The all ages one is considared the most complete version of the game. Originally they said that they will release the second version and a patch. But now they are saying that there is no patch and instead they release the first version of the game as well. Which got released today. So you need to play through both games if you want to see everything? Why are they calling it "18R patch" since it is another release not a patch or is there something I'm missing?
  15. Most Hated

    Well to me he felt pathetic more than anyithing. Hard to put it into words but I just considerd him lower than a human. Like a bug Wasn't he orderd to do the rape? I don't really remember so I would appreciate it if someone refreshed my memory.