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  1. Most Hated

    Well to me he felt pathetic more than anyithing. Hard to put it into words but I just considerd him lower than a human. Like a bug Wasn't he orderd to do the rape? I don't really remember so I would appreciate it if someone refreshed my memory.
  2. Most Hated

    If nothing else, it did give us a nice boat I don't remember reading a vn where I hated a character so much it left me with a lasting impression. Shinji was annoying but I didn't really hate him. He was an overconfident asshole with nothing to back it up with.
  3. The youngest romancing character for VN/dating sim

    Uhm...considering the type of VN-s out there....this will get interesting
  4. Every market has scumbags. Believe me my family experienced something similar in the past. The VN market is just smaller so it's easier to spot the shit. I always knew Wingd Cloud was a shitty company, with shitty games but I never expected them to be this fucked up.
  5. Sorcery Jokers will be released next year (At January 12th)

    Still waiting for Evenicle but I was also interested in this one. Mainly because I really like the design. So just by looking at vndb, will this game swap protagonists back and forth during the story or we can decide or what?
  6. Looking for an mature oriented romance VN.

    Hmmm that's a hard one. Most translated VN-s I read has at least one of the things you don't want. I guess I second G senjou and maybe recommend Deardrops.
  7. Majikoi Question

    Jup both Majikoi and S has a true route which can be accessed after clearing the main heroines. They are mostly story driven routes with plenty of action and most of the cast also take part in them. I wouldn't call them ecchi, there are scenes but the main story clearly took the focus. I can't really comment on the top routes, because there are a good number of them and I pretty much liked all except the Tatsuko, Margit routes. Also there is a certain heroine who I really liked but she got completly ignored in her route and I even forgot for a time that I was technically playing her route
  8. Majikoi Question

    Well the MC is just a smart, but lazy student. If I remeber correctly Light was pretty much a child prodigy.
  9. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    Ok the Multidirecional Drill and Potato Airhead got me interested
  10. Majikoi Question

    Ohhhhh...Tatsuko and Margit has a route in S yes, but those were the worst ones in my opinion. As far as I remember they are just filled to the brim with H scenes and barely any plot. Those routes are the reason why I don't like S as much as the original. At least Margit has an after route in one of the A discs, and it features her whole squad so that looks interesting.
  11. Majikoi Question

    Well...have you ever watched Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi? Momoyo and another few characters are similar to the masters in that. You better of just accepting, that most of the world is normal and there are a few people who are on Dragon ball Z level. Just don't overthink it
  12. Majikoi Question

    Yeah in S there are routes which are good, there are routes which are dissapointing because there is no story and mainly consist of H scenes, and there is a route where you forget there was even a heroine XD The first game doesn't have that problem luckily. As for Yamato yeah he is smart, cunning and down to earth. I would say the network of friends and favors he has is his main strenght. He isn't a bad protag but honestly by the end of A2 I got really bored of him. It's also ridiculous how he can get every girl in the game Well if you don't want donkan, weak protagonists then Minatosoft isn't the best company for that. The protags in their games aren't bad or oblivious but having physically weak protag and strong heroines who turn completly submissive in bed is kind of their thing (at least in the games I have heard about)
  13. Visual novel help!

    The only idea I have is, instead of setting the system to japanese use a program which lets you run individual exes in japanese. There were a few games where tha game gave me jiberish but I could still hook out the actual text. Using a program instead of setting the locale fixed it. I doubt it will work since you seem to have a different problem but worth a try.
  14. MangaGamer AnimeNYC 2017 announcements

    Thanks at least now I can hope for a release in 2018
  15. MangaGamer AnimeNYC 2017 announcements

    I don't really know enough about VN releases, so it feels wierd to me that they announce two new games, when there are several 100% translated and edited games, without any release date. By the way, are there any news about those? I'm interested in Evenicle but don't know anything about it expect that it's fully translated and edited. I'm not really interested in these two. Might check out Bitter Exculsion because of the wierd description.