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  1. It's a thing, not as big and active as in most Western countries, but decently sized. Still, I don't think many people bother with Polish translations. There's some translated manga and LNs available, obviously some fansubs as those are easy to make, but generally, English-translated stuff is the norm as far as I can tell. And really, with the generation that is into anime, the language barier is rather irrelevant anyways. Thus, translating stuff to Polish feels pointless, especially VNs as no one's interested in them.
  2. No one reads VNs in Polish though. I could do it if someone paid me for it, but it would be a pure exercise in futility TBH. And I absolutely get what you're saying, but it's mostly the case of making clients expectations and needs clear, right? If they just want a proofreader, that's easy. If they want better prose, it should take only a bit of talking to get a feel on how much I can change. Not that all people are reasonable when it goes to their own writing or actually know what they want, but I'd imagine proper communication can let you get over those hurdles most of the time. :3
  3. So, I found this obscure idol group with a slight retro-pop/R&B feel and it became a constant source of amusement for me for some unexpected reasons... Otaku idol, lvl hard: Idol industry reality check, lvl soul-crushing:
  4. Why are you repeating what my mind is saying? I'm also under impression things aren't looking much better in some associated niches, like light novels... If I felt that the competition from native speakers doing a decent job at editing was that heavy, I wouldn't even consider it, but we all can see how things are... I don't know, it's still a loose idea for me. But I won't know if I truly suck at it until I make a serious attempt and gather some feedback. :]
  5. Well, I was expecting to hear that from you, so it's something I'm definitely taking into consideration. :> I'm aware that it'd be a longshot, or a questionable choice even. On the other hand, I've seen native speakers with literature degrees doing really shotty jobs at editing EVNs, judging by the final products. JVNs... Well, the worst cases often don't have an editor at all, but we all know how it looks in practice. Even despite my relentless impostor syndrome, I have a feeling this would not be completely hopeless. Anyway, thank you for such an in-depth response.
  6. As I proud myself with my poor life choices, I'm flirting with the idea of getting into this wonderful, overcrowded and grossly underpaid niche known as editing and I was wondering whether the wise people around here, such as @Decay or @Fred the Barber could recommend any sources to learn about common tools and skills associated with said craft (preferably free, but reasonably cheap ones, like audiobooks or online courses, are also within my interests). If I ever go for it, I'd probably start with offering my services for free to some small-time EVN devs, to gain some experience (you don't need any unpaid workers in your projects @Zander? ), but it's still not something I'd like to go into blind. I obviously have experience with editing journalistic and academic work, but hardly in truly professional capacity. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. PS And, of course, if anyone is willing to share their experiences on what editing work for VNs looks like in practice, it'll also be highly appreciated.
  7. Job available for visual novel game studio

    I think quite a few EVNs I've read in the past few years shared this approach. ;p Seriously though, I don't forsee you getting much response here. You should try recruiting on Lemma Soft Forums. That's a go to place for people interested in original EVN projects.
  8. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    Holy fuck, really? That's kind of hard to believe with such awful characters and hyper-obnoxious harem... Well, the first season kind of sucked and I don't think it was because of being rushed, there was just nothin interesting in it. It was solid, but so painfully standard and lazy writing-wise. I mean, WTF is that "you'll always win if you really want to" ability? It's the only series other than Smartphone that made an "Unbeatable Magic Protagonist Power" canon. But I was also hoping that the second one will introduce something fresh, so I hope you're right about the source material getting more interesting from this point on.
  9. Hello

    Welcome to fuwa! ^^ But... You also read VNs, right?
  10. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    I'd say closer to Hyakuren and as weird as I feel saying that, this opening episode was way worse than Smartphone's. Awful animation, no humour, an annoying childhood friend character whose only personality trait seems to be that she's in love with the protagonist. Idiotic plot developments (we're average high-schoolers stranded in an alien world - let's become adventurers and fight deadly monsters, that's an obvious choice, isn't it?) and awful pacing, immediately nullifying the only source of tension. Like, Smartphone at least had the decency to introduce itself as a self-parody of sorts, this is way more unforgivable. I wonder where it goes from here.
  11. Can somebody recommend me a really scary VN?

    No problem. ^^ From the things that came to my mind in the meantime, I'd add Cupid , Butterfly Affection and Sweetest Monster.
  12. Can somebody recommend me a really scary VN?

    Genuinely scary VN? Doesn't exist. It simply doesn't fit the formula. I can recommend you some H. P. Lovecraft audiobooks though. Creepy/ Disturbing VNs? I'd recommend: Lynne Soundless Saya no Uta Phenomeno Corpse Party Later chapters of Higurashi
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Every day I explore Japanese music I manage to go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, always being sure I've just reached the absolute limits of what is possible, but being proven wrong on the very next step. Just... Wow. Also, in slightly less "out there" category, I kind of like the songs by みみめめMIMI, even if I can just barely get over the hyper-cute formula. So today I've randomly checked out those 360 degrees concert recordings of theirs and looked at the audience... Which is pretty much 100% male otakus? Holy shit, some stereotypes are truer than I'd like to think.
  14. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday to you @Emi!
  15. Compass of Dei Gratia announced by Lemnisca

    Does it? Won't it simply translate to "Compass of God's Blessing"? I'd imagine "Dei Gratia" is both something in the game and has symbolic meaning, as every cryptic doujin title should. Anyway, the game looks quite interesting. I kind of like reading this kind of stories even if they derail themselves in the end. :>