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  1. Welcome to Fuwa! Hope you'll have utilizing the newly found posting powers.
  2. In my experience, backwards compatibility and effectiveness of compatibility modes was only improving in latest editions of Windows, I don't imagine 11 giving you problems on many apps that work on 10, although it might be different for fringe cases that require some obscure tricks to get running. The only reason I'd discourage switching to 11 is that the early adopter experience by default has mostly downsides, unless you're really into that kind stuff.
  3. Hey, nothing wrong with enjoying VNs even when you have more going on in your life. And happy to hear you're in a better place right now (both literally and metaphorically, I assume). Your old posts were bizarre in a very memorable way, so it'd be hard to forget them, but this thread immediately gave off a much better vibe, regardless of how different the topic is. I was surprised to see it, in a positive way. Anyway, not sure I can add anything on topic, so I'll just wish you good luck on your project.
  4. Oh hey, it's you! Didn't think I'd see you posting again. ^^ So you're basically making a project for your portfolio? I wonder if anyone around here has the know-how that exceeds yours in any meaningful way. One person that comes to mind is @BunnyAdvocate, but I don't think they log in anymore...
  5. Among the conspiracy theories that are just plain insanity or nonsensical new-age drivel, I find this one actually pretty fun. At the very least there's some genuine fodder for the idea that civilization in the Middle East flourished before being decimated by natural disasters and the "official" flow of history we learn about to day is an incomplete picture. Of course, the people that are into that shit 90% of the time make leaps of logic straight into Ancient Aliens territories.
  6. Ace Academy. One heroine is low-key in relationship with protagonist's friend from the beginning, two others are either shown or implied to find someone if you don't choose them. A flawed game for sure, but it's still something I really love about it โ€“ the protagonist not being the center of the world and heroines having their own lives that go on if you don't go after them (or fail the romance arc).
  7. In random news, YouTube just removed around 50K subscribers from all Hololive EN Gen2 channels. I imagine these were less bots by Cover themselves and more overzealous fans pumping the numbers with multiple accounts. I really like where the numbers landed after the correction though, with Kronii having a good 28k lead over the second-ranked member, Mumei. This honestly made a lot more sense than what the numbers were before. And looking at SocialBlade, these corrections are quite massive! I wonder if all new vtuber accounts with rapid growth get this kind of fluctuation:
  8. Let's have some more 80's ID music! Vina Panduwinata sang these cheesy love songs that I somehow find really hard to resist...
  9. Interactions with v-tubers are just this perfect kind of cringe... ๐Ÿ˜…

  10. So, in my post on the virtual youtubers subreddit I asked people whether they now about any other advertisement/brand vtubers or ones based on pre-established characters. So, guess who's the one anime character that got their vtuber adaptation? Who's the pioneer? Of course, it's Kotonoha from School Days. What in the actual f... xDDDD
  11. Lol, yeah, that's also classic MangaGamer. Somehow they have all the right ideas and simultaneously absolutely suck at marketing. Edit: Made some posts about it on Reddit, both on VN and vtube boards. I wonder what people make of it. Also, I think I just surpassed the advertisement effort MG itself put into this.
  12. There's not such thing as derailing this thread. It was created to have no rails. But damn, using GGN girls in this way is just perfect. The marketing stunt VN turned into marketing stunt v-tubers... Just perfect.
  13. Second gen of Hololive EN debuting today! It mostly just gives me anxiety when new vtubers show up because there's no chance I'll be able to follow any of them no matter how much I want to... But damn, Kronii seriously tests this statement. Her voice is something else and her depressive sense of humour is quite relatable. ^^
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