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  1. Not enough gay

    As a known admirer of gay things, I support this message. :3 Although I remember times when things like the Mass Effect 3's homoerotic tension came pretty much out of nowhere and seriously creeped out my, at the time fragily-heterosexual, self. Because, obviously, my deep obsession with a three-fingered alien stuck inside an enviro-suit was not creepy at all, but two guys looking like that at each other? Yuck...
  2. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    Hmmm, I'm afraid this might leave many VNs forever unfinished. Planetarian for example... l'm sure there are fanfics that fill the gap though. ^^ -------- Edit: Oh, and I've shared my opinion on the topic in a previous thread, I think it very much still stands: Edit 2: [redacted] @Zander Ok... Boooring...
  3. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    You know what that game actually is, right? Sure, although the thread itself in a bit of a CoC material.
  4. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    When I first saw this and the line about "sending games" I was tempted to think that this is some ultra-elaborate scam for receiving free VNs. xD This BTW reminded me to accept those pending Curator Connect offers on Steam...
  5. Lamento -Beyond The Void- [VN Review]

    "protagonist starts having dreams of snakes entering his body" A prophetic dream if I ever saw one! The highest-rated yaoi on VNDB, eh? Interesting that (with most readers apparently) it can get away with such poorly structured routes. At least I can reinforce my stance that if I ever try reading any JP BL I will go for Shingakkou by Maggie's recommendation.
  6. If players' frustration by itself could kill publishers most of the companies currently dominating the gaming market would be long dead and gone.
  7. Hello!!

    That's a very strong statement. It might be true that no one is this cute at a closer inspection, but I'm very much sure that there are people capable of maintaining absurdly cute personas pretty effectively. And if anyone would bother to do that it would be teenage Japanese girls.
  8. Why I hate the Fruit of Grisaia

    l'm afraid the only possible punishment for thread necromancy is death. We'll miss you. You should never believe the hype unless you know the game is exactly up your alley. I keep healthy skepticism to everything I approach unless I can tell it will cater precisely to my tastes (I'm a simple man, you see, give me a piece of cute, well-written yuri and I'll never be disappointed). I find it funny btw that this whole thread is about hating on the Grisaia's common route which is probably my favorite part of it. I've always found it very well written and relaxing. Well, to each their own, this world would be boring without polar-opposite opinions.
  9. Hope will get along!

    Welcome to Fuwa! I hope our little community will meet your expectations.
  10. Hello!!

    The way she dodged all questions about hentai in "what are you playing" thread makes me think she ideed is a Japanese girl that cares deeply about her cute public image.
  11. If you are reading this....

    Well, that's not what you usually find in CoC. Same to you, Happiness.
  12. Any Virtual Youtubers you are watching?

    Mirai Akari > Anything Else
  13. What was the worst online argument you ever been in?

    It's actually a space station made by Lizardpeople to monitor Earth FYI.
  14. What are you playing?

    I guess this makes sense, the Steam version is available worldwide as it's a different product from what was already available in Japan, while Denpasoft's 18+ version is exclusive to the West... Interesting, the inner-workings of eroge industry are super-intriguing sometimes.