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  1. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yeah, I've since read that the second season is a lot stronger, but the way people describe it make me hesitate to watch it right now. It sounds like it'll make me miserable... Which probably will make me rate it much higher, as my main problem with the first one is exactly that it didn't make me feel enough, neither through humour nor through drama. Still, not necessarily an optimal choice for a time like this... Maybe, in the end, it's the fact that I completely ignored the school social dynamics in my childhood that makes it not resonate with me much...? Now even clever descriptions of those feel pretty trivial/pointless to me and the first season seemed super-focused on that kind of stuff. I'm curious to what extent the second one will change my mind. I'd love to see the actual characters explored more than primary school clique dynamics.
  2. What Anime are you watching now?

    So, I'm done with the first season of SNAFU and its OVA and I... Don't really get it? I mean, the general idea sound fun – I've called it reverse Monogatari in my mind, because while that series is about Koyomi solving supernatural problems by being absurdly nice (and self-sacrificing), this is about the protagonist solving everyday problems by being a relentless asshole and misanthrope (and self-sacrificing). The main cast feels well thought out and there's definitely depth in there somewhere, but that first season... It was boring, even by my highly-tolerant standards. Also, I only vaguely care about any of the characters by this point, which is hardly acceptable for a slice-of-life series that definitely tries to be somewhat profound and emotionally engaging despite the generally comedic formula. Also, the supporting cast is very much a mixed bag – the fujoshi jokes weren't very funny in the first place, but stopped being even amusing pretty fast. I'm often bad at picking up on subtleties of the characters' motivations and relationships in fiction, but even when I try to dig for meaning, I can't find anything particularly compelling about what I've seen. There's some social commentary for sure, but portayed in a rather bland way and with unconvincing solutions. Apart from that, everything is competent, but in no way striking or memorable. So, can't find a reason to give it anything above 7/10. So, considering how insanely hyped up the light novels are, can anyone help me with understanding it? Is this a poor adaptation? Slow opening chapters? Am I missing something crucial? Edit: What makes it even weirder is that Hachiman should feel relatable for me, as a cynical loner. Some of his neurotic reactions in the flashbacks definitely resonated with me, but I can't say the same about the core story.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Best song, dumbest title & lyrics, just as it should be in eurobeat.
  4. Where japanese discuss visual novel?

    Still, the OP question stays. The English-speaking VN fandom migrated mostly to Reddit and Discord communities, what would be the equivalent for Japan, if there is one?
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/PulkownikLesiak I mostly share my EVN reviews there and retweet updates devs and publishers.
  6. Where japanese discuss visual novel?

    That's a good question... Does ErogameScape have a forums section or some social features in general?
  7. Maybe the original author didn't mean kusoge, but more literal shit... [euphoria's electric chair scene flashbacks intensify]
  8. Birthday thread

    All Best Wishes to @Dreamysyu!
  9. Spring Anime List of 2020

    Right, the first episode feels like another silly comedy, but it's also fun with the protagonist's over-the-top approach at correcting the mistakes of her character... And seems really wholesome, which is what I was hoping for. Maybe even this kind of story fits the anime format better than a WN or manga? It's just exactly the kind of show I want to watch when too tired/stressed out to even look at text longer than anime subs. :>
  10. Spring Anime List of 2020

    Hey guys, how the hell did we miss the Otome Villainess Isekai? It sounds lovely and the voice cast looks pretty awesome. I think it randomly became my most-anticipated series along with Kaguya-sama S2 and maybe SNAFU S3 (if I manage to catch up with that series before the lockdowns end). :3
  11. What Anime are you watching now?

    Even the artstyle looks really nice. I guess I'll add it to my massive "to watch" list. ^^ Anyway, I guess it's a nice moment to summarize my last week of anime watching. Tsukimonogatari was a pretty cool prologue to Final Season stuff, although it had the usual problems of an intermission/side story episode. The massive incestuous fanservice section at the beginning was just bonkers. On the other hand, I deeply appreciate the premise of I also very much like Yotsugi, so every episode that focuses on her is a good one in my book. Generally, it was a good spin on the formula, outside of the excessive middle-schooler-ogling. 7,5/10 Hanamonogatari (which I watched out of airing order, but it's Suruga's epilogue story, so it doesn't matter) was very good, in my opinion not very far from the Second Season stories (which are as good as this series ever gets). A serious story focusing on Kanbaru was kind of missing from every season outside of Bake and this explored her character really nicely. The plot was relatively straightforward and meaningful, with a melancholic, but satisfying conclusion. At first, I was kind of disappointed we won't ever get a real yuri subplot in this series, despite all the lily imagery and the title, but at least what was actually there was satisfying enough. 8/10 Owarimonogatari was pretty meh, to be completely honest. Oikura's arc came out of nowhere and was too over-the-top, without any satisfying mystery or solution. I guess its purpose was primarily to expand Koyomi's story, but I can't say I find his motivations or personality particularly compelling. I don't hate him as a character, but the lesson I took from Second Season is that the less of him there is in the story, the more interesting and enjoyable it becomes. And a whole arc about the roots of his self-righteous asocial tendencies? Borefest. The second arc was... OK, but felt strangely rushed. I think it needed a lot more time to develop the First Servant as a character and make the reader care about the rivalry with Koyomi. As it was, it felt empty despite clear attempts at creating some emotional impact/meaning. Ultimately, the season was a 7/10 for me, probably the weakest one alongside Kizu. Koyomimonogatari was nostalgic fun in the first episodes and I enjoy the idea of failed investigations without paranormal elements, showing that those grand events from previous series are not the only things happening in the characters' lives. The thing is, while it acts like a cute side story for the most part, it throws some crucial lore bombs and ends with a massively important arc leading straight into Owari S2. It seems there's no such thing as side story in the Monogatari Series, at least if you want to understand anything about what's going on... Anyway, a weird season, but I didn't hate it like some people. 7,5/10. This leaves me with Owari S2, which I already started watching, but to be honest, I have little drive to go forward. While I see all the story threads coming together... I kind of can't be bothered to care? I'm not even sure if I want some grand conclusion and I don't find Ougi that interesting as an antagonist. In a way, it's kind of antithetical to what I enjoyed in Monogatari to have so kind of grand resolution focusing on Araragi. Maybe it's just me, but while superfans really adore those late instalments, I don't think it can get even close to Second Season... Maybe I'll be proved wrong, but probably will switch to something else before I continue. Maybe it's just fatigue with the overall formula and I'll enjoy it more after a break. I've also finished the first three instalments of Initial D with my GF. I really like this series and while the first season was kind of slow in developing stuff, with the "clueless genius" protagonist and tons of other cliches kind of lowering my enjoyment, it really only got better over time. Second Stage and Third Stage were pretty awesome in my opinion, with characters being treated more seriously and showing more depth, animation and use of CGI improving massively, races getting genuinely intense... There are still some silly flaws, like over-the-top foreshadowing for some plot developments and overdone romance drama, but generally, a really fun, unique series that goes quite deep into its subject matter and generally strives for realism (that by itself is pretty refreshing). Overall, a solid 8/10 series. I think we're going to watch the cursed Extra Stage OVAs today before going to Stage Four, I wonder how that will go.
  12. Birthday thread

    All Best Wishes to @Dergonu! Though I feel like I was writing this just a few months ago? How it's a full year already? Time is passing disturbingly quickly...
  13. hi! I used to visit a long time ago!

    Welcome back to (now half-dead) Fuwa!
  14. Very much this, although thankfully my serious responsibilities are pretty limited ATM. Still, I'm quite disgusted with how little I'm able to get done despite being mostly in one place, able to set my own schedule... Although, nearly all shopping for my household is currently on me. This, along with limited remote work and just managing the fact of being constantly stuck with two other people in a relatively small space is surprisingly time and energy consuming. Other than that, I'm mostly binging anime. I'm pretty close to finishing the whole Monogatari series and I'm watching stuff with my gf every evening (we're going through the second season of Initial D now). I have little mental energy for VNs though...
  15. Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event

    1 - c 2 - a 3 - c c c !C! 4 - b 5 - b 6 - b 7 - c By the way, I would have no idea it's April Fools if not for that Jast x MG event that shouted to me on Twitter. I think the holiday itself got infected and died of pneumonia before it could even start.