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  1. This is a weird thing to say, but School Days and Shiny Days paradoxically have a bunch of relevant parent characters that are flawed and sometimes sources of drama but never plain negative. Also f*****, at least in Shiny Days.
  2. Plk_Lesiak

    Gawr Gura

    One of the things that definitely succeeded in Hololive English is how the girls seem to get along with each other, way beyond the obligatory curtesy and staged ship-teasing. While Kiara and Cali definitely have some fun playing a couple and reposting art that ships them together, Gura and Amelia seem to have a very different kind of chemistry that is really lovely to observe. BTW, shipping real people is really weird and as tempting as it can be, I'd rather not go there even though this is clearly a love song.
  3. Yeah, Consoles obviously don't allow to install games outside of their digital stores/official releases. But Switch looks indeed port-friendly and open to indies. Which is, as usual, both good and bad because people might easily stumble into something like Pantsu Hunter and get their first impression of what VNs are that way.
  4. As consoles open up as digital platforms it's going to be easier for VNs to "infliltrate" them. Bah, we even have Hatoful Boyfriend on the Xbox Game Pass which amuses me greatly. Still, at the same time, you have stuff like Sony pushing many visual novels out of their platform and digital stores on consoles generally going the Steam route, being flooded with indie games and plain shovelware, meaning VNs become available but do not gain much visibility, reaching mostly just the existing fanbase. The one outlier might be the Switch, which really seems like a good environment for all-ages VNs, with the advantages of portability and weeb-leaning playerbase... I'm don't think the presence on the PS (outside of Japan) and Xbox is very meaningful, unless the games appear on subscription services more and thus encourage people to try them out. For me getting a VN on my Series S would only make marginal difference... It could be a bit more comfortable to read them on the TV, but normal screen is good enough and gives me more options to take screenshots etc. But hey, having more options is always cool!
  5. Lol, yeah... She's from the first generation of Hololive JP and I think the initial lineup were all pretty young girls, although their exact age is usually undisclosed. The founder of the company wanted it to be essentially a virtual idol agency. And Haachama, while definitely among the youngest memebrs, was probably a major factor in the whole project evolving in a... Drastically different direction. I'm just glad the management allowed the talents to evolve their brands the way they saw fit. They sometimes intervene, like I think they did with the #HololiveEN debacle and whenever a genuine controversy pops up, but they allow Haachama to do insane content such as an h-fanart contest and all the cursed cooking videos... Which is amazingly lax for a Japanese company. ...I just hope she doesn't burn herself out with the insanely ambitious goals she set for herself. With what she announced it looks like she wants to do 10+ streams a week and reach 1 mln subscribers before new year... Which might be even more bonkers the content of her streams.
  6. Well, that's a bit of a stretch, but VNs might be the only place where these kinds of porn are done commercially. It's not like extreme fetishes are exclusive to Japanese people and even 'real' porn can take some really fucked up forms, but it's kind of unique for Japan that a semi-respected and high-budget industry delves into such content and circulates it more or less like any other product. And those companies have clear insentive to push boundaries and be "creative" with their porn to satisfy their customers. I'm pretty sure there are Western porn blogs and artists creating things just as vile as Starless or Maggot Baits and they would be doing it with or without being inspired by violent hentai – porn by its very nature gravitates towards breaking taboos and obscenity. But high-quality guro eroge is on completely different level when it goes to sophistication and intensity of the experience, and it doesn't hide itself like we in the West instinctively feel this kind of content should, so it likely feels more scandalous and unprecedented than it actually is.
  7. BTW, Haachama is seriously pushing towards learning proper English and doing English streams regularly. She was meming for the last two months by doing English content occasionally and tagging it #HololiveEN, and also playing on the English hololive Minecraft server, but I think the management told her to cut it out. However, while she dropped the tag, she said she'll double down on doing English streams... She's just finishing high school and it must take extreme effort from her to learn the language and put out these amounts of both JP and EN content. She's a walking meme, but she's also kind of amazing – now doing a karaoke marathon ultil she hits 800k subscribers – and she's like 3k away from it, so I encourage everyone to subscribe to her before she passes out.
  8. CG are full-screen illustrations that shows up during story events, and RNG (from Random Number Generators) means random events that may or may not trigger through pure chance.
  9. Today's mood: watching videos of Japanese girls with anime avatars barfing during livestreams, interchangeable with videos of Haachama cooking clearly inedible food and then actually eating it. I'm not completely sure how I got here but I blame @Emi.

    1. Emi


      :watame::wahaha: perfect

  10. Haachama-chama the Peak Virtual Idol~
  11. Maggot Baits is really climatic and has some fascinating ideas that are absolutely drowned in a sea of porn... So much of it that it's tedious to even skip through the stuff if guro is not your thing. I'd even go as far as saying that the first ending is fascinating and resonated with me in a way I wasn't expecting, but it's near impossible to recommend the game as a whole as something other than a guro nukige – Euphoria also is bloated with pointless h-scenes, but not anywhere to that level. I wrote a full review about it, if you're interested. Starless I haven't played myself, but nothing I heard about it made me believe it has even the pretence of meaningful storyline Maggot Baits tries to pull off, but maybe the guro experts will correct me.
  12. From what I heard the anime is just pure hentai with minimal context. The VN actually has a lot of interesting story elements and I really like the dynamic between the characters in most routes, at least in the death game parts. It's still very much disgusting if you're sensitive to such stuff, but I don't regret my time with it despite not being into its varieties of porn at all. And beside that point, there are certain violent or questionable VNs that I'm actually disturbed by, like those explicitly romanticising paedophilia or playing straight into rape fantasies and fucked up misogynist tropes related to rape. Things like Euphoria in its "darkest" moments or similar guro VNs are actually so over-the-top and detached from reality that I find it silly to get worked up about them. If an average person reads Maggot Baits, I'm quite convinced that after the initial shock they would have a similar experience to mine, which means the h-scenes quickly grew boring or baffling depending on the theme. Plus from what I've seen guro VNs generally associate sexualized violence with monstrosity and evil – this is particularly interesting in Euphoria where the protagonist is the perpetrator for much of the story, but his dark impulses and the morality of his actions, despite the coercion element, are never sugar-coated and make for an interesting conflict. If you removed 50% of the h-scenes from that game which are pure fanservice, and tweaked some routes a little bit, I'd be tempted to agree with people giving it a legendary status. Generally, I find many things about VNs that look way less extreme on paper more problematic than guro. It's weird that people fap to such stuff, but I'm way less worried about Dergonu cutting someone into pieces than I am about certain other things that are not to be spoken about on this site...
  13. You sure have a point, but one thing you kind of miss is that Euphoria can get really extreme, but most of the scenes are more fetishistic than they are super-extreme (and there's a decent number of genuinely mild ones), while something like Starless or Maggot Baits is not only more brutal, but also absolutely relentless. Euphoria might occasionally be 10/10, but it's like 6,5 on average, while Maggot Baits is 9/10 on average and occasionally just so WTF it escapes the scale.
  14. I think this topic deserves a bit of elaboration, because as I was fighting with the 20-years-old layers of junk in my house I was running tons of v-tuber content in the background. I earned a lot of appreciation for the whole Hololive EN crew (and Pikamee is also pretty great), but also got a better look at the indie EN streamers... Those are really a weird bunch, but one that stood out to me is definitely Ironmouse. Not only because I always found her pretty entertaining, but she also has an incredibly heart-wrenching backstory that really showed the whole v-tubing thing in a different perspective for me. Ekhm, I don't know what to write even, but if you ever want to support a v-tuber, give that girl a consideration. That she's even able to what what she does and project that kind of energy in her streams is pretty amazing. Also, it's not really my jam, but I kind of feel it's fair to mention Veibae in relation to Stormwolf's thread. She's probably the best out of the "NSFW" English v-tubers, mostly relying on (really) foul banter with her chat than cheap anime "sexiness" like Projekt Melody. Also she has a good microphone (really, that's not a guarantee, even Hololive EN's Kiara had an awful setup at first) and does not sound like she's about to pass out from boredom, so... Good stuff? I would probably watch her stuff if Hololive wasn't a thing.
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