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  1. Welcome to Fuwa! Really nice to see that Digital Seclusion lured some people into our community. Hope you'll have fun around here. ^^
  2. Indonesian pop tends to be pretty simple, but it often has this very soothing quality to it...
  3. I like this band's vibe. There's something really endearing about it. :3
  4. Good morning good people of Fuwa! As the person that is keeping the main site slightly less dead than it could've been, I decided I could use a space to post about new content without making new threads every time. Here I (or possibly other authors) will post updates whenever something goes up on Fuwa's frontpage – feel free to comment & discuss. This weekend I published a review of ebi hime's The Mermaid of Zennor, a very interesting and very angsty psychological drama VN. Consider checking it out and leaving your impressions here or in the comments under the article!
  5. Yeah... Man, I am a huge fan of VNs, but I'm still pretty amazed with your faith in the power of waifu games to change lives and reshape society. xD Anyway, you do you, there's clearly no conversation happening here. Just please at least try to consider what everyone told you so far.
  6. I was suspecting it to be a cover but Yura is credited as the author for both melody and lyrics, so it's maybe just subtle(?) influences. Indonesian popculture in general seem pretty heavily influenced by Japanese stuff/going in similar direction over the years. Like, when I asked Ayunda Risu on a stream a few days ago if she has any music recommendation she said there's tons of Indonesian city pop-style music from the 80's. I only started digging into it, but there are even playlists on Spotify explicitly called that and the sounds are indeed pretty close. BTW, @littleshogun, do you have
  7. It's pretty hipster to listen to obscure Japanese pop in Poland... But is it hipster enough? Maybe we can go even deeper? Like... Indonesian pop?
  8. Hard to give tips at this level of (un)specificity. Just as a point of reference, consider Cinders. It's non-anime, but at such levels of quality you won't find people complaining about it. Quality and consistency are most important, there is certain amount of people that are so used to anime art they'll reject any VN that moves away from it, but I wouldn't worry about them too much – they are still a minority and quality will defend itself on its own merits. Also, a good non-anime artstyle will make your project stand out in the vast see of generic ones mindlessly mimicking Japanese VNs.
  9. Maaaaaaaaaan... I really don't mean this as an insult, but I can't help but agree with Zalor here. At this point this is more of an issue to solve with a therapy than one to solve with VN development. I really wish you all the success with pursuing a project of your dreams, but staking all your happiness on a piece of fiction that doesn't even exist yet... It's not healthy, to put it mildly and I don't think it can ever give you the satisfaction you seek (and there's a good chance it just won't happen in the very specific format that you're looking for). Maybe I'm wrong on that but please
  10. Wait, what? That's the plot twist I didn't anticipate in the slightest. Can I ask where do you live, or maybe the geographical region if you don't want to be specific? And to the question itself, which I think is probably the best framing you showed up with so far... It really depends. While "a black person in the US" has some strong connotations, there's still a massive variation in circumstances and walks of life of African-Americans. One very good example of a narrative game with a black protagonist is the first Walking Dead game by Telltale. The MC has relatively high social status, b
  11. Using games for coping with RL problems is not a bad thing by itself. Obsessing over them or doing nothing but playing is where the problems start... And for the OP, I don't think there exists any shortcut to getting what they want... No one will make a project of that scale on someone's whim. I can maybe propose some half-measure VNs, where dark-skinned protagonist is an option at the very least? The first one that comes to my mind is Hustle Cat - protagonist gender choice and both male and female love interests. There's a bunch of good otome and yuri games with dark-skinned protagonist
  12. 1. Base price. If a VN is sold at 30-40 dollars I won't buy it without discount unless it's something I'm extremely into. Lately I'm way less broke and could afford it, but I simply don't pay that kind of money for games (I never bought a AAA game on release, outside of WoW expansions). Or any other form of entertainment media really. 2. Perceived value. It can be any number of factors, like quality of art, length, quality of writing/translation, themes... But if I feel something is overpriced I'll wait for a discount even if I want it for some reasons.
  13. I'd consider euphoria and in general psychological horror VNs way more disturbing than something like Maggot Baits. Over-the-top guro is only effective for a short time or if you're particularly susceptible to it, otherwise it gets boring or plain laughable. So, my picks would be stuff that relies on sense of dread and entrapment, and makes you somewhat care about the characters that get abused. So euphoria... Also maybe Starless or Shiniyuku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuku Zouo? And if you're looking simply for most fucked up/most over-the-top extreme ones, it'd probably be a competition bet
  14. Yeah, I imagine this is a reason why this tread exists the way it does. Just let's be real, the question OP made was whether a VN with a black MC could have a broad appeal and presented a rather milktoast vision that would have such appeal by being pretty much like any generic VN. A serious VN about being black, on the other hand, would likely be niche even within the already super-niche VN market. We probably need more of such media, but making a commercial VN in such a formula, and on a scale suggested by the OP sounds suicidal.
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