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  1. I've been stuck on YouTube for the last 13 years. You'd think that the one upside of that is the site having free content? Well, not really when you're a SIMP.
  2. Ooooooh man, I'm so glad you recommended me this, it would be so easy to miss with those tags and an average rating. Can't say how good of an adaptation it is, but it is definitely the most gentle and heart-warming power fantasy anime I've ever seen. Four episodes in it might lack depth a little bit and I'm not sure whether it can get much further without going stale if it doesn't introduce some kind of meaningful conflict... But it made me smile pretty much all the way through. I even like the way it introduces romantic tension, with the protagonist being a tiny bit clueless but quickly adapt
  3. Aye, that was another thing I wanted to add. There are definitely tiers of "Not really, but I know why people would think that way/it's pretty close" in there. Another nice thing to look out for when I get the mental energy to check out people's answers properly.
  4. Oh man, Mahou Shoujo Site... What a delicious trainwreck! Honestly, from what many people wrote about it, I expected absolute crap, but the way the anime flowed throughout the season makes me semi-respect it. Maybe the most hilarious part is that the core premise (revealed around the end of the season) is pretty much the same exact idea that drove Maggot Baits' plot and got realized in the first ending of that VN (and speaking very seriously, it's one of my favourite endings of all time, sadly attached to a very tiring fetish game and somewhat spoiled by the "true" ending). Basically, T
  5. Oh, I imagine the difficulty is semi-random. I mean, I was making my quiz half-asleep after a very tiring couple of days, just coming up with stuff as it went, so I don't imagine it was very well constructed. I tried to focus on things that you could know or at least deduce from my posts on Fuwa though. Like, my "guilty pleasure VN or VN series" is not one I'd mention as such directly, but I wrote about it enough times and in such a way that it's more than possible to know the answer. Did I expect anyone to pay that much attention? Hell no, but that's the fun of it. Any good guesses beyond the
  6. No reason in particular, other things simply got in the way and I threw me out of my watching habits... But I really do not like leaving stuff unfinished, so I was going to come back to it one day and now that I saw the reviews, it would be a crime not to do so. :3
  7. The anime board seems so dead no one even bothered to make a proper Spring Season thread, so at this point I'll just repurpose this one. I'm not sure I'll watch anything more, but my isekai senses tingled when I saw that the Slime 300 is airing... It's pretty much in the same category as the Otome Villainess series/Bakarina, but even more relaxed/devoid of conflict. It takes the idea of an iskai'd protagonist that gets ultimate power but just uses it to lay low and live a comfortable life (also because in this case they were a miserable wage-slave in life)... And mostly stick with it for the s
  8. Welcome to Fuwa! Hope you'll have fun posting.
  9. You mean the remake/the recent one? I think I stalled it around the middle of the second season, but I have to come back to it, from what I read it only gets better along the way. :3
  10. Man, please don't... This is so cringe. You're turning a good idea into this weird social activism exercise that will appeal only to people that are already in your narrow niche and scare off everyone else. The indie VN community in the West is already very progressive. It doesn't need this virtue signalling and if you think there's some forms of diversity/representation that are too rare, remedy that by action (making your VN the way you feel is appropriate) and promoting games that already fit it (I assure you, if you look at game jams such as NaNoRenO or Yuri Game Jam and commercial project
  11. Do you want to know me well? No worries, I wouldn't. But maybe I drilled my horrible personality and taste into your minds regardless? Anyway, here's the quiz. Please let me know whether I left some kind of digital footprint beyond being that EVN-advocate weirdo who writes a blog that no one reads. https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=B4KAer8
  12. Got 5/10! The ones I got right I wasn't even guessing on. With a bit of luck I'd have been on top, even though I don't follow your posts outside of Fuwa.
  13. Just from curiosity, does Yue stay as the primary heroine for the whole thing in the LN? The anime suggests she's the only one who's feelings were genuinely returned by the protagonist and this made the harem dynamics somewhat tolerable. At least Hajime wasn't a spineless whimp with no preferences or agency.
  14. I've been a bit depressed lately and somehow I circled back to my primary remedy for such moods, that is, watching god-awful anime. For starters, I've finished Gleipnir which I nearly finished those few seasons ago when my anime-watching habits suddenly died and made me abandon the whole thing for the sake of watching v-tubers. The fact the two v-tubers I now follow are on break probably was an important factor in why this resurgence happened... But nonetheless, Gleipnir is what I'd call competent trash. It's outlandish in its narrative and edgy beyond all reason, but is also produced very nic
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