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  1. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I envy you, having time to be bored. When I'm on the forums too much it means I'm procrastinating, while a huge pile of urgent reading, writing etc. is waiting for me. That's maybe a good confession material BTW? I'm dyslectic and a slow reader because of that, while I'm also trying to pursue academic career (which requires huge amounts of efficient reading) and recently stopped playing games other than VNs. Am I doing that whole "life" thing the wrong way?
  2. Is it still broken? I've replaced it once, I think the new one should work for everyone.
  3. Maybe it's not a typical thing to post here, but my tablet gave me this notification today: Not sure what it meant, but I guess it's OK...?
  4. Worthwhile VNs on Android (in English)?

    Aye, aye, although I'm generally not into nukige, so I might pass either way. Continuing the search, to the list of western VNs on mobile I should add Ace Academy (maybe the only good attempt at copying the typical JP romance VN formula with English voice acting) and Seduce Me the Otome (has yuri routes - the whole thing is cheesy AF but can be amusing exactly because of it, also it's free).
  5. Worthwhile VNs on Android (in English)?

    "Unavoidable Harem Ending" - I like how ominous this tag sounds. Still, the fact that any version of this game made it to Google Play is actually pretty amazing. Also "Sticky Rice Games"...
  6. Computer Hardware/Specs

    Although I'm still missing a $500 144Hz monitor for that truly smooth, dynamic VN experience. Yay. I've even managed to miss that second typo while doing it. E-e-e-m-m-m-m-barrassment C-c-c-c-c-c-ombo!!!
  7. Computer Hardware/Specs

    Once sec... Can I remove my own accidental post? I've managed to quote myself instead of editing the previous one...
  8. Computer Hardware/Specs

    A "VR ready" vanity rig I've inherited from my brother (as he got married and moved out without taking most of his stuff): * Intel Core i7-5930k, 6 cores, 3,5GHz * 16GB DDR3-2133 RAM * Geforce GTX 970 4GB * 128 GB SSD + 2 GB HDD * Windows 10 Home Runs all my VNs at consistent 60 FPS (although it's hard to click fast enough to test that correctly).
  9. Hello there, I think I'm just as much asking for recommendations as I'm trying to compile those Android releases in one place - (non-Apple) phones and tablets seem strangely underutilized when it goes to VNs (maybe because of how popular handhelds are in Japan?). It's surprisingly hard to find a proper one to read while on a toilet or sitting in a bus. ;p When it goes to ports, I know there are good ones of Everlasting Summer and Lucy -The Eternity She Wished for-, and supposedly pretty bad ones of Narcissu and If My Heart Had Wings. There are also a few more or less decent western VNs from Steam available on mobile for free, such as One Thousand Lies, Sepia Tears, Trick and Treat and Humanity Must Perish. With dedicated mobile releases, I've had a surprisingly good time with Stellaren (clunky AF, but the story has its moments), while the only mobile-oriented JP VN that I've found on Android and which seems to be considered decent is Fragment's Note (brother/sister romance, yay!). Anything I've missed that would be worth looking at?
  10. What other hobbies do you have?

    For the past few years I've actualy tried comic writing (mostly comedic one-shots based on My Little Pony, with some pretty dark humour - my RL friend is a hugely successful brony fan artist and brought me into that community), had a lot of fun doing that and working with various fanartists in turning my ideas into proper comic strips. But I've realized I don't have the imagination necessary to be really good at it, so I pretty much abandoned it lately, journalistic and academic writing works much better for me. The things I do on my studies are also a hobby of mine in some ways, some projects I've definitely done just for the fun of it. I'm nominally a sociologist, but mostly deal with fan studies and porn studies, both are evolving into pretty serious disciplines lately.
  11. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    I protest this notion. You don't sacrifice abominations. You turn your righteous fury against them and make them burn in a holy fire.
  12. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    I agree, the more choice we get the better. Maybe we'll see more of that in future VNs, just as we see it in western RPGs nowadays. And with Flowers, it's definitely beautiful, has wonderful aesthetic and atmosphere. The rest is maybe more up to personal taste. It's very slow and sentimental, which is fine with me, and the OBVIOUSLY BEST GIRL is not the canon ending, which is unforgivable. ;p But seriously speaking, I've loved every moment of it and I pretty much recommend it to anyone. Sadly it's hard to tell when the sequels are going to get their English releases (if ever), the second one in theory should be on its way but that's all I've heard about it so far.
  13. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    I think not, or there's two of us at least (or at least there will be two when I get to it, once more, reading priorities...). That's actually another thread I wanted to start at some point, asking whether anyone around here does that.
  14. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    TBH, there are some artistically stunning, highly regarded Otome games (western ones too, ex. https://vndb.org/v19912) that I haven't played through mostly because I always have something higher on the list (as a VN newbie, pretty much years of reading waiting in that damn quote ;]). Even though I'm definitely not the target demographic, it's obvious they would be worth my time and there's still a pretty female to root for in there. So while most of mainstream VNs are definitely targeted towards man, there's still some pretty awesome stuff made for females or using a formula that makes it less centred on protagonist's penis and reasonably enjoyable for both sexes. ;p So I'm slightly surprised how huge the disproportion is around here, but maybe it's really about female VN fans having their own, separate spaces around the web. Aren't we all around here? And if we are, we're the best kind of weird! I'm actually with you on the H-scenes BTW and that might be another reason why I'm into yuri so much - it's pretty much always about both of the girls, each of them having actual personality, face etc. In general self-insertion doesn't work for me, both when it goes to sex scenes and general storytelling. Probably no VN so far immersed me more than Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-, even though the protagonist was a teenage girl (very much like me when it goes to personality, but still...).
  15. So, I've just wondered, I've seen quite a lot of woman active in the Steam VN community, do we have any ladies on the forums? I'm mostly curious, but I also like discussing different perspectives on the VN genres and commonly used themes. With yuri titles, which I'm especially interested in, I think it can sometimes lead to very interesting and enlightening conclussions. I hope no one will take offence to my post, I'm the last one to mindlessly iterate gender stereotypes, but I think especially when it goes to romantic and erotic content, male and female perspective usually differ quite a lot (and simply, females have experiences I could never have myself and which are often important for the stories we read).