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  1. Grisaia immidiately comes to mind. The protagonist doesn't get flustered much, to say the least. I'm less positive about those, but I'd speculate that protagonists of Majikoi and Fureraba are more on the pervert/proactive side of things (and now I've checked, the VNDB tags seem to agree with me). With the first game being a bit more in-depth and second more or less pure comedy, but both well-written and with strong focus on the characters.
  2. Hey, Nogizaka46, that idol group I always saw as a bit less crappy than most idol groups, sent some of their girls to The First Take (IMO with cool results). Nice to see idols in an environment that is very much about music and singing, and not about all the superficial crap. :3
  3. Grisaia adaptations have their own charm IMO. They aren't great, but for the most part, they capture the spirit of the series and do a fine job of rewriting Kajitsu in a way that makes sense for the sequels. School Days is a faithful adaptation of the game's worst route. Which means it kind of awful and kind of glorious, depending on how you look at it. I'll forever be a staunch defender of both, although probably it's not what you were looking for when asking for "good" series. xD Is Fate worth mentioning in this context? At the very least, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel ar
  4. Going a bit deeper into the anime, I can't imagine the original being worth anyone's time TBH. There are some gloriously inappropriate moments in the show that can be enjoyable on some level, but generally, it's the kind of content that makes some sense in decently-animated form, but would be completely dull to read through. And whenever it strays away from dumb comedy, it gets boring right away. If anyone watched it and remembers the giant tiger episode, they might know what I'm talking about โ€“ it was not only weirdly dull and humorless, but also did a tonal 180 at the end with the weirdest s
  5. Right, what I didn't mention is that I actually enjoyed the drama around the second saint and the way her story was resolved to a decent degree. While in a normal series indeed either her or the prince would simply be villains, here it's probably the most nuanced and emotional part of the plot. And overall, what I said about the final act is kind of a minor complaint, although...
  6. That shouldn't be too hard! The question is, do we start from scratch or add the last year's half-assed efforts?
  7. How are you doing people? I haven't been around lately but strangely enough,I'm still alive and even watching trash-tier anime! First, I've finished The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent which, sadly, fell more into cheesy romance tropes more than the isekai power fantasy in the second part of the season. It's quite an interesting specimen in general, as it does with josei tropes basically the same thing trashiest isekais usually do with shounen tropes โ€“ the world is just so convenient for the protagonist it's laughable, but at the same time, the female fantasy is infinitely more wholesom
  8. Hey there and welcome to Fuwa! Sorry for a late response, but depending on how serious you are about doing this, both the Fan Translation Discussion and Translations Projects boards could be OK to post in. We can always move the thread later, so don't sweat over the details.
  9. Every Souls game (including Sekiro & Blooborne) would hit this mark. I like the worlds they build and the low-key manner in which they present their stories, but I have no patience for the brutal difficulty. I end up spending my time in wikis and YouTube rather than actually playing the games. Also all overly-grindy, random encounter based JRPGs. I like doing completionist runs in my games and JRPGs often treat those as apportunities to simply waste your time with repetitive BS. Not sure why people find that fun.
  10. Welcome to Fuwa! Hope you'll have utilizing the newly found posting powers.
  11. In my experience, backwards compatibility and effectiveness of compatibility modes was only improving in latest editions of Windows, I don't imagine 11 giving you problems on many apps that work on 10, although it might be different for fringe cases that require some obscure tricks to get running. The only reason I'd discourage switching to 11 is that the early adopter experience by default has mostly downsides, unless you're really into that kind stuff.
  12. Hey, nothing wrong with enjoying VNs even when you have more going on in your life. And happy to hear you're in a better place right now (both literally and metaphorically, I assume). Your old posts were bizarre in a very memorable way, so it'd be hard to forget them, but this thread immediately gave off a much better vibe, regardless of how different the topic is. I was surprised to see it, in a positive way. Anyway, not sure I can add anything on topic, so I'll just wish you good luck on your project.
  13. Oh hey, it's you! Didn't think I'd see you posting again. ^^ So you're basically making a project for your portfolio? I wonder if anyone around here has the know-how that exceeds yours in any meaningful way. One person that comes to mind is @BunnyAdvocate, but I don't think they log in anymore...
  14. Among the conspiracy theories that are just plain insanity or nonsensical new-age drivel, I find this one actually pretty fun. At the very least there's some genuine fodder for the idea that civilization in the Middle East flourished before being decimated by natural disasters and the "official" flow of history we learn about to day is an incomplete picture. Of course, the people that are into that shit 90% of the time make leaps of logic straight into Ancient Aliens territories.
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