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  1. Many thanks for providing the links to the article about the infamous Aaeru. Such a interesting read! Hmm all I can about piracy that its a two-edge sword, most people think of piracy as simple file sharing efforts to distribute copies of a cracked software/video game/visual novel onto the masses over the internet. while there some truth to it no denying that. There's another reason why piracy exist as a necessary evil, "Digital Preservation" Most physical copies of softwares and video games is going to deteriorate overtime like the CD/DVD we had and most companies are not going to support legacy products, abandoning them after their lifespan. The current games are getting shitty and mostly are just cash grab, giving you the urge to seek the good old games from ages past wherein you own the stuffs that you buy instead of renting them... In addition, Piracy is often a very viable option or perhaps the only sensible choice for people living in Third-World Countries wherein the Internet/broadband Services are somehow overpriced. People are barely getting enough to put food on the table, and their only solace out of their miserable existence is to play games or read visual novels/eroges with their second-hand PC desktops they got from the scrapyards to sooth the burden of existence...
  2. Whoa its really fascinating that Fuwanovel was founded by a woman! Wonder what happen to her?
  3. I've taking a break from playing VIsual Novels/Eroges for the time being and trying to go back my gaming roots lol Pillars of Eternity The White March: If you're a Infinity Engine Veteran and playing Baldur's Gate 3 somehow seems disappointing, this is one of those games to play! Gordian Quest: is an epic deckbuilding RPG inspired by old-school classics like Ultima and D&D, using modern gaming concepts like roguelite elements and turn-based strategic combat Stronghold Warlords: I always like RTS and got bored with the European middle aesthetics, time to play a eastern inspired game this time starting from Vietnam, China then to Japan lol! Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: I always like the seeing the ballistic X-Ray Kills!
  4. Welcome to the club and hope you have a pleasant experience here!
  5. Pretty neat app! I guess I try using it since I only play/read Visual Novels/Eroges versions from GOG.COM, JAST USA, Mangagamer and others. I don't use Steam and hate it.
  6. VenusBlood FRONTIER VenusBlood HOLLOW
  7. I might be able to add some more to the list. Uchikano Living with my Girlfriend Uchikano Living with My Sister! Kana ~Imouto~ Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! A Kiss For The Petals - Remembering How We Met A Kiss for the Petals - Maidens of Michael Cherry Tree High Comedy Club CORPSE FACTORY Fatal Twelve Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami The Seventh Sign -Mr. Sister-
  8. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with littleshogun this time around. Visual Novels in general might be diverse and has genres that appeals to different kinds of people, however I have yet to see a VN that’s very ultra-specific with its fetishes such as the protagonist necessarily being a Black guy not that I hate those kind of stuffs since I like watching Morgan Freeman and Samuel Jackson related movies/videos Also the OELVN (Original English Language Visual Novel) Scene hasn’t been evolved to a stage wherein they could cater to your every desires. Although there might be something that could alleviate such a demand like HataVNI has provided, they’re very few in numbers, albeit lacking in content… Just be content whatever’s available at the VN market for time being or if you hate that idea, why not try making one yourself? The problem with most people while they’re playing Visual Novels/Eroges is they try to self-insert themselves with the protagonists, falsely believing it’ll help with immersion instead of enjoying a particular VN as it is? No wonder people hate NTRs and the apparent overall toxicity of the VN Community might as well be comparable with the Anime Community or are they one and the same? The idiots aren’t aware that Japanese Visual Novels are equivalent to Western adventure Point and Click games wherein they present a story for the players to enjoy, without the need for self-insert.
  9. Such a unfortunate turn of events, I enjoyed playing Baldr Sky and pretty sad to see them shutting down. I wonder who's gonna pick the rights to translate/localize their titles, Sekai Project maybe?
  10. Of all of the three titles that I've suggested, I suppose Corpse Factory is the most pretty interesting of the bunch, there are still a couple of other EVNs to mention like the the yuri VNs Heart of the Woods and Highway Blossoms The first Sunrider VN is a decent VN SRPG hybrid, very affordable since its Free on both GOG and Steam. Shining Song Starnova is a interesting title too! Also is it alright to include Long Live the Queen in the list or not since VNDB does not classify it as a VN and more of a management game rather?
  11. Corpse Factory By the title alone you might think its a rip off of Corpse Party, nevertheless give the VN/Game a try and you'll witness a interesting, gloomy, dark, and semi realistic depiction of modern society. A psychological horror VN at its very core. In addition this VN/Game has decent English voice acting in it on some of the important dialogues! Cinders It is a reimagining of Cinderella with unique art style. Solstice Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi thriller of an VN
  12. Glad and happy to see more Alicesoft games coming to GOG! Hope they'll also bring the Rance games in GOG on the near future! And here I thought Mangagamer hold exclusive rights to Alicesoft titles?
  13. The feeling is mutual, you’re not worth the trouble anyways, and if you think my words are fancy, you must really have a boring imagination and choice of words. It’s just a simple skill called using a dictionary and the power of simplicity. I do not use flowery words to make a point. The word rationalize just came easily straight out of my head and just right stuff that I feel like writing. Try doing it yourself. It’s kinda fun too! Also, its somehow unfair to have two people gangbanging on me since I somehow triggered their emotional mine field, why don’t you two novurdim and littleshogun go find a room and make some BL lovemaking action while your at it, I believe you two are made for each other you DRM loyalists. DRM-FREE is the future!
  14. I'm a introvert myself and I didn't have any trouble finding the right people in making my college life a easy and memorable experience I even become a Student Assistant with a little bit of power and influence. I'm very shy as hell, but you need to do the hard stuffs since nobody is going to do it for you. that's one of the reasons we go to school/college in the first place to learn and develop these so called "Social Skills" as annoying and irritating as it sounds, It is what it... Given the chance, I rather spend my time reading books and playing PC games on my lonesome, however humans are not build that way so we need to come in contact with our own kind from time to time. My advice if your willing to listen, is simply, be to true and honest to yourself, do not take shit from anyone or from anything and learn to take a stand when it counts. And also don't be a pussy/weakling if you don't want to be bullied and practice some self defense tactics which help you boost confidence and its a decent exercise too! Leave it or take it...
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