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  1. Whoa! The art is pretty colorful and eye catching! The theme of the game revolving around paranormal investigations aside from the oblivious Yuri action elements really pique my interest since I dabbled into such practice myself whenever time allows it, although mine is more is on the occultism side Nevertheless what I see before me is a very promising Visual Novel! Wish you all the best in your endeavors in manifesting your projects into reality!
  2. Recommendations with older women routes...

    I kind of notice some of their titles are missing all of the sudden, even Kana Little Sister and its remake were mysteriously remove from their store. We should ask them on their tweeter account or something to verify matters. No one knows yet why it happen, heck maybe JAST USA isn't even aware of it Family Project is still available on J-List Have you played the game already or haven't yet?
  3. Recommendations with older women routes...

    There's a adult heroine in Family Project if I remember correctly....
  4. In terms of game technicality, yeah I agree its pretty inconvenient and a nightmare to the average consumers in having to manually patch the games they've already purchase on day one just to resolve some glitches Veterans Visual Novels readers/players such ourselves would not consider this a big deal since we need to be a little techno savvy in running up our games or apply a English patch in making a VN readable, however how about the common folks who just wants to get the good stuff but does not possess the necessary skills therein More time should be spend in playing and enjoying the games that we buy instead of worrying regarding any possible bugs that would ruin the experience Steam seem to make life a little easier thanks to their automatic patches and updates that installs silently in the background while we play around with our games... Although given a choice, I rather stick and choose JAST USA and Mangagamer stores than to contend with a hypocrite of a company who instantly condemning visual novels due to their suggestive contents?! At least the company mentioned above are honest with themselves and the products that they sell! Their customer service is already bad enough, this situation only adds to the list of atrocities inflicted upon humanity itself! More reason to hate Steam! Nevertheless, like it or not, we NEED Steam since they're the ones who started digital game distribution revolution in the first place and somehow help give Visual Novels a noticeable presence in the gaming community more or less by making it available on their store............... Just a thought, is it possible to make Fuwanovel a store front for Visual Novels?
  5. I prefer the PC version, specifically from GOG.COM! However I'm glad the developers are doing well and are now porting VA- 11 Hall-A on PS4 and Switch! More revenue for them which is always a good thing! Hope to see a sequel of this wonderful VN hybrid in the foreseeable future!!!
  6. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Your welcome and it's alright to fall apart and be broken from time to time. Don't be ashamed of that. We're just human beings, we cope up with suffering by expressing through many kinds of outlets to expel it out of our systems. It's only a matter of time your going to feel a little better and refresh since you release it through writing which is actually a good thing. One of the harsh realities I learned throughout my life is that "pain" or "Suffering" will and shall always be part of our lives from past, present, future, until the moment the we descend onto Death's Door. There's no avoiding that, however one productive and sure way in making our lives easier is to "Choose" what kind of pain your willing to suffer, the good kind of problem that you'll enjoy solving like playing a complicated video game or something similar. Choose your battles wisely and always work for yourself before others, it's not selfishness, its called self-preservation for you cannot help others if you don't help yourself first... Heheh sorry I kinda went off topic for I can sometimes become philosophical from time to time, one of few ways I know how to cope up and heal emotional pain quicker is through reflexology or acupressure. It's a better option than going to a psychiatrist or psychologist and a waste of money in my opinion since they're busy asking you lame questions than treating the heart of the problem. Although you'll just have to endure it since it's a little painful if your not familiar with and if its your first time, after the session you'll get instant results in a day! Heck you can even learn it and treat yourself if your desperate or serious enough. I'll even give you a book about it if you like! Anyways hope my advice helps and take care!
  7. Hi Fuwanovel!

    Greetings and welcome to the Fuwa forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here! If your interested in enlisting your services or skills in translation projects, you can check this place out and register your set of skills and etc... Anyways wish you'll find what your looking!
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hope you'll get through all of it mate! I also have family issues so I understand how frustrating or depressing it must be... My sincere condolences regarding your cat, I'm a cat lover too and understand the pain, mine died decades ago and I felt pretty lonely and ghastly for quite a while At least not everything is lost, at the end of the day, there's always something to be grateful about despite how gloomy or hopeless a situation might appear... Wish you all the best!
  9. Predicting the sexual activity of VN characters

    Pretty interesting quiz to say the least although I somehow didn't understand the results? Incest: +1.98% The Hell? Sex with monsters: +1.4% I'll rather kill myself
  10. Do you read VNs on the go or at home?

    I usually prefer to play/read Visual Novels at home alone to avoid onlookers since I consider my privacy and personal space sacred above all else I tried reading VNs at the office, the sfw ones however I couldn't enjoy it fully as I have to alternately shift from reading to writing technical paperworks, it just kills the experience and atmosphere of the VN. Besides do you people really like some idiots watching those naughty scenes where the protagonist bangs the heroines and God knows what, it just feel so awkward Better keep our odd hobbies to ourselves
  11. That's good to know then! The music was kind of plain, it's nice to have a soundtrack that instills excitement and mystery to add more layer to game in encouraging players to get hook into game! By the way, is this your first game? Looks pretty neat for a amateur group, a little better than the games here Anyways hope it sells and is this game rated +18 by any chance? And is there a GXG romance option in your game?
  12. About translation and stuff...

    LOL So true! Couldn't agree more Opps sorry double post, my browser went crazy
  13. Looks pretty promising enough! The art is nicely done and very colorful, the music is serviceable enough, could have been better... Overall looking forward to the release of your Visual Novel and hope it'll be a success! Wish you all the best in your endeavors!
  14. Visual Novel Alignment Chart

    Whoa?! never thought Gone Home was considered a VN?! Perhaps I fall under the mechanics neutral/structure neutral category... Who know for sure
  15. Lurker saying hi

    Greetings and welcome to Fuwa! Wish you all the best and hope you'll have a pleasant time here!