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  1. What are you playing?

    Hmm... I stopped playing Pretty Soldier Wars A.D 2048 miday... It was fun playing it at first but become somehow frustrating as the game went on... Putting it on hiatus for now until I'm in the mood to play it again... Started playing Flowers Printemps and enjoying every moment of it!
  2. Hmm... If you don't mind Ryleona, could you please your old laptop specs so we could better gauge your PCs capability and what games/visual novels it may run. It's at least has 1GB RAM right? Anyways I recommend Recettear An Item Shop Tale and Chantelise A Tale Two Sisters since they'll work on pretty old PCs without any problems. I play them from time to time in the office with since we got no Internet access and the only way to pass time is to play games aside from doing occasional paperwork
  3. Hallo~

    Greetings and welcome to Fuwanovel! Wish you all the best on your project and hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
  4. "Your Diary" is coming out

    Whoa! Haven't seen such a bizarre and awful translation mess like this before?! Even Gaokao.Love100Days which most people here complaining about the translation quality fares better than this particular VN... One of the worst VN translations disasters I've ever seen since MoeNovel's atrocities
  5. Would appreciate some recommendations

    I'll bite! Saku Saku: Love Blooms With The Cherry Blossoms Wonderful Everyday Yume Miru Kusuri Gaokao Love 100 Days
  6. Scene removed in Trample on Schatten

    Ouch what a bummer!!! What a pain!!!
  7. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hahahah! So finally one of the Intel fanboys showed up! Please spare me with the debates and facts since I'm not a fan of participating in a pissing contest of which one is better. I both use Intel and AMD, however I seemed to have better results and experience with AMD Processors. Heck even Japanese Overclockers such as this guy in the video prefers using a AMD than a Intel Processor! I wouldn't even argue with you Intel being the best and all that wonderful stuff since they were the first microprocessor maker in the market, AMD just followed years later... Personally in my experience, I've never had any of my AMD processor fried, burned, or got overheated like the ones you mentioned. I even got a pretty old Athlon II X2 Processor that still works which I still use interchanging between my other AMD AM3+ sockets motherboards so I wouldn't need to buy a new set of PC parts just to have a new computer... That's the real power of AMD Processors in its Backwards Compatibility Motherboards wherein you could swap different processors with the same motherboard as long as it supports the same socket, I never heard of any Backwards Compatibility with Intel Motherboards. For many, Intel user will have to replaced their whole rig, including the motherboard, processors, memory cards, etc. You might be able to salvage the fans for use in your new PC setup but in the end. If you want a upgrade, you'll need to start from scratch, discarding your previous motherboard and buy a new one... This kind of practice is only beneficial and in favors to the companies and corporate bastards themselves since we are going to spend more money than necessary. If you really got your facts right like you always do, you should know that Intel was charged by the EU with Monopoly Abuse! At least I have a clear conscience when I'm buying and using AMD Processor. Plus its consumer friendly wherein it gives you options on what you want to upgrade on your AMD PC system, if you want a new processor but don't want to replace your motherboard, you can do that with AMD... That's what I done with mine, instead of buying a new set of PC gaming Rig, I just replaced my old Athlon II X2 Processor into a new FX-6300 Processor plus I bought a new video card and some couple of generic memory cards... All you Intel users cares are about power and performance which is very reasonable and logical, these qualities are of only secondary concern to me since I value Longevity more than those two since resources are scarce and I couldn't buy a new rig if my current one is malfunctions for some reason anytime unlike the awesome guys here lol Besides having the same PC for decades with you feel kinda like a achievement, well only for me since I'm strange AMD Processor are meant to be used by specialists and technicians like myself and other guys or girls out there who knows what they're doing with their PC... Aside from bashing Intel and the like, I be fair here since, constructive conversation are better than destructive one huhuh.... Buy/Purchase Intel Processor if you have tons of money to waste and want to have the "easy and safe choice" Buy/Purchase AMD Processor if your a specialists/technicians or if you know what your getting and doing... Well that's all from me... Happy PC hunting or assembling I guess
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Nice choices you got there mate! When it comes to Processor, always go with AMD! They're the best choice for custom build PCs! ASUS Motherboards are a safe bet, however in my opinion, they too overpriced, your paying too much money for the brand and not for the actual motherboard itself... There's other reliable Motherboard brands, try checking out MSI ,GIGABYTE and BIOSTAR, Although GIGABYTE does cost a little than MSI or BIOSTAR, its much more durable than ASUS for less the price, partly because of their Dual BIOS unique motherboard feature and they already had a track record about it. I've been using GIGABYTE for decades now and it haven't failed on me yet... I kinda envy that you could buy all these high specs parts without worries lol, the feeling must be awesome! Computer or PC parts here in the Philippines is ridiculously expensive, still need to hoard tons of cash just to buy a decent PC... The world is unfair sometimes lol Hope I'll have my very own AMD Ryzen PC someday...
  9. What are you playing?

    Just started playing/reading Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048. Despite being a old game, the art itself looks very nice and been enjoying the RPG aspects of it, similar to most tactical turn based squad like XCOM or the old school Fallouts games! I've heard the game's being hard and unbeatable from other people in some areas in the Internet however I'll try completing it anyways lol
  10. Hello, pleb here

    Heheheh! However no worries since we got you covered! If you love Light Novels that much, I'll be able to grant.... Guidance in a certain place in cyberspace where you could obtain discretely.... Well for starters if you like to play/read a certain Visual Novel, its better to begin with the basic ones such as Fault Milestone Anyways welcome to the community and hope you'll enjoy staying here!
  11. Plk_Lesiak’s Shovelware Adventures: Yuri Sakura Games, part 1

    Thanks for the info! Umm... I'll think about it then. I do like them boobs since I'm a simple man And the art seems to be of decent quality, however at the end of the day, you read Visual Novels for the storytelling and compelling characters, I have plenty of full fledged Eroges laying around designed for erm... Stimulation of sensual desires hahha with animated scenes with cool female voices to boot even its they're old ones... I could even share it if you like ahem..... Anyways the details provided are very helpful! I couldn't play much VNs today being sick with fever and all... Such a bummer wanted to stimulate my **** but that'll only prolong my fever huhuhu
  12. Detective VN

    I know a couple of detective Visual Novels since its one of my favorites! Although they are kinda old if that's alright with you, hope you like it!!! Eve: Bust Error Adam: The Double Factor Chain The Lost Foot Footprints Hmm... I still have one to recommend however you say don't like science fiction and supernatural elements and a big no no correct? Anyways here it is and never hurts to try.... Divi Dead Believe what you will, but the Supernaturals are very real... Heck even Hitler was a satanist, he even practices divination. Crazy dude And that's one of the reasons why he hated Jews... As for science fiction, long time ago, Artificial Intelligence, Jet Pack, Robots were a work of fiction. Time has passed then these things are now in the present and is very real... Fiction is a clever way to tell a lie even though it isn't Anyhow wish you all the best and hoping you'll widen your horizons, you'll be missing a lot if you disregard playing VNs/Games with science fiction or supernatural elements... Heck even a hardcore RTS gamer like me wants to take breaks from playing realistic WWII games such as Company Of Heroes, The Commandos Series, Men Of War, Sudden Strike. The list goes on
  13. Plk_Lesiak’s Shovelware Adventures: Yuri Sakura Games, part 1

    Hmm... Unfortunately I wasn't able to play any of the Sakura games/VN? However from what I gathered from the reviews, it seems pretty... mediocre? So is this worth playing or better skip this VN and look for something better?
  14. What Anime are you watching now?

    Hahaha I've just recently finished watching both season 1 and 2 of Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend! At first I expected it to be just a typical harem, comedy romance sort of anime, however it was one heck of a roller coaster ride! The first season was filled with happy moments and the occasional fanservice and sexually suggestive stuff. It's pretty much about a certain guy who drags other attractive girls to help him create a visual novel and form a indie or doujin group of sorts... Things get serious on the second season their main illustrator undergo a slump in her drawing capabilities and started to question things. This anime somehow gave me a new appreciation of visual novels in its creation and the tribulation a certain team goes through to see in reaching its completion... I really love everything about Utaha's personality and looks, then the boobs Eriri seems to be cute but flat-chested, Megumi is visually stunning however she lacks substance, too bland for my taste Episode 9,10,11 of season 2 was pretty intense and dramatic that I couldn't avoid shedding some tears despite me being a hardened guy. (Clannad and Angel Beats did made me cry a little ahem) Overall its a very pleasant experience and no single episode from both respective seasons are boring or dull, it just gets better from each episodes! Cannot wait for the movie to be released! For now I'll just read the Koisuru Metronome Manga to pass the time and fantasize about Utaha!
  15. Heya

    Salutations! And welcome to Fuwa! Hope you'll find your stay here a enjoyable one!