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  1. Say what you will regarding the leaker's motives, for good or ill. Thanks to his actions, we get to see the inner working of Mangagamer Staffs on what they really think about the Visual Novels/Eroges they translate and their fans in general. So what if it is a private matter? The fact still stands that Mangagamer Staffs despises their own fanbase. Period... I'll think twice of supporting a company with this kind of mindset. Are you alright with that or are you somewhat condoning their actions? Perhaps you only care about the Visual Novels/Eroges they published? Mangagamer could only operate as it is by exploiting passionate and underpaid translators. The method of enabling them to published VNs every month is somehow questionable, however I suppose they're above it as long as they achieve their quota. Most of their titles in the past consist of mostly nukige shit, their taste in titles selection somehow improved when they started to publish story driven VNs such as Kara No Shoujo. I admit I have a rather soft spot for JAST USA since their games are the ones that help me discover the VN world in the first place. The only fault I find in them is as you mentioned which is their slow rate of publishing VNs. What do mean by Kimikoi? I was shock to see that otome lol? You should have just said Totono to avoid confusion XD Let's just agree to disagree since the advent of the Internet Age. Truth itself is now a rare commddity these days and Fake News is the norm. I chose that website out of convenience as its rather tedious to find reputable sites as reference and most them has the same content. In the end I didn't realize how dark the VN translation industry is... If there's one thing that Mangagamer does right, is by bringing their games to GOG.COM! I'm willing to forgive or even overlook their exploitation practices if they bring all of their Steam Catalogue to GOG.COM! As what can we do anyway? We're just speck of dust in the grand scheme of things....
  2. Hmm... I see no point participating in their so called "Licensing Survey Sideshow" as they just mostly at best ignore the voices of the people since Mangagamer Hate Their Own Fans Why do they even bother keeping with the illusion that they care about their fans by having them take part in these surveys of sorts. Also I'm not so sure whether we can see other Rance games since Arunaru left magangamer. His reason behind leaving the company reveals enough what kind of company Mangagamer really is. And they say JAST USA was bad lol...
  3. Happy Birthday! @MaggieROBOT Wish you all the best! And also happy birthday @Kenshin_sama May he find happiness wherever he is....
  4. The art seems nice! I can say it that much Although I somehow don't like how Nekoyan publishes their games nowadays, The DRM-Free version is somehow distributed in a archived non setup/installer version. Hope they'll create custom setup/installers of the games they publish like real professionals do such as JAST USA and Mangagamer. Anyways it's your typical feel good or good vibes VN/Eroge. Might play the VN solely to enjoy the art...
  5. I just recently finished watching Tokyo Raven. Such a pretty entertaining underappreciated gem of an anime without the constant fanservice garbage. It's all about onmyouji and all that wonderful Japanese occult folklore! I was kinda sadden after watching the last episode since I realize that this anime is never going to have a second season. The last episode was a cliffhanger and the plot didn't properly concluded... How am I supposed to know what happened to Natsume if she really is dead or been resurrected since the light novels weren't officially translated!? Hope there's a fan translation of the light novel somewhere? Wonder what happened to Kon/Hishamaru? She seemed to be in love with harutora Her only active role was on the last episode, she really lacks screen-time... Anyways, hope I can find some anime decent enough to fill the void which Tokyo Raven left....
  6. Salutations! I bid you welcome to Fuwanovel! Hmm... if you played Doki Doki, I suggest you try reading Totono as this is the VN that inspired Doki Doki and its much more darker and some interesting stuffs It's just been recently been translated by JAST USA. Anyways hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
  7. Welcome to Fuwanovel! Hope you'll find happiness in this place!
  8. Whoa it sound pretty nice, it somehow reminds me of VA-11 Hall-A since it has a cyberpunk kind of vibe. Hmm... What's the setting of the Game/Visual Novel by the way?
  9. I prefer the dark theme since its not painful in the eyes whenever I browse the forums at night... This new white theme is making my eyes go teary and a bit painful sometimes.... Why try to fix something that isn't broke in the first place?
  10. Trust no one but yourself. In the end, your thoughts and experiences regarding playing a particular Eroge/Visual Novel is what truly matters. Don't let the majority's opinion cloud your better judgement. Just avoid reading those lousy review scores and play the Eroges/Visual Novels that interests you straight away! If you'll only follow the crowd, you're no different from the livestock that roams the endless horizon of the Internet. Learn to decide for yourself and everything will follow...
  11. Just gonna ask about the game since I'm interested in playing/reading it in the future. Ah is game fully translated already or just partially? Thanks in advance!
  12. Greetings! And pleasant to make your acquaintance! Hope you find happiness in this little world of ours called Fuwanovel lol!
  13. You're welcome! And yeah Japanese VA are way better I suppose! Hope you'll provide a playable Demo in the future! Love to try playing your game! Godspeed on pursuing your VN project endeavors!
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