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  1. Such a unfortunate turn of events, I enjoyed playing Baldr Sky and pretty sad to see them shutting down. I wonder who's gonna pick the rights to translate/localize their titles, Sekai Project maybe?
  2. Of all of the three titles that I've suggested, I suppose Corpse Factory is the most pretty interesting of the bunch, there are still a couple of other EVNs to mention like the the yuri VNs Heart of the Woods and Highway Blossoms The first Sunrider VN is a decent VN SRPG hybrid, very affordable since its Free on both GOG and Steam. Shining Song Starnova is a interesting title too! Also is it alright to include Long Live the Queen in the list or not since VNDB does not classify it as a VN and more of a management game rather?
  3. Corpse Factory By the title alone you might think its a rip off of Corpse Party, nevertheless give the VN/Game a try and you'll witness a interesting, gloomy, dark, and semi realistic depiction of modern society. A psychological horror VN at its very core. In addition this VN/Game has decent English voice acting in it on some of the important dialogues! Cinders It is a reimagining of Cinderella with unique art style. Solstice Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi thriller of an VN
  4. Glad and happy to see more Alicesoft games coming to GOG! Hope they'll also bring the Rance games in GOG on the near future! And here I thought Mangagamer hold exclusive rights to Alicesoft titles?
  5. The feeling is mutual, you’re not worth the trouble anyways, and if you think my words are fancy, you must really have a boring imagination and choice of words. It’s just a simple skill called using a dictionary and the power of simplicity. I do not use flowery words to make a point. The word rationalize just came easily straight out of my head and just right stuff that I feel like writing. Try doing it yourself. It’s kinda fun too! Also, its somehow unfair to have two people gangbanging on me since I somehow triggered their emotional mine field, why don’t you two novurdim and lit
  6. I'm a introvert myself and I didn't have any trouble finding the right people in making my college life a easy and memorable experience I even become a Student Assistant with a little bit of power and influence. I'm very shy as hell, but you need to do the hard stuffs since nobody is going to do it for you. that's one of the reasons we go to school/college in the first place to learn and develop these so called "Social Skills" as annoying and irritating as it sounds, It is what it... Given the chance, I rather spend my time reading books and playing PC games on my lonesome, however
  7. It is what it is, I speak what's on my mind and I do not sugarcoat my words to appease the sensitivities of others. It's what you called freedom of speech and thank the Gods for that! If you deem my actions unjust or inappropriate to some degree, the real question is. What are you going to do about it? In any case what's right and what's wrong is matter of perceptive, humans themselves can rationalizes almost anything and everything. by that statement alone I therefore concluded that people who buys games and uses Steam or its equivalent are considered DRM loyalists and it
  8. Agreed... A lot of people in the GOG Forums are getting infuriated regarding the whole ordeal. Why not just release a uncensored one identical to the version found on JAST USA Storefront? They've released Dead End Aegis on GOG uncensored straight out of the box without any need to apply +18 Patches or DLC. Why not do the same? In addition to that, the GOG version of Kurokami-sama's Feast still uses the old v1.0.1 version instead of the newer v1.0.2 that the Steam version has which includes so many quality of life features such as adding a CG Gallery and Ending List. Why do the
  9. Well I only buy games on GOG so it obvious that I'm Very "fixated-on-gog" Nothing wrong with that. At least I own every game that I buy, unlike Steam wherein I'm paying full price and only renting the game and there's a 50-50 chance the games you bought might be taken away from you if a certain game got delisted or violated some Steam policy. Steam is garbage and most people only buy games there since its mainstream and convenient, however its only going to harm the Visual Novel/Eroge Industry and its localization efforts in the long run due to forcing censorship on their titles/g
  10. Clover Day's Plus has been rejected on Steam once again. Maybe they'll release it on other stores such as JAST USA, Mangagamer or GOG. NekoNyan is a pretty decent company and most of their localized VN titles are top notch, in addition they even made their games available in GOG as well which is nice. They're good enough for me.
  11. Greetings and welcome to the club! Hope you find your stay here an enjoyable one!
  12. Why did you upgrade your OS to Windows 11?! That's still a very recent OS and its prone to bugs and some other unforeseen issues along the lines. You should have just stick with Windows 10 since its a little stable now despite the annoying updates coming very now and then. Windows 11 is not really suitable for gaming at the moment and its only good for doing work related tasks. The best way to resolved it is to revert back to Windows 10 if you have the option that is.
  13. Personally speaking I do not really like Shiravune as they ignore and look down on GOG, in addition to them only releasing their Visual Novel/Eroges/Games on Steam. Beside there’s something fishy about this Shiravune company, of all the VN localizers out there mainly JAST USA, Mangagamer, Sekai Project and NekoNyan, wherein some of their Visual Novels/Eroges gets banned or delisted from Steam for Gods only knows why? I never once heard any news about Shiravune games being banned or delisted from Steam, perhaps both Shiravune and Steam has some sort dealings behind the scenes or w
  14. There's nothing wrong with reading/playing Visual Novels/Eroges being a hobby and such. despite being story driven and text heavy, Visual Novels are still technically videos games. Life itself does not have a meaning and having hobbies such as reading Visual Novels helps pass the time and alleviate our boredom. Wow your willing to learn a new language just to play VN? Whoa such overflowing passion is somehow unheard of and rare to find these days. I used to be like that in the past, however circumstances somewhat made me jaded about life itself and I just lost my luster in gener
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