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  1. Recommend me a game

    Aselia The Eternal Seinarukana Little Witch Romanesque Sunrider Neptunia Moekuri That's the only few VN RPG that I know which does not have rape scenes...
  2. How to port a PSP game to android?

    Why go to such lengths if you could just play the game right away using PPSSPP Emulator from Google Play store? If you want to make a independent application from the APK or ISO itself, you'll need to program or mod it yourself.... Using PPSSPP is much more hassle free and enjoyable! I'm using it to play Summon Night 5 on my new Nokia Android Phone
  3. An Official Farewell

    Wish you all the best in general and may you make peace with yourself. Hope you find happiness in other avenues of your life wherein VNs failed to deliver... Tsk tsk.... Another poor soul bite the dust...
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    I've just recently completed watching Book Of Bantorra... One of the most entertaining anime I ever watched! A pre-world war era with guns and magic kind of theme! The English dubbed is fantastic! The art style and effects seems pretty decent for a 2009 anime adaption! Hope to see more this stuff! I'm gonna try watching xxxholic. I heard its a pretty otherworldly and unique. Looking forward to it.
  5. The art and story looks pretty substantial! Wish you all the best in your endeavors and hope you'll eventually released your game! Going to look forward to it!
  6. SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    The art style itself is fairly average, although the writing seems to be decent enough. I might check this VN sometime in the future...
  7. Ssssslithery greetingssssssssss

    Greetings and welcome to the community! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here! And long live the serpent lol!
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I can relate to that, however as much playing video games or PC are enjoyable and rewarding in general. Moderation should be exercise and we must be aware of what our priorities is and get it done before anything else... Video Games/PC Games ought to be use the way their meant to in the first place which is to relief stress and blow some steam, a medium to relax from the worries of everyday life. The very reason why we play Visual Novels and jerk off to our heart's content till our shafts broke, too tired to think about anything and go to sleep like a good boy Learn to utilize technology to further your interest or whatever goals you have, not be dependent and be enslave upon it. Such as this game addiction problem that is... I undergo with the same scenario once in my lifetime, however circumstances force me to stop sulking and depressing small things around then decided to get a hold of myself then put things together... I'm not here to judge or anything, just like to help a fellow gamer, which respect to that for someone or somebody undergoing into any kind of depression. They should read this book to get their lives in perspective. The book itself is not a panacea for depression or anything, that's up for the people to decide... Its better than nothing I guess... Despair or depression simply means one thing: Suffering without meaning... Wanna be happy and not live a life of regret and misery? Find your meaning or purpose in life. Playing Videos games and Visual Novels is one thing, we just need to delve deeper into it...
  9. [KONEKO] Hello we are creating Tokyo Re:Connect

    Whoa! The art style and color palette looks very neat and promising! The UI looks very sleek and clean too! It seems you really know what your doing! Wish you all the best in your endeavors in completing your game! Godspeed!
  10. What Anime are you watching now?

    Woah! I've just completed watching Speed Grapher! Quite an experience! One of the best anime that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing in recent years and its one of those that really stir my intellectual and emotional faculties altogether.... Its really begs the questions of what it is means to be totally free. Despite living in a democratic, capitalist country/society which is really nice! However without sufficient money and power to live the kind of lifestyle that we desire, we will only be at the mercy of certain entities that pulls the strings in the shadows such as the governments,corporations and highly influential personalities or those so called movers and shakers of society. True freedom and happiness may only be obtainable if we reach the top or if we're lucky enough to discover our purpose in this life... At first it was somehow unimpressive and seemed like a simple damsel in distress, rescue this girl from a knight in shinning armor scenario/plot trope, but as I continue to see the rest of the episodes. It was more than that, I believe this anime has it all. sex, money, corruption and all the imaginable debauchery human beings capable of doing! In addition I definitely love the character designs of the anime, only thing I didn't like in the show was the luck of special effects and the fight scenes looks a little awkward. The English dub is fantastic! Could never get enough of it! I couldn't bring myself to hate the villains in this anime since they had a very good reason for their misdeeds or actions and instead end up rooting for them together with the main protagonists... For instance, its kind of rare for me to see a villain who cares for his subordinate and doesn't treat them as pawns as it is common to most villains in anime series... After watching last episode, it somehow left a nostalgic, yet melancholy feeling within me... I'll rate this anime 10/10 overall! It took me full 3 months to acquire this anime! definitely worth the effort and investment!
  11. Ever played a VN twice?

    I played Imouto Paradise a couple of times whenever I feel lonely and frustrated and just want to satisfy my sexual frustrations lol.. And I've played Long Live The Queen for a dozen times...
  12. It's pretty a reasonable stance for people to demand only the best translation possible in a given Visual Novel, we should not allow and condone half ass, passionless translations projects see the light of day. We deserve only the best VNs translations available today and it is within our right to make such a request to publishers like Sekai Project, Jast USA, and Mangagamer etc... Perhaps this example might explain things better... I'll rather read/play all the tentacle rape VNs in Mangagamer than read this monstrosity... I understand where you are coming from dude however you must at least hold some sense of standard when it comes to VN translations, don't settle for anything less... Just listen to what the Old Guards here has to say in this regard. They possess... Unrivaled wisdom about VNs since playing/reading them is similar to their life's work...
  13. Greeting fuwanovel members.

    Greetings and I bid you welcome to fuwanovel! Wish you all the best regarding your VN projects and beyond! Although I also prefer to play Visual Novels in PC only since I'm a PC exclusive gamer... I'll just pass on this one too! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
  14. Windows 10 is a decent enough OS far better than any Macintosh or Apples OS... Although its somehow data hungry which consumes too much processes once you've update it and tries to monitor your activities, more like a spyware... Use Shutup 10 to disable any intrusive features Windows 10 has and take full control of your digital life!
  15. What Anime are you watching now?

    Done watching Trinity Seven! It was pretty fun! Now gonna try watching Black Lagoon for the first time!