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  1. Computer Hardware/Specs

    First PC: Processor: AMD A6-6400 Motherboard: MSI-7721 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8470D( Build In Video Accelerator ) RAM: 4GB HD: Seagate 1TB OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

    The character design looks pretty nice! Wish you all the best in endeavors!
  3. These Visual Novel titles might be of interest to you. Please try checking them out SCHOOL DAYS HQ Yumina The Ethereal Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- Yume Miru Kusuri- A Drug That Makes You Dream
  4. RPG/Strategy VN

    Littlewitch is more similar to Princess Maker and Long Live The Queen Featuring Life Simulation raising two girls to become full fledged wizards/witches. if your not into that kind of game, just skip this one then. Different people has different taste I guesses Have you already checked out Seinarukana since you already played Aselia The Eternal? Try taking a look at Recettear and Chantelise, they might satisfy your urges... VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpuck Bartender Action is a visual novel where you play as a bartender mixing drinks and listening to the stories of your patron and such... I concur that most great RPGs and Strategy Games are of western origin so I can relate, I'm more of a old school gamer and exclusively playing only on the PC I'll check my game's depository on what else I could recommend or perhaps you already played them too hahahah
  5. RPG/Strategy VN

    Hmm... It may not be the best VN RPG but still worth your time if you have the patience grinding through numerous playthroughs. If so Why do you try playing the Agarest Series of VN RPGs! Both are available on Steam and GOG.com In addition, Hyperdimension Neptunia is also a VN RPG by the same developer as Agarest and are also available at Steam and GOG.com. Very enjoyable to play! Full of popular culture preferences and cute anime girls Littlewitch Romanesque is a pretty interesting VN with simulation elements available at JAST USA. Moekuri is a recent VN RPG available at Mangagamer, I haven't played it yet but it looks nice and colorful so give a try will you!? A question if I may? Are you strictly only looking for Translated Japanese Visual Novel RPG Hybrids like the ones mentioned above? Have you considered broadening your scope of search and taken a look on OELVN? They have quite a number of Visual Novel Hybrids if your not that picky... Hope my suggestions helps you out!
  6. Wish you all the best in your endeavors in translating the VN. I have faith in your abilities! I also love Yuri!
  7. When I first played/Read Fate/Stay Night right after watching the anime series since curious regarding the whole Fate Series once a upon a time. As I realized the anime was based on a Eroge Visual Novel with the Hentai Scenes removed. Well I didn't really freak out since I half expected it would be loosely based on a Hentai VN just by the looks of it. He should have at least realize by now that Japanese people are pretty enthusiastic and liberal regarding about sex and related topics as it is part of their culture so it'll only be natural if we see animes with sexual content or at least taken from a previous Eroge in their entertainment media. As far I as remember, there was even a time that most people would notoriously consider the term "Anime" as a synonym to "Hentai" due to misunderstanding or disinformation by popular media despite not all of the animes series are necessary Hentai themselves which is most unfortunate. So Yeah I believe he should reconsider his life decision from now on, and just wait and see when he discovers Kanon was also based on a Eroge
  8. What are you playing?

    I'm currently continuing playing my playthrough with Kara No Shoujo that i stopped playing sometime ago due to real life problems. Despite how gruesome this Visual Novel is, i kinda find it calming to read at... Letting me forget my worries and the world for a while... Just absorbing in the scenery and the awesome art! Perhaps after beating the game, I'll try reading/playing Littlewitch Romanesque or Kana Okaeri, maybe just continue with Kara No Shoujo The Second Episode So many Visual Novels To choose from... So little time
  9. Wat's Up Universe!!!!

    Greetings and welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay at Fuwanovel like most of us do Heheh That FuwApocalypse took a while but everything is well and good...
  10. Gender differences in anime ratings

    Whoa never thought most female viewers would prefer to watch animes relating to vampires and demons?! I kinda assumed they much prefer romance or slice of life or high school kind of animes. Surprising... In a way...
  11. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Just one month more before classes finally comes to a end, but the teachers/instructors are pressuring us in doing tons of assignments, projects and the dreaded random quizzes/exams twice a week!? Goddamn it! I need a break or a breather of some kind....
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    I've just finished watching Durarara!! Pretty nice anime and they have one of the best soundtracks I ever heard! Umm... Been thinking what should I watch next?
  13. Dreams and goals you once persued.

    Since I was a child. I always wanted to be a doctor, either it was a military paramedic, physician, surgeon, or veterinary medicine as I was very fascinated with both human and animal anatomy. But it seems reality is pretty harsh on me, my parents couldn't afford to support my hopes and dreams so I buried it the thought of ever becoming and continue moving forward.... Sometimes in life we cannot have everything that we hope to achieve... At least I'm thankful enough that I got the chance of being educated and having a decent enough life. There's nothing much to complain I guess
  14. Rate the avatar above you

    So dark and mysterious: 9/10 Umm about that... could I ask you to make a sig for me featuring Jill if you have the time please Wanna update my old sig. I'll send some photos your way if its alright with you
  15. Rate the avatar above you

    I like the cute girl: 8/10