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  1. hi

    Greetings and welcome to the Fuwa forums! Neptunia is a pretty great game But I didn't beat the game yet since I stopped halfway. JRPG is kinda hard for me and I prefer Western RPGs like Baldur's Gate or Dragon Age Origins. However I had tons of fun playing it so i might go back to it in the foreseeable future.
  2. Hello everyone

    Greetings and welcome to the Fuwa forums! Hope your stay here will be a pleasant one
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    I greatly enjoy watching Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash from start to to conclusion! Pretty much better than Sword Art online and more believable. However the thing that really caught my interest the nostalgic vibes of reminding me of greats RPGs of ages past such as Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age Origins. Probably because the party setup of six characters, party banters, and all the good stuffs. Classes and abilities are strangely alike as well... I really love Yume and Mary! Hope this anime would have a second season in the foreseeable future!
  4. Fuwanovel Confessions

    If I was having trouble sleeping, I'll just breath really hard like your usual inhale/exhale kind of meditation breathing technique. If that's not enough and you have a bad case of Insomnia, reflexology usually helps a lot and makes me sleep much faster, also I drink a couple of glass of hot milk before sleeping if I haven't forgot to buy them at the convenience store Hmm... You could also try resorting to acupuncture if your not afraid of needles since it promotes the natural healing of the human body and insomnia is a irregularity made manifest. Much more better and healthier than resorting to drugs and western medicines since it kills your kidney and bladder I suppose.
  5. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Time passes pretty pass that I hardly notice things happening around me. My semestral break is almost over, time to go back to school. More exams, less gaming...
  6. Hello!

    Welcome to the community! Wish you all the best!
  7. To Play or not to Play?

    I'm not familiar with A Profile, however I firmly believe that you should play and give Crescendo a chance! Has a decent amount of routes or choices and its a pretty nice VN to play overall despite how old it may be. Haven't finished it yet due to real life issues and other distractions but I'm sure you won't regret when you play. Well the more the games/VNs you have. the better! All you need is "time" to actually get through them all. However I kinda envy most people here who has all the time in the world to really read/play VNs.
  8. What do you seek from VNs?

    I read/play a particular visual novel whenever I get bored from playing too much complicated RTS and RPG games. It's a way to relax my senses and kinda put things on perspective. Of course its also because for the cute characters and amazing art style that begs me to try digital painting out someday ( Preferably using Clip Studio Paint or Affinity Designer ) Well I got to admit, aside from the story and soundtrack, I read VNs for the Hentai scenes as well whenever I feel lonely, devastated or when reality slap me in the face. At the very least it gives me the option to comfort myself from the toils of human existence hahahaha
  9. Hello, mates!

    As for me. i read/play VN mostly to indulge and lose myself in the story if its decent enough and the characters and art as well. I'm much of a PC gamer as well playing most RPG titles like Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age. I also play some few First Person Shooter games like Rainbow Six and CSGO. Although once I get tired of them all, I find myself craving to read VNs. I'm kinda strange I'm suppose...
  10. Hello, mates!

    Umm... Wanna ask a question if you don't mind. What's the thing that you like in a Visual Novel that keeps you coming back and reading more of them? and do you play other games aside reading VN's such as RPGs? Just curious
  11. Hello, mates!

    (snicker) Could be fate I guess. Well VA-11 Hall-A is one of my favorite VNs. I'm kind fond of Jill and used her as a Avatar XD
  12. Hello, mates!

    Greetings and welcome to Fuwanovel! Hope you'll find your stay here a enjoyable one! its nice to see a fellow Filipino around here. Wish you all the best on your creative endeavor!
  13. What are you playing?

    I've been playing Cherry Tree High Comedy and somehow reached the normal ending. Its a very uncommon and fascinating visual novel! Hope to find more of this stuffs... Anyways I should try playing older games from my childhood days as a reward for myself once the exams are all over. Perhaps Throne Of Darkness will do.
  14. What Anime are you watching now?

    I recently just finished Durarara!!X2. So fantastic! I pretty much enjoy watching it from start to end and I really like the characters especially Kasane Kujiragi. I felt in love with her the moment I saw her! Hope to see more of her if there's a possible third season of this wonderful anime! And I kinda also itching to watch Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale. It will have to have wait i guess... Still have to study and prepare for exams oh boy
  15. Computer Hardware/Specs

    First PC: Processor: AMD A6-6400 Motherboard: MSI-7721 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8470D( Build In Video Accelerator ) RAM: 4GB HD: Seagate 1TB OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit