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  1. dammit. i cant printscreen. it saved a file instead. ill use snipping tool instead
  2. i wonder what happened with the fan patch that would change the spanish lines?
  3. i have frame rate issues with study steady and with the marsmallow vn too but thats probably because my pc is a potato
  4. wheres the neutral choice?? also i dont want to put my name there unless its a username i dont mind answering the other questions
  5. people complaining VN for about $30 when theres games at about $40-$60 and thats not including microtransaction...
  6. you can probably judge the translation via screenshot provide but imo you need someone that will sacrifice money and review the game and provided some screenshot to know if the translation is good or not. or lurk into this forum, same forum as this one, vndb or reddit to gather someone else opinion.
  7. ty for the effort, now i dont have to use agth, ith , vnr and atlas.
  8. so which is which??? is there breakups or not?? if there is, does the partners make up afterwards?
  9. really??? im gonna skip that one then. too bad. im fine if they get breakup and make up after just like hatsukoi
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