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  1. Rice, what do you use it for?

    to repair phones.... or to play batumi
  2. The Fuwanovel I want for 2019

    i wish they bring back fuwanovel vntl/vnts weekly instead of vntl/vnts quartery/semi annually
  3. If you made a light novel, what would the title be? save changes to untitled
  4. Your Tips to Finishing VN's

    read 30-1 hour of a vn you want to read everyday... its gonna be long but youll finished reading it anyway..
  5. I'm no longer 20

    im gonna beat your record
  6. nearly finished the first 2 routes
  7. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    why this remind me of this?? also ill assume nene route is the true route because question:
  8. Sanoba Witch Discussion

    here. have some more. thats a good vn overall and i enjoy it. thanks for making and translating. i guess ill replay some parts like i wish there was a nene emoticon on both this and fuwanovel discord. i having a fun at the sprite editor.....
  9. imo, if i read more than play more, its a VN, otherwise it isnt
  10. How do you rate your VNs?

    How do you rate your VNs? 1 - I like it 0 - I dont like it
  11. What Sources Do You Use to Find New VN's?

    fuwanovel vntl semi annually in the meantime, ill look at vntl version on reddit on r/visualnovel or something like that and im only looking at the comments
  12. The Sexy-Cute-Beautiful triangle chart

    either my taste is bad of i dont see her cute. IMO i can see a girl who is cute + seXy at the same time and beautiful + seXy at the same time but not cute + beautiful at the same time. cuteness is inversely proportional to beauty
  13. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    so youre saying that 1% of VNs arent porn oriented huh...