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  1. Favorite protagonist?

    idk know who is Others is and what kind of VN is (Please specify) but i vote him because the main protag of gakhturn isnt there in the poll
  2. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    still wondering why didnt they translate the older titles in their catalog???
  3. sequel??? i just want da capo 1 and 2 eXpansion pack in english (plus communication)
  4. venus blood chimera problem (1 sutra gain)

    solved it. i use a lot of maX hp potions...
  5. venus blood chimera problem (1 sutra gain)

    well, my girls has a health above 50 ... so i guess above 100 then... ty
  6. not sure what happened but there is some action that yields 1 sutra and 1 to all stats if the girl mental health isnt 100... anyone knows how did that happen and how to avoid it??
  7. Spirit of retarnia system requirements

    i have a i3 and a 4gig ram
  8. i tried to play it, it gets slowed on party menu and sometimes on a dungeon...... i mean the graphics is not that impressive to have a minimum system requirement of i3, and 4gig ram... i mean WTF??? PS: not sure if its a VN or a game. but its listed on vndb.org
  9. i read vns because of h-scene but i agree that there is too much h-scene in some non-nukige vns....... i probably playing real games instead of vns if that happen (i miss those vn that you rewarded the reader a good h-scene for a good long story at the end like in canvas,to heart 2(?), period and that girl in sharin no kuni)
  10. Favorite VN?

    i cant find Others (Please specify) in vndb.org : ( No da capo??? i know its not that good but still??
  11. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    so im the only one who doesnt mind 'fair janai' i guess im insane....
  12. Best Non-Moege You've Ever Read.

    does da capo counts as a moege??? yes??? hmmm.... what about canvas??? that too?? ehmmmm to heart??? no???11 eyes???still a moege??? ehmmmm h20??? not translated???? ehhmmmm sharin no kuni??? secret game??? ill answer... maybe for busy people series. that definetely sure that those are not moege
  13. not gonna vote, because i consider my game complete if i read all of them eXcept for the bad ones
  14. for busy people series: EOSD for busy people EOSD for busy people eXtra PCB for busy people PCB for busy people eXtra IAMP for busy people. funny thing that i didnt even know that these was called VN back then..
  15. then if anyone looks at your desktop, they see the icon of the game which can be attract the curiosity of few.