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  1. Most Hated

    suprised that the headmistress and that one girl from yume miru kusuri
  2. Voices/Seiyuus you like!

    whoever voiced her.
  3. On h-scenes in VNs

    what about the settings in libra of the vampire princesS???? you know.. the underwear logo button and the sleeve thingyyy..
  4. On h-scenes in VNs

    i wish h-scenes is just a reward for a good story/romance rather than a feature in most moege games... <unpopular opinion
  5. compared to what ive been reading on this so far. yeah. agreed the spider scene with her servant(?) is one of the moments of the game. i wonder how did i ever get this ending??????? but yeah its good the end providing you get past those rape rape scenes among the 3, i like the kiss ending better because of the egg. also ty for the save file. \o/
  6. ill wait for a save file then... i dont want rape scenes\
  7. didnt work, i still got the ultraman girl leading to a fiancess forever ending. ive cleared a power of a kiss ending, harem end, yandere end also anyone wants to share a 100% save file that is compatible to the jast version??? i dont want to force skip the game because <insert eXcuses here>
  8. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    i finish yuri's route so question: i guess this vn is very very light on drama... onwards
  9. WagaHigh review discussion

    and some say ashe route isnt the best route in the game but miharu. good review.
  10. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    <rant> why the MC in this picture is faceless while they did make the MC sprite not faceless?? </rant>
  11. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    I know its a eroge VN but IMO it ruins the image by fanservicing people with panty shots.
  12. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    not sure why is that picture is spoiler.... finished the game. worth waiting for the english patch. ty ittaku and his team \o/. 1 h-scenes per route and its on the end is pure satisfation. eXcept for the ill save this vn to replay the whole "dont think you win scenes" "the tongue twister scenes" and the scene before the h-scenes and some scenes. This vn has the most replayability for me and that is only my own opinion.
  13. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    be best part of the game
  14. Data extraction thread

    ive eXtracted voice.a of to heart 2 minigame using crass and crass eXtracted a huge files that ends in .g eXtention file. (v0000.g , v0001.g , v0002.g) anyone knows how to open those files? advance ty
  15. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    off topic but i like the minigame for some reason. also now i know why ittaku says there is no common route.... onwards to the twins route