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  1. so which is which??? is there breakups or not?? if there is, does the partners make up afterwards?
  2. really??? im gonna skip that one then. too bad. im fine if they get breakup and make up after just like hatsukoi
  3. im a simple guy, if i read more than play more, its a visual novel otherwise its not.
  4. oh look a sequel. lets see if we that in english in 2025 and if it fiXes the prequels problems
  5. whoever voiced the hannies in evenicle. the reina/raina voice in the radio in da capo 3 is nice tho
  6. i prefer the bicycle girl. yes, its not as good as ruu or the twin ruu but i like her scenes
  7. imo its pointless for the survey because the most selling ones are those nukiges. maybe vote with your money instead???
  8. according to his vndb, he finished it with a score of 6/10. ill read it if it fully translated in 2030 or something
  9. i want to play in the best route order or at least the recommended one after my first blind game. but walkthrough says "you can go with any girl you want" most of the time so ill ask randombot (tatsumaki) to help
  10. i dont have a dummy email. also how much request are they talking about?? i guess at least 1000. i want to see it translated but i want to respect their opinion too
  11. instead of burning it, why not make a party in capitol insted?? its a one time opportunity. but then burning it is also one time opportunity too
  12. then ill pass on this. ty for informing us. EDIT: theres one guy who review it with a 10/10 masterpiece. https://vndb.org/t12690 vndb score it as 7.21 EDIT2: quote from the discussion thread so that means you need to wait for the other half of the series or the last 2 thirds of the trilogy to enjoy it?? then ill wait.
  13. i prefer slice of life than action scene unless, you gotta play or action has strategy in them because i dont like action with CG, might as well watch anime for action. wait?? commenting has now a cost??? okay.. here is my 5 cents
  14. it think he is referring for the translation to go 100% then its become on hiatus or picked up by SP or mangagamer or something delaying it even more.
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