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  1. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    <rant> why the MC in this picture is faceless while they did make the MC sprite not faceless?? </rant>
  2. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    I know its a eroge VN but IMO it ruins the image by fanservicing people with panty shots.
  3. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    not sure why is that picture is spoiler.... finished the game. worth waiting for the english patch. ty ittaku and his team \o/. 1 h-scenes per route and its on the end is pure satisfation. eXcept for the ill save this vn to replay the whole "dont think you win scenes" "the tongue twister scenes" and the scene before the h-scenes and some scenes. This vn has the most replayability for me and that is only my own opinion.
  4. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    be best part of the game
  5. Data extraction thread

    ive eXtracted voice.a of to heart 2 minigame using crass and crass eXtracted a huge files that ends in .g eXtention file. (v0000.g , v0001.g , v0002.g) anyone knows how to open those files? advance ty
  6. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    off topic but i like the minigame for some reason. also now i know why ittaku says there is no common route.... onwards to the twins route
  7. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    i wonder if there is a true route in this? also the best part on me is the conversation of 2 ruus \o/ and "dont think you already won" line. the tongue twister arent bad either
  8. Anyone played this game called doki doki panic library??? well i play and get a random crash for some reason. anyone knows why and how to fixed it?? advance ty
  9. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    well. i post the setting screen on the games and your translation really helps. so the main patch and your patch is incompatible. i wonder what did the game patch did on the VN???. also ty for the VERY VERY fast reply and ty for translating the setting screen on the picture ive posted. EDIT: Turned out some minor fixes. (the english patch cover some/few of them)
  10. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    bug report. patching the game using th2X_update102 (to patch the minigames) and using the english patch wont translate the h-scenes for some reason. i found out the renaming patch.pak fixed that problem but i wonder what do patch.pak do????
  11. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    ty. i wonder what the character balloons do???? question again: the image on the linchou route near the end (and in the credits?) is untranslated. didnt see the translation in the readme files or im just blind. can you translate this too along with the next picture? past present and future ty edit: also on how to beat this game
  12. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    Can anyone translate this for me??? its a shooter game. also i found the arrow keys as movement and space bar to shoot. idk what the enter key does and i think im missing some controls ill also asked for the dpp.exe later if i managed to clear a girls route advance ty
  13. To heart 2 question and recommendation

    got to the end. not saying that i didnt expect it but stilll...didnt expect an ending theme to play tho also konomi first. got it. ill ask RNG after her. ty (ill ask for translations next)
  14. I dont want to choose so i choose home every time, I did i get a girl or did a get a no girl ending?? How long is the common route anyway?? if im using a walkthrough, what is the recommended route order should i go? (because its hard to pick for me) advance ty
  15. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    too bad they didnt translated the minigames. but still done a good job