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  1. looking at the posts above they probably said everything that can be said both positive and negative about OP but i want to say something regardless of repetitiveness 1. anime has the lowest thing to translate and sometimes its only voiced and mostly fan translators do that instead of official one that wants to sell those translation 2. manga is same as anime but its more slightly more to translate(?) idk about the LN part tho that maybe true if the fan translator did this just to train themselves or aim to share a good vn to people who cant read japanese or just to have some hobby that getting payed isnt their in mind at all (maybe some of them put donation in their page or something) but in this time or maybe 1-2 years ago the rate of official translators rises and they want to sell their translation to people regardless of quality. if thats the case, i rather to never get a translation at all than read a BAD OFFICIAL ONE. they selling a translation so they should get it right. 4. people is gonna be toXic/salty about something if they tried to sell it but maybe thats not the case with fan translation. yes, they may/will criticism but some of people will try to join and help unlike in the official one because money 5. i may be wrong in 1-4 but still.
  2. funny thing. ive read a VN without knowing its a VN. but seriously im looking for hentai but theres so much rape in it, at least the translated one. so i decided to try hentai games most of the are rape yes (or maybe im not looking enough) and stumbled on sharin no kuni. now im reading VN since then. PS. also i refused to read VN without h-scenes eXcept if that VN has originally no h-scene in it. it is a really bad habit for me
  3. past thank you, present thank you and ty for your future works
  4. E

    A Sports, free to pay
  5. Newton and the Apple Tree

    if you need to get 100% glossary you need to select all choices before yotsuko's route choice. the order probably doesnt matter
  6. reach alice end. when MC's granpa says that he can do whatever he want, he didnt go back in time and make a happy end with alice. disappointed and sad at the same time also i wonder how glossary terms are arranged
  7. SakuraGames announced Midori no Umi

    4. remebering symbols is plucking hard.
  8. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    they announcing flight diary???? now im looking forward to flight diary retranslation for a decade or two
  9. What are you drinking?

    its 1. sadly i done the work and there isnt a new work so im slacking off
  10. What are you drinking?

    yeah.. im "working"
  11. What are you drinking?

    not drinking anything for 4 hours straight and for the neXt 5 hours
  12. funny thing.. i stalled newton vn because of the fact that you need to reject her feelings to read other route. what did i do??? i play real games until i have motivation enough to read it again.
  13. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    chocola cuteness ftw!!! not saying that others arent cute or something...
  14. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    finished it... also disappointed for the fact that getting to lvl 99 to all of the characters didnt promote the level up girl into level up goddess