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  1. Let's Talk: Kami no Rhapsody

    i dont like those going back to the shrine of end every now and then looking for a new scene. i probably miss some scenes
  2. Data extraction thread

    can crass pack files too in addition to eXtract files?
  3. How to get Hook code?

    what about games that uses lua??
  4. The Best Visual Novel Machine Translator

    too bad they cant automatically hook desunoya games without a hook code
  5. if i recall, some images arent translated yet and some lines still need editing?
  6. hoping for a da capo series where suginami is the MC
  7. i will use a walkthrough but i will play blind for the first game as other vn do.
  8. viewing the h-scene there are like 2 voice playing in one line and i cant stop 1 of them
  9. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion

    i like mashiro for some reason. feels like its fun being with her. ~~i think the best girl is employee A~~
  10. i think there is one??? on a certain route??? or maybe theres a no girl ending too
  11. (Request) Making*Lovers walktrough

    viewing the h-scene of the after night date in omake mode gives you 2 choices before the scene starts... so you unlock it anyway regardless. can someone verify this?
  12. Kimagure Temptation announced

    i look forward to that neXt year... okay at least 2 years
  13. (Request) Making*Lovers walktrough

    someone says that theres a different outfit for h-scene if you get the right choices on night date choices... is that true?
  14. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion

    wait??? is there a wrong answer on the date choices??
  15. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion

    reminds me of flowchart walkthrough of fate stay night and katawa shoujo. ty