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  1. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    finished it... also disappointed for the fact that getting to lvl 99 to all of the characters didnt promote the level up girl into level up goddess
  2. Hapymaher [RAW ~ Walkthrough]

    i miss alice 3rd h-scene send help or save file
  3. clear it minus alice 3rd h-scene. ill probably grab a save file for that good VN at least for me. thanks for make and thanks for translate
  4. finished yayoi route
  5. finished saki route question:
  6. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    spoiler question: non-spoiler question: 3. should i say "thank you" or "arigatou" or "thank you very much"? advance <answer to 3.>
  7. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    ty. maybe ill found some on those along the way. ty
  8. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    skip 2 rape scenes. but this is still good. get defeated by a boss because i dont gear my party and i dont remove eXp items/skills question:
  9. done. i only need to change my profile image. can i request for a 4-5-6 dice? also i thought it removes some/few of the h-scenes but this is the stupid way for teXas dice to win
  10. LoliTrain Avatar Poll: Judgement Day

    i vote for #14. also you can multivote?
  11. but if the loli didnt cover, then a content is being left out which is our losss.
  12. so we will be changing our avatar into teXas dice or teXasdice will change his/her/it avatar???
  13. Fureraba Walkthrough

    question in the jealousy scene, does it matter who is maX affection/stage 4 and who is stage 3. does the tsundere girl at stage 4 and rina at stage 3 will give you the same events as rina at stage 4 and yuZUyu(?) at stage 3?
  14. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    why the hype for a announcement that will took probably 1 year or 2???
  15. [Walkthrough] Feedback Thread

    @SeniorBlitz hey walkthrough guy. can i bother you? can you test the walkthrough of momoiro closet for me: you can only choose "follow my instincts" in the 3rd choice if 1st and 2nd choice leads to a h-scene or a CG in a all age vn(?) ty