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  1. I just saw that IndieGala offers 5 games for PHP 520.92 ( $10 [USD])through MangaGamer's twitter account. I want to buy the bundle, but I'm not sure if it'll be worth it. Where are my manners? Details, details. The bundle contains Eroge!, Please Bang My Wife (every letter I used to type that was painful. Does the japanese title really translate to that?), Kuroinu Chapter 1, Sweet Sweat in Summer, and finally Orc Castle. I've mostly finished Eroge! (as far as I remember I think I only have 1 route left) I've already finished Eroge! that I played from a friend's copy and I think I've already finished Please Bang My Wife before. With these in mind, should I still buy the bundle?
  2. Currently playing Wagamama High Spec. I'm just playing catch up at this point fak.
  3. True. I'm still waiting for Maggot Baits. It's been 2 years now and they still haven't released it.
  4. Spoilers ahead. You've been warned. If you don't like spoilers and you haven't played the game before, I suggest turning back. Generally, I'm just happy I managed to finish a game and put a check mark on my loooooong backlog. I know this is a pretty old game and has been around for quite some time, but then again I haven't been playing visual novels for quite some time. I just wanna say this before I start giving my impressions - Clock Up makes some of the best ahegao faces. If you know any better ahegao faces than the ones from Clock Up games, do tell me. Anyways, since I mentioned that, I might as well start with that. The ero scenes are very, for the lack of a better term, erotic (duh). However, I just felt like the way the game utilizes ahegao is a... bit of a stretch. I know, this is common in Clock Up games. I've played other Clock Up titles before and I know they LOVE their ahegao, even in sweet scenes, and this game is no exception. This is mainly more of a preference thing, but I think ahegao should mainly be used when a character is being mentally broken through sex. I would understand it if I were playing something like Euphoria, but in this case... I don't know. I just don't think that it suits cutesy and sweet scenes, but then again that's just my opinion. Overall the sex scenes were incredible, and I enjoyed them a lot (Needless to say, I also fapped a lot). As for the characters, I just felt like they were a bit lacking? I don't know. In other games, once the characters were presented, I usually get this thought that "Ah, I want to play this girl's route first" or something like that. But in this game, no such thing came into my mind. In fact, when I had to choose which heroine to assists first, I had to make a long, hard look at the characters before deciding (I chose Iori who am I kidding of course I chose Nene first). I came to love the characters as I progressed through their routes, but they just didn't captivate me at first sight. In addition to that, it kinda felt that the reasons why they all came to love the MC in their respective routes are kinda vague? It's usually along the lines of "it just happened", especially in Iori's route. Now then, I'm not saying that it's unrealistic and such. It happens, yes, but c'mon I want more of a reason than that. This is a bit unrelated to the text above, but I love Momoka the most. While it's true the she's annoying early on and made me wanna just drop the game and pretend I finished her route (I took her route last), the latter parts of her route were probably the sweetest of all the heroines. Overall, I still think that it's a great game. I definitely don't regret this purchase. (I'm so sorry for opening a topic for an eight year old game)
  5. I'm on a vacation, and instead of spending it wisely, I'm spending it by playing fucktons of games. I'm not even sure which one I can call the game I'm playing, but the last game I opened was Rance 5D, so there's that.
  6. Thank you for all your replies! I've decided to play Rance 5D for now.
  7. Exactly. Some gags that involve Chinami (the little sister) can be funny and hilarious and sometimes just feel over the top.
  8. So I've been trying to finish my backlog these past few days. I've been randomly selecting games from my wishlist and after a bunch of 'unfortunate' encounters (by that I mean encountering some horrible, horrible nukige), I've decided to just go ahead and play the ones that are actually well know and are well received by the community. Hence, I decided to continue playing Rance again. I just finished Rance 3 and the old graphics are kinda tiring me out. Don't get me wrong, it's still a nice game. I just encounter issues with the old game engine and it's a pain in the ass to fix them. So back to the original question. Do you suggest I bear with it and play the Rance games chronologically or can I just go ahead and skip to Rance 5D?
  9. I've read Hoshizora no Memoria before and I thought that it was pretty good. Now I'm reading it again and it kinda feels a bit lackluster. It's still a good read though, but I wouldn't go ahead and say that it's the best read for your needs.
  10. Thanks! A vndb account helps a lot since I can track all the games I've played so far. It also pressures me to actually play instead of downloading fucktons of them, which increases my already staggering backlog @_@
  11. It eliminates the risk of data loss.
  12. But I think Evenicle is much better than Beat series :/ Sure, I wanna play Ixseal and I've already played Haruka and there both good but... I kinda just prefer Evenicle.
  13. Pretty much everyone who uses MAL is aware that sone functions are currently missing from the site and that kinda bothers me enough to wanna switch to another website that tracks anime like it does. Do you guys have any recommendations?
  14. I'll just try to re-download it since I just got a copy from a friend. Weirdly enough, whatever patch he applied, it works perfectly for him :/
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