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  1. Eh...i hate looking like a fanboy... But who cares about that, go read Steins;Gate. i have nothing more to say.
  2. Coming from you, it's a compliment. jk, jk, or not.
  3. Shitty Republican propaganda, you really thought we would believe our heroine, the great Tanya, would struggle while holding such a frail creature?
  4. From what i looked, and my memory is quite fresh since i replayed the whole trilogy 4 months ago(so with all the patches), there's a shitton of whacky and cluncky animations (and Mass effect 2 is SOO bad in that way), and while it's true, Andromeda doesn't look as good as we all wanted it to be, accusing some sort of political agenda to be behind every problem is...your belief doesn't magically give you skills in animation and programmation, or in writings, you know. The problem here, is that Bioware is not a good game developper, they were lucky, back in time, to have actual good writers, but they all left the ship, and unfortunately, those who're still here are, in fact, quite bad at their job, mostly, Andromeda is the result of Bioware, not of some sort of political agenda (and please, stop blaming every thing you dislike with political agenda, you just make a fool out of yourself (i'm thinking about Yandere Simulator dev, a very pathetic human being))
  5. But nowadays the anti-SJW people always use the excuse of "not correct depiction" and political correctness, whenever something they don't like is on screen. Also i love Lawrence Fishburne, this was more of a joke than anyything.
  6. Does it have ancient english or not? Also, i don't think Lawrence Fishburne, looks like a Mauretanian, to me, i know, it's amazing...but black people have a shitton of different races, didn't you know?
  7. Othello is impossible to read for me, please, i tried it, it's too much. Comparing Shakespear with tales of...
  8. Wait, is that some new knowledge?
  9. You just forgot that Mitsuru is best grill Overall, i think P3 has better girls for M boys. And P4 has better girls for S boys.
  10. It lacks one point here. Where is the "primary trait : Okabe Rintarou" ?
  11. Youjo Senki, like always, deliver a lot. I didn't have that much fun with anime since years.
  12. It's fap material, buy it.
  13. It is one of the greatest hentai ever.
  14. Oh, the starfishfag.
  15. Science > Non-Science.