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  1. It's fap material, buy it.
  2. It is one of the greatest hentai ever.
  3. Oh, the starfishfag.
  4. Science > Non-Science.
  5. Tbh, that's how a scientist works.
  6. I'm gonna dismiss argument N°1 because, as you said, you have no scientific study to back it up, the second argument is, without a doubt, quite powerful.
  7. So. I'm Playing Nights of Azure, so far it's...decent. At least it's Yuri, and not Yuri-Bait like i feared.
  8. Basically, it's just porn. The things that get censored, it's mostly porn.
  9. I think we're friends.
  10. Ohoho, that's so easy for you. Not for me, i hate that expression.
  11. Confession... I just don't know how to tell the girl i love that...well...i love her.
  12. The VN is, really, really, really long. Also DON'T FUCKING INSULT TOMOYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  13. Since when are you a Steins;Fanboy?
  14. When my level gets better.
  15. Which is wrong, cause japanese girls actually prefer "boys" anime to girls anime. This is really weird, heh? not that much, i think japanese people don't fucking care at all, and are just chill.