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  1. You can aim pretty well without auto-aim, and i too am a PC elitist. It's mostly muscle reflex, the more you play, the more you'll get skills
  2. Dude, this is the best burn i've ever seen in ages.
  3. Only you can prevent anus fires.
  4. I'm not lazy! i just have better tastes than you, arca!
  5. So, i'm now jobless.
  6. And here i am, still hadn't finished Majikoi.
  7. So this is why Kiri and Haman are like that.
  8. I'm impressed this place is still alive.
  9. Put a banana next time.
  10. Confession : i'm a coward, i should make the first move.
  11. after the 146532894156161561 photoshop of this conversation, i am wondering : is it humour or a way of trying to push some agenda? If it's the first : it's as humouristic as my gigantic pecker, if it's agenda, it's as subtle as this message, and my gigantic cock.
  12. I thought it was a Marine LePen speech, a shitton of words she uses are here. Even the structure of it.
  13. ...Why do i have such a huge boner?
  14. forgot how beautiful.
  15. I just expect more play time than Psycho-Pass, tho.