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  1. Prolly sex toy.
  2. He is cute.
  3. We have to settle that, we need to find common ground.. High ground if possible.
  4. Mh, so it has been that long since we didn't talk? because that is history for me now.
  5. you know what i do.
  6. What kind of discord channel are you visiting?
  7. I didn't even rig the vote!
  8. It is not a bad idea. Anyone knows how to use Renpy? i'll write the script, no worries about that.
  9. Plz, anyone would play it for the ROMANCE!! You could romance Contador-sama and his best buddy, EPO-kun, or..i dunno, getting a threesome with the Schlek brothers or...going downhill with Peter Sagan. And loling as Jack Bauer is still trying to do a solo run and ALWAYS fail at the end.
  10. Btw, Wilcommen & bienvenue to FuwaIranBecauseIraq&roll. Please take a seat.
  11. Does that mean Fuwanovel FINALLY became a heaven for fujoshis and BL lovers?!!!!!
  12. "why are dinosaurs in the attack on titan opening" Would be an actual good spin-off VN for AoT.
  13. As my russian friend said : i've yet to see someone outsmart a bullet.