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  1. Danganronpa - Initial Impressions

    You mean, there is...Zero escape. -Actual quote by best girl, btw. wwww
  2. Remember, for the sake of comedy, always overexagerating expressions.
  3. It's even worse, Katawa Shoujo is a depiction of virginial american's dreams. But Katawa has to be unrealistic, it is telling a pretty passionnate story, something that is closer to Key's stuff, we don't need realism in such works, we need to feel the emotions, that's the most important thing. When you say realistic, you have to apply the same formula in real life and get the same result, i'm sorry, but 1-2-3 exceptions doesn't mean anything, it's called a stastistical error, at most.
  4. Oh, how silly of me, i also forgot the girl that is not a girl but a..."girl", too.
  5. I remember in my high school day, that dude who was super random and no one knew, but he had a super power that allowed him to attract the 5-6-7 best girls of the entire highschool that happens to be of very precise tastes and with 0 actual personality, and he happens to be able to bang them all, because obviously they were virgins that happens to be better at sex than Mia Khalifa and Alexis Texas. Trully, VNs are realistic.
  6. Danganronpa - Initial Impressions

    It also gives you more truth bullets during non-stop debates.
  7. Nope, in Japan people don't get married at all, you know, shortage of natality in japan and all that thing.
  8. Danganronpa - Initial Impressions

    Frankly, i'm not gonna say it's worse. More tedious, way more tedious, and the minigame ain't that much balanced.
  9. Oh, right, i have to debunk this. Pulling out is NOT a safe way of contraception, at all, actually, EVEN Before you unleash the pastry cream into the bun oven, you have some cream that escape from it, no matter your skill.
  10. Danganronpa - Initial Impressions

    I'd say definitely the dance battle in DR V3 is the worst, of all three. As for the game itself, i think you're playing on easy difficulty, also first case, i rate it 11037/10 Oh, also true, that visual novel has my favourite female char, easy to guess which one btw/
  11. No. And that's good enough, Visual Novels aren't trying to portray a "realistic romance" thingy, because real life is way, way, way uglier. The objective of a romance work is to "romance" something, aka make it way better than it is in real life.
  12. 15 BL Games Worth Reading

    The interesting thing about BL is the amount of protags that are at the bottom end(They sure like Uke, heh?) but i'd guess it is kinda expectable from the demographic targetted. Now, the question i don't understand, why there is such a high number of ero BL games that are clearely targetted towards female customers, but not that much high rate of ero Otomege? seems kinda weird for me.
  13. H-hi there s-senpai

    Welcome & Bienvenue to fuwanoberu.
  14. \O/

    Welcome back and bienvenue back, i guess.