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  1. Yeah I didn't feel like testing different compression methods for one that worked with a small size so i just picked the normal setting
  2. Fixed patch (1.07GB) I don't know what caused that, but I have a hunch it was either compression or the steam game has a different MD5 for the exe and packing an xp3 with KrkrExtract messes with some stuff. Then again, the way Lose added Steam DRM is very fucky so it may have been that. @HoplessHiro Feel free to modify the OP with this and also feel free to merge the restoration patch with the demosaic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Didn't die btw, message me here or on steam or something if you want me to try patchin' up another horribly fuckered visual novel.
  4. Magic \ / Not dead btw hmu if you want some other VN stuffs fixed(did i really do much though?) and i will try
  5. Love you tbh. Wouldnt have been able to do anything without your software lmao. Sorry I've been inactive lately. A bit hard to find enthusiasm for something you spent hours of each day working out/fixing with a bunch of IRL stuff going on and such. There are some minor bugs I have been notified of, mainly E-Mote issues. There seems to be knowledgeable folk here, if you fix any bugs, feel free to plop a link here saying what it fixes. o/ p.s. when i said IRL stuff it was enough stuff to make me forget what the hell I was working on. pls no bulli for me forgetti
  6. My man lmao god's work. Will update OP with your thread. And sorry, a LOT of shit has been going on IRL for me. A bit stressed lmao. Will try to start fixing the script and perhaps taking a look in the scenarios for reimplementing the h-scene triggers(soonTM).
  7. To those seeking to get their JD degrees in Japanese law, reading things like titles can get you pretty far. Titles like this thread for example. Bring it elsewhere.
  8. Let me know if anything is broken with the update on Steam. rebind f12 in game
  9. Yup it's for new line. Chances are whatever build tools Sekai used from Lose doesn't play nice with certain syntax. If you decompile the TJS scripts and compare it to JP, they are vastly different halfway though. Those added English lines can really mess it up in some places lol
  10. And I would most certainly like to figure out why that is happening. I still just dont have a copy of the Steam release and DLC to bug fix.
  11. Reposted from 4chan. The guy that did that screenshot said he has no intention of posting on this forum so I don't really know. If he knows what the hell he's doing, fan-fucking-tastic because i'm struggling. And Anon who did the script patch: If you are reading this and don't want to post on here, instead of having multiple patches with the same end goal of fixing the game PM me here, or mention me on /vn/. I can just merge your fixes into this thread, or include them in an update. This is a thread categorized as Recruiting after all.
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