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  1. long time no see Fuwanovel forum . im finding some VNs to read any recommend ? i like Nakige with Mysterious story i'm really love HapyMaher , ChronoClock and enjoy with Stein:Gate , Phonix Wright sure that i;m very interest in Amatsutsumi and Beyond Clouds but they still don't release lol. what should i start next ?? Witch's love diary ? ?
  2. i never bought physical copy of Visual novel , naturally i collect Music CD , if the physical one don't too expensive and i really like it i will find and bought a physical one, i ignore the edition of physical copy in example ,if i found a Japanese-version in seccond hand market on anywhere , i will bought it for collect but playing a English digital. )
  3. oppp sorry , im misunderstand 2 titles that i recornize end with could i delete it ?
  4. How about "Your lie in april . (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso) " and " Tokyo Magnitude 8.0"
  5. by the way , Anyone notice about Easter eggs ? i found just 1 about Castlevania.
  6. agree with you i just finish Michiru and Misaki routes , i choose Michiru as the first route because Michiru route except last chapter is boring but for me it's accepable when read the last chapter made me i almost cry and understand all those boring chapter . Dont missunderstand that , i still disapoint from her route she made me almost drop this game Michiru !! Misaki 's route is very different althoght her route just about tsundere funny ojosan(?) shcool life but charactors line and almost event around her is fun to read however i talk about this route weak is but when i finish this route , i don't want it to end ~ . --- just finish first 4 heroines 's route. --- Makoto's Route is the most interesting route in first 4 routes. about my test my ratting for first 4 heroines route is DD>Makoto>Misaki>Michiru i choose DD > Makoto cuz but my favorite chalactor is still Tsudere ojousan? Misaki lol .
  7. agree i'm also reading ChronoClock and finished 2 routes , for me ChronoClock is good one but HaperMaher is better . my ChronoClock rating is 7 , Hapyermaher is 9 but as i said i finish only 2 route if i finish all route my Chronoclock rating should be changed. about my HapyMaher Heroine rating Yayoi remind me for someone (it's personal experiance so don't need any reason lol) so i choose her at the top of my list , but it's hard to decide others because iike them all in difference ways if the question is changed from rating to "Who you want to match with Touru ?" my clearly answer is Saki .
  8. Phoenix Wright 1-3 on Nintendo DS long time ago HapyMaher (MG) and ChronoClock (Steam) on PC
  9. im very new at VN reader but i thought "HapyMaher" may be made you interesting. ps.im here to read Clephas-San list , thank god one of nakige from that list (Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa) is prepared to distribute in English .
  10. i started ChonoClock a week ago ,like my playthrought almost to the end my first route with Michiru ,good grief it's low attractive while read this one so i hope my assumption will be miss and it's made me impressed at the end of this and another routes. ------ oh... it's impress me now.
  11. Some backing track from ChronoClocl has the similar melody of "Rain - Sekai no owari " .
  12. sure ! i play phoenix wright 1-2-3 twice , hapymaher should be next .
  13. 5 bun mae no koigokoro - (5 minites ago , LOVE ) Opening from Chronoclock By Miyuki Hashimoto is good one
  14. i hardly use it .because I'm not English nature user so if hard words appear and made me don't understand that sentence ,i want to use Dictionary while playing , and i thought auto mode reduce some playing experience for example in some games have triggers that activated after a click to read next sentence so when you take an action by your hand when instantly trigger activated it make more effect to us than just watch and read.
  15. im on HapyMaher and Evenicle .
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