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  1. Nicely done harem

    Not really plot based but if Moege are okay I can think of Nekopara, Karakara and Neko-nin ex heart. Though out of these I think the only one where there is a bit of awkward feelings towards the harem from the girls is Karakara, though maybe not to the degree you want.
  2. Just looked through hardcopies on the mangagamer site and found that there are still 9 copies left of Princess Evangile. Pretty sure it was suppose to be sold out, so if there are anyone who wanted to get it and that was disappointed about not being able to get a physical of it now seems to be a chance to get it. https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=3&product_code=228
  3. Btw I hear all this about NN having poor translations, though from the examples I have seen it mainly seem to be nitpicks and people complaining about meme VNs having memes. Then there are things like swearing, which while not common in Japan I would say to some degree very informal speech would be pretty much equivalent to. I have not read any of their titles yet as I wait for physical releases and hope they end up doing way more physicals but I would assume the TL problem is quite overblown.
  4. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    Girlfriend (Kari) Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi dropped it after probably like 5 min. A few years ago I was importing lots of VNs for the vita and focused on VNs which were based on anime. Among them I also picked out Girlfriend (Kari) Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi which was the only one I bought that was from an anime I had never watched and still haven't and probably never will. At the time I was pretty new to VNs and it looked like a pretty standard dating VN which I hadn't had much experience with at the time and figured why not. Now I have of course read a lot more VNs have have read things like Princess Evangile which I think does a really good job at what I wanted from Girlfriend (Kari) Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi and so my expectations for that type of VN is a bit higher. When I recently checked its amazon review it seemed to not really be that great and the anime it is based on doesn't really have that good of a rating on MAL so I figured it would be pretty bad. Then when I tried it at first it seems to just throw you stright into dating events which I though would be good, however the characters were clearly not well developed (I didn't really expect much though). Then as I read I found out that the main character has no lines at all and the female characters just react as if you said something to them. This I thought would be okay since everything would be voice acted in that case which would make it easier for me to read it since it is in japanese. Then once the short introduction was over the voice acting stopped, there was mouth movement animation and the backlog seemed to indicate voice acting, but after skipping to multiple events and turning the voice volume to max and resetting it and things like that it seems like the parts just weren't voice acted. For some reason the VN also didn't allow for screenshots and I usually take screenshots from VNs and put them into folders on my PC which was pretty much the main thing I wanted from this VN since I had low expectations but at least the art looked good. So ye dropped it, removed it from the rest of my physical VN collection and I might just throw it in the garbage.
  5. kickstarter page is also up now
  6. Reading VN is masochistic

    This thread made me remember to take a new backup of my lists in case the site goes down
  7. I think a large problem with this is how to define most hardcore lolicon stuff and that opening up that option would open up for the possibility of more censorship even outside of that frame. For instance some might say just focus on things like nukige which features children in elementary school and completely messed up shit, while others would probably say it includes anything with a clearly loli looking character like Nene from Eroge Sex and games makes sexy games or the twins from Imouto Paradise. Then there would also be people who would try to expand this to include any eroge with characters under 18 like VNs with high school setting or any character that looks like they are under 18. While it might seem simple to define a problem area that you feel is worthy of censorship others will have a different idea and once censorship starts it usually spreads to a wider area than intended before it meets backlash. Of course this could potentially be fixed by making very clear defined rules that aren't that much up for interpretation though even in this case there would likely be people making content that is just at the boarder of what these laws would accept that will try to push the envelope.
  8. I think it just has more to do with japanese culture and bathing in general. Bathing usually in hot water seem to be quite common in japan atleast based on how it is portrayed in otaku media, so I think it says more about how nudity is seen in the west (well parts of the west like the US) always being considered sexual regardless of context. Also while I say nudety, the scene in question does censor out any potentially problematic areas. As for examples of bath scenes I would assume things like bath scenes in Sailor Moon does not atempt to sexualize her, I haven't seen Salilor Moon but I would assume not. Also in anime there are lots of bath scenes with male characters in series that aren't trying to apeal to women. So in conclution I think lots of these types of scenes are never intended to be sexualized and that people with different standards which regard nudety whether censored or not who view it as sexual regardless of situation are the ones at fault for taking it this way.
  9. Maybe some kind of disclaimer should be used for the site to make it less likely for people who would be distrubed to the point of feeling traumatized? Like this site contains discussions about content mainly focused on 18+ material and should not be used by minors and some of the content discussed could be traumatizing to some people so those who feel easily traumatized should leave this site now. I know this wouldn't be a perfect solution and that there would likely still be people on this site who shouldn't be here for their own sake, though maybe it could reduce the problem.
  10. Hope they will be able to avoid the mutiple year delay for physical goods which other VN publishers using kickstarter has.
  11. I will not give a general description of the story as I would assume that anyone picking this up has watched the anime. The first part of the VN just retells events from the anime and also often just uses art directly from the anime. This part tells the story from episode 1 to the end of episode 10. As it covers 10 episodes of the anime this part is quite large, especially since lots of things shown visually are instead just told through text and there is a bit of internal monologue that that doesn't really do anything other than make the reading experience longer. I also noticed that it cut out events where Tsukasa the main character is absent, because of this some important Isla moments are lost which I think hurt the story. As an adaption I think it does a rather poor job, not managing to be anywhere near as emotional as the anime in most scenes and for some of the very emotional scenes it just takes a clip from the anime. Because of this I would recommend anyone who wants to read this VN to skip this first part, if you want to refresh your memories of the story before the later part I think you should just watch the 10 episodes of the anime then skip through until you hit the point where you can choose daily events. Once the anime adaption part is over you get to an event system where you choose between different events where an event will unlock other events. There are 65 events in the VN as well as 4 dlc events, one being from buying an early copy of the game while I think the others comes as a bonus if you buy it through amazon. As for my thoughts on the events themselves they are a bit mixed. Many of the events felt a bit boring, which mainly had to do with Tsukasa not really being that interesting of a main character, kind of just being a kind hearted optimistic character with no other traits that really matters, as for Isla I think the lack of animation kind of hurts her as the anime uses animation a lot to show her personality which means that she comes of as less interesting and fun than in the anime. The other cast is pretty good and events with them I generally found to be a better. So I am mixed on these events as I found a decent amount of them to be rather boring while others worked quite well. Among these events there are also a few story ones which I think does a good job at exploring a bit more about Isla and more about the Giftia, though there are only a few events that does this and they are rather short. As for endings there are 4 endings where you choose not to confess to Isla (the confession scene is put before the event part of the VN so this choice happens before the daily events and the daily events are not part of these endings). These 4 endings focus on 4 different coworkers and are not romance focused but rather just gives some scenes with them and expand on their personality and past. While I think these does a decent job at this they are all rather short and as such feel kind of lacking. There are also 3 endings where you choose to get together with Isla. One of them is the normal ending which just follows the events of the anime from episode 12 until the end of episode 13. The others are a good ending and a bad ending. The good and bad ending are also rather short. While I think this would be okay though not preferable with the bad ending I think it is quite a shame with regards to the good ending. I expected the good ending to have a decent length and try for a bit more of a major story, but it felt rather rushed and I think it should have had lots of larger events especially since some of the events build up towards it. So for my final thoughts. I think this VN is only for people who really like Plastic Memories and feel like they want to know more about the different characters and have an alternate (though kind of lackluster) ending. The first part of the VN should just be skipped and the anime should be used to catch up on the story if you need a refresh of the events. The events range from a bit boring a quite good though they never really impressed me. The different endings were quite decent though a major problem with them is that they are quite short which makes them lack the impact I think they should have. So while I found the VN to have some good parts I think they are a bit too short and the parts that are just kind of decent enough makes it not really enyoable enough for me to really recommend it to most people. Front of the physical edition Back of the physical edition The inside of the physical edition (have already used the code, it unlocks an event in the VN)
  12. Sakura Brothel Review

    Maybe we should make a thread where we predict Sakura titles?
  13. There are so many other KS that have so much larger problems atm so I think that is why there hasn't been that many people talking about this one, I mean it is quite a while until their estimated digital delivery of Irotoridori. Many VN kickstarters still have physicals delayed by years with very little communication.
  14. Don't feel like I need a spreadsheet for VNs, vndb does a good enough job in my opinion. For anime I think myanimelist also does a good enough job, though I have made a list of anime that I want blu-rays of with info about whether or not it has gotten an english blu-ray release or not and if it is available in region B or if it is available in region A in which case I also see whether or not they are region B compatible.
  15. I didn't find it too hard to navigate through it, figured quite quickly to use the combo events to unlock new areas and that some would unlock after a few days. So I managed to unlock 3 endings on my first readthrough. It was a bit annoying though to have to go through it 5 times and start a new game each time before unlocking the true end since going through it 2 times is enough to unlock the ending with all the characters with exeption of that 1 ending. Ye that one seems interesting as well, after reading Henshin I figured that I will probably want to read that one as well so maybe I will pick it up next time I go to Japan though that is most likely going to happen a few years from now.