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  1. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    If you plan on getting one of the Neptunia games start with Rebirth 1, also it can be smart to wait for a sale. There are often massive sales on them like 80% of.
  2. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    The Neptunia series, not quite a VN but rather a hybrid between game and VN. Does have a decent amount of VN style storytelling and lots of 4th wallbreaks.
  3. What is your favourite VN store?

    Digitally I buy from steam, usually during a really good sale. Physical copies I buy from either MG, Jlist, Rightstufanime, Denpasoft or kickstarter, depending on where it is available.
  4. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Didn't say there weren't backlash about KS, just said that that I hadn't seen them mention that they gave up on kickstarter due to the backlash. All I really want to know is whether or not they stated that they gave up on the idea of kickstarters or not.
  5. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    I know they wanted to do kickstarter for physical edition, just never saw anything about them giving up on the kickstarter idea due to backlash.
  6. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Where did they say this?
  7. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    J.C. Staff totally screwed up the drawings and the animation so it just looks horrible. Planned to watch it myself but after 1 episode I just don't think it will be any enjoyable to watch it, will just read the light novels sometime in the future instead.
  8. Why is Sekai taking forever to release new VNs?

    Still doesn't justify them not managing to figure out that such clear censorship was censorship. SP didn't check the VN they worked on enough to figure out obvious censorship and as such never mentioned it and claimed to Fakku that it was completely uncensored. While Lose is behind the decision the way SP handled it is just horrible and they deserve the backlash for it. The problem is not SP censoring content, but rather the complete lack of effort put into making sure that their VNs are released the way the consumer wants and not communicating about the problems with their release, making people figure it out after they have bought it.
  9. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    Not sure, but not really looking too good for them. Lately new companies like Nekonyan and Sol Press has added more competition. They continue screwing up their kickstarter backers by endlessly delaying physical releases, they have had problems with things like the Maitetsu censorship as well as the quality of some of their translations so their rep is just going down even further. Then there is of course the icebox that they have put some major titles in and how they lost Senren * Banka to Nekonyan. While I don't know their financial situation all things considered it is probably a disaster.
  10. What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    Monmusu is in my opinion an even worse Sayori VN released in 2018, but ye Tropical Liquor is really bad.
  11. Easy to read Japanese visual novels

    VNs based on things that already had an anime like New Game! The Challenge Stage!, Nisekoi: Yomeiri!?, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? Wonderful Party! and Himouto! Umaru-chan Himouto! Ikusei Keikaku generally tend to be pretty easy since they often feature full voice acting including the MC and usually don't have too complex language. These types of VNs are generally found for ps vita and PS4 and it would probably make it easier for you if you found something based on an anime or manga you like. If you want to be able to switch between english and japanese due to not being confortable enough with japanese to try only japanese there are some on PC which has both japanese and english language setting. Some examples are Nekopara, Japanese school life and most of Frontwing's titles, well the newer ones at least.
  12. Why is Sekai taking forever to release new VNs?

    Maitetsu, I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 1, The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me, Re;Lord 1 The witch of Hertfort and stuffed animals, Fatal Twelve, Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell, A Light in the Dark, Neko Para Extra, Neko-nin exHeart 2, Shining Song Starnova, Love's Sweet Garnish, Lynne, AIdol, Girls in Glasses, CyberRebeat, Last Stanza, Hard Work, Creature Romances and Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light are titles published by SP last year. While this looks like a lot, most of them were either short titles (not that much to translate) or english original titles that were just published under SP (they probably weren't really involved in those but just put their name on it and got some profit for using their name). The only ones I can see that are medium length or longer and not originally english are Maitetsu, Fatal Twelve and The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me. The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me actually got a release date early 2018, but it got pushed back to the end of the year, from what I seem to remember it was because it still lacked the Chinese translation and Sayori wanted to release it with all the language options. This would mean that they kind of screwed up by giving it a release date before really checking if it actually could be released within that time. Then there is Maitetsu which was a huge blunder with the censorship issues. Fatal Twelve I haven't really heard that much about so I guess they probably did a decent job with it.
  13. Why is Sekai taking forever to release new VNs?

    Short titles generally works best because they are cheap, adding the production cost and shipping makes them cost a lot compared to how much people think the VN is worth. If a VN cost $15 digitally and goes on sale for $10 from time to time, paying $25 or $30 for a physical seems a bit much. With a larger title the extra costs are not as much compared to the original price and what you get for the copy. As for the larger ones they have used kickstarter, I failed to say the physicals they did without kickstarters, should have been clearer my bad. The ones I am refering to are Hard Work and Love's Sweet Garnish, both short titles that pretty much lacked any real hype and neither seems to have a lot of votes on vndb. Instead they could have made physicals for something like Koikuma or Wagamama high spec.
  14. Why is Sekai taking forever to release new VNs?

    Not sure but some guesses would be. 1. Due to the amount of projects and the quick growth of the company the people responsible for management are unable to handle all the projects leading to poor communication with the freelancers who work on the titles. This would explain the problems they have had with some of their larger titles the last few years. 2. The amount of new companies have made it harder to get professional quality translators since so many are already working on titles for other companies. 3. Sekai Project pretty much have no idea what they are doing. One instance that baffles me for instance is that they made physical copies for short titles with no hype behind them rather than making physicals for longer more popular titles. Considering shipping prices and production prices it just seems really stupid to aim for physicals for short titles unless they sell really well.
  15. Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

    For that to happen it probably requires another outrage from anti censorship people, though so far the titles that have been banned from steam have not had enough of a following to cause the same kind of outrage Nekopara and Huniepop did. As long as they target things that are niche I doubt there will be a large enough backlash for them to stop banning random VNs.