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  1. There should only be one english physical release of Euhporia which comes with the reversible cover. If you look at euphoria hardcopy on Mangagamer's site it says includes reversible game cover, though they don't show how it looks there. The SFW cover will be on the outside when you get it and on the inside is the NSFW cover.
  2. I made a video review of Eiyuu Senki and figured I might as well post it here. It has been a while since last time I posted on fuwanovel.
  3. The VN does a short introduction of the characters, however I do think it would be quite a benefit to have watched the anime. One thing I would like to mention though is that my review of Rinne Utopia might be a bit heavily positive based on it managing the routes and romance much better than other visual novels based on anime that I have read, though if you compare it to other well regarded visual novels it might not really stand out in this regard.
  4. I made this list almost 3 and a half years ago, making this list and maintaining it has taken a fair amount of effort, but for the most part I thought it wasn't too bad and updating it gave me a good insight into how scores on vndb would change after english releases and in general just a good overview of the official publishers of visual novels in english. However the last few months I really kind of stopped caring that much for this list and updating it became more of a chore. One reason is probably that I have been at this for quite a while about 3 and a half year is a fairly long tim
  5. I made this video where I talk about visual novel kickstarter focusing on how good they are at delivering the kickstarter rewards.
  6. Here is from Nekonyan's blog late March regarding Dracu Riot. So a HD remaster seems to be what is holding it up at the moment. "Wow, this list got pretty short, huh? Wait I think I’m missing one… Oh, right! I guess this is a good place to start for today. Dracu Riot, huh. You guys have been waiting very patiently for a really long time for this game, and we know you want to know what the holdup is. We’ve seen the comments don’t worry. There IS a reason for it, however, and we can finally talk about it now! The truth is… Dracu Riot is getting a full HD Remaster and re-release in J
  7. If it has a physical copy available and I want it I will probably not wait on sale as it might sell out and sales for physicals are rare. If it is digital I will probably wait for a sale unless it is something I really want to start reading as soon as possible. At the moment I have a backlog of 57 VNs and most likely the VN will be on sale before I would have gotten around to it. So basically I have too large of a backlog to justify buying digital at full price.
  8. I have made a series of videos talking about some of the visual novels that are based on anime, this is the first part. These are basically mini reviews I have done for the visual novels based on anime I have read.
  9. Having read about 15 VNs based on anime the Date a Live one is in my opinion the best of the visual novels based in anime so ye I would probably go for that one, not only due it it being more easily accessible but also the higher quality.
  10. Noticed the konosuba VNs on your wishlist, they aren't really bad VNs but they certainly pale in comparison to the anime in my opinion, would give the VNs about 6/10 while the anime 9/10. Shinpan also has a problem with long segments of the VN lacking voice acting and the other konosuba VN has a needlesly complex gameplay system making it a pain in the ass to get into the different routes. Figured I would tell you as it is quite hard to find information on most VNs that are based on anime.
  11. Welcome to fuwanovel Considering you seem to like Nekopara I would recommend The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me as it has the same artist and writer and has a very similar feel just a bit more perverted. Also are you able to read japanese? Looking at your wishlist on vndb it seems a fair amount of VNs you have on your wishlist are not translated.
  12. Here is part 2 of my journey through visual novels that are spinn-off titles of anime.
  13. Otama in Nisekoi Yomeiri isn't actually a heroine but rather a cute loli that has importance for the VN. There is no romance with her and no route dedicated to her.
  14. These types of VNs generally aren't that impressive. A few I would consider good but mostly they are just decent enough and that generally means an okay enough read primarily from having characters you already like and the interactions between them being decent and not from a interesting or great story. Some are also just really horrible, will get to some of the really bad ones in later parts. About the Umaru VN what impressed me the most was that they really went in far with the romance with ebina compared to what other similar VNs based on anime tend to do (btw this is still very
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