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  1. Not a bug report but looks really cool, wish I knew how to make something similar to the search results part of that and the thing for each VN. Think something like that would have worked really well with the list I have of VNs with official english releases.
  2. I wonder how many of the people who sign this petition actually would end up paying for the VN. Considering how widespread piracy seem to be in the VN community I wonder how many of the votes are just people who want it translated to then pirate it versus those that plan to actually buy it. I just hope it doesn't end up where they localize it due to the petition and it sells really bad and that ends up with the japanese visual novel companies in general having more disstrust towards the english readerbase.
  3. Ye really doubt it would make sense to release any VN for PS5 atm. Considering how easy it should be for a PS4 to handle a VN I don't think they can really promote things like using the power of the PS5 to play a VN more smoothly. Just relaying on the backwards compatability atm makes way more sense then making a VN specifically for the PS5. Nothing to really gain in terms of performance boost and there are also way more PS4 currently than PS5 and when the PS5 can play PS4 games anyways I really doubt they would really gain any sales from a PS5 specific build that they can promote specifically
  4. Well I only have the english version of the VN and not the japanese version so a patch would be nice
  5. Not really a hidden gem VN but rather a hidden gem waifu Anastasia Imperator Erland from Love Love ♥ Princess the VN itself is pretty nice but not good enough that I would call it a hidden gem, but Anastasia Imperator Erland is just really fantastic and outshines the other girls in the VN by a lot.
  6. That it naturally occurs in animals does mean it is natural, natural does not mean optimal or purpose driven it just means that it is a natural occuring thing not created by some sort of ideology within human society. There is nothing about how things should or shouldn't be it is just how it is. As for why this is I am not sure as I have not bothered looking into any evolutionary explenation for it, but from my understanding the frequenzy at which it is found in nature makes it a natural occuring thing. Haven't said they lacked empathy just that there is more of a focus on it to
  7. Strongly dissagree with this, if you look at older societies there is way less of a focus on empathy than today. Slavery, killing off older or sick people if they couldn't provide, forced marriages with females that today are considered very underage and lots of messed up things. Personally I think there is much more of a focus on empathy in todays society due to schooling as well as literature aimed at getting people to empatize with others. I think one of the problems here is that when it comes to sexuality and gender and stuff like that science like biology is generally ignor
  8. good luck Anyways welcome to the forum.
  9. I think that one of the problems with VNs is that so many of the heavily recommended VNs are very long. So many of the ones that are really often recommended and very highly rated are 50-100 hour titles and I just don't think that getting into something where those types of titles are seen as an introduction is easy. Another thing is how so many in the community tries highlight VNs as some sort of high art superior to every other medium and completely disregard anything part of the VN market that doesn't adhere to what they consider good, like calling moege and nukige trash and trying to
  10. Pretty sure there isn't any translated version of Nisekoi Yomeiri outside of those videos. Doubt anyone is ever going to translate it. It has been quite a while since Nisekoi ended so I don't think there is a high dedication towards it by fans atm. Also it being on the ps vita also makes it more difficult as I don't think a lot of people care about the vita and I think it is probably hard to make a patch for it. I have personally read it in japanese quite a while ago and think it is a good VN, but don't really want to put in the effort to translate it and I have no experience with making trans
  11. I am wondering a bit about whether or not I should also add the EGS score to the list, anyone think that would be nice to have that as well instead of just the vndb score?
  12. My wishlist comes from having looked through everything released and planned to be released officially in english and considering what seems most interesting to me based on vndb score, artwork and the description of the VN.
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