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  1. Ye really doubt it would make sense to release any VN for PS5 atm. Considering how easy it should be for a PS4 to handle a VN I don't think they can really promote things like using the power of the PS5 to play a VN more smoothly. Just relaying on the backwards compatability atm makes way more sense then making a VN specifically for the PS5. Nothing to really gain in terms of performance boost and there are also way more PS4 currently than PS5 and when the PS5 can play PS4 games anyways I really doubt they would really gain any sales from a PS5 specific build that they can promote specifically for PS5.
  2. Well I only have the english version of the VN and not the japanese version so a patch would be nice
  3. so does that mean we can expect a voice patch soon?
  4. Not really a hidden gem VN but rather a hidden gem waifu Anastasia Imperator Erland from Love Love ♥ Princess the VN itself is pretty nice but not good enough that I would call it a hidden gem, but Anastasia Imperator Erland is just really fantastic and outshines the other girls in the VN by a lot.
  5. That it naturally occurs in animals does mean it is natural, natural does not mean optimal or purpose driven it just means that it is a natural occuring thing not created by some sort of ideology within human society. There is nothing about how things should or shouldn't be it is just how it is. As for why this is I am not sure as I have not bothered looking into any evolutionary explenation for it, but from my understanding the frequenzy at which it is found in nature makes it a natural occuring thing. Haven't said they lacked empathy just that there is more of a focus on it today and yes the reason for that is very likely due to the improvement of living standards which enables us more time and resources to care about these things. I did not intend to say people were generally evil or something like that in the past rather that currently during the current social climate empathy has become much more of an important ideal than it used to be in the past.
  6. Strongly dissagree with this, if you look at older societies there is way less of a focus on empathy than today. Slavery, killing off older or sick people if they couldn't provide, forced marriages with females that today are considered very underage and lots of messed up things. Personally I think there is much more of a focus on empathy in todays society due to schooling as well as literature aimed at getting people to empatize with others. I think one of the problems here is that when it comes to sexuality and gender and stuff like that science like biology is generally ignored if it doesn't adhere to what is considered ethically right. For instance biology supports the idea of gay people being a thing and not abnormal therefor biology can be brought up in that conversation. As for the multigender stuff (the thousands of gender things) I think most biologist would say is utter bullshit as such it is dissmissed as in these cases emotions are considered far more important than actually figuring out the truth and science and evidence can only be used for what is considered socially acceptable. As for NTR itself I find it quite odd, spending time and resources on a woman that gets impregnated by another man will cause the man to have a much lower chance spreading genes to the next generations as such the genes from these men should have died out.
  7. good luck Anyways welcome to the forum.
  8. I think that one of the problems with VNs is that so many of the heavily recommended VNs are very long. So many of the ones that are really often recommended and very highly rated are 50-100 hour titles and I just don't think that getting into something where those types of titles are seen as an introduction is easy. Another thing is how so many in the community tries highlight VNs as some sort of high art superior to every other medium and completely disregard anything part of the VN market that doesn't adhere to what they consider good, like calling moege and nukige trash and trying to make it out to be as if VNs would be way more amazing and mainstream had it not been for those damn genres. I personally think that one of the ways to get people into VNs would be to actually get people into things like moege or nukige as I think there are a lot of people who would want harem anime and manga to actually have conclusive endings and based on the amount of 18+ doujins of popular characters there is a demand for ero content with characters you actually get emotionally attatched to during a story. I think trying to highlight VNs as having good stories won't really do much as every medium has good stories to offer, I think instead it is important to highlight the things which makes VNs special and the types of content you either won't find in other mediums or you won't find done as well. Some I would highlight is integration of porn in the story, harem stories with branching routes and romantic development as well as mystery which can be enhanced by route and choice systems. Take nekopara for instance, in the realm of moege it was well done but nothing special, but it managed to go sort of mainstream and there seems to be quite a large base of people who are fans of it outside of the VN communities. I think some of this love people have for it comes from how it has done stuff they haven't seen before as they haven't gotten into VNs.
  9. Pretty sure there isn't any translated version of Nisekoi Yomeiri outside of those videos. Doubt anyone is ever going to translate it. It has been quite a while since Nisekoi ended so I don't think there is a high dedication towards it by fans atm. Also it being on the ps vita also makes it more difficult as I don't think a lot of people care about the vita and I think it is probably hard to make a patch for it. I have personally read it in japanese quite a while ago and think it is a good VN, but don't really want to put in the effort to translate it and I have no experience with making translation patches and I think it would be really stressfull to make one for the vita.
  10. I am wondering a bit about whether or not I should also add the EGS score to the list, anyone think that would be nice to have that as well instead of just the vndb score?
  11. My wishlist comes from having looked through everything released and planned to be released officially in english and considering what seems most interesting to me based on vndb score, artwork and the description of the VN.
  12. Not talking about grammar but words themselves like a noun for instance, knowing a kanji can make it easy to understand a word you haven't seen as you piece together your understanding of the kanji that makes up the word. You should know both. Yes knowing that 日本人 means japanese is nice and you need to know it is read as nihonjin, however you will learn much more if you learn the symbols. For instance 人 commonly called hito or jin means person or people, the kanji is very often used and you will encounter it in multiple situations, an example of this is that they use the country one originates from and 人 to say a person from that country, a Chinese person would be 中国人 for instance with 中国 being China consisting of 中 which is middle and 国 which basically means country. 日 can mean either sun or day and is also commonly used so knowing that will help you out a lot since you will see it in a lot of words like for instance the different week days. 本 can mean book or origin and also is widely used, so for instance if you are going around japan looking for a book store you can look for that sign. 日本 of course means japan, though you have probably heard it be called the land of the rising sun, here the origin meaning of 本 and the day meaning of 日 are put together and by understanding those kanji and knowing the phrase it is easier to remember. Basically each of the kanji 日本人 consist of are very important and knowing and understanding them will help you out a lot with the language. To learn japanese you should learn both the words and how they are pronounced as well as the kanji, atleast for commonly used kanji, if the kanji is very rarely used I guess you don't really have to learn it but at the very least learn the basic kanji that have lots of different uses in japanese. If you want to learn a language you should try to understand as much about it as possible to connect dots, for japanese words I would say is quite important if you want to remember words. Fragmented information like singular words are easy to forget, however if you build up on a lot of connected pieces it is way easier to understand and remember. Those types of changes are gradual, changing slowly by generation to generation, the problem with changing a writing system is that changing parts of the writing system itself doesn't really seem that likely. I doubt japanese will just randomly change a few words at the time to the alphabeth while keeping the rest of it japanese. Old english might be different from current english however the letters themselves are quite similar, they didn't suddenly add some hebrew or korean symbols to just throw into the mix or anything, it was just gradual changes all within a system that worked coherently.
  13. Ok I will just mention a few things. One is that homonyms are quite common in japanese and is very common with many commonly used words as such lots of things can be confusing, for instance if any store want to promote something they can use the kanji for it in big letters, but if they have to write with hiragana or romanji they have to write sentences to ensure people understand what it is actually about. There is also the loss of kanji word play and such which is quite important in japanese literature, anything by Nision Isin for instance would lose quite a lot of flavour without playing off kanji. One problem is that words are made up of multiple kanji, by understanding what a kanji means you can understand words that you haven't encountered before and it gives you a better understanding of how words in japan is made in general which gives you a much better graps of the basics behind large parts of the language. Understanding the basics which builds up a language helps you become much better at it than just memorizing things. Also if you add spaces which you would have to do it would I think the particles would be quite awkward to read, basically reading text would be quite odd due to the way in which japanese sentences are built up. Other than this I also think there are some more reasons for it not being a good idea, however I think it is somewhat hard to explain to someone who doesn't have a decent understanding of japanese. If somehow this actually did still go through and worked decently enough it would likely cause a culture war in Japan though. Anyone who doesn't learn kanji will have a worse grasp on the laguage as they don't understand the individual parts words are made up of and thus won't be able to understand words they haven't encountered yet where others could understand it based on how the kanji is put together. They will also be unable to read lots of literature as some books are likely not to get translation treatment due to lack of popularity or at the very least they will not understand word play based on kanji. Them not learning kanji would also require basically every part of society to accommodate for them by adding writing by the alphabeth to everything. This would likely make anyone who choose not to learn kanji to be seen as lesser people as they force the society to do a lot of shit so that they themselves can be lazy while they also reject the japanese history and heritage as well as their lazynes having an impact on their ability to understand japanese on a fundamental level. Basically I think anyone who were to choose this would be scorned by the society. I read VNs without furigana, I started reading Nisekoi Yomeiri about half a year after I started learning japanese, though that has full voice acting. Guess it took a bit more than a year before I read a VN where the main character wasn't voiced. Also you should learn both words and kanji. Understanding kanji is important for understanding japanese as recognizing a kanji can help you understand words you haven't encountered yet. Also once you have learned a lot of kanji learning words in general becomes way easier.
  14. In that case I think the easier solution for them would just be to scrap japanese and go over to english as their new native language or an optinal native language meaning they don't have to learn japanese at all.
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