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  1. I think that one of the problems with VNs is that so many of the heavily recommended VNs are very long. So many of the ones that are really often recommended and very highly rated are 50-100 hour titles and I just don't think that getting into something where those types of titles are seen as an introduction is easy. Another thing is how so many in the community tries highlight VNs as some sort of high art superior to every other medium and completely disregard anything part of the VN market that doesn't adhere to what they consider good, like calling moege and nukige trash and trying to make it out to be as if VNs would be way more amazing and mainstream had it not been for those damn genres. I personally think that one of the ways to get people into VNs would be to actually get people into things like moege or nukige as I think there are a lot of people who would want harem anime and manga to actually have conclusive endings and based on the amount of 18+ doujins of popular characters there is a demand for ero content with characters you actually get emotionally attatched to during a story. I think trying to highlight VNs as having good stories won't really do much as every medium has good stories to offer, I think instead it is important to highlight the things which makes VNs special and the types of content you either won't find in other mediums or you won't find done as well. Some I would highlight is integration of porn in the story, harem stories with branching routes and romantic development as well as mystery which can be enhanced by route and choice systems. Take nekopara for instance, in the realm of moege it was well done but nothing special, but it managed to go sort of mainstream and there seems to be quite a large base of people who are fans of it outside of the VN communities. I think some of this love people have for it comes from how it has done stuff they haven't seen before as they haven't gotten into VNs.
  2. Pretty sure there isn't any translated version of Nisekoi Yomeiri outside of those videos. Doubt anyone is ever going to translate it. It has been quite a while since Nisekoi ended so I don't think there is a high dedication towards it by fans atm. Also it being on the ps vita also makes it more difficult as I don't think a lot of people care about the vita and I think it is probably hard to make a patch for it. I have personally read it in japanese quite a while ago and think it is a good VN, but don't really want to put in the effort to translate it and I have no experience with making translation patches and I think it would be really stressfull to make one for the vita.
  3. I am wondering a bit about whether or not I should also add the EGS score to the list, anyone think that would be nice to have that as well instead of just the vndb score?
  4. My wishlist comes from having looked through everything released and planned to be released officially in english and considering what seems most interesting to me based on vndb score, artwork and the description of the VN.
  5. Not talking about grammar but words themselves like a noun for instance, knowing a kanji can make it easy to understand a word you haven't seen as you piece together your understanding of the kanji that makes up the word. You should know both. Yes knowing that 日本人 means japanese is nice and you need to know it is read as nihonjin, however you will learn much more if you learn the symbols. For instance 人 commonly called hito or jin means person or people, the kanji is very often used and you will encounter it in multiple situations, an example of this is that they use the country one originates from and 人 to say a person from that country, a Chinese person would be 中国人 for instance with 中国 being China consisting of 中 which is middle and 国 which basically means country. 日 can mean either sun or day and is also commonly used so knowing that will help you out a lot since you will see it in a lot of words like for instance the different week days. 本 can mean book or origin and also is widely used, so for instance if you are going around japan looking for a book store you can look for that sign. 日本 of course means japan, though you have probably heard it be called the land of the rising sun, here the origin meaning of 本 and the day meaning of 日 are put together and by understanding those kanji and knowing the phrase it is easier to remember. Basically each of the kanji 日本人 consist of are very important and knowing and understanding them will help you out a lot with the language. To learn japanese you should learn both the words and how they are pronounced as well as the kanji, atleast for commonly used kanji, if the kanji is very rarely used I guess you don't really have to learn it but at the very least learn the basic kanji that have lots of different uses in japanese. If you want to learn a language you should try to understand as much about it as possible to connect dots, for japanese words I would say is quite important if you want to remember words. Fragmented information like singular words are easy to forget, however if you build up on a lot of connected pieces it is way easier to understand and remember. Those types of changes are gradual, changing slowly by generation to generation, the problem with changing a writing system is that changing parts of the writing system itself doesn't really seem that likely. I doubt japanese will just randomly change a few words at the time to the alphabeth while keeping the rest of it japanese. Old english might be different from current english however the letters themselves are quite similar, they didn't suddenly add some hebrew or korean symbols to just throw into the mix or anything, it was just gradual changes all within a system that worked coherently.
  6. Ok I will just mention a few things. One is that homonyms are quite common in japanese and is very common with many commonly used words as such lots of things can be confusing, for instance if any store want to promote something they can use the kanji for it in big letters, but if they have to write with hiragana or romanji they have to write sentences to ensure people understand what it is actually about. There is also the loss of kanji word play and such which is quite important in japanese literature, anything by Nision Isin for instance would lose quite a lot of flavour without playing off kanji. One problem is that words are made up of multiple kanji, by understanding what a kanji means you can understand words that you haven't encountered before and it gives you a better understanding of how words in japan is made in general which gives you a much better graps of the basics behind large parts of the language. Understanding the basics which builds up a language helps you become much better at it than just memorizing things. Also if you add spaces which you would have to do it would I think the particles would be quite awkward to read, basically reading text would be quite odd due to the way in which japanese sentences are built up. Other than this I also think there are some more reasons for it not being a good idea, however I think it is somewhat hard to explain to someone who doesn't have a decent understanding of japanese. If somehow this actually did still go through and worked decently enough it would likely cause a culture war in Japan though. Anyone who doesn't learn kanji will have a worse grasp on the laguage as they don't understand the individual parts words are made up of and thus won't be able to understand words they haven't encountered yet where others could understand it based on how the kanji is put together. They will also be unable to read lots of literature as some books are likely not to get translation treatment due to lack of popularity or at the very least they will not understand word play based on kanji. Them not learning kanji would also require basically every part of society to accommodate for them by adding writing by the alphabeth to everything. This would likely make anyone who choose not to learn kanji to be seen as lesser people as they force the society to do a lot of shit so that they themselves can be lazy while they also reject the japanese history and heritage as well as their lazynes having an impact on their ability to understand japanese on a fundamental level. Basically I think anyone who were to choose this would be scorned by the society. I read VNs without furigana, I started reading Nisekoi Yomeiri about half a year after I started learning japanese, though that has full voice acting. Guess it took a bit more than a year before I read a VN where the main character wasn't voiced. Also you should learn both words and kanji. Understanding kanji is important for understanding japanese as recognizing a kanji can help you understand words you haven't encountered yet. Also once you have learned a lot of kanji learning words in general becomes way easier.
  7. In that case I think the easier solution for them would just be to scrap japanese and go over to english as their new native language or an optinal native language meaning they don't have to learn japanese at all.
  8. Some people feel oppressed having to learn how to read and write, guess that should be made optional in school, not like it would have any negative effect on the people choosing not to learn it right?
  9. Many words in japanese would be written the same way using the alphabeth or hiragana as each other and without kanji you would not be able to figure out the word For instance if I write the word kami there is no way of knowing what that means without already knowing what I intended with it. Now if I write 神, 紙, 髪 or any of the other meanings it could have people who know japanese would understand it. Yes kanji is far more advanced than the alphabeth, however there are structural things about the language that differs greatly from other languages, just because other languages works with the alphabeth does not mean it will work with japanese. Even if they did stuff like add space between words which at the very least would enable you to know when the words started or ended without the kanji there are still numerous problems with getting rid of kanji. Basically if you want japanese to get rid of kanji you would either have to make a new language for japan force them to use it and call it japanese or you would have to make a new writing system from the ground up less complicated than kanji but still serving the functions it does in japanese.
  10. Japanese would not work without Kana, the way the language is built up I simply don't see a way where they could change it to the latin alphabet without doing lots of fundamental changes to the entire language. Anyone who want to learn japanese should just understand that kana are needed and that it is stupid to try to justify not using it.
  11. First of I want to mention that the Saekano anime is one of my favorite anime of all times and as such I was quite looking forward to reading a VN based on it, though some months before I decided to read it I looked at reviews on Amazon and it didn't look too good. After having read through all of it I was really dissapointed. The Saekano VN is by far the most bland and non memorable VN I have read so far. The VN base itself of the aspects of Saekano that on the surface level is the least interesting, with conversations between the characters at school (at the non official clubroom they have) and a few other locations like the main characters room, and is sett sometime after season 1. In the anime these scenes work well due to the good cleaver dialoge which gives a lot of insight into the characters while delivering good comedy as well as the great scene direction of the anime, in the VN the dialoge is just really boring and there is very little visual variation. I think the core problem of this VN can be boiled down to the writer of the VN trying to imitate one aspect of Saekano while mostly ignoring the others and having surface level of understanding of the characters. This is also more of a problem as the core consept for Saekano isn't too interesting, but rather the execution of it with regards to character writing and drama is what makes it good. The character development and romantic development in the VN is also really poor with both of those being pretty much non existant. It just lacks any and all ambition which is really annoying as I feel focusing more on things like dates or romantic progression of the characters could work even if the writing wasn't the best, here it is just a boring consept with bad execution. The routes are also somewhat hard to navigate and some times there are just odd conditions to enter a character route, like on top of having done events with Eriri you also need to do one event with Megumi to get into Eriri's route. There are also dialoge battle things where you choose 1 of 3 options 1 giving more strength to each heroine's argument and one that is neutral, the thing though is that having the back of the heroine you choose to do the route for is not the correct way to do it which makes the vs thing pretty dumb. The CGs are decent looking though nothing special. The annyoing thing about the CGs though is how poorly they are used. From how the CGs were integrated into the VN I would say they were probably made at random with no communication between writer and artist and then the writer just quickly made a quick half assed scenario to justify using the CG. A lot of the scenes with CGs are just so quick and lacks any sort of reason to be there. One example is a halloween party event, basically Eriri's parents are having a halloween party and all of blessing software are invited, the part starts Eriri is embaresed over a witch costume she wears, they talk like 20 lines then they decide to leave and the event is over, which left me wondering what was going on as the event basically ended after a few lines of dialoge with no real comedy or any progression or anything that seemed worthwhile. The other CG events were not much better than this, some being worse, but this one stuck out to me as it was the first event like this. So in conclusion the Saekano VN is really boring and poorly made with lots of odd decisions which doesn't seem to make sense. Then there is Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Happy End for PS3, which is the first VN I have ever dropped. Oreimo happy end is a oreimo VN with an idol gimick where the girl who you choose aims to become an idol with Kyoske, who you play as being the manager. My main problems with this VN is that there are too many tedious elements in it. One thing is the photo shoot events where you need to take a bunch of photos of the girl, about 20 each event with there being in total 37 events for Kuroneko alone and then you have to pick which ones of the pictures you want to keep afterwards to boost her popularity. Then there are events where you talk to the girl either offline or online called SNS where Kyoske is not voice acted and the girl either has no voice acting or only has one word voice acted each line of dialoge. This of ofcourse is built on a system where you keep track of stats levels etc. The VN also suffers from having lots of long loading screens all over the place slowing down the progression quite considerably. Another apspect of the VN are some scenes here and there with full voice acting, which generally are before the photo events, these are actually quite good and the voice acting is stellar, but unfortually this makes up too little of the VN to really make up for all the other problems. I completed one ending for one heroine, that one being Kuroneko. After this I found that I lacked most of her event CGs and I would have to replay her route multiple times to get the rest of them. I didn't manage to find a guide, but looking for one I found that to get the true ending I needed to get her to level 60. The system is built so that once you get an ending you can continue with your levels from the start (also only 1 save file each heroine), and at the end I got to level 18 which means at best I would have to in total do the route 3 times, but probably more to get all endings. In these new playthroughs I would also have to deal with the loading screens, the photo scenes and all of the other annoying aspects of it. Realizing how much of a pain in the ass completing the VN would be I ended up just dropping it. It is quite sad since I think there are some decent scenes there with really good voice acting, but when this is all bogged down by so many other elements of it really being bad and them by their very nature slowing down any replay of a route really considerably, with multiple playthrous being required to reach the true ending, it just isn't worth all the stress and boredom for a few decent scenes. I am sorry that all this boils down to is complaints about these VNs, but I truly feel that both of them are really bad, and while some of the VNs I read earlier based on anime were good the ones I have recently read has turned into being really dissapointing. From now on I am pretty sure I am done with picking up VNs based on anime unless I hear a lot of good things about it, as my recent experience has just been really bad. Here are some screenshots from the physical editions Front Back Disc and cartridge
  12. Personally I currently prefere discs, hope at the very least that they will keep doing discs for sequals. For instance Imopara 3 on USB would feel odd next to 1 and 2 on disc.
  13. Just got the physical edition of Maggot Baits, since it is rather unique as it uses a USB instead of a disc I figured I should share some pictures.
  14. Then once you have gotten your first license start a kickstarter to fund the title getting translated and use the money to fund getting more licenses so you can announce more titles. Then work on getting as many licenses as you can possibly get and then get overwhelmed by the amount of projects leading to poor management of the different localisations and poor management on delivering on your initial kickstarter/kickstarters to then be hated by people who spent money on your kickstarter or are waiting on you to release titles. Then suffer poor sales due to reputation built up on poor management and due to the small reader base in the english community which also only has few people willing to actually pay for VNs.
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