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  1. The future of different western eroge publishers

    My gues would be that Frontwing either used SP to see if there was a market for their titles before themselves getting very involved or it was things like the handling of kickstarters, delays and general things related to SP being unprofessional that made them cut ties.
  2. The future of different western eroge publishers

    I think this line sums up all the pr moves SP has ever done
  3. Japanese only VNs on PS4

    VNs based on anime that aired before the VN usually aren't that difficult. Some examples would be Date A Live: Twin Edition Rio Reincarnation, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Kono Yokubukai Game ni Shinpan o! and New Game! The Challenge Stage!. One thing that is great about them aswell is that they are originally all ages, so they are not just cut eroge.
  4. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    Ye the splitting of Corona Blossom into volumes was not that great. Pretty much always a large buildup at the end of a part and at the begining of the next the thing was resolved quickly and things went back to normal SoL.
  5. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    http://www.frontwing.jp/product/morokuro/en/index.html#Gallery Here is a few, though since you were talking about more I am not sure whether or not you have already seen them Btw I wonder do anyone know if frontwing is soon going to open their pre order for the complete grisaia box, kind of a different thing then them doing a kickstarter for momoiro which this tread is about, but it is still about frontwing so close enough I gues.
  6. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    I found Corona Blossom to be quite decent, nothing really amazing but not bad. Though I would say I found the implementation of H-scenes to be really poorly done. Honestly I think they just shouldn't have H-scenes if it is not in the story.
  7. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Just look at her picture during the ed, there is definetely something evil about her.
  8. Momoiro Closet (new Frontwing game) Kickstarter is up

    I can't really think of many officially translated Eroge that focus on otaku culture. The only one I can really think of atm is wagamama high spec. There is also Eroge Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games, but that only focus on eroge, not on the otaku culture as a whole.
  9. Spring Anime of 2018

    I don't really see anything new that seems interesting for this season. Everything interesting seems to be sequals, not that it is bad to have sequals of good series but it is always nice to have something new.
  10. The State of VNs

    I think one thing to consider is what best suits VNs. Some stories works best as books, some as live action films, some as manga, some as anime and some as VNs. I think we should consider the strenght of the medium. For instance Harem VNs make a lot of sence. Because still images are used they can focus a lot on making individual CGs as well as sprites that look great, which results in the girls looking cute. There is also the fact that VNs lets you choose, which can be used to have muliple routes each feauturing a different heroine. This is something manga and anime for instance can't do that well. Also in regards to pornographic content there is also the fact that no other medium seems to be able to handle it the same way a VN does. For example eroanime generally looks like crap due to low budget, they also generally feature little to no character building, due to there being no character building the only difference is the scenario which if you have watched a bit of eroanime gets boring quickly. Eromanga is better in that it usually have much better art, however they are often very short, 1 chapter or 1 volume, meaning usually a lack of character building. Eroge however can have long stories with fleshed out character as well as H-scenes, for me something like Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games and Imouto Paradise! is much more enjoyable than any eroanime or eromanga I have seen, and these titles are considered mediocre. So to conclude I think in terms of pornographic content VNs does a lot of good things that no other medium is doing. VNs also works well with mysteries due to how you can make choices and actively change how things play out, making the player much more engaged in the mystery. So in conclution I think it is more interesting to think of what kind of niche that works best with VNs rather than complain that it should be more like other mediums.
  11. Looking for a Japanese-only recommendation

    I found nukige to be rather annoying to read in japanese. The problem for me was that it slowed down the H-scenes too much and that killed the mood. So I would argue that nukige isn't the best thing to start with.
  12. Looking for a Japanese-only recommendation

    If you want something easy I would recommend VNs based on series that had an anime before the VN (basically spinn-off VNs). These generally have a simple language and since I assume you would pick titles based on an anime you know the characters would be easier to understand. While these titles don't have furigana they tend to be fully voiced (including MC). Ofc these titles are only available on ps vita and ps4 so I gues whether you have those platforms or not is important. These titles tend to be a bit more than 20 hours, but are divided into shorter routes. Here are some examples New Game! The Challenge Stage!, Nisekoi: Yomeiri!? and Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? Wonderful Party!. I also know there are some steam VNs with japanese language options, like nekopara, corona blossom and japanese school life. While these titles might not have a very easy japanese it shouldn't be too bad. They are also easy to find and you may already have them.
  13. Another Sekai Bundle

    Root double and milestone 2 worked
  14. Another Sekai Bundle

    I only get linked to this site when clicking on them. Give me free stuff, peasant!
  15. Another Sekai Bundle

    I would like a free milestone 2, nekonin saiha and root double