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  1. Btw is this the first VN from Japan coming to the west with 1080p?
  2. Hope this isn't the case for Sorcery Jokers, btw is subahibi that bad? Have not tried it yet, but I do plan to buy it, so just wondered if the praise is undeserved like you said.
  3. It does have a high score on vndb, would assume it somehow manages to make the 6 perspective thing work
  4. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    I haven't played it myself, but Edit: Sorry I didn't put spoiler on
  5. I think I will wait until hardcopy comes out, if it turns out that there won't be a hardcopy for it then I gues I will go with digital. Plan to buy this regardless though, seems very interesting.
  6. Think I just discovered one of the libra translaters
  7. Hope it gets hardcopy release, gues it usually takes about half a year for that to happen though.
  8. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    Ok forget what I wrote previously, seems people are just bat shit crazy.
  9. Where can I buy digital visual novels?

    A few different places where you can buy digital VN would be Mangagamer, Jast USA, Denpasoft and Nutaku. If you want physical english translated ones you can buy some through Mangagamer or J-list. As for physical discs in Japan I would recomend Akihabara for wide selections, but other places also works. Some stores to look for are Sofmap and Traders, VNs are usually at the top floors of the building.
  10. Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

    Here are some funny ones from MBS Truth Nangoku Sakunyuu Island ~Ninshin Sasete!? Chichi Shibori https://vndb.org/v2652 Oh!! Micro-Man ~Chiisaku Natte Onna no Ko no Ironna Tokoro ni Haicchao https://vndb.org/v16090 Class Zenin Maji de Yuri?! ~Watashi-tachi no Rezu Oppai wa Anata no Mono Joshi Zenin Shiofuki Keikak https://vndb.org/v12404
  11. Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

    Me ga Sametara Seieki ga 100 Bai Tamaru Karada ni Natteta -> Tairyou Chuunyuu! https://vndb.org/v18287 Description This one from the same company also seems to be worth mentioning: Shin! Ryoujoku Battle Royale https://vndb.org/v10472 Description It just seem plain brutal rather than funny, but it still makes me think wtf Japan
  12. I know MG waits and look at sales before they make hardcopies, but 5-10 thousand to make even in regards to hardcopies seems a bit much. Not sure about sales numbers of course, but I don't think even well regarded VNs sells that many hardcopies.
  13. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    I think sibling incest might be convenient in harem series and short series. In terms of a harem series it is usually good to early on have characters introduced who loves the MC. If it takes too long people interested in it might drop it. Because of this I think that character tropes like little sisters and childhood friends are quite useful. Most of the time they already love the MC, as such they can be useful for quickly giving the viewer what they want and then be explored more in details afterwards. They may also be useful for nukige where the characters are suposed to be in love. Most nukige don't really want to use much time on buliding the relationships before they have sex. Because of this they either have to start with minor sexual acts and build up to actual sex while managing the ralationship growth, like for instance eroge! sex and games makes sexy games, or they can have a characters that already love the MC such as little sisters or childhood friends. The same would be true for short eromanga/nukige/eroanime where there isn't enough time to build a relationship. This is of course only in regards to where there is supose to be some kind of love between the characters, so most nukige would be excluded from this. This is of course not the only reason for sibling incest in media, but I do think it might have helped it get more popular in manga, anime, LN and VN than in typical western media
  14. Does that mean that Jast and MG are selling at a loss or are they able to sell that many hardcopies?
  15. Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

    On http://nekopara.wikia.com/wiki/Chocola I found this comment If this is correct it is even weirder