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  1. Bought it in Japan back in 2017, I think it was about 4000-4500 yen as I bought it used. Of course since I bought it used there was no tokuten.
  2. The wheel is pretty cool to customize, just put in all the VNs I own that I haven't read yet, excluding ones I own digitally due code I got when buying the physical copy but where I am waiting for physical copy on as I want the physical copy before I read it. Wheel
  3. Have looked at how the average vote of Totono has changed on vndb and roughly right before it released in english officially it was about 7.5 while it has now grown to about 7.9.
  4. Doesn't steam have rules preventing developers from promoting 18+ patches on the Steam page? Think that is why there is no official mention there.
  5. What I can think of is to cut costs and not having voice to try to make it more of a self insert character.
  6. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    Well considering the leaks likely just picked out some of the worst examples they could find of them being annoyed at people I think it makes sense that these specific likely cherry picked parts don't contain enthusiasm for VNs. I think it would be odd for everything someone says with coworkers even if they are enthusiastic about their work would be filled with passion for their work, especially if there are annoying parts of their work. For instance mangaka sometimes complain about insane work hours and usually low pay but seem to generally do it for passion, though if you were to isolate specific parts of some conversations my guess is that you could likely easily frame them as having no passion for the medium as all you do is just pick the specific parts that show them in a negative light while removing anything that shows their passion. No it would be more like wanting to get into teaching, but sometimes complain about certain students not paying attention or bad school books or something like that and then have those instances cherry picked while everything else that shows your passion for teaching not being shown.
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    Personally I think the monogatari series is quite deep and does a lot of interesting things. One of the interesting things is how biased the narrative is with it being controlled by the protagonist of each arc. For instance Nadeko with her stories that has 3 different protagonists which each has a completely different understanding of Nadeko as a character.
  8. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    Basically they said some people on discord were annoying like Rance fans or something and it blew up, some youtubers made some videos and pretty much tried to get people to boycot them because anyone who ever in any way for any reason in any place should never ever say anything mean about potential customers or they are litteral scum of the earth and any company they are associated with should go bankrupt.
  9. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    Not buying from MG due to discord leak seems kind of stupid if you ask me, I would guess pretty much anyone in retail sometimes behind closed doors talk about annoying customers. And considering the 90% piracy rates and low pay I think it is pretty understandable that they rant among themselves when people are acting in an annoying way.
  10. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    by having pretty good knowledge about everything currently officially released and currently being localized as making this list has given me a good insight into what is available.
  11. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

    Haven't really looked too much into censorship on PS1 and PS2, but either way the current censorship is pretty bad.
  12. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

    Not really interested in PS5 as Sony's treatment of japanese games as of late has been horrible regarding forcing a shit ton of censorship.
  13. Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels

    I like H-scenes in VNs, especially with regards to more light hearted nukige like Ponkotsu akuma, Henshin 3, Imopara and Eroge sex and games.
  14. So Mirror is on Sale

    btw I am not saying they are likely to be SakuraGame, they are clearly SakuraGame. When updating my list on official english releases a while back I found that SakuraGame had put many of their titles under a new name Paradise Project. For instance Super Star a VN that seems to have credible evidence of stolen assets from what I have seen was originally released by SakuraGame and is now under Paradise Project, both of them are listed on the vndb page of Super Star.
  15. So Mirror is on Sale

    mirror is released by Paradise Project which is just a sub brand of SakuraGame, please don't promote them. They are by far the worst english VN publisher out there. The more sales they get the more VNs will be translated using google translate.