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  1. Having fun with adding my start dates and end dates. https://vndb.org/u131689/ulist?o=d&p=1&s=vote Know it will be removed later, but just screenshoting it so I can add them much easier once it comes out of beta. Kind of fun seeing when I read through different VNs. Never mind this forgot it wasn't possible to share your list from the beta.
  2. Looking for something somewhat specific

    I guess The Fruit of Grisaia and Princess Evangile would fit, though the steam version of them are censored so if you want them uncensored you would need to use sites like Mangagamer, Denpasoft or Jast USA
  3. Premise The general premise is that the main character Yuuma is invited by his senpai Ayano to join the ghost club which isn’t a club about actual ghosts but rather a club for people with regrets. He then gets pushed onto him the responsibility of being the leader of the club and to find enough members to legitimize the club with the criteria Ayano sets for joining the club being that they have to be a cute girl and need some kind of regret. He then invites Akutagawa his close male friend because they somehow need to fill the spot despite protests from Ayano and the rest of the members that they invite are Hikari an adorable Kohai and Inori a mysterious girl who always wears a scarf who have studying abroad and recently gotten back to Japan. Review The common route does a good job of introducing the characters and also does a great job with its comedy and setting up things for the heroine routes. Due to good chemistry between the characters which leads to some really well done comedy in my opinion I think this is the best part of Hanasaki work springs. The common route is also rather long so you will get to know the characters quite well before the routes start. Characters as well as my thoughts on their routes Hikari is the adorable blond kohai. She has a really good mixture of sweetness, nervousness, bravery and clumsiness which made me really enjoy her especially during her route. There are lots of really good dating scenes with her during her route and I think anyone who likes adorable heroines will love her. The main focus for her route as well as most others is more so slice of life couple scenes seeing their first few dates etc. and just following how their relationship develops. As for the story aspect of her route I think the concept is quite good and fits well with certain quirks she has, however I think it builds it up as if the thing is going to be much more serious than it actually is (you don't know what it is until pretty much the end of her route but there is clearly something bothering her). Because of this I think the later part of her route has a bit too much of a heavy mood compared to the actual events as well as considering what I think would be best for her route, though considering this is only a small part of her route I would still say I really enjoyed it. Ayano is the purple haired senpai. She is the one who invites the main character to her club then dumps all the responsibility on him. She is rather lazy, irresponsible and quite flirty towards the main character. While she is a 3rd year she has been repeating the 3rd year of high school for quite a lot of years (she is probably in her early to mid 20s), she is actually quite smart and scores good on tests and did so before she started repeating as well but she pretty much refuses to graduate. Her route is the one that in my opinion has the best story, using mystery elements and building the story throughout her route quite well. As for the character herself I think she is somewhat charming and I think lots of people will like her a lot though to me I didn’t really feel as much of a connection to her as I felt for the other main heroines. I think this to some degree comes from the amount of romantic scenes between the characters being less due to there being more of a focus on the story, but also just personal taste. Inori is a mysterious girl who wears a scarf. She has been studying abroad because her parents moved overseas and has recently returned to Japan. She is quite a loner and keep her distance from most people including the main character who she considers annoying. Of course as the heroine route progresses she opens more up to the main character. As for her character I am mostly positive to her as I think once she opens up more she is really adorable and has a lot of likeable qualities, though there are some elements of her personality that I find rather annoying and while I think her backstory does a decent job covering these parts of her personality I think that this part of her personality just goes too far in some instances which reduced my enjoyment during some of the more key parts of her route. Regarding the story aspect of her route. I like her backstory though there are other elements that I don’t really like that much. So in conclusion I think her route was overall good, though there were elements of her route and parts of her personality that I felt prevented it from being great. Wakaba is the red haired girl and she is really close friend to the main character. She very rich, outspoken and her personality is quite tomboyish with her relationship to the main character before her route being that they are just really close friends who do things like going to the arcade together and just generally hang out together, almost always accompanied by Akutagawa and Kanna. As for her route I think the main segment which is the relationship building and them dating is done wonderfully and I really liked their relationship (at times she is absolutly adorable), however I think some dramatic parts towards the end was just stupid. Nonoka is the non-related by blood little sister of the main character. She does all the housework and cooking and while she is his little sister kind of takes on the same role a mom normally should, worrying about his problems and taking care of him and hoping that he gets a girlfriend soon. As a support character I think she does a wonderfull role with both funny interactions with her brother as well as the other girls in their routes. She does also have a short route which unlocks after the other routes. In my opinion this was rather lackluster and they didn’t really do a great job with her route considering how good of a character she had been in the rest of the VN. Kanna is the maid of Wakaba. In the common route as well as in Wakaba’s route she does a good job of playing a support character providing comedy and giving advice to Wakaba. In her own short route which also unlocks after the main routes are done I think she also just like Nonoka has a rather lackluster route. While there are some good elements like her backstory I think these are brief enough that they instead could have just been covered in Wakaba’s route and that doing this and cutting out Kanna’s route really wouldn’t hurt the VN. Akutagawa is not a heroine and has no route dedicated to him but is just the main characters best friend and I think he is worth mentioning. He is a rather cool character and plays a good support role often either being a comedic character or being someone the main character can ask for advice. His preference for women is older woman in their 40s or 50s which I am pretty sure is to make people feel like he isn’t a potential romantic rival to the main character. My overall thought on the VN is that I really like it. The common route is really good does a great job of introducing the characters and has a lot of great comedy because of the great characters in the VN. The main heroine routes have for the most part really good building of romance and a lot of really adorable scenes between the main character and the girl of the route though unfortunately the drama/story aspect generally doesn’t work that well. The sub-heroine routes are rather lackluster and honestly aren’t in my opinion nearly as good as the main heroine routes. Overall if you know Japanese I would recommend this to anyone who likes fun likeable cute girls in VNs and just want to see some good cute romance scenes with them, but if you are looking for deeper backstories and to be able to connect to them through sad backstories or deep complex character building this is probably not for you. The physical edition Pretty much the whole outer box The game disc
  4. The heroine routes has a decent amount of drama, while it is not a drama heavy VN I think it is probably less lighthearted than you imagine, but I can understand based on the premise that you would think it is really lighthearted.
  5. Grisaia Switch Release

    I think it is nice to be able to get the all ages physical version as well as the 3 side stories physically.
  6. VN in a workplace setting

    Nekopara and has a workplace setting (a bakery), but probably not what you are looking for. There is also Making*Lovers which doesn't really seem to have a workplace setting, but atleast have adult characters that are working so you avoid the high school setting. It is not out yet though but it shouldn't take too long looking at the progress for the translation and editing. The Future Radio & the Artificial Pigeons is another VN that is still being translated that might be somewhat what you are looking for, I am not sure but it seems like a lot of the characters work together, at least based on what I can see on the character page on vndb.
  7. The general story of Magical Marriage Lunatics!! is that the main character in his childhood accidentally entered different worlds and in each of them ended up becoming friends with the princess of that world and they made a pact to get married with him forgetting everything because returning to the normal world wipes his memories of everything that happened in the other world. The absurd premise I figured would lead to a lot of comedic moments, however the common route doesn't really seem to take advantage of this and instead have the characters often act too rational for the good of the comedic scenes and I feel as if the writers just didn't embrace the weirdness of the setting. In my opinion the common route has some good points, but generally was rather disappointing and didn't live up to my expectations which were based on other Moonstone VNs and the setting. The heroine routes however worked much better in my opinion, the characters seems to generally work better on their own than together and I think it did a good job in terms of the romance as well as the stories of the heroines. 2 that really stood out to me are Luluna (blue haired witch loli) and Luci (the red haired vampire) and I think their routes and personalities were really fun. My overall thoughts is that it is a good VN due to the heroine routes, though it does suffer from a long and lackluster common route and overall I would give it a 7.5/10 which means I enjoyed it a lot but didn't feel like it is very good or a must read title. Overall I would recommend the title, though also mention that there are lots of better titles out there that you could probably read before going for this. The front of the physical edition The back of the physical edition The disc and the inside of the physical edition The Luci wallscroll
  8. grisaia visual novels review no spoilers

    The last part of the trilogy has some things that are inconsitant with earlier parts like retcons and an odd unexplained merging of uncompatible routes as well as in my opinion a bit of a stupid plot twist towards the end. However I think it still has a lot of quality when it comes to the characters interactions, action, comedy and a lot of what makes Grisaia good. I think whether you like Eden of Grisaia comes down to what you like about Grisaia, if the story aspect is what you like the most then you probably won't like it that much, but if the characters and comedy are the main thing you like about it you will probably like it. Personally I really liked it, its flaws made it less enjoyable than the 2 earlier titles, but I still had a lot of fun with it.
  9. I figured that it is a bit of a waste to write full reviews of VNs where there are a lot of reviews already by people who are better at writing them than I am, because of this I will now only write a short opinion about a VN I have finished and show the physical edition for titles that has lots of reviews. For VNs where there seem to be a lack of reviews, such as many japanese titles that has never been translated I plan to do longer reviews as well as of course show the pictures of the physical edition. The main thing Grisaia complete box comes with is the Grisaia trilogy and Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru so I will focus on those. The first part of Grisaia is the fruit of Grisaia, this in built up by a common route which focuses on building up the characters and has lots of comedic scenes and then a route for each of the heroines which goes into their backstories and build their relationship with the main character. Fruit of Grisaia is in my opinion the best part of the series, it features a lot of great comedy a fantastic cast of characters and a lot of really good stories and is the only VN I have so far given a 10/10. Labyrinth of Grisaia is split into multiple parts with the main part focusing on the backstory of the main character then there are afterstories for each of the girls routes in Fruit of Grisaia as well as what if sex scenarios and sidestories (random comedic scenes that are non cannonical). The main story is really good, though in my opinion not quite as good as most parts of fruit of Grisaia. The afterstories were really nice as it allowed you to see the relationship with the girls after everything that happened in their route is dealt with and just added something I felt the first VN lacked. The what if sex scenarios and the side stories were generally quite good though not as good as the other parts, I don't feel like they subtracted anything from my opinion of the VN though and instead just made me like it more as it was just some nice additional fanservice. Eden of Grisaia which is the last of the trilogy. The main story here is the harem route which deals with events from the main characters past catching up with him then there is the prologue which tells some events before the start of Fruit of Grisaia and there are also more what if scenarios sex scenes. The main story is a very action packed story with lots of good comedic moments and I think the characters generally shine, while I think it is really good it isn't quite as good as Fruit of Grisaia or Labyrinth of Grisaia in my opinion because of things such as elements of how the story got to this point doesn't make much sence (combining things from routes that wouldn't really be compatible), some retcons and a rather stupid plot twitst close to the end. As for the prologue it is a nice prequal that shows the different girls slightly before they meet the main character. Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru is a spin-off where one of the main girls (Michiru) becomes a magical girl. All of the character have some of their main traits though they are kind of just shoved into different roles. The consept of Michiru becoming a magical girl is really funny and they manage to do fairly well with the comedy, though overall considering the cast of Grisaia it felt rather underwhelming and I think they could have made it a lot more funny and used the cast better. The front of the box The back of the box The sides of the box Outside of the Story collection where the game discs are and the music collection which contains music from the different parts of Grisaia The discs for the VNs and the discs for the music The artbook Inside of the artbook The extra things in the box Size comparison with the complete box, one of them is a regular size did case and the other is a typical japanese physcial edition
  10. How much do you play VN a day/a week?

    I usually read a bit like 10-40 min a day most days during early parts of a VN then as I get more into it I put many hours a day in until I complete it then I take a break from VNs for a while until I feel like starting a new one.
  11. Hi

    Make sure all settings are set to japanese, for instance some japanese VNs require you to have time set to japanese time. Other than that welcome to the forum.
  12. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    The VN seems interesting, censorship not so much. Probably going to pick up the japanese release of Noraneko in the future maybe next time I go to Japan which hopefully is in about a year and a half, the 1+2 pack thing seems nice. At least glad that releases like this and the ones by Moenovel at least make me not have to worry about a english release without mosaics (pretty much a superior release) coming later when thinking about buying the japanese one, they make it pretty clear that the japanese version is the only good option.
  13. Let me guess, oppai mousepads.
  14. It's finally here... MAGGOT BAITS!!!!

    As someone who really prefers physical releases I will wait in hopes that this gets a physical release. While I myself do not go to conventions, mainly due to where I live, I think it would be hilarious if they decided to on their conventions sell physical copies of Maggot Baits where you got a vomit bag or a bucket when you buy it.
  15. Arunaru not working anymore with mangagamer

    When it comes to the left wing stuff I think the reason a lot of people blame them is that you have companies like Sony mentioning things like Me too (which I think is a good movement, though in some cases like this seems to be missused) as a reason for censoring games in japan as well as people using 3rd wave femanist agenda to prevent games like dead or alive extreeme 3 to get a western release. When it comes to consoles the left and SJW generally are considered the bad guys causing censorship. As for steam I think it is different as they there use child exploitation as a reason to ban something, ofc they lack consistancy but the important thing is that from what I have seen the steam ban thing doesn't seem to do with the left wing or SJWs. As for what I think actually is going on is just that a lot of prudish people use whatever excuse they can to get things they don't like, 3rd wave femenism is a thing that is supported by the main stream media therefore it is easy to just try to draw some bullshit from there and use it to ban something you don't like. People hate pedophilia therefore lets try to equate anime games with pedophilia because we don't like anime games etc. I don't really think these things are that political I think people just use the politics they see has the best effect to ban what they want banned. You want something banned because you are religious and think it is sinfull, well most people won't listen to you if you are honest in the western part of the world so just twist some talking points from something more sociably accepted to further your censorship goal. A clear example of this is that one organisation that claimed to be responsible for steam censorship (don't remember their name) even though they weren't. They were clearly motivated by religion, if you digged into their arguments on their main site and looked at the people involved this is quite clear, however on twitter they used generally rhetoric about exploitation as well as things that could fit into the SJW category if I remember correctly. So pretty much their public stance which most people saw was ban all porn ficitional and live action because it exploits people, human traficing etc. while on their site they had articles about how bad it is that soft core porn is becoming available in some muslim countries and BS about how it negativly effects marriage, which if you read a bit of it you see there is no real science behind it.