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  1. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    At the moment I own too many VNs that I haven't finished to really start going back and replaying the once I have already played. Though with good VNs I imagine I would want to go back and replay it after a while even if I have the CG collection.
  2. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    I like to collect all CGs and take screenshots of them and sort them on a folder on my PC so that I can look through CGs of all the different VNs I have played through without having to start the VN and go into the VN itself. Because of this I will collect all the CGs and try to make sure that I didn't miss an alternate version of one.
  3. New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

    They don't have to pay for the license and they probably get the titles translated cheap. There are also some people who for some reason seems to love them even though they are just butchering the VNs. Considering the speed at which they have released titles as of late I will assume that they are going to ruin many more titles for us.
  4. Hello!!

    I am not that good at japanese grammar myself so I couldn't really spot any mistakes myself, I just assumed based on Ayase not understanding you, this was before she said that it was VN she didn't understand.
  5. Hello!!

    Among the western VN fanbase there are a lot of people who want to learn japanese, many of which work on japanese by themselves. Because of this there are probably many who don't have much experience with actually writing and talking in japanese, instead they have mostly practised reading. These people probably want to try to use their japanese knowledge when it is possible. It should probably not be unexpected that at least one person who isn't that good at japanese grammar would try to reply in japanese on this thread.
  6. What was the worst online argument you ever been in?

    When people think the earth is flat you know there is no chance of them ever listening to logic. It is probably easier to convince them that the moon is a cheese made by unicorns rather than to actually convince them that the earth is not flat.
  7. Hello!!

    Something I have wondered about for a while is how common it is for girls in Japan under the age of 18 to play eroge. Many anime have had female characters under the age of 18 play eroge, some examples being, Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Konata Izumi from Lucky☆Star, Momo Belia Deviluke from To Love-Ru and Konoha Hoshinomori from Gamers! just to mention a few. So I wonder if you as a japanese girl that started reading eroge before you were 18 know if this is something that is more common than one might expect or if it is just something people making VNs, lightnovels, manga and anime put into their work because they like the idea of it. Of course I know that this might be a bit difficult to answer, but just wanted to ask out of curiosity. I gues I should also say welcome
  8. List of physical english releases of VNs

    I am now done with this list
  9. List of physical english releases of VNs

    I am now done with all the ones on PC, which I assume is what most people care about, I will not link to where to buy the ones on console, but will write if it is not available if it is from a KS that is done.
  10. List of physical english releases of VNs

    I have now added where the titles from Mangagamer, Sekai Project and Frontwing are available
  11. List of physical english releases of VNs

    I plan to mark limited currently available and items no longer available with colour. So it should be usefull in finding out the physicals one can buy
  12. As the title suggest this is a list of the VNs released in english that has a physcial release. I personally love to have physcial copies of VNs as I like collecting things. I recently made a list with the VNs that have official english releases and figured I could use that to make this list. I have sorted availablility by colour, red means no longer available, blue means officially available but hard to get (generally things like conventions) yellow means currently available but only for a short period and orange is not yet opened for pre order. Also if I make some mistakes when making the list please say so. Things that are marked as not available could potentially be found at places like Amazon or Ebay, since I didn't include pages like this for availability. MangaGamer (Store) JAST USA (Store) Sekai Project (Homepage)/Denpasoft (Store) Front Wing (Homepage) Other Himeya Soft (Bankrupt) Hirameki International (Quit the VN market) Console
  13. A little bit of history about myself, and why I joined Fuwanovel.

    I used to have problems with the payment processor of Mangagamer as well, but I just asked to buy MG points through paypal and used the MG points to buy what I wanted. Last time I tried however everything worked with their current payment processor so I didn't have to use paypal.
  14. New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

    The Moenovel Must Burn club always welcome new members
  15. New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

    Considering how many of these VNs they have crapped out in english as of late, ofc they don't have time or budget to actually get good translators