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  1. What Anime are you watching now?

    Personally I think the monogatari series is quite deep and does a lot of interesting things. One of the interesting things is how biased the narrative is with it being controlled by the protagonist of each arc. For instance Nadeko with her stories that has 3 different protagonists which each has a completely different understanding of Nadeko as a character.
  2. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    Basically they said some people on discord were annoying like Rance fans or something and it blew up, some youtubers made some videos and pretty much tried to get people to boycot them because anyone who ever in any way for any reason in any place should never ever say anything mean about potential customers or they are litteral scum of the earth and any company they are associated with should go bankrupt.
  3. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    Not buying from MG due to discord leak seems kind of stupid if you ask me, I would guess pretty much anyone in retail sometimes behind closed doors talk about annoying customers. And considering the 90% piracy rates and low pay I think it is pretty understandable that they rant among themselves when people are acting in an annoying way.
  4. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    by having pretty good knowledge about everything currently officially released and currently being localized as making this list has given me a good insight into what is available.
  5. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

    Haven't really looked too much into censorship on PS1 and PS2, but either way the current censorship is pretty bad.
  6. PS5 Details Drop Tomorrow!

    Not really interested in PS5 as Sony's treatment of japanese games as of late has been horrible regarding forcing a shit ton of censorship.
  7. Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels

    I like H-scenes in VNs, especially with regards to more light hearted nukige like Ponkotsu akuma, Henshin 3, Imopara and Eroge sex and games.
  8. So Mirror is on Sale

    btw I am not saying they are likely to be SakuraGame, they are clearly SakuraGame. When updating my list on official english releases a while back I found that SakuraGame had put many of their titles under a new name Paradise Project. For instance Super Star a VN that seems to have credible evidence of stolen assets from what I have seen was originally released by SakuraGame and is now under Paradise Project, both of them are listed on the vndb page of Super Star.
  9. So Mirror is on Sale

    mirror is released by Paradise Project which is just a sub brand of SakuraGame, please don't promote them. They are by far the worst english VN publisher out there. The more sales they get the more VNs will be translated using google translate.
  10. I have now retaken every picture on the blog with a better camera.
  11. The premise of Boku to Koisuru Ponkotsu Akuma, henceforth Ponkotsu Akuma is that the main character has a not related by blood little sister who is a total brocon and a childhood friend who clearly likes him and is bad with anything sexual. Because of the little sister being way too much of a brocon and the childhood friend being bad with sexual stuff the mother of the childhood friend which also takes care of the main character due to his parents being away all the time who is also the principle at their school send them off to a special dorm to get over their problems. The day the main character gets to the dorm he finds out that all the other residence of the dorm who are of course all girls are also some different kind of Demon (Akuma) that all are considered useless. His sister is an angel who is just way too much of a brocon, the childhood friend is a succubus who has trouble dealing with perverted stuff, then there is the kohai who is a friend of his little sister that is a mummy who because trauma related to tight bandages have trouble wearing clothes often going around nude when not in public, the transferee student yuki-onna who is bad at dealing with cold and the senpai witch who wants to make medicine but is bad at studying. Ponkotsu Akuma is divided into one common route and five main heroine routes focusing on the five girls living in the Ponkotsu dorm as well as three smaller routes one focusing on their loli teacher, one on the mother of the childhood friend and one on a tiger girl who is friends with the little sister and the mummy girl. The fandisc has an after story for each of the routes in the main VN as well as having a harem route and a joke route for a mascot character. The afterstories are nice and manage to wrap up their routes better than the original could. As for the harem route it is quite crazy and sex filled, it quickly goes through how they got to the harem situation with the heroines only getting a few lines each for the build-up of the harem and then it jumps straight into the craziness of the situation. The visual novel is clearly a nukige and thus mainly focus on sexual content as well as on the characters who does the sexual content. The characters each have their own quirky personalities which works well for comedic moments as well as making them likeable which I think is the most important thing to do for what it tries to do as a nukige. They do lack depth as characters though so if you are expecting a lot of character depth this title is probably not for you. Ponkotsu Akuma is very light on drama with any dramatic thing being treated light-hearted and lasting for a short period of time. The comedy is mainly focused on the absurdity of the characters as well as some of the situations they are in, so I think anyone who likes absurd comedy will really enjoy it, but those who don’t will probably have a hard time reading it. As for the characters themselves I don’t want to go into all of them, but in my opinion they are all really likeable and fun and I consider them really good nukige heroines. As for the sex scenes I think they are handled really well, with the dialog of the sex scenes in my opinion being among the better dialog I have seen in sex scenes, the art being fantastic and a good focus on variety in fetish and location. Also one thing to mention is that Ponkotsu Akuma is very similar to Nekopara in its comedy structure and building of characters with character quirks and artwork. Ponkotsu Akuma and Nekopara are both illustrated by Sayori and one of the 3 scenario writers of Ponkotsu Akuma is the same as the scenario writer for the Nekopara series and this scenario writer is the only one listed for the Fandisc for Ponkotsu Akuma. While Ponkotsu Akuma is lewder than Nekopara I would say they in general are very similar and that if you like one you are very likely to like the other and if you dislike one you will likely dislike the other. My overall thoughts on Ponkotsu Akuma is that it is really good at what it tries to do, the comedy is great for those into that type of comedy, the characters are quirky and likeable, and the sex scenes are well done. There is also a lot of effort put into the music, the visual and extra features which makes it stand out as a high quality nukige. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a fun cute nukige that doesn’t take itself seriously. Though for anyone who don’t feel like this sounds interesting the title is likely not for you as it doesn’t try to focus on anything else than this. Physical copy of Ponkotsu Akuma Backside of physical copy of Ponkotsu Akuma Disc of Ponkotsu Akuma Physical copy of Ponkotsu Akuma Suggoi Ecchi (the fandisc) Backside of physical copy of Ponkotsu Akuma Suggoi Ecchi Disc of Ponkotsu Akuma Suggoi Ecchi
  12. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    This is what they said 18 days ago. "Production should be starting very soon, so hopefully within a couple months" Think that is the most recent info we have.
  13. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    Not yet but I do own the physical PS4 copy so I will read it someday, though since I have a huge backlog it will probably take quite some time before I get to it.
  14. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    Most dissapointing ones I read this year Plastic Memories first part of it just covers the events of the anime, so basically just the first part of the anime without the animation (appart from a few scenes where they just took a clip from the anime because it was an emotional moment they were unable to do without just using the anime) and with most of the CGs being taken from anime (basically the anime without the animation and phasing, other point of view scenes were also removed so you just see things from Tsukasa's side). As for the original content most of it is slice of life scenes of the main characters which tends to range from decent to boring. There are also some routes added and while I found them enjoyable they were way too short pretty much ending as I felt things were begining to happen by just rushing to the end. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijou Shigatai Game no You na Mono has 1 good joke at the start where it uses the VN media in a good way and from that point onwards it is only a dissapointment. First part covers the first season of the anime and does it lazily using art from the anime for most things rather than original CGs. The 2nd part is on the weaker side with a rather uninteresting plot and no inventiveness with the comedy which just makes the comedy stale. Then there is the fact that you need to go through it 8 times from start to finish with like 40 choices to reach the different ending and 6 of these 8 times you need to read a large part twice because there is a normal and a good ending, with the endings pretty much just being like 2-3 min long and skipping through the VN takes 1 hour if you know every choice to take and you are constantly stopped because of the insane amount of choices. It is quite bad when skipping through the VN with a guide to reach all endings take longer than reading the VN once. These 2 VNs did not at all live up to their much more enjoyable anime.
  15. Some People Call Fate/Stay Night a Hentai Game, Is This True?

    Hard to know considering how vague the definition of hentai is in english. As for my understanding of it, it seems people generally consider the sex scenes forced in and I would assume it doesn't overall effect that much though since I haven't read it I can't say for sure.