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  1. help remembering VN title

    That game is for PS4 and Vita and when I just started it now I got stright into an explenation of things by Vanir and after that a few lines of introduction to the story and then dropped right into it. So the VN does not include how Kazuma got there.
  2. help remembering VN title

    Are you sure this is a VN and not an anime? Sounds a lot like Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
  3. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    I wonder about something, don't they have dildos in Japan shaped like penises? Are they unaffected by the law or do they simply not have them? From what I remember Kisara in Eroge Sex and Games Make Sexy Games looked at a dildo for how to draw a penis for their Eroge.
  4. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    I think their handeling of Chrono Clock is quite telling for their feelings regarding mosaics. First they just said that they couldn't get the non mosaic versions from purplesoft, don't remember the reason but I think it was either something like Purplesoft deleted them or they just weren't able to find them. Then Mangagamer announced Hapymaher which is an older VN than Chrono Clock and also made by Purplesoft and of course also released in english without mosaics. When people heard that Hapymaher would have the mosaics removed they started calling bullshit on SP and then suddenly Purplesoft had miraculously managed to find the old uncensored files. So I think we can be pretty sure that for SP to release without mosaics they need either the developers to really want removed mosaics themselves or that they get a large backlash and lack anything that they can blame the mosaics on. My guess is that they are just too lazy to do the work of implementing the uncensored files into the VN.
  5. Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

    Btw what is the actual law, just searching quickly on google what I found was someone saying it is likely due to article 175 forbidding distribution of indecent material and that they just defined indecent as something showing genetalia so get around the anti porn laws. Honestly I wonder how strong these laws actually are in reality. I wonder if they just follow the extreemly vague laws due to the stigma in Japan against doing something wrong. Well I am not too knowledgeable about the subject so if anyone know more about how the law that makes it so that they have to censor genetalia it would be nice to hear.
  6. Hello, pleb here

    Light Novels and visual novels are quite different. A light novel as you have experienced is a physical book with occational drawings here and there while a visual novel consist of a combination of text, drawings, sound and often voice acting. The typical way a visual novel is built up is that you have the majority of the time spent looking at character sprites over a background with text at the bottom and often voice acting for the written text. Other than that there are also some drawings that are used for specific scenes these are called CG. There is a wide variety of visual novels so I guess I could tell you some basic info. Most visual novels have some sort of choices that make the story move in a different direction. For instance some feature many cute girls and depending on your choices you get get into her character route where the main character who you play gets together with the girl, think of it as a harem anime, but where you can choose to go after the girl you like the best. It can also be used in things like mystery VNs where your choices determine how things turn out, whether or not you are sucessful or whether you fail. There is also another type called Kinect visual which is a visual novel without any choices, here you just progress through the story by clicking each time you want to move on to the next textline/voiceline, so the important thing is that there is no branching story. There are also some visual novels that are a hybrid with other types of game genres, for instance RPGs or fighters that use visual novel format for the storytelling parts. While they are quite different from light novels they still both have lots similarities in terms of writing and authors can often be writer for both types of media. For instance you mentioned spice and wolf, the author of spice and wolf also wrote the visual novel World End Economica.
  7. English-translated Eroge Recommendations

    Here is a list of all the VNs that have officially released in english sorted based on numbers of votes on vndb and the average vote of the titles. While it is not really a recommandation it should get you quickly cought up on the official releases you missed while you were gone As for what I recommend well atm I am having a really fun time playing through Princess Evangile so I would recommend that.
  8. List of VNs with official english release

    I have now added opening movies to a lot of VNs and will add more, I have decided that I am only going to add openings found on an official channel of the developer or the publisher. This means that some openings will not be added. For instance I can find the opening of euphoria on youtube though I have been unable to find it on the channel of MG or of Clock up, as such the euphoria opening will not be added. I have two justifications for this, one is that if they themselves aren't going to promote it on youtube I am not going to do that for them and the 2nd is that I then avoid having links to videos that get removed due to copyrightstrike or due to containing sexual content.
  9. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    I wonder if you could add NTR to the content warning list so it is possible to exclude those titles. I think that is something a lot of people would like to avoid.
  10. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    The main aim of this discussion is what we as a community of fans can do to expand the industry not what the creators and the publishers need to do btw. As for what I had in mind I was more thinking about things making it so that many of the people who are into anime and maybe know some visual novels have more information about the different visual novels available. Since it has gotten more mainstream awareness I think we have a possibility to make visual novels more popular than it is by trying to make it so that the people who are aware of VNs might learn more about which VNs are available in english and what companies are licensing them. My question was more so aimed at how do we make it so these people could more easiliy get into more VNs rather than it ending in them just playing one or two VNs that has temporary hype. While I doubt most of them would get into VNs I do think that there is enough out there in that suituation for it to potentially be a decent increase in the VN fanbase. Btw I think https://fuwanovel.se/quiz.php for instance is a good example of things we can do.
  11. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    Btw if we need to crown a winner of AX I think it is pretty obvious that the fujoshi won.
  12. List of VNs with official english release

    I have now decided to add openings to the VNs on the list, atm I am only adding openings on youtube from the channel of either the publisher or developer though I might add others later, though if I don't find the opening on youtube at all I probably won't add it.
  13. Anime with ultimately satisfying endings

    I felt that the ending was really rushed.
  14. List of VNs with official english release

    I have now added the titles that have been announced at AX, hopefully I didn't miss anything. Other than that I am thinking of maybe having a link to the opening to VNs with openings though I am a bit unsure since it might be a bit more difficult when it comes to VNs with openings that aren't safe for work and thus aren't on youtube and I also don't feel like having too much on the list to the point that it looks like a mess. Also I wonder if there is anything I can do to make things easier to look at.
  15. Something that has interested me with Fuwanovel is the line make "visual novels popular in the west". Personally I would love to see visual novels be seen as something that can stand equal to manga and anime, though it seems like it is lagging far behind in popularity. The last few years there has been an enormous amount of titles that have been officially localized and I now think that there are enough good titles out there for many people to really get into visual novels. So what I wonder about is what we as a community can do to make sure that visual novels get more popular in the west, how can we make sure that more people get to know visual novels, not just as meme games or something they occationally watch some playthrough of but rather as a serious form of media with a wide variety of good titles to choose from. I personally think that there is a large potential for visual novels to become more popular, for instance Nekopara managed to sell quite a lot of copies and became known outside of the core VN fanbase. I have heard quite a lot of people moaning about this and going on about how there are so many other good titles that deserved the popularity way more. Though one thing I think is important to think about is how easy it is to find information about many of the different visual novels that has been localized. Things like information about the different localizing companies, their titles and their general quality of release is something that seems to be limited to sites that specializes in visual novel. For instance I can't really see any video on youtube talking about the different visual novel studios appart from a few videos bashing Sekai Project and their kickstarters. Looking at the popularity of Nekopara, DDLC and even really bad VNs like the ones from Winged Cloud the thing they seem to have in common is that they have managed to become popular through youtube and has managed to make it outside of the core VN fanbase. So what I wonder about is how we as fans of visual novels can make sure that information about visual novels is more easily available for people so that the people who could potentially get into visual novels actually do.