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  1. I don't think it's that toxic here on Fuwa compared to elsewhere. I have seen statements like "ïf you aren't able to read the VN the way you are intended to read it, you have no business reading VNs" (essentially banning all translations). "VNs should all be rewritten to adapt into American culture because people don't get Japanese culture. Also non-Americans shouldn't read VNs if they can't accept American culture everywhere". "Doki should be banned from releasing anime subs. They use British English, which is unacceptable". Fuwa bashing tend to be based closer to facts in the tr
  2. My prediction: this thread will end in a flamewar about lame people not understanding the sacred language of Japanese. I both agree and disagree with you at the same time. The problem is that we have seen some attempts, which were downright awful to the level where reading the translated and untranslated versions were two completely different stories. You could argue that we could accept rewrites, but the translated ones were not worth reading. The moment we open the gates for "it's translated. It's done" is the day we accept to kill off reading enjoyments from VNs. Editing is anot
  3. Ages ago when I started to study the HD remake, my first step was to write a file extractor, then study the file format, make text changes, which showed up ingame, extracted the text to xml format, imported the translated text from the "old project" and once the old translation could show up in the remake, then other people could start working on the remake directly. This work was full of all sorts of safeguards like comparing the untranslated text to make sure they didn't modify it before transferring the translation. Nothing is assumed in this part of the work. I'm way ahead of y
  4. waves hand Those are not the anti-honorific arguments you are looking for. The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded. Speak for yourself. I stick to honorifics
  5. I once saw a polyglot study guide (polyglot is usually defined as knowing at least 5 languages). Apparently they use many different study techniques, but they all have a few things in common: study at least 30 minutes each day. have fun while studying. Make sure it will not feel like a chore you have to do even if you don't want to. don't study more than one language at a time. The part about studying every single day is important because the human brain has a place for foreign languages. You need to trigger it with the language of your choice daily. If you only trigger i
  6. That's actually way more common than we would like to think. Imagine the guys handling the nuclear missile launch facilities. Imagine telling 30% of them that they are fired, but they still have to work for another 3 months. What could possibly go wrong? There are cases of fired people deleting the customer database or similar, which is why it's not uncommon to close access and then fire people. It's not nice to be treated that way, but Sekai doesn't stand out in doing so. As for what Sekai is doing now and why, all we can do is to guess. It could be anything. Maybe 20% of the peop
  7. Please be careful when you touch her parts down below. Her important parts have a tendency to be very hot.
  8. I can't speak for Maitetsu specially, but Steam DRM is a known cause of problems for modding communities and I guess adding a decensor patch is sort of like a game mod. It's not uncommon that mods in steam workshop are made on the non-Steam version because Steam actively prevents debugging, hence making locating and fixing bugs. I think they fixed it (partially at least), but at some point Steam required all Civilization 4 network games to go through some online server. This version not only killed LAN games, but also mod support. Meanwhile GOG sells a DRM free version with full network and mo
  9. But you are supposed to give up hope. That makes the surprise and joy much better when it's suddenly released I'm planning a big post, but right now I can say I finally fixed the last engine issue and narration is finally showing up ingame 100% like I want it. No more leading whitespace compared to Japanese or dialogue. I'm not saying I fixed all issues (the Japanese version isn't bug free), but the remaining issues are all script issues, not engine issues, which is good news because script issues are much easier to fix. Even better, script issues usually affects a single line or s
  10. It differs greatly depending on point of view. Considering you aim for the RPG style, I think you should give it a go. Another title which should be mentioned here is Lightning Warrior Raidy. It doesn't stand out as "the best", but it's likely still worth mentioning here.
  11. We can't really read Nagi as unpopular based on this poll. For all we know she could be a close second for most voters meaning in theory she could be more popular than Reina if people could vote for two. Another factor to take into account is that the H scenes are somewhat nukige like. It's entirely possible that people like Nagi as a character and her route without thinking she has the ideal body for H scenes. I'm more surprised that Fukami is as popular as she is while Makura seems to be unwanted. I would have predicted Makura to be more popular in H scenes than Fukami.
  12. There is the entire Rance series. I think you should be able to play every Rance title released so far in English if your computer can handle Kamidori. Also it's the only good VN/RPG hybrid I can think of, which you haven't mentioned already.
  13. The main reason why there isn't a bad choice is what happens to the loser. It's to decide when each girl is being worked on, not if she should be worked on. It's entirely plausible that people who start now and can't do a marathon read will end up not reaching the girls in the poll before multiple or even all girls are done. Had the poll been "I only want to do one more. Who should it be?" then you would see the fight start and all girls would apparently be a bad choice according to other people.
  14. I know. It's a classic and I have read some of it. My point is that I haven't seen any public bashing of Agatha Christie books for being improper English even though they contain something like this.
  15. Good point. Anybody talking about removing honorifics should try reading Hercule Poirot.
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