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  1. Cocoro@Function, any news?

    The translation is likely dead and since MoeNovel is translating Pulltop titles, odds are that nobody else will pick it up. For all I know, MoeNovel made Gokurousama quit.
  2. Inquiry for Dog Owners

    I think it would be bad to give your dog a shock. Imagine if it's you who would have to learn that you get electric shocks whenever you approach some area and the only way to figure out where is by trial and error. I'm also not fully convinced it can't get a false positive, which would be horrible for your dog. For all I know, turning on your vacuum cleaner could make an electric field, which could trigger the shock collar. While it's not the cheapest solution, a proper fence is the best solution. It would be good to avoid contact between your dog and wildlife. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have hedgehogs wandering around your garden, usually, but not always at night. If a dog and a hedgehog meet, then it's bad news for the hedgehog. It will go into defense position and if the dog is hurt, it might attack. Alternatively it might decide to just carry it to somewhere else. Either way the hedgehog can come in contact with dog teeth, get a scratch, which will then turn into an infection, which can kill it in a few weeks. The amount of hedgehog fatalities due to dogs is significant, which is bad considering hedgehogs are endangered and protected animals. Besides hedgehogs are beneficial because they eat a bunch of bugs, which would otherwise cause damage to plants and crops. Ideally you should train your dog to leave hedgehogs alone. However I have yet to meet a dog successfully trained for that. The second best solution is a fence, which prevents hedgehogs from walking into the territory of the dog, hence preventing them from encountering each other. A proper fence also prevents other dogs from suddenly entering your garden to start a fight. It happens once in a while that some dog runs away from home and before it's caught, it enters the property of somebody else and attacks the dog.
  3. Not enough gay

    @Ranzo looks like you didn't notice the new rule added last week "Don't post seizure inducing GIFs without a spoiler and a warning labeling it as such". For some reason it has not been widely announced on the forum that the rules changed, but I have seen mods have started to enforce it.
  4. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    I have to say I'm a bit puzzled by rejecting routes purely based on the level of loliness. To me, how interesting a route is is based on parameters such as story, events, personality and such stuff. Some of them contains a loli, some don't. That in itself is not the deciding factor. If a VN has a loli route, which is junk, it most likely has multiple routes, which are junk because odds are that it's just not a good VN. If all the other routes are worth reading, odds are that the single loli route is also worth reading. The problem is if a loli route is added just to be a loli route and there is nothing else in it. However you can say the same about the route about big boobs. If that is all there is to the route, that one too will be boring to read.
  5. Encoding compatible OGG files

    The bitrate of the PC version is 192 kb/s and the ps2 is just 112 kb/s. Most likely the engine is hardcoded to only work with 192 kb/s.
  6. And what do I do if I really want to read those without having to buy such hardware? It really sucks that such good titles aren't released for windows.
  7. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    I too prefer to skip any route containing scat. I just don't find that fetish attractive at all
  8. Nice video. Now I'm starting to get an idea of the setup and it is indeed a nice one for a game. It's still a bit vague on the VN part itself. From what we know so far, it seems to take place in a makeshift fortress, possibly with divine assistance. However it doesn't tell if it's drama, comedy, slice of life or something else or even a combination of those. However I have to say that I'm still not a fan of Lisistrata's voice. It's so high pitch that I'm fairly certain that I will not last through an entire VN if that voice appears all the time. While I would prefer a deeper voice, at least allow the option of disabling voices on a per character level. It goes without saying that all voices should be written as text as well. It's not a problem in a VN, but you have non-VN parts as well. Adding voice only critical information would clash with the ability to disable voices. Also it would be a good idea to ensure the game is playable for deaf people. Deaf players do exist and I have seen one complaining about releasing a voice only game on GOG. They quickly released the text only version as an additional optional download.
  9. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    Reading through the posts, I noticed a pattern. I will classify the posts as belonging to either of the two groups: Completed: Read all text and reached all endings and CGs Done with it: Reached the endings you want and don't care about the rest VNDB has the classification "dropped", but I think that's more like it's not liking the story and stop in the middle of the common route or something like that. That's not the same as the done classification. As long as we mix both completed and done into completed, we will never agree to a definition of what it mean to complete a VN. I would add that completing a VN despite knowing in advance that you need to read through routes you don't care about is silly and there is nothing wrong with sticking to just being done with the routes, which interest you. It's not like one approach is better than the other. In fact it would be best to mix them and feel free to use either on a per VN approach. The amount of English releases have become so great in recent years that it's no longer a matter of just accepting what you can get, but rather you can now be picky about what you read.
  10. What is considered "finishing" a Visual Novel?

    This is pretty much the definition of finishing a VN. This makes some VNs really hard to finish because not all can be finished with a simple walkthough. For instance Private Nurse has some randomness into the H scenes, meaning reading all the text and finishing all the routes might not have collected all the CGs. In fact due to the way the CGs can be reviewed, the complete number of CGs is not generally known and it's impossible to tell if you really got all variations of every single one. What you should do is to read to have fun. If you don't feel like completing a VN, then don't do that. Not all VNs are worth completing.
  11. Hello!!

    If the mentality of the people of Hokkaidou is even remotely like it is in Snow Sakura, then it sounds like an awesome place. What I know of the place from outside VNs is not bad either, maybe except the risk of heavy snowfall and seismic activity. It doesn't strike me as a place with a lot of otakus as I suspect that is more of a big city thing, but then again Hatsune Miku apparently had a concert in Sapporo, which was full of people, meaning there has to be some people with such interests.
  12. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    I was more thinking like "don't let these crotchety old guard fools discourage you". I know I might be sounding quite harsh, but I try to be helpful and objective. I know people would would be a whole lot harsher than I am regarding a post like this. It's kind of weird reading a description about myself like this. I'm not sure I like the word cocksure as I tend to view it negatively. If I'm sure about something, it's either experience talking or objective facts. I don't think of it negatively to make strong statements if they are statements, which are most certain, like "water is wet". The hardest thing about being project manager for the Musumaker translation is the great difference between what is in the VN and what people think is in the VN. The thing people assume it to be is something I wouldn't work on. It does have dark moments, but not as dark as a number of other VNs. I'm being stalked
  13. Worst online argument: this one It's a really good quote. I really like it. It's just a shame it's used incorrectly. There are two issues with your "proof". 1: the angle stuff. It sounds ok to me and is not farfetched according to either math or physics, but I have two issues with it. One is if that's the case, why haven't I encountered this before? Also is it correct? I need a better source than "somebody on the internet said it" before I will start to accept it as fact. I expect you to treat my statements the same if you are really interested. 2: assuming you are correct about the reflection, it does not provide any sort of proof to tell if the reflectors are placed by humans or machines and as such can't be used to proof presence of humans. This is precisely why I didn't want to talk about this. It turned into the religious talk I feared rather than an objective one. I get the feeling you learned somewhere that the reflectors are the ultimate proof of the Apollo missions. When I question it as such a proof, your reaction isn't to reflect on what I wrote, but rather to maintain your stand and yell conspiracy theorist and science denier, which in this case is just as good as "it's true because my mom says so". Your statements in the last two posts insinuates that you question my sanity. I find that quite harsh considering you assume me to assume the Apollo missions to be fake despite the fact that I explicitly stated I won't make such a statement because there is no solid proof to support a claim like that. I don't really care if you believe the Apollo missions or not, or if you believe the moon is a giant floating egg or whatever. What I do care about is how you assume statements from me, which I didn't make and that way try to make me look foolish. Me too (well not nut, but very interested and skilled), but math is not the answer to everything. You need to learn about garbage in, garbage out as this is a scenario where the result is wrong despite the math being perfect. Also I can't really see how math alone can provide the answer to the question if the reflectors are placed by a human being or by a remote controlled machine, particularly if it has to be proven as in no assumptions, which can turn out to be wrong.
  14. If you are reading this....

    I did come to Fuwa because I was unhappy with HongFire for many reasons (it was even better back then than it is today). It looks like I made the right choice because eventually I found @Happiness+ here
  15. Help me choose my next VN!

    Does this include everything on your list or everything mentioned in this thread. In other words did my description of Snow Sakura actually manage to get you interested in a 14 year old VN?