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  1. So I'm playing Ginharu and I gotta wonder How long does this middle school thing last for? It seems to be taking its sweet time
  2. Interesting list there’s a lot that I agree with I feel compelled to make my own now though I’m less inclined to number my favorites
  3. So I started playing Dreamers and I liked it for a while but now it's kinda boring me I wish there were a lot less slice of life shit How many chapters is this supposed to be anyway? I'm on like chapter 6
  4. Every single one of your opinions is obviously false because you have not played Kokonoe Kokoro You don't know true trash unless you have played that
  5. Hmmm, since I technically finished it in 2019 I'd say Tokyo Babel. It had some good characters and some genuinely interesting ideas and themes but I felt it really fell short of putting forth a cohesive and likable narrative. To me I think that one of the major issues lies with just how bland and utterly boring the protag is. Everything about him was just vacuous and empty and it made the awkward and clumsy attempts at romance(or what little their was) even worse because I could never see how anyone could have a connection with him. Like I know that he's supposed to be stoic and all but that's no excuse for giving him the personality of a chunk of concrete. I wished they had kept Sorami as the protag instead of relegating her as just a major character. I really feel like this was a missed opportunity to make this vn an otome considering there were a lot of interesting male characters on display. Also, while the setting and lore of the story was pretty interesting I think it again fell short. Making it a school setting was a bizarre and frankly stupid choice because of just how little they actually addressed that. Like, I get that in Japanese media literally everything has to be set in a high school or else Japan will sink into the sea, but I hoped for something a little different. I also guess that it kind of makes sense that purgatory would be set in a high school. Something that I also was detrimental to Babel was just the shear amount of fucking info dumps this story has. The story reads like some dude failed to finish his thesis on Jewish and Christian mythology and just decided to cram all that information into the plot of this vn instead. Like, holy shit there are just a constant torrent of names and places that the vn just assumes that we are supposed to be familiar with. Even with my relative grasp on mythology and such I still had to google plenty of these damn names. It made me wonder how the Japanese audience made due with this since most of this shit had to be completely foreign to them. It's like Fate Stay Night on the most aggressive steroids. Still another thing that held the vn back was the fights themselves. They started off interesting but they soon wore off their welcome in that they never seemed to fucking know when to end. They went on forever. Every fight had to be as drawn out and laborious as possible. Oh and let's not forget about all that constant fucking screaming that went on during the battles. was so fucking annoying dude whenever he showed up on screen. Anyway, I didn't like it all that much and basically it's only saving grace was how great a character Lilith was. Without her, I wouldn't've finished playing it. Chaos;Head was also pretty disappointing overall thanks to how utterly loathsome I found the protag to be, like I get that's part of how he's designed but it still kept me from giving a shit about him. I also found the mystery to be not all that interesting and I don't really remember most of it anyway. I was supposed to have played this game since 2013 or so but could never get it to run. It wasn't really worth that wait.
  6. Next thing you're gonna ask is if people under 18 actually avoid adult content because of the disclaimer
  7. So, I decided to boot up Nanario again and now this loli is crying about how she was caught masturbating...what a time to be alive.
  8. Komari's voice in Little Busters because holy shit I think that is still the worst voice I've ever heard in a vn, man it was hard to listen to after a while
  9. The only notable group is the one that I have joined
  10. Unfortunately I think most villainous protagonists usually have them be straight up rapists, which is pretty fucking gross
  11. So, I finished the last route last night and I have to say that it was a really great vn I really loved the protag and just how much of an actual character he was! He had strengths, weaknesses, growth, and something he needed to accomplish and push through. He wasn't Mr. Generic Average High School Boy Number 5000000 Like it actually made sense why these girls would fall for him, which is so different from other vns, (cough Hatsukoi) that have protags that leave me scratching my head why any of these beautiful and cute young ladies would want to ever give Mr. GAHSB the time of day I ended up liking most of the characters and almost all the routes. My favorite was Misaki because I felt a genuine love connection between the two of them. Plus, I loved that reveal about her role in his childhood. Can I say that for the most part the sex scenes were really well handled? Like some of them actually felt romantic and they didn't lean heavily on shitty h scene writing troupes. For the most part anyway. Misaki had the best scenes by far I mean in the second scene Masaya actually takes off his clothes to have sex. Incredible. The side characters were across the board pretty great with Aoi being the standout and favorite character for me. A lot of them felt like they could have easily been reworked as romantic targets. But for every gem there is always going to be a flaw and for me that was Mashiro's route and, well, Mashiro I really couldn't stand her constant annoying clinging to Misaki and I genuinely didn't care for her. Her route also was pretty garbage and felt like a complete afterthought. I thought she would end up going against Arika. I thought they'd flesh out her character more and that yuri relationship with Mayu. Instead she didn't shine in the tournament at all and instead just went against Misaki. It seemed like a waste and I found much of her route a huge chore to play through. Oh, I almost forgot that production quality was aammmmazing I especially loved the backgrounds. They took the already great backgrounds that Koi had and dialed up that shit to 11. Overall, I think this was a truly great vn and I think it's pretty fucking sad that sprite went bankrupt. A real shame.
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