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  1. What are you playing?

    Decided to start playing If My Heart Had Wings because I guess I was looking for something light and fluffy before I restart a lot of the drama heavy vns I'd like to get through I'm a few hours in and it seems fine so far and the girls that I've encountered so far seem pretty decent I actually kinda like the protag and he actually seems like he has some issues to deal with and has the potential for growth which is sadly lacking in quite a few vns Hopefully I won't want to toss him into a spinning propeller half way through the vn
  2. Top 10 Visual Novel Betrayals.

    Symphonic Rain Fate/Stay Night
  3. So, you break open that crypt, search through your sock drawer, your local antiques store in your quest to find more racist memorabilia, or find it in the alleyway between two 7-Eleven's. Anyway, you manage to stumble upon that dusty old lamp. So, you give it the ole' dutch rub and out pops blue Will Smith because this is 2019 and this what you have to expect. After the whole song and dance thing that probably won't hold a candle to the original you are given three wishes with the usual restrictions. What would you wish for?
  4. Poor, Sacchin, poor, poor Sacchin Maybe in the next life she gets the route she deserves
  5. Ohhh yeah this one I was interested in it when I first randomly stumbled upon it I didn't back it and it seems like that was a wise decision in hindsight Which sucks because I like the premise of it..
  6. N O T H I N G A T A L L N O T H I N G A T A L L N O T H I N G A T A L L N O T H I N G A T A L L
  7. VNs that will make me cry for days

    I mean if there is something that can make you cry for days than perhaps you need some sort of psychological care I dunno Symphonic Rain maybe? It's kinda sad.
  8. Fantasy or Mystery VNs

    A few mystery ones you haven't played are Enigma Fatal Twelve Campus Notes - Forget Me Not Miniature Garden and Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish- I ended up enjoying all of these
  9. youtube - Most random

    This is just a really compelling song and music video It blends so well together
  10. Recommend Me Something - No Sex Drive

    I'd say read the manga first and then watch the anime second and then marvel at how it does the manga justice. Yeah I'd also second the reading Tokyo Babel thing because the protag is really robotic and so is his romantic feelings.
  11. I go through several bouts of intense soul searching and feelings of existential dread before randomly deciding to pick up a vn that looks remotely interesting to me. I eventually decide based on if it has a good protag that won't make me want to drive a cement truck through several orphanages
  12. Little Busters: The Apology

    Wait, you wrote a review?
  13. Let me guess, your forum?

    I'm Ranzo known in these here parts as the best user on fuwa and also known for my saucy tarantella
  14. Recommend Me Something - No Sex Drive

    Hmmm. Bloom Into You would be my recommendation if you haven't already read it Yuu is a stone cold gangsta for much of the series