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  1. Yeah it strangely doesn't look awful. They look a bit eery though like those drawling of what pokemon would look like if they were real that's been floating around the net for several years. Not sure about Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu though. Shame they didn't give it to an actual voice actor. Also
  2. Crystalline (Western VN Review)

    I'm playing it right now and I agree with pretty much all that you said, I also wanted to write a review for this dammit! What I really don't care for is the obnoxious amount of referential humor its just not funny. Just the amount of it is staggering, like that long segment in which they referenced breaking bad. Also the boob physics are annoying as well. Tits don't move like that!
  3. So, you have been given the chance to once more crawl around in the dirt like the worm you are. Or like a crippled bee with a torn out stinger writhing in agony as the last flicker of life is released from your pathetic body. I wonder how long your reformation will last before you are once more struck down like some poorly written slash fiction of Paradise Lost. I give it a week? Two?
  4. Yandere

    The mc in Yandere is a piece of shit and that what I was directly talking about
  5. Yandere

    Yeah, but staying for the bad ends is important since you get to see that bastard get what's coming to him. The piece of shit that he is. If you do end up playing Crimson Gray they just released a bit of a sequel/companion to it from the perspective of the yandere which I found to be really interesting. It is a shame that it is woefully short though.
  6. What are you playing?

    I tried tellin' cats that waiting for the 18 patch was a bad idea but they never listened to me. Yeah I found it really weird and off putting as well. And yeah I wish the characters had been a bit better initially especially design wise. I ended up really loving the cast that joins the team later in Alternative and I wished that they had been the main girls. I did like Meiya quite a bit. I played Corpse Party for the first time recently and while I enjoyed my experience I think it is certainly one of those games I would have liked more had I played it when I was younger. A lot of the horror stuff just didn't click with me and walking through all the samey rooms and hallways got old after a while. I also really didn't like that guyz younger sister. For one thing she is supposed to be in Middle School yet they have her talking like she's in kindergarten or elementary school. Middle School girls do not talk like that unless she has some developmental disability I know they were trying to make her seem innocent but they should have just made her younger. I also really didn't like how most of their arc was dedicated to her really needing to piss. It was weird and stupid. Also, I thought the ending was just whatever for me. Nothing was really solved and it seemed like bait for a sequel. One which I don't quite feel like chomping at. I'm playing Crystalline you know that EVN that was made by the fine folks behind Ace Academy and while I'm sort of enjoying myself there are some issues I have with it. One, the story is pretty basic it's your classic Isekai tale that has already been done to death but that's okay the characters are decent and the writing is decent. The second thing is the boob physics. I hate boob physics they are always real off putting and fake. A woman putting her hands on her hips and slightly leaning forward will not cause her tits to ruble like some kind of earthquake. The last thing and worst thing about it is the amount of references. There is just too fucking much and they are not very funny and quite annoying. Referential humor can be funny only if it used in small doses and not all the fucking time. Visually however I think it is pretty great and the backgrounds are damn good.
  7. Happy birthday to Thyndd

    That reminds me I need to make one of mine own since it was a year for me late last month Regardless, happy account day yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  8. Story-driven VN

    I'd recommend you play Fatal Twelve if you haven't already since it is a wonderful time that is filled with a lot of lots of twists that I didn't see coming. Enigma is also another good choice and it is what got me back to the world of VNS Oh I'd also recommend you play Moonlit Garden and Magical Eyes as well since they are satisfying reads despite being relatively short.
  9. Come on man, just call it titty fucking and be done with it.
  10. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    I get that but that doesn't really explain this recent bought of censoring. I wonder what event or decision made them change their policy.
  11. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Yeah, it seems pretty bogus that sony is pulling this rank censorship with it's games man. It doesn't seem like their is any coherent messages from them regarding their decision so I guess we'll just have to wait for that. I don't get the whole religious angle you guyz are peddling though since one it's a Japanese company and two, I'm pretty sure most if not all game companies are secular to a fault. I also don't see any evidence that this is thanks to everyone's favorite boogieman either.
  12. I like episode vns so far as they have a clear release schedule and don't keep you waiting for fucking ages for them to release the second or final episode, like a favorite meme game that is still awaiting it's final chapter.
  13. I Need Visual Novels To Read

    Galaxy Angel, Moonlit Lovers, Eternal Lovers, Clannad, Rewrite, Little Busters, Flowers Vol 1 & 2, Chaos;Head, Enigma, Symphonic Rain, Campus Notes, Eden, Aoishiro, Fatal 12, The Shadows of Pygmalion, Ever17.