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  1. If you truly believe that than all I can say is
  2. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    So, I finished the last route last night and I have to say that it was a really great vn I really loved the protag and just how much of an actual character he was! He had strengths, weaknesses, growth, and something he needed to accomplish and push through. He wasn't Mr. Generic Average High School Boy Number 5000000 Like it actually made sense why these girls would fall for him, which is so different from other vns, (cough Hatsukoi) that have protags that leave me scratching my head why any of these beautiful and cute young ladies would want to ever give Mr. GAHSB the time of day I ended up liking most of the characters and almost all the routes. My favorite was Misaki because I felt a genuine love connection between the two of them. Plus, I loved that reveal about her role in his childhood. Can I say that for the most part the sex scenes were really well handled? Like some of them actually felt romantic and they didn't lean heavily on shitty h scene writing troupes. For the most part anyway. Misaki had the best scenes by far I mean in the second scene Masaya actually takes off his clothes to have sex. Incredible. The side characters were across the board pretty great with Aoi being the standout and favorite character for me. A lot of them felt like they could have easily been reworked as romantic targets. But for every gem there is always going to be a flaw and for me that was Mashiro's route and, well, Mashiro I really couldn't stand her constant annoying clinging to Misaki and I genuinely didn't care for her. Her route also was pretty garbage and felt like a complete afterthought. I thought she would end up going against Arika. I thought they'd flesh out her character more and that yuri relationship with Mayu. Instead she didn't shine in the tournament at all and instead just went against Misaki. It seemed like a waste and I found much of her route a huge chore to play through. Oh, I almost forgot that production quality was aammmmazing I especially loved the backgrounds. They took the already great backgrounds that Koi had and dialed up that shit to 11. Overall, I think this was a truly great vn and I think it's pretty fucking sad that sprite went bankrupt. A real shame.
  3. Well with a user name like that it's pretty clear why you played that route first
  4. What are you playing?

    Still playing Aokana and now I'm stuck playing through Mashiro's route and damn is this route a fucking choir to play through. Every other girl I've ended up really liking so far but for her I just can't do it. And it is finally over Overall, it was a truly great vn that had some pretty compelling stories and fucking amazing production values. I mean, the backgrounds, they were sooo detailed! The routes in order of my enjoyment Misaki>Asuka>Rika> Dead dead last Mashiro Aoi is still the best character out of all of them. This song really encapsulates the whole vn
  5. Surprise landing and whatnot [Re:CAP++]

    You can't ground me because I quit!
  6. Surprise landing and whatnot [Re:CAP++]

    Okay, like, important question
  7. A guy that played through all the best routes already. That's what kind of guy would do that.
  8. How much do you play VN a day/a week?

    In a week? I guess it depends on the vn I can usually get in about 2 to 3 hours a day on average
  9. What are you playing?

    Finally got around to finishing Misaki's route in Aokana What a route! It had some really amazing moments and I really loved the romance between the two of them. They had a interesting dynamic and you could plainly see why the both fell for each other Even the sex scenes were nice and sweet which was so goddamn freaky I felt like I was in another reality Well, now it's time to take on the next one!
  10. Yeah, I know how you feel fam. The art of teasing and flirting is lost to most writers of vns it seems I'd say Campus Notes: Forget Me Not is something that you'd be into It's got a pretty nice back in forth between multiple smart and interesting characters