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  1. Oh yeah now that I think about it that's the case isn't it? I felt curious because the games concept still seems to be from Jun Maeda but I guess it's also a little bit to soon to ask for any kind of opinion when the game isn't even out that long. I'll be patient That's awfully nice of you. To be honest I thought people would shrug their head when seeing this username but it's nice to know that there are people who can find it funny in a way. Thanks!
  2. I didn't read the VN because I'm one of the disappointments that doesn't speak Japanese. And I'm just curious. If it will ever get an english release (ha...) can I expect something like "Little Busters", "CLANNAD" or "Kanon"? Is it something you can recommend? On a side note I didn't read "Rewrite" or "Planetarian" yet, but you always hear good things about those VNs too so if I can expect something like that I guess I wouldn't mind either. I read "AIR" but found it mediocre. And yes, I did read Kiriririris beautiful post and the pic of this handsome muscular old men would be reason
  3. I think almost anything was written already, but there is one thing that still bothers me. Even ignoring non-anime games like GTA, The Witcher etc. things like the Sakura series weren't even mentioned and don't seem to get removed in the near future. What did HuniePop, or these other games that are being removed do that the sakura games didn't do? Could it be that maybe, just maybe Valve doesn't want to remove them, because they keep selling new games every two months and are doing fine in sales? I hope I didn't wrote rubbish just now (sorry if someone is shrugging his head in
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