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  1. What other hobbies do you have?

    Besides consuming all the anime shizzle, I like to do some code stuff for websites, discord bots and the likes. I also draw some anime titties in my free time. However I'm still very bad at it.
  2. Rate the avatar above you

    Shitty clown, but somewhat cute 6.7/10
  3. A bit off topic, but I actually try to read moeges quite often. However most of them get dropped after an hour or so. But newrin was a nice read for once.
  4. This is actually a pretty good VN. One of the better moege comedies I have read this year.
  5. Alrighty then, it seems more ppl have the same problem. here is the repost:
  6. probably because of your avatar, jokes beside... who knows.. I'm on chrome and it works for me. @HMN is also on chrome and can see the pic...
  7. It's showing for me and others? try another browser or try to refresh?
  8. Majikoi and bullet butler finally Arrived, and damn they artbook from bullet butler is fancy af.
  9. Looking for new JP vita VNs

    I'm not searching fault in this thread? I just find it weird that you don't mind going outside to a store... I thought you were a fucking weeb but it seems you are a fucking normie that somehow likes anime titties....
  10. Looking for new JP vita VNs

    B-but you are in Japan, all used goods are all in perfect state or amazon would give you the biggest warning ever if that was not the case.
  11. Looking for new JP vita VNs

    Just remember 90% of the times the porn is added just for the sale and don't have any other values. You are one of the problems why my Visual Novels have shitty porn in them. Shame on you you piece of garbage. And overwhelming amount??? when I was in akiba it was not a whole lot? and do you know you can read the back and read a short description of the game??? That is why I hate kids nowadays, can't think for themselves and need a recommendation well they can pick anything up what looks interesting from the cover and read the back of the game to know the general idea what the game is about.
  12. Looking for new JP vita VNs

    how about going to the akiba and look around and pick anything you find fancy. Don't think about stupid shit like but maybe this game is censored. I bet if you play it and don't look up the original stuff you won't notice that anything is censored.
  13. I can't show the loli stuff, because it's banned from fuwa!