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  1. you bought the best manga out there!
  2. SiglusEngine is the engine rewrite uses... so no.. and after setting your local to japanese you need to restart your pc!
  3. Sorry mate, but I don't leave my home you disgusting normie! (and when I do, I always have my laptop with me)
  4. ikr, my phone is a poteitoo... but I don't have any friends so I don't want to buy a better phone...
  5. Extremely awkward smile while trying to make a selfie...
  6. Play VNs... buy a ps4 with bloodborne... buy a switch play Zelda... read LNs or Manga. Or do what I do and just shitpost all day.
  7. get a proxy shipping and buy it from yahoo actions after it > ??? > profit
  8. Do I need to pick one? or can I say fuck all VNs. but if I had to pick one it would be Natsukuru.
  9. lel what a shit taste. The only 2 good shows are: Warau sales man. this one because the VA is just amazing. and the other good show being: Tsuki ga Kirei. The rest is utter trash.
  10. Still sad you missed the 100% tl on Maki fes
  11. there will be a real VNTS tho... in a couple of hours...
  12. I'll do it for $24,999!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. if you end up getting this plant.. you can always ask me for tips, so you can keep your plant healthy and productive .
  14. Happy Birthday @Dergonu