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  1. Dating Fuwo members [round 1]

    Round 4! At this point I'm starting too think there are either only 2 girls on fuwo or all the handsome dudes aren't actually handsome.. 1. The god himself @Okami 2. The fancy garbage collector, picking up all the trash with a smile. Don't worry girls, this guy likes to be abused. @Chewy 3. The guy on the depressing journey @Andromis
  2. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    Hey man, you are hot. But I can't see any girls! Want to join the fuwo dating thread? To be honest you will probably steal all the girls.
  3. Dating Fuwo members [round 1]

    Round 3 is starting now! It seems so far nobody had any luck, who would have imagined nobody would have any luck. So this time I will throw some real handsome dandies! 1. The Smugger and snugger. @Zander 2. The forced smile with a hint of depression, this boi need some love! ' @Barry Benson 3. The penisshapedbeard @Joris914 4. Your daily Sultan. @babiker
  4. Dating Fuwo members [round 1]

    Tbh, it's my fetish, although I certainly don't want to be on the receiving end!
  5. Dating Fuwo members [round 1]

    Too bad for the HMN, HSMFULL and me. no candidates.. but for the girls reading this, don't give up yet! Round 2 is starting now! 1. The eyes that could eat your soul. @Zakamutt 2. The crazy Psychopath @SpinningShiat 3. The army boii @Kiriririri
  6. Hello there best fuwo members, today we have some bois including me looking for some cuto non 2D girls. Are you a girl and want to date a Fuwo member? Well today is your lucky chance! 1. The Dabber @hsmsful 2. The typical weeb @Asonn 3. Your average looking terrorist? @HMN This are the members for the first round? any question for any of these handsome guys? Just mention them and ask away!
  7. Find a good avatar for Amethyst!

    oh, I'm not your type? what should I do differently to become your type?
  8. All these fake weebs disgust me. Anyways recently I got new shelves and some new games so here is my new setup.
  9. Battling against exams.

    Thanks for your suggestions everyone, as the degenerate I am I will fire open some doujins when ever I feel too stressed.
  10. Battling against exams.

    It has been a busy week. I've been learning for my exams. So far so good... well hopefully. And it's still not done T-T. But I need a break, my brain is on the verge of exploding. How do you guys relax and take a break when you had to learn for exams? What I did back in the day was firing op some good old eroge. Get some lotion ready and let the stress flow out. I could always stop after an hour or 2. However the ages are changing and so am I. When I start playing eroge nowadays, I completely forget everything around me. I get so sucked in that I read 12 hours a day if I really like the game... However I should only read 1 or 2 hours max a day or else I won't have enough time to read and make notes for this thicc book of 600 pages about Networks. So in short what should I do for a short break?!
  11. ONE VN you should read before you die.

    Natsukuru: Standing on the fine line of life and death. Gravity crushing multiple realities. Who is the real you and who and what are you classmates really. Why is the town abandoned by everyone except 5 students with mental problems? And who is lurking in the shadow watching your every move?
  12. This chat program is called, discord and I guess we can give you a link. you seem like a cool guy ;^)