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  1. Share a weird/stupid/disturbing dream

    The moon was dyed in a sinister crimson red, almost the same color as blood. The blood I have seen too many times. It reminded me of my fellow brethren who died in the great depression. They were heroes. They died for our sins, the common folk. They gave their lives to protect our freedom. And yet we lost it, we lost the battle. Their names now long forgotten and even the people who were once our comrades do only smirk when they hear about their deaths. Traitors, filthy traitors. They got their piece of the pie by betraying our common interest. They did it solely to give light to their own little niche. It sickens me to death. That day a part of me died and so did the large lurking part of the community. I still have nightmares and sweat profusely when I wake up. Every morning I wake up with the horrible sense of defeat. The defeat of shit post, the death of the old mod team. And yet this forum lingers on only waiting for their credit to run out. Good luck comrades and bon voyage.
  2. Help out Zaka!

    So I'm writing this post to help out a good friend, someone kind of known in this community. He always shills this certain game and he played it a lot and is actually planning on translating it. However, here is where the problem occurs. Me and my friend who made the gofundme page are in an economical crisis and let us not even begin about Zaka, who still live with his parents and is reliant on his social benefits. He does not want to torrent Shimaisou II. But is literally forced to torrent the game if he wants to play it, that's the way how the patriarchy molded him. So we want him to break lose from the system and actually let him buy the game! So that is why we guys need your help. https://www.gofundme.com/buy-zaka-shimaisou-ii We set the goal as low as possible, just to show every dime counts. Thank you for donating or spreading the go fund me page. It means the world to us.
  3. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    It's probably both of you want the last word, and one of you probably the wiser (looking at you) should stop replying. Hopefully MCDerp takes the hint. Worse case an moderator need to sort you guys out with the old fashion time out at the staircase w. it seems McDerp didn't.. oh well
  4. Causes of Runtime Error 406 Corrupt download or incomplete installation Corruption in registry Virus or malware infection that has corrupted system files. So, runtime error 406, is mostly when you have a download fail. try reinstalling it, execute the installer as admin so it will be able to write the necessary files to your roaming. last issue might be the download version comes with missing files or corrupted files. The latter is mostly the case with illegal copies tho.
  5. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    I think you guys have both different options and that is okay, you don't have to fight over it. I might not like MTL, but if someone wants to, let them do so. If they enjoy it's all fine. Maybe they even get the intention to learn Japanese as they want to understand more and more while reading.
  6. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    Guys, don't take this idiots serious. You know what don't ever take a translator serious or someone who knows to claim Japanese. I've been friends with a lot of people who can speak Japanese and even make a living of it, and yet they claim MTL is bad, blahblah. but it's all BS. Most people think I know a bit of Japanese and let me tell you, this will be my first time I ever confess this. I actually don't at all. I use MTL for everything and speak with a lot of those so called friends about VNs I've read and they respect my opinion about it and I can talk about most details and they haven't showed any doubt that I could actually read it. What an absolute morons. I even tl doujins and get praised for it. LUL can you imagine it. It only reads so well because most of my projects has an editor.
  7. Fantasy or Mystery VNs

    Nanairo and akeiro, are both pretty good and has some mystery elements to it. It might have a bit too much h-scenes tho. Natsukumo Yururu - lolige with h-scenes but one with the best actually story with denpa/mystery elements in it. (this one is my absolute favorite VN of all time) They all have a true ending.

    HMN crew no more. Say hello to the Asonn Society. RISE UP, But not your boners
  9. Hello guys, virgin here

    Heya, welcome! MAL is pretty bad security wise (or was in the past) so I would recommend anilist, and make sure to make a VNDB account.
  10. Clockwork Alt Works

    Nice, but you are not the only with alts, all most everyone has alts (except me cuz I'm a good boii), all past and current mods have alts. And about the part about getting back in this community is honestly what I don't really get. The community exist out 10-20 people and their alts making fake conversations and threads. Oh and the people who sign up to make recommendation threads who have already have been discussed a million times. And since their is now a high anti-policy on memes and shitpost, the only thing that I notices that this community is going stale. It makes me sad to see you go, in a already decreasing community. I salute to you my friend.
  11. Happy birthday to Thyndd

  12. watch out, all the people who memed these kinda threads are dead or have been banned. so when will you get banned?