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  1. I have the same problem with Chrome
  2. Image 1 says: Please insert disk Image 2: The disk isn't found. So either buy the game instead of trying to use a crack version or crack it right.
  3. dying Neko.. mmh.. 6/10
  4. I would appreciate it if you could join the Thunderclap:https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/51573-dies-irae-for-the-world
  5. I bought some news games so I re-order my shelves:
  6. So there were about 25K pledges without rewards that could be trolls and be dropping off.... and now commenting this? now people are scared of content getting cut off and more people will be dropping their pledges most likely GG
  7. They most likely tried to confirm that Rusalka has a H-scene.... or at least that is my best bet. and if this was really happening light would have tweeted it in Japanese first
  8. MFC link, so I can show off all my figures and merch
  9. Mhh why is learning Japanese for weeb things stupid? if you actually enjoy learning the language and enjoy reading VNs or other Japanese media, why not learn the language because in my eyes the ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself. I didn't learn Japanese for any business related things but for my enjoyment which everyone number 1 reason should be for learning.
  10. Do you enjoy studying Japanese? Do you like to write stories in Japanese? if so yeah go for it. However don't expect to be a light novel writer... and if you would study this only to write books in Japanese. than I wouldn't recommend it. however when you know Japanese you can read the VNs and manga without waiting for a Million years....
  11. MeriKuri https://vndb.org/v1321 I know it's 2017 already, but I'm still the holiday mood.
  12. It was yet another pretentious game with a lot of crap. I cannot phantom people actually like this stuff.