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  1. watching the anime is not close to reading the VN at all btw. I would highly recommend to play Clannad. that is what you are looking for. and read all the VNs they're so much better than the animes, especially Grisaia
  2. It says that it can't access PEWHappiness.system.dat. go to the file and make sure that the file is readable. and else try to reinstall
  3. chiitrans, but ITHVNR should work. did you select the right thread?
  4. Doesn't exist. you have MTL but 80% will be translated to bullshit. Wouldn't recommend it at all.
  5. Did Fuwa die?

    It was for everyone and you might discover some bugs here and there. Especially with the themes.
  6. @Tay pinging is not working or not in all cases? or it doesn't have a nice ping layout when posted. it does when making/editing a post. so it might be a theme/layout problem....
  7. Bishoujo Mangekyou

    beta testing is going to happen soon and after that it would probably take another month to polish the found of the testers. but we all know @Arcadeotic is a lazy slob so I won't expect it to be done this year.
  8. Comiket 92!

    I'll be attending comiket 92 next week, and I was wondering if any other fuwa members are going to be there. If so, please say hi to my lonely ass. @Hanako might be going as well. At least the plan was we would be total weeb together in Japan, but he went and hurt his knee. So he might have to cancel his trip(lets hope he is still coming). rip hannie, and of course me, because I'll be the lonely guy now. This will also be my first time going on vacation alone and outside of Europe. So I'm getting pretty anxious and really happy that the trip is almost so far. Anyways if you guys want some goods at comiket, you can let me know and I'll try to pick it up for you. But remember you will have to pay for it and pay for the shipping as well. If you live in Europe I could ship it when I'm in the Netherlands. so you don't have to pay any vat and other shenanigans.
  9. Libra of the vampire- Review

    wew, giving a bad game a 8/10. what is wrong with you? The writing is really bad. it was bad in Japanese but the localization theme made it even 10 times worse, everyone should at least complain about the lack of quality in the writing. even I, one of the worst people in English proficiency saw many flaws with it.
  10. Try all the Whirlpool games out there.
  11. Summer 2017 Anime Discussion

    Tenshi no 3P will save anime. This is the same as the loli basket ball series but this time with rock music! count me in!!
  12. What do you seek from VNs?

    I want enjoyment, but unfortunately not many VNs give me enjoyment anymore as it's a lot of copy pasta.
  13. depends, if the team behind the fanTL will join up with jast. if so I think we will see the light of it in this decade or at least I hope so....
  14. Patch of the full common route is released: you can get it here: https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2017/07/01/tsujidou-san-no-junai-road-update-6-full-common-route-patch/