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  1. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    Since when are shitposts allowed again?
  2. Reverse engineering visual novels 101: Part 1 & 2 https://hackernoon.com/reverse-engineering-visual-novels-101-d0bc3bf7ab8 https://hackernoon.com/reverse-engineering-visual-novels-101-part-2-9258f547262a For dummies https://forum.kazamatsuri.org/t/rldev-for-dummies/917 This is what I found with a quick google search. It seems interesting and gives you some insight into what and where to look for. I also recommend taking a look at all the tools available: https://github.com/search?q=visual+novel Just play with already hacked games and try to insert your own sprites and text.
  3. Happy new year

    Have a great 2020
  4. More Santa Hats for your Avatars

  5. VN with an autistic protagonist/heroine?

    Almost all heroines in any general VN have to be autistic to date most protags.
  6. The Outer Worlds

    Probably gives you that feel because, some of the devs are the makers of the original Fall out games. some more info https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Obsidian_Entertainment#targetText=Bethesda Softworks announced on April,s video game production wing.
  7. Hope you guys enjoy the game as much as I did back when I read it.
  8. Icon of my war driven character (WIP)

    Pretty cool. I'm getting code vein vibes.
  9. Hi Hi

    Sup' hope you have a great time at Fuwo
  10. It was a good read. Learned some new words as well! Would recommend! Funny and well written translation sir.
  11. If you are not the main translator it would be hard to be a "leader figure". The main translator needs to make sure that the translation is in the best shape it can be. And has to judge if other people are good enough to work on the project. And like Zaka said start small, it's a nice way to learn everyone strong and weak points. But if you are looking for a group to bond with and want to use your creative skills you can always look for a doujin group. They are almost always in need for a redrawer/cleaners etc. Like Fuwa <star> Fuwa translations. We always are in need for a redrawer
  12. More Ayaka goods! and some other kinkoi goods. Next week I will probably get another 2 packages
  13. Bought some classic titles. And of course some Ayaka goods