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  1. Why Riddle Joker is Kongou's Bongos

    ‽                                                                     ¿
  2. None. I'm a degenerate that likes lolis. I already accepted that I'm a degenerate. So I don't feel ashamed of anything now. Alos Chiru Chiru is a good game btw.
  3. I would go gay for our beloved Kengo.
  4. Less highschool heroines. Less adult heroines
  5. No option for a tablet. I rate this poll 0/10
  6. Within 10 years all translators will lose their job : ) another plus point is that we don't have to deal with bad TL's like Moenovel. Although I suspect the editor's workload will increase.
  7. Yeah, sure let's start an open source where every monkey can put his TL without any quality control. sounds like a great way to ruin a VN.
  8. Help me pick my next VN

    Neither of these 3. but I/O if you are forced to read something. (Forest is the best, but that should be your first JP experience)
  9. 600 Is The New 500 AMA

    I could ask a generic question and let you be happy. but I'm not gonna. I literally don't care. I'm only posting this cuz I don't want to sleep at the moment. So tell me, why should this be a relevant AMA.
  10. Far, Far away.

    Yes, you can. Will I listen? Who knows...
  11. Far, Far away.

    Watch the anime and my tl will make more sense esp the last line cuz that is a title drop.
  12. Far, Far away.

    my first song translation, please go easy on me. そっと記した夢 The dream I peacefully wrote for myself 言い訳ばかりして I was full of excuses ほったらかしにしていた Always alone. 変わるのが怖くて Scared of change 何があるのかも There might be something out there 何が変わるのかも Something might change 行ってみなきゃわからない Only one way to find out, I have to go さあ一歩前に踏み出そう Well, let's begin with one first step 大きな夢を叶えたくて To fulfill this big dream of mine はるか遠く遠く In a place far, far away. 真っ白な世界に残したいな I want to leave it in a pure white world. 最初の足跡 The first few footsteps. 世界の最果てで In the furthest ends of the world. 転がっていく太陽 Where the sun tumbles down 南風はやがて島を越えて髪を揺らす The southern wind passes the island and sways my hair ちっさな夢を叶えたくて To fulfill this small dream of mine. 願った強く強く wishing ever so strongly. 履き慣れたスニーカー putting on my over familiar sneakers 紐をキュット締め直して Tighten them ever so strongly でっかい夢を叶えたくて To fulfill this huge dream of mine. はるか遠く遠く In a place far, far away. 波に揺られてかったふりして Pretending to be shaken by the waves 進んでゆくよ I advance 宇宙(そら)より遠くへ To the furthest place in the universe (Is this the right board? Who knows...)
  13. Hello

    Welcome : )
  14. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum. I'm only a few years late. but do enjoy your stay kouhai.