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  1. Check out Phenomeno. It's the only one that I know of in english. Unfortunately it's very short.
  2. Actually this thread gave me some insights that I see less often about Euphoria, because there is a sites out there that lot that people just put on a pedestal for it... Fuwanovel is not a heavy traffic forum and she probably wanted a more personal response. I don't see anything wrong in one person creating a topic for this. Yeah, I know, she could have just searched for it but still... I might not be here on fuwa for such a long time, but that's my honest opinion. Because after all, the Forums are here to discuss, isn't it? It barely has new threads anyway...
  3. Erm... Why? The metric system is used in most countries of the world. The only notable country using the imperial system is the US. I honestly hope that I just misunderstood your meaning with that sentence, otherwise I'm just straight up confused with this reasoning. You say that you would love to translate in English instead of American, but that's not up to your choice. At the same time you flatly refuse to change the imperial system that is the one used (mostly) only in America? Keeping the metric system even don't give the trouble of converting the values to the translators...
  4. I really like the Crunchyroll translation on this image. I think that's the general idea of what most of the fans are after and used to. People are just afraid of translations like Hadena and 4Kids *cofcofwhichsometimesifeelthatwegetthosecofcof*
  5. Ciel nosurge has a english patch for modded Vita users or/and playlist on youtube with all the story and a lot of interactions translated. Ion is a really sweet and lonely girl who interacts directly with the player via the Ps Vita. She is super cute and warm, growing closer with you the more time you spend with her. And... Um... I really need to play more games with cute girls just being lovely with the player as I am out of other recommendations like these.
  6. I wish the best of luck for you! Kazoku Keikaku is one of the VN's that I really have high expectations for it! Older translations have it rough... >.<
  7. Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. (Short. Beautiful.) Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku (Sequel of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 but it's not really necessary to play it. DS game, but you can play it on a emulator. Both are small and amazing novels.) Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- Little Busters! (And any other KEY titles that you find time to play, very long although.) Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO (It's a classic and you may find the PC-98 visuals to be memorable in a era that we don't see Visual Novels looking as this anymore. Long.) Chaos;C
  8. Oh my god. I guess that I'm never visiting Poland. Happy Jesus and Chocolate day to everyone!
  9. It happens a lot with me. >.< I am ashamed for this but sometimes I just don't feel like continuing some novel... So I stop playing for a while and if it becomes a long period, then I re-start playing it from the begin.
  10. I have the exactly same question as you. Searching I was only able to find this very old and vague post from Mangagamer explaining the differences. Sorry, I'm also lost but at least I can share with you this. Source: https://mangagamer.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/ef-the-first-tale-updates/ (It's kinda fun to browse the old blog and see how much Mangagamer has grown and changed.) I've also found at the end of the post a image of the manual in a blog that reviewed the LE of ef and say a little about the differences. Source: https://normanicgrav.blogspot.com/2015/02/unbox
  11. Hello, I'm looking for notable utsuge. I'm kinda new to the genre and to untranslated visual novels, so I would like to know what are the best games. (Nakige and Kamige in general are fine too.) I'll be adding these to my "to read list" so don't worry about the language level. (Altough I would be happy if you can point out if some title in particular is very difficult to read even for people used to read in japanese, just for me to take note of that.) My wishlist in VNDB is a mess and I don't remember many of titles that I have added there, so please disconsider that as I'm
  12. What a coincidence, hehe. It would be really awesome if people decided to translate these things for more persons be able to read them. I can read a little bit of Japanese, but I am in no way fluent and still need a lot of help with dictionaries and all. If you someday become really good at reading JPN, you can also check those books. Although I have not yet purchased them and can't say for sure that they are good! 超エロゲー or 超エロゲー ハードコア (I'm not sure if hardcore is just an revised edition with more content or a complete different book... Still have to research more!) ぼくたちのギ
  13. I would like to know more about Visual Novels industry history. I happen to have a Japanese book that kinda talks about this topic but well, it is in Japanese. エロゲー文化研究概論 増補改訂版 So that's very restrictive for people to aren't in a good level of reading in Japanese or just don't know... I don't see much people talking about older games and I would also love to know about titles that were really famous in another decades (both in the west and east) and why they were like that, who were the favorite heroines from past decades and etc... I think that this is a part that we are lacki
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