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  1. What are you playing?

    After being away from the Visual Novel world for a long time, I'm reading Supipara, chapter 1. A shame that I will never know the end of the story since minori is no more... A little off-topic but I'm also really happy that the Irotoridori Kickstarter campaign was successfull, I can't wait to play it when it is complete!
  2. What other hobbies do you have?

    Besides watching anime, browsing the internet and playing video-games I enjoy Lolita and Yami Kawaii fashion. I just bought my first dresses but still have to save up money to complete my cords and go out with them I draw as a minor hobby, even if I still have a lot go to get satisfied with my art It's fun to watch videos of cats and otters (yes, otters) doing random things on YouTube I love riding metros because in my hometown we kinda don't have them, so, whenever I am in Toronto I can have lots of silly fun riding the subways everywhere, yay The quiet atmosphere and the shaky feeling they give is so cool Trying random Japanese and Korean candies is so much fun too. I guess you could call that a hobby I used to be a student in Veterinary Medicine and biology is my passion and I loved learning more about the living organisms. But since I'm currently changing universities and courses to have a better life in Canada, that's kinda on-hold and I miss it a lot. It's not the same thing learning on the internet, I want to go into the labs again! (Hopefully, someday I will still graduate in Vet, this change is just a preparation for what is to come) Have a random Japanese otter to brighten up your day
  3. Hi everyone!

    Hi hi! Welcome! It's a shame what happened to you. I have one friend which I can talk about visual novels in real life and I must admit, it's fun to have a casual talk with someone and just chat about your favourite parts or characters in the game... I hope that someday someone who shares the same interests with you appears, even if you can have tons of fun discussing VN's online! And I wish to get better soon in Japanese to immerse myself in the Untranslated works faster! Anyway, nice to meet you~ Are you currently reading something? What is your favourite work?
  4. Island Steam Release (Steam Store Opened)

    Oh. I guess they put the page on air now because of the Island anime that's currently airing on Crunchyroll Gotta ride the hype to attract potential buyers! My bet is that Island is going to launch on the middle of next month Also, I think that Island is a promising title, the art style looks really nice and the theme of the game is appealing I probably won't play on the launch, but I pray to be a successful release!
  5. Fuwanewbie

    @Everyone Thank you! I already feel very welcomed here I'm still at the prologue chapter, on March 12, but the gore scene was pretty gruesome already so I fear for what's coming next Going completely blind at it too, so I'm looking forward even for the bad endings haha Thank you very much, I enjoy quite a lot the Liar soft games It's always nice to know another fan of Inganock I'm kinda in a dilemma now, I really want to read Shikokku no Sharnoth next, but I don't know if I should read the translation or wait until I get better at Japanese to have a better grasp of Sakurai's prose. I heard that the translation of Inganock was missing in some parts but still fine, but SnS didn't have the same luck... Do you know anything regarding that? Yes, I am! I was born in Minas Gerais and live in the capital, but I have been moving a lot between Canada and Brazil because of studies. From which state are you?
  6. Fuwanewbie

    Hello! My name is Karina, but you can call me Neko if you want, I'm 24 years old and I am a fan of visual novels since 2012. At that time, I didn't know VNDB very well, so Fuwanovel helped me a lot to find translated works and just getting to know Visual Novels better in general. Also, I always give preference to walkthroughs written here, because you guys make everything fancy and pretty to the eyes, that makes me want to use them lol! I'm quite shy and I'm still not used to chat in Forums, but since Fuwanovel seems to have a friendly community I decided to give it a try. I recently started to read Kara no Shoujo and have high expectations for it. The last works that I've read are: Subarashiki Hibi, eden*, MuvLuv and Hanachirasu My favourite novels are Inganock and Little Busters I'm slowly learning how to read Japanese and was reading Baldr Sky, but for some circumstances, that's currently on-hold. Anyway, nice to meet you! P.s: English is not my native language, so please forgive me if my English sounds too awkward!