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  1. I wish the best of luck for you! Kazoku Keikaku is one of the VN's that I really have high expectations for it! Older translations have it rough... >.<
  2. Hello guys newbie here

    Hello! Have a nice stay!
  3. Last visual novel

    Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. (Short. Beautiful.) Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku (Sequel of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 but it's not really necessary to play it. DS game, but you can play it on a emulator. Both are small and amazing novels.) Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- Little Busters! (And any other KEY titles that you find time to play, very long although.) Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO (It's a classic and you may find the PC-98 visuals to be memorable in a era that we don't see Visual Novels looking as this anymore. Long.) Chaos;Child (Since you liked Chaos;Head. People say that this is much better.)
  4. Happy Easter Everyone! Also, spiders!

    Oh my god. I guess that I'm never visiting Poland. Happy Jesus and Chocolate day to everyone!
  5. Well, I really liked the Ciconia simultaneous release announcement.
  6. Going back to VNs?

    It happens a lot with me. >.< I am ashamed for this but sometimes I just don't feel like continuing some novel... So I stop playing for a while and if it becomes a long period, then I re-start playing it from the begin.
  7. What are you playing?

    I have the exactly same question as you. Searching I was only able to find this very old and vague post from Mangagamer explaining the differences. Sorry, I'm also lost but at least I can share with you this. Source: https://mangagamer.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/ef-the-first-tale-updates/ (It's kinda fun to browse the old blog and see how much Mangagamer has grown and changed.) I've also found at the end of the post a image of the manual in a blog that reviewed the LE of ef and say a little about the differences. Source: https://normanicgrav.blogspot.com/2015/02/unboxing-ef-fairy-tale-of-two-limited.html And if someone can be more specific about the changes between NNL's script and Minori's script, I would be very happy to listen.
  8. Looking for Untranslated Utsuge

    Hello, I'm looking for notable utsuge. I'm kinda new to the genre and to untranslated visual novels, so I would like to know what are the best games. (Nakige and Kamige in general are fine too.) I'll be adding these to my "to read list" so don't worry about the language level. (Altough I would be happy if you can point out if some title in particular is very difficult to read even for people used to read in japanese, just for me to take note of that.) My wishlist in VNDB is a mess and I don't remember many of titles that I have added there, so please disconsider that as I'm trying to be more organized this time.
  9. What a coincidence, hehe. It would be really awesome if people decided to translate these things for more persons be able to read them. I can read a little bit of Japanese, but I am in no way fluent and still need a lot of help with dictionaries and all. If you someday become really good at reading JPN, you can also check those books. Although I have not yet purchased them and can't say for sure that they are good! 超エロゲー or 超エロゲー ハードコア (I'm not sure if hardcore is just an revised edition with more content or a complete different book... Still have to research more!) ぼくたちのギャルゲークロニクル I'm kinda lost too in the releases, but that's more because of myself, since I let too many games on my backlog and let a lot of games to buy later... Also, I miss sites like the old Fuwanovel that could list all the current releases and fan translations with images... Of course, we have VNDB and new Fuwanovel, but the VNDB design it's kinda hard on my eyes with the small letters and long texts. And I it seems like the new Fuwanovel website is outdated? I'm not sure. That's just my impression without any evidence or whatever so. But anyway, in my previous comment I meant more in a way that I am really curious to know what kind of characters people in the 80's, 90's and 00's liked and why, y' know?
  10. I would like to know more about Visual Novels industry history. I happen to have a Japanese book that kinda talks about this topic but well, it is in Japanese. エロゲー文化研究概論 増補改訂版 So that's very restrictive for people to aren't in a good level of reading in Japanese or just don't know... I don't see much people talking about older games and I would also love to know about titles that were really famous in another decades (both in the west and east) and why they were like that, who were the favorite heroines from past decades and etc... I think that this is a part that we are lacking in English and it would be really interesting to read more about it!
  11. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    Can't we just settle on making an option of turning the honorifics on and off like in Newton and the Apple Tree? And I'll also just throw my two cents here saying that I also prefer games being translated instead of localized. Since I'm not from the US and there are customers from all around the world that want to read, not just NA. And it just feels awkward to have characters saying american memes and slurs because those fit in the localisation, I already suffer with these enough in regular games. But that's just my preference. I know/am learning Japanese, but since I am not fluent in the language yet. I do am a customer for the offered products so I will let my opinion here too, it's absurd to say that you can't complain about a product that you are the consumer like some users said that we should just learn JP if not happy~ I do think that the translation turned to be okay for this title reading the reasons! And of course, it's not by using honorifics or not, some nicknames, etc. That we define a great translation from a bad one! It's by properly translating the nuances and story into English. But we all have our feelings and voices about our preferences in translations, especially in localisations and say them in hope for them to be recognized and known, to them be considered by the companies and receive a product that is closer to what we wish to see.
  12. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    Eeeh... Yes and no. I played Supipara and I can say that there is a bigger plot behind the scenes, which we didn't get the chance to see it complete but that's not very explored in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 anyway. (We see only hints and a brief dialogue at the end of each episode about it. I suppose that minori would invest in this plot more at later episodes.) Vol. 1 Covers Sakura route. Vol. 2 Covers Amano route. So you can play these as an standalone Charage just fine, they are fun by itself if you like games like this. But for the true Nakige experience that Supipara was supposed to be, sadly we needed all the 5 Episodes.
  13. Hello everyone

    I have the chance of studying in a model japanese school in my city here, but I'm in doubt if I should, since it is more money to expend and I'm already self-sufficient here... What it is like studying there? Would you recommend it? Hmmm. I didn't know that Forest had this system of choices. Seems interesting but definitely frustrating too. I still want to play it a lot anyway but I understand your point. Inganock is kinda loose but there are some 'mysteries' to be found out so that should help a little. The gameplay in Inganock is kinda simple and skip-able, I recommend doing it with a walkthrough if you want, it is just a simple system of 'choosing the characters in the right order'. And no, I haven't, I'm waiting for the re-translation. One of my problems with Japanese is that I get bored really fast since reading takes more time. I'm trying to read hoshimemo because is a story that I really want to know and I want to wait for the patch anyway... I fear that if I already knew the story, I would just drop midways. But I understand your point and think that it's a great idea. So I might do it with another novel at another time. With hoshimemo I plan to read the translation after, to see if I got everything more or less right. Aww, that's a shame. But haha, and don't worry about me talking about BL works. I won't. I just like to play games with the old boy and girl romance. And other genres like mystery, action, horror, fantasy, etc etc. (Although I can make exceptions if the game sounds really amazing, like Aoishiro for example!) I'll PM you tomorrow so we can talk more there, now I'm going to rest! Good night
  14. Seems to me like Sekai is trying to clear its bad reputation if we group together their recent actions. (The re-translations attempts with Hoshimemo and ChronoClock, trying to keep with the monthly updates on some projects, offering refunds, translation status page opened, restructuring of the company team... I lost my faith on them, so I may be missing some stuff that I didn't check or see) Let's just see if this keeps up and they turn in a better company or if they will just continue being... Bleh. Also if they are really trying be a better company, it makes me want to punch them for releasing a Chinese translation without even checking it first.
  15. Hello everyone

    Hi again, Haha, I want to play Aoishiro exactly because of the multiple bad endings and mystery! I don't mind much the romance on this one so everything is good. What you didn't like about Forest? I still have to play this one. And if you don't mind fantasy settings and somewhat poetry-like dialogues you should check Inganock. Although I'm not sure if you will enjoy since I haven't played Forest and cannot say if they are similar... I'm also studying japanese. If you want we can share materials to study one day. I'm trying to read Hoshizora no Memoria in Japanese now, but it is hard to keep yourself motivated in your first VN's since it takes much longer to read... And please forgive-me if asking this is rude, but are you perhaps a girl? I saw one post of you saying that you are writing an Otome scenario for Katawa Shoujo and that got me curious. Since I'm also a girl and I find kinda rare to know other girls that enjoy Visual Novels (Besides Otomege!) It's always nice to find another girl in the same hobby. (And if you aren't, sorry!) But anyway, have a nice week! And enjoy Enigma, I need to play this one later too!