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  1. VNS like HunniePop or Booty Calls?

    Ultimate Boob Wars
  2. Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to Fuwa! Have a lot of fun here. There are no good light novels that are complete.
  3. Hi Everyone!

    Hey, someone else from India. I was convinced no one else read (VN's) there at all. Welcome to Fuwa! P.S. VN's are read most of the time, but some like Kamidori or Eiyuu Senki have enough game-elements that you can say that you played them!
  4. Favorite VN?

  5. I actually remember a scene in Ayakashibito, where the MC helps the female lead pee. There is literally no point to this scene. It's just randomly there in an otherwise chuuni VN. I actually end up skipping most of the H-scenes. I seem to enjoy sexual humour or dirty jokes that are tastefully included, as well as implied sex, in romance, but if it was only H-content alone that got censored, i could maybe, possibly deal with it. I would probably never touch a moege again though.
  6. hi

    The fist 2 neptunia games don't have a high graphic requirement, and can be played on an intel graphics card, even on a pretty garbage-tier laptop.
  7. hi

    Welcome to Fuwa. It is a great place to talk about VN's. And nice to hear that you play Neptunia. I wasted 2 years of my life on this.
  8. Hello everyone

    Enjoy your stay!
  9. He..llo

    Yup. You'll do just fine.
  10. What kind of all age version has sexual content?
  11. MUltiple Girls VN

    Is no one gonna mention rakuen? Its got like the ultimate haremu ending despite being awesome