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  1. When you say continuation (sequel) which ending do you think it will continue?
  2. Santa Hats for Your Avatars, once again

    I want tanya smoking a candy cane. Maybe a white moustache as well.
  3. The Tinder Game [Ep. 1] [Universal Game Studio] NSFW

    Japanese games are censored with mosaics cause of their censorship laws. What possible excuse do you have? (I'm hoping that your actual game is uncensored)
  4. It really depends. I usually want a somewhat happy ending, even if the mid-story has lots of sad parts. But if it's really well done I'd love sad ends as well. I still maintain that Amane's bad end is Grisaia's best ending.
  5. What kind of ending structure do you prefer?

    Another thing I've noticed, is true endings itself seem to be divided into different types. 1. The author likes a specific heroine the most. This usually makes the better route simply because more effort has been put in it. This can irritate people all the more when the heroine/hero that they like has a weak route. 2. An answer kind of route, as seen in Cartagra or 999, where the pairings aren't so important to the route itself. Even suzu's route in Ayakashibito was kind of like this, not because suzu was considered the main pairing (I actually liked route 2 more) but because you actually understood everything at the end of this route. 3.Something like Tsukihime where every single character has its own true route. That being said in this example, nearly every true route is rage inducing which is why they added good ends as well. A kit if the times though a true route can also be a in the best case scenario route. Like in Steins:Gate you only get on the true route if everything else happens perfectly (which obviously doesn't in several timelines). In these cases also the true route doesn't really invalidate the other routes. If done well a true route can be a lot of fun especially in chuuni/Mystery VN's. That being said for the most part True Routes seem to irritate a lot more people when thrown into moeges, where the entire purpose is to not have true route (being able to select your favorite girl as true)
  6. What kind of ending structure do you prefer?

    1.This isn't always the case. Tsukihime's true endings were pretty sad to the point where he had to make an alternate good ending to make people feel better. Rather than to force you into a certain ending, a lot of the times a true ending tries to show you an alternate perspective on events you have already seen. It requires information, which is shown in other routes, rather than just infodumping it in the true route. For example, in multiple route mysteries it acts as an "answer" kind of route, where everything you have learnt comes into perspective for the final twist. This doesn't make other possibilities (routes) untrue, rather they are part of the journey. They set your expectations and build up the ending. I wouldn't have enjoyed Cartagras endings so much without going over all the other ends first. 2. All of fates routes are true and cannon including the bad ends and fandiscs. There is an entire set of magic called the kaleidoscope (second true magic) that explains this.
  7. Are they properly remaking it in HD or just using netflix as another platform for the old one.
  8. f/sn Realta Nua content question

    In later works like Ataraxia, he just hired someone else to write his porn. Which is what should have happened with the original.
  9. f/sn Realta Nua content question

    You can actually get the best of both worlds with the reality nua pc version. It is a modded combination of the reality nua extra content and keeps a lot of the original fate's stuff. It even has a cool flowchart.