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  1. Anime VS VN: Do VN make you smarter?

    I know for a fact several brain cells died tragically watching Michiru.
  2. Books!

    Recently finished some Jeffery Archer (The Sons of Fortune). Really like his writing. Now that the latest Overlord book released (volume 13) Im a go back to light novels.
  3. I don't even.....
  4. Does this kind of thing actually help? I don't think valve will actually do anything different based on a video.
  5. H-Manga Recommendations!!

    Some random H that I found amusing. [I stopped reading vanilla ages ago, so don't expect any] https://nhentai.net/g/194163/ - (Love from the Ass - Short and sweet, introverted guy falls in love with shy runner's ass) https://nhentai.net/g/149618/ (Wild Therapy - About a guy who loses his memory, so his girlfriend "tells" him about who he was,. She uses this opportunity to modify his sexual habits to her liking [makes him a dom]) https://nhentai.net/g/131295/ ( Play With Me Like A Cat! -Really funny little piece about a girl dressing up as a cat to attract her boyfriend) https://nhentai.net/g/118282/ (Yukinya! - Can't think of a summery but I really liked it. Well it also has yuri-yuri sisterly love so its all good.) This is off the top of my head so if/when I remember some more I'll add them. (I'm only adding the ones that I found funny as well as good, cause you can usually find thousands of your generic varieties at any h-site). If any of you like these then I'll look into my collection and find some more!
  6. how does this work. Do choices affect hairstyle, and hairstyle affect personality?
  7. Hiya fuwanovel community

    Hi~ Welcome to Fuwa Just wondering how Eustia is in your top three as its untranslated and you can't read it?
  8. Entertaining RomCom VN's

    Overdrive stuff like Edelweiss or KiraKira My Girlfriend is the President HoshiMemo
  9. Visual Novel Alignment Chart

    Many accepted VN's don't have any choices at all (Kinetic VN's like Narcissu) and I sometimes enjoy game elements in my VN's (Danganronpa). All my VN's have had text boxes/ character sprites. I'm Structure Neutral/Mechanics Radical.
  10. Definitely branching. I still remember playing eleven eyes, where I had to replay the last two hours of the main route 4 times with the 4 different chicks to unlock the true end. If it's just the same story where you pick a different gal pal the VN loses most of its replay value.
  11. Hi!! a little late for introductions

    We need more art here Welcome to Fuwa~
  12. Hello World ~

    Hi! Welcome to Fuwa pahn!
  13. VNS like HunniePop or Booty Calls?

    Ultimate Boob Wars