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  1. Ive had trouble getting into stuff Key makes like Air, Kannon and stuff like saku saku and most recently Engima (I wasn't very interested the first 3rd of the game). I have a completionist problem and I compulsively finish anything I start even if its bad.
  2. [new release] Innocent Forest 1 & 2

    Sekai is trying to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D.
  3. What do you guys think of.....

    VNs do exist that do this like Enigma, Subahibi ,Narcissu, Spike Chunsoft VNs (Danganronpa, 999) or Fata Morgana.
  4. VN with a heroine who is a villain/rival to the MC

    Dengeki Stryker has a route where you literally fall in love with the villain.
  5. Hello

    Hi! Welcome to Fuwa~ To clarify you translate Japanese -> English? Is english a second language for you?
  6. ey

    Hi friend, welcome to fuwa~ You'd probably like Sci-Fi/Chuuni so you might like things such as Steins;Gate or Ayakashibito.
  7. Visual Novel Recommendations

    Cartagra is mostly horror, Multiple route Mystery. Play anything by innocent gray as mentioned above (Kara no Shoujo 1 and 2) You could try Ever17 which is also a multiple route mystery though it lacks the horror elements found in Innocent gray. Spike Chunsoft games like 999 (horror, multiple route mystery) and Danganronpa as well as they have themes that are similar though the feel itself is different.
  8. hi i am bored

    Hi, welcome to fuwa~ As for recommendations, If you like RPG game types try (These do have h-content) -> Kamidori Alchemy Master -> Evenicle ->Eiyuu Senki -> Rance (be warned this is a rape-themed VN) If you like Logic Puzzles/Deductive games (These dont have h-content) -> Danganronpa ->Phoenix Wright Games -> 999