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  1. Pick My Next VN

    Grisaia common route gave me the feeling it was written after the actual routes. Once you know the background of the girls, you know why they behave the way they do and most likely think much more highly of it looking back.
  2. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    Its clearly Azuki. There is no other choice.
  3. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    Evenicle Was made by Alicesoft, who made Rance. This should tell you enough.
  4. Hey guys!

    Hi! Welcome to Fuwa~
  5. Fast paced VNs?

    Phenomeno - https://vndb.org/v10526 (maybe some other nitro+ games like Saya no Uta[haven't played this yet]) Cho Dengeki Stryker -https://vndb.org/v2375 Spike Chunsoft Games (like Danganronpa or 999) Innocent Gray (games like Kara no Shoujo or Cartagra are pretty fast paced) Note that some Nitro+ and all Innocent gray games are horror themed (murder, multiple-route mystery)
  6. Robo Waifus?

    The routes where you are good, are fine. Its weird fetish h-scenes with below average story. fetishes not limited to having sex with a robot that looks like a fridge. (non-humanoid)) , but you don't expect quality writing from most nukiges. The evil routes are all that, but with sexual torture and mind break scenes. The yandere route is just terrifying. I mean you may like it, but it was a bit much for me.
  7. Robo Waifus?

    This game is mentally scarring.
  8. Robo Waifus?

    From the routes I read, you would enjoy routes like hegemons, cookies and yuki's sister much more if you had read S and the original as those routes did focus on the original cast. Also A3 has an after story for tsubame and the maids both of which you need to read S for. Azukis route is enjoyed much more if you've played monishiros route where you understand the relationship between her and Hideo. Monishiros after story is also included in the fandisc as well which will only make sense if you played S. I think Margaret also has an after story in A5.
  9. Robo Waifus?

    Wouldn't you think it is a prerequisite though? If you haven't read it you have no idea who any of the characters are nor how the kazama family interacts.
  10. Ryuk casually dropping Death Notes in other anime
  11. Robo Waifus?

    Majikoi S is the continuation of Majikoi, but most of the characters are developed in Majikoi so to enjoy S you would generally play Majikoi first. The A fandisc allows you to romance characters from S, that were not romanceable in the original storyline. So its like, Majikoi -> The first game. Majikoi S -> this is a sequel not a fandisc. Though it has endings for the original routes it also has an original storyline that continues from game one. Majikoi A -> This is the fandisc, to be played after S (because the characters you romance are ones you couldnt in S). If you want to actually understand the main character you should probably play the original, and you will need to play S to get to know the romanceable characters. Recommended playing order is, Majikoi -> Majikoi S -> Majikoi A (which is split into A1,A2,A3,A4 and A5) (btw, The very VNDB link you provided says that Majikoi S is the sequel while A is the fandisc.)
  12. Robo Waifus?

    There is a robot route in the Majikoi A-2 fandisc, which I enjoyed.