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  1. Saku Saku Route Quality

    Its not that they treated incest as taboo. But that point was bluntly repeated over the course of 5 hours. Further they didn't actually face any taboo's from society, mainly just from his mom (who married a guy 30 years her senior) and the nurse. As for character depth, take characters from VN's such as fate, ef, or grisaia and you will be able to analyse them deeply in several ways. They are deep multi-faceted characters. Konami's entire depth is that she loved her dad, which was then passed on to her brother. And she teases him. Thats literally it. Not very good for a 5+ hour route at all. As for "pure love makes everything all right", it's not that it's a bad thing per say, but it just seems to be used as a justification for everything nowadays. It would have been much more interesting if the public judged them harshly, they were forced to break up, yet they stayed together despite the scorn they received. Further, this kind of open ending is one of my biggest pet peeves for VN's (though this is a personal thing, maybe not an actual flaw). Unlike an anime, where u finish in a few hours a VN is a large time investment where you dedicatedly follow the path of a character. An open ending is the easy way out when you don't want to write a harsh ending so you just leave it up to the reader. Further, characters are there but unused, such as Tina, in other routes pointless events are created literally so that she has some meagre purpose. In this aspect VN's like Majikoi, with an unbelievably varied and deep cast is far superior. I actually liked konami in every route that wasn't hers. Its just that the writing made me feel they had some idea for a plot, but wanted to make it several hours long so repeated the same thing (that i is taboo) for several hours) and then (even though by then you may have stopped caring) leave it with an open ending that tells you nothing, but "lets see what the future brings us" (seriously cheap shit)
  2. Never read a machine translated VN before. Though a lot of VN's have crappy translations despite being worked on by a real translators. (If my heart had wings/Libra of the vampire princess). Machine translations are basically google translate right? Which means the translation will most likely be heavily butchered....
  3. All this thread does is to increase my regret that I don't know japanese Uguuuu~
  4. I'm done. you can have your pronouns
  5. Why is safari the girl? I always thought chrome or opera would be more girly... And I always pictured explorer as an old over bulky man... outdated and redundant
  6. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    NO! I'm a native english speaker. I'm still not convinced that that article isn't a shitpost. NO self respecting person would cheat on someone with there mom and then call them a bat..... I mean if you wanna get back at someone there are so many non-cringe worthy things you can say. This will leave most people more confused than insulted.
  7. Older Sister/Mother Heroine

    NO kazuki does not have a route exactly. and only the first game (kaijitsu follows a route structure). Also while there are scenes involving sex between asuka etc. it doesn't really feel like mother/child because, though she raised him, it was quite militarised, and the relationship was not exactly lover-type love. While a lot of the story will be spoiled, there is a LOT that won't be and it is a great read regardless. (One of my friends watched it after the anime and still loved it). Further in Kaijitsu, the routes are actually different, except for Amanes flashbacks , i.e. while the underlying problems of the girls are the same as well as certain events, the routes do diverge differently. I had actually watched kaijitsu, before playing it and I still teared up at multiple places. It basically got me into VN's. Kaijitsu (the first one) has has 5 routes, one for each girl. The second game, meikyuu proposes an alternate universe where every route happens, and continues from there. This probably has a lot of what you are looking for as it shows yuuji's past, and his relationship with his sister in great detail. It is a lot darker than saku saku though. If you have watched the anime though you do know what happens later. Rakuen acts as a conclusion to this, and as every girl's route happens, it is basically a harem ending. So while it has a lot of what you want, there is no dedicated route for kazuki. And kazuki is a loli so that could be a dealbreaker. She doesn't feel younger, such as in the case of suzu so you should be okay there (actually, even though makina wa 18+, I had a lot more trouble with her, felt like having sex with your daughter [she actually calls him papa] . I loved makina a lot though ~) EDIT Also in terms of quality the VN is far, far superior. They basically tried to put every route in a 50+ hr VN in 13 episodes. A lot of what made the VN so good is yuuji's inner monologue which is completely butchered in both the anime and the non 18+ version of the VN
  8. Majikoi S start-up problem

    Its very hard to provide advice with such vague information. So I'm gonna start on the basics 1) Is your system locale japanese? (this one didn't work on applocale for me, in case that's what you use to play VN's) 2) Have you applied the crack? 3) Can you post a screen shot of the directory or list the files in it (basically a check of missing files)
  9. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    He might be a vampire. Yes, I will keep doing this to you!
  10. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Thanks. Did not know that. Still it feels kind of unnatural to use in regular conversation and I'm willing to bet the majority of people who played this did not know that. Probably would have been better if they used moron or something. A lot of these things make sense in slang. For example saying "you're such a bat" may imply he is an idiot, but hearing a reply "he is not a bat" or "game designers should use you as a reference for designing bat's" feels very weird. Less than an innovative translation, and more of a crude find and replace for baka.
  11. So I noticed something yesterday, when I finished yuri's route. With my (admittedly) limited knowledge of japanese. As far as I know baka means idiot. And hanako always calls yuma baka or idiot. (from the audio) Yet it seems to be translated to bat. i.e. Asa-baka becomes asa-bat instead of idiot. It bothered me.....
  12. Older Sister/Mother Heroine

    Majikoi -> Momoyo's route is the older sister route-type you are looking for (non-blood related) Kanon -> has a route for Natsuki (cousin), isn't that great, but has that live together family bonding thay you might be looking for. Princess Waltz -> has a big sister route (beast princess), though the only difference in routes is the girl you end up with... Ayakashibito -> Suzu is technically the big sister but she definitely feels like the younger one quite often. It doesn't help that she is a loli All of these are non-blood related though. And only Majikoi and Kanon have a primary focus on romance. Still all the mentioned VN's are at least decent.
  13. Actually, if you look on MAL the over score is 7.71 and considered good. It's just that those who hated it, hated it sooo much that they memed the shit after it.