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  1. Oh your worried about it theoretically bleeding if it pops the hemorrhoid? Though with hentai logic you can get a 70 foot tentacle in an anal virgin without a problem so I wouldn't worry to much.
  2. How do you make an all age version of this? Make them not blood related and change her sickness to a bruise on her shoulder that he rubs cream on instead of a suppository for a hemorrhoid? (Learning from moenovel who turned boobs into eyes...). I actually kind of look forward to an all age version just because I want to see how they can possibly do it.
  3. Summary - My kind, beautiful little sister has a hemorrhoid?!It all begins when the protagonist's little sister opens up to him about her awkward dilemma, leading him to buy a suppository for her. However..."Onii-chan... I can't... get it all the way inside..."She fails to put the suppository inside on her own.Surprisingly enough, suppositories are pretty difficult to insert without someone else's help."O-Onii-chan... can you please... put it in for me...?"Huh?! Y-You don't care if your brother sees your butt?! Yeah im gonna hazard a guess and say that anal is probably a theme in this one. Though if you played majikoi you should be immune to it lol.
  4. https://www.fakku.net/games/my-little-sister-cant-possibly-have-a-hemorrhoid-english I thought this had to be a joke when it released. Turned out its real.
  5. If the forum ever seems dead start a new topic with one of the following topics 1. Poor localisation (Example - Sekai) 2. Translation (Like Moenovel) You will not only get an active topic but miles long renditions of what we already know. Nothing brings us together like mutual dislike and negativity.
  6. Summer Anime List 2019

    Looks like a pretty garbage season.
  7. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    It's hard to think they are asking for anything other than approval when you see questions like this.
  8. youtube - Most random

    This needs to be a thing. Saber Says, Virtual You-tubing.
  9. 1. Grisaia no Kajitsu - One of my first VNs. I went through the common route and kind of expected the individual routes to be simply yuuji picking a girl and romancing them. However it had one of the hardest genre changes I have ever scene. I played Makina's route first. and got the bad end first. Let me tell you, I stared at the CG for a full 30 secs not comprehending what the bag meant. While the other routes impacted me as much or even more so in most cases, Makina's was the first one I played and I was completely unprepared for anything like it. Also Amane's bad end is perhaps the greatest bad end I have ever read. 2. Ever 17 - I went into it thinking it could not possibly be as good as everyone was saying. Despite enjoying some routes, None of it, other than perhaps Tsugumis route, was something I truly enjoyed. I felt that despite what everyone said, the true route could not be that good. After playing it, I did not sleep that night. 3. The it's my own invention chapter of Subahibi - The feeling of being unable to drop something while having no clue whats going on with all the craziness in this chapter makes it super memorable 4. Saya No Uta - Both endings. Will never forget them. 5. ef - Chihiros route. I have till this day never seen a romance done with a disability like this. For some reason I empathized with this route the most. 6. Narcissu 2 Himeko's Epilogue - 15 minutes that made me cry. I made it through both Narcissu and Narcissu 2 but this epilogue destroyed me. 7. Literally all of Cartagra's bad endings gave me nightmares. Knowing that a bad ending is coming doesn't help at all. You cannot prepare yourself for this.
  10. What does his brother leaving for a new job have to do with him being sent to an all-girls school.