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  1. One Thousand Lies (free to play VN review)

    It looks interesting and its only 7 hours. You motivated me to read it. I like how you review.
  2. Key VN's are very hit or miss. People tend to like them or hate them. WHile I enjoyed quite a bit of the drama, many people find it extremely cringe worthy. Further, the VN itself is pretty mediocre. They rely on hard-hitting, high impact emotional moments. If those moments don't get you then the whole VN is just meh. ef has much better buildup believable realistic characters, and some of the most brilliant unique routes I ever saw (looking at you chihiro). I'm sure grisaia is on your reading list. Since you have exams, and don't have too much time, why don't you try 1. eden* (also by minori) 2.Lucy the eternity she wished for. (surprisingly touching) Both of these can be finished in a few hours, and are very, very good. Edit: I have no clue how this got posted on this page. I feel sure I quoted you from another page. Rip Rip Double RIp
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    AH. Then I'm preaching to the choir.
  4. Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort is a garbage moege. I don't know who recommended it to you, but you should probably kill them. Amatsutsumi may get release by sekai. (If you look at there trello page, they will reach out to the developers if it gets enough notice)
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    And in quite a few cases. Encodings are superior to the original BD (from really good encoders, like Beatrice, or Yousai raws) . Anime BDs have issues that often need correcting, whether that be aliasing, halo masking, debanding, or other various things (you'd have to talk to an actual encoder for specifics here, I don't encode). Even when you aren't trying to fix source artifacts or improve on source quality (this is how most Western movies and shows get encoded - true to source), there are still things to be filtered, like dirtylines and debanding.
  6. What Anime are you watching now?

    I'm assuming you are talking about the physical BD's
  7. What other languages do you like

    Not really. It was a school elective for me and I took 2 years of it. THe thing is I lived in the US till I was 10 and was very excited to move to India. For some reason I had a lot of motivation and learnt 4 languages by the time I was 18. I really wish I had that motivation now to learn japanese.
  8. What other languages do you like

    Well I finished my bachelors in Biotechnology. And in my master's (current) my core topic is Data Science (tons of stats courses) and I'm currently working on an analysis of transplant rejection. (Masters Project) What about you?
  9. The anime for grisaia was highly compressed. A 50+ hour VN done in 12 episodes (every route was done at like an episode each). However it is enjoyable to watch after playing the VN. Just like you would watch the Fate UBW to watch an animated version of shirou vs gilgamesh. It is nice to see your favorite characters animated. Also the amane arc was done reasonably well for the time given. It probably gets a lot more hate, because it's just average and watching affects your experience of playing the VN which is very good.
  10. What other languages do you like

    Well I speak like 4 Indian languages (Hindi,Tamil, Malayalam and Sanskrit). I guess I like good Hindi classical or really melodious Malayalam songs. I mostly listen to English stuff. Recently I've become more and more fond of Japanese anime music. RIp
  11. I liked shirou, though I probably like him more as EMIYA. Other MC's I liked were the MC in Deardrops, Dengeki stryker and Ayakashibito, because of *insert reasons*
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    Well. for clipping that was already on the BD-disc, there is probably no solution, unless someone fixed the amplification during the encoding. For clipping that occured during encoding, it will never happen if the output is FLAC. But in most of the BD-rips at least, the audio quality isn't excessively loud or distorted. For FMABH, try shadycrabs encoding. Beautiful 1080p with straight FLAC (lossless) audio. Download 1 episode and check out the quality. FMABH was one of the anime I refused to compromise on quality and now it occupies 140gb of my hard drive.