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  1. is that the sound of the plot thickening?
  2. What are you playing?

    Yeah, I had no idea the points existed, and I always prefered Rin over Saber soooo... So I can attest, it's a easy ending to get if you keep favoring Rin, although you have to go back to day 9 to fix this shit for the true ending (it's salvageable after that, even if you didn't bothered before). After that trauma, I didn't even try to go UBW and HF blindly, I almost did advanced math with the guide to calculate all points for a minimum backtrack run. I do the same with other games known for their obnoxious flag/points system now. Meanwhile, it took me a while to get some normal endings in Code Realize, as I kept getting too many points with the heroes and it was locking me in the best endings. (I know about the scene selection, but my honor didn't let me get the easy way out wwww)
  3. What are you playing?

    Nice to see someone that feels the same about choices as me! ^^ Walkthrough is useful for endings hunting and for getting those pesky 100% completion but it take all the fun out of the game. I love to experiment, to try, and pick what feels natural and to figure out how can I favor my best girl/boy. ...Although because of this refusal to look at walkthroughs my first ending on my first VN ever was the Bad Ending 13 of FSN (the one you get for insufficient points with Saber on the last day, you know?). The backtrack still haunts me to this day. Fun times.
  4. Hello there~

    Welcome to the forums~ Nice taste you have there, gay is forever Since people already beat me with (very good) yuri recommendations, here's some nice BL: Dream Daddy, Sweet Pool (it'll be released with an all ages version in December!), Gakuen Heaven 2, Well Met by Moonlight
  5. Exactly one year ago, a New Era has begun...

    It's English Visual Novel. As in, VNs whose original language is English, the western made ones.
  6. Exactly one year ago, a New Era has begun...

    Congrats, man! Fuwa would not be the same without you anymore! And damn, how can you even manage to keep your posts going even if you're busy??? I salute you, my man. Also thanks for filling my backlog with stuff, it's not like it was packed enough already aaaaaaaaaa
  7. What is your favorite Season in VNs?

    Winter for me. Cool air, nice clothes, that weak sun breaking through the gray clouds... And for the themes, I don't know, it brings to mind melancholy, looking for warmth and company, and in the end a more happy spring comes.
  8. SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    I never moved something up in my backlog faster. I love games that let you do something like that aaaaa
  9. SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    Make it 3 And I also super agree about the art bit. Something I love in those indie games is how stylish they can be. And since it is a visual novel, visuals are important!! And Marco and Shira are nice in the visual department.
  10. What are you playing?

    I'm reading Tsukihime right now (I'm on the third route) and I can agree that it starts quite slow. But things does pick up after you met Arcueid in the hotel. You mentioned Naruto, so if you like fights and lots of powers, do wait until the hotel part. The plot also really starts going after that.
  11. your commentary made Sugita-san embarrassed But yeah, let's all love Sugita-san~
  12. This. Mine's 24/7 on japanese locale since 2015, no problems on my end.
  13. Reading VNS with Reading Disability

    Hey there! I'm definitely not the best person out there to answer that, as I don't have the same problem as you, but I do relate with your reading time. In my case, I'm a pretty slow reader (and my speed goes even further slower when I'm reading something that's not in my native language, that's 100% of the time when it comes to VN) and since I'm quite busy irl lately, I can afford maybe one hour each day to read. I finished DMMD in the beginning of the year and it certainly took me a bit more than a month to finish. But I don't think that should make you unmotivated! It took me several months to finish my favorite VN and it was very worth the ride, long as it was. Take the time you need and try to think in tackling these VNs one route at a time, for example. The goal will feel a lot closer that way. FSN can be quite infodump and long winded at times, but it does a decent job at making you remember stuff with short (okay, some not that short) explanations from one route to the other. Plus, it have a "status screen" that list a lot of character's powers that can be accessed at any time in case you forget something. And you can also take notes. Like, every time a scene ends, or you stop reading for the day, try to write down/type in a notepad file (create it inside your VN folder) what happened with a single or a few sentences. You can oversimplify the events, pick the most vital part and putting it in all caps, crack a few jokes in your explanations, anything that you think it can be fun to do and easy to associate with the whole scene, so it can "trigger" your memory of the rest of scene without you having to read it again. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed to start a very long VN, you can always try a shorter one first until you're confident enough with a method to help you remember the story. Sorry for the wall of text and best of luck!~
  14. Hello, it's me, Bishounen-P

    BLESS! Although, I'm a Kaito, Tachibana Makoto and Togami Byakuya fan myself. よろしく~