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  1. Happy Birthday to Me

    Happy birthday, Clephas!! Hope to keep seeing you around, your blog is pretty nice!
  2. Today is my birthday

    I MADE IT IN TIME! Good (bad? I don't know) thing I'm not in Japan! Happy birthday, Silvz! *insert imaginary emote with your fav Umineko character!*
  3. Favorite protagonist?

    Not a single steampunk series MC option???? That's a shame... For otomeges, my favorite is Cardia from Code Realize. She starts lost and confused but grows a lot in the game, she's both a lovely pure maiden and a proactive member of the team when things gets serious!
  4. Maggie's random fortunes

    Good luck: found some cute games in freem.ne.jp or itch.io or even randonly in VNDB

    Bad luck: they're too obscure to have a guide and it have more than one ending rip me

    1. SeniorBlitz


      You made a guide to Shingakkou and Omerta so you can probably do it.

    2. MaggieROBOT


      Click battle with the choices coming sooooooooon!! I'll surviiiiiiiiive!!

    3. mitchhamilton


      ah man, that sucks... GOOD LUCK! :mare: 

  5. [Review] Sakuya

    Okay, people who are interested in reading this @Plk_Lesiak and @Mr Poltroon! I know that VNR can be a pain in the ass sometimes with its server and all that, but never fear! I managed to put everything to work in offline mode. That means you'll not need to access VNR's horrible server at all and read in peace. So if you're having trouble, here's what I did: 1) Download VNR, any working version should be fine. 2) Put this file in the following folder inside VNR: Cache/Subtitles/xml. It's the subtitle file for this game's free version that I downloaded and retrieved. And that folder is for offline subs. 3) Make VNR hook the game, but turn off your internet connection during that if you're using the latest version! Otherwise it could overwrite my file with an empty one. A message saying that it found 3900 or so comments should appear in the top right of the screen (that's approximately the number of lines in this game, way less than this is not a good sign) 4) Enjoy!
  6. [Review] Sakuya

    It took me only a minute to come up with my random username. That is because I love stories with robots, even more if they are love interests. Their struggle with the fact they are not human despite looking like one or acting like one is something I really enjoy to read, and cry while doing so. And that's what pulled me towards this otomege by Tetrascope. The complete story of this game is split across 3 games: the free edition, that have the base story and it was translated by people from Fuwa; the paid edition, that adds 18+ content and one additional route, untranslated; and the short append story called "Sweet Present for Shin", also untranslated. I checked all of them, and my experience with them was mostly pleasant, even if not all three parts were absolutely necessary. From the intro movie The story starts in distant future Tokyo, where robotic engineering is advanced enough to have robots indistinguishable from real people around. Although, when I say indistinguishable, I meant physically, since most of them don't possess any way of make rational decisions or emotions. They all follow the strict program built into their heads. Our hero Sakuya is the sole exception. Created by the genius scientist that also the father of our protagonist Akane (you can change her name, this is the default one), Sakuya is so human-like that the biggest robotics company don't waste a chance to strike a deal with our girl to buy him for science. The setting is pretty well crafted, with topics like unemployment, sexbots, and anti-robots movements on the rising being touched at least once in the novel. Sadly, the novel is short and its focus is in the romance between a human and a robot, so all of these questions are pretty underdeveloped. We know those problems exist, and that they are too big to tackle in a novel so short, but not much discussion about it is done either. The romance in the first route, the one in the free edition, in the other hand is pretty sweet and satisfying. Sakuya is simply the cutest boy in terms of personality I ever met in a VN. And he's not even human. He's pure, gentle and caring, sometimes naive and sometimes mature. It's easy to forget that he's an android, and that also happens with Akane and Sakuya himself. And the fact that he's not human, but also too emotional to be a robot, it's the biggest source of drama for our characters. Sakuya's asking to hold hands, WHERE'S THE CHOICE SO I COULD SAY YES??? As Sakuya struggle with what he should be... Our protagonist Akane takes the long and dense road. She acts like our usual shoujo manga protagonist, with all of the "what is this feeling?" type of things... except she's supposed to be 23, so usually she comes across as childish. In fact, Sakuya constantly gets right what she's feeling and the only thing about human interaction he knows is mostly through movies. So yeah, originality is not her strongest asset. Last but not least is Shin, Akane's childhood friend. At first you'll think he'll provide some love triangle drama, but that not happens here. Instead, he serves as a good foil for Sakuya. While Sakuya is a robot who looks like a human, Shin is pretty much a human who looks like a robot. He's always calm and composed, almost emotionless. His sprites have very little variations in expression. Even when he's talking about his memories or feelings, he's as blank as ever. The game is not voiced, so we only have to imagine how monotone he must be in those scenes. But despite all that, he does provide some interesting interactions with Akane. All flashbacks are in this style, making everything even more cute Now, let's cover what you'll get in each version. The free version is the essential one if you're interested in this game. It covers pretty much everything I said up to this point. There's no sex scenes in this version, but they are implied, and that's more than enough in this game. The paid version adds not only the porn, but also a new route and three new extra stories (that you can access in the extra menu after clearing certain endings). Is it worth though? Short answer: no. The porn that was added in the free version route is alright. We can see both Akane and Sakuya on screen, and Sakuya is as gentle as you would expect of him. But let's remember, he's a robot. Even he says at some point that he doesn't feel any physical pleasure from the act. So his face is mostly lacking in expressions, except when he reacts to Akane's reactions. It's porn that focus only in the girl again, but this time the boy really cares about how she's feeling it. The new route... it's very subpar. Most of all because of the route structure, that tricks you into thinking it's a route for Shin when it's not, and it's ending, that shift the tone of the novel to the point that I wondered if the author even cared about the character development they build until said point of the story, because they shattered it to pieces in an absolute ex Machina way. Good thing I read this first, I would have hated to finish the game in this route. Needless to say, the porn of this route is just as bad. The extra scenes are fun though, but you won't lose much if you decide to pick the free version. This version is only recommended if you want to support Tetrascope, the game is just 800 yen on DLsite, it's pretty cheap it won't hurt. It's untranslated, but the free game section subs did appeared for me even in the paid version. Young Akane, Shin and Sakuya in "Sweet Present for Shin" And finally we have Sweet Present for Shin. This is the closest of a route for Shin we'll ever get, and it was as sweet and cute as the original game. It happens 5 years before the main game, but it's better appreciated if you play after it. Finally we can see Shin a bit flustered! It's very short, but still have three endings and one epilogue that ended my time spent with Sakuya, Akane and Shin in a pretty heartwarming note. Sakuya had everything that I like: robots, robot drama, cute characters and romance. Even if the paid version route was pretty bad, it wasn't enough to diminish my love for this game. Moe robots are the best!
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yeeeeeeeeeah, it was awesome! I lost it in the join the party song! And I'm loving Deliquent-kun a lot too! Oh god, that ending surely made me laugh hard, even if the song itself was quite cute! I guess we should move our fanboyism of the next episodes to PM, or the other people here could feel left out
  8. The State of VNs

    Lesiak and Mr Poltroon said most of what I wanted to say, but I think I can add a bit more. Mostly... since when we can only enjoy a VN if it have stellar writing? I really enjoyed playing DDLC, the meta aspect was done really well, you can see how much care was put in the making of that game, there's some good messages buried there even too, it was a super fun read for me! It was not a masterpiece, but I don't regret one bit the time I spent with it. I also gave good ratings for VNs in VNDB because the h-scenes were good, the bad endings were fun, above all the experience were good! And I'm sorry, I doubt I would ever want to read Narcissu because terminal illness isn't my cup of tea, it's really is a heavy topic, and other people surely agree. Of course, I'm all in for more serious story driven VNs, they are my favorite, but those others have their place too. Except shovelware stuff, those can burn.
  9. I agree with your last line. But Inganock's ending is so confusing that this last punch was even more infuriating (but I still love Inganock anyway) And he was a character that I liked since the beginning, soooo there's also that, in the end must be just my salt
  10. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Somehow, I'm still with Poputepipikku. And I'm glad I did. The ep 7 Hellshake Yano skit alone is anime of the season!!! (Actually, I should add that the only episodes that were really funny were 2, 5, and now 7). Dropped Fate/Extra after the second episode. In fact, I'll pretend that F/E was never animated and stick with the game.
  11. What Anime are you watching now?

    I'll watch the first episode in a minute, I'll edit this with my impressions then! EDIT: My god, I laughed so much! It feels so good to watch these dumb boys doing retarded things, you know, typical teenager stuff! Thank you so much @Sayaka! And glasses boy is best boy!
  12. Big spoilers about Sekien no Inganock below:
  13. I really want more Sekien no Inganock after stories. There some webnovels already, but they didn't answered the only question I wanted an answer!!!!! Zombie no Afureta Sekai ends just when the novel is getting good... And this gakuen spin off of a mafia series that was announced as an April's Fool CURSE YOU KARIN NOW I WANT IT!!!
  14. VNR crashapp problem

    Weird... Ever tried to use ITHVNR instead?
  15. What Anime are you watching now?

    Seems exactly like the type of thing I would enjoy. Thanks for the name!!!