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  1. Not enough gay

    Hey, I totally relate to that! My eight-years-ago self used to think all the gay bait (that's unfortunately still just bait) in Supernatural (when it was a good TV show) was waaay weird, but hey demons and going around the country slaying all of them with no other side job in a present world setting is not weird at all, right, RIGHT?
  2. Not enough gay

    Persona 5 was a game that I was expecting for a long time, given that I'm a fan of the series and Persona 4 was pretty good. Too bad it quickly earned the title of "biggest disappointment of the year" for me. The way people were praising it didn't help either because I was expecting a masterpiece and found something so-so at best. The epitome of style over substance, I played half the game to see that everything I liked in that game some older game in the franchise already did it, and did it better. But enough of those unrelated complaints, as this blog is about gay things. So here comes another one of my many nitpicks: I don't play Persona to self-insert myself in the MC, so I couldn't care less about not having a female MC (although that would be super cool, and at the same time disappointing, as ATLUS let it very clear that the last time they gave us the option her storyline was NOT canon), but please at least give me the option to pick any love interest I want! This is optional, you know, that thing that's you're not forced to pick to go on, so it shouldn't offend anyone, right? Wrong. Have your blank protagonist that have no info about him except that he's heterosexual. Have fun. I wouldn't really write a salty blog post about this if at least the girls were as interesting and cool as they were in Persona 4 (even if best bro Yosuke was still the best pairing, just saying). If. The girls from your party are all (okay, maybe not Haru, because I didn't met her) a stereotyped bore, their lines are either predictable or inconsequential things that could have being said by anyone. Okay, that's not only the girls, even your best bro is just a generic bro. And the one girl that aren't in my party that could be a good love interest stole 100000 yen from me when I was barely being able to buy all guns from the shop so of course I wouldn't give that witch a piece of my love. There was only two characters that managed to make me care about them: Yusuke, the eccentric ikemen, and Mishima, our loyal fanboy. But the game only let us be best friends forever, now I'll die for you, but kiss nah that's too much. Game, stop cockblocking my character!!! But I don't wanna be just friends... But it's not that there's no gay character in this game! We go to Shinjuku, and the Shinjuku Ni-chōme area is a thing after all. But eeerrr... the only gay characters I met in Shinjuku was a very stereotyped pair that appear just for a stereotyped joke scene. Twice even. It wasn't particularly funny in the first time, ATLUS, repeating it definetly won't make it funnier. It actually just rub salt in my wounds because you won't let me date Yusuke! But what happened with ATLUS these past years? They let me date my childhood friend Jun (that's pretty much Yusuke but more shy and more gay) back in Persona 2. Even when the game didn't have friend simulator mechanics. That game also had Hitler as one of the final bosses in a way that makes sense in the plot, so I guess they could never make a game as amazing as that. Best Persona. But anyway, I guess the problem is exactly the friend simulator thing, that also doubles as girlfriend simulator. You see, no matter what choice you pick, all girls always fall for you, no fail. So yeah, including male love interests means that they would have to make them by the end of the social links all blushy and shy and wanting to hold your hand and... ARGH, BUT THAT WOULD BE ADORABLE, DAMN ATLUS! But like I was saying, the social link as they are now are very poorly implemented. Hell, in Persona 3, you were actually forced to date all girls and four-timing made the game even harder because you could make one of them pissed if you were spending your weekend with another girl. Well, duh. But yeeeeeah, what can I do? The girls keep coming even if I only agree with whatever they are saying just so I can max the social link with her and finally unlock this beast to use in battle: Wait a minute, that Persona over there was from a guy's social link! But I can't remember any useful Persona that unlocks with a girl's social link............... Why did I even try again? Not that I tried too much in Persona 3... Hey, but it could be a lot lot worse! Remember No One But You? Okay, me neither, I spent a good time looking for the name of this VN. We have a best friend route there, but it's mostly a joke and pity and pornless route because the poor guy didn't get any girl. Oooooh who would even think of going for him from the start! Althought, looking at the CGs in VNDB, the porn seems to suck anyway. Well, the text always sucks, but in this case the CGs sucks too. And we also have Mass Effect Andromeda! We have option for both gender and orientation, but I hope you didn't want to see the boys/aliens going for more than kiss because the male MC and male love interest is the only combination where the super tame porn included in the game doesn't exists, it just fades to black. Then again, the facial expressions of the characters sucks more than No One But You sex scenes, so guess we didn't lose much here either. And for the final example, a date sim/nukige made by Illusion, of all things, that lets you choose your gender and orientation and clearly lets you make an all-boys harem. Oh right, I just forgot to mention that male on male scenes don't exist in the game, fade to black again, het and yuri are fine though. Yeeeeeep, you can play a nukige without any porn. Why even give me the gay option then?????? Fortunately, the game is for PC so kind people quickly modded the damn thing and now it's a 11/10 ge. And now I'll complain that those devs are slowly making their games more gay but it's still not enough gay because I need to title drop somewhere in this post. Let's get out of our confort zone, AAA devs! And yet, some sensitive people complain on how the gay pandering is ruining the industry with our incredible 0.5% of non-indie games that actually gives people a decent and totally optional choice, sure. And it's not like I'm trying to make every game gay, I'm not against that, but I can see it doesn't work well in every single place. Some canon het pairings in single heroine games wouldn't be as perfect if we included more options. It DOES works wonderfully with blank slates MCs like Persona ones, but we need some good guys too. In multiple-times-mentioned Persona 3 I would totally go for a girl anyway, because the girls from my party were mostly good while my best bro Junpei is so bro that he would probably stab me to take my place if I ever let my guard down around him. It would totally be a trap, but not that trap. And I can't risk dying outside the dungeons. I'll finish Persona 5 regardless, eventually. It's a solid 7/10 game for now (DISCLAIMER: in my ratings, 7 is usually okay, it was entertaining but either had hard-to-ignore flaws or it's a bit forgetable). But I have to confirm that the last two dungeons won't save it of being my least favorite Persona game. Shin Megami Tensei 5 when btw? Salt out!
  3. On branching and linear plots in visual novels

    Well said, man. I like both formats because it all depends on the story. In one hand, I like branching plot to explore new plot points and get new love interests, but at the same time I feel that linear story lines have less problems to handle its own lore. I mean, some VNs with multiple routes have a hard time to keep their routes from contradicting each other rules and flashbacks.
  4. Help me choose my next VN!

    I like the way you think. Serious truth there.
  5. Help me choose my next VN!

    I voted for FSN, since as Dreamysyu said you don't have anything similar in your list, it'll do just fine if you want to try different things! ^.^ Rewrite seems good for you too, looking at your list. Subahibi seems like a way too drastic change of what you usually read, so I would vote against that unless you're prepared to go waaaaaaaay out of your confort zone.
  6. This is a script error, that could be related to the patch. You should try contacting the people that made the patch.
  7. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday to @HMN (it's still the 19th where I live)! As for the 20th, happy birthday to my cute spammer @Chewy Let's see how many days/months will take him to notice this.
  8. I picked only images of moments that made me cry somehow 1) Fate Stay Night: my first VN so it'll forever have a place in my heart 2) Sekien no Inganock: Beautiful art, beautiful people, and THIS SCENE 3) Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~: This game had everything that I liked and it so enjoyable to read 4) Shingakkou ~Noli me Tangere~: This game is so so so good, if I could I would link 4 pictures just of this game, I also cried in a lot of endings, it's so fucking beautiful
  9. It have at least a female protagonist though! Serious now, this short title developed by Alice in Dissonance, and published by Sekai Project, was released back in February and since it's not moe enough and it didn't have any h-scene or censorship, it kinda slip under everyone's radar, myself included. I find it randomly when I was looking for short novels on Steam, but I'm thankful for the amount of adorableness I found in such tiny gem. Both Mhakna and Fairy Bell from the title Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell tells the story of Mhakna, a young girl that prays for a Fairy for happier days, just to have her wish granted and then carried to the beautiful and magical Enles Land with her best friend Sebiarno. But there's one condition, they must promise they'll give up on growing. The story is presented in chapter format and each one show a different adventure of the two kids in a fairy tale setting. It made me remember Sekien no Inganock structure but with more hope and less repetition, or a RPG Maker game named AliceMare but happier. A thing worth mentioning is that, according the developers, Mhakna Gramura is a fairy tale written by Alissyn Rievegh, a Sanne'Ajrizdia-language (a fictional language) author in the world of Fault Milestone, Alice in Dissonance more known series. So it's a story inside a story. I know absolutely nothing about Fault and that didn't hinder my enjoyment one bit. But Mhakna does have some fictional language going on at times, probably the one mentioned above, but it's not hard to distiguish what's supposed to be a greeting and what's supposed to be food. Although halfway through, you get furigana (yes, in english) for some words. But if the idea of having furigana in english hurts your elitist soul, you can switch the the entire game language to japanese in the main menu! You also unlock a glossary by the time you finish the game, but for me it was a bit too late, I barely remember where each word was used. Protect these kids' smiiiiiiiiiles The chapters themselves are pretty short, ranging from two to ten minutes long, 20 chapter total. It really is a very short reading, but unlike the aforementioned Sekien no Inganock, each new side character you met along the way comes back at least once so you get to understand their side of the story and what made them pray for Fairy Bell. More explanations and backstory are also unlocked in the glossary, for anyone that could feel unsatisfied. Of course, nothing is all sunshine and rainbows in this VN so be prepare to be hit with some feels. One chapter in particular was quite sad, and that's also thanks to its well written children characters, who actually act and think like children for 95% of the time. The art is incredibly good. The game doesn't have sprites, instead the background image transitions along with the lines, enhancing the story book feels. Some parts of the images have very simple animations (like when we can see Fairy Bell moving up and down when she's hovering, rain and tears falling, etc), and that added a lot of charm and uniqueness to this experience. The coloring is very pretty as well. And even the music! The tracks are a mix of relaxing and lively tracks, but the music for sad and weird moments also do their job well. Everything in this novel, art, music and story blended together really well. There's no voice acting, but the game is short, so it'll be over before you starting missing voice acting. Even the side characters are so adorable... After playing and seeing a lot of dark and gritty games or VNs where sex is your only reward, a innocent, pure and a bit childish game like this was a nice breath of fresh air in between longer reads. Even if it's pretty short, it's well worth its 5 USD price. If you're a sucker for fairy tale inspired stories, like me, this VN is satisfying!
  10. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    DISCLAIMER: I didn't see the trolling that happened today, it was long gone by the time I came here, so I'm just speaking about past trollings. As someone who jumps into the shitposting once in a while, I can't really say that I have a problem with it... when it's not out of hand that is. Just keep the serious threads and boards serious (and do some serious threads once in a while) and let's us all have fun everywhere else! As Lesiak said, a forum with no shitposting at all is not fun, just don't forget we're supposed to talk about VNs too. Maybe everything will be fine if we shitpost about VNs, hmmm... And poor boy HMN, his crew have all kinds of rumors and legends around Fuwa, but he's one nice troll.
  11. Guess I've been here 4 years now? o.O

    Aaaaw, 'grats Mitch! Happy a... wait a minute!!! I hope you're not trying to start a religion too. Or are you looking for a fight?
  12. New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

    Hey, Fate UBW did that aaaaaaaaaaaages ago, MoeNovel can't even be original. Disgraceful.
  13. A little bit of history about myself, and why I joined Fuwanovel.

    Having reading VNs or not you're already one of us, one of us!!! Saying you're a weeb like us is not an insult I swear!!!
  14. What are you playing?

    Awawawawawa, I really hope you enjoy it!!! Their world was supposed to be so harsh, but seeing Gii and Kia's morning was always so chill~ And god, that art was so refreshing and cool! It have some problems with the last chapter and the fights, but it's a very good VN in the Steampunk series!
  15. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    If we could choose any company (ignoring all localisation deals and such, just wishful thinking), I think Mangagamer is way better. JAST have good translations and provides 18+ versions, the problem is their slower release schedule.