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  1. Well, what an interesting April's Fool we have here, where everyone is apathetic enough to not do anything funnier. Since everyone have time to spare, including myself, why don't we play a fine game? Since we already talk 364 days about VNs in this damn forum (or not talk at all at times), let's shake things up and talk about the next best thing, everyone's favorite somewhat-inactive forever-dumb user MaggieROBOT! Today I bring you a short quiz to settle who knows this one lovely girl the best, with the possibility of scoring a special badge with the words "Maggie's #1 fan" for you to set in your fuwaprofile (release date of the badge TBA). Just reply in this thread with your answers. I can't promise I ever mentioned some of those, but you guys are smart enough to figure things out by yourselves. I hope. It'll only take 3 minutes, that I swear! And I assure all questions have only one right answer!~ *** 1) What was my favorite school subject? (a) math (b) classic lit (c) lunch break 2) Which of the video game series below I like the most? (a) persona (b) devil may cry (c) dead or alive beach volleyball 3) How much money did I ever spent on gacha games? (a) 0 (b) 10 dollars (c) more or less 10% of my rent and what's equivalent of 2 days of lunch 4) I'm currently playing Bloodborne for quarantine life, how many bosses did I manage to beat? (a) almost 1 (b) 5 (c) 11 5) Which of these RPGMaker games I like the most? (a) Mogeko Castle (b) To the Moon (c) School of Lust RPG 6) What I really want for lunch right now? (a) fish and potato salad (b) pizza (c) whatever Archer from FSN cooked in Emiya-San Chi no Kyou no Gohan episode 11 7) Which character from Nier Automata have the best voice in japanese in my humble opinion? (a) Eve (b) 9S (c) those robots that go コノママジャダメコノママジャダメコノママジャダメコノママジャダメコノママジャダメ *** Like and subscribe for an extra chance of winning. Results on April 2nd or whenever I remember to check the thread again!
  2. What are you playing?

    Right? Tamamori is great, his conflicts are all so very human and relatable, he really carries the story as the main character well. And as the Kawase shill I am, I feel obliged to tell you his route is definitely worth more than just an extra (but yeah, it is weaker than Minakami's route, I have to admit) so hope you find it worth your time when you get around to it~ Unfortunately, the other three are just that, extras, yeah. As for myself, I'm slowly going through 428 and man, what a fun ride! The multiple protagonists thing and the very intertwined plot lines sounded confusing at first but it's actually pretty funny and rewarding to navigate on your own. The wackier the better, so I just can't not like Tama's and Minorikawa's antics and how much "destructive" for the others simple shit they pull can be (specially Minorikawa, guy can be really chaotic).
  3. I don't follow many female seiyuus as closely but yeah, that's my impression as well. If I had to guess why, I guess maybe the fanbases play a role in this? I mean, if a seiyuu in those all-girls franchises ever worked in porn I can totally imagine people burning merch of her character and switching favorites. While from what I see in all-boys franchises we all know some of them do this at some point and no one cares (or get curious about it and falls even deeper in seiyuu hell :p). One is literally treated as a shameful reveal while the other is just trivia.
  4. Aaaaaaah I love seiyuu stuff so I frequently read a lot about it but it's not like I save it so I can share what I remember but I sadly can't source anything. I'm only talking about male seiyuus here as I know eroge voice actresses have a total different set of rules. From what I read, for r18 game (if their agency allow them to work in r18 stuff, that is) they usually record their lines separately, get credit under an alias (but not always, surprisingly enough) and call it a day. They usually don't promote it in person nor with their personal twitter account, they have a separate one for the alias and they simply don't talk about it. It seems to be more of an entry level kind of stuff, probably because it doesn't pay as well as anime given a lot of VN developers (especially BL ones) are minuscule tiny groups in comparison with the anime industry. Not that the pay is incredible anyway, like Texas mentioned, that's why they do a lot of stuff. For drama CDs it seems to be a bit more lax, as I see some explicit shit being credit with their own names, they attend events, do radio shows about them and stuff. They also record it together, same room side by side, as I remember one seiyuu once commenting how it's harder to voice drama CD because they have to "breath in synch" for the steamy scenes or something (for the background sounds). Of course, this is only true for BL since in otome there's usually only one guy per CD. When they do mention something like embarrassement, it's usually if the one they're working with it's their senpai because "oh no, I'm so inexperienced, can't let senpai down" kind of Japanese culture stuff. A job is a job, it looks like. They audition for it knowing what they're going for, it's not like they don't know beforehand. But it's not like everyone have no shame whatsoever either, of course, but I have the impression that the ones that get a little shy aren't the most people's person in the first place. Some just want to voice shit and not really talk about it in public, I wouldn't like it either xD On the other end, a lot of seiyuus are pretty open about doing drama CDs. Taniyama Kishou (vocalist of GRANRODEO, Wilhelm from Dies Irae) and Suzuki Tatsuhisa (not VN but he voices Noctis in Final Fantasy 15 and Makoto in Free!) openly say they like doing these kind of jobs (then again, both don't waste an opportunity to say dirty shit in seiyuu events, so not surprising at all). I think I once read an interview with Midorikawa Hikaru (Shiki from Togainu no Chi and Fuminori from Saya no Uta) where he said he likes to reminisce about all the BL he did with Koyasu Takehito (Dio from JoJo) when the two meet up (they are old friends and they did a lot of r18 drama CDs together when they were starting). I once watched a video where Tomokazu Seki (Gilgamesh from FSN) did even a live improv of a more sexy passage and his translator was getting embarrassed at his side xD And then, there's Morikawa Toshiyuki (Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7) who's known as "emperor of BL" for the overwhelming number of BL CDs he did (usually as the top role), he also openly talks about it like it's a good experience (in one interview he even mentions his favorite CD) and that nickname is even mentioned in a gag in the anime Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu. I got most of these following the seiyuus themselves since they don't really hide it.
  5. They said in the opening post, it's Floral Flowlove, but that's a common issue with recent releases/games that uses SiglusEngine made by some subsidiary of Visual Arts like tone works, Saga Planets or Key.
  6. Worst VN of The Decade?

    Yeah, I believe expectation plays a big role in what we perceive as "worst". We do see those as more trash than we should because disappointment and frustration doesn't really have a "so bad it's good" funny meme value to poke fun at in the future. I did play games that are sitting at 57 in Metacritic thrice from scratch while dropping titles at score 93 halfway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ expectation is one bitch that takes time to adjust. p.s. I could contribute to the discussion but no one needs to know that one bad nukige I played
  7. Togainu no Chi + DEMO is out

    JAST Blue is slowly but surely releasing Nitro+ CHIRAL's catalogue in the west. While these games had their patch long ago and every person with a passing interest in BL probably already read them, these releases certainly made it easier for fans of physical versions, HD CGs, uncensored dicks, merch or just our good old users of windows 10, as the original have a hard time to even run properly in our favorite OS (N+C did release compatibility versions, but it's not like the old patches even work with those). This year it's Togainu no Chi's time, N+C's very first game and the most edgy of the bunch. I DID review this game in the past but huh... it REALLY doesn't do a good job at promoting the game... Okay, so, if I didn't like this title in the first place, why am I even here? Because I really feel it's worth mentioning the demo of the game (you can grab it here (JAST) or here (Steam)) contain one whole route for free and it's most likely porn-free even, so if you ever get slightly interested in this but not enough to spend money, hey, today is your luck day! It's only the third best boy, but they can't be THAT generous now, can they? Is this a good game to get into the BL side of Nitroplus? Well, if you ask me, no. But I won't pretend parent Nitroplus isn't edgy af too and this game is actually pretty popular to this day, even among Japanese fans, so maybe I'm the one with shit taste here!
  8. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Honestly, I'm with you there. If you have little to no interest, forcing yourself through those routes can make the score sharply drop by the end or even ruin your overall experience. It's not like you have get every ending/quest/item/line of dialogue in a game to say you "finished" it. One ending is way more than enough in my book (I would argue about skipping your whole way there, but eeeeh I'm biased against speedruns in general so I can't really provide arguments). People experience games the way they find the best. You either finish enough of it as a masterpiece or play long enough for it to become kusoge. Routes should be DLC tbh then I could buy only the ones I want. Signed: a completionist that grew out of it because it's damned unworth it.
  9. Help this weeb choose a game

    Thanks for everyone that voted and/or wrote a reply! I honestly wasn't expecting 428 to win, and I don't know what to expect from it either, but if it's in the poll I was willing to give it a chance from the start. I'll get the others on future sales~
  10. I think my type is a combination of 2 or 3 of the following traits: megane, can cook, white/blonde/platinum hair, made of metal and voiced by Suwabe Junichi.
  11. Help this weeb choose a game

    I have next week off and I'm seeing a PSN sale so time to waste money have fun. There's still a lil while before FF7R and RE3R are out so I can have my money back until then (hopefully). I settled for a few RPGs already but I'm not sure what VN I should pick. Not that I'll finish any of them in one week so anything goes I guess. The poll contain the candidates. Now which one will end up in my fine collection...? I could have made the poll multi-choice but a girl gotta eat so only one. Additional info: - Didn't play S;G nor C;H, how much will I be missing to start with C;C? S;G Elite is on sale too but eeeeh is it too galaxy brain to start with it? This *is* S;G: The Game: The Animation: The Game. - I love SRPGs. I've played Aquaplus' Tears to Tiara II before (because it's a SRPG), is it similar? The gameplay was alright but characters and story were really meh tbh so hoping it's not that similar ww. I'm also not very interested in Utawarerumono 1 for PC, should I wait for the PS4 version (coming in May, according to VNDB) or skip it entirely?
  12. The best I can give you is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, real good comedy. You may also like Kaguya-sama.
  13. So Mirror is on Sale

    Ooooh thanks for the clarification. I remember seeing some rumors about it a while back but never went back to look for the actual facts, so my mistake. But yeah, stolen assets games are a new (old?) low for them, when I thought they were already at the bottom of the bottom.
  14. So Mirror is on Sale

    Here's a gameplay video in English (not really NSFW but there's a scantily clad girl all through it so don't really open it in public) This + one look at the steam page really seems to corroborate bakauchuujin's statement. The very low price, the fact 90% of this game forum is in Chinese (although I never confirmed if their Chinese translations are legit), and the text on the video that, while not MTL (I guess?), clearly reads as something a non-native with very average grasp of the language would write just screams SakuraGame. Also funny you guys mention punctuation when, according to that video, no sentence ever get a full stop, they just kinda fades into nothing, incomplete even sometimes wwwww
  15. Tragic backstories that made you cry

    I never played this one, but just the summary hurts to read. How heavy is it?