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  1. Summer 2018 Anime Discussion

    I've only checked two series so far. First is Grand Blue. Like any other adaptation of a comedy manga, I think it doesn't flow as well as in anime form. It's like they don't give it time for the joke to "settle in", when you start laughing the show already moved on, everything moves too fast. But I said the same about Prison School, and that turned out pretty good. At least they get it right the weird expressions and overall zaniness of the series. The didn't even cut their retarded alcohol consumption habits, so much they had two warnings of "don't attempt this at home!" Best chapter is this week, that'll decide everything. Second was Banana Fish. Ignored by a lot of people for being a "series for girls", because it was published in a shojo magazine and it have a cast of only males, I went to see and found... only gang violence and tragedy and more tragedy. I'm really behind times for thinking that "for girls" means it's a sappy romance, dear god, it's quite dark. How was this published in a shojo magazine in the 80s???? I'll need a moe series to watch on the side, I can see this will leave me devastated. I could watch Free, since sports bros is healing enough for me, but I'm one season behind.
  2. VNR is back online!

    You actually did it right, just need to click the Update Subtitles. It should have worked, so maybe the problem is outside of your control: VNR first server is down and it'll probably remain that way. And that's why someone made this second server. Problem is, for the subs to appear in the second server, people that have downloaded them from the first server beforehand had to upload them. If no one did that for the game you're trying to play, you're out of luck, as the subs are forever lost in the first server. What game are you trying to play? I have some VNR subtitle files in my PC, not that much though. The Update Danmaku only works for translation notes, I think.
  3. Fuwanewbie

    Hi hi, and welcome to Fuwa! ^.^ No need to worry, your english is fine! I love Inganock as well, nice taste that of yours.
  4. As many (hopefully) of you know, I like to read a lot of different things, providing my stomach and the laws of my country allow it. My VNDB list will never reach Clephas level of completeness, so I'm aiming for something different instead: to have the most random, hipster, no prejudice, unlike any other VN list. Of course, as slow as I am, I can only hope to achieve this dream within the next 30 years or so, but hey I'm still young! I have conquered otomege, devoured BL, collected EVNs, discovered yuri, threaded in chuuni waters, tiptoed into nakige, read through memeges, tasted horror, and tried my hand with gameplay hybrids. But how can I call myself a Ultimate VN Reader if I never read a single nukige? No, I have to change that. I must to. So I decided to give a chance to the glorious fangame our friendly neighbors Asonn, Arcadeotic, Hanako, HMN, Jptje, Nandemonai, Zakamutt, and other sweeties (because the list is damn long), shared with the West: Maki Fes! What were the impressions of Maggie, guaranteed 12% female readership of Fuwa, someone who totally didn't went in for the memes and that totally knew something about Love Live beforehand? Find out now! There's a catchy song in the title screen, pretty much the only song I remember from the game. In Maki Fes!, you play as Matt yourself! The boyfriend (wait, it should be girlfriend if I had to play as myself. Well, I can stick with Matt just fine) of the cute red haired tsundereish Maki! How lucky are you? Nukige convenience is convenient, alright! Not a bad start to be honest, I was expecting something more stupid, but Maki Fes already proved itself as above average intellectual level than my preconceived opinion of what constitutes an average nukige. Anyway, Maki needs to write a song and you, as a good boyfriend, agree to help her get some inspiration. And yeeeeeees, that means lots of porn! Maki is pretty much the only character you'll meet through the entire game, since more girl means harem or yuri, right? And that's not what this doujinge is about. And she's fully voiced! The actress does a very good job for most part, except during those background moans that goes like a machine gun shooting fast going "a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a" that got annoying after two loops. The art is also quite pleasant to look at, Maki pouting and smiling are just the cutest. I enjoyed her character, but I don't know the original to say if she's going too OOC. So! The game provide you with the following scenarios, and all of them leads to porn. Yes, some of these choices leading to porn is quite creative, I know. The twist would be if the last option didn't, but that's not what happens here. Choices, oh choices. If you don't want to be spoilered, stop reading right here! Not that I consider sexual position a spoiler, but hey, there's weird folks of all kinds out there! So let's go over what I get out of each scenes. And no, it wasn't masturbatory material. "Let's recall our first time!": Exactly what it says on the tin. It was quite a sweet scene, where Matt the protagonist was mindful of Maki, and if she was feeling comfortable. Of course, she had to say the typical "you can be more rough, I know you're holding yourself back", but hey, at least they discussed it! Relationship is all about two people understanding and being respectful with each other after all! Another thing that I have to praise this game is that the classic "Cum inside/Cum outside" option only affect the CG right after it, and not the ending, so I could pick "Cum outside" to my heart's content. "Wear your maid outfit!": This one was nice too, as far as h-scenes goes. It's a blowjob scene and HEY, it have simple ANIMATIONS (*insert here the face of a surprised girl that never saw a animated VN before)! The translation of this scene was pretty good too, I was amazed with how many different porn sound effects this guy could came (get it? ) up with. It also had a marriage proposal discussion there that I liked, but I can guess 80% of the people that played this game didn't even noticed it. "Our good luck charm!": This was one of the last scenes I read, so there wasn't much of my patience left. I think it was something about writing good luck wishes on Maki's butt. Yep. Of course, not with a pen or a penis, but with his finger. Oh yeah, this guy goes on and on about Maki's cellulite free butt but this game don't have a single anal scene. For shame, game, for shame! "I'm hungry!": I can only say one thing. How Maki decided she wanted to feed this guy and do it like this??????????? "Dancing is inspiring!": Probably, but it was the very last scene I read and at that point I just wanted the game to end. Four scenes is my limit for h-scenes one after another. Multiple rounds indeed is a lie. Oh yeah, the scene. I think it was a cowgirl scene and... that's it. "Use traditional elements!": Was it on that scene that Maki came with the penetration alone? God, that was dumb. This guy have such lame foreplay skill it's a wonder Maki can even come once. Oh yeah, there's pee in this scene, weird that Zaka didn't work on this. How does her pee makes an arc in the air though? Pretty sure you need a penis to do that... "You need some excitement!": Man, this scene have one weird dick. It looked like a fishing hook. Animating it didn't make it any better. But I think this scene had some well crafted puns cumversation, so it was somewhat amusing. "I wanna fuck!": (Chorus: FUCK!)* Now that's a scene where Matt truly shines! And Maki as well. How could a forget when she uttered my favorite quote of the game, "My nipples are playing the blues!"? Now that's what I call talented nipples! *Joke stolen from ZakaTM After seeing all scenes, you can finally watch the desired True Ending, that I'll not spoil here. That was... tiring to be honest, but also educational (?) to say the least. It helped me to understand some before unexplored corners of the VN fandom. And I can't really doubt that it must be a nice game if used as intended. Should I be ashamed that this was my first contact with anything related to Love Live? Maybe. But now I can proudly (??) say that my VNDB list is one step closer to perfection. And since I already ticked the nukige checkbox, I can safely remove any other nukiges/games tagged with high sexual content from my wishlist! ...Wait, that one nukige is BL. ... Guess I'm making a nukige misadventures part 2. Unrelated PS: No, I didn't forget about Dankaronpa, chapter 4 is halfway done. Maybe next week!
  5. I seriously hope you're right. I mean, it took 3 years for people to notice Rapeley...
  6. By the title alone, we can see you also posted this on reddit Well, Valve's being Valve again. This time they created quite a sneaky but working way to ban "waifu games" without actually banning then. Say that you'll develop a filtering tool, and release it together with Half Life 3. In the meantime, VNs will be forever hidden for everyone. And then there's Maitetsu, it's a surprise it's still there considering what happened with Key to Home. So guess it's a good time to everyone here to learn how to use Mangagamer's store, Denpasoft, Fakku, itch.io and any other alternative and jump ship. I remember seeing some people celebrating that we won the "waifu holocaust" but, as imagined, we lost it.
  7. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    I think the best we could do is make people realize that saying "I like visual novels!" have the same effect as "I like movies!". As in, it tells you absolutely nothing. "What type of visual novel" is the key here. We could make people see there's a VN out there with themes you like, it's not all just about having sex with as many girls as possible. Like anime. People know that hentais like Bible Black exist, yet they also know they can pick other things like Re:Zero, Yuru Camp or Devilman Crybaby. "Visual Novel" is a term that includes a whoooooooooole lot of different things, so we could try to make it more clear somehow. Yeah, that too. We can be kind of a circle jerking bunch at times. And that unfortunately helps create said image that "all VNs are the same". I have a friend that loves horror and gore games in general, including some VNs. So I suggested them to register here, but they didn't want to because, in their outsider eyes, "we only talk about Grisaia and the like, so they wouldn't find anything worth it in here". We want to make visual novels popular in the west, but, for some outsiders, only a select few. That and the whole Aaeru thing that it's still attached to us whether we like it or not, even if it's long gone. That's... a terrible image we have tbh. I agree with this as well. Let's be honest, the easiest way to make VNs popular is to promote even more quick ecchi things like Winged Cloud games and meme games that youtubers would easily pick up. And with time they'll become even more cheap or even more meme. That's REALLY how we want to be popular?
  8. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    Whoever "wins" the AX is the one that announce things you're interested in! I liked Aksys announcement, since they were the only ones that give my Vita a purpose to exist Death Mark sounds quite nice, from the little a saw. And hell yeah MG, now the west will finally see the gloriousness of Luckydog1! And I'll have more uncensored violent mafia good shit to consume! The yuri seemed fluffy and extra sweet and filled with handholding so I might check it out.
  9. Eeerrr... the original name of this VN is ゾンビのあふれた世界で俺だけが襲われない that literally means "I am the only one who is not attacked in the world filled with zombies." Anyway, I somewhat enjoyed the first one, it was okayish, but the second one is quite boring so far. Like Walking Dead after they settle up in the prison, it's more about the character's relationship and less about the zombies... (Might change, I was half way through but I stalled it) But you couldn't be more right on this one. If you dropped it after Kurose's scene, you did yourself a favor. He's even worse after that.
  10. Best translation for CROSS CHANNEL?

    Amaterasu's one: readable but way too literal, a lot of jokes were completely ruined and it's full of translator notes that "helps" you understand what the hell they were trying to say. GH one: readable but he decided to make every single sentence twice as long for absolutely no reason, he probably rewrote half the script to sound more "profound" in English Moenovel's one: unreadable, nothing makes sense, looks almost like a machine translation
  11. JAST BLUE New Announcements

    Well, after they picked Sweet Pool, we could see that coming eventually. They could at least try to work with DMMD and TnC console/smartphone versions of the story so we actually see something new in the west, providing that the patch for those games are around for a while. Eh, but DMMD is popular enough for it to sell a lot either way.
  12. But they still act like veteran porn stars
  13. I for one love male characters that are too good to be true, bless 2D to make them real, more of them please wwwwwwww Well, on topic now. What ruins characters for me is when they never grow beyond their only trait (like a tsundere that being a tsundere is her entire personality). What ruins the plot I think it's fake black and white morality. The heroes does a lot of questionable things and no one bats an eye. Worse yet, everyone sides with them like they were pure untainted saints. Meanwhile, the villains are treated as scum of the earth that always have bad intentions and then they give us a flashback just to show us they were always soooooo evil, mwahahaha! It's not thaaaaaat common a thing, but when this does happens it pisses me off.
  14. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    It's not on the first post, but I think it's worth mentioning that you can add mini-reviews/commentaries in each VN's page. So why not enter Fata Morgana’s page and write how great the characters are or write in Grisaia’s page that the comedy is really good? It really help newbies using the site to know the best parts of the VNs! So you guys still can make the site even better!
  15. Fuwanovel Recommendation Site

    The stars relate to the vndb rating (not the bayesian one). Since no VN on the list is below the 6-10 range, it covers that range, going more or less like 1 star means the VN is rated 6,0 on vndb, 2 stars is a 7,0 on vndb and so on.