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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! <3 I've been playing ff14 lately and hey, there's Nier colab raids with accompanying thematic outfits so I'll soon get my wish to be able to 2D cosplay as 2B, butt and everything, and then my life will be complete
  2. It's as Templarseeker said. Even if you read a in-depth review, your experience can still be very different. I had my share of reading full of praise reviews of games I found interesting at first glance, just to play it myself and not find anything praise worthy anywhere. In the end, ratings are just highly subjective numbers. Everyone have their own standards, so nothing stops someone to give 10s to nukiges they enjoyed or giving 1s to games that have a 10 seconds NTR scene when they weren't expecting any. It's all about your expectations and if they're fulfilled I guess.
  3. ifyouremoveallkanjijapanesewillbesomewhatlikethisandthisispainfulenoughtoreadanditsonlyonesentencelongseriouslyyoudontwantthat *cough* that said, my big brain take is that kanji is nothing and the true beast of Japanese is deciphering katakana because maaaaaaaaaan the way they spell some foreign words...
  4. gacha ...oh wait, that's the present more gacha
  5. はいはい to add credibility to this essay, let me, a very loud specimen (gender neutral) of the often neglected otomefolk tribe, affirm this definition is quite accurate. We're just romancedudes (gender neutral) that plays under slight different set of rules, but the pursuit of a moenirvana is all the same.
  6. Oh wow wasn't expecting DLC for Steam Prison. I'm not particularly interested in a route for this character, but hey bonus content for any VN is an idea that I whole hearted support (And I'll get it anyway for the side stories). Also we can never have enough liar-soft, their games are great.
  7. Childhood marriage promise. Imagine not only remembering but also taking seriously some dumb shit you said at an age where you were still eating sand off the playground.
  8. Some weeks ago I made the mista... eerrr decision of starting out FFXIV and booooy what a delightful time sink. I'm having a blast just chilling and pointlessly grinding as I'm yet to beat the slog that is ARR's story. If anyone here plays in the NA server come and say hi and maybe we can even have a peaceful tea time in a beach house. That I hope that you have, that is, because I'm just a poor homeless freelancer Elezen
  9. Oh I've read that! So I can think of some possible problems. 1) the line in the reader is breaking because the text speed is too slow. You can try to speed it up (or put it to instantaneous) in the visual novel settings 2) if you're playing the 2.0 version of the game, it doesn't work with VNR too well (or at all sometimes) so I would suggest to download Textractor instead (It's what I used, worked like a charm)
  10. It's still May where I am so a happy birthday to our EVN defensor extraordinaire @Plk_Lesiak
  11. Since you liked Fate, might as well try Tsukihime too. The House in Fata Morgana is only 17+ and there's no school, but it's one damn good VN and the romance was great.
  12. Aaah that's a classic one. You didn't mention what walkthrough you're using to get the "right choices" but I'm assuming it's either a) Fuwa's one, that doesn't specify what "yes" you should pick (and it does matter), or b) chem is amani's one that according to some friends of mine doesn't work with everyone. I was sent these sequences long ago by a friend that suffered in trial and error in this part and it worked for both her and me. See if it works for you too. It uses up and down instead of the choices themselves to be less spoilerish and because some choices are "the same". The sequence starts with the answer to the "Do you want to feel even better?" choice: Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, up, up, up, up, up --> Good Ending Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, up, down, up, up --> Bad Ending
  13. Shining Song Starnova, I guess. Mariya starts the game as a alcoholic, Julie asks the MC out for drinks in 2 different occasions and all 7 girls go out to a bar with the MC to celebrate something at least once iirc
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