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  1. The nature of an infodump

    If the world/setting is sufficiently different enough to warrant some explanation; I don't mind infodumps. I experienced this more with book, but I was sometimes annoyed with piecing together how this worlds works over I don't know how many pages. Compared to that I would prefer a infodump in the beginning. But I like reading such world building if I am interested in the setting, so I honestly never understood the hate for infodumps.
  2. visual novel walkthrough

    Nanairo Reincarnation has already been requested here and I thought about writing a guide, but since one of the tester for the game already wrote a guide for the game on steam I just linked that guide. Similarly a guide for Aokana can also be found on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1874130120
  3. I am calling you out for not including the marketing campaign of a fast food chain! How dare you! Jokes aside it funny how many games Cherry Kiss Games released this year! I would have never known without those videos.
  4. What are some new JVNs coming out this year?

    I thought you mean VN coming out in Japan this year. But here are some VN that should receive an English release this year: - Marco & Galaxy Dragon (Release is February 28th) - YOU and ME and HER aka Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. aka Totono (supposed to release in February) - Senren * Banka (Early this year, 90% translated) - Hello Lady! (Early this year, after Senren Banka, 99% translated) - Making*Lovers (After Senren Banka & Hello Lady, 100% translated) - Master Magistrate (Last I heard was a release around may) - ATRI -My Dear Moments- (Slated to release this year) - Adabana Odd Tales (Slated to release this year) - Clockwork Ley-Line Part 2+3 (Should release this year) - Nukitashi (was supposed to come out in 2019, so chances are it will happen this year; it is 66% translated) - Majikoi (Should come out this year, was supposed to release last year, preorders are already up) - Meteor World Actor (If steam let's them release...) I left out Mangagamer since they release one VN every month and only announce the next one in advance. But they have multiple project that are 100% translated (or are even further along) and should come out this year like Sona-Nyl or Sakuranomori Dreamers . Complete list is here: http://blog.mangagamer.org/project-status/ Since I didn't include everything here are some other status tracker: Sekai Project: https://sekaiproject.com/pages/project-status Nekonyan: https://nekonyansoft.com/progress Last Update from Sol Press: https://solpress.co/blog/765/sol-press-project-roundup-11-11-2019
  5. List of notable Visual Novel related discords as of 2020

    Thanks! But looking over your opening post I noticed that you listed Shira as a fanTL group.
  6. List of notable Visual Novel related discords as of 2020

    They just released Baldr Sky which is a pretty great release. (Even though I haven't played it yet.) And in september they released Nanairo Reincarnation that I really enjoyed. And its not like that where their only releases in the last few months.
  7. List of notable Visual Novel related discords as of 2020

    There are two official Discords if think you should add. - Shira Shira is currently translating Master Magistrate for Hobibox/DMM and since they are working with them they sometimes post news/info about Hobibox/DMM related projects like the translation of Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. Discord link: http://discord.gg/qBmrqDy - Nextension The official Discord for Nexton for communication with their western fans. Last year they had an poll for what people want localized from them and recently they been working on making merchandise avaible for their western fans. Discord link: http://discord.gg/GcyDtUt
  8. Marco & the Galaxy Dragon (Release 28 February, 2020)

    That Twitter thread is great at showing off so how much CGs there are. At first I thought the game didn't even have the classic sprite + background structure because it just throws a new CG at you every few lines. The anime cutscenes are pretty nice too. The style is a pretty stark contrast but they are pretty nice change. (Like with the ingame cutscenes of Tokyo Necro during the prologue.) And I really appreciate the worldwide simultaneous release. That deserves praise in my opinion.
  9. Marco and the Galaxy Dragon Hobibox and Tokyotoon have uploaded an english demo for the upcoming VN to Steam. Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1202540/Marco__The_Galaxy_Dragon/ The VN is set to release 28 February 2020. And this is worldwide release date. Tokyotoon seems to be a spinoff of Harukaze known for there Noratoto games. The character designer seems to be the same as in Noratoto and this time it is an All Age release so there is no censorship. From what I have seen from the demo the budget is pretty high, with tons of CGs and even anime cutscenes (even though they are SD). I am not the best to judge the translation quality, but since there is an option to turn on Japanese subtitles (or have both at the same time), people that know Japanese can take a look at it. But the story is pretty crazy with a girl that gets kidnaped by aliens, to become intergalatic treasure hunter and return to earth. It's pretty over the top. Opening: Just wanted to to share this here. I think it could be an interesting title, even though it is not really my type of humor.
  10. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    Baldr Sky has now released! https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/1208115458890702848 Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/741140/Baldr_Sky/ Have fun!
  11. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I haven't played Aokana but looking at VNDB she is among my favorites design wise from the entire cast. She looks more appealing to me than the entire main cast, but obviously that is only the character design, I know nothing of their characters. And it looks like she is popular for a while since she was the only character on the promotion artwork for the cancelled (and now revived?) Aokana sequel. Link: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/13584-sprite-announces-aokana-zwei-sequel-confirmed/?tab=comments#comment-385441 The reason why I brought that up, is because back then when Aokana 2 was announced I thought yeah, I like her design.
  12. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    Sekai Project wrote a blog post about the changes they had to make in Baldr Sky. https://sekaiproject.com/blogs/news/baldr-sky-changes https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/1207520578908741632 The blog post is very thorough in what was changed so you should give it a read. But here is the TL:DR: About 4% of lines had to be removed, including explicit sex scenes and lines referencing explicit details. It's sad that GIGA insisted that they could not release a uncut version but here we are. This still doesn't rule out an unofficial uncensor patch. So that chance still remains.
  13. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    What resolution does Venus Blood -Frontier- have? I mean it came out only 3 years after Baldr Sky. So calling one old-ge seems kind of silly. It looks like VBF is $10 cheaper? But Baldr Sky is two games and quite a bit longer. But in the end those comparison don't make much sense.
  14. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    At first glance I was a bit taken back by the price tag, but honestly that isn't fair. I personally like that they put both games out together, since I would otherwise wait for the second game to come before even starting Dive 1, but with both games bundled together there is really not much room to make them cheaper. $25 per game doesn't seem unfair to me, but I don't know how many people will think about that after the first shock. And as you said it's not like people don't spend $50 on other forms of entertainment. Other games, movies, microtransactions, gacha and so on. But together with uncertainty regarding cut content I am worried that Baldr Sky will get ignored by a lot of people, and I guess the VN community has changed in the last years. My impression is that Baldr Sky was much more hyped a few years ago. I guess one point is that announcing a VN and than having it not release for years kills the excitement. It becomes kind of old news by then. And there is more competition than before. On the same day Bokuten and Venus Blood -Frontier- release. That is also splintering the already small audience further. That is really good news! Let's hope that works out, and I am not going to speculate who is behind that.
  15. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    AI: The Somnium Files is 59,99 $/€ on Steam so there is that. I mean $50 definitely looks a bit pricey compared to the usual prices but to be fair it is two VNs in one package. In Japan Dive 1 and 2 where separate games, so $25 for a really long VN (100h+ for both together) doesn't seem unfair. The cut content is another topic altogether, but I think there is still chance that we get a 18+ patch maybe in a unofficial capacity, so I wouldn't rule it out completely yet. Oh just read that tweet: https://twitter.com/dobacco/status/1207093502267363329 Apparently GIGA wanted to sell the game for $75... EDIT: Since the embedded tweets sometimes don't show up for me, I am going to start posting a direct link underneath.