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  1. f/sn Realta Nua content question

    That's a feature of the fantranslation as far as I know. Personally I found neither the original scenes nor their replacements to be particular strong. The original scenes felt kind of forced in to have ero content and the new scenes withs dolphins and dragons where kind of weird. Either one conveys what happens in regards of plot relevance. But I can't really say something about the rest of the censorship.
  2. What Sources Do You Use to Find New VN's?

    For translations it's usual through Twitter. For fantranslations I found VNTS pretty useful, but those are getting rarer by the day. For new japanese VNs its impressions here on this forum (Clephas for example), Twitter and VNDB.
  3. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Except that Silverio Trinity is presicely one of the title that Sony got a problem with so that argument doesn't really work. Source: https://gematsu.com/2018/10/visual-novel-silverio-trinity-coming-to-playstation-hindered-by-recent-sony-regulations
  4. Nukitashi is another pretty cool announcement. Pretty crazy premise, the Japanese release was just two months ago, lots of hype and a lot of positive opinions from the Westerners that have read it. But the deals seems to be pretty fresh and it won't release before late 2019.
  5. I am excited for Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato. Sounds like something I would enjoy.
  6. This pretty much. Sometimes I read a charage for the romance and to relax, but the story focused titles are the ones that get me excited.
  7. Despite what my avatar says, that ending (didn't know it was considered the true ending) is by far the best ending in Saya no Uta and one of the reason I hold the VN in high regard. I quite honestly never considered it a bad ending. The alternative is the kind of dull ending you expect from a standard horror movie, and it's only OK since this whole VN reminds me of Call of Cthulhu pen and paper round and the players need a way to win. But I also liked the tone of the asylum ending, even if it didn't compare to the Saya ending. In general I don't consider Lovecrafts entities to be evil, they are just alien and from that angle your interpretation isn't really far fetched at least in my book.
  8. Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    Love Lab announced an English translation of Lamunation! for Q1 of 2019. Here is their announcement: And here is their web page: https://www.lovelabjapan.com/lamunation-announcement/ They confirmed an All-Age release with an free 18+ patch. I personally have never heard of Love Lab before, but the hired known translator Blickwinkel for this translation, so at least we don't have to fear a MTL. Here is the opening: @Clephas wrote on his blog here about the title and described it as 'random/comedy/ecchi' Here is the link to his blog post: So we have another new entry to the translation scene. I wish them good luck and hope their release is good. The title at least looks interesting if you enjoy comedy.
  9. Baldr Force patch released by mysterious person on 4ch

    I guess I have to eat my words on this one. I honestly thought this was just some elaborate joke. But I am happy to be wrong on this one! I guess the group behind this one really wanted to stay anonymous and choose 4chan because of that. It's been a while since I last played anything in 640*480 but I am going to check this one out.
  10. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    I finished the first Volume of DareSora, and it is a bit hard to judge, because on one hand it is pretty short (as to be expected at this price point) and on the other hand it likes to keep its cards close to it's chest and doesn't tell you a lot about what's going on. By the end you are left with a lot of questions, but since it's a mystery and I would like to know what's going on that's good. The visuals and the voice acting are nice and I was honestly surprised to see a choice in this VN, although I would suspect that those don't have much long lasting impact on the story. Despite being a rather simple choice it was interesting in the context of story of DareSora. But getting the last few achievements was a bit confusing because it's not really clear what you have to do for it. Overall it was a good offering for the price and I think you can't really go wrong at this price, but it's clear that this is only the first volume and there is no conclusion so all the critics considering episodic releases still apply. I would never the less like to see this continue.
  11. Baldr force loc trailer linked on 4ch; hoax?

    My guess is that is some kind of joke/troll attempt. Sadly. Also I think this would have been better as a forum thread Mr. Special Snowflake.
  12. The real question is what happens when a group opposes Steam new release policies. Worried parents that steam now sells their children pornography and others along those lines. Steam gives eroge more exposure but that exposure can also backfire. I don't think Valve will uphold these new release policies when they come under public fire once someone goes and publish a uncensored Maitetsu on Steam and the news read "Steam sells child pornography". It really hopes there are no problems, but I can see this go wrong. And you may never know when this happens. New Steam could run for month or years without any problem before something happens. Also I guess there are players that don't want friends to see them play full on eroge on Steam so they could hold back buying them there. There is still stigmatization against erotic content in the public opinion, that won't go away that easy.
  13. Seven Days collector's edition on Kickstarter

    I read through the kickstarter and there is one thing that really throws me off. So should I expect their mental age to be the above and that they behave as someone of that age? Otherwise it is an interesting premise.
  14. JAST USA RPG sale

    Good to know and welcome to the Forum. I will occasioanlly pester about Nitroplus titles but don't let that discourage you. (Muramasa/Tokyo Necro/Django when?)
  15. JAST USA RPG sale

    That sounds like you are affiliated with JAST in some way? Cross posting information like this definitely cannot hurt.