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  1. AoKana Physical Kickstarter, Release Date and Other Updates

    The announcement is the time when a VN title probably gets the most hype, so bringing the release and the announcement closer together is the right move. Getting the announcement years in advance just means that the title becomes forgotten and the initial hype has long waned. so good move there.
  2. Looking for a VN with specifics mentioned in the thread!

    Making*Lovers is being translated. There is one (maybe two?) heroines in high school, the rest seem to be adults.
  3. Ok thanks for the clarification. I think it is kind of strange that Sol Press put a new "newer and/or lesser experienced" translator on Nukitashi when it is arguably one of their bigger releases. For me it's probably my most wanted release out of Sol Press and Nukitashi has a lot of hype surrounding it and comedy/jokes are pretty hard to translate. Please don't take it as any kind of personal critique, I don't know how good your translations are and since I don't speak Japanese I am in no position to compare your work anyway, I find it just a little odd. (Also I don't know the work of ningen so it's not like I would have any preference.) I guess the amount of translators in the VN niche is just limited, due to the lower pay. In any case I wish you good luck on your work and I am looking forward to Nukitashi!
  4. Hmm? @ittaku is the translator for Nukitashi? That doesn't make much sense. Nukitashi was annouced last year while this initiative for new transltors only started in march. Sol Press said on twitter that ningen is the translator for Nukitashi while @Decay is the editor. Link:
  5. Sekai Project Anime Central (ACEN) 2019 Announcements

    If you watched the panel he said something to the effect of "we found a bug submitted a bug report to Silky's Plus and they send back a build where it wasn't fixed". So a communication problem basically. Of course that doesn't make it any less frustrating. If that alone can explain a delay from Q1 to July+ I don't know, but it's not like there is anything we can do.
  6. They are still planning for an uncropped 4:3 release that is possibly sold seperatly which would be kind for weird. Does anybody know how the translation is for the official release of G-senjou no Maou? In comparison to the fan translation? When NowItsAngeTime says that the Denpasoft release seems to match the fantranslation, I would reason that the Steam version is as well because it wouldn't make much sense for them to change it for the Denpasoft release.
  7. The twitter user @Kiriya_Aoi9 streamed the whole panel and the video can be watched here if you are interested: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OyKApnRdBaxb?t=3 ImoPara 3 is not really for me so I am looking forward to AX.
  8. Since we have a thread for the new Mangagamer announcements I think I might as well post Sekai Project's new announcements. There are three in total: 1. Winter Polaris (Fuyu no Polaris) From the same studio that made Narcissu 2. Sanarara R Translated by Conjueror Opening: 3. How to Raise a Wolf Girl (Kemono Musume no Sodatekata) Clephas worte his impressions down here: The panelist also hinted that they want to work with Sweet & Tea again. Opening: Here is the tweet by Sekai Project: Here are some more info: https://mailchi.mp/sekaiproject/exciting-sekai-project-announcements-at-anime-central-05172019 Also somebody (@Kiriya_Aoi9 on twitter) was kind enough to stream the whole panel so you can watch it here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OyKApnXbYLxb The announcement part is pretty short followed by a longer Q&A Session. Some takeaway from that where that we can expect news about Baldr Sky and Nanairo Reincarnation at AX in July. (yay!)
  9. Damekoi aka Most Forbidden Love in the World Released [UPDATED]

    Gare put a walktrough on his blog: https://gareblogs.wordpress.com/2019/05/16/the-most-forbidden-love-in-the-world-damekoi-english-walkthrough/ @littleshogun You are missing Kouno Asami as heroine in the first post.
  10. Anime Central didn't have the most exciting announcements for Mangagamer in the past (at least for me), so I am expecting more from Otakon and AX later this year. But Conjueror and Garejei did translate a new project for Mangagamer and I still hold hope that it is going to be another Higashide Yuuichirou/Propeller title. (Evolimit please!)
  11. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    The upcoming Shitsuji ga Aruji o Erabu Toki / Choose Your Mistress should offer what you are looking for. Beside that I don't know.
  12. As an additional piece of information both announcements at Anime Boston are from new Partners. So that's interesting. Personally there haven't been really exciting announcements for me at Anime Boston in prior years, but there is always the chance for a pleasant surprise.
  13. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    They also posted a survey for Denpasoft: Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/denpasoft2019 It's mostly the same survey as Sekai Project, but they added page with 18+ specific questions and they added a new field where they ask for improvements/criticism , which is a good step.
  14. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    Here is the Tweet: And here is the link to the survey separately: http://surveymonkey.com/r/sekai2019 While Sekai Project doesn't ask for specific titles you want to see, they ask which developers you want to see brought over to the west and what developers you want to see more titles from.
  15. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    I like the constant reminder for JAST to work on Muramasa. Also as always Mangagamer dropped hints for upcoming announcements in this blog post. I spotted five: three, yuri, moege, gameplay and cat. At least three of them sound like they are not for me. Yuri, moege, gameplay and cat aren't really concrete hints as far as I can see, describing broader categories (except for maybe cat) but has anybody any idea regarding three?