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  1. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    The upcoming Shitsuji ga Aruji o Erabu Toki / Choose Your Mistress should offer what you are looking for. Beside that I don't know.
  2. Mangagamer New Announcements (Anime Boston and Sakuracon 2019)

    As an additional piece of information both announcements at Anime Boston are from new Partners. So that's interesting. Personally there haven't been really exciting announcements for me at Anime Boston in prior years, but there is always the chance for a pleasant surprise.
  3. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    They also posted a survey for Denpasoft: Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/denpasoft2019 It's mostly the same survey as Sekai Project, but they added page with 18+ specific questions and they added a new field where they ask for improvements/criticism , which is a good step.
  4. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    Here is the Tweet: And here is the link to the survey separately: http://surveymonkey.com/r/sekai2019 While Sekai Project doesn't ask for specific titles you want to see, they ask which developers you want to see brought over to the west and what developers you want to see more titles from.
  5. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    I like the constant reminder for JAST to work on Muramasa. Also as always Mangagamer dropped hints for upcoming announcements in this blog post. I spotted five: three, yuri, moege, gameplay and cat. At least three of them sound like they are not for me. Yuri, moege, gameplay and cat aren't really concrete hints as far as I can see, describing broader categories (except for maybe cat) but has anybody any idea regarding three?
  6. How do you choose your first route?

    There is an english walktrough for HoshiOri: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/21841-hoshi-ori-yume-mirai-star-weaving-☆-dreaming-of-the-future/ It is based on the japanese walktrough you been using.
  7. I would like to see some form of centralized review/impressions aggregator both for Japanese and English releases. There some here and there but do to the nature it easy to miss them. It would be ideal to have these reviews in one place and under one umbrella with the same standards for every review but imagine that would be impossible, but an aggregator would be a great first step. Those impressions/reviews would be more helpful now than ever since there are more english releases then ever before, so I am sure more people need to make decisions on what to read next. Translation critique could also be interesting, but I would expect them to be rare occasion.
  8. Light's parent company is gone

    Light just posted this link on twitter: http://www.light.gr.jp/important/index.html Google Translate says that Lights' parent company Greenwood Co., Ltd. is dissolving and Light is effectively gone. The Silvario Team is apparently preparing their next game under a different company. Right now I am a bit shell-shocked. This is really sad news. ;_;
  9. It's out now! Go and buy it! Also it's 10% off for the first week! We need more support for chuunige and Light in the west. Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1011990/Dies_irae_Interview_with_Kaziklu_Bey/
  10. Death Mark get PC release

    And apparently the single CG is not censored for the Steam release. (Says VNDB)
  11. There are a lot of light VNs that I am interested in: - Paradise Lost and Kajiri Kamui Kagura are connected to Dies irae - Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin (Senshinkan for short) has already been asked for on twitter. It has also a sequel in Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Bansenjin. - Silverio Vendetta and it's sequel Silverio Trinity - Gunjou no Sora o Koete (also has a really good reputation) - Sora no Baroque (light's newest work) There is also a bunch of other chuunige that I would love seeing in Vermilion -Bind of Blood-, Zero Infinity -Devil of Maxwell- and Electro Arms -Realize Digital Dimension-. So light has titles for years as far as I am concerned and I am sure I missed some interesting titles in this list too. Let's just hope that they find their venture into the west worthwhile and start working on more translations.
  12. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    It's the first thing I heard about this VN since they randomly handed out some flyers at a convention that mentioned an English release. Afterwards it was just silence. I guess this VN is getting a translation after all. EDIT: Just skimmed through the page but this is a gem. ^^
  13. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    I haven't seen a statement from them regarding physical editions, after the asked about it on their blog.
  14. The only meaning I know is "English Only Peasant" and "Japanese Only Peasant". If someone knows a less insulting meaning of the acronym please share it.
  15. My take on this post is that his main point is that the VN community is divided between people that read translations and people that read in Japanese and that this divide is only getting bigger over time? And among Japanese readers there are those that proceed to trash translations which serves to deepen this divide? I don't think I agree with these statements. Obviously there is some sort of divide between people reading translations and the Japanese works. They draw from a different pool of works and what is new and gets discussion differs as well, but I would argue that as more VNs get translated the pool of works that both groups share only gets bigger so there is more common ground for discussion. I honestly haven't witness much of toxicity against the readers of translations. Maybe I don't follow the right places? Ats least I haven't seen this sentiment getting worse here on fuwanovel. As for the "ringleaders of Japanese eroge" I think it is just a function of limited information. Someone that doesn't speak/read Japanese only has so many sources of information about new Japanese titles, so reading impressions by clephas, conjueror or moogy makes sense. If there where only a handful of movie critics and they would be the only source of information before the movie releases years later (if ever) than those movie critics would probably have some kind of following. So some sort of following is inevitable under these circumstances and all of those reviewer are only people that have their own tastes and everyone should keep this in mind. But that is nothing new. No reviewer (of any kind) does reflect my opinion perfectly so I am trusting nobody blindly. That should be same for every kind of review or impression. But regardless of that I can't remember any of those Japanese VN reviewer rally their readers against translations in general, so that point is moot. TL;DR: I don't know if I did catch what the thread opener wanted to say, but I don't think it is a bad as he thinks.