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Ever met someone from the forum in person?

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31 minutes ago, john 'mr. customer' smith said:

Pretty sure Nosebleed and madvanced have met irl, that's all I know

My next-door neighbour in our student home reads vns and checks Fuwa occasionally, but he's never posted.

@havoc @Asonn I'd love to, though I don't know if we'd have much to talk about

as long as I can talk shit about moeges, I could rant for hours and hours :ren:

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I've met a fellow Palestinian on the forums about...a year and a half ago, I think? He even turned out to live in the same city as me, surprisingly enough.

Although we've only managed meet up just recently.


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I haven't, although I almost met up with Mephisto (a former mod ages ago) when I was in Japan this summer. Though our schedules conflicted and we couldn't :( 

When I'll be in Japan next year I hope to get the opportunity to meet with @Conjueror and congratulate him on getting to translate Dies Irae. And by congratulate, I hope that includes going to an izakaya with him. ;p 

Edit: How come my "@Conjueror" is not highlighted?

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Gotta select it from the dropdown menu : P

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