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  1. I need to some tips. I can think visually how something would happen, but when I try to write it or explain what's happening it's difficult for me. Another thing that happens is how to begin one, but I'm sure most people have that problem. Thanks in advance.
  2. you right about that last statement. Yeah life doesn't always have happy endings... but its a F*cking video game!
  3. Kotomi bro! Yeah!!
  4. Ah no its okay that's fine. I already knew from the anime anyway. Well I wasn't saying she was gonna be the main character as in Tomoyas role. i just meant like a main girl route. Also wow so it does.
  5. Okay to be honest. I didn't fully finish Clannad. I just did the normal routes and then stopped. I don't intend to finish any time in the future. Also I didn't know that the orbs actually meant something. I thought they were just there to tell you you finished a route. Now that I know that, it is really stupid.
  6. I like how so far Clannads been mention so far lmao. but I completely understand.
  7. Oh that girl. I didn't know she was planned to be a main character. I would have definitely preferred her than that stupid guy having a route. I mean I know Yukine gets a route too but... ah forget it. Ah, I can understand that little example there. Not sure if I seen this scenario in any VN I've read but 'm sure there out there. What is that from by the way?
  8. You're reading through a route of some VN. You really enjoy it and are invested. Suddenly you get to the end of it and the ending just ruins it. I hate that. The route(can refer to any) would be good but the end would just be disappointing. It feels as if all that progress was for nothing. No pay off. Had to get that out. lol
  9. You're not that far off though. Also you are? that's cool.
  10. Actually this piece is the theme for the protags little sister and it wont play very much. Also thanks for liking them! Also for that last statement. Ill try my best. Making new music is very difficult for me and i think there will be a point where I will run out of ideas lmao.
  11. Thanks! And it does indeed. I'm using samples from both the SNES and Genesis this time.
  12. Well im no composer so I have to work with what I have. Even if I may run out of steam soon. Lol
  13. So I'm also doing the music for my project. This was what most of it would have sounded like - https://puu.sh/t3QpW/cc51d49dcb.mp3 And now it will sound mostly like this - https://puu.sh/t3QnZ/e358d7d26d.mp3 Which I think is actually better.
  14. Yeah I know, ugh. Should I repost? Lol. Also "deliver the lolz" was it funny?