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  1. My passion project

    Thank you Kurisu-Chan c: I'm trying my best.
  2. My passion project

    Well I made the setting in the USA, because I live here, and it makes more since. I don't know sh*t about Japan (btw is it okay to swear on the forums?). Although, I do hope to one day make a VN set in Japan. For f*ck sake... read the last comment I made to the other guy. And sure its fine. To answer your question I want to, but it's gonna be hard since I'm not talented at any of those things.
  3. My passion project

    Thats the title I'm going with. And it sounds like it but thats the best I could do to describe it. I assure its gonna be way better. The Marvel universe has inspired parts of this VN project.
  4. My passion project

    So some of you may have already knew I was doing something, but now I want to say what exactly it will be. My project is called "The Heroines." Set in a southern state in the US. The story will follow 17 year old Jon adjusting to life in a new city. On his first few days attending the school he ends up meeting a group of remarkable girls. All of which have superpowers. Jons life just gets more complicated as he deals with living in a new home, high school, and his relationship with the girls. Plus he has to help them overcome a greater challenge. I had started this idea since spring last year and I'm still working on it. There'll be 8 routes (including the prologue and last route). Possibly h-scenes. Will be a free game (hence why I called it a passion project). Oh, and it will have a comic book look to it. c: In one way or another I will do it.
  5. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    SJW's? more like RWJ's haha... anyway i enjoy it sometimes. And I also don't like son and mother stuff.
  6. Hello there!

    Welcome to the family!
  7. is yu no worth the read

    Just heard of it now.
  8. Man, trying to make summary for a story is difficult...

  9. Hello there!

    Welcome Joshy boy! Hope you have a good time here!
  10. VN update?

    Geez... I can never figure out where to post these kinds of topics... So anyway, I know I've posted, like, two times already, but I'm back! And my visual novel is not dead. I came up with this project since Spring last year and it's gone no where... it will happen though, I promise you! Maybe you guys who have made visual novels before can give me some tips or something. See you all next time...! Probably in another year. xD Sh*tty logo for the game that I put together in, like, an hour. Just a draft.
  11. I draw your waifu/husbando

    Could you draw Yukie Mayuzumi and possibly in color? :3
  12. Eyes Closed -u-

    Why Shoujo manga? Also, yeah, I mean it looks fine animated, but seeing a person do it irl would look strange.
  13. I would never delete Majikoi(AKA Maji de Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai)...
  14. Eyes Closed -u-

    So in any anime/manga you sometimes see characters with their eyes closed when they're happy and/or speaking. We really don't think much about it, because it's cute, or whatever, but if I was talking to someone while they had their eyes closed. I would think something was wrong with them. What do you all think? lol
  15. True Routes...

    Alright, I'm starting this topic, because I want to know what people think about a true route in visual novels. Do you think it makes the other routes pointless? or do you think it doesn't matter?