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  1. Reading Ryushika Ryushika, which is basically Yotsuba&! by way of Yoshitoshi Abe. The girl is slightly less innocent and there's less focus on the characters around her and her positive influence on them, and more focus on the gags that result from the girl's wild imagination. Also, it gets pretty psychedelic sometimes. It's 10 volumes in full colour, though I don't think all of it is translated. Recommended, anyway, especially if you like Yotsuba.
  2. Kodomo no Jikan, perhaps? Starts out as a creepy sexual comedy with a teacher (23, innocent) and a 9-year old girl trying to seduce him, but later it turns out she gets mentally and physically (not sexually) abused by her uncle, and drama/romance ensues as the teacher tries to help her get over her various traumas.
  3. Confession: Today was the first time I genuinely flipped out at someone on the internet. Now I feel like shit. Please tell me I'm right Feel free to rate my performance objectively https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1598850&show=0#msg49970400 (I'm coenraed)
  4. I haven't read a new vn in months, so this might be a good motivation. I'm in!
  5. That's just like me and South Park I'm only watching Maid Dragon, LWA and Demi-chan at this point. I've warmed up to the latter a bit, I like the honest/mature-ish writing enough to want to keep watching, even though I still find the presentation mediocre
  6. I do think there's a value in always having an average score of around 5, because it means you're making the most of the space you have. I only watch/read stuff I expect to enjoy and almost never give scores below a 7, and I consider that a weakness, since it means I have no real idea of what I hate.
  7. I'd guess almost any adult can understand, enjoy and appreciate Wolf Children, as well as most Ghibli films. However, I wouldn't really call those good introductions to anime, as they aren't really in any way connected to the common style and tropes of anime, if there is such a thing. That said, I don't think you'll ever get the average parent to enjoy something like Lucky Star, Madoka Magica or Kill la Kill, no matter how gradually you build up to them. Basically, just try to show them things that are somehow similar to what they already like.
  8. Watched TTGL. No words are large enough. Cried several times in the last 2 episodes. 10/10 if I ever saw it. It's amazing how Imaishi's direction can just make you accept every absurd technicality the writer throws at you.
  9. Oh wow, there's actually a thread for this. I mostly agree with what Ariurotl said, like, over a year ago. I only use the term to describe a character I would probably have a crush on if she were real (dunno if it means we'd be compatible, but whatever. It's just speculation anyway) Or possibly for a character that I find extremely aesthetically pleasing, regardless of their personality
  10. Saw this and then watched it, That was possibly the first time I've ever been dissappointed in an episode not being longer. Kanna is so adorable it hurts, dude edit: also, seems like they really aren't planning to use the titty bounce sounds much beyond episode 1
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz4ZjuO7HrynjRrRlur1yWg This guy does a lot of research and has some pretty good spotlight videos of specific studios and people As for backgrounds, the most famous and influential background artist would be Shichiro Kobayashi, and there's some pretty good stuff about him in english; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxpGRoroPko As for the production side, there's not much I can say, apart from just watch any and all documentaries you can find, Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, stuff like that.
  12. No offense meant, but this is a meme that needs to die. Neither Kyoani nor Ufotable have bigger budgets per project than most studios, they are simply better organized and more consistent with their staff. I liked most of the second episodes I've seen so far too. I still think the presentation/execution in Demi-chan is arse, but at least the ideas and some of the character moments were interesting/funny enough to convince me to try another episode
  13. I really want to, since I've heard good things about the franchise and Suzumoto was apparently involved in both games, but I'm not especially keen on either the ps4 or vita. Really hope we'll get an eventual pc release
  14. That's fair enough, but opinions can and should always be fluid. I bet a good analysis could make you hate this show, or make you love it even more. I'm not claiming you should think anything, but an opinion shouldn't be an excuse to ignore other viewpoints either (though that's pretty hypocritical of me). I think this segment sums up my opinion pretty well; the individual elements of the execution (by which I mostly mean presentation) are often good, but almost never make any sense together Everything you just said sounds great to me. I just don't think it does any of it well or
  15. Can you explain the appeal to me? I've watched the 1st episode and it just seems like pretty much every other A1 show; cool concept, painfully boring and incoherent execution. I'm probably just really biased because of Digibro, but I can see what he means when he uses the phrase 'assembly-line feel' Please prove me wrong. I hate hating things.
  16. Wtf was up with all those spinning people? Well, I knew I was going to enjoy it, but that was absolutely everything I ever wanted out of an anime. I really appreciate that Kyoani seems to have put a lot more effort into simplistic, expressive art&animation, rather than their usual fuckton of digital aftereffects, which I'm not the biggest fan of. (or maybe they're just hiding them very well, I dunno) Loved everything else as well, especially the jokes/timing. I haven't been this entertained in a long time. My only pet peeve was that Tohru's wings in dragon form were f
  17. https://exhentai.org/g/899629/6e64462b9e/ https://exhentai.org/g/585278/dd65577ac3/ I've been on a search for faithful doujins. As in, doujins by artists that actually make a real effort to emulate the style of art/comedy/characterization/etc. (not to mention cup sizes, nothing worse than when a character suddenly has way bigger jugs) of the original franchise, and make it feel like it could actually have been a real episode/chapter except with sex, rather than just putting their own perverted/loose interpretations of the character designs in arbitrary sexual situations This is
  18. I'm definitely gonna watch Maid Dragon, probably LWA and possibly Onihei. I'm intrigued with the last one because Masao Maruyama apparently founded a whole new studio just to make it. For those that don't know, he's the founder of Madhouse and probably the only good businessman in the world that actually cares about art
  19. Lol I actually know that manga, It's from one of my favourite artists, Karma Tatsurou
  20. Don't you dare say that when you haven't even read Narcissu Seriously though, Read it. It's not particularly depressing (at least, not to me), and it'll make you think about death in ways you've probably never thought about death before.
  21. Nice! Time to hype myself up a bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbdaF-CU7EI
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