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  1. Depends on the name. I'll simplify long ones and remove stuff like underscores as well, but using the people above as an example, I'd just call zander and littleshogun by their usernames.
  2. This is an alt I fully know of and allow, by the way. He asked me about doing it. Not ban evading or anything. For one night the forums had no supervision for around 2-3 hours, in which east spammed "www" threads constantly. I deleted around 20~30 of them, but there were even more. He's currently on the "flagged as a spammer" list until I find a time I can remove him from that to deal with the remaining spam, which is why all of his posts disappeared. Of course, we did talk about it. Everyone has really bad days sometimes and real life can affect your decisions somewhat heavily. It's ok man.
  3. Because Unicorn is overrated anyway. I very much can't decide, so I'd appreciate some good forum wisdom on what's cuter 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-
  4. Indeed. From my time lurking around I can more or less give you a stamp of good taste. Yay.
  5. Thanks everyone. I haven't been around very often lately, but having support from the community always makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I'll be back as soon as I can.
  6. Vajra huh. Good taste. Been meaning to spark her too.
  7. Can't see main site at all, but I can bring some neat forum stats! We've been really about the exact same for the past year and a half. After we killed torrents there was a big decline, then a soft one until mid 2016 where we reached what we have right now, where it has been more or less stuck since forever. We get about as many new users as we lose old ones, and so the balance remains stable (note that we're approaching what has historically been out lowest period of activity in the year, as you can see by all the declines around this time.) We can still consistently reach over 150 topics almost every month, which is already more than when I joined the forums. The community right now is pretty stable, though we can't really match up to our relevance in the old days. But that's torrents for you.
  8. I'm not the one in charge of that, so you'll have to talk to Decay, haha. But we haven't had reviews in a while, so maybe.
  9. @Decay is your man and the person who controls the fuwareviews team (if I'm not mistaken.) When you're part of the team you get to login somewhere else in a nice interface that lets you write your review (and that I always fuck up the html of.) It's its own thing with its own formating and rules outside of the forums, though. Guest reviews are also a thing, so don't need to necessarily be part of it I think. EDIT: There's no harm in posting this type of doubt on the forums, but for anyone else with "where the hell do I learn things?!?!" questions, I should be able to answer just about any of them through a pm.
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