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  1. The Best Eroge Ever. 5 minutes of shitty references to games that no longer exist. I'd like to imagine it'd be an internet mystery, something which no one could quite make sense of.
  2. Since you actually want the school setting with superpowers, definitely Ayakashibito. Oh, if you can read untranslated stuff you're lucky, there are tens of great recommendations.
  3. If you dislike common to that point you wouldn't like any of the routes either, I'd say.
  4. If you don't mind some gameplay, you can try out Beat Blades Haruka. That game does actually have some NTR elements (especially in the submission bad endings) beyond just having the main heroines be raped whenever they lose to a boss. The evil endings are fairly dark, too. I feel a bit reluctant suggesting it because you kinda need to turn the game dark through gameplay, since it doesn't really start that way. You can have it be entirely vanilla. It's pretty good so check it out if you're interested, though. I kinda need to break away from the NTR theme now because there really isn't anything else for translated VNs (I could help out with that if you're into H manga though, it's a lot more common there.) If you liked the feeling of Yukikaze, you could check out the Taimanin Asagi games if you haven't already (I think they translated 3 of them) or Shion ~ Zankokuna Mahou no Tenshi~ Those games are older than Yukikaze, but they share the same atmosphere, and are the same type of short, dark ero game about breaking girls. Asagi happens in the same universe, you actually should've seen the girls of those games as teachers in Yukikaze.
  5. Over 10 posts have been hidden. This is not a Sekai Project thread.
  6. Hm, there's a few. I'd suggest checking out Tamanin Yukikaze if you haven't already. Depending on your reactions to that one I could recommend more translated stuff. For just pure netorare you could check out Ai Suru Tsuma.
  7. It's pretty par the course with the old nitroplus titles, yeah. I recommend also checking out their other short VNs if you're enjoying Saya.
  8. Bakemonogatari, I think.
  9. The creator of the site was a gal named Aaeru, haha. She hasn't been around for a few years now. Me, Nosebleed and Down are global moderators, and unless extraordinary circunstances come to be, one of us will usually be the final voice on any moderation-related issue. You shouldn't really post erotic CGs with lolis of any type, even as a link, hm. You're right that it's how we normally handle H content, though. Feel free to discuss your favorite loli characters as much as you'd like! Fetishes are a bit more complicated, but if they're relevant to a VN you're talking about it should be fine. I'm a lolicon myself and I'm pretty sure everyone knows about it, and I think it's fine to mention both your fetishes and that you happen to enjoy lolis in a thread if that's pertinent. Members just shouldn't go out of their ways to talk about the hottest ways to do lolis in or whatever. Don't worry, bans are pretty unnusual, all in all. Permanent bans even more so. Also don't worry about making a bad impression, hm. If anything, throughly reading the rules beforehand and asking about them when they look unclear is something I wish all newcomers did, haha.
  10. There exists a rank progression that gradually happens as you post. They're just cosmetic. Once you hit 500 posts, you can choose a title of your own and you can change that whenever you feel like. Yes, you can be Jesus, though only for a while. It's on the house, enjoy it. Welcome to the forums, hope you have fun around here.
  11. I mean it's a crossover character sure but the universes of those series are so different that eeeeeh.
  12. The universes of those series might seem similar at a first glance, but they're far apart from each other and certainly not the same.
  13. Hm, I'm rather fond of this series. It actually took a lot of time to try and come up with a way to describe what it's about that felt right for me, but I think I did it. https://fuwanovel.net/reviews/2017/02/13/rance-5d-vi/
  14. Yuru Yuri.