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  1. Ntr/Cheating/Adultery/Blackmail/Rape

    You'd probably enjoy Taimanin Yukikaze.
  2. Hello. Welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun around here.
  3. Greetings! \o/

    Welcome to the forums. Have fun around here.
  4. 1- Dunno if those were memories or if it actually happened again in a different way. Either way, the world of foreknowledge is a thing, which might or might not have something to do with that. 2- So, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, the game's sequel, happens after Marie's route. I have, however, heard that KKK is not a cannon game, though I'm not sure about it. We haven't gotten any entry in the shinza universe that happens after Dies asides from that (kazilu bey happening before it), so if it's not cannon, it depends on what they pick to continue it. 3- Yeah, Ren is Lotus' grandson in that route.
  5. Hallo! Hello! Konnichiwa!

    Welcome. Hope you have fun around here.
  6. Kaguya's discord channel

    https://discord.gg/3XuheVM forgot to make it permanent. Also 10/10 avatar.
  7. Kaguya's discord channel

    Eeeeeeh, no way. ...Probably.
  8. Kaguya's discord channel

    Just made it a while ago. The foundation of it was supposed to be a not-secret secret group PM that most of our users probably have been part of or know about at this point, heh. I decided I might as well open it, too. It will be moderated according to the good old fuwanovel rule of respect and civility, hm. Do come and join: https://discord.gg/3XuheVM
  9. Do note you may not post H images as anything other than links.
  10. Red and Green Lotus

    This story is the inevitable consequence of a few months of reading a bunch of chinese xianxia novels. The powerlevels, rules and titles are all original, but they are also very similar to what every chinese xianxia novel ever uses for their rules and powerlevels. Not a fanfic, though. The universe is fully mine.
  11. Red and Green Lotus

    When I first met her, I didn’t think much about the girl. A servant. Fourteen years. One star, Earth realm. Below average training talent – that was the only thing which came to mind. That assessment wasn’t wrong but now, after a year by her side… I’d like to slap myself to make up for my blindness. Indeed, If doing so a thousand times could turn back time, I’d gladly hit myself until I shed my skin, and I’d gallantly hold her in an arm and fight my way out of that tiny mansion, even if I had to go through twenty or thirty people to escape that place. There is, however, no medicine for regret… “haaaah.” I put my dress and look at the mirror. …Awful sweat. Trembling hands. Long, messy hair. I’m nervous. No… I’m scared. I close my eyes and focus on my body, trying to gain some confidence. I can feel the gathering qi – my life energy – within my dantian, inside my body. Fifteen years. Eight star, earth realm. One more before I’m capable of breaking through to the Sky realm. A genius for the younger generation, I’m often told. Yet right now, that assessment can only bring a bitter smile to my face. Who cares about talent? The weakest of the opponents I’m about to face could probably beat me with his eyes closed. What I’m about to do is suicide. I have no hope of intruding in a clan meeting, taking a servant with me and escaping from the grasp of the old monsters that are gathering in those giant halls. Hundreds of years of training. That is the difference between us. Their sect leader sits atop the peak of the Sky realm – a true expert, rumored to be able to fly in the skies. Someone able to kill me with his aura alone. Aaaaah, so be it. It’s bizarre. Everyone in the world would think me crazy. But still – still! Her temperament, like a blooming lotus. Her smile, more gracious than the fields of cherry blossoms from my home country. “...It is because of you that I have become confused, but my love for you still remains.” That girl belongs in my side. I won’t let her waste away serving tea to some haughty clan in the middle of nowhere. The stage most suitable for her is atop this continent, not as a slave to some talentless fools, but ruling millions of kilometers alongside me. It may be irrational or bizzare. We may both be girls, but my feelings won’t fade. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I don’t want to die. Yet, if it’s for the sake of love… There is a road to heaven which I cannot take. There is no door to hell, yet I must barge through. If burning in to death in a blaze of glory against the old generation is my fate, then so be it. Are you ready, Two Dragons Sect?
  12. JAST: Eiyuu Senki 18+

    It's just really really bland. I don't think I've ever seen a more innocuous, middle of the road whatever game before. Other than art it's perfectly average or slightly below average at everything. It also just feels like it was exactly what they were going for with it. Knowing how you oddly seem to go for games like this you might indeed enjoy it quite a bit.
  13. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you have fun around here.
  14. The relativity of inconvenience

    A lot of your points seem to be the product of your fairly unique lifestyle, as far as I can tell. Mobile phones are a lot more convenient when you work outside and need to have an easy way for your family to reach you in an emergency or some way to talk to friends, family or lovers during the boredom of a job where you have large periods of inactivity. Mobile gaming is just something that comes naturally from having to carry the device around anyway. While portable consoles are a thing, the fact you have to go out to buy them and carry them around while you will also already have to carry around a phone is inconvenient in the first place. The game restrictions of those consoles are also inconvenient, since mobile games tend to be available to just about every phone that's commonly used. These are normally a lot less intricate and interesting than good games for actual gaming platforms, but they're the only thing realistically available for a lot of people, and are certainly convenient (I'll agree on most of them being boring and overall not worth playing anyway.) Data mining just isn't an issue for most people. I myself solved it with having a low-spec older computer that I used for work-only or sensitive things. Microtransactions for huge sums of money aren't too bad if you'll just be playing the same game obsessively, though I do question the financial situation of the people who go for that myself. If over the span of 2 months you end up throwing 300 hundred hours at the same game whenever you happen to have free time, it's probably not too bad of a money to fun value compared to other stuff out there, even if you end up not touching the game afterwards. Casual players don't end up exploring the whole game and don't need fully competitive teams in the gacha stuff, so it works out with them paying a lot less and just getting a bit out of it too. there's also an income issue where most people just don't care about savings and are capable of wasting money that they should be keeping to get a small dopamine rush without having to do drugs. There's also the people who just can afford all that stuff without batting an eye, though that's a bit more rare. Paying for them itself is very convenient. After you've put your credit card info once, it'll normally just take 2 clicks or so and an incredibly short amount of time to get the stuff you want. Of course. This was a pretty good read, though. I agree with you on most of this stuff, though I'm not sure it has to do with age so much as it has to do with the both of us living in a fairly unique way, lol.
  15. A starter pack of sorts, huh. I'd probably go with Forest (highly stylish mindfuckery), Symphonic Rain (surprisingly dense romance drama masquerading as something else), Hanachirasu (sword otaku lovefest in a dark world with a short revenge story), Rose Guns Days (highly emotional japanese sentimentalism in a mafia world) and I/O (science!) I don't think these are exactly the best titles out there necessarily (though I certainly don't think any of them are bad either), but over many years in the community I've more or less settled into recommending one of these when someone relatively new to the medium wants to find a style they can get really into or try something new.