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  1. Finnaly got to finishing umineko, and after confirming my theories with the manga, I was shell-shocked. I thought vns like zero escape series, fata and dies were 10/10, but umineko is honestly on it's own god like pillar above the rest.
  2. i think tears to tiara 2 is somewhat similar to what your are looking for. iirc they know mc has powers and he uses them but think he covers up part of his identity/ powers
  3. read cartagra first if you havent already
  4. just play the game twice, arguably satsuki route is just as good as narukana, so I would do satsuki first, then maybe use cheats or just grind it out again to finish the narukana route
  5. Personally, I think the people that complain the most about TL's are the ones that already know Japanese. Unless its a downright bad TL like If my Heart had wings, as a English only native speaker I haven't really ran into any issues with most translations comyu included. A good of example of this would be 11eyes, where it gets heat for being a bad TL from people who understand Japanese, however most English only speakers, myself included were completely fine with the translation for it.
  6. brave soul princess waltz also havent read any of the series myself, but looking at sengoku rance seems like it would fit too bunny black series might fit too
  7. Yeah probably so, but I'm just looking for a good overall experience, not too picky on whether its the vn or the anime.Not too many vns get good adaptions, but was really hoping it was like the fate ubw anime vs ubw route, where sure the vn is overall better story wise, but the anime has its own flair with being able to actually see the action
  8. I know that most anime adaptions for vns aren't very good but Just finished mahou shoujo madoka, so figured id move to to finally checking out higurashi, and mainly umineko. 100% going to read the vn for umineko, but not too sure which one with higurashi. I heard that the anime adaption for higurashi is good but isn't rated highly because it changes the tone from a mystery, to more of a psychological horror, which isn't something I'm necessarily against as long as the story remains good. Not going to read the vn AND watch the anime, so looking for a reccomendation betwee
  9. just finished mahou shoujo madoka. was pretty good, watching sequel movie now
  10. started reading this korean webtoon called girls the wild. MAN IS IT FUNNY, I don't read comedies and most anime/manga have a few jokes in them here and there but never laugh at them really. Story isnt bad butMAN the jokes and the character expressions are gold have never laughed at a manga this hard, story isn't bad and i like it im at chapter 50
  11. I didn't like any of the endings to 11eyes except for the kikuji kikokugai also ended in a very lame and bad way and honestly hated the explanation for why the main antagonist did what he did.
  12. windows 10 is overall better so i would be getting that for a new pc, and if you run into any issues you can just use a virtual box to run the vn, only vns that ive seen that don't work on windows 10 is duel savior and castle fantasia 2
  13. "4" +1 other ending but routes only really add in h scenes other than the kikuji ending
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