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  1. Am a good 10 hours or so into Bethly's route, and according to Trip that's not even halfway through the HS portion of her route. Keeping in mind i'm a relatively quick reader this is kind of crazy, i'm assuming it'll take me a little under 30 hours at least to finish this route alone. And it's not even the longest in the game... I'm excited
  2. Fate/Grand Order

    Lalter for waifu value and buster memes
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    GOT SUMMER CARMILLA WITH MONTHLY TICKETS AAAH Now the only one i'm missing is Okita For what it's worth, she is about as rare as a seasonal servant since she comes around about as often
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    Several singles later, summer Lartoria is now NP2 and I finally got cash money pingu Melt. Today was good
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    Did a few singles for Melt, can't pull rateup 4* to save my life but this is fine too
  6. What are you playing?

    Perfectly fine MC. I like him about as much as I like Ryou from HoshiOri, and way better than Yuuma from Hatsukoi. Going to have to actually play through at least one route before any feelings are set in stone, but he's got the potential to be the best protag TW has churned out.
  7. What are you playing?

    Just started playing Gin'iro, Haruka. Enjoying it quite a bit so far, hoping it turns out to be as good as HoshiOri and can't wait for the first route in a couple weeks. Will probably reread something in the meantime after finishing this common route.
  8. Fate/Grand Order

    Did some singles to try and get Carmilla, ended up joining the NP2 Musashi club instead
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    90 SQ, 17 tickets, one summer Osaka, and an Enkidu later
  10. Fate/Grand Order

    Maintenance has begun. Have 17 tickets, 300 quartz, and a dream. Though I think i'll just do tickets for part 1, ended up blowing all my funds on part 1 last year and missed out on B.B and Medb
  11. Fate/Grand Order

    I decided to throw a ticket at her since I didn't have an SSR rider yet
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    I'm glad you can understand the greatness that is Shuten Now you just have to wait for the Halloween event that gives her as a welfare servant
  13. Talking less about VN Kickstarters and more about Kickstarters for games in general.
  14. Another kickstarter inevitably bites the dust. Shame, I wanted to try this out pretty badly
  15. NieR Replicant Translation

    The perfect attitude to have when seeking help
  16. Mounted the disk and installed the game, everything seemed to go over smoothly. But when I try to start it, it gives me this What did I do wrong? Edit: Found a fix, nevermind
  17. Kind of goes for the normal ending as well. But, does Kirari ever actually go through with the whole prostitution job? Or is she stopped before anything could happen?
  18. Surprised I haven't seen anyone here post about the DGS translation project, but just in case anyone is interested I wanted to let you all know. Scarlet Study has been translating the game for a while now, and after not having any releases for around 10 months they finally dropped episode 3-4 the other day. And on top of that, they made the translation for the Android port of the game as well, so it's much easier to get ahold of it. Apparently the final case shouldn't take nearly as long to release, so the game should be finished soon! Anyone else happen to play this yet? Gonna be picking up the game in a few days on no life-ing it for a week or so.
  19. Fate/Grand Order

    Abby is nice, but is kinda outclassed by Hokusai. That third skill is just so OP, so much defense reduction.
  20. Coconut is the only choice
  21. So I started the game last night and finished the prologue, and wanted to do all the other routes before Ai's. Was going to follow the walkthrough but I have already entered Ai's route before the walkthrough is even supposed to start? Reloaded the save to pick a different option and it put me on Sae's afterstory. I'm pretty confused, is the walkthrough incorrect or am I missing something? Do I have to go down Ai's route to start the other two? Edit: Figured it out. There are a couple choices before the date where the walkthrough starts that determine which route you go down.
  22. There's just so much to choose from, so i'd love some recommendations. I have a few things i'm looking for Romance - which is going to be in most games so that shouldn't be an issue Length - at least 30-50 hours, the longer the better Routes - would like to have a few, never been a huge fan of linear stuff No BL/otome - just not my thing No nukige - not what i'm looking for at the moment No utsuge - drama is fine, some darker tones are also fine (ex. Grisaia, G-senjou) but i'm not really looking to throw myself into despair That's about it, any recommendations are welcome!
  23. Aside from the obvious lack of r18 content, does it add anything in to replace it? Have only read a few hours since I was holding out for the r18 patch, but they clearly don't care about releasing it so i'm about to just say screw it and read the censored version. It then occurred to me that this version could potentially be better, assuming they added something else of value in place of the cut content. I just want to read this already, man
  24. Fate/Grand Order

    It's a christmas miracle
  25. Finally broke down and finished it, and now i'm ready for a VN binge. The best thing would be something I haven't heard of yet, and I haven't been keeping up with any TL's for the past couple years or so, so I may have missed quite a few things. In terms of what else i'm looking for, no utsuge. It can get sad or depressing at times, but i'd prefer a happy ending if possible . Also a conclusive ending, some of these DI routes have left me craving something with endings that feel complete, having an epilogue expanding on said ending (or a fandisk that's also translated) would be even better. The longer the better, preferably one that's 30-50 hours or so. Going to be scrolling through VNDB in the meantime