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  1. I'm going to necro this thread since I stumbled upon it and think it's a good topic. In University I wrote two theses and one of them was on the topic of Visual Novels. Specifically it was on the topic of the death of the novel and decline in reading in the digital age, and how I think VNs as a medium can counter this problem. I actually boiled down my core points and recently turned it into a documentary/video-essay:
  2. How has that VN gone under my radar for so long lol. Appreciate the recommendation even though it wasn't directed at me
  3. If you don't mind horror, you should definitely check out Saya no Uta. Other short VNs I highly recommend are Planetarian and Narcissu. Be warned though, both are really sad. And Saya no Uta isn't exactly a mood lifter either. But they are definitely 3 excellent VNs Regarding stuff that's less on the depressing side I would recommend Juniper's Knot and The Dandelion Girl. Both of these are really short though. Each only take slightly more than an hour to read. I also would recommend checking out Katawa Shoujo, as while it isn't exactly a "short" VN (it isn't a long one either), it's split
  4. This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with this Youtube Channel would it? TwoSetViolin I really hope this isn't a yaoi of them...
  5. Always like to hear about how people get into VNs, I'll give this a watch later today
  6. Actually I agree with this, and in earlier drafts of my script I addressed it a bit. But when I was editing things down (cutting the fat) it was one of the parts I thought I got a bit too rambly and decided to cut out. But I see the cultural trend of novels going a similar direction poetry did. Sure, some people still read poetry, but its a pretty small niche. Especially if you compare it to more popular media. Poetry will never "die", but I don't see it making a comeback as a culturally significant medium. Likewise, I don't think the novel will ever die, and it will always have an audience, b
  7. You bring up some serious concerns that I have as well. Particularly the points about if people aren't reading, why would they read VNs? As well as the point that VNs don't seem to be growing. The VN medium may very well be doomed, but I don't think it HAS to be, and I think it could even thrive, so long as the right things happen. And I guess that's my point, if these things don't happen the medium could very well be screwed. So the reason I think VNs have an appeal to people who are increasingly reading less, is because of its acoustic quality. It may sound ass backwards, but soun
  8. Apologies, I should have been a little more specific. I'm not saying VNs should completely move away from adult content, and there are certainly genres and individual works that benefit from such content. Rather, I'm just advocating that more VNs that focus on stories where adult content isn't necessary would be an overall positive thing. Similar to how outright censorship stifles creativity in the way you detailed, the still prevalent expectation of sexual content in many commercial VNs reinforce the opposite problem. Where romantic and sexual scenes get forced in for the marketing of an 18+
  9. Great questions, and I'll address each one individually. Q1: What about the relationship of VNs to anime, considering most people came from the latter? A1: Partly for a reason I will address in my answer to your second question, I think that the association between visual novels and anime is mostly just circumstantial. As in the market that visual novels originally grew out of, was closely connected to anime and so they have had a close relationship since. But just as chivalric romances used to dominate literature in the early era of the novel, mostly for commercial viability, the
  10. This is an idea I'm open to. However, the days when the novel had serious influence on popular culture is long over, and the dominance of screen based stimulation changed that. VNs, as in a medium that combine sound + visuals + text have all the potential to be something much more than they currently are (which in many cases are just glorified anime games). Perhaps they are just a transitionary medium into something else, but the novel (as a medium for significant contemporary influence) is dead and that much I am 100% certain of
  11. The only VN I ever backed on Kickstarter was Dies Irae, which I mostly did because it felt like a really important achievement on the VN community's part. I remember there being delays, but personally I didn't mind. I did ultimately get everything I paid for. I do remember there was a lot of criticism of how the Kickstarter campaign was being handled at the time though.
  12. Hey, I'm really happy to hear you liked Digital Seclusion and that it led you here. This forum isn't as active as it used to be, but it's far from dead and still a really good place to discuss VNs!
  13. For your first couple of threads I dismissed you as high effort troll, but seeing how much this fixation (especially considering that you apparently aren't even black) has obsessed you. I can't help but recommend you go outside and interact with people. Or literally do anything that doesn't involve a screen. But... if this really is where you believe your life's purpose is truly guiding you... I guess I wish you the best of luck.
  14. Yeah, I wasn't critiquing your point or anything. Just adding my 2 cents and venting about the frustrations of this gap. It's kind of amazing to me how Japanese and non-Japanese Otaku seem to live in different worlds in so far as pricing is concerned. Same with anime. Japanese Otaku will spend $30 on blurays that only contain 4 or so episodes of a 12+ episode series. Nobody in the west would consider that a sane purchase (and I may be biased, but I agree with the West on this point). There are so many cheap, often free sources for entertainment in the West, that it really weighed the pri
  15. If you forget the glory days of when pirating pre-patched VNs was super easy, English speaking fans living outside of Japan have it quite good when it comes to pricing. Recently I bought Totono (You and Me and Her) in Japanese from a Japanese website, and it cost me around $60. The Steam price is literally half that. I also was considering buying another VN but ultimately opted against it, in part because for a Japanese copy I was looking at spending $100, whereas the localization on Steam was only $20. I suspect this is also the reason why on Steam they don't have it as an option to read VNs
  16. Thank you! I was not expecting such an informative reply, I really appreciate it! I was surprised that the Latin pronunciation uses a "k", and it seems to be the basis for the Japanese. According to one of the official translators of Narcissu, the reason that Narcissu gets rid of the final "s", making a "su" instead, is because its suppose to stand for "Suicide". Which is a significant theme in the story. So it seems they took the latin pronounciation and modified the ending to "su" for thematic reasons. It does seem however that most people in English use the "Narsissu" pronunciation. S
  17. At least in English, I'm a little confused about the correct pronunciation. In Japanese it's ナルキッソス, which would be pronounced "Narukissosu" (apologies for my accent) Because the "c" is pronounced as a "k" in the original, In English I've always pronounced it like this: "Narkisu" On the other hand, Narcissu itself is a reference to Narcissus. Furthermore, everyone I can find online pronounces it like this: "Narsissu" I'm working on a video about visual novels, and at a certain point I bring up Narcissu. I just want to use the pronunciation that people are least bothered by, whic
  18. From a marketing standpoint (A) is probably always better. But from my perspective as a consumer, I always prefer (B). It respects consumers more by being straight to the point, where as (A) is focused more on creating hype above all else (just look at the gap between the expectations movie trailers create, and then the actual movies themselves). (B) also allows more creative freedom, since you can change your work as many times as you want until you release it. But with (A), especially if you raised money via Kickstarter, you have to commit to the originally advertised mission. Else you risk
  19. I intend to post it on this YouTube channel. It may take several weeks before it's out, as I'm only ~40% done with the script. But it's something I am definitely planning on getting finished!
  20. Weird you made this topic, as the past couple of days I've been working on a script for a video that in many ways is all about this. Ultimately though, I think the only real solution is for actual writers (the type of people who write novels) to start writing VNs. While I won't say I am exactly optimistic that this will start happening, there are a couple reasons why I think this might happen. Simply, nobody really reads anymore. I mean that somewhat hyperbolically, but if you look at statistics the amount of people who read novels and short stories for entertainment has been dropping pra
  21. Welcome! What VN's have you recently gotten into?
  22. Angel Beats was originally an anime and got a VN adaptation several years later.
  23. Surprised I never heard of this one, especially since I really like VNs from that era. You've convinced me to read this as my next VN. This is really cool work you did! Especially for not just translating the original, but porting an enhanced version as well.
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