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  1. store.steampowered.com/app/812560/CROSSCHANNEL_Steam_Edition/ And it is VERY cheap. For those who've already tried it, how is this Moenovel version going? Any major issues until now?
  2. no. There are many trans women who still have a penis, there are trans men who don't, and there are many conditions where a person can have each organ. There should be no relation between sexuality and a reproductional organ.
  3. Like I said on the review thread, I almost missed Fatal Twelve, thinking it was just an uninteresting game. However, I feel that I have to read it. My request today is that you guys recommend recent releases - not newest in production, but recent in English - that I may have missed but should totally add to my to-read list.
  4. Zelda gets away with it so why not assassins creed?

    I don't think you are being fair here. First of all, both series are completely different in any aspect (except for BOTW). To compare them is the same to putting Fifa and Just Dance in the mix. Then, the main Zelda games are released in ~3 years between each other, while side games and portable ones are released more frequently (one per year). Saying that there is little change to Zelda's gameplay is very unfair, since every time a new main game is released it has a lot of different features that never appeared before - masks, motion controls in SS, and let's not talk about BOTW, as enough is being said since its release. I mean, there are many other factors to be considered here. Story, other gameplay features, art style, new characters, different puzzles, etc. It's not like AC is bad, but recently Ubisoft started to release them with almost no time in between, with very few significant changes. Because of that, they had serious bugs, glitches, etc that could be easily fixed with the right quality control. So each new game feels like the same with new story, many bugs and, well, Ubisoft. edit: many portable/side games are not developed by Zelda's main team, so they don't really affect the main series, nor the gameplay, quality and development of them. And pretty much every main game has been delayed for many reasons, most of them related to quality control and new features.
  5. Fatal Twelve Review Discussion

    I had zero expectations in this one, but you literally made me put Higurashi on hold so I can read Fatal Twelve! Just a question: the problem with the voiced lines is that the wrong audio plays in some lines, or is that there are voiced lines without text?
  6. Supipara Chapter 2 (Peace Story) Released

    It is probably the last, unfortunatelly. I'll read the series someday, but I hope at least it does not lack a good ending.
  7. Bad anime with good openings

    Heresy Well, I actually found it difficult to think of animes that I didn't like, and harder to remember their openings. To name a few:
  8. Are you playing it with your system's locale set to Japan? IIRC the game doesn't work well with non-japanese locales.
  9. Tymurr, I don't know how to do that :<
  10. I understood nothing from the terms that you used, but I'm also using .ks files to translate Fata Morgana, and I'd like to ask you if there is a way to work with the text without having to go through each line of text and code. Because what I've been doing is literally erasing the original line and inserting a new one in the text file, and this is a stressful work, since I sometimes end up deleting some codes or missing lines.
  11. Cross Channel Released

    Just to add to the pricing discussion, it is 9 dollars, but around 6 dollars in brazilian Reais. IMHHW is 2 dollars (in reais) more expensive, and it is an older game.
  12. It is giving me a headache
  13. Kindred Spirits with full voice acting? O: I'll reread it as soon as it is released. I must say that it was one of the only partial voiced games I enjoyed, and now to have it fully voiced is like a dream coming true.
  14. Best device to play VNs in bed?

    Do you need a gadget? Because I heard that very few of them work with VNs; I'd suggest you to use a laptop (there are some that are hybrid and "turn" into a tablet). I use mine with an wireless mouse, and the experience is fine, as it is very close to my bed.
  15. Best device to play VNs in bed?

    Those toys that vibrate while you play H scenes
  16. Tell me vgood moego vn .

    It doesn't exist
  17. Not exactly embarrassed, but I have to keep Bayonetta 1 and 2 hidden from some friends/family. The usual, some hate the characters, others hate the director etc.
  18. What makes a good mystery VN?

    You should really read Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. If you've had already, play it again. The second time was the best for me, as I could notice many hints that were, to me, not relevant. And there were LOTS of hints hidden in the game, some pretty obvious, but I think not only me but many have not noticed them as they were very deceiving, in a good way.
  19. They can do both. I doubt they would conflict in any way, as Higurashi is so close to being released and a translator could be hired without even having to touch Higurashi.
  20. Please trianthology please please Btw, did they post the survey summary?
  21. I think it is impossible to achieve this kind of technicality when languages are changing every day and grammar is changing constantly. In Jacquemet (2015), he raised the question of when does a language get "standartized", since the process of globalization directly affects the changes in languages, as they are decentralized and vary within the speakers borders. When is the moment that we can analyze the rules of a language and then dictate them when they are constantly reviewd? And then, specifically about VNs, how would a Japanese-English translation achieve author's-intention accuracy when Japanese is bound to a culture so foreign to English speaking majority? (Of course, this is also changing because of globalization). I agree with you that there has to be a balance, otherwise the translator would be doing whatever (as it was exemplified in previous posts), but there should be a long distance between keeping the "original work intact", as many have shown above is the idea VN readers mistakenly think is best and to really translate, which goes beyond the "passage" from one language to another, as I said before. Whenever a translator goes in the right direction - or not, as everything is subjected to trial and error -, they not only receive criticism but also "hate". I'd go further and state that Chrono Clock was a step in this direction with that foreign girl's speaking pattern. We could pinpoint the problems that it had (such as using words that hindered understanding of some lines), but it is an obvious effort to maintain the original's "intention" while making it understandable to English readers. But then, if we look into recent threads about it, it is clear how these efforts are undervalued against the idea of keeping the work intact. Heck, I even saw a person saying "they should have kept everything in English but with italics". The text I mentioned is available here. It is Tradução, by Rosemary Arrojo, page 411 (205 in adobe reader).
  22. I only have this text in portuguese, but if you're interested, I could send it to you. Basically it is about the role of the translator, and how we usually don't have our identity as part of the work, which is not true. The translator has, as long as reason allows, an active role on the writing of a work. There is no such thing as "what the writer thought", because Language is never the same as thought. The author may have an intention when writing, but many factors come along with it, and it is the right of the translator to not simply "change words" to another language, but to make it available in the best way they can, even if it means changing some aspects from the original. As you start wondering about how languages differ and how are culturally spread, you cannot expect translations to be the passage from one to another. One of the many examples I can think is the portuguese translation of Lolita (I believe in other languages as well), where the sentences in the first chapter have an emphasis on the same sound. If you read it alloud, you can notice the "intention" of the writer to make it happen. However, that was too specific to the wording the author used, so when it was translated, adaptations were necessary and this aspect was in some ways lost. There are MANY different ways, however, to go around this issue, and I'd recommend you (and all people) to read about some translations techniques and how many "problems" can be worked on. Btw, this is a request to everybody: start treating traslation as a science; many are spreading here and in other threads very opiniated views on translation, and most of them are innacurate. Translation is not a part-time job, it is not something anyone can do from nothing. It is being studied for decades now, and many things I see here were discussed over and over through the last decades, and it really doesn't take too much time to google it before posting.
  23. How do you rate your VNs?

    I rate them solely according my enjoyment. That said, I do not enjoy bad stuff. Whenever I feel a VN is not well writter or optimized (cof untranslated lines), I simply drop them. So, for me to stick with a VN until the end, it has to be at least a 7 on my enjoyment scale.
  24. Now that was unexpected
  25. Is Moenovel the 4Kids of VNs?

    Don't forget Pokémon. There are many famous issues with Pokémon's dub and many redrawings that didn't make any sense. And then there is the whole Taurus situation, when they completely banned an episode that then got a recurring joke in the anime.