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  1. There is an ending, and it's solvable and understandable plotwise. But they didn't make the third route that would explain everything. At least that's what I read back then. So it is a full experience and a very good one, it's just not explicit in its answers. Buuuut, if you understand how Ever17 works, specially in its twist in the end, you'll easily figure out Remember11.
  2. Worth reading, yes. Same plot, no. I don't remember a lot of the whole plot, but it's just the "trapped in a place that will soon be destroyed" that is the same, the rest is actually different. But you could just read other stuff before it, in order to enjoy it more instead of comparing it to other works
  3. I did reread it and can agree 100% with you. The second time is way more interesting, because knowing the culprit you can pay attention to all the hints and tricks used in the story. Umineko is a great novel to read more than once if you want the whole experience.
  4. you can just drop it, you know, and I really mean it. I've been having the same problem lately, to the point I'm almost a month without advancing on my reading, and there are so, so many things in my list, as there are probably in yours, that dropping one can be more benefitial than not
  5. the manga explicitly answers a lot of your questions [specifically episode 8] there is a truth in the game, it's just not too obvious [and it is shown in the VN, even]
  6. Symphonic Rain! If you can stand some very gory stuff (and other heavy themes), Euphoria has a very good twist. Danganronpa (the whole series, 1, 2 and shooting spin off, Anime seasons 3 - there are two, indeed - and then V3) Myth, although this one requires you to be a little high to appreciate Sweetest Monster, by ebi-hime
  7. they are, tho. I could say why, but it would be spoiler for all of them lol
  8. uh, why not Umineko? It's perfect... SciAdv is Steins;gate, right? You'll definitely like 999 (and its sequels, Virtue's last reward and Zero Time Dilemma - the first two can be bought as a bundle on Steam by the name "The nonary games") Also, you should try the Infinite series - Never7, Ever17 and Remember11. They may seem old, as they are [specially Never7], but if you don't mind early 2000s graphics, you'll have a blast! People really enjoy Ever17 more, but I think the series, although not sequenced storywise, can be better appreciated if you start from Never7 - it builds the ideas behind the whole series, as how some mechanics work - then read Ever17, where you'll have a much more "conclusive" ending and explanation, and last Remember11 - which is technically not finished, as there would be a third route explaining the story. However, because of the lack of it (and mind it, the game :is: a full experience even without it, and if you already understand how the other two games work, you may - or may not - find out the answer by yourself. I'd also recommend AI: The Somnium Files (not a VN per se, but the gameplay is minimal and the focus is on the story), Cartagra/Kara no Shoujo 1 and 2 (Cartagra comes before KnS, although you can skip it without missing too much besides some character development).
  9. it is. You only need to log in on a PC or smartphone and change your region to Japan. You can even have an account just for that, as the Switch allows up to 8 accounts in the same system. You cannot, however, change your region if you have credits on the eShop.
  10. I still have 3 and a half hours of 2020 :< hope everything goes well Happy new year \o/
  11. Switch is VERY easy to pirate... oh well Nice to see it coming. Now I only hope that we have more concrete news on Kiminozo
  12. hmm I don't think Aokana really needs good specs, my potato ran it just fine
  13. Well, if you don't really mind trading some bad sex for some good story, you should read Key games - specially Clannad and Little Busters!, but if you enjoy those, just go on to the other ones. You may find out that LB has +18 content, but it's an agreement in the community that it is terrible and shouldn't be read by human eyes. Seriously. If you liked Koichoco, try Aokana. It's from the same company and all. Very different, but a great game, probably better than Koichoco - and it is +18! If you enjoy yuri, there's Kindred spirits on the roof. It's incredible, with great story, characters, romance and some sex.
  14. I appreciate it, but the formating is terrible for dark-themes users
  15. so I can finally have a normal-sized one???? but yeah, it's nice they released a game alongside the bugs
  16. it really depends, what are you looking for, in terms of genre? I could recommend Tokyo Babel [kind of, since you have routes for both sides], Euphoria [if you don't mind the gore], Umineko no Naku Koro ni [Beatrice is exactly what you want, although there are no routes/dating], I think Cross + Channel, in a sense. You could also try Yume Miru Kusuri. hmm there may be more that I can't think of right now
  17. uh, there are two Switch emulators that work...
  18. Silvz


    where was I last year???
  19. this is your problem but are you sure there are images? Some vn show black screens from time to time
  20. came here to say this. Clannad even has a route for them [no romance]
  21. Silvz


    there was no last year...
  22. Silvz


    found it, it was on 2018. So 4 hats total, please
  23. Silvz


    forgot to update my pic last year, now I can't find the two-hat version of it. Would you, pretty please, put two hats on my picture?
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